We Bare Bears (2015) s04e35 Episode Script


1 Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da Let's go! We'll be there A wink and a smile and a great, old time Yeah, we'll be there Wherever we are, there's fun to be found We'll be there when you turn that corner We'll jump out the bush With a big bear hug and a smile We'll be there [Music] Panda: "Finally, Dr.
Ocelot faces her nemesis, the tyrannical Rat King!" "You think a puny cat like you can defeat me?!" [Cackles] "Not cat I'm an Ocelot.
" "Prepare to submit your life! Hyaaaaaa!" "Impossible! My blade!" [Grunting] "You've defeated me!" Ugh.
"Yay! Dr.
Ocelot! You saved us! Can I be a hero like you? Do you think I'm strong enough? Meow?" "True heroes aren't decided by their strength but rather by the choices they make.
You can choose to be a hero.
" "And so, Dr.
Ocelot hit the road again! For when adventure calls she must answer!" [Music] Phew.
Oh, my gosh! That ending was amazing! Oh! Dr.
Ocelot is so cool! Oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh, it's so good! Ahh! This is crazy! [Rumbling] Whoa, was that an earthquake?! Panda! Did you feel that? I think it was an earthquake! - Whoa, what's all this? - What's all what? These books, man.
You read all these? Uh, yeah! [Chuckles] I binged the whole series! "Adventure Ocelot" is a true masterpiece! Well maybe I should give it a shot.
Let's see.
- Oh! I'll start here volume two! - No! Always start a series from the beginning.
- The beginning! - All right, okay.
- Then gimme volume one? - [Sighs] I can't.
Two years ago, I misplaced volume one, - and I've yet to find it.
- Oh.
I've checked everywhere the kitchen, the bathroom, behind the couch.
But my precious volume 1 is gone.
- Have you looked under the bed? - Uh, yeah, of course! I'll go look under the bed.
[Indistinct talking on TV] - Ahh! - Ahh! Ice Bear is here.
[Music] Whoa.
[Music] Aah! What is that?! Why is there a hole under my bed? How long has it been there?! All this time, I've been sleeping on top of a hole.
[Panting] I I can't breathe.
I need my inhaler.
[Whezing, panting] [Rumbling] [Dramatic music] - Aghh! My mangas! - Aah! What's going on? - Aah! - Aah! - Oof! - Oof! What is happening here? [Inhales sharply] - Cave slide.
- Cave slide? What's that? Ohhh.
[Rumbling] Aah! Our cave! Panda, it must have something to do with that hole in your room! Oh, what do we do? What do we do?! Ice Bear knows what to do.
[Military music] [Thru teeth] Ice Bear will find out what's going on.
All right, lil' bro, give two tugs on the rope if you need to come back up.
[Music] Dang, how deep is this thing? Hmm.
How long do you think it's gonna take before he comes - Whaa! - Aah! What is happening?! - Pull! Whoa! - Whoa! - Bro! - Bro, you okay?! Oh, no! - No! I'm going in after him! - Grizz, stop! - That hole is too dangerous! - Let me go! We'll save him, but we gotta be smart about it.
- Like Dr.
- Like who? Oh.
[Grunting] [Music] - Uh, Grizz, a little help, please? - I gotcha, bro.
[Gasps] My manga! - Aah! Ooph.
- Sorry, man.
Whoa, Panda! There's like a hundred tunnels down here! How did we not know about all this? - Wait, what are you doing? - I'm not just gonna leave my manga down here! They're important to me! Also, very expensive.
We'll come back for them later.
First, we gotta find lil' bro.
[Animal chittering] Man, this place is like totes Spooksville.
I hope we don't run into whatever dug these tunnels.
Blech, smells like a wet dog down here.
Yo, P, I found something weird! [Light rustling] - Huh.
It seems to be some sort of crude - Hmm.
- drawing of a human, maybe? - I dunno.
I think it has a tail.
This place just keeps getting weirder.
[Gasps] There's another one.
Wait a sec.
This is wait, huh? Huh? Wait, wuh? This is [Gasps] I know what this is.
- It's fan art.
- Uh what? The cave drawings! They're all fan art! So you're saying whoever made all these tunnels - is a huge nerd? - Not just any nerd, Grizz.
- An "Adventure Ocelot" otaku.
- Whaaaa? See, this is the scene where Dr.
