We Bare Bears (2015) s04e50 Episode Script

Tabes and Charlie

1 Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da Let's go! We'll be there A wink and a smile and a great, old time Yeah, we'll be there Wherever we are, there's fun to be found We'll be there when you turn that corner We'll jump out the bush With a big bear hug and a smile We'll be there Forest Gazette.
Check! Charming photo of my baby boy, Kirk.
Check! One super informative forest ranger newsletter down! Hopefully with this, the campers will finally stop sitting on anthills.
Phew! How's the work going, guys? Oh, oh! Tabes, I came up with a faster way to get this done.
Taste bad.
Ice Bear has added more personal touches.
Ugh, these stamps are too sticky! We'll never finish this! Easy, guys, easy! We've got all day! And there! Whoo! That's the last one! Good job everyone! Oh, right! It's time for Kirk's dinner! Check out all these meals I've made for him! Aw.
I've been documenting his growth and favorite foods each dinner! Wow, look at him.
Oh! Kirk has gotten so big! - What a good doggy.
- Ice Bear loves the boy.
Kirk has loved every dish I've made, but I have to say his absolute favorite is peanut butter! Most animals go nuts for this stuff a perfect topping for dinner! Hi-ya! Kirk boy, dinnertime! Kirk? Kirk? That's mighty strange.
Hey, maybe Kirk has just gone out to find - that special bush, you know? - No.
Kirk is usually right on the dot when it's dinner time.
This is highly unusual.
Here, Grizz, swap with me.
Oh, man.
I wonder where he went.
Kirk, come on back! Aha! I've got a lead paw prints! They lead to the forest! Bears, watch the station for me.
Thanks! I'm coming, Kirk! Watch the station? Eh, how hard can it be? We just got to mail those newsletters out.
Please help! Please! Do you guys have a map and some water for my dad? Uh, yeah, no problem! Leave it to us! Hmm.
Oh, there there's more! Kirk! Kirk, buddy, where Huh? Kirk? Kirk, there you are! - Aah! Foot! - Aah! Human! Aah! Huh? Oh, hey.
You're that Charlie fellow! It's okay.
I'm not going to hurt you.
- Oh, I-I remember you! Tom, right? - It's Tabes! I'm the forest rang Wait, what am I doing? I got to find Kirk before he gets hurt! He's lost out in the woods somewhere! Wait! Maybe you've seen him around, Charlie.
Oh, I think I know who that is! I know, just give me a sec! You talking about my friend Dexter here? No.
Kirk is not a beaver.
He's my lost dog.
I've got no leads, and it's getting dark soon! I'm supposed to protect this forest, but I can't even protect my own dog.
That's Ugh.
That's so tragic! You know what? Leave it to old Charlie! I know secret parts around these woods where we can get some info! Really? Thanks, Charlie! - Follow me.
Oh, wait! - What? What is it? I can't just bring you into the secret woods like that.
They don't look too kindly on human-folk.
What? No! No! Please, Charlie! - I have to find Kirk! - Okay, okay.
We'll go! But, uh, you're going to need to wear a disguise.
Anything! I'll wear whatever disguise you got! Okay! Come on, Tubes.
It's this way! Uh, uh, Charlie? Are you sure this costume is convincing? - W-Where did you even get it? - The garbage! Come on! Hold on, Kirk.
We're coming for ya! Oh, got it! Here's that map you wanted! Great, thank you! Could we get a couple copies of it? Oh, uh, sure! Um, yeah.
Oh No problem.
- Eep! - Yee, you need help, Grizz? Nah, I got this! Aah! It's definitely this way! UhOh! It's over there! Ah! I think this is it! Huh, it isn't.
Oh, berries! Charlie, do you know where this place is or not? Kirk could be in danger, and we're here wasting time! Oh! Wait! I remember where it is now! Check it out! Ta-da! Hmm.
And ta-da! Oh! Uh, ta-da! - Oh, hey, Dexter, you old scamp.
- Ugh.
