Welcome to Eden (2022) s01e08 Episode Script

The Trip Back

Before we get started, we have two new members at the table today.
Eva, Alma, welcome.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
It's a pleasure to have you here.
And here they are, 100 new birds, locked in their gilded cages, ready to take flight and start the trip of their lives.
But they won't all make it.
- Did you get her? - She was the first to confirm.
They look so happy, huh? Don't let them fool you.
Because we know what their smiles hide.
Insecurity and trauma.
Our job now is to show them the right path.
I'll meet with Orson tomorrow to coordinate link assignments.
Any suggestions are definitely welcome.
Let's not repeat the mistakes we made with the last group.
- Assign the right link from the start.
- Excuse me, Astrid.
Shouldn't we wait for Erick? Uh, he's unfortunately not feeling well.
You're very quiet.
Is everything okay with security? I've spoken with my team about surveillance at key points.
There will be no surprises.
I hope not.
Saúl? Everything is all right.
Um, Nico is supervising production.
I had a question.
Well, I guess it's more of a suggestion.
I just think the new level-one promotions should participate in the festival.
We talked about this.
Everyone has a role.
And what is Ibón's role? He's a sound assistant.
Well, I think that he's shown enough potential to hold a better position.
He could help Ulises.
He could learn a lot from him.
I don't need Ibón.
But you wanted to improve surveillance, didn't you? Alma, what is this? - What? - You got your second star.
Ibón is linked to the foundation.
- You don't have to keep this up.
- I know.
You should start shedding extra burdens.
But he's not a burden.
Well, he is to your next star.
Astrid, I actually have enough sound assistants.
I could reassign Ibón to security.
If you want.
Moving on.
Here's our itinerary.
I'm locked ♪ Locked in a perfect cage ♪ Askin' myself again ♪ Is this how it's gonna end? ♪ This fuckin' game ♪ TOGETHER IN PARADISE My My name - Oh.
My name is, uh - My name - I - I, B B Oh, B.
O, N.
Orson understands sign language? No.
No, nothing.
How do you guys communicate? It isn't easy.
How are you? I thought you'd be outside with everyone else.
No, we were just headed out.
How are you? How was the meeting? I have some great news.
What? Well, you'll be with Ulises at the festival.
They'll observe how hard you work, and you'll get promoted sooner.
But I just got here.
Why do I have to participate? Well, it'll be all the new guys.
- Zoa and Charly as well? - I suppose.
But isn't it great? Imagine us both at level two.
Psst! How's it goin'? - Okay.
I'm a little nervous.
- You find out anything? Yes.
I went back to the cave this morning to check, and it's farther from the boat than I thought.
- So, we'll really have to swim? - Like, a lot.
It's dangerous.
With the waves, especially.
- You sure you? - Yes.
She could help us with a couple wet suits, right? No.
She's not going to help us.
That sucks.
What is it? A lovers' spat? Hey, come on.
- Hi, Nico.
- Can we talk? Uh, alone.
- Hey, wait.
- I'll be right back.
I didn't forget my promise, Zoa.
- What do you mean? - Running away together.
I'll find a way.
You just need to trust me.
I don't wanna run away, Nico.
Bel helped me understand things.
And I've found a family here.
They murdered Judith.
That doesn't matter? Of course it does, Nico.
But that was my fault, and I've gotta live with it.
What about us? - I'm sorry, Nico.
- No.
You know you liked me.
- You're saying it meant nothing to you? - No, it did.
And I'm grateful for our time together.
I would like us to be friends.
Just friends? I think we should go back.
This is not over, Zoa.
You are in love with me, and I'll win you back.
I know how I feel better than you do.
What you want? - You saw me? - For the last five minutes, yeah.
We haven't talked in a few days.
- I thought you were mad at me.
- What? No.
Just the opposite.
I just wanted to say thank you.
You're the only person who's made me feel good about me.
The way you see me, I believe that I could be liked.
Well, I haven't decided if I like you.
Well, I like you.
A lot.
I will never forget you, Mayka.
- Then why say it that way? - What? Like you're saying goodbye.
You're not planning something stupid, are you? - You can't try - Would you come with me if I did? But that's insane.
Just promise me you'll stay put.
- I have everything ready to - Charly! I'll kill you if they don't, got it? Everything all right, you two? Yeah.
I was asking her about the festival, and Mayka? Yes, Ulises.
We're done.
- You need a hand? - Not from you.
Come on, man.
So cute.
Here are your roles.
Follow the instructions exactly.
- I don't want errors.
- Waitress? Wait, but this is for the festival? You're working like everyone else.
Complaints? Yeah.
How come I'm not getting one of those? - You're staying right here.
- What? Why? Hey, why doesn't she have to do it? - What - You know what? I deserve to be at the festival more than anybody else, and you know it! We're not debating it.
Those are your roles.
Oh, fuck that, Ulises! This isn't gonna happen, okay? - Um - Fuck you.
Ulises Charly, and I would rather stay here if that's all right with you.
Zoa, you're at the bar.
Charly, you've got wristbands.
Ibón, you're with me.
Look at you, Chopin! You're doin' just fine, huh? Well, the plan went to shit.
Erick! Hey.
Calm down.
Astrid, I'm going to the festival.
You can't stop me.
We can't risk somebody recognizing Afrilux.
It's the price of fame.
Are you enjoying this? Is it fun for you to punish me, huh? I wanna talk to him.
África, the whole committee decided.
My hands are tied.
You're not fooling me.
I'm not as dumb as the rest of your followers out there.
Where the hell is he? What's up, Ulises? What? Fuck! - Where? - She stole a buggy.
South sector.
