Welcome to the Family (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

As a child, I dreamt one day I'd have my own family.
A perfect family.
Like on television.
Two happy, healthy and intelligent kids.
An attractive, attentive husband.
A sweet man.
As for me, I'd be a modern independent mother, a winner.
But things don't always turn out as you expect.
Shit! Shit.
It's half eight.
Hurry up! - Come on! - Don't change the channel! Good morning, Sara! Good morning, Mum.
Wakey-wakey! Wake up, it's half eight.
Come on.
I'm not telling you twice.
One minute to get out of bed.
Can't I skip class? Fifty-nine Fifty-seven What is taking you so long? I'm fed up.
You should talk to Sara! She knows I cannot pee under pressure, I won't pee all day now.
- Are you OK? - Yes.
There's only one left.
- Whose is it? - Mine.
- You wish.
- It's mine, David.
Yeah, right.
I'm going to kill you.
- Look at me, I'm shaking.
- Look at me Come on.
That's enough.
Enough! Get your bags.
We leave in two minutes.
Morning, Sareta.
Ha! Who could it be? - Good morning.
- Good morning.
- How are you? - Fine, thanks.
Could we speak inside? Thank you.
Mister Manuel Garcia Teixidó, does he leave here? No, he’s not here now.
Shut up a moment, please! So, he's not in.
Any idea - When he'll be back? - I don't know.
Why? What is it about? What's the matter, Mum? There you go, this is for you.
- What is this? - An eviction order.
We're repossessing your flat.
- What? - Get back inside! Let's start with the small things.
Leave the paintings.
They're worthless.
No! No, you listen to me.
Where are we supposed to go? This is all we have! Mind that armchair, please.
No, I'm not calming down.
I'm nervous.
Hang on a minute.
You're asking me to buy a flat that is already mine.
Don't worry, I'm sorting this out.
Just one I don't care if the house is It's been over 10 years since - What are you doing? - Packing up.
Didn't you hear Mum? She'll sort it out.
Where the hell am I supposed to get 150,000 euros from? Would you take Miss March or Miss June? Come on, David! Both.
You should pack up too.
It'll take some time.
I can't pack one Sun, eight planets, 417 satellites and 3,153 comets.
You should be ashamed.
You've no respect for people.
You can.
I'm not removing anything.
I'm staying.
Please be careful.
Yes, I understand.
The thing is Of course, I understand.
Oh, shit! No, no, no! Where are you going? If you find anything in the drawer, it's not mine.
Do you think this is OK? - I do as I'm told.
- As you're told You people are vermin.
Let us know if there are any news or any changes.
Thank you very much.
What do they say? We don't have an insurance policy.
And to stop calling them.
And the bank? Manu authorized the repossession.
The fucker.
What can we do? Nothing? We can buy the apartment.
Otherwise, they’ll auction it.
- Not bad.
- No, that's great.
- Yes.
- Fucking great.
- Good.
- Where shall I get the 150,000 euros from? There is one person we could ask.
- Who? - Who? - Who? - Who? No, no, no.
We don't have a choice.
That's not even a choice.
- Listen - I'd rather live under a bridge.
Fran has shut himself in the bathroom.
He won't come out.
- Oh, my God.
Let's go.
- Leave that! Come on.
Yes, right.
Fran! Open the door! - I'm not leaving home.
- You talk to him.
When my mother kicked me out, I was more or less your age.
I was scared shitless.
But it turned out that because of that, I went travelling, and met new people, new girls.
What is wrong with you? Are you mad? Forget about travelling and adventures.
Forget about that.
- I promise everything will be OK.
- Allow me.
Can you hear me, Fran? - It's David.
- What? Where's your charger? I lost mine.
- Go away.
- Under the desk, behind the computer.
- Thanks! - Go away.
Can you hear me? It's Mum.
I'm sorry about what's happening.
But we cannot stay here.
Talk to Dad, then.
- I don't know where he is.
- Then find him.
As soon as he finds out, he'll sort this out.
I've had enough, Fran.
Enough! Your dad left.
This is all his fault.
I can't find the charger.
That's enough, David.
Move! I'll take care of this.
Stop it! Stop it! You have ten minutes to pack up.
One large bag each.
Understood? I'll do all I can to get the house back.
But for once in your lives, do as I say.
I don't want to hear another word.
But, Mum Sorry, Mum.
Where will you get the money from? I'll borrow it from - What.
- From whom? I'll borrow it from my parents.
