Welcome to Eden (2022) s01e06 Episode Script


1 A NETFLIX SERIES [unsettling music playing.]
[crowd applauds.]
Fifteen years ago, we began this project.
The big economic powers began chasing us.
They threatened us.
But our mission had already begun, and nothing could stop us.
According to our predictions, the point of no return for the climate is approaching, and when it comes, there is nothing mankind can do to save them from their own extinction.
On the other hand, we will be ready.
Astrid, all I can do is thank you for these 15 years and say what I tell you every morning when we wake up.
- [all.]
"Together in paradise.
" - [Astrid chuckles.]
[crowd applauding.]
[crowd cheers.]
DEATH TO ASTRID [crowd murmuring.]
DEATH TO ASTRID 12 HOURS EARLIER - [wind whistling.]
- [suspenseful music playing.]
- Listen, Claudia - Shut up.
Go over there.
Your back to me.
Last night that wasn't me.
- I lost my mind.
- [Claudia.]
What if you'd killed Nico? You're no hero, and you're obviously not a killer.
Are you going to tell on me? No.
Why? [Claudia.]
His name was Fran.
For two years, we took care of each other.
What happened to him? He gave up.
He He cared about everyone and wanted to help them.
- But Bel brainwashed him.
- Bel? Bel thinks she can lead a rebellion against Astrid.
The only thing she cares about now is getting back at her.
She talked to you, didn't she? Bel picked you to be her new plaything.
I'd stay clear of her and her crazy rebellion.
At least until we can escape at the next festival.
- Wait, what? Another festival? - They have one every once in a while.
Whenever they need new people.
Are you planning on escaping? Yes.
I just have to wait for the boat.
[Zoa sighs.]
I was scared when Fran was here, but now it's only me.
[music fades.]
- ["Edén" playing.]
- I'm locked ♪ Locked in a perfect cage ♪ Askin' myself again ♪ Is this how it's gonna end? ♪ This fuckin' game ♪ - [bell tolling.]
- [crow cawing.]
[gentle music playing.]
[birds singing.]
- [bells tolling.]
- [snaps, echoes.]
[snaps, echoes.]
[chimes ring.]
Mother Nature has given us another chance.
Let us seize it.
Happy Anniversary, Erick.
[Erick chuckles.]
Congratulations, Erick.
It was an accident, Néstor.
You know what Charly's doing while we're here dealing with this? He's partying his ass off, man.
You've got your house, your husband, your baby, right? - Mom and I still live with that asshole.
- Don't start with that Please.
Can you stop already? [cell phone chimes.]
Okay, Mom.
[tense music playing.]
[Charly's mom typing on cell phone.]
[cell phone chimes.]
ALER CHARLY - MESSAGE RECEIVED [monitors thrumming.]
[mouse clicks.]
[tense music fades.]
- África, what is it? - Hello.
I, uh I wanted to congratulate you and Astrid for your anniversary.
You're a great example for all of us.
África, what is it? Well, are you planning on celebrating? - Maybe a party? - I don't think that it's the best time But why? Well, look.
I've just been thinking.
- Yeah.
- About what you said last night.
What can I contribute here? And I've realized I have a lot of experience handling big groups of followers.
- Yeah, so? - [África clicks tongue.]
That whole "Gods of Olympus" angle is workin' okay for you, but you're gonna need their love.
You don't think that they love us? Of course, they do admire you at a distance.
But if you spend your whole life up on a pedestal, sooner or later, someone will try to knock you down.
And what do you propose? I suggest that you you make them feel closer.
- Like they were your friends.
- [Erick.]
You should sell your more humble and vulnerable side.
I like it.
I like how it sounds.
- See? - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Well, then, just trust me.
I'll get something set up for tonight.
[tense music playing.]
- [motor stops.]
- [Erick.]
That sounds wonderful, África.
I'm really lookin' forward to it.
[tense music fades.]
[inhales sharply, winces.]
Oh, my fuckin' back.
- [groans.]
- Here.
- What did you do to me last night? - [Mayka chuckles.]
Need your sling again? Yes, please.
Help me.
- [grunts.]
