We Bare Bears (2015) s04e41 Episode Script

Ranger Norm

1 Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da Let's go! We'll be there A wink and a smile and a great, old time Yeah, we'll be there Wherever we are, there's fun to be found We'll be there when you turn that corner We'll jump out the bush With a big bear hug and a smile We'll be there [Music.]
I know, guys at first I thought, "You know, maybe we got too many oranges.
" But then I remembered, "Hey! You know who loves oranges?" All: Tabes!! She's gonna love it.
Okay! Let's get going, Martinez! Oh, hi, bears.
Sorry, I'm on my way out right now.
- Gotta go! - Wheeeehehehe! Let's go! - Martinez? Kirk? - Waaaaiiiit! Tabes, wait! Where are you going? Huh? Oh! Didn't I tell you? I'm headed to Ranger Con, of course! - Ranger Con? - It's a convention for the best and brightest rangers from all around the world! And this year, we're invited! What? But if you're gone, who will help us eat all these oranges? Who will teach Ice Bear arts and crafts? Yeah.
And who's gonna tell us which berries are poison? And then give us first aid when we eat poison berries? Don't worry, bears.
I've got a substitute ranger who will take care of all those things.
In fact, he should be arriving any second now.
[Horn honks.]
Helloooo! Well, hey, there, new friends.
Ah, right on time! Great to meet ya.
I'm Ranger Norm.
Ranger Tabes.
Thanks for being so punctual.
Well, like the Forest Guidebook says "A good ranger is always on time.
" Wow! You've memorized the guidebook? - I read it every night before bed.
- Wow! Me too! I'm glad to have such a responsible substitute.
[Bears clear throat.]
Tabes, over here! Tabes! Over here! [Chuckles nervously.]
Just a moment.
- Tabes, Tabes, Tabes! - Don't worry, bears.
I'll be back soon.
And if you need me, you can always call me on this.
- Uh, what? - Alright, I better get going.
- Tabes! Tabes! Tabes! - Wait! - Tabes, Tabes, Tabes! - Tabes, don't go! Sorry, bears.
I really have to go.
You be good and behave for Ranger Norm while I'm gone.
Bye! Thanks again, Ranger Norm! Well, looks like it's just us now.
How about you show me around? It'll be fun! - What do you say, sport? - Hmph.
Okay, well, here's some trees.
Over there are, you know, more trees.
Here's some water.
Like, a pond or a lake, or whatever.
Oh! Well, isn't this just the most special lake ever, - don't you think? - [Sighs.]
I dunno, Norm.
Tabes thinks all lakes are special.
Oh, my! What a lovely clearing you have here.
[Hisses, growls.]
Whoa! Th-there's nothing to fear.
They're just protecting their young.
Aah! Just stay behind me, gang.
I know what to do.
[Growling and barking.]
Ha ha! You see that? You just gotta speak their language.
That's not how Tabes would scare the possums.
And here's our cave where we, you know, live and work from home and stuff.
Wow! You kids play basketball? Let's shoot some hoops.
Catch! Oopsie! That's okay.
I got it.
Hup! Oh, it goes in! - Tabes is so much better at sports.
- I'm hungry.
Oh! Well, why don't we all go inside and I'll make you boys a nice snack? Okay, you guys chill here, and I'm gonna go whip something up.
[Pots and pans clanging.]
Ugh! This Norm guy really stinks.
How could Tabes leave us with him? Yeah, he's, like, trying so hard to impress us, but he'll never be cool like Tabes.
Ice Bear will never be friends with Norm.
Yeah, Norm will never be our ranger, or our friend.
Mm-hmm! All: Huh? Oh, uh, ha ha.
Hi, Norm.
We were just talking about, um uh this other ranger we know.
[Forced chuckle.]
Aw, it's okay, guys.
Y-You don't have to be my friend if you don't want to.
I'll just, um [Sad music.]
I-I'll leave these here.
Yeah, i-i-if you're still hungry, a-and I'll get out of your way now.
You know, I still think you're good guys.
And thanks for showing me around today, I appreciate it.
Okay, I'll see you later.
Oh, man.
I feel like a real dingle now.
Yeah, we've kind of been jerks all day.
And it looks like he worked really hard on these snacks.
Mm! Aw, man.
So good! [Sighs.]
Come on, let's go apologize.
He'll have to forgive us once we give him some of our oranges.
Ice Bear turned them into apology oranges.
Aw, yeah.
Nothing says "I'm sorry" like oranges.
Norm! We're sorry! Hmm, looks like nobody's here.
Oh, no! What if he left for good? Or maybe he's in that building? Huh.
Has that always been there? Uh, Ranger Norm? You in there, buddy? We brought you apology oranges.
He's on the phone.