Are we meeting them? Cool! Where's the broom? WELCOME TO THE FAMILY Go ahead, the doors are always open.
It's a quiet neighborhood.
Looks like the grandparents are rich.
Rich? Filthy rich, I'd say.
This house is bigger than my school.
I can't believe we're about to meet our grandparents.
I'm asking them for the 18 birthdays and the 17 Christmas they owe me.
I'll ask them to invest in my electronic pipe business.
It's the kind of backing I need to get started in the market.
I'm sorry, but I want you to stay in the van.
I don't want any changes.
I don't think they're in.
Àngela, I think We should go with you.
No, no.
I don't want them to meet my parents.
Look at them.
Your parents may be pissed off with you.
But not with them.
They can't say no to them.
They're adorable.
Stop it, David.
Dear me! I didn't expect this at all! How are you, darling? Look at you, how handsome you are.
You've grown a lot.
Listen, handsome, I really loved the drawing you sent me for Christmas.
It's hanging on the fridge door.
You hadn't told me you were bringing my sponsored child.
I'm sorry, there has been a misunderstanding.
You're not from Save the Children? Sorry? I'm sorry.
There's been a mistake.
We're leaving.
Hang on a minute.
You're Àngela.
Of course, you are! Aren't I silly! With you being all wrinkly now and your hair all dry And the bags under your eyes I hadn't recognized you from the pictures.
Everybody come inside.
- Come in! - Let's go.
Lovely! You can't imagine how much I wanted to meet you.
What a morning! Indeed.
Who is this lady, Mum? Come in! I have no idea.
I have one each morning.
Vogue says, the Italian Vogue, the real one, the good Vogue.
It says strawberry juice is good before doing exercise.
That's fine by me.
But do you know what? I like to add my personal touch.
There you go.
That's it.
A bit more, to celebrate your visit.
Perfect! In for a penny, in for a pound.
My God.
Eduardo will be here soon, I mean your dad.
- He'll be happy to see you - What's wrong, Nando? I know her from somewhere, but I can't figure it out.
I know that deep inside, he's thinking of you.
I swear he is.
Excuse me, who are you? Sorry, I'm Victòria.
I'm your dad's wife.
Your stepmother.
A stepmother.
No? OK, then.
Don't mind me.
I'm only joking.
Where's my mother? Haven't you been told? Oh, my God.
Oh, Dear.
I'm very sorry.
Your mother is in a better place now.
Is she dead? Oh, no! Don't say that, for God's sake! Don't be silly.
Your mother is in a nursing home.
It seems that when you left, she was very traumatized.
And she just went crazy.
Mum made Grandma go crazy! No, I didn't.
Look at the black boy! He speaks such good Catalan.
My mother has always had problems.
She wasn't well.
Well I wouldn't say problems.
No idea what she was like before, but she's fucking crazy now.
Sorry about that.
It's actually good that she's lost it.
She can't remember that she hasn't seen you in 20 years.
Better that way.
Well Oh! I'm sorry, I have to go.
My training.
I like to tone my bum.
With the elliptical trainer.
It's lovely that you're all here, the family is reunited! You don't know how often your brother and I talk about it.
Sooner or later, she'll come apologizing.
And we were right! - Right, see you all later.
- Hang on Did you hear that? They expect an apology.
Mum, is grandad a writer? - Yes, and an arsehole.
- That's enough.
Why are we here? Everything will be fine.
As usual.
You don't know my dad.
I don't.
But I know you.
There's a piano! - What's wrong? - I need a pee.
There's a bathroom upstairs.
Go on, nobody will bother you.
Nice! Coming! Just a sec! Coming! Hi! - Babe! - How are you? When do you get here? I fly tonight.
And Here it is.
I arrive at 3 a.
your time.
Three a.
? - I'll be deejaying.
- No, you won't.
You'll be at the airport.
- But - What? OK, I'll be there.
With a little sign.
Oh, lovely.
- What is that? - A flat cap.
You pick me up with that on, and I'm coming back.
But it's so trendy! It's up to you.
Did you tell your mother? No, I haven't.
- You must tell her.
- I'm not telling her.
She'll cry so that I don't leave her with the old man.
OK? Right, OK.
Don't worry about it.
Three a.
at the airport, then.
- With a sign.
- What are you up to? I have a hangover.
When did you get in? Quite late, not sure when.
Oh! Hi, Àngels, sweetie.
Àngela, it's Àngela.
I can't stop, sorry.
