Welcome to the Family (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

With these we'll make a ton of Premium Gold cards.
What's that? I'm going to check the ice cream freezer.
- Hang up! - Jesus! Kevin, it's my eldest son.
Don't you know how dangerous it is to use your phone here? My son wouldn't call if it wasn't important.
More than your job? Shall I find out? If you answer, I'll fire you.
What? I've worked here for 10 years.
You can't do that.
Try me.
Please, Kevin.
Smile a bit.
You're scaring customers away with your frown.
Come on! Oh, fuck! Fuck! - I called you a dozen times.
- I'm sorry, but What's up? - Haven't you slept? - How could I? I miss my bedroom and my bed.
There's a decomposing body in the shed.
A decomposing body? See? Nando! - Nando! - I'm watching that! The body shouldn't be decomposing! The ice melted, it's full of flies! Don't look at me.
Victòria went for ice 20 minutes ago.
Four hours ago.
I can't believe it.
You have reached Eduardo Navarro Gil.
I cannot answer your call.
If the matter is urgent, please, leave a message.
You have reached Eduardo Navarro Gil, I cannot answer your call.
If the matter is urgent, please, leave a message.
Where's the ice? Open up! Where's the ice, Victòria? Is that what you petty delinquents wear for mourning? You can borrow one of my black outfits.
- But it may not fit you.
- The ice, Victòria! "Ice" or "eyes"? Ice! The ice we need for the swimming pool shed! Look, I got in the car and sat down, and everything reminds me of him.
- His cigar, his cologne - So you didn't go.
I couldn't.
You look like you haven't slept all night, dear.
Do you miss your daddy? You can cry if you need to.
Don't let it all in.
- Don't pretend.
- Indeed, I haven't slept all night.
I had to work because I have kids and a house to get back.
WELCOME TO THE FAMILY I need help to make some coffee! With an X-ray.
I don't know, Dídac! I have a lump under my breast that needs checking.
Yes, well, I wanted to go to New York, but this came up.
Yes, I know.
Good bye.
You You have a - They've found a lump? - It's a lie.
What else could I say? I'm staying because there's a stiff in the shed? - And - Morning! Morning.
You could've missed the flight.
Let him suffer.
What are you doing, Mum? Come here, Nando.
Try to get in.
- Are you OK? - Yes.
- Come on! - You want grandad in there? Fold your arms.
- Come on.
- Hang on.
Make yourself small.
Turn around.
That's it, small.
Head down.
- Duck.
- My head! - My head! - Down.
- See? You fit! - Stop it! Stop it! You can't put grandad in the freezer.
You are right.
He won't fit.
We could chop him in bits and use all the compartments.
- How would we explain that to the police? - What on earth? - We need a bigger freezer.
- Mom! You You talk like a gangster.
You're speaking about your dad! He was a shit dad.
He was a shit grandfather.
He wanted me to get rid of you.
That's true.
How can you possibly eat? I couldn't have one bite.
Why don't you have a nap, Mom? I'm not tired.
I don't know if I'd be able to sleep without Eduardo by my side.
I have trouble sleeping on my own.
OK? I cannot sleep by myself.
- There's one for sale for 2,000! - Perfect! Victòria, we need 2,000 euros.
- Victòria! - Leave her alone.
- Victòria! - Leave her alone! Eduardo dealt with the money.
He gives her 3,000 a week.
- Great.
- Great.
Where is it? It's Wednesday.
It's all gone.
We could use Eduardo bank cards.
I've paid online without a pin number.
When? With what card? With - With my friend's card.
- Which friend has a card? Jo Joan - Martínez.
- I don't want to see you near my purse.
Buying a freezer with Eduardo's card is too risky.
If they investigate us, it'll look very bad.
So what do we do? Steal it.
Sure! Why not? What? So, the plan is as follows.
- You're supposed to come.
- Yes, of course.
This is where I work.
Pay attention.
I won't be there.
Kevin knows me.
Who's Kevin? My idiot boss.
The only obstacle to our goal.
You go first, Àlex.
You'll drive the car.
Fine by me.
I'll need driving lessons.
- You can't drive? - I can't drive.
I'll drive.
I need you to load the freezer into the van.
What then? We have the nerd.
- No, no, no.
- No.
- Why not? - Fran cannot steal, lie or do anything illegal.
One time he took his classmate's pen by mistake.
He couldn’t sleep until we returned it.
It was his.
We don't need him to steal, lie or do anything illegal.
Just to drive.
You can do that, right? Fine, but just that.
That's a deal.
Yes? Hello? Hey! - Would you please turn your phone off? - One moment.
