We Bare Bears (2015) s04e33 Episode Script

Imaginary Friend

1 Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da Let's go! We'll be there A wink and a smile and a great, old time Yeah, we'll be there Wherever we are, there's fun to be found We'll be there when you turn that corner We'll jump out the bush With a big bear hug and a smile We'll be there [Music.]
Announcer: Today, on "Ultra Meteorite Fighters" [Laughs.]
Only four of you to stop me? How sad! I was expecting an army for this battle! Who needs an army when you got friends? Ultra Meteorite Fighters, assemble.
The Wolf! [howls.]
The Bear! [growls.]
The Snake! [hisses.]
The Bat! [squaks.]
All: We are Ultra Meteorite Fighters! - Oh, snap! Whoo! - Huh? Did you see that explosion?! So cool! Hmm.
- Well, that was rude.
- It's all good, Pan Pan.
Some people just don't like to share.
But did you see those moves?! Hwah! Hah! - Heeeyoah! Huhuh! - Hmm.
I wonder how that episode ended? Yo, forget about the episode.
We can make our own.
'Cause if you believe in yourself, you, too, can be an Ultra Meteorite Fighter! Hwah! Ha! Hwah! Ha! Pew pew! Ultra Fighter climb! Oh, look! There's something strange coming from over there.
This way.
Careful! It's a portal to the "X-Dimension.
" Who knows what creatures will pop out? Let's suit up! Uh, but how are we supposed to do that, Grizz? We don't have suits.
Not to fret, Ultra Meteorite teammate! We'll just use the power of imagination! Oh, right, our imagination.
Hwah! Grizzly! Panda! [music.]
Wait, there's something missing.
It's not the same with only three Meteorite Fighters.
Uh, maybe we can ask someone to join us? Oh! Hey, kid! Want to play with us? Uh, no.
Oh, okay.
Hmm Wait! That's it! We don't need another kid.
We can just use our imagination.
Come on, guys! [All straining, groaning.]
[Laser-like sound effect.]
I think we all thought of a different animal.
Let's try again.
[All straining, groaning.]
[Laser-like sound effect.]
Panda: Uh, maybe just a little bigger? That's the one! Totally awesome! Welcome to the team, friend! Heeeya! Thank you, Ultra teammates! I'm Silver Bear! [Grunts.]
He's got a lot of moves.
Not just moves [Grunts.]
but artillery, too.
Whoa! You're blowing our minds, dude! Do you also possess Meteorite Fighter Heart? I do possess the Meteor Fighter Heart.
But we all know the real Fighter Heart - is the one deep inside.
- So true.
Let's get this team going.
What should we do first? We must prevent that magma leak from reaching the city! All I see is a sprinkler.
Look again, but this time with the eyes of justice! [music.]
- It's an acto-volcano! - Whoa! Ultra Meteorite Fighters, assemble! - Grizzly! - Panda! Silver Bear! All: Hiya! [music.]
Man, is it hot.
There is only one thing that can cool this heated situation.
[All cheering.]
Silver Bear commends you, Ultra teammates, for a job well done.
Huh? Look! Over there! The Evil General Tortoise is causing mayhem! [Roars.]
I'll take care of this mess, bros! Hiyaaaaaaaa! Huh? Darn! I couldn't puncture its unbearably hard shell! [music.]
All: Yes! Ultra Meteorite Fighters, go! - Ahh! My car! - Huh? What are you guys doing?! Why'd you throw rocks at my car?! Oh! I'm so I'm so sorry, sir.
Um, there was a giant turtle, see, and it-it was I just bought this car.
Augh! Get out of here, you kids? [All panting.]
Geez, that was really bad, guys.
We actually damaged private property.
- That's not a thing we do.
- Hee-ya! There's no time for being cautious when the fate of the Earth depends on us.
Even now, a citizen needs our aid! Ha! [screams.]
Gotcha, little one! Help, help! No! - No! - Oh, no! We can't let that poor, innocent bystander be eaten! Ultra Meteorite Fighters, assemble! [music.]
Hi-yooooo! Hi-yah! Ooo-ahhhhhhh! Good job, Grizz.
Now, it's my turn.
He-ya! Meteor Hand attack! Ee-yaaaa! All you, lil bro.
We brought you down good, you, you You little boy eating an ice cream cone? Oh! We're so sorry! We-we thought you were a monster, and your ice cream was a person.
Sorry! Sorry sorry sorry! [Cries.]
You guys are bullies! [Crying.]
That's the second time we made someone feel bad.
- Yeah, not cool.
- Great going, Ultra Pals.
The way you vanquished that foul beast was super Ultra cool.
Yeah, about that.
We were thinking that it would be cool to take a break.
Take a break, while evil roams free? [Laughs.]
Excellent joke, brother! But the fate of the world depends on us more now than ever.
Look! [Growls.]
- You're going down! - E-yah! - Silver Bear, wait! - For justice! Wait, that's not an alien.
It's a baby! Okay, time-out! We need to talk! Huh? Time-out? How can we time out with this creature wreaking chaos on Earth? What? Oh, no! One of its evil spores! [Grunts.]
Quick! Huddle up, bros! Dude, I don't think Silver Bear is working out.
He's pretty reckless.
We could've seriously hurt that kid.
And now, he wants us to fight a baby? What are we gonna do? Grizz: We've got to wish him away before he causes any real danger.
He's out of control.
Okay, so, it's agreed.
Silver Bear is off the team.
You're cutting me from the squad? [All yell.]
But guys, I don't understand? I thought Silver Bear was part of your team.
You were, but you're getting too out of control, dude.
I think it's time to take a break from imagining stuff.
But you'll always be our friend, Silver Bear.
- We'll miss you.
- Understood.
As long as this world has your friendship, it will be safe from evil.
Farewell, my brothers.
Or maybe, the world is an evil place, and I'm the only one that can cleanse it! In order to fight evil, one must become it Wait, what's happening? Silver Bear is no more.
Now, you could call me Blackstone.
And anyone who tries to get rid of me will feel my wrath! [All scream.]
Ow, that hurt.
I thought this was supposed to be imaginary.
How on Earth do we fight back? We're just gonna have to fight fire with fire or, in this case, imagination with imagination.
Meteorite Fighters, assemble! [music.]
[Blackstone groaning, yelling.]
[Both grunting.]
[All cheering.]
Now, you've made Blackstone very angry! [All cheering.]
Hey, uh, who turned out the lights? [Thunder crashes.]
[Laughing maniacally.]
Bow to me! [Laughs maniacally.]
Oh, no! He's huge! How can we possibly take him down now? [Panda chuckles.]
Panda, how are you not freaking out? Don't you see the giant impending doom in front of us? Well? Don't you? Huh? Oh, Grizz.
Have you forgotten about - our Ultra Meteorite Animal Bots? - [Gasps.]
Of course! Panda, you're a genius! Okay, guys, it's Ultra Meteorite-Bot time! I summon the power of Grizzly! [music.]
I summon the power of Panda! [music.]
[Flute plays.]
[All grunt.]
Grizzly, ready for action! Panda, all good here.
Beep beep boop, scanning for structural weaknesses.
It will take more than friendship to stop me! A wise person once said, "Who needs friends when you got giant robots?" Panda: Fire! Nooo! [Grunts.]
I've failed you, brothers You did fail us, buddy.
You really did.
All I wanted was to protect the Earth.
Hey, man, it's all good.
I guess our imaginations just kind of got out of hand.
But thanks for playing with us.
Ultra Meteorite Fighters Go [Groans.]
All in favor of no more imagination for today? [Laughing.]
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