We Bare Bears (2015) s04e39 Episode Script

Baby Orphan Ninja Bears

1 Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da Let's go! We'll be there A wink and a smile and a great, old time Yeah, we'll be there Wherever we are, there's fun to be found We'll be there when you turn that corner We'll jump out the bush With a big bear hug and a smile We'll be there [Music.]
[Police sirens wailing.]
Ah! Run, bros! Ah! Ah! [Dog barking.]
Guys, we got to shake this dog before he eats us.
[Tires screech, horn honks.]
- Bros, in here! - Wha We have to go into a sewer? Trust me, Pan! Come on! Hurry! Oh, man.
[Dog barks.]
[Dog growls.]
[Rat squeaks.]
Whoa! Look at this place.
Maybe we could live down here.
In the sewers? Wha Ugh.
But, Grizz, aren't there alligators down here? Nah, alligators in the sewers is an urban legend.
Besides, they like sunlight.
Right, little bro? See, Pan? Nothing to worry about.
[Distant laughter.]
Huh? Aah! [Laughs.]
What the?! Aah! Oh, no! These are some edgy-lookin' teens! [Growls.]
Hey! Get lost! No normies allowed.
Hey! We're not normies! We're bears! And Panda here is pretty goth! Just look at his stripes! - Uhh - Hm.
W-Wait a minute, that ain't eyeliner.
It's just fur.
Aaah! Tough rocks, pal.
The Boot Crew is here to teach you a lesson.
Huh? - Ah! - What the? Huh? Aah! - Whoa.
What's going on? - Is it an alligator? [All gasp.]
It's Cheddar! No one harasses bears on my watch.
Get out of here, you punks.
We'll be back for you.
J-Just you wait.
And next time, we'll bring Slice! - Are you bears okay? - Yeah.
Whoa! That was so awesome, Mr.
Cheddar! Thank you for scaring those teens away.
Who the heck were they anyways? The Boot Crew are nothing but a bunch of punks.
But their leader, Slice he's legit.
Long ago, I used to be a member of the Boot Crew.
We were all students of the top ninja dojo in the Lower East Side.
I, Cheddar, and Slice were close friends who trained side by side.
Cheddar and Slice? - Ever cut the cheese? - Oh, Grizz.
We had dreams and aspirations of being the best students, setting a good example for the city.
But then they started to change their values.
And they used their teachings to better themselves rather than help others.
I left the Boot Crew and swore to protect those they would harm.
Last time we clashed, Slice gave me this as a warning.
They're trying to push me out of my home and claim it for themselves.
I'll have to move soon.
I'm not strong enough to fight him and his goons alone.
Hmph! You're not alone anymore, Cheddar! We won't let that happen.
Teach us those sweet ninja moves of yours and we'll put an end to Slicer's bullying.
Ha! You sound like me with that attitude.
All right, I'll teach you bears.
Let's first start by focusing our minds and reflecting on this evening's events.
[Asian flute plays.]
To be a ninja is to be one with the shadows.
Know your surroundings in the blindest of places.
Move quickly and silently.
You must keep up your strength and endurance, both body and mind.
Meditation is a key element to unlocking the balance of what is ninja.
You must be quick and ready to fight when threatened.
- Strike with brilliant accuracy.
- Yes! Bears kick and bears kick and Punch, punch, punch, punch Hyah! - Ooh! - Not only is offense key, but defense is just as important.
This balance is what you need to become a true ninja.
- Bears - Huh? how about you try these on for size? - Say whaaat?! - Radical! Wicked! Bodacious! Bears kick and punch And the most important thing about being a ninja is the love of pizza! Bears kick and bears kick and punch Bears kick and bears kick and punch, punch, punch, punch Pizza! Comin' with the hits, bear martial arts - Is as good as it gets - I think you bears are ready.
[Both gasp.]
Bears kick and bears kick and punch Bears kick and bears kick and [Music.]
Boss! [Music.]
Uh, boss? Uh, it's Cheddar he's, uh He well, he's got bears.