I have an important audition next week.
Are you an actress? You don't go to the cinema, do you? You bad girl.
I wanted to ask you something.
What you said before, - about me apologizing.
- Yes.
Don't you think that Eduardo ought to apologize to me? No, darling, I don't think so.
You took his money and left with the swimming pool guy.
Well, I took the money We've all done silly stuff in our youth.
I have a teenage girl.
She's good as gold.
At least for now.
What about the nerd and the black boy? Do they behave or are they like you? Excuse me? I'm not judging you.
You were very young.
- And you were high.
- High? - You were smoking dugs.
- My dad said that? Either your dad or your brother, I can't remember now.
Why else would you leave with the swimming pool guy? - I was in love! - Aren't you cute! You gave up this life and this house for love.
Yes, I did.
You must like losers.
I fought for what I wanted, instead of bowing down to someone for his money.
Be careful, because I get what you mean.
I fight for what I want.
I love your father very much.
I fight every day for our relationship.
I could let myself go just like you and not care for myself.
But I exercise every day.
I want to look as good as I do now, for him.
He's never said no to me in bed.
- Think about it.
- I don't need any details.
Look, I'm sorry.
Truth is it's all the same.
Screw me! Your dad writes all day long in his office.
I have no idea what he writes.
When he comes out, he ignores me.
I don't know what to do anymore.
Stand up for yourself.
Otherwise, men like him just trample all over you.
Do they, Àngels? Àngela.
And yes.
I lived with him for 20 years.
I'm not sure I should listen to you.
I mean, look at you.
- Right, I'm going with my children.
- Sure, go.
Come on, do it for me.
I'm seeing you tonight, Dídac.
But you'll be jetlagged.
Come on.
Jet lag.
Take your trousers off.
Let's play.
Let's go! You idiot.
- Open the curtains.
- Why? I want to see better.
What the? Holy fuck! Who are you? I'm I'm Who are you? I'm Eduardo's grandson.
Eduardo doesn't have grandchildren.
- I'm going to - He does! I'm Àngela's son.
The thief? What's up, Àlex? What did you hear? - Eh - Tell me! Nothing.
Nothing about New York.
I promise.
Say a word, and I'll kill you.
OK? Are you hard? Àlex? What's up? This pervert was watching me get undressed.
What are you doing here, darling? Like father, like son.
And already at it.
There are two kids and a loser in the swimming pool.
For God's sake, I've just poured the algaecide! Who are they? It's really nice! - A shark! A shark! - Hey, you! I warned the neighborhood board that if I saw Bomb two! Wow! I dare you, Sareta.
I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
I'm Fernando García.
Police? Some vandals have broken into my property.
Send a patrol car.
- Montpellier St.
, number twenty - Get out of the - Àngela? - Dad.
Sorry, it won't be necessary.
Hello, Dad.
These are your grandchildren.
David, Sara and Fran? Come here, Fran.
This is Fran.
And the swimming pool guy? Manu? My husband? He left.
It's been ten years since he left.
Who is he? He is Nando.
My brother in law.
Manu's brother.
You and his brother? No, no, no, we don't No, no, no We're not a couple.
I just went to live with them to help out.
Why are you here? Well, I just You need money.
I just I just want a loan.
Today our flat was repossessed.
And we have We have a few days to find 150,000 euros to get our house back.
How dare you? After what you did to all of us.
You have no shame.
If I had a choice, I wouldn't be here.
I want you to apologize.
- What? - I want you to apologize.
Admit it was a mistake.
Had you listened, none of this would have happened.
But, Dad Shit.
I apologize.
I'm sorry I didn't listen.
If I had listened, this wouldn't have happened.
Very good.
Now get out of my house.
I've just apologized! Do you think that's enough? You hurt me too much.
It's too late now.
I won't pay for your mistakes.
- Where will they go? - Stay out of it.
Don't talk to me like that ever again.
I must stand up for myself.
Àngela said that if I don't, you'll trample me all over.
Well, I Yes, I did.
Don't worry, Àngela, we'll give you the money.
- Will you? - Yes.
What money? You haven't worked for 15 years.
That's not true.
I did a cat food commercial two years ago.
That's what I know her from! If you want to help her, get a job and start saving.
Because you're not an actress.
Yes, I am.
I'm just having a bad spell.
That's all.
A bad spell? Who would hire a kept alcoholic woman that grovels around in auditions begging for shitty roles? Don't talk to my mother like that.
That's enough.