- Raise your arms.
Last night was good, right? - Hmm? Well, I really enjoyed it.
- [Mayka chuckles softly.]
- I enjoyed it too.
- Ah.
Charly, you know what today is? Uh, it's Tuesday? Or Saturday? No idea.
- [chuckles, sighs.]
- No, silly.
Is today an important day for you? [sighs.]
I forgot you watch every move I make.
But yes, my little sis.
She died 11 years ago today.
I'm sorry.
Right now, I should be with my mom and my brothers.
They probably don't even miss me.
I'm sure they do.
Well, so, what about you? When did you get here? - [chuckles.]
Nice try.
- No, I mean it.
You know everything about me, and you're all secrets.
When did you get invited? I didn't.
I found them.
- So, you came on your own? - [Mayka.]
Why? Do you recall your first comment to me? - I asked you your name.
- [Mayka.]
You asked me how long I had been Mayka.
- Oh, right.
That too.
- [Mayka.]
Well, that was my life.
- I was upset with the whole world.
- And just because of a name? [Mayka.]
How long have you been Charly? Is it your real name? What does it say on your ID? What's in your pants? [gentle music playing.]
Do you ever regret it? Are you sure you're Charly? Convince me you're Charly.
Do it, or I'll beat the shit out of you.
It's not just my name.
Don't you get it? It's my identity.
It's the proof that I exist for myself.
I found the island.
I got what they were doing.
I wrote them, and we agreed I'd help with the technical installation for a few nights.
Know what Astrid said to me the second she saw me? "Welcome to Eden, Mayka.
" [gentle music fades.]
Ibón! Hey.
Hey! - Go away.
- You knew you couldn't leave module one.
I really don't give a fuck about your rules and goddamn protocols, okay? - [Ulises.]
Come with me.
- Back off! [tense music playing.]
- I said, come now.
- Oh, yeah? Where are we going? You got another boat ready for me? What boat, man? What the fuck are you saying? - You bastards killed her! - What are you talking about? [Ulises.]
Shut the fuck up! - [Eloy.]
- [girl.]
- You stay out of this.
- [girl.]
Guys, stop! - Who told you about the fucking boat? - [Zoa.]
Stop it, guys.
[crowd clamoring.]
[Eloy gasps.]
Let's go, Ibón.
- Come on.
- You son of a bitch.
- [Zoa.]
Excuse him.
He's stressed.
- [Ibón.]
Fucking Fascist! - [Ulises.]
Get him outta here! - [Zoa.]
Charly, come with us.
[indistinct chatter.]
- [Charly.]
What was that, dude? - [Zoa.]
I'll tell you later.
[tense music fades.]
MOM [cell phone vibrating.]
[Gabi groans.]
["Ruse" playing.]
- [cell phone beeps.]
- [Gabi sighs.]
Slow down ♪ - This feeling at the showdown ♪ - [Gabi sighs.]
I'm hopin' that you'll come around ♪ 'Cause when you put the show out ♪ You'll say, "Come, my love" ♪ And if you'd like to spite it ♪ 'Cause somewhere you decided ♪ To laugh at disappointment ♪ [Gabi.]
You could have slept in your room.
No worries.
It's cool.
There was plenty of space.
Gabi, stop.
- [Gabi.]
What's wrong? - We talked about this last night.
You don't remember? You tried to kiss me in front of my friends.
[Gabi inhales sharply.]
Well, um, I don't drink very often.
You're still just a kid.
Hey, David? Everything you said about that festival sounds too weird to be true.
You don't have any proof you were there, do you? [David.]
This enough proof? On the boat home, they took everyone's off, but I hid mine.
[Gabi chuckles.]
Zoa's turned on, right? She was one of the chosen ones.
[wristband chimes, beeps.]
[alarm sounding.]
[tense music playing.]
[Gabi chuckles softly.]
May I keep it? [drone whirring.]
Ibón, don't let them see you like that again.
- No yelling or complaining, okay? - What the fuck should we do, girl? Well, survive.
[ominous music playing.]
[tank hisses.]
I guess, you know, they're just a bunch of murderers, but everything is perfect otherwise.
