We Bare Bears (2015) s04e34 Episode Script

The Mall

1 Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da Let's go! We'll be there A wink and a smile and a great, old time Yeah, we'll be there Wherever we are, there's fun to be found We'll be there when you turn that corner We'll jump out the bush With a big bear hug and a smile We'll be there [Music.]
[Machine whirs.]
Hey, lil' bro! [Grunts.]
Ready to go to the [grunts.]
mall? Ice Bear ready to shred competition today.
Great! Let me get Panda! Panda! [Grunts.]
You gonna come to the mall today? Ah-ah! Yep! Just give me a minute.
I'm cleaning off my limited-edition Estellar shirt today for a signing.
- It looks so real - No, no, no don't! I just cleaned it! I don't want anything to get on this shirt.
- It's limited edition.
- Oh, sorry, bro.
I need it to be perfect for Estellar.
Ah, I think that's clean enough, Pan Pan.
Now let's go to the mall! Man, I can't wait to play this new arcade game.
- I've been training all week! - Oh, shoot! I got to go! I don't want to be late for the signing! - Okay, have fun, bro! - Ice Bear can't be late either.
All right, later, skater! Well, Grizz, the moment you've been waiting for.
Cop: "Cop Punch T-T-T-T-Two Code Red"! [8-bit sounds, music.]
In this dangerous world filled with crime and terror Both: you are the only one capable of bringing justice to the streets.
[Game chimes.]
Bring it on.
Go! [Fizzles.]
Huh? What?! What happened to the game?! Oh, no! Ahh! What about justice?! Gah! Hey! Excuse me.
- I didn't do it! Huh? Griff? - Grizztopher! Griff, you're a cop? - Mall cop.
- Nice! You having trouble with this machine? Stand back, Grizz! [Grunts.]
"Cop Punch Code Red"! Whoa! That was amazing! - Thanks, Grizz.
- Ah! You used your super action punch to fix the game - just like a real cop! - Mall cop.
Wait why would I want to play this dumb video game if I could hang out with you instead? Uh sure man, but only if you can handle the action.
Yes! Real cop action! Mall cop action.
[Indistinct conversations.]
Huh? Ah, phew just made it [Slurps.]
- Panda?! - Tom?! Hey, nice limited-edition Estellar shirt.
- Thanks! You too, man.
- I didn't know you liked Estellar! Are you kidding? I've been listening to her for years! - I even made her a drawing! - No way! So did I! Oh, my gosh, I love "Starling"! Do you wanna be my starling? Both: You and I will go far Farther than a shooting star [Laughing.]
Oh, hi! May I help you? - Ice Bear here to compete.
- [Exhales.]
Thank goodness! Only one other person signed up! [Chuckles.]
[Dramatic sting plays.]
- Isaac didn't expect to see you here.
- Ice is Ice Bear's life.
So you two know each other! Ice Bear will show you real skating.
Isaac will melt competition with "fire" moves.
Man on PA: Attention will all contestants for the ice skating competition please enter the rink? - Ice Bear was born to win.
- Isaac will see about that.
- Well, Grizz, here we are.
- Oh.
This is an office.
It's not just any office.
This is the control room! I can see everything going on in the mall from here.
Whoa Wow.
Look at that.
That is awesome! Oh! Okay, I'm ready to kick some butt.
What do we do now? - Nothing.
- Huh? - Nothing? - Yep.
Oh! I almost forgot! It's bagel Friday.
Hold up I'll grab you one! Go ahead, pull up a chair and watch the monitors, rookie.
This is action.
Oh, do you want yours toasted or Whoa! Oh, no! We've got a situation! - Ah! Real action! - There! We've got a backup on the third-floor bathroom! We've got to clean that up before someone slips.
Her last album was so good.
Oh, man, and how about her second album? [Laughs.]
Huh? [Stammers.]
Tom! We got pushed behind the cut-off! - Huh? Oh, no! - I have to give Estellar this drawing! They can't do this! [Growls.]
- No, Panda! It's too dangerous! - I have to.
For Estellar.
I literally just looked him right in the face - and I was like - Ahem! Excuse me! Hello! I saw you cut the line.
That's not fair to us.
Dude, you just ruined my punch line, bro! - Hey, what's this? - Wha Hey, man! [Laughing.]
Dude, look at this bogus drawing of Estellar.
Wha Hey! Come Hey, come on! Give it back, man! Come on, dude! Stop! - Wha - Wha [Growls.]
Look what you did to my limited-edition Estellar tee! [Growls.]
My mom got me this shirt.
Tom, run.