You two can pack up and leave too.
Out! Everybody out of my house! What are you saying? How long before he respects me? Dad.
Don't leave us out on the street.
Why not? So many sleepless nights because of you! Do it for your grandchildren.
How can you use your children this way? Even worse as a mother than as daughter.
I would never abandon my children.
You left! You offered Manu some money to leave me.
- You stole it.
- You deserved it.
You wanted to control me.
It was for you.
And now look.
- Look at your life! - My life is great.
My life is fabulous.
I have the best children ever.
And I have not once regretted leaving when you told me to have an abortion or leave.
What? Enough! Enough.
I'm not arguing any more.
- Listen, Dad.
- I've had enough! - Dad! - I've had en Dad? Eduardo? - Eduardo? - Call an ambulance.
I'm on it.
Do something, please! - Have a look, Nando.
- Why me? Do it! Holy crap What is wrong? They are on their way.
He has no pulse.
He's not doing this to me again.
What do you mean? What are you doing, Mom? Is there anyone else here? No.
Victòria, does he keep his will in the house? - Does he? - Mom? What is going on? I'll make sure we're on his will before reporting his death.
If he dies leaving us nothing, we'll be out on the streets again.
Mom, he's already He's already dead.
Nobody knows that.
How can you even think about the will right now? Listen, Victòria.
Listen to me.
What if you're not on it? What if everything goes to my brother? What about you? Why would he do that to me? He hated you, Mom.
He couldn't stand you anymore.
If that is the case, I will call my agent and ask her for an important role.
- We'll pull through - That's enough.
You're not getting any roles.
You're an awful actress.
She's right.
We're all out on the streets.
Is that what you think about me? Yes.
If he has a will, it'll be outside, in his study.
We are going to find his will, check what it says, and then we'll report his death, we'll call the family and we'll bury him.
What if we're not in it? In that case, - we'll see what happens.
- No, no, no.
This is This is crazy, can't you see? We won't be left stranded.
I'm in.
What do we do? - I'm in too.
- Me too.
What is wrong with all of you? We have no choice, Fran.
- Come on.
- Hang on, the ambulance is on its way.
- Cancel it.
- We can't.
If we call to cancel the ambulance, when they discover he's dead, we'll be suspects.
Of what? We didn't kill him.
A murderer would say that.
Oh, my God! Hang on a second.
If they come, they will see him.
We'll hide him.
Victòria and I will look for the will in his study.
In the meantime, you hide him.
Is everything clear? We have no time.
Hurry up, Victòria.
- I feel ill.
- Me too.
We need the keys to his office.
Hurry up.
I - I'll see to the ambulance.
- Me too.
Me too.
What? Fucking great.
You got the keys? Are you OK? No, how could I? I'm distraught.
First, I am widowed, then Àlex says all that.
She didn't mean it.
- Why say it then? - I don't know.
You need to talk to her.
But now we need to find the will.
Shoot! It's hard to get work at my age.
It happens to all of us.
It's a very bad age, even for talented actresses.
I get it, Victòria.
Now we need to focus on the will.
My agent says, "You're very good.
But you're too young to be the mother and too old to play the daughter.
" I'm in actress limbo.
Do you understand? Thank you.
Victòria, Victòria.
That's enough, Victòria! I get it, it's hard.
Your daughter has said horrible things.
But will you please open the door? Now! You gave me a fright, you idiot.
Fuck, he's heavy! - Where to? - To the swimming pool shed.
To the What's that? Sorry? What do you mean? Is it Morse code or something? Outside it's not safe.
We'll go upstairs.
- OK? - Upstairs.
Let's go.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
- Shit, pull him up.
- Yes, yes.
Fuck! He's rubbing on my tits! - Go up! - I am going up.
I'm carrying all the weight.
I am pulling.
OK, OK, come on.
No! Oh, no.
To the swimming pool shed, then.
- Shit, shit, shit.
- What's wrong? I can't open.
These aren't the keys.
- What? - The right ones must be in the car.
- It's in the garden.
- We have no time.
What is that? That's a bit like in the movies.
Like in thief movies.
I'm not a thief.
I used to break into the study to steal my dad's cigarettes.
Did he live here? No, he just wrote here.
He stayed many nights.
Too many.
Had you been here? No.
How awful.
Don't worry, Victòria.
Writers are like that.
How could he combine a green carpet with this purple throw? It's really awful! - Or am I crazy? - Let's go to his office.
Oh, my God.