Am I aware of the advantages of switching phone companies? No, I am not.
Please, tell me all about it.
OK, so I would get a phone for free.
Miss, the spark of electricity that your phone sends out when the screen lights up could blow us all up! TIPS Who works here? - You? - Correct.
Please, turn the phone off or I'll call the police.
But how? You cannot use the phone.
Can I have a light? Miss, I'm telling you Fine, I'm hanging up.
Very good.
Thank you.
What? Do you know what? I'd like a Premium Gold card.
Follow me inside.
Come in.
Let's see.
I need your license to do the paperwork.
Of course.
Fuck, it's heavy.
- You're the noisy one! - Shut up! Shit.
We need help, David.
- Give us a hand.
- Fucking wimp.
Nope, this is from a nightclub.
From my last rave.
A backstage pass for Sonar.
- What the hell? - No! Fuck! What was that noise? Did you hear it? Eh Could you let me out? Eh Darling! Could you bring your driver's license? The mike is staff only, do you understand? Oh, I didn't know that.
I'm sorry.
You are here, my love! My My license.
Let's see.
Do you hear that? What? It's a phone! - Is it yours? - No, no.
- Yours? - I can't hear anything, my love.
- No.
- There isn't - Wait a second.
- Sorry? No.
I want my Premium Gold card! - Yes, I'll take care of that shortly.
- Where's the inflatable duck? It's Eduardo's phone.
I'll get it.
What the? David! - Yes, the duck.
- I don't want the card, otherwise.
I'll get your inflatable duck.
Hello! Shit! Can you hear me? - Hi.
- Hello.
How are you? Very well, thank you.
I'm calling because I've seen a strange lady in your house.
She had awful clothes on.
- Yes, my daughter Àngela.
- The thief? - Shall I call the cops? - No, not at all.
I'm very happy for you, then! We should celebrate.
Yes, of course.
- How are your grandchildren? - Very well.
Very well.
David is my favorite.
David! Oh, no.
Oh, no.
I have to go.
Do as I say.
Pere! The wedge.
I knew you could! Oh, it's stalling.
Hey! Hey! Your card! Hey! Hello.
What is going on? I'm making room for the freezer.
Where are they? Nando and the boys went to steal a chest freezer for grandad.
- Why didn't you tell me? - Because you were asleep.
And because you're ten, Sara.
The one time we're allowed to steal and I can't go.
Who is Àngie? My dad calls me Àngie.
Is this yours? - Did you play table tennis? - Yes.
So what? Nothing.
I've just never seen you play anything.
Yes, you have.
- That day we went to the - No.
- Remember that day? - No.
- Or that other day we went to - Never.
The problem is that with age, with work and the children, you stop doing stuff like playing table tennis.
But your dad played with you.
Yes, he did.
He can't have been such a bad dad, then.
We can play one day, OK? Don't worry.
I can play with Nando.
But if you send them to steal anything, let me know.
They're here! Children! Listen to me.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't ask you to steal.
It's reckless.
What? Why? It's been so cool.
No, David.
Fran, darling, I'm sorry.
- I shouldn't have done that.
- I've stolen something.
Have you? - Stealing is wrong.
You - Fran is our hero.
- Fran? - I'm trying to tell you stealing is wrong.
- Fran! Fran! Fran! - Stealing is wrong! - Listen to me, please.
- Fran! Fran! Fran! - Please, listen.
- Fran! Fran! - Fran! Fran! - Come on, guys.
- Let's go! - Guys! - Listen.
- Come here! - Listen.
- Fran, Fran! Fran! - Fran! Fran! Fran! - Can anyone listen to me? Fran, Fran, Fran! My headdress Where is my headdress? Àlex? Where are you? My headdress Eduardo Right, come on.
- Come on.
- One, two We need to bend him.
Stop, stop.
I know what's wrong.
Is it science? What is it, dear? - Rigor mortis.
- What? Lactic acid accumulates in dead bodies.
Muscle fibers fuse forming a gel that immobilizes the body.
- No wonder he was bullied in school.
- Come on, David! Which means? He'll be stiff for the next 20-25 hours.
- Shit.
- Seriously? What can we do? - Wait.
- I'm out.
- Leave him.
- Fuck Leave it, David.
Leave him, please.
- Stop it, David! - Let me do it.
Get in - Get in, for heaven's sake.
- What's up? What are you doing, you psychopath? You destroyed him when he was alive and you want to destroy him now too! He's your father! You ought to respect him.
Don't handle him like a frozen fish! Can I just say something? - He was an asshole, right? - Yes.
