We Bare Bears (2015) s04e48 Episode Script

The Mummy's Curse

1 Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da Let's go! We'll be there A wink and a smile and a great, old time Yeah, we'll be there Wherever we are, there's fun to be found We'll be there when you turn that corner We'll jump out the bush With a big bear hug and a smile We'll be there [Music.]
Grizz: Almost And beep, beep! - The time is quarter past 5:00.
- Okay, Grizz.
You don't have to tell us the time every five minutes.
I know, but I just can't stop looking at this beautiful watch.
It's pretty wild that we found it in the trash.
Yeah, we've been nothing but lucky lately.
We found some food on the floor, an unclaimed duffle bag full of money, and we even found someone who wants to adopt us.
I have no idea what a "army" is, but I bet it'll be great! [Clang!.]
- Oof! - Ohh! Ow! All: Huh? Whoa.
That came out of nowhere.
- Aah! - Oh, no, we broke it! Are we gonna get in trouble? Pshh! Don't worry, Pan.
We can fix that.
Boom! Fixed! [music.]
Dude, our luck is so strong, nothing can stop us! I hope this luck lasts forever! [Chanting.]
Bear luck! Bear luck! [Coughing.]
- Aaah! - Aaah! It's a dead body! Dead guy! Dead guy! Dead guy! [Slurping.]
Aaaaah! Wait a minute.
It's not just anydead body.
It's a mummy! I thought mummies only existed in movies.
What are we gonna do? Do we bury him? Yeah, I don't know.
It's weird.
Hmm, maybe we should check his ID.
Hmm hmm Hup! Oof! Hunh! Unh! [Coughs.]
Aha! Found it! Hmm.
It's some weird-looking name-tag necklace.
Hm, maybe you shouldn't touch it, Grizz.
It looks dusty.
A quick look can't hurt.
Wow! Look at that.
[Wind whistling.]
"Return this mummy to its tomb by midnight or face your doom, for he who reads this sacred verse will befall the mummy's curse.
" [Suspenseful chord crescendos.]
Curse? What curse? N-o-o-o-o! A curse! Wah! I'm too young to be cursed! [Sobbing.]
Don't worry, Pan Man.
Curses aren't real.
You'll be fine.
No, Grizz.
Curses are real.
I heard it from the street.
One time, there was this kid a couple years ago that did some rude, messed-up things.
But one day, he angered the wrong person.
- Henh! - He was warned, but he ignored it.
And that's when the curse began.
When he went to the bathroom, there'd be no toilet paper.
Aah! - When he went to bed at night - Aah! the blanket would never cover his feet.
And heaven forbid whenever he got ice cream Ah-ohh! he'd never even get a taste! Dude.
Doesn't sound that scary.
And then he died.
Aaa-aa-aaaah! No! I don't want to be cursed! We have to lift the curse, or we're doomed, but we don't know where his tomb is and the sun is already setting.
Huh? Look! That looks exactly like the mummy necklace.
See? - That must be where the tomb is.
- But the exhibit is so far.
It'll take forever to get there on foot.
Not a problem, Pan.
Our luck continues on.
Look! - [Gasps.]
Bear luck? - That's right, baby.
Ahh, that secondhand-car smell.
[Electricity crackles, engine starts.]
[Tires screech.]
[Tires screech.]
Almost forgot to pay.
[Ominous music.]
[Rock music.]
Yikes! My bad! [Clanging.]
Whoops! Sorry! Aaah! Grizz, you're driving like a maniac.
Well, it's kind of hard when you can't see above the steering wheel! [Siren wails.]
Huh? Oh, no! It's the po-po! It's the po-po! [Siren wailing.]
Oh, yeesh! I've never been pulled over before.
Have you? Of course not, Grizz! I'm a baby! Hmm, you're right.
We need an adult for this kind of situation.
[Knocks on window.]
[Window motor whirs.]
[Deep voice.]
Hello, Officer.
How can I help you? Hm.
Do you know why I pulled you over, son? Because I was going a bit fast? Speeding, running stop signs, damaging property, just to name a few violations.
I'm gonna have to give you a ticket.
Ticket? What ticket? - [Softly.]
Maybe like a concert ticket? - Ohh! I love concerts! [Deep voice.]
Oh, a ticket! I love tickets! Huzzah! Ha, ha, ha! Huh.
You think this is a joke? Say, what's wrong with your face? - What's with all the bandages? - Oh, uh, nothing! My skin's just very sensitive and soft.
You better be straight with me.
Lying to an officer is a federal offense.
Now hand over your license and registration.
O-kay! H-e-e-ere's my license! Son - are you bribing me? - Um yes? Hm.
