Welcome to the Family (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

It's breakfast time! - Raül Dorado, lawyer extraordinaire.
- Sounds great, right? Sounds like a conman.
We want to change the will, don't we? We need a conman for the job.
- Maybe.
- The first visit is free.
I'll get ready.
- Good.
- Let's go.
Good morning! - Morning, mom.
- I've made breakfast.
I'll be a better mom now that I don't work.
Sorry, what? You don't have a job? What will we live on? Don't worry about that.
We have cake! What? Yes, I worry.
We have a dead body.
Yes, I know.
- Where is Nando? - I made churros for breakfast.
- OK.
Where is Nando? - He's coming.
Hey, listen to me.
I am at home now.
You can ask me anything.
OK, Mom: where is Nando? What is wrong? - Can't I help? - Of course you can.
Let me know when Nando is back.
- Breakfast! Wow! - Yes.
Churros I'm going to the swimming pool.
OK? - Come on.
- Fine.
- Thanks, Mom.
- You’re welcome.
WELCOME TO THE FAMILY Ready, Àngela? Where's the drum kit? Can I see it? I couldn't get it, Sara.
- What? - What are you talking about? Seriously? The school's music festival is this afternoon! The Crab promised he'd bring it.
What Crab? The guy in your band? Yes, The Nando’s.
Listen, Sareta.
I called him to borrow it.
But it seems they caught him selling - Stuff.
- Drugs! He was arrested and they've confiscated his drums.
- I'm so sorry.
- I can't believe it.
I didn't know you played drums.
Why didn't I know that? I've told you, but you don't listen.
Nando pays attention.
Oh, well Don't worry, you'll have a drum kit.
- Will you get me one? - No, I will.
I'll get you one.
And we'll come to see you.
Won't we? We'll all go to see her play drums.
- We'll all be there.
- Yes.
Because everything changes today.
We'll be a close family again.
And not just that.
We'll get the money to get our house back.
Because when we're together, we are strong.
We can do anything.
Did you hear that? You'll have drums.
What do we say? Rock is attitude! - Cool, I'll get ready.
- Go.
Listen - Where are you getting them? - No idea.
I see.
- When is the festival? - In four hours.
Four hours.
Right, four hours.
That's not too bad.
There's a cop outside.
What? I'm sorry.
- We - Don't panic.
- We're all going to prison.
- Don't panic, calm down.
Let's see.
It's fine.
It's Miquel.
It's Miquel.
OK, fine.
Don't you move from here.
Do you hear me? Stay here until I Just stay here! Oh, my God.
Well Let's see Hello, Miquel.
Let me check.
Oh, no Go for it.
Miquel! What a surprise, Miquel! I've only just I've just got up.
You look beautiful.
Well Really, you look fabulous.
Listen, I want to talk.
Do you? - Go on, then.
- I wasn't completely honest with you yesterday.
- Did you lie? - Not exactly - I omitted some information that may - Mickey? Mickey! I can't find the charger at all.
Is it in the car? Well I might have left it at home.
Are you Àngela? I am.
Pleased to meet you.
- Oh, really? - Yes.
Miquel has told me lots about you.
Has he? - Great.
- All bad things.
I'm joking.
You're joking.
You know my Micky.
He's a darling.
Good job you didn't want him.
Look and learn, bro.
Learn what? What should I learn? - To make out with girls.
- What? Who have you kissed? I've I've kissed Núria Boix.
From kindergarten.
- Yes.
- Doesn't count.
- If you like Àlex, you should prepare.
- What? Shut up.
- What do you mean, like her? - If you want to kiss her, you should practice.
If your tongue is still a virgin My tongue is not a virgin, David.
My tongue is not a virgin.
- But - You keep saying these things.
Hello, darlings! You should learn from me! What a surprise! It's busy around here, isn't it? How are you, Lili, darling? - Very well, thank you.
- How's it going? I see you've met Àngela.
- Yes, we have met indeed.
- Yes.
Aside from being Miquel's wife, Lili is your dad's publisher.
I actually knew you from school.
- Did you? - Really? Were you in our school as well? Yes, one year below.
- You may not remember me.
- I don't.
I was heavier then.
That can't be true! You look great! I used to be called all sorts.
Fat-eater, whale, walrus, ball, cow, - zeppelin - Zeppelin? - That one hurt.
- Sorry.
Of course it hurt! Kids can be awful.