[Both screaming.]
- Hey! Let's get 'em! - Yeah! Uh, actually, I'm gonna stay back here and hold our place in line.
[Piano music.]
Ooooooooh! Ooh.
[Both panting.]
All right, the toilet's been unclogged! - Have at it, man! - Oh, thank you so much! [Toilet flushes.]
No! Not again! - Want to take this one, rookie? - No! This is all wrong.
Whoa, hold up, Grizz! Agh! What's going on? Where's all the action? We should be fighting bad guys like in the video game! Hyah! Ha! Ha! [Sighs.]
I guess being a mall cop isn't all that action-y.
Whoa! Hang on, Grizz.
There's plenty of action.
Just last week there was a huge spill on the food court.
The week before that, there was a power outage It's okay, Griff.
I think I'll just go back to playing "Cop Punch" at the arcade.
Grizz, wait! [Walkie-talkie chirps.]
Man on Radio: Attention, Officer Griff.
We've got a code red.
I repeat, a code red.
Code red? [Panda shrieks.]
- Stop running! - Come back here! [Inhales sharply.]
Criminals! Hmm Well, Grizz, if you leave now, I guess you're gonna miss out on a code red.
- Code red? - Code red.
In this dangerous world filled with crime and terror, you are the only one capable of bringing justice to the streets.
- Yes! Start! [Giggles.]
- Uh, are we going or what? What are we waiting for? - Let's go catch some bad guy butt! - That's the spirit! [classical music.]
[All gasp.]
All: Mm! Run, run, run, run! Whoa! Run, run! Whoa! [Grunting.]
- What do we do, Tom? - Take a right at the escalators! [Wailing.]
Hey! There you guys are! [All panting.]
Run faster, Tom! They're too fast! What do we do, Griff? Follow me.
I got a plan.
If we can't catch 'em on foot, we'll catch 'em on wheels.
- Start up the train, Grizz! - Great idea, Griff! [Train whistle blows.]
All aboard! Look! They're going around the corner! - Somebody help! Ahh! - Stop running! - We're gonna lose 'em! - Not if we go off road! [Grunts.]
Excuse us! Pardon us! [Both groan.]
Ahh! This is the end for you two.
No, please! We're sorry! We're sorry! We're sorry! Huh? It's time for you to pay for what you did to my limited-edition Estellar shirt.
Say something, Freddy.
- Freddy's a little tied up at the moment.
- Huh? [Muffled scream.]
Looks like you're the one at the dead end, hooligan! What the?! Mall cops! - Griff! - Grizz! Huh? Out of the way! [Groans.]
Tom! - Aah! - Nobody move! - One move and his shirt gets ruined! - No, please! [All gasp.]
Ahh! Hide your shirt! Hide your jeans! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Let's talk.
We don't want any more limited-edition shirts getting ruined.
- I bet you won't do it.
- Grizz! Oh, don't test me, bro! These two took the only joy in my life! And if I can't have an Estellar shirt, then nobody can! [Both gasp.]
Tom! No! Tom: Noo! - Panda! - Tom! [Slow-motion.]
Let me go! [Slow-motion.]
Tom! Panda! [Normal voice.]
No! [Groans, coughs.]
Estellar forever.
- Panda! - Panda! No! Remember me! [Screaming.]
Whoa! [Cheers and applause.]
- Whoo-hoo! - Yeah! Whoo-hoo! Nice catch, dude! Whoa-oh! Good job, guys! Thanks! I thought I was a goner.
Isaac thought you were Tom.
[over mic.]
Fantastic! The judges can't decide! It looks like we'll have two winners this year! [Cheers and applause.]
Please step onto the stage to receive your awards from international pop star Estellar! [Both gasp.]
Estellar?! [music.]
Hello, my starlings.
[Both squeal.]
It's Estellar! Congratulations.
You two are the finest figure skaters in the mall today.
Please accept this award.
And let's not forget the brave heroes that protect this very mall.
- Me? - Why yes In this dangerous world filled with crime and terror, you two are the only ones capable of bringing justice to the streets.
Both: Thank you, ma'am! We did our best! Hello, boys.
You two caused quite a fuss today.
Estellar [Chuckles.]
Yes, it's me.
I heard your Estellar limited-edition shirts were ruined.
So how about I hook you guys up with two VIP-edition shirts? Huh? Estellar Well, enjoy, guys.
Estellar, please! We're sorry! We're your biggest fans! - We just wanted to meet you so bad! - Don't be jerks.
All: Estellar [8-bit sounds, grunting.]
[Siren wails.]
I won! You're not very good at this game, Panda.
Both: Estellar - Done! - Done.

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