Welcome to the Family (2018) s01e13 Episode Script

Episode 13

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Come on, a bit of patience, guys.
Think of it as a school camp.
School camps have hot water.
Just so you know, I didn't have a shower.
Well, we'll warm up a bit and we're all set, come on! The melindros are ready.
Come on, everyone.
Breakfast time.
Fran, give me the Come on, Fran.
I'm going to bed, I didn't sleep well last night.
But, Fran, you love Sunday breakfast.
Breakfast, sure.
Technically this is not even chocolate.
No beds, the restrooms aren't restrooms and this isn't even a house.
Okay, Fran.
I know it's not easy, but can we be somewhat positive? And have breakfast like a normal family? This family has nothing normal about it.
Mom, don't move, okay? - Jeez - Why did you move? So, what's the story? What time are you coming for dinner, sweetheart? I don't even know if I can come, baby.
You're coming to stay, aren't you? I don't know.
My mother is not well, she's got gastric troubles.
Oh, please, Raül, what's not on is that you have to run over there for any old thing! Yes, but she's very old, and the poor woman only has me.
Well, I only tell you one thing, Raül, think about it, please.
Because soon, you'll be my husband and you'll have to choose between mom and me.
End of story! This is why I fell in love with you, this sense of humor of yours.
Yes, of course Isn't that Eduardo's Rolex? The Rolex? I don't know, could be.
Is it? I'll call you after the endocrinologist, - don't worry.
- Okay.
- They don't treat gastric problems.
- Of course.
- Bye! - Bye.
Ah, hello, darling.
Darling, it's been a while since we talked.
You go about your life without so much as a word to your mom Shall we spend the day together? We have to talk.
Well, then let's have a beer, come on! Mom, it's 11 a.
Well, we'll have some spirits, then! Some "free spirits", as we used to say.
Look I've been thinking, right? And I've decided that now that the others are no longer here, and that it's just you and me, alone Well, I'm not alone, sweetheart.
I have Raül.
Well, and you, of course.
Well, for that very reason I have decided to move to Eduardo's office.
Are you leaving me? No, I'm not leaving you.
I'll be on the other side of the garden, ok? My God, nobody cares about me, nobody - No drama, please! - No.
Wait, I need privacy.
Okay? And I think it will be good for us to have a bit of space, and enjoy being autonomous Listen, darling, I've been an "automaton" for many years now! No need to give me life lessons.
Look, mom Look, Raül.
I knew he'd come back.
Raül! Well, then, I'm going to do the moving, come on.
Lawyer, I knew you'd come back Oh! - Hi.
- Hi.
What's going on, kid? What do you want? What do I want? What do I want Really? You're asking me what I want? You know what I want.
I want this house, Victòria.
I grew up here and my father Father wanted to leave it to me, it belongs to me.
Oh, sweetheart, don't say that.
I can't do anything, love.
You've seen it, Marcos.
I'm sorry, son.
You've read the will, sweetheart I'm sorry, of course, Victòria.
And after speaking to my lawyers, I have decided I have decided to buy it, okay? But you know that it is not for sale.
The things you say, sweetheart I cannot help you.
This house is not for sale.
Oh, really? Not even for a million? - A million? - Fuck.
- In cash, right? - In cash, yes.
That's well over the market price.
Oh, it's just that But, no.
I won't sell it, I'm not interested.
No, love.
No, Marcos.
Victòria I'm not going to pay a single euro more.
- It's not the money.
Look, here - Look! Look.
You've already cheated this family enough, got it? Perhaps my father was old and you manipulated him, but you don't fool me, Victòria.
You don't fool me! Look, Marcos, I've had enough of this! Like it or not, I was your father's partner, his wife, who he married in Hawaii.
Your father and I loved each other, and we had a wonderful life in this house.
I'm not leaving.
Enough! Now you've heard it, so have some respect.
Think you can talk to me like that looking like the Prince of Beukelaer? And we should all do what you want? - What are you saying - No! Get out.
I don't want to see you.
Come on, out.
Go, get out.
And I'm not scared of you, I swear to you.
Leave! Good.
Good, Victòria, as you wish.
Aren't you scared of me? WELCOME TO THE FAMILY Let's see if you can put it in, David! - I'm black, I'm a champion at this.
- Yes Hey! Watch out! - You moved! - I didn't move! You don't know how, man! Go, Sareta.
Triple! Watch out for the counterattack, Sara García prepares to throw from the three-point line - Why are you always in the middle? - That's not a way to talk to your sister! She's not to blame for anything.
You're no-one to tell me how to behave with my siblings.
Fran, enough! Okay? I'll take this out and be back in a moment, before the kittens come.
Give me five! One, two, three, four, five Nando.
Ah, Fran Fran was fond of his father.
And I think that I think he always thought he would come back.
Yes, it's all good, no big deal.
He'll end up accepting it, you'll see.
Once we leave here, everything will be better, you'll see.
Marcos, what are you doing here? What are you doing here? Jeez How can you live with this stench? - We're homeless, where should we go? - That's what I want to say.
We can go somewhere a little more I don't know, more suitable? Can you take the children for a walk? Go.
Let's go.
- Sit, if you want.
- No, thanks.
Àngela Listen to me, you and I can't stand each other, right? We haven't talked to each other for years, and I hope it stays like this.
- Good, I agree.
- Very good.
But we cannot let a a lowly gold-digger steal what is mine, I mean, what is ours.
She already robbed us, you read it yourself.
That's it? So you give up? Do you expect to raise your children here? Well, what do you propose? I can't do anything more.
I have offered Victòria a million for the house.
What, a million? Do you want to buy the house for a million? I want it because it's mine.