What did they call you? Oh, no, Àngela was popular.
Oh, were you? Look at her.
What happened? It's curious how your stories have been swapped.
She's fabulous and you are not.
Or not as fabulous.
- Are we off? - Wait for me in the car.
- OK.
- Well I'm sorry, but I need to go We must do some things.
Very good.
We'll stay, to talk about - things.
- Perfect.
- Can we have a minute? - Yes.
We are going to see a lawyer.
- Fine.
- If they ask for Eduardo, be very discreet.
Of course, I'm a very responsible person.
My lips are sealed.
Hello again! Wait by the car, David.
Fran I want you to keep an eye on Victòria.
I don't trust her.
- We'll pick you up for Sara's concert.
- What do I have to do exactly? - Because - Just keep an eye on her.
Don't let her mess things up.
You are great at that.
Come on, smile.
Bum, bum, bum, bum, and cymbal.
- Ah.
- Let's go, Nando! - Where's Fran? - Not coming.
Take your sister to school and wait there.
We'll be as quick as we can.
Look after her.
I promise you'll have your drum kit.
I have a meeting.
And then I swear I'll get you the drums.
- OK? - Are you sure? I promise.
You just worry about rock! Alright.
- Do a proper black high five.
- Not funny.
Don't talk.
- I'll drive.
- Yes, please.
- Àngela, wait! - I'm in a hurry.
We'll talk later.
- Just a minute.
- Later! This isn't right.
This isn't right.
Eduardo promised me the first chapter of his novel.
I'm very worried.
The deadline is in six hours.
Nevertheless, he always sends his work ahead of time.
It's unusual.
You're right, it's a bit weird.
Maybe something happened.
No! No Nothing has happened.
Nothing weird.
At all.
It's weird for him not to deliver his work.
And he hasn't been answering his phone.
Where is he? Where is he? Where is Eduardo, Fran? Ah He is in Montserrat.
- OK? - Oh He needed concentration, and he retired to a monastery.
This man is so independent, you never know where he is.
I swear to you, he's a born bohemian.
Fine, then.
Tell him I need the chapter in six hours.
Or the contract is void.
We'll tell him.
We will.
We'll tell him.
It's here.
Nando? I'd like to I want to have a word.
- Fine.
- Now that I have more time, I would like I'd love it if you let me have a bit more time with the kids.
Time? - What do you mean? - I mean that I've been so very busy for so many years that I've only had time to be the bad cop.
Whereas you have sided with them.
You are their friend.
Sided? You have teamed up.
- Haven't you? - What team? What do you mean? No idea.
Don't worry about it.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
- Are you OK? - Yes, I'm fine.
Hello? This must be the wrong house.
- We're looking for - Yes Raül Dorado, lawyer extraordinaire? - Is it here? - Yes.
Right here.
How can we help? - Well - We - It's something.
- Yes.
- My - The My husband and I need his services.
- Very good.
Please, come in.
- After you.
Your shoes.
- Sorry? - Yes.
Take your shoes off, please.
You can use these slippers.
- Oh.
- Really? Oh, my God.
Your husband, then.
I had to say something.
I know.
- Don't touch anything! - No, no.
Such a wonderfully suited couple.
Follow me, please.
Follow me.
Don't feel my ass! Is this marriage dead already? Raül will be with you shortly.
He has many appointments today, but he'll be here shortly, don't worry.
Come in, please.
He won't be long.
Raül! Leave me alone, Mom! You have customers waiting.
Oh! Coming! Just a second.
One moment.
He'll be with you shortly.
He's coming Won't be long.
- Son.
Son! - Hello.
Oh, thanks.
Well, how can I help? My husband and I are here because of a problem with my dad's will.
An inheritance.
Good, one of my specialties.
What's the problem? The problem is that my father remarried and we think that his new wife likes money too much.
Women You should meet this lady.
- She's an opportunist.
- True.
- She is.
- She's a parasite.
I'd say she's a bit thick, wouldn't you? - Yes.
- She has it all.
- Yes.
- She's on the juice.
- On it, yes.
- Quite a bit.
She does.
What we want He's easily taken in.
So we actually want to keep her out of it.
- Of the money.
- We do.
If I had a euro for each time I've heard this story - Are you a magician? - Amateur, yes.
I do my real magic in court.
In court, you show one hand but the other Of course.
- It's magic.
- Of course.