Cheddar has bears?! We tried to stop him, but but Wh These masks are a symbol of our loyalty to the Boot Crew.
These baby bears think they can withstand the power of the mighty Boot Crew? Never in a million years! Crowd: Yeah! [Chanting.]
Boot Crew! Boot Crew! Boot Crew, we push Cheddar out tonight! Boot Crew! Boot Crew! [80's music.]
[All shout.]
Huh? Where are the bears? [Whistles.]
[Boot Crew coughing.]
[80's music.]
You guys weren't the only ones - planning a sneak attack.
- I can't see! [Grunts.]
Nice of you to drop by.
Wh Whoa! Grizzly: Hey, you dudes must be tired from all that fighting.
Oh, yeah, how about we make you a ninja bear sandwich! [Laughs.]
No sweat! Man, we really kicked their butts, didn't we, Cheddar? - Cheddar: Bears! Help! - Hold still.
- [Gasps.]
Cheddar! - Back off, ninja bears.
We got your master.
Well, hate to be the bearer of bad news, Boot Crew, but if there's one thing we love more than kicking butt, - it's kicking butt with pizza! - Huh? Eat pizza ninja stars, you punks! [Music.]
What the what?! [Laughs.]
You bears are in trouble now.
Master Slice! Master Slice! [Growls.]
Come on, dude, you ruined a perfectly good pizza.
Totally unrighteous, man.
Does anybody even have any idea what this guy's supposed to be? Heh.
He looks like a half-shaved cat that got attacked by a hair dryer.
- Enough! - Grizz, look out! Is this what you abandoned our Dojo for, Cheddar? [Laughs.]
Pathetic! Master Slice! Master Slice! Come out, bears, and I'll slice you to bits.
Ha! I bet that's his catchphrase.
Sorry to drop in unannounced.
- Thought we'd surprise you.
- Get off! [Groans.]
I'm tapping out.
Um, I'm guessing it's too late to say sorry? Ah! Don't slice us! Say goodbye, ninja bears.
[Growling in distance.]
- What was that? - Huh? [Music.]
- Uhh, is it the pizza guy? - It It can't be! - Aaah! - Let's get out of here, guys! Ooh, ooh, ohh! I knew it, I knew it! Alligators do live in the sewer.
No! Give me back my wallet! - Slice! - Slice! We got to help him.
But, Grizz [Groans.]
[Slice grunting.]
No! It can't end this way! [Bears grunt.]
Bros! Pull! Bears: Aah! Aah! Aaah! Aaaah! Huh? What? Bears kick and bears kick and punch Bears kick and bears kick and punch Both: Master Cheddar! Remember, boys a true ninja approaches unseen, undetected.
[Song ends.]
Both: Master Cheddar? N-No! No! ["No!" echoing.]
What was that? Master Cheddar he's gone.
Both: Huh? And one more thing a true ninja never gives up hope.
Master Cheddar! Whoo! Hyah! - Ah! My leg.
- Master Cheddar, are you okay? - Are you hurt? - I am fine, young ones.
[Alligator hisses.]
- Yeah! We did it! - Whoo! - Oh, yeah! - No you did it [Clears throat.]
- "Brother"? - Twin brother? You risked your life to save mine.
I'm in your debt.
I'm sorry I broke your foot, brother.
- I'm sorry a made fun of your bald spot.
- That settles it, then! I hereby announce peace within the sewers! The Boot Crew will again be one and fight for what's good.
Together, we will build the clan that brings out the best in all of us, brother.
Sounds good, brother.
Well, it's time for us to go! Take care! So long! Don't fight anymore, you rascals! Wait, bears, why don't you stay? This could be your home.
No way, man.
The sewers stink.
I've been holding my breath this whole time.
Well, I guess it's not for everyone.
- Bye! - So long, bears! - Take care! - Take care of yourselves! And make sure you practice your ninjutsu every day! We won't! Ah! Well, that was a weird adventure.
But a strangely familiar one.
[Dog growling.]
Huh? Ha! What do you bros say to showing him our new super-strong ninjutsu? Aaah! Uh wait up, guys! [Dog barking.]
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