Where do you think you're going? If someone has to do it I'll do it.
The plan is ruined, Bel.
We're never gonna get away now.
And I will never see Gabi.
Charly and you can still get on the boat.
During the festival? The beach will be crowded.
They'll see us.
You follow your plan, and I'll take care of you, okay? Wait.
You're gonna help us? I'm gonna try.
Thank you! Your hair's all tangled.
Don't know what to do ♪ Don't know what to do ♪ Holding on like that ♪ Only breaks your back ♪ When demons attack ♪ They'll shatter you like glass ♪ Playing with your fate ♪ Like it's just a game ♪ Watchin' you burn ♪ 'Cause you'll never ♪ Never, never ♪ This is gonna be fine ♪ Cut the strings, cut the ties ♪ Goodbye, and now you move on ♪ Never, never ♪ This is gonna be fine And now you move on ♪ Goodbye, and now you move on ♪ False alarm.
They're not letting you join in.
Come on.
Let's go.
Thanks, Nuria.
You're welcome.
Has anyone asked about me? - Your friend África, she did.
- Well, she can come and visit, can't she? Maybe not.
I will find out who did this.
 I swear.
You know, I like when you get like this, all vengeful and wild over me.
Oh my God.
- It's amazing.
- Tell him yourself.
Isaac? Come here.
Right here.
You're wonderful.
The best.
When do I leave? Just wait.
It will be soon.
Come on.
Very soon.
Who has it? I lost it.
I'll be honest with you, okay? We're gonna kill you.
For the last time, where is the wristband you stole? I told you already, I lost it.
You know her, right? My mother? Actually, it's your mother five minutes ago, grocery shopping.
If you won't tell me where it is, I'll give the order to execute her now.
- Gabi! Her name is Gabi.
- Gabi what? - She lives in Barcelona.
- How did she find you? The cell phone.
Give it to me.
One, two one, eight.
All right.
And my mother? León.
Let her do it.
Nothin' like your first time.
Can you handle it? Look away.
I said, don't look at me.
Oh, Mama, no more drama ♪ Oh, Mama, no more drama ♪ Tell me where you are.
What are you doing? I saw you at the beach.
Get out.
Do you think I don't know what you're doing? What am I doing? You pretend you're good.
But in the end, you want the same as everyone.
A fuckin' star on your wrist.
What's wrong with that? You're usin' my Zoa.
She's not your Zoa.
I'm just following orders.
It's not my fault you're a fucking failure.
I could kill you if I wanted to.
Try me.
Don't come near us again.
Eden brings out people's worst.
It's not Eden.
It's who I am.
I fight when I'm attacked.
That's right, girl.
Get it.
And fuck them.
Don't encourage her, or I'll send you back to your module.
Please don't.
I'd rather stay here with you girls.
- Then go to sleep.
- Well, I'm trying, but I'm anxious.
Next to the festival, there's a cove.
I'll leave two oxygen tanks there.
That way, you can swim to the boat.
You'll be more exposed than in the caves, so underwater is the only way.
One of our own will be on board.
As long as you can get on, he'll handle the rest.
Zoa! What, Charly? Nah, it's just, I was thinking When we go back home, if we're able to escape and all, can we hang out together? Of course.
You gotta take me to some parties, right? You don't even know, girl.
We'll tear it up together, fo sho! - Hey, where are you going? - Shh.
Go back to sleep, lovebirds.
He gave the wristband to a girl from Barcelona named Gabi.
And David? Resting in peace.
It was Danae.
I like that girl.
Teach her right.
I am.
I really miss you.
You don't miss a soul.
Well, I miss you.
I'll head to Eden soon with the new guests.
Why don't you throw the ones you don't like overboard? It'll save me some work.
Eden would get no one.
Are you alone? No.
Jealous? No way.
Where were we? I'm sensing that many of you are missing Erick.
Unfortunately, he's not feeling well, so he can't be with us today.
But for that very reason, and as a tribute to him, I think we should give the best of ourselves to our guests.
As you all know, some of them will be joining our big family, so get ready to make room for them in your hearts.
Light, equilibrium, earth.
Light, equilibrium, earth.
Light, equilibrium, love.
Light, equilibrium, love.
Light, equilibrium, Eden.
Light, equilibrium, Eden.
Erick! Erick! Erick! LEVEL 3 Erick? Erick? Are you here? Erick? Welcome.
Just a second, please.
Go ahead.
It's from Astrid.
- Fuck! - Run! Everyone, out! Everyone! Everything's okay.
Hey, wait.
Nobody's in danger! This is an emergency! It could all blow up! Get outta here! Come on.
Now, dude.
- Come on! - No! - Off the beach! - Everything's fine.
No danger! Calm down! What's happening? - All right! Let's go! - You wanna talk? Uh, wow.
What's up, guys? Can you hear me? So, we're having a little technical issue.
Everything's cool now, though.
So come on back, and let's keep partying! Get over here! What the fuck did you do, huh? Huh? Did you think you could escape? Huh? Answer me! Where do you think you're goin'? You're about to go see Judith.
You motherfucker.
You stole my pass? Do you know how hard I've worked to get where I am? It's over! It's over for you! Do you hear me? It's over! Let me go.
No, please, please Zoa! You okay? Have you seen Ulises? Get going! I've got this.
You can go.
Thank you.
Sending signal to outer space.
Waiting for response.
- Sending signal to outer space - No.
Shit! Fuck! Sending signal to outer space.
Waiting for response.
Sending signal to outer space.
Erick! Erick! You saw it, right? They activated the antenna! Shit! Activating safety lock.
No! Subtitle translation by: Meredith Cannella
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