- Let's cut to the chase.
- Please.
I bring some refreshments.
There is no need, Berta.
- Berta, it's not necessary.
- No? - I'll take it back.
- Never mind, we'll have a bite.
These are foie gras.
Those, chocolate spread.
- The juice is for you.
- OK.
He's lactose intolerant.
It gives him the runs.
Berta, our clients don't need all this information.
The toilet is out of order.
- We're fine, aren't we? - Yes.
- Thank you, Berta.
- Fine.
Close the curtain, please.
I don't like closed doors! Oh, my God.
Secretaries! I want her to retire, but it's impossible.
- Where were we? - Yes.
Hypothetically, if my father wanted to leave everything to her, could we change his will after his death? No, impossible.
You can't change a testament.
Believe me, I've tried.
And you can't do it.
Why can't it be done? You're only entitled to your part.
- Sorry? - It's called a "legitimate"? 25 % of the value of the estate at the time of death.
Minus any illness or funeral expenses, debts, etc.
, etc.
Divided by the siblings.
- Do you have siblings? - One.
Two children.
So, you'd share that 25 %, which is 1/4.
And half of 25 % is 12.
5 %.
5 %? And nobody can deny you that amount.
I have tried too.
- OK.
- 12.
5 % of what your father owns - is a lot.
- We've got enough information to think about.
Thank you.
It's been ten minutes, so you owe me half an hour.
- How will you pay? - Pay? Let me check.
The card says that the first visit - is free.
- Excuse me? - I said to take this off.
- Right.
- Well, they didn't.
- Wait! - Good bye.
- Amateurs! I'm suing them.
Did they pay? No! I knew it.
You do everything wrong.
Those cards are useless.
Leave me alone.
They were a couple of losers.
I'm sure there's something bigger here.
I'll find out about the father.
Fantastic! Oh, my God, Nando! I think that this 12.
5 % covers the 150,000 euros for the house.
- That's it, then.
- Yes.
We can defrost your father.
- Good morning.
- We'll defrost the peas as well.
And the Let's think.
Now we have to go to Sara's festival.
- How long do we have to get the drum kit? - Two hours.
- Two.
- How will you get one? The police took ours.
Problem solved.
- How? - You get going.
I'll get the drums and Fran.
Where are you going? I have contacts, trust me.
What's up, people? Today's tutorial is about tongue kissing! How to tongue kiss! Also known as the French kiss.
We need a tangerine like this one.
I've removed one segment to simulate a mouth.
You must play with your tongue as follows.
The trick is to use some tongue, but not too much.
Play with your partner's tongue.
See? Is the chapter here? Not in this computer, no.
Mom, we're going to his office.
It's not here.
What are you doing? Shit! Shit, it's not here.
Shit! Is it elsewhere? - If it's anywhere, it's here.
- Shit.
What then? You're an intellectual, right? The kind that likes writing and shit like that.
And says: "I've read the book, but I won't watch the movie.
They don't coincide.
" Coincide? What I can't do it like this.
- Fuck.
- I knew it.
Leave the genius alone, he needs inspiration.
- Shut up and write anything.
- Just do it.
Who are you calling? Àngela.
I want an update on things.
I'm managing the operation.
No answer.
- No.
God damn her, I swear.
- I can't do it.
I can't do it.
- Sweetie - What? I can't! I don't even know what his novels were about! He's right.
Tell him what they were about, Mom.
The plot of a novel by Eduardo? Of course.
Just imagine a protagonist trials and tribulations, and then You haven't read any of his books.
It's true, I haven't.
Not one of them.
I admit it.
But look, 150 pages and not one single picture! That's really nasty! It's a drag, who could read this? I know I can't.
I haven't read any either.
What do we do, then? Fine, I'll save the day, as usual.
Let's see.
They were mystery novels.
Crime books.
Let me see.
A girl is found dead next to a lake, by the water.
She is wrapped in a plastic sheet.
Who killed her? Her dad! Mom, that's Twin Peaks.
I can't believe it.
You're so smart, you know everything! There's nothing new.
I don't know! Sorry! Let me think.
Who might have read a book? Who reads? Boring people that have no life.
The crazy neighbor.
This way, Adela.
- What is this? - We have friends over.
Oh, my God.
This is Look at this This is where Right? Look! Here Oh, his glasses His smell! Yes.
So, our problem.
- We have an emergency.
- Tell me.
Of course.