This makes me cringe.
My throat is a bit sore.
- I could have the flu.
- Really? We called an ambulance because you may have the flu? It has to be something bigger.
Like a broken leg, or an arm.
- I don't know, a thorn.
- I can help.
Hang on, let's think.
Do you have an old injury? A fracture or something? Why me? It's always the same, Nando.
Well You're a very good actor, David.
Like that time in school, you did so well.
Was it Othello? You were great.
- He was, wasn't he? - Yes, you were awesome.
- Awesome.
- A big success.
You're not breaking anything.
Let's do rock-paper-scissors.
- OK.
- Fine.
- Come on.
- Yes.
One, two, three, rock, paper, scissors.
One, two, three, go! Wait, it's best out of three.
Stop it! Are we animals? Or are we civilized and thoughtful people? We have to find an alternative.
- Such as? - Such as? Come on.
Oh, shit.
Screw me.
There's nothing here.
Have you seen this cute picture of your brother? He'll be distraught when he finds out.
He lives in Boston, he's doing very well now.
Is he? Did you two fall out too? Was it the same reason, or a different one? My brother and I have never been friends.
I guess he was what my parents wanted.
Maybe that's why you got pregnant before your marriage.
Because you felt sad and alone.
I didn't get pregnant because I felt sad and alone.
Well, maybe I did.
What? - What's wrong? - Hang on.
It's here.
They'll come up with anything.
This has a code.
A six-figure number.
- Open it like you did with the door.
- I can't do that.
Keep going.
They are the neighbors.
- Hi, Àlex.
Good morning! - Bye, Adela.
Hello! How are you? Who's he? Fran, my boyfriend.
Aren't you, Fran? Oh.
I didn't know.
Where are you taking the rug? Has Vicky changed the color scheme again? Come on, we'll play this point again.
That looks heavy.
Give them a hand.
- Sorry? - What? - No, no, it's OK, really.
- Help them out, Pere.
She says they don't need help.
We're not busy.
We are busy with a tennis match, aren't we? Come on.
The boy looks half dead.
- No - He's just like that, Adela.
- We can take care of it.
- They'll do it.
See, darling? You win the point.
Or this game.
OK, you win the set.
- Fine, you win.
- Pere! - What? - They don't mean it.
- How would you know? - Fine, don't help them, then.
For God's sake.
This is unbelievable.
- I'll give you a hand.
- No, don't.
Àlex, do you have the key? No.
I don't have it.
- OK, then.
- Walk around, then.
- Walk around? It takes too long! - I'll go with you.
Just a minute.
Yes, a minute.
Oh, shit, shit, shit.
What do we do now? What do we do? - What the? - Old fuck.
What? What? - Sink, you old fucker.
- You can't - Stop it! - What? - What? - You won't sink him.
Let me try.
What are you doing? Opening the airways to fill them with water.
You need to fill the lungs with water.
Water is denser than our bodies.
Basic physics.
You must know already.
What are you on about? We're coming! - Shit.
- Done! How will we get him out? His density will change eventually.
The gas will make him float.
- How long will it take? - Two to seven hours.
- What? - Where shall we take this? - To the - The trash can.
- Fine.
- There you go.
It's heavy.
- Go on.
- Great, let's go.
This way, Adela.
- Is it recyclable? - No, it goes to the refuse can.
Really? One, two, three, four, five, six? It's what I use for my passwords.
What do you use? My children's birth dates.
Try that.
- When was the nerd born? - Oh, my God.
Let me try.
Let's see.
My brother was born on Shit! Tell me yours.
March 11th, 1984.
March 11th Seriously? Are you 33 years old? OK, you got me: 1982.
- No luck.
- Try yours.
Of course.
My dad uses my date of birth - as a code for his safe.
- We don't have all day, Àngela.
Let's go, then.
"Do not drink.
" It's toxic.
I can't drink that.
Poisoning or a broken leg.
Your choice.
Neither, if you don't mind.
- They're here.
Hurry up! - Shit.
One second.
Do it.
- Do it! - Listen, I could burn my stomach.
Be patient.
I'll sit down.
That's it.
So? - It tastes of lemon.
- More.
There's no time! It's not a heart attack, it's epilepsy.
Check his tongue.
What's this? - Holy crap.
- It's just soap.
Police! Police! Everybody down! Hands on your head! On your head! - Nando! - The alarm has gone off.
- Nando.
- I'll check it.
- Nando, are you OK? - Stay here and inspect this house.