Ocelot saves Princess Miyu from the larkatrice! And this is the scene where she finds the Crystal Sword - in the dragon's treasure room! - Whoa, dude.
And this is the elaborate trap that almost ended Dr.
Ocelot in the giant termite tunnels! Actually, that situation was almost exactly like this one.
[Rumbling] Aah! - Whoa.
- Okay, come on, Pan, let's get back on track.
We gotta find lil' bro.
- Grizz, stop! - Wait, what? Below you do not put your foot down.
Just back away.
[Music] Uh, what's going on, Panda? Now what? Okay, let's see if this works.
[Grunts] - Aaaaw! - Oooh.
Were those spears?! How did you know that was gonna happen?! The trap was exactly like the one in "Adventure Ocelot.
" I can't believe it actually worked! Hmm, wasn't there more to that trap in the manga? Like something with a crystal? Hmm.
Oh! You mean like this crystal? Huh? Wait, Grizz, no! What? What'd I do? [Rumbling] Um Aah! - What is wrong with this place?! - Up there! Up there! We gotta jump into the hole! Aah! Aah! Why are there so many? - Huh? - Huh? [Music] - Whoo-hoo! - Yeah! - We did it! Yay! - [Laughs] Whoo! I can't believe we're alive! [Footsteps approaching] Huh? - Uh - Uh [Creepy music] - Bro? - Yo.
Moles: Yo.
- Aw, bro! - Bro! You're here! Where have you been? Yeah! Glad you're okay and covered in moles? Moles found Ice Bear.
Very gracious hosts.
[Moles chitter] Aw, they're kinda cute.
And also a little ugly.
All right, if it's just moles down here, - why all the scary traps? - Follow Ice Bear.
[Moles chitter] Behold.
[Both gasp] [Moles chittering] [Music] Wait a sec.
Is that my "Adventure Ocelot, Volume One"?! - Their holy text.
- Okay, so, all these traps and tunnels were made by some comic-obsessed moles? And that's why the traps were all based from the first volume! Mole hall of worship, directly beneath house.
- Whoa! - Whoa! Oh, no! [Moles chittering nervously] Aah! [All gasp] [Rumbling] The whole cave is coming down! We gotta prop it up! Use this! Push with me, bro! Yah! [Grunting] [Music] Huh? Oh! The books! That's it! Panda, we need your manga! We gotta use it to hold up this tunnel! What? This is just one book! I mean, all of them! Get the books that fell down the hole! - Hurry.
- All? But they're my precious - beautiful collection! - Panda, hurry! Uh, but my manga, I I Ugh! - Panda? Panda?! - Whoa.
[Panda thuds] Baa! [Breathes heavily] Wha? Where am I? - Panda? - What?! W-Whoa! D-D-Dr.
Ocelot? The Dr.
Ocelot?! - You're real? - [Chuckles] Listen closely, Panda.
You gotta be the hero! B-but Dr.
Ocelot, there has to be another way, - one without sacrificing my manga! - Remember, Panda, true heroes aren't decided by their strength but rather by the choices they make.
You can choose to be a hero.
Yah! Grizzly: Panda! [Panting] What? Dr.
Ocelot? [Moles chittering] Rrr! I choose to be a hero! Um, that's cool! Can you hurry? [Grunting] I need your help, moles! Come on! [Moles chittering] [Music] Ugh, my back.
Huh? Okay.
We need a beam there! And there! Go! Yes, yes, yes! That's it, everybody! Ha ha! [Moles chittering] Hup! Another there! Huh? Oh, please, oh, please, oh, please.
Hmm! [Rumbling] [Rumbling stops] Huh? Cave has stopped caving.
Huh? It worked! [Moles cheering] Ha ha ha! - Oh, my gosh, it worked! - We did it! All that manga paid off! Ice Bear loves manga moles.
Ha ha! We're going back to the surface! Yeah! [Laughing] Whoo-ho-ho! - Yoo! - I can see the light! - Yeah! [Panting] - Oh, sweet sunlight! Oh, man, how are we gonna fix the cave? Ice Bear has more books.
And with that, Dr.
Ocelot saves the kittens once again! [Moles cheer] Oh, seriously, this art, guys, so, good! Oh, I'm glad I was able to buy all the books again in paperback.
Anyways, this time again next week? [Moles chittering] Bye! Gosh.
Kinda weird that's there's still a hole down there.
- Done! - Done!