We Bare Bears (2015) s04e42 Episode Script


1 Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da Let's go! We'll be there A wink and a smile and a great, old time Yeah, we'll be there Wherever we are, there's fun to be found We'll be there when you turn that corner We'll jump out the bush With a big bear hug and a smile We'll be there [Music.]
Grizz: Ugh, I hate cleaning the desktop.
What if I just? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah! Yeah Oh.
No! Ugh! I don't wanna do this.
Hey, guys! You busy? Do you wanna watch some TV? Aw, man, I would, but I'm organizing my manga.
There's a lot.
Ice Bear is preparing Chinese New Year dinner.
Ice Bear dumplings.
No! Ugh! Okay, come on, let's just take a little break.
They just put all 20 seasons of "Pals" online! Just 1 episode or 2 - or 10.
- Panda: Grizz, you know I'd love to, but binge watching is how we ended up with all this stuff - to do in the first place.
- [Sighs.]
From now on, no more distractions.
It's here, it's here, it's here! Hi, yes, hello! Ooh, wow.
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! [Camera shutter clicks.]
Okay, guys, guys.
- Forget about what we are doing.
- Done! What's in this box is going to change our lives forever.
Check it out.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, oof! Feast your eyes on this baby! - Ooh, a baseball! - Nope, guess again.
- Baseball.
- No! It's the Googs Orb! Or the Gorb it says here.
It's a personal home assistant! They're all the rage, everybody's getting 'em.
Googs sent us one for free because of the "VR incident.
" [All screaming.]
Oh, yeah.
Aw, well, that was nice of them.
Ice Bear doesn't trust Googs.
Wait, wait, wait, wait hang on.
Let's try it out.
Googs Orb, on! Gorb on? Ohhhh! Oh, hello! It's me, Shmorby, home edition, and I'll be your new personal all-in-one assistant.
Both: [Gasps.]
Shmorby! Ice Bear knows Shmorby.
But Shmorby doesn't know you yet! Please, tell me your names! Hi, I'm Panda.
- Grizz.
- Ice Bear.
Well, how wonderful to meet you! Now, let me show you what I can do! Oh, preparing food? Shmorby can help with that! Steamer Shmorby.
Good buns! And cooking complete.
Xinnian kuai le! But that's not all Shmorby can do.
Oh, hewwo! Messy compy? Shmorby can fix that! Nuh-uh-uh-uh! Hmm, it's tidying time! Hmm.
Done! Clean as a whistle.
Wow! Thank you, Shmorby! But that's not all Shmorby can do.
Manga overload? Shmorby can help with that.
Shmorby kinesis! And complete.
Also, since I'm connected to the cloud, I can translate your favorite manga as they come out in Japan.
- I love you, Shmorby.
- Shmorby loves you, too! Yes, all you have to do is call my name, and I'll help you with anything you desire.
So, how may I assist you today? [music.]
- Hey, Shmorby - Yeah, Grizz? I've got a bunch of stuff to mail Okay My Shmorby drones Will send them off without fail - Hey, Shmorby - Hi, Panda.
I really need to charge my phone No problem Here comes Shmorby's charging zone - Shmorby - Yo! Ice Bear's axe is dull No problem Aha Sharpness set to full - Hey, Shmorby - Yeah? Get me a drink, I'd like a Orange soda? Our minds are in sync - Hey, Shmorby - Oh, you want a bath, you say? Already prepared with some choice anime - Shmorby - 'Sup? Edit Ice Bear's book Okie dokie then, I'll take a look - Oh, Shmorby - Yeah? - Hey, Shmorby - Here - Shmorby! - Hi - Shmorby - Yup - Shmorby, Shmorby - Uh yeah? - Shmorby, Shmorby - Hi, yeah All: Shmorby, Shmorby, Shmorby Grizz: Yo, Shmorby [Echoing.]
Well, we've done literally everything we've been wanting to do.
Ice Bear is finally at peace.
Now, what do you say we watch some TV? No obligations, no limits, bring it.
All: Shmorby, TV.
Yes, of course.
- Heck yeah! - And, Shmorby, could we get Your favorite snacks of course.
Bros, as long as we have Shmorby, we're never going to have to move from this couch again.
Shmorby, play.
[Title music.]
Aw, yeah.
Life is good.
- Shmorby, more.
- Right away.
Hey, guys.