Eduardo has called and he wants you to write the first chapter of his new novel.
Excuse me? - Me? - Yes.
He was supposed to deliver it today, but he has writer's block.
If you don't help him, the publishing contract will be void.
- Oh, poor Eduardo.
- Of course.
Can you write it? He said you're good.
Did he? Yes.
Did he really? Absolutely.
- Honestly? - He did, Adela.
I thought that he didn't read any of my manuscripts.
That he trashed them.
No, no, no.
He loves them! OK.
How much time do I have? - Three hours.
- Sorry? - Yes.
- Three hours? I'd better start.
- Go ahead.
- I can use an old idea.
- Sure.
- Let me see I'd better use paper.
Yes, much better.
Aren't your parents here yet? I forgot: your dad left because he didn't love you.
Your dad abandoned you too.
He didn't! He's in prison.
We know exactly where he is.
- Nando! - What's up? Hello, darling.
Where is Mom? She says not to worry, she'll be here in a bit.
And the drums? - Well, - Come here, Sara.
Quick! Hurry up! This is in case Mom doesn't make it.
It's crazy! - Very cool.
- What is this shit? It's not a piece of shit.
Look at this.
Are you into real Rock'n'Roll? Let's call it a prototype for now.
Sara has a fake dad and a fake drum kit.
Go get ready, kids.
On your way.
Sareta, is she bothering you? Never mind.
I'll clean this up.
You two wait here.
OK? Thank you.
- Hello.
- Hello.
How are you? - Oh.
- Oh, sorry.
- I didn't expect you.
- No.
I am very, very happy that you called me.
- I need to talk to you.
- I see.
I'm very sorry about yesterday.
I really am.
I was so happy about your return.
I know, but Miquel I think you - You should've said you were married.
- I know.
Look, I I'm sorry.
Very sorry.
I will to do anything for you to forgive me.
There is one thing.
There it is.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Are we square? - Just one more thing.
- One more thing? - What thing? - Listen, what you did yesterday was awful.
What do you want? I need to get Fran and take him to Sara's school.
I won't make it without you.
I'm working! If they catch me, I'll lose my job.
It's just a moment.
Come on! You're Yes, you are You can't do cute faces, it's cheating.
I can't believe I'm doing this.
- I've never done illegal things.
- I know.
My mother said you were a bad influence.
- Did she? - Everybody's moms did.
- All of them? - Yes.
Such weird mothers She's taking her time, isn't she? Is it so hard to write a shitty chapter? - Let me check.
- Let her write, she was very motivated.
Oh, my God.
Who could it be? I'll check.
Be careful.
Look before you open.
Trust me, will you? Man I smell tangerine.
Do you? We don't need anything, thank you! I'm not here to sell anything.
I'm Raül Dorado, I'm a lawyer.
Don't read the bit about the free visit.
It's not true.
The communication department changed it.
And now we charge for it.
- Fabulous.
- What? But I'll make an exception.
I won't charge you.
You are too attractive to pay.
What is it that I won't be paying for, exactly? You need me.
- Do I? - Yes.
I'll cut to the chase.
We'll be honest with each other.
No secrets between us.
I'm a bit scared right now.
I know you are married and your husband is dying.
This information is out of date.
Listen and you will understand.
We weren't allowed to go out with you.
- Right.
- No, we weren't.
On your birthday, I had to say I was going to my friend's, to study.
- I must have been bad.
- Not at all.
You smoked in the school toilets, you skipped class, you argued with teachers There was a parent meeting just about you.
Seriously? - You were the baddie.
- Sure.
My mother didn't want me to end up with a girl like you.
I guess she was right.
Look at me.
What do you mean? My daughter plays drums and I didn't know until two hours ago.
Don't say that.
You're a supermom.
You're independent, your kids are wonderful.
My mother was wrong.
I see your family and it makes me jealous.
I envy you.
You haven't seen us enough.
Fran! Victòria! Is Fran here? - You tell me.
- Tell you what? What is he doing here? Show her the pen.
- Are you sure? - Do it! - Just a minute.
- For God's sake.
She's an opportunist, a parasite.
- Can't stand her.
- True.
I'd say she's a bit thick, wouldn't you? Yes, indeed.
We want to keep her away from the inheritance.
It's nothing personal.
And you're not my customers.
You didn't pay.
- You are a rat! - No.
It's not his fault.