Hey, what's for lunch? They need to think that we're part of the family.
We do our work and keep our heads down, like ants.
- Until they step on us.
- No, until we escape.
They're throwing another festival.
We'll hide when they bring the next boat.
We can't leave.
They've got surveillance.
Who says we have to be above ground? The underwater caves.
We've all seen it.
The island's hollow.
We can find a path to the boat.
In the meantime, don't trust anyone.
Just us.
- And stay away from Bel.
- Why? Just listen.
We'll keep faking it with our links.
- Ibón with Alma, me with Nico.
- No way, Zoa.
Don't ask me to do that.
I don't like it either.
They could be useful, though.
Charly, you're not linked to anyone.
You're lucky.
[drone blades whirring.]
- [music fades.]
- [cat meows.]
[horse neighs.]
[Alma sighs.]
[somber music playing.]
I was really tired yesterday, Alma, and I was struggling to understand.
But you didn't deserve that.
I'm sorry.
- Hey, you wanna give me a hand here? - Yeah, sure.
Okay, great.
Um, take this.
Ready? So, where were you? - I took a walk with Zoa.
- [Alma.]
Oh, Zoa.
Did she talk to you about Claudia? No.
Why you ask? [Alma.]
You didn't see? They seemed friendly this morning.
They're in the same module, aren't they? Of course.
But Claudia Hey, I don't need so many hands here.
Can you check on the horses' water? Sure.
You saw Zoa? She say something? No, nothing.
[wind whistling.]
Hey, Claudia.
How are you? I'm busy.
What do you want? Nothing, girl.
 Just something silly.
I wondered what you said to Zoa last night.
I said nothing to Zoa.
Babe, you don't need to lie to me.
Why don't you go to hell, Alma? I expected that you would've learned from what happened to Fran.
[ominous music playing.]
Pardon? He tried to lie too.
You know, I just followed the rules.
I told Ulises, and he sanctioned him.
Sanctioned him? You bitch! I swear, I'd do the same to you if I could.
Well, I'm sorry if I offended you.
Like an evaluation? Well, yes.
But more festive.
This time, we share, and they listen to us.
- This idea was África's? - Yeah.
She's trying to earn her position.
A bit too fast.
Don't you think? How can we encourage them to improve then not accept when they do? Why are we here, then? Do you trust her? Yes.
Then, let's do it.
- Okay.
- [Astrid.]
Hmm? - That's great.
- [Astrid.]
- Astrid? - [Astrid.]
Yes? - May I have a second? - [Astrid.]
It's about Claudia.
- ["Truth Hurts" playing.]
- [camera shutter clicking.]
Don't text me ♪ Tell it straight to my face ♪ Best friend sat me down ♪ [alarm beeping.]
[camera shutter clicks.]
- [group chattering.]
- [camera shutter clicks.]
New man on the Minnesota Vikings ♪ Truth hurts Needed something more exciting ♪ [group laughs.]
Here you go.
- Hi.
- Can you come with me for a sec? No, you ain't from the start ♪ - Um, for you.
- [camera shutter clicks.]
Who would wanna hide this? I will never ever ♪ Thanks.
Later! - I put the sing in single ♪ - [shutter clicks.]
COLLECT PHOTO HERE So you can tell your friends ♪ Shoot your shot when you see 'em ♪ It's okay, he already in my DMs ♪ [song fades out.]
This one.
Thank you.
[reflective music playing.]
[shutter clicks.]
[shutter clicking.]
[Gabi gasps softly.]
Gabi? - Why are you here? - Um, this place is huge.
- And I wanted to check it out some more.
- And where did you get this? - Didn't want to buy a ticket.
- Weren't you going back to Barcelona? Yeah.
My bus leaves tonight.
That's the other reason I'm here.
To give you a proper goodbye.
Thank you, David.
See ya.
Well, first, the ceviche.
Then we'll serve empanadas.
Uh, but gourmet.
This week's menu is already settled.
We have what we grow on the island.
There is no improvising.
Well, can't you just try? Everyone should notice that this party is different.
It's a special event.
Remember that Astrid and Erick are gonna be the focus.