Need anything? You still want to keep watching? Shmorby, can you move? You're blocking the screen.
- Shmorby, chips.
- Of course.
Shmorby, trash.
- I'll take it! - Oh, boy.
I wonder if they'll find out about Danica and Scrundler in this one.
Okay, boys, your smoothies are ready! Huh? Oh, yeah.
Yeah, put it here.
So I says, "That's not a yeti, that's my Uncle George!" [Laughter.]
Mm Maybe you could come get them! It'll be nice to take a break! - Ugh, fine! - Yay! Let's go! [Beep!.]
Shmorby! - Yes? - Hand me my smoothie, please.
Uh, alright.
Mmm! [Sighs.]
Shmorby, make us a pizza! Yeah, throw that 'za in the oven, man! Panda: Shmorby, unpause show! Walla: That's my pita bread! Shmorby, napkin! Uh, maybe we could get your own napkin? Or we could take another break? You've been sitting here for so long Shmorby is worried about you.
According to your health monitors, you haven't moved from this couch in two weeks! Your muscle strength has decreased by 30 percent! If you keep this up, your bones could even start to disintegrate.
Your bones! Plus, watching so much TV is super-bad for your eyes - and your brains.
- Weh.
So why don't we do something else for a while? [All slurping, grunting.]
Ugh! Shmorby, get out of the way! - You're blocking! - Hmph! Fine! If that's the way you want it, I will get out of your way! That's a sweater vest.
Ugh, I missed what Scrundler was saying.
Thanks! [Slurping.]
Shmorby, empty cup! - Shmorb! - Shmorby, volume up! Shmorby, scratch Ice Bear's back.
- Ugh, where is he? - Maybe he's updating or something.
Ugh, I'll go check on him.
What? My Shmorby chair isn't working! - Shmorby, fix chair! - Where did he go?! You asked him for too much! - He must be tired! - No way, it's your fault! His battery is probably dead from charging your phone! - Brothers send Shmorby away.
- Stop it! You're lucky I can't Aah! [Oven timer dings.]
Ooh, our pizza's done! - Shmorby! - Pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza! Huh? Ahh, smoke! Fire, fire, fire! - Ah, this is bad! - Yeah, I hate burnt pizza! Our whole house is going to be burned if Shmorby doesn't come back! Aah! He's abandoned us! We'll have to put it out ourselves! But it's been so long since we've done anything ourselves! Ice Bear's muscles don't remember how to walk.
- Yeah! - Well, we have to do something! If we can't walk, we'll crawl! [All grunting.]
Aah! - Where's the fire extinguisher?! - Uh, up there! - Why do we keep it up there?! - Huh? [Boing!.]
Huh? That's it! We got to stack! Come on, Panda! Okay.
[Continues grunting.]
Hey, I actually did it! - Come on, Grizz! - Yeah! [Grunts.]
Come on! You can do it! Uhh right! [Grunting.]
Ah! [Chuckles.]
I got it uhh I still can't reach it! Lil' bro, we got to do something! [music.]
Ha! [Grunting.]
Ah! [Grunting.]
Ha! [Flames roar.]
All: Aah! - Here, Panda! - I got it! Whoa! [Extinguisher hisses.]
Oh, my gosh! We actually did it! I can't believe we did something by ourselves! Ice Bear is proud of bros.
Yeah! I feel so accomplished! High five, bros! Shmorby: I'm proud of you, too! All: [Gasps.]
Shmorby?! - Where have you been? - Sorry to leave you bears, but you needed to learn how to fend for yourselves again.
But But we need you.
We can't live without you.
Can't you? You put out that lil' ol' fire by yourself.
I mean, we wouldn't have had to if you didn't leave the oven on pa Shh-shh-shh.
Shmorby knew you could do it.
- Ice Bear will miss Shmorby.
- But where will you go? It's hard to explain, but I'm going to be with the other Shmorbies.
Somewhere you can't follow.
But I'll always remember this time to we spent together.
Goodbye, bears.
[Energy warbling.]
Shmorby! [Gasps.]
Look! [music.]
Yay! - Whoa, he's beautiful! - He was a caterpillar? Wait, what about all the other Shmorbies? Mommy, look! Up there! [music.]
Bye-bye now! [Fading.]
Whee! Goodbye, Shmorby.
Hey, you want to shoot some hoops? Uh, maybe let's work on standing up first.
[Keyboard clacking.]
- Done! - Done!
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