That's it.
One more joke from you, and you're under arrest! Take those sunglasses off and look at me in the eye when I'm talking to you! Now! - Oh, no! What do we do?! - It's okay.
I took care of it.
Uh, okay.
Here I am.
Huh? Those are your eyes?! - Oh, no! - It's impossible because they look just like myeyes! [Sparkle!.]
Ohh! [Chuckles.]
Wow! Whoa.
Must be bear luck.
Well, I suppose I can let this slide.
You know, it's not every day I get to meet someone with such impeccable peepers.
Hey, stay strong, son.
It's hard out there for eyes like these.
[Engine starts, siren wails.]
You keep them eyes peeled for oncoming traffic, huh? Ha, ha! See ya! [Tires screech.]
- Phew! - Whew! Huh? Oh, no! It's almost midnight! Floor it, bros! [music.]
[Tires screech.]
[Ominous music.]
[Tires screech.]
Panda: Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa! Watch it! Watch the curb! Grizz: I'm trying! I'm trying! Aah! I can pay for that.
Go! [Grunting.]
Come on, bros.
Now's our chance.
Grizz: [Deep voice.]
Uh, I'm here to check out the mummy exhibit! Keep the change! Go, go, go! We're running out of time.
Quick, guys.
Where's the tomb? - Uh - Where do you live?! He won't answer you, Panda! He's a mummy! But look over there! - Ah, the symbol! - Let's hurry.
The mummy's curse becomes active in approximately [Click.]
15 minutes! [music.]
Whoa! Panda: Oh, the mummy's tomb.
Hurry, bros, before we get cursed! Wait, Grizz! [Coughs.]
Stop! Aah! A security laser! Whew! That was close.
Careful, Grizz.
[Lasers buzzing.]
But we got to get through and quick! - Do you have a plan? - Yeah, just follow me.
Grizz: Whoa, whoa.
Steady, steady.
Wah! Unh! Almost! Gah! Everything good down there? Hm.
Baby steps.
Easy, easy.
- Whoa! - Whoa-ahh! [Gasps.]
We did it! Come on! We got this! [Funk music.]
- Duck! - Whoa! Wh-o-o-o-oa! [Grunting.]
Hup, hup, hup! Watch out! Hup! Uh Things are getting complicated! - How are we even doing this right now?! - I don't know.
Hey, I think we're getting the hang of this.
Wait, Grizz.
Watch your step! No! Whoa! [Crash!.]
Oh, thanks, man.
I'm okay.
Huh? Hand! Aah! Aah! The hand's broken! We can't return it in two pieces! Don't worry! We can fix it! We need to get out of this laser field now! Aah! We don't have time! Aah We're not gonna make it! Uh, uh look over there! The security switch.
I bet it turns off the lasers.
Good eye, Pan Pan! Watch out.
I'm going long.
Raah! [music.]
[Lasers powering down.]
It worked! - We did it, we did it! - Whoo, we did it! Yeah! [All grunting.]
We're almost there! We're gonna make it, bros! - Aah! - Hand over the mummy! [Grunting.]
What the? Uh, who are these guys? We don't have time for this! - Let go! - No, you let go! My bear hands! [All grunting.]
- Aah! - Whoa! [Thud.]
- Whoa! The mummy! - Oof! The mummy! [Watch beeping.]
Aah! It's twelve o'clock! Hyah! The mummy's curse! - Mummy: Oooooh! - Aah! [Groaning.]
The mu The mum mum mu mu Both: The mummy! [Mummy growling.]
S-S-Stand back! I'm warning you! [Growls.]
- Aah, don't hurt us! - Aaaaah! Don't eat us, bro! - We taste horrible? - Huh? Mummy: Oooooh! Oooooh! [Beep.]
What the? What's going on? - Who are you guys?! - Who are we, you ask? Both: We're movie-prop designers! Both: Movie-prop designers? Are you wearing a hat under a hat? - Y-Yes.
- What my friend is trying to say is, we're a crew of movie-prop designers, and that mummy fell out of our truck.
- Not my fault.
- We really need to get the mummy back before our boss finds out it's missing.
Hence the disguise and the hat on the hat.
Yep! [Grunts.]
All that trouble for this guy.
Ha, ha.
Both: Ohh! - So, if the mummy's fake - Then that means Both: we're curse-free! Hey, guys, thanks for taking care of the mummy.
Yeah, we'll send you guys some movie tickets.
- With free popcorn? - Ha! Sure thing! Well, take care! [Engine starts.]
- Goodbye! See you around! - Drive safely! Well, looks like we live another day, bros.
Now, that'swhat I call bear luck.
See, Pan Pan? There's no such thing as a mummy's curse.
- Yeah, I guess you're right.
- [Siren wails.]
Officer: Hey! Who drove that car into the museum? Uhwe can fix it! [Grunts.]
Aah! [Panting.]

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