He's a poor man making a living whichever way he can.
Excuse me! Well, it's true.
Did you want to con me, sweetie? Let me tell you that I may not be very bright, but I'm not thick either.
I know that saying I'm not bright makes me seem thick.
You know what I mean! As your lawyer, I recommend that you don't speak to her.
You are not my lawyer! Let's not say things we could later regret, Victòria.
Get the hell out! Everything we said was part of a plan.
Is it really? Of course! We weren't going to tell the truth.
I had to make something up quickly.
You don't think I'm thick, then.
- You do! - No, no, no! I don't know! I hardly know you.
It's the first thing I thought of.
So you did think it.
- It's what you think! - No, no, no It was just a plan! Was it? What kind of plan? - Get out! - As if I cared.
I'm sorry about this.
I’m leaving some of my cards.
For your friends and family.
A few more on the counter and I'll just put some more here.
Fabulous! Remember that the first visit is no longer free.
Trust me, Victòria.
Besides, everything is sorted out.
I can't explain now.
I'll just say that we won't need to worry about money for a long time.
- Really? - Yes.
- Yes.
- Yes.
Fran! Fran! Hurry up, let's go! Hey! - Are you leaving me out again? - No, Sara has a music festival.
And you expect me to believe that? Do you want to help? - Yes, I'd love to! - OK.
I'll give you an important mission.
While we are away, start defrosting my dad.
Really? Do you want me to do that? Yes.
I can't.
I'm going to the Chinese salon to have my nails done.
OK, fine! Fine! - I'll do it.
- Hurry up, Fran.
Mom, Adela has finished the chapter.
- Let's go.
- Ready? - Yes.
- Great.
How are you? The other side.
- Mickey, Mickey.
- Hide, hide! - Mickey! - Get down! Down! Mickey? Mickey? Why are you here? Weren't you at work? Yes, but I left my wallet.
I'm on my way.
Your wallet? - Yes, my wallet.
- Oh.
You're a mess! I know.
Listen, I'll see you tonight, at home, later.
Yes, of course.
I mean that tonight - We you know what.
- Yes.
- Full on.
- Full on.
Full on.
Like rabbits.
- See you.
- See you.
- Have a nice day.
- See you.
- I grabbed your ass.
- Yes.
Good bye.
Fuck! What was that about? Well Why can't your wife see us? She hates you.
She hates me? She doesn't even know me! Get in the car.
I'll explain later.
Do you know what? No.
She's jealous.
Jealous? - Yes.
- Oh, jealous.
- Yes.
- Oh.
- Mom! - What? - Sara! - Yes, let's go.
Buckle up.
Dedicated to my beloved neighbor, Adela.
To me? Really? I didn't expect this.
Why is she here? Don't ask so many questions.
The good thing is you've got your chapter.
I want to read it before I send it off.
Why is that? Because it's my job.
- Of course! - Of course! And you can't do it at home, it has to be here.
Fine, no problem.
Don't you think? You're next, Sara.
On in 10 minutes.
What can I do, Nando? Don't worry.
There's time.
Mom can still make it.
We have time.
OK? Do we have time? We'll get there just in time.
Code 1010.
I repeat, code 1010.
239 Boadella Street.
Calling all patrol cars.
What is that? Agent 867, on my way.
On your way? Where? To the concert, right? - We have to stop.
- Stop? Finished! What do you think? It's very good, right? Similar to Healing Sant Andreu or My Name's Mystery.
- I haven't read it, but I have it.
- Hang on a second.
Would you like to go back home? No, I want to know what she thinks.
I'm surprised, to be honest.
Are you? He hasn't written good novels for 20 years.
Ever since Àngela left, I think.
And The latest ones have been, let's face it, quite mediocre.
But this is the worst I've ever read.
Don't be so harsh! I'm sure it's not that bad, you're just too picky.
It's horrible.
Besides, when did he start writing erotic novels? Fifty Shades of Gray and the like.
Erotic? - Really? - Shall I show you? Listen to this: She said to him: "We have been neighbors for years, you've never touched me.
" "I'm here now, I am yours" he said.
“No, the friction of our impassioned bodies will burn us" The mature writer held her and took her.
He took her three times.
I don't think it's that bad.
- It has - Punch.
It has punch.
It has punch.
Well, yes MUSIC FESTIVAL I'm sorry.
Calm down, calm down.
Pick it up.
Come on! I'm sorry.