Huh? Oho, Kirk's footprints! Ha-ha! The trail is hot aga Oh, darn it! Another dead end.
I could've sworn it was right here.
Whoa, oh! Aah! Charlie? Ugh.
Oh, wait! Hey! This is it! I told you I'd find it, Tubes! Come on down! Aah! Okay! Let me at 'em.
- Wha Ugh.
- Tabs, welcome to The Cracked Nut! Aah! Whoa, Dexter plays bass? - All right.
- Okay! - Who do we interrogate first? - Uh You, owl! Have you seen a dog this big, brown? Moles, I'm looking for a dog.
Skunk, have you seen a dog this big? He's got a friendly disposition and Whoa! Tubes, come on! Whoa.
Look, around here, you can't just get up in everybody's grill! You ain't never going to find out anything out like that.
- Okay.
- Look, lemme talk to them.
- I'm a regular here.
- Huh? Hey, you, Possum! That That's Kirk's bandana! Where'd you get that?! Hey, get back here! Okay, spill the beans.
Where'd you get that bandana? - We don't have time for this, possum! - Tabs! Tabs! - Geez, calm down! - It's wearing Kirk's bandana! - Ask about it! - Sorry, no can do.
Once a possum is playing dead, ain't no talking to it.
- Unless - Unless? we can bribe it! You got anything to trade? Uh, I have $100, an uncut sapphire - and a jar of peanut butter.
- Perfect! Hey.
Hey, babushka.
We need to know about that bandana.
We can pay.
- She says she'll talk.
- I'm listening.
- Oh, I see.
- What? What is it? - Hmm, interesting.
- What? What's she saying?! - Oh, uh, what? Oh, no! - What? What is it?! She says she picked it up after it fell off a dog and that the dog was with the wolves! The wolves? If the wolves have Kirk, then there's no time to lose! Possum, can you take us to the wolf den? She says give her the $100, and we got a deal! So this is it the wolf den.
Here and give me that! Yeah, welp I'm sure you'll be fine from here on out right, Tobes? I'm not really great with wolves.
Wait, Charlie! You're my translator.
I need you in there.
Kirk needs you.
All right.
Let's go.
We're close.
Oh, my gosh.
Shh, come on.
Wow, it's working.
- They're not waking up.
- Shh.
Charlie, we must be absolutely sil Huh? Uh, huh.
Tabes, please answer! Come on please! We messed up so bad! Bears, I can't do this right now.
Call later.
Looks like no one heard Ooh! W-What are they saying, Charlie? - Go! Ask them about Kirk! - Uh, hi.
Hey, we're looking for a lost dog.
Aah! Hey! Ah! Uh, I don't think they want to talk right now! - Aah! Go away! - I got you.
We'll find him ourselves! Aah! Uh what now, Tebs? - Why, we fight, of course, for Kirk! - I was afraid of that.
Nice work, Charlie! Maybe we can - Aah! - Charlie! Aah! Do your worst, wolves.
I don't care.
Just Just tell me what you did to Kirk.
Please? What? He says get up.
Huh? Kirk? - My heart beats for you - Kirk! My heart beat for you Kirk! Oh - Beats only for you - Aw.
Kirk, I'm so glad you're alive.
What are you even doing here? How do you know these wolves? - Huh? Whoa! - What? Kirk, are those your pups? Aha! The miracle of life! So that's why you went missing.
Can I Can I hold them? Aw.
Well, Kirk, seeing as you're a dad now, you're free to come and go as you please.
Take good care of those pups! And, Charlie, thanks for all the help today.
- You're a real friend.
- Really?! - Really.
Hug? - Ah, what the heck! Hug! Wow! Intrigue, action, birth? - I'll never forget tonight, Tabes.
- Hm.
Bye, Tabes! Bye, Cork! Congrats on fatherhood! Bye, Charlie! I'm sure I'll see you around! Phew! What a night, huh, Kirk? Tabes, Kirk! There you are! - Um, we can explain.
- Your job is hard.
- Done! - Done!
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