We Bare Bears (2015) s04e32 Episode Script

Christmas Movies

1 Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da Let's go! We'll be there A wink and a smile and a great, old time Yeah, we'll be there Wherever we are, there's fun to be found We'll be there when you turn that corner We'll jump out the bush With a big bear hug and a smile We'll be there [Music.]
Here you go! - Happy holidays! - Cheese! [Camera shutter clicks.]
Excuse me, do you guys have "Marley Saves Christmas"? Oh, let me check on that for you, ma'am.
Hey, Grizz! We need "Marley Saves Christmas.
" Hey, Pan! We need a "Marley Saves Christmas"! Little bro! "Marley Saves Christmas"! [Music.]
Gotcha! [Laughs.]
- Here you go.
- Why, thank you.
Don't forget to rewind! Merry Christmas! [Bells jingle.]
I love movies.
Thank you.
Hey, bear.
Can you recommend a Christmas movie? Oh, can I.
Got a list of my favorites right here.
Come on, we'll make this quick.
- An hour tops.
- Uh.
Hey, you guys are doing great today.
And the store looks pretty sweet.
No prob.
Thanks for letting us stay here.
It's nice to be somewhere warm this Christmas.
Yeah, we promise we'll move on soon.
No prob.
Hakuna matata, my dudes.
[Bells jingle.]
Huh? [Chuckles evilly.]
Ooh, Pa, this one looks cool.
Hello! How can we help you, sir? Oh, right.
Uh, I'm returning this.
"How the Grouch Robbed Christmas.
" I love this movie.
What was your favorite part? Uh, yeah, I don't know.
I liked the, uh, stealing part.
I love that part, too! What a naughty fella.
Um, have you seen "Little Nero Meet Santa"? Oh, and "Sleep Hard" is a great action movie.
Yip-a-dee-doo-dah, mister bad guy.
Real interesting, kid.
What else you got? How about "It's a Stupendous Life"? It makes me cry every time.
[Blows nose.]
Hmm? [Sniffs.]
Uh, "The Daydream Before Christmas"? Ooh, ooh.
Me, me.
" It's "Gremmonsters.
" Yes.
Would you like to rent those titles? Nah, they all sound pretty boring.
Huh? [Indistinct conversations.]
This place is packed.
Yeah, man, it's always busy here.
People love renting videos, and they spend lots of money on 'em, - especially during Christmas.
- Hmm.
Say, what time you guys close tonight, hmm? We close at 9:00 p.
It's earlier than usual, 'cause we need extra time to watch movies, dance, - and eat popcorn tonight.
- Shh! I mean we need to study how to help customers better and keep this place safe and clean.
Is there a security guard? Nope.
Just us baby bears.
But look at my toned biceps.
Gonna get triceps soon, too.
[Laughing evilly.]
Bye! Merry Christmas! Excuse me, do you have "How the Grouch Robbed Christmas"? Ooh.
Lucky you.
Hey, guys, I'm headin' out.
All right.
Here's the keys, my dudes.
Yo, keep the doors locked tonight, okay? We will.
Oh, and, uh, don't stay up all night watching movies.
- We won't.
- We won't.
Ooh, yeah We found all this food in the trash.
I wish I had a bike.
Hot dog! - Hot dog! - Hot dog! Dad, you promised to get me that action figure for Christmas.
Remember? [Gasps.]
[Austrian accent.]
Oh, no! I got to get that doll.
Yeah! [Growls.]
- Aah! - Aah! - Merry Christmas.
- Thank you very much, Mr.
- Uncle, you've changed.
- Indeed, my boy.
For I have found the true meaning of Christmas.
I know the world can be harsh.
Cruel, even.
But when it's Christmas, we can all be the best versions of ourselves.
We can all be generous and kind and loving.
We feel closer to our friends and family.
[Knocking on door.]
Strangers, too.
On Christmas, n [TV shuts off.]
- What was that? - I don't know.
It sounds scary.
[Knocking continues.]
Wait a second.
Some guy in a costume is trying to get into the store after hours.
You know what's going on here, right? Oh, I know.
It's Santa! Oh, I can't believe it's really him! [Jingle bells.]
We got to let Santa in! [Laughter.]
Hello, Santa! Hoo, hoo, hoo! Why, hello, bears.
Hoo, hoo, hoo.
Santa! Don't you mean "Ho, ho, ho"? Huh? Oh.
Uh, yes.
Ho, ho, ho.
Silly me.