He loved me.
Sure, he did.
Especially when he kicked you out.
- We all saw that.
- Shut up, you rascal.
Sometimes we argued.
So what? He loved me even if he couldn't show it.
- And I know he loved you too.
- Oh, did he? If he loved me, why aren't we in the will? All you think about is money.
He was your father, Àngela.
You should be ashamed.
Victòria I'm sorry, but Let go of me! I will have no more funny business in this house.
I will not tolerate it! I shouldn't have waited so long to call the police.
- I'll deal with this.
- Listen, Victòria.
Are you OK, Mom? There you go, grandad fit himself in.
No, no, that's impossible.
Let's talk, Mom.
We're not talking.
I'm not changing my mind.
I'm calling the cops right now.
As soon as I remember the number.
Six, six - No, that's not it.
- You cannot call.
Give me that.
Leave me alone.
I'm not letting them do that to Eduardo.
You saw what she was doing.
She's his daughter! Would you do that to me? No, Mum.
I wouldn't.
But it's different.
He was mean to her.
How would you know? She was a terrible daughter.
Let me see He wasn't a great dad.
Give me that.
- I'm not giving you the phone! - Will you stop? How can you talk like that? Eduardo loved you so much.
- What? - He did.
He just screamed at me and called me lazy and useless.
Because he wanted the best for your future.
The best for you.
No way, Mom.
You've no idea.
We hated each other.
That is no way of talking.
Eduardo liked you, but you never made it easy for him.
Never, Àlex.
You had decided you didn't like him before you got here.
- Don't make things up, Mom.
- It's true.
He made a big effort to get to know you.
But you've forgotten.
You were mean to him.
You called him names.
"Egg face", "the mummy", "old fucker" That must have hurt him even if he didn't show it.
Eduardo wasn't perfect, that's true.
And he may have been too strict.
But you and I didn't have a thing and he welcomed us to his house.
To his home.
Otherwise, we'd still live in that crummy duplex in Sant Gervasi.
Have you forgotten already? Is that how you show gratitude? Freezing him like an ice cream cone.
That is terrible.
Terrible! - Fine.
- That's bad, Àlex! - Bad! - Yes, you're right.
You're You're right, I'm sorry.
We're nervous and we're not thinking.
Got it! Eduardo? Giorgio? - Are you Àngela? - Yes.
Welcome! Sorry, who are you? Dani Corretja, decorator.
I live close.
If you want to try the best Margaritas around, come to mine.
I'm sorry Why are you here? For the "fiesta"! - What "fiesta"? - Am I mistaken? I got a message from the neighborhood WhatsApp group.
Welcome party for Àngela Navarro.
There must be some mistake.
We're not having a party.
- Mom.
- What? It’s here! It’s here! - Hello! - Hello! I'm wearing heels.
The lawn will end up like a golf course.
- You must be Àngela.
- Yes.
How is everybody? - Hello, hi.
- Hello.
Come in, spread around.
I am Adela.
Pere, my husband.
We're the neighbors.
Pleased to meet you.
When I heard you were back, what did I say? Oh, I said: "Don't miss this party.
" I'm sorry, but we haven't organized a party.
Of course not! I have.
A surprise party.
But it was Eduardo's idea.
Is this news to you? - Who is David? - I am.
- I mean your son.
- Yes, that is my son David.
How are you? Eduardo said you're his favorite and deserve special treatment.
So I made you a cake.
It says "David".
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- I'm going to kill you.
- What have you done? Mom, I swear I am as surprised as you.
- I had no idea Eduardo liked me as much.
- Mom, - do something.
- Any ideas? Where do the drinks go? - We'll put them in the freezer.
- No, no.
No way.
I am very very happy to have you all here now.
All of you.
It makes me happy that you all want to welcome me to the neighborhood.
- Oh - Thank you.
Unfortunately Eduardo can't make it to the party.
What a shame.
I'm sure he wouldn't like it if we celebrated without him.
Oh, no, don't be silly.
No, no, no.
When I spoke to him, he insisted that you have a proper welcome.
And you shall! - But we don't have anything ready.
- We'll take care of everything.
We'll get the tables from the shed for all the canapés and the food.
We'll put the drinks in the freezer.
You and Pere can bring the mobile barbecue from our garden.
Dani, you can do the music and liven things up! Come on, then.
Let's organize this party! Mom What now? What can we do? I don't know.
David, Fran, get some drinks.
We must fill the freezer up.
- So that - Exactly.
The garage.
There are drinks in there.
We'll make sure nobody gets close.
- OK.
- Let's go.
I loved Eduardo very much.