Oh, yeah, everything's going just great.
The forest is beautiful, the locals are friendly.
I mean, it's perfect.
Huh, he doesn't seem that upset.
Let's just leave the oranges outside.
Yep, it really is a lovely bit of forest here.
Too bad I'm gonna tear it all down! What? Let's see now, the rangers are gone, the talking bears haven't a clue.
Should I start the demolition? Man: I think you should, Norm.
You know what they say, golf courses don't build themselves! Wha golf course?! Alrighty then, let's get this ball rolling.
[All gasp.]
[Laughing evilly.]
Ain't she a beauty? Yep, it's gonna be a killer golf course after all the trees and animals are gone.
Norm is evil! Norm is evil! - Ice Bear knew it.
- Okay, but wait, this is definitely not legal, right? Hey, boss, this is definitely legal, right? Man: Norm, we're rich.
Everything is legal.
[Laughing evilly.]
- Privilege.
- [Gasps.]
Oh! Aw, dingle! What do we do? Oh! Oh! Call Tabes! Call Tabes! Yeah! Tabes will know what to do.
Aah! Well, well, well, what do we have here? A couple of naughty boys spying on me? To your cave! Right now, misters! Aww.
Hey, wait a minute! You're not our ranger.
- We heard everything, Norm! - You won't get away with this.
Oh? And who's gonna stop me? We will! Let's get him, bros.
Attack! [Rumbling.]
Retreat! Retreat! Panda: No, the oranges! Time to tee up, you duffers! What'd he call us? Oh, yikes! [Laughing evilly.]
Oh, geez.
Norm's gonna destroy the forest! Forget the forest, Norm's gonna destroy us! - Ice Bear has idea.
- What? Huh? Ha! Of course! Turning! You're a genius, bro.
Wha Hey! [Reverse signal beeping.]
Here we go.
Aw, nuts, he can turn, too! Ah! Oh, no, Grizz! Ha ha ha! Prepare to be crushed.
Wait a second.
1, 2 I thought there was three of you guys.
Oh, no, you don't! Come on, bro.
You can do it.
Give me that conch! Grizzly: No! Got it! Ha ha! You're in big trouble now.
I'm calling Tabes.
[Inhales deeply.]
Hmm? [Inhales deeply.]
Huh? Well, well, well, good try, bears.
But it's time to end this little game.
End of the road, bears! This is your eighteenth hole of life! [All gasp.]
Fore! Huh? [All gasp.]
- Tabes! - What?! [Grunts.]
Hey, there, bears.
Looks like I'm just in time, huh? - Ugh! - My best putter! Oh, Tabes, we missed you! D'aw, so much! Aw, guys, it's been one day.
You must have heard me blow the conch.
I could feel a disturbance in my forest, but little did I think it would be you, Norm! You sully the name of good rangers everywhere.
Oh, also, I brought you guys some charms and stickers.
- Ooh! - Okay, knock it off.
It's time to prepare for maximum golf.
Uh, Tabes, what now? That's too many things to punch.
Oh, don't worry, boys.
Grizz, pass me that conch.
Um, okay, but I think it might be broken, though.
[Inhales deeply.]
[Conch blows tune.]
Guys, I'd like you to meet a few new friends from Ranger Con.
Wha huh who are you?! All: Who are we? We are rangers! I am Mountain Ranger! Heeee-yaahh! [music.]
Wah! I am Ocean Ranger! Cowa-bunga! Wha Oh, no! G'day! I'm Outback Ranger! Let him have it, Joey! [Grunting.]
Ehhh?! Did someone say, "Eh?" it is I, Canadian Ranger uh, Mountie! Hee-ya! - En garde! - Ah! Okay, this is the machine self-destruct button.
You come any closer and I'm gonna blow us all to smithereens and also the forest.
- Aah! - What? - No! Uh-huh.
That's what I thought.
- Oh, no! - Oh, what now, Tabes? Hey, guys.
Sorry I'm late.
I found these at the ranger station.
- What's going on? - Huh? Not so tough now, are you, rangers? Well, I think it's time we bring this game to a close.
Nail him, champ.
Ha ha ha! Ah! Aah! Tabes: Ooh! And here's me and Martinez looking at the latest ranger-hat models.
Oh! And Kirk meeting other ranger dogs.
Okay, Tabes, we're heading out.
Gonna take this punk to the ranger police - for forest crimes.
- Roger that, Ocean Ranger.
It's been an honor working with you all.
I'll see you at next year's Ranger Con.
Sounds like a plan.
Goodbye, Tabes.
- See ya later.
- Good on ya, mate.
- Wow.
So cool.
- Tabes, next time you have to go, can you leave us with one of them? [Laughs.]
- Done! - Done!
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