But I want them to mingle with their people.
Don't follow them everywhere all night like a watchdog, all right? - Don't embarrass me.
- [thudding.]
Hey, hey! The spotlight! Where are you going with that? Who said it goes there? Ulises.
Ulises? No, he has nothing to say here.
Dude, I keep saying, "I want the focus on this area.
" Take it over there, please.
Chop-chop! Thanks.
I see your true calling is to be a huge pain in the ass.
Look, if you have a problem with me, why don't you hop over to Erick? [laughs.]
Oh, Daddy Erick.
We'll see how long that thing with him lasts.
[África sighs.]
- Mayka.
- The video you wanted, boss.
- I like this whole lady-boss thing.
- [chuckles.]
Don't get used to it.
Well, Erick needs to check it.
Don't forget.
In the meantime, hook it up to the screen, and I don't want any surprises.
Got it.
Ulises! Come on! I'm not done with you yet.
We need to talk about the desserts, the lights [door buzzes.]
- [phones ringing.]
- [indistinct chatter.]
Come on, everyone.
Go the fuck home.
Did I miss anything? Just 200 calls from Galaterra.
Hey, is your star girl still missing? I told them 1000 times, we haven't heard from her.
We suspended all her campaigns.
They said they sent you an email with a proposal.
What proposal is that? Stop answering my calls.
"Galaterra, a solution for Afrilux.
" "Hey, guys.
How are you?" "We called a few times, but we couldn't reach you.
" "I imagine it would be very inconvenient for any of us to break the contract.
" "We're proposing a campaign with África at the heart.
" "And the slogan, 'The myth of Afrilux.
'" "'With Galaterra, forget about the world.
''" Send me every image we have of Afrilux on file.
- África will be pissed when she finds out.
- Oh, she signed a contract.
Let her come stop me.
- [gulls calling.]
- [waves crashing.]
[Charly exhales.]
That's all it was to you? A strategy to link me? - What? - Don't pretend you're not my link.
I'm not.
You were putting on a show last night.
What show? I wanted to fuck you, Charly.
That's it.
I thought it was more than that.
All right.
I love hanging out with you, but you're right.
I'm loyal to Eden.
And if you make me pick between you and them, you're going to lose.
[excited chatter.]
Good evening, everyone! Good evening and welcome! Hello! [girl.]
Bravo! Bravo! [Erick.]
All right.
A somewhat timid applause, but, well, that's okay.
The real applause should be to welcome my partner, Astrid.
Please, come up here.
- Please.
- [crowd cheering.]
Oh, come on.
Come up.
[Astrid laughs.]
[Erick speaks quietly.]
[gentle music playing.]
Fifteen years ago, we began this project, which is nothing more than a love story.
Aw! - Fifteen years ago at a party - [crowd laughs.]
Oh no! Hey! No! Someone must have snuck that in there! - How dare you! Shh, don't tell anyone.
- [Astrid giggles.]
As I was saying, I saw her for the first time at a party.
I didn't know her, and I had just come to Europe.
Believe me, if I hadn't gone to that party 15 years ago, none of us would be here now.
But I went.
There was something drawing us together.
Maybe it was synchronicity, coincidence.
- Destiny.
- [girl.]
Love! When I saw her, the first thing I thought was, "I want to spend my life with her.
" And that's when I heard these notes.
- [soothing music playing.]
- And after that, we were never apart.
- Isn't that right? - [laughing.]
In this story, there's another person who's worth mentioning.
I'm talking about Dr.
 Florián Bartos, who dedicated his whole life to the vital study of climate change.
- He was also my father-in-law.
- [crowd laughs.]
His work was so prophetic that everything he warned us about came true exactly as he said.
Industrialized countries did everything possible to silence him.
And in the end, Dr.
Bartos perished in "a tragic car accident.
" He was murdered.
- [Zoa.]
Did you check the caves? - [Charly.]
One of them will make a good escape route.
best universities.
We studied together.
I barely passed, but she always had great grades.
When we had a weekend off, I would suggest going to Paris Hey, you have a sec? [Erick.]
But you guys know Astrid.