I know, Mom.
I know you'll miss him.
But it's normal.
Àngela and I will too.
- Really? - Of course.
He still made mistakes.
- Like everybody else.
- Well, yes He didn't really treat you like he loved you.
Maybe not.
I don't know.
A daughter shouldn't throw her mom's mobile out of the window either.
That was harsh.
If I die, you can put me in a freezer.
What do you mean? It was a joke.
Oh, OK.
Can you believe that? This is shocking! First she freezes him and now she's having a party! Next to him! I've had enough! Oh, my God.
- I've had it.
- No, wait.
- What's the plan? - I'm telling everybody right now.
And after that? What? Live out on the streets? Do you want me to be homeless? Mom I don't like what you said.
I wouldn't do that to you.
I would never do Screw you! Mom! This lady likes a drink or twelve.
- I hope she doesn't tell on us.
- Àlex will manage.
- I think.
- You like her.
- What? Àlex? - You're so hot for her.
No, I'm not.
Come on, bro.
I met her yesterday! I don't know her.
- Fran! - What? Stop her! Stop her! Out of my way! Help! Help! Don't move! Come on! SOS! She bites! Police! - Get my belt, Fran.
- What? Get my belt.
For her legs.
I'll get your bra to tie her hands.
Come on, Fran.
- I'm trying! - It's not that hard.
- It's new for me.
- Shut up, Mom.
- Do it, Fran! - I can't! - Will you get my belt, Fran! - I'm trying.
I have the belt.
What do you want? A gluten-free beer.
Yes, sure.
Here's a beer.
Now go get lost.
Off you go.
I'm happy you managed to apologize to your father.
Happy for you.
- I see.
- Very happy.
Thank you.
We have no drinks.
Where are Fran and David? Sareta, have you seen the boys? No.
They are not back from the garage.
Thank you.
- What is taking so long? - No idea.
- Àngela Navarro? - Yes? Could you come over? Police.
You're under arrest for murder.
I I don't I'm joking, Àngie! - Àngie? - It's me, Miquel.
What Miquel? Miquel Ibáñez, from school.
I was in Marcos' year.
Have you forgotten? Are you Are you Big Mac? - Yes.
- But you were - And now you are - Yes.
- You must have lost - 87 kg to be precise.
I sometimes advertise fitness equipment.
I do some modelling.
You look You look great! Thanks, you do too.
- No - You look great.
- No.
- Very beautiful.
- I'm - His feet are showing.
Are you her husband? No, no, he's - Her brother-in-law.
- Nando.
Pleased to meet you.
Miquel, a friend from school.
- Pleased to meet you.
- Now he's He's a policeman.
A cop, right? I'm not on duty now.
- Aren't you? - No.
Have a beer, then.
- You can reminisce about the past.
- No, thanks.
- I insist.
They are - I don't drink alcohol, thanks.
- Thank you.
- I'll take it.
Both of them.
- Àngie.
- Yes.
Àngie, Àngie is back in town.
Well, you know I'm so happy to see you again.
- It's great that you - Thank you.
Let's go for a walk.
We can catch up - I'd love that.
- Let's go.
For later.
How long has it been? Twenty years? Ready.
Let's go.
Hurry up.
I'm sorry, Mom.
Don't move.
What do we do? She can't stay here.
Take the drinks.
Shall I stay? No.
"Shall I stay?" The hero Such a surprise.
And what about you? How are you? Fine.
Very well.
Actually - Just OK.
- And you're still - married to - No, no.
My husband left.
He did? I'm so sorry.
He left me with three kids, but we're fine.
Three children? Yes, the loveliest kids.
- Hi, Mom.
- Say hello to Hello! - Your boys? - Yes.
They seem nice, getting drinks for everybody.
And handsome.
They take after you.
I don't I don't have kids.
- No? - No.
I would have loved to.
My dream was having a family.
You haven't found the right person.
Not yet.
I might still do.
- I'm sure you will.
- Maybe.
I'm not surprised that these beers are warm.
It's not plugged in! The ice must be melting.
- Is it? - Yes.
Guess what.
We'll run a cable from the shed.
- OK? - Great plan.
Come on.
When we were in school This is embarrassing.
I had a crush on you.
A massive crush.
- Yes.
- Yes.
I knew.
- Did you? - I did.
Wasn’t I your brother's fat friend? You were.
I didn't like your brother.
I hung around with him just to see you.
Àngie the rebel.
Nobody calls me that now.
- Only my dad.
- And your brother's fat friend.
Only you didn't listen.
Eduardo must be over the moon now that you're back.
