Welcome to Eden (2022) s01e07 Episode Script


And to abandon your life's burdens once and for all.
The key to your growth will be found at the end of the path.
It's the star that will guide you from this moment on.
Mother Nature has given you this challenge.
Prove to her that you deserve her blessing.
Take it easy.
Take it easy.
It's not bad.
Don't worry.
She's gonna be all right.
Well done, África.
You did great.
I'm locked ♪ Locked in a perfect cage ♪ Askin' myself again ♪ Is this how it's gonna end? ♪ This fuckin' game ♪ The fire has burned what tormented you all.
Soon you will be role models for others.
The time is coming to have another festival in our beautiful Eden.
One hundred guests will be coming to the island, but only a small number, the very best, will become part of our family.
You know the sacrifice it takes to be here.
The level one that you're at now requires a greater commitment to the foundation.
And I know that you will give your very best to us.
But you aren't the only ones who are growing tonight.
Reaching level two has an advantage.
You don't get burned.
Alma, Eva, Mother Nature is rewarding your efforts.
Lastly, we have someone who deserves to grow to the top and reach level three, the same level that Astrid and I proudly hold.
My trusted friend, thank you for your commitment.
Thank you for your loyalty, Ulises.
And welcome.
You can relax.
It's superficial.
Nothing to worry about.
Are you okay, África? I remembered everything with that drink.
I had even forgotten my mother's face.
When I was six years old she took me to play at the park, and she left me.
What'd you do? I kept on playing.
That was normal.
Whenever she needed a break, she'd go to this bar by the park and she'd have a drink and stuff, but she always came back.
That time was different.
I never saw her again.
I stayed the whole night, just waiting and shouting, looking for her.
I was so fucking scared.
And I felt the same fear again tonight.
I guess it was all my fault.
As she said, she had three jobs, a kid to take care of.
It was a lot.
Plus, I wasn't a good daughter.
What did she say? That tonight, we deserve something special.
Did you want me to just let her burn? I just wish that it hadn't happened in front of everyone.
Why are you so worried about it? Erick, we are two halves of one whole.
If you begin to act on your own, this will not work.
Fine, but África deserves her promotion with the others.
No one should get upset about it.
- Did you forget about my death threat? - No.
- It's because we look weak.
- We already took care of the culprit.
- Do you actually believe it was Claudia? - It doesn't matter if it was her.
What's important is that now they know the consequences and they will all think twice.
It wasn't our first threat, and it won't be the last one, my love.
But we are stronger.
And very soon, the sign we're waiting for will arrive and we'll get to the real Eden with Isaac.
That's all that matters, right? Right? - Anyone see you? - No.
I see you got my signal.
- What is it? - Congrats on your promotion.
Congrats to you as well.
It's what you wanted.
Level two.
But was it worth the sacrifice? I doubt Fran would say it was.
He'd want whatever's best for the Rebellion.
Would you have given me up? - How's it going with Zoa? - I'm working on it.
Any news about Astrid's death threat? No.
She thinks that it was us.
Who could have done it? Claudia? No, she also suspected it was us.
- You see the symbol they used? - The symbol of Lilith.
It looks like something that you could've done.
We'll find out who did it.
You're on the committee now.
You'll understand things better.
- But we have to find out before they do.
- The new recruit.
We need all the help that we can get.
I'll get on it.
- Death to Astrid.
- Death to Astrid.
How did you sleep? Fine.
Just fine? I slept fucking great.
So, you're my boss now.
Right? Not your boss.
Your owner.
Thank you, Kim.
What's up? Astrid, I know you're careful with your decisions.
What's your point here, Nico? Don't I deserve a promotion to level two? Like Alma and Eva? Well, do you really think that your merits compare with theirs? Well, it was me who linked Zoa.
Uh With rather meager results, don't you think? You know it's not easy with her.
I'm trying really hard.
Sure, but I have other plans for you.
But someone has to keep an eye on Zoa.
We already have someone.
- Your stuff's over there.
- Of course it's you.
I'm following orders.
Bel, I'm only saying this once.
Zoa is mine.
Why don't we ask her and see what she says? - What's that? - Nico says you're his.
That's not true.
Why are you here? Hi there.
- Zoa Rey's mother, right? - Yes.
Ibón Arregui, my client's son, went missing the same day as your daughter.
Okay, but my daughter's not missing.
She left, which she's done lots of times.
She gets overwhelmed and needs some space.
Yeah, the first time she was ten.
We were having trouble, so she spent a month over at her friend Judith's.
She's probably with her now.
Judith? She sent us a message saying that she was okay.
- Hmm.
May I read it? - Sure.
Thank you.
From an unregistered phone.
The text is almost identical to the one from Ibón.
- And does anyone else live with you? - Uh, yeah.
Another daughter.
Gabi, she's 16, and she left without saying anything too.
I see.
Um, could it be that Gabi tried to find out where her sister went? Well, I thought so.
Now with what you've told me, I just I have no idea.
Relax, 'kay? - Thanks.
- Just breathe.
Little better? - Us mothers have to help each other.
- Yeah.
Uh, you've got kids? Look.
They're really cute.
Don't know what I'd do without 'em.
That's your bed.
That? Yeah.
You sleep there.
Come on in.
Who is she? My predecessor.
A great woman.
Taught me all I know.
I don't know her.
By the time you got here, she was Ah.
But having help will be great.