- We're busted.
- Already? It seems an alarm has gone off.
If it's a mistake as usual, we'll just need the owner to sign it off.
Eduardo Navarro Gil.
Is Mr.
Navarro here? Nobody move! Nobody move! Nobody move! Someone broke into the guesthouse.
- The safe was open.
- Agents, something is going on here.
This man has been the victim of an attack.
What happened? - Me? - Yes.
- Eh - Shush! Can anybody explain what is going on here? I will tell you what happened.
Are you sure? The first sunrays were kissing my perfect body.
Suddenly, I heard a noise in the corridor.
Toc, toc, toc, toc.
A shiver run down my curvy body.
I thought it would be Eduardo, my husband, returning early from his Colorado conference.
I thought he had surprised me with the swimming pool man.
And also my lover.
My Nando.
But Don't be afraid.
Come on.
Suddenly, the door opened and I saw three men.
They were armed and very angry.
They hadn't found anything in my husband's safe.
One of them, the strongest of the three, came to me with the wrong intentions.
What would have happened if Nando, the bravest man I've ever met, hadn't risked his life to defend me? My dear stallion in heat.
He beat them up so badly that two of them run away, wounded.
And I could hear them calling: "God help me!" Then the third man, a coward, came up to him from behind and hit him with the rolling pin.
I would rather not press charges.
I don't want my husband to find out about my affair with this young man.
- I'm sorry, but - You heard her.
Our work is done.
It was a false alarm.
Thank you.
- Are you sure about staying? - Yes.
I want to take care of him, thank you.
If we're no longer needed, we should go.
- Yes.
- OK.
Thank you.
- Good bye.
- Thanks.
Bye, bye.
That was cool, Mom.
I made it all up myself.
I could tell.
Did you find the will? I, Eduardo Navarro Gil, being of sound mind, I do hereby bequeath all of my possessions to the only child I have loved: Marcos Navarro Galofré.
Good grief.
I'm so sorry.
Don't worry.
We will help you out.
He didn't leave us anything.
Are you sure? That's so weird.
Don't worry, it's fine.
We knew this was on the cards, didn't we? We knew.
Are you OK? Yes, I'm fine.
Better, even.
Fucking brilliant.
Everything is fine.
We'll make it.
What happened when your dad walked out? We pulled through.
Didn't we? And when the truck broke down in the middle of a snowstorm? That was huge.
Like when Fran was too scared to catch a flight to the math contest, and we all flew together.
It was astrophysics.
And now, with the police, we made it.
That was different, because it was thanks to me.
Together, no one can stop us.
- We are awesome.
- We are unstoppable.
- Understood? - Yes! Great! And do you know what? What? We'll change the will.
I'm sorry, but how will you? - It may not be easy.
- We'll do it.
How? I don't know yet, but we'll manage.
Of course, she will! She will manage.
Where is Eduardo? As a child, I dreamt one day I'd have my own family.
A perfect family, like on television.
Two happy, healthy and intelligent kids.
- You know he won't float.
- He will, for sure.
It's scientific.
An attractive, attentive husband.
A sweet man.
I'd be a modern independent mother, a winner.
See? I told you so.
But things don't always turn out as expected.
To the shed.
He's so heavy.
You can do your best to control things.
Try to be happy no matter what.
I need help, Nando.
Count on your friends.
But no matter how hard you work, something always forces you to change your plans.
Fuck New York.
But however bad it looks, and how complicated it may be, mothers stay strong.
We are something else.
I will save this family no matter what.
With your help.
- Fuck! - It's not what it seems! Unbelievable.
It's not what it seems.
You have reached Eduardo Navarro Gil.
There's a decomposing body in the shed.
- I'm calling the police.
- Give me that.
I won't let them do this to Eduardo.
Stop it! You cannot put Grandpa in the freezer.
We need a bigger freezer.
The security camera doesn't reach there.
- Hello? - Would you please turn your phone off? Stop that! Jesus! What was that noise? Stay here! Don't move.
I've seen a strange woman in your house.
Shall I call the cops? She is unbelievable.
She's having a party next to his body.
- Unbelievable.
- Do you know what? We can run a cable from the shed.
- Let's go.
- What are you doing, you psychopath? - Have you seen my mother? - Why? - She's gone.
- Stop her or she'll tell.
- Victòria has run away.
- Shit.
- I stole something.
- You? - Help! - Get the belt.
No, no, no, no, no! Police.
You are arrested for murder.