Of course, she preferred going to the Arctic, naturally! Where she could fight some Japanese whale hunters.
Following in Dr.
Bartos's legacy I'm sorry, Zoa.
What I said about Judith yesterday, I You didn't deserve any of that at all.
I was just jealous.
I heard I had competition and you were with someone Competition? - So, I'm some kind of prize? - No, it's not that.
- I'd gotten used to you being my - Don't say it.
I'm not your, uh [Nico chuckles.]
I see.
You're right.
It's better if we don't put labels on things.
There's no one but you.
You sure? and we just needed a home for our new family, and we found one.
But once again, the big economic powers began chasing us.
They threatened us.
But our mission had already begun, and nothing could stop us [music swells.]
[crowd applauding.]
Lastly, according to our predictions, the point of no return for the climate is approaching, and when it comes, there is nothing mankind can do to save them from their own extinction.
On the other hand, we will be ready.
Astrid, all I can do is thank you for these 15 years and say what I tell you every morning when we wake up.
- [all.]
"Together in paradise.
" - [Astrid chuckles.]
[crowd applauding, cheers.]
[guy 1.]
Yeah, man! DEATH TO ASTRID - [static crackling.]
- [high-pitched ringing.]
[ominous music playing.]
[crowd murmuring.]
[feedback screeches.]
[guy 2.]
Turn it off.
[Astrid screams.]
What are you doing? Why don't you calm down? - [panting.]
You said that you trusted her! - África's not involved in this.
- It wouldn't make any sense.
- Well, she organized everything.
But I saw her face.
She was as surprised as us.
We've never let the new people take on responsibilities so quickly.
- You shouldn't have listened to her.
- Well, I'm her link, aren't I? You and her are too close, Erick.
And it was your fault.
- [Bel.]
We had nothing to do with that.
- Bel, you've done stuff like this before.
I have no reason to lie to you.
You're on our side.
I am not like you guys.
[crowd murmuring.]
Claudia we need you.
No way.
Someone has to pay.
[breathing shakily.]
How? The only way that they can pay.
Call the committee.
At least on paper, there's no one here who can hack like that.
A talent to be discovered.
And how long do you think that will take? We'll probably never find out.
There have to be consequences for someone.
I don't care if they're guilty or not.
This planet is going to hell.
We'll be the only survivors.
And we won't let one single person Do you hear me? No one will put Eden at risk.
Suggestions? This morning someone crossed the line.
[tablet chimes.]
Are you okay with that? Why are you asking me? Well, because I want your opinion.
It's why we're meeting.
Choosing Eloy won't send the right message to people.
That's my opinion.
Other suggestions? [Brenda.]
I've got one.
[tablet chimes.]
I know what you think.
That she's not over her friend's death and it's all just a show.
- [Brenda.]
- And I agree with you.
But she's trying, and I have high hopes for her.
Anyway, if that's the choice of the majority, I'll accept it.
[Mayka sighs.]
So, let's vote.
Sacrifice Zoa, in favor or against? [tense music playing.]
In favor.
In favor.
In favor.
It's three to three.
Saúl? [tense music building.]
Go back to sleep.
- Who, then? - [Astrid sighs.]
- [Orson.]
- [Brenda.]
Leave everything here.
- [Orson.]
Let's go.
- What's going on? - Where you taking her? - None of your business.
- [quietly.]
Stay out of it.
- She didn't do anything.
She's innocent.
Then she has nothing to fear.
[tense, rhythmic music playing.]
[wind whistling.]
Is this where you killed Fran? [Orson.]
This is where the trip begins.
Who manipulated the video? I did.
- You're lying.
- I did it.
I hate Astrid with all my heart.
[wind picks up.]
Well, hate has a price.
[device cocks.]
[music swells.]
[device fires, echoes.]
[music fades.]
[wind whistling.]
[train whistle blaring in distance.]
[car alarm chirps.]
[cell phone beeping.]
[train rattling on tracks.]
[ominous music playing.]
[cell phone continues beeping.]
- [wings flapping.]
- [pigeons coo.]
[cell phone chimes.]
[unsettling music playing.]
Subtitle translation by: Meredith Cannella
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