We Bare Bears (2015) s04e38 Episode Script


1 Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da Let's go! We'll be there A wink and a smile and a great, old time Yeah, we'll be there Wherever we are, there's fun to be found We'll be there when you turn that corner We'll jump out the bush With a big bear hug and a smile We'll be there [Music.]
[Trumpet fanfare music.]
Narrator: Germs.
So small, and yet, they're everywhere multiplying spreading.
Humanity never expected its biggest threat would be Germs.
Everyone! I've discovered a new type of germ! - It's growing.
- Corn, please.
- It's mutating! - I've never seen anything like it.
Panda - Careful.
It's highly contagious.
- [Whispers.]
Thank you.
Ah! The germs have escaped containment! Save yourselves! [All screaming.]
Ah! The germs are alive! Man: The germs are attacking! - Woman: I can't get the germs off me! - Man 2: My eyes! [Screams.]
No, the germs are on me! The germs! The geeerms! [sobbing.]
Eh, what a cheesy movie.
- Ice Bear not afraid of tiny germs.
- Ugh Ugh.
Germs really are everywhere.
Oh, relax, Panda.
It's just a dumb movie.
Germs aren't even real.
Or is it "vampires aren't real"? - You know, it's one or the other.
- Ice Bear will defeat germs with good hygiene.
Yeah, I guess you guys are right.
It's just a movie.
You know, I didn't like the props.
I didn't like the art design.
Even the special effects were bad.
Ice Bear upset about scientific inaccuracy.
I thought the directing was bad.
I thought the writing was horrible.
[Panda mutters.]
And I say this as an arteur, but I could have done a better job.
[Ominous music.]
[Ominous music continues.]
Oh [Shudders.]
Huh? [Ominous music.]
Oh, no, no, no, no Achoo! [Screams.]
Germs are all over me! - Panda, calm down.
- Keep your germs away from me! Hey, this isn't our stop! [Dramatic music.]
Germs Germs, germs Miki-Chan Hey, Panda.
You okay in there, buddy? - You want to play a game, or - No! Stay out! You're covered in germs! Huh.
I think he needs some space.
Germs Germs everywhere.
Where'd this come from? Eh, whatevs.
Morning, Pan-Pan! Do you want to go to the new anime-themed bakery? [Unidentified noise.]
I think he's coming out Wah! Ta-da! Panda is no more! From now on, I'm Bubble Bear! Uh, whoa, Pan-Pan.
Where did you get this thing? And um, what is it? Hey, don't touch that! That's the entrance hatch.
If you touch it, you'll let all the germs in! Oh.
Sorry, bro.
Well, we're just happy you're out of your room.
Yeah! Now, how about that bakery? Whee! [Music.]
Living in a bubble Bubble bubble bubble Clearing out rubble bubble Bubble bubble bubble Got not trouble living in a bubble Bubble Bubble bubble [Sighs.]
No germ Herm Medically sealed in my shuttle - Hey! - No return Drive white knuckle, so I tighten up my buckle Move in a scuttle Fast on the double No splash puddle Winning all the struggle One ball juggle Guggle guggle guggle Ah, man, what a day.
Whoa! [Groans.]
Oh, I know.
I'm having such a great time in here.
Nothing can go wrong as long as I am in my bubble.
- Hey, Bears! - Oh.
Hey, Charlie.
How you doing? I was just eating some moss.
Mm-mm! Nature's candy.
Ugh, Charlie, that's nasty.
You look different, Pan-man.
You get a haircut or something? Huh.
- What's this? - Ow! Ow! Whoa, whoa! - Whoa! - Neat! Charlie, cut it out! Wah! Stop it! Ah, I'm just goofing around.
Come here, buddy.
[Laughs in slow-mo.]
[Creepy music.]
Ooh, what's this thingy? [Screams.]
Get away from me, you disgusting germ-infested, moldy hot dog! Whoa.
Come on, Panda.
He didn't mean any harm.
It's Charlie.
I'm sorry, Panda.
You know I'd never hurt my best buddy.
Hurt me? You almost popped my bubble! You could have infected me! - Oh.
I didn't mean to.
- No.
You and your gross, germy body can stay away from me and my bubble! Huh? W-W-Wait, Panda, stop! Don't tell me what to Huh? [Yells.]
Panda! [Music.]
Charlie: Pan-man! I got you! [Stammering.]
Oh, my gosh! No, no, no, no, no! Whoa, oh, oh! [Birds honking.]
I'm sorry, birds! [Yells.]
How do I make this stop?! [Yells.]
Good gracious, Panda! That's some air time! I'm a-coming! Oh, geez, what a wild ride.
Well, at least I'm safe and sound, thanks to bub Ah-what! [creepy music.]
Huh? [Squeaks.]
Aww, he's kind of cute.
[creepy music.]
Get me out of here! Come on, you dumb ball! Whoa! Help! Charlie! Bros! - Somebody! - Huh? I'm coming, Pan-man! Wait, Charlie! Don't worry! Old Charlie's gonna rescue you! But but how?! I mean, it's too gross, even for your standards.
He's got a point.
This is like a trash lake.
Oh, yuck! Come on, Charlie.
Let's find another way to get to him.
Go away! Go away! Go away! I hate you! Hmm.
My Pan-man needs me now.
- I'm going in.
- Say what, now? - For Pan-man! - Wha? Pandaaaaa! - Ugh.
- Ugh Yes! I'm coming, Panda! [Grunts.]
Uh, okay, I guess we'll go look for something else! Whoa! Don't worry, old buddy! [Grunts.]
No problem.
Charlie's got you.
Wait, Charlie, stop! Turn around! You're sinking! No way, man! I'm like a fish in these waters.
Charlie! Are you okay? Ah, don't worry about me! Hmm.
I'm coming to rescue you.
Here I come! [Gasps.]
Oh, Charlie, that's so bad! You're gonna get really sick! Wow.
He really does care! I'm gonna save y Ugh.
Charlie, you've got to keep your head up.
Oh, dear.
Charlie, grab onto something! [music.]
Uh, hold on, Charlie.
Don't Just don't let go.
I'm coming! [music.]
Whoa! Okay.
Charlie, grab my h My hand.
Well, I guess this is goodbye, then.
I got a little carried away, there, huh? Like always.
Well, I'm just glad I got the chance to be your friend Wait! No, I I can't lose you.
Even though you're dirty and gross you've always been there for me whenever I needed you So, I should be there for you.
Goodbye, Panda.
We're getting you out of here, Charlie! We found a shovel! Are you guys ok Huh? [Triumphant music.]
Panda? How What The germs? Guys, guys, don't you see? The germs don't scare me anymore.
What scares me more is the possibility of losing a friend.
Oh, my hero! [Smooches.]
All right.
All right, Charlie.
You know, I'm proud of you, Panda.
I think you learned a very important lesson Oh, my gosh, you stink, Panda! Ah! All right! Time to clean you dirty boys up.
[Both chuckle.]
Let them have it, bro.
That does feel better.
Now do Charlie.
Soak me! [Giggles.]
Whoo, that tickles! Both: Huh? Wow, y'all, I haven't been this clean in years.
[groovy music.]
Honestly, it feels kind of weird.
Ah, here we go.
Much better.
What are y'all staring at? - Done.
- Done!
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