Oh, gosh, I can't believe it's really you.
[Laughing merrily.]
Santa, what what are you doing here? Ho, ho, ho.
Well, I came to collect some videos and give them to kids all over the world.
The owner of the store said I could take as many as I wanted.
Maybe you guys could help Santa, hmm? [Zing!.]
[Both gasp.]
[Both cheering indistinctly.]
We'll totally help! [Music.]
Santa is so pleased.
You bears are definitely going on the nice list this year.
We're glad to help, Santa.
Well, I think I should go now.
Uh, great job, and merry Christmas! Hee, hee, hee.
Don't you mean, "ho, ho, ho"? Oh, yes.
That, too.
My bad.
Merry Christmas, Santa.
- See ya! - Bye! We love you! [Grunting.]
Aah! Wha [Both gasp.]
Uh, yeah, I don't know.
I liked the, uh, stealing part.
That's not Santa.
Give me that key, you little jerk.
Aah! Run! Hand over those keys! [Screaming.]
Aah! What do we do? Huh? Oh.
Good thinking, bro.
- Aah! Sorry, guys! - [Grunts.]
- Aah! - Get back here! [Gasps.]
Come on.
We got to help.
- Wha - Uh, hey, there.
Aah! You little [Grunting.]
You're dead! You'll never get these keys from me, you fake Santa! Get over here! Whoa! - Whoa, that was rad! - Keep running.
Keep running.
You can't run forever, bears! Yes, we Whoa! Oh, no! Dead end! Back up.
Back up.
Back up.
Back up.
Okay, bears.
Give Santa those keys, and maybe he'll go easy on you.
Ow! What the [Music.]
Missed me.
Ow! I'm gettin' those keys! [Grunting.]
Oh, no! Oh, no! Oh, no! Huh? Oh, got it.
[All screaming.]
Come on! Go, go, go! Huh? [Laughs evilly.]
- We should be good here for a bit.
- What are we gonna do? We can't let him take those movies.
The happiness of children depend on it.
Here's the play.
We got to make a break for it, - lock him in, and call the cops.
- What's up, bro? - Huh? - Huh? [Music.]
- He's closing in.
- No! This is our chance! Run for it! This way! [Music.]
To safety! [Chuckles evilly.]
What the [Bears grunting.]
Let us go! You won't get away with this! [Sighs.]
How were you even in two places at once? Ohh, don't you know about Santa? - Santa's got little helpers.
- Clever.
I'll just be taking this bag of movies.
See you next Christmas.
No! Stealing is not what Christmas is about.
It's about giving, not taking.
Panda: Think about the children.
The children? [Scoffs.]
Why should I, huh? All this holly-jolly, peace-and-goodwill stuff is just a sham anyway.
Everyone is just looking out for themselves.
- No! You're wrong! - And what would you bears know about Christmas anyway? - Bunch of kids living in a video store.
- We know lots.
We watched, uh, uh, Christmas movies.
Thief, I know the world can be harsh.
Cruel, even.
But when it's Christmas, we can all be the best versions of ourselves.
We can all be generous and kind and loving.
On Christmas, no one is alone.
- [Scoffs.]
We all have each other.
- [Crack.]
Huh? [Music.]
Even you must've had a nice Christmas once.
Once [Laughter.]
One day, my dear, when I am older - Merry Christmas! - Uncle, you've changed.
Indeed, my boy.
For I have found the true meaning of Christmas.
I will be much nearer - Ho, ho, ho! - Santa! Oh! Oh! [Laughter.]
Hmm [Music.]
I I had a happy Christmas once.
It was a long time ago.
Things were different.
What have I become? I used to love Christmas.
I've made some bad choices.
Hey, man, it's never too late to make a good choice.
- [Sniffles.]
But what can I do? - Hmm.
Prison? Nah, man.
I got a better idea.
Merry Christmas! Come back soon! Thanks! Merry Christmas! Bye! Wow, dudes.
We are packed today.
Business has never been so good.
Yo, that extra help you hired has really added some holiday excitement around here.
Us finding him was pretty much a Christmas miracle.
- Whoa, Santa! - Gosh, it's him.
- Wow.
- Ho, ho, ho! I want something with Rudolph.
Ho, ho, ho! Well, I've got just the thing.
- Here you go! - Thank you.
Ha, our very own Santa.
So, where'd you find this guy? Oh, he broke in last night.
He was robbing the store.
What?! [Laughs.]
Merry Christmas, everyone.
Harry: Hee, hee, hee.
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