These things happen.
Get this.
Did you do that? Me? I cannot talk unless my lawyer is present.
Thanks, Nando.
- But - I'll be back.
Miquel! Where are you going? He's got her by the hair.
What? What is he doing? Mom, he's bringing her.
- He's bringing her.
- Yes, he is.
- Don't worry.
- Let me go! Get in.
That hurts! If you don't testify, we'll never lock him up.
You testify my ass.
That's not nice.
I'll be back soon.
No! Miquel! Miquel! Don't go away! Unbelievable.
Sara will hate me.
Things that happen It's probably from the street.
Change of plans: you're on now.
Jèssica is having a fit.
I can't play yet.
I found a dead rat! I found a dead rat! Five minutes.
Where are you going? Eh! You can tell me.
I'm a whore, not a thief.
We're going to my daughter's music festival.
His sister.
Sounds cool.
Like a nice close family.
But we're late because of your friend.
I'm sorry.
Tito runs like hell, the bastard.
Get out there and show them what you learned from the Crab.
- OK? - How? I don't have drums! - Who says that? - I made you a drum kit! - It's a piece of shit.
- Maybe it is.
You'll make it sound great.
Really good.
“Rock and Roll”.
Rock on.
I have to get there.
What are you doing, Mom? - Shut up.
- Yeah! Put the lights on.
Good parenting is impossible.
Children don't come with instructions.
What works with one doesn't with another.
When you start to understand, they grow up and you go back to square one.
You don't need to be perfect.
It's OK if you don't know their favorite singers.
Or if you lose it and you're too harsh with the youngest.
Excuse me.
Come on, Sareta.
- Hurry up.
- Yes.
Get this.
How can we carry this? I'll help if you free me.
She's right.
Free her, then.
- I'm taking her handcuffs off.
- Yes.
I was joking.
But now I do want to help.
Hurry up! Don't pretend it's all under control.
Perfect mothers don't exist.
Some strive and make mistakes, others try, but disappoint.
And the following day, they try again.
I'm here.
On time.
- At last.
- Just in time.
What is she playing? The drums weren't the important thing.
- You get me.
- I know.
Mom! Well done, dear! Rock and Roll! Well done, Sara! Fantastic, darling! You're the best! The best! Fantastic! Well done.
I love you, darling.
- Nando.
- What? Thank you.
- I didn't do anything.
- No, not today.
I mean all these years.
Come here.
- I love you.
- I know, darling.
Nobody has a fucking clue how to be a good mother.
Nobody knows if you should breast or bottle feed.
Send them to after-school activities or to Grandma's.
Keep fighting over vegetables or just fry some chicken nuggets.
Nobody has a clue.
If anybody tells you otherwise, tell them to get lost.
- I did it! - Yes! Fran.
- Yes.
- Thanks for taking my handcuffs off.
Well, I You're a nice guy.
I don't know that many.
What can I do for you? A kiss? OK.
Damn! You're a good kisser.
You seemed a bit dumb.
- Give it back.
- OK.
Bye, don Juan.
Fran! Fran! Fran! Fran! What was that? Come on.
Cover yourself up.
- I feel terrible! - We have to move him a bit further.
Pull him up.
- We'll take him to the gym.
- I can't! Don't let go of him, Mom! Don't let go! It's now or never, Mom.
Mom, I've had it with you.
Do I have to do it alone? Do I? Bingo.
Come on, a bit more.
To the gym.
I'm sorry.
- To the gym.
- I'm sorry.
To the gym.
I'm looking for Raül Dorado, lawyer extraordinaire.
Technical vocabulary makes me hot.
Please go on.
Can't you see he is playing with you? I'm on to something big.
A good case? A fabulous case.
Clause D35: you're disinherited, you idiot.
You can't take it.
Why? Yes, I can.
Where is the picture that was here? A real Goya, it could be worth a lot.
Who the hell are you? It must be them.
They said they were incognito.
Yes, it's him.
Anybody else home? Listen to her.
If it's not perfect, we'll all go down.
It won't happen.
The police.
I'm fed up with carrying him up and down.
Let's got to the bedroom.
Come close and you'll regret it.
Come on, Fran.
It looks fine.
Don't say anything to Mom.
It's for them, not for me.
We have a deeper connection.
If we got back together, it would be different.
- Why is he here? - Business.
- Go away or - Or what? You'll treat me like your father?