- Not really.
- Sure he is! He may not show it, but I'm sure he's happy.
We used to speak about you.
He really wanted to see you.
Same as me.
My father wanted to see me? Of course.
Same as you.
Holy shit! We could move the freezer.
We could move the shed.
Come on, boys.
Let's move this.
You must come, Mom.
- In a minute.
- Now! We should empty it first.
I injured myself.
No! No! No! No! No! Turn the music off.
Àngela wants to talk.
I don't know what to say.
I am very grateful that you are here.
I honestly didn't expect it.
Not at all.
If I come in, do you promise to act normally? Mom? Shit! What the? Sara, have you seen my mom? - Why? - She has run away.
- Nando, Victòria has run away.
- Shit! We need to get everybody out.
I have an idea.
Those of you who knew me twenty years ago I guess that if you knew me then, you won't have good memories of that crazy girl with backcombed hair and the same leather jacket every day.
She was always in trouble.
I was the black sheep of the neighborhood.
Right Back then I made some bad choices.
But I assure you that leaving to have my own family was not one of them.
My father made me choose between him and my future child.
He's that young man.
With his shirt done all the way up.
He loves wearing shirts.
He really does.
He's very shy, but very good.
Fran, my darling.
I love you.
The thing is that my father, the great crime novelist, was Sorry, is.
He is He is a better neighbor than a father.
On the other hand, I was a bad neighbor.
And as a mother I do the best that I can.
I should've played with them more.
And I shouldn't have made them steal.
I mean play.
My father and I played table tennis some Sundays.
I should've played with them.
I'm pretty good at it.
I have a mean backhand.
Very strong.
But I didn't.
Not one game.
We don't really have space at home.
It's a small flat.
Can't even fit the ball.
But there is a park Nando.
What is going on? I have no idea.
She has lost me.
a blue table Go for it! What I mean is What did you mean with all that stuff about the table tennis? I don't I don't know.
I guess that in his own way, Eduardo tried to be a good dad.
And despite him being an idiot, he was my only father.
I'm annoyed that I've come back but it's too late.
Poor thing.
Poor thing.
Let's do this: we'll leave him in the freezer, OK? Sorry, Eduardo, you'll be cold for a few days.
Tough luck.
OK? But when all this is over, promise me we'll do a proper funeral.
Promise? - I promise.
- That's it, then.
I'll let her know.
We've made some space in the garage.
In the garage, with all the junk? Isn't there a place with some glamour? The main idea is to hide him.
Àlex, daring, please.
I'm sorry I broke your mobile.
- Sorry I tied you up.
- Sure.
Of course.
Come on, I'll go to get them.
Can I stay a bit with him? Please? Can I have a moment with my husband? - We must hide him now.
- OK.
It will be just a moment.
I deserve this.
I've earned it, dear.
- Just a bit.
- OK.
- Don't take long.
- OK.
- OK.
- Thanks.
Oh, my God.
Can you believe this? What a day.
Families are shit.
A set of freaks you'll be acquainted with all your life.
An exclusive club you cannot leave.
Even if your mom is batshit crazy, your husband was mean to you and you have never seen your dad, you belong to the club.
No matter what.
But you won't know this until one of them departs, leaving a hole.
Your daughter has promised that you'll have the funeral you deserve.
OK, darling? And then Gabriel, or whoever it is, will take your soul, and "bon voyage".
To heaven.
Good bye.
I love you.
Ok, I've said goodbye.
Come to get him.
Get a load of that! I wish you let me win like your dad.
You know my wins were real.
Changing hands is cheating! We want to change the will.
A scammer is just what we need.
Inheritances, my specialty.
We won't have to worry about money for some time.
- Really? - Are you Àngela? - Yes.
- Lili is your dad's publisher.
I was expecting one chapter of Eduardo's new novel.
The contract will be void.
Where is it? - It may be elsewhere.
- It has to be here.
What are you looking for? I want you to keep an eye on Victòria.
I don't trust her.
I can't do it.
- Shut up and write anything.
- Please.
- If your tongue is a virgin - Mine isn't, David.
Today is music day at my school.
- Will you bring a drum kit? - No, I will take the drum kit.
- How long do I have to get one? - A couple of hours.
- Come or I won't make it.
- I don't do illegal things.
Where are your parents? Sara, you're on in 10 minutes.
Right on time.
Down! Down! - Get down! - Miquel! Don't run away! She will never forgive me.
I know you're married and your husband is dying.
This information is out of date.
We have a very important mission.
I admit I'm a bit surprised.
I didn't expect this at all.
Get out of here! Bingo!