We'll keep that teacher and student tradition going.
Oh yeah.
I hope it works out better for us, you know? Mm-hmm.
I want all the footage checked, Mayka.
What are we looking for? Someone on this island wants me dead.
And I'll find them.
The plan won't work, Zoa.
It's too dangerous.
Charly found a way.
- It's our only shot.
- Right.
We get lost in an underwater cave and jump onto a moving boat? Zoa, that's suicide.
- Zoa, I can't go back to my father.
- You're an adult.
- Tell him to leave you alone.
- You don't know him.
I'm bound to his company.
He's already decided my entire life.
- So get away from him.
- He wouldn't quit till he found me.
But I don't know, if I stay here, maybe - Nobody here cares about you, Ibón! - That's not true! Somebody cares about me.
Alma already got her star.
She doesn't need you.
Charly and I do.
Zoa, I want a life of my own.
With Alma or whatever, but on my own terms.
Do you understand? The only solution I see is to stay in Eden.
Then you're already one of them.
- Zoa - There's nothing left to say.
I was so worried about you.
Yeah, sure.
Come here.
- Where were you? - With a friend you don't know.
- Which friend, Gabi? - Bárbara.
From school.
She's a grade above me.
You don't believe it? Call her.
And what's she gonna say? I can't live without Zoa.
She can't live without you either.
Never leave without talking to us first.
Do you promise? I promise.
What you looking at? No one's watching us.
How can you be sure? Because I'm your new link.
Remember? And we're getting familiar.
This is our love story.
Don't worry.
That's what they think.
- You can trust me.
- That's what Nico said.
I'm not Nico.
This is kidnapping.
Some of them might forget after a while, but not me.
We're in paradise.
People would pay to be us.
They don't ask us to pay.
They don't need it.
Erick's family is loaded.
Then what do they want? - We're the kids they could never have.
- They can't? Have you seen kids on the island? I think I saw one.
It's that fucked-up drink.
It makes you hallucinate.
Kids aren't allowed to be here.
We're not allowed to get pregnant.
Wait, what do you mean by that? They expect only the best from us.
And if you don't meet their expectations, you're replaced.
There will always be new candidates.
We have to take a stand.
That's why we need the Rebellion.
A lot of people think like we do.
If we team up, they can't win.
Is that what you said to Fran? He lost, and Claudia did too.
I begged Fran to wait longer, after the festival.
I knew we weren't ready.
But he couldn't wait.
You didn't murder him.
Astrid did.
I know.
That's exactly what Look, I'm sorry I hit you.
I'm just so stressed out right now.
Don't wait for me to eat.
- Where are you going? - Out.
Gabi, you just got here.
- And you? - Me? What do you mean? How long you plan on staying? I'm not sure.
Your father and I have to talk it through first.
Oh, yeah You're not getting back together, are you? We're obviously not doing something right with you girls.
Hmm, that's clear.
You need your parents present, like a real family.
Mom, how many times are you guys gonna say that? Well, we mean it this time.
We should spend time together, the four of us.
And Zoa? When she comes back, we could go on vacation.
To the Greek islands or something.
Wouldn't that be great? I gotta go.
Hey, Gabi.
Wait, before you go.
She wants to talk about Zoa.
PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR By the way, your hair is so gorgeous this way.
You don't say hello? First you tell me not to.
Now you tell me I should.
I don't get you.
I don't know what you just said, but that was way more than "hello.
" Look.
Ulises is level three.
What did you think? That I would get in a fight with him? Whatever.
I knew you wouldn't defend me.
Hey, I stood up for you with the committee.
Stood up for me? I came to warn you.
Ulises has you on his radar, and you could be next.
Get it? Listen.
Behave, okay? Just lay low.
I don't want you getting hurt.
Astrid knows.
Let the others find out.
Want me to take it? Mm, okay.
Let me see.
- I took a few.
- Great.
Where are you coming from? Um, San Sebastián.
Oh, never mind, then.
You look so much like this person that Um, you're not related, by chance, to Zoa Rey? Who are you? Just someone who can help you find your sister.
The police have been no help.
I'm not with the police.
And we'll say I've got more room to maneuver.
Who do you work for? Zoa wasn't the only one who went missing.
I just want to help a father who's worried about his son.
And to help you if you'll let me.
You know where she is? Not yet.
Then I don't think I can trust you.
ARE YOU OKAY? YES NO I GUESS THAT'S A NO I don't want to talk right now.
I'm What's goin' on? What? What does that mean? WE'RE STILL TOGETHER We do this every night.
It reminds us that no matter what happens, we have each other.
I'm jealous of you.
It's important to have someone you can trust, even if it's just one person.
You must have somebody.
What's wrong? I need to know whose side you're on.
Don't look at me like that.
If we're doing this, we gotta be honest.
You really plan on escaping? - No one's done it before.
- We will.
They will kill you.
Come with me.
I can't do it, Zoa.
Leave all these people behind? - No, I can't.
- Then we will come back.
But I'm here if you change your mind.
Remember me? LEVEL 3 Erick? Don't worry.
Take me to Saúl.
No, nobody can know about this.
I don't want to die.
Listen, you aren't going to die.
You aren't going to die.
We'll go to Isaac.
- Yes.
- Okay? Okay, here.
Get up.
Isaac? Isaac! He's bleeding out.
Subtitle translation by: Meredith Cannella
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