And if I want it, I'll buy it.
- I always win.
- Yes.
The thing is, she's not giving in, get it? She's hiding something from us, we have to convince her to sell.
If I make her sell the house will you help me get back my old apartment? Can you convince her? She hates you and kicked you out of the house, didn't she? I know her very well, I lived with her.
We will find a way to make her accept.
It'll just take one little push.
Are you Are you saying that - we should kill her? - What Are you crazy, or what's wrong with you? No, of course.
No, that's it.
Would you do it? Obviously not, who do you take me for? Well, as long as you kick her out.
So, Àngela How much do you need for the flat? I need 150000 euros.
You need 150000 euros.
I didn't say it right, 180.
I see.
What do you think if we round it off at 200000? Much better.
Two hundred thousand euros.
But first, you must make the squatter sell the house to me, okay? Okay.
Meet you at the notary's.
Don't worry, everything will be fine.
Hey, listen Have you seen Mom lately? Yes, a few days ago.
How's she? You should visit her.
I see.
Yes, maybe I will.
But don't pay much attention, because she's a bit Angie, you know it's not your fault, right? I mean I don't know.
Mom has never been fine.
I was actually thinking, that one day I'll die like a little bird, and they'll find me after six months in a corner of the house, since I'll be living alone Mom, enough! The decision is made.
No one's going to die.
No, of course not.
They'll find me all petrified, a mummified little bird.
You'll see.
Àlex! Victòria! - Where is Àngela? - Miguelito! What are you doing here? Have you been discharged already? You look great! Yes.
Àngela! Where's he going? - What's going on with you? - Àngela! Miquel, Àngela isn't there, got it? - We argued and she left.
- What? But how can that be? Call her right now! Hey, do you want to have a drink and a little chat, darling? Marcos went to the police station with some questions he has.
Really? About me? No, about Eduardo.
He is beginning to suspect.
Okay It's all under wraps, isn't it? Did you cover for us? I covered for you so as to head off any investigation, but if someone opens one, there's a lot they'll find out! It's a plot this big, I tell you! We will all fall! You will fall, Àngela will fall and then I will too! Okay, look, what do you think Marcos knows? Wait a moment.
For now, he doesn't know much, right? But he's capable of anything.
I've known him since he was little.
I don't know, what do we do? We must call Àngela! Talk to her.
He's her brother, she'll know what to do! No, I won't do that, I'm sorry, but I won't talk to Miss Junkie.
- That's it, bye, my lovelies! - Mom We got no choice.
Victòria! Marcos is very dangerous.
He is capable of anything.
Trust me.
So? They bought it! Really? Of course, they did.
give me a reason not to hang up.
Not my problem.
I couldn't care less about my brother.
As if I were high? Listen, it was you who called me.
If you want anything, you know where we are.
Okay, I'll be waiting for you.
Oh, one thing.
Get rid of this cell phone.
They might be listening in.
Take that.
It worked.
Oh, thank you very much, Miquel, really.
I don't know how to thank you.
Àngela Not again, please, that's impossible.
Well, I don't Now I will be a father, you stay there and I'll stay here.
This is over for good.
We must bury it, got it? - Got it? - Yes.
Victòria is coming here, how are you doing? I don't understand why we have to clean up.
If the plan goes well, we will get out of here today.
I don't want Victòria to see that we're living like slobs, Sara.
Mom, a bit of bleach and this will look like a palace, believe me.
I don't understand why we're cheating them again, Mom.
They were treacherous enough to leave us out of the will.
We had a deal.
- Yes, but - And we will make them rich.
I don't know what else we can do! It's they who have to decide whether they want to sell or not, I'm sick of deceit and manipulations.
Don't complain, you'll see Àlex today.
- What a champion.
- Thanks.
Fran Don't be there if you don't want to.
Okay? I already know that you and Àlex have No.
Which Àlex? Which Àlex? No, I have gotten over all that about Àlex.
I simply don't want to keep on lying, Mom.
So, what do you want? To keep on sleeping in a tent and take three buses to get to school? We've got no choice, we only have one opportunity.
Hey! They're coming.
Give me that.
Do you want to go? No.
Everybody listen! We must act naturally.
Remember, Marcos was never here, and we know nothing about the offer.
We have no idea what they want.
And above all, we're very angry with them.
They left us out of the will, got it? - Understood? Really? - Got it.
Alright, go.
Act naturally.
But act naturally! Do something, I don't know, stuff.
Yes, things.
This shitty gravel I still have to change the cover, shit.
Well! That wasn't as horrible as we'd thought, was it? What do you want? Go ahead! Your brother is investigating us.
My brother? Why? How do you know? Miquel told us that Marcos went to the police with some questions.
Miquel? But has he recovered? Well, more or less.
David, take your sister to play in the park, please.
I always miss everything.
- Go.
- Come on, rocker, listen to your mother.
My brother is very dangerous.
When he gets a scent, he won't stop until he ferrets it out.
Fuck, so what should we do? I don't know.
He doesn't like to lose.
We have to make him feel like he has won something.
Like what? I don't know, but when the will was read, he was quite furious about the house, right? I'm going to clean up my tent.
About the house, that makes sense.
But Are you saying that if he recovers the house he'll stop investigating? Yeah, this doesn't make sense.
Come on, let's go.
You came to ask for advice, and I'm giving it to you.
If you don't like it, leave.
What do you want? Do you want us to give him the house? My brother is a businessman.
He'll prefer to make a deal than go to war.
Sell it to him.
How? All right why would he want to buy the house if he thinks he can just take it? Here we go, more guff from the Navarro factory.
I can't take it anymore.
Let's go, what a waste of time.
If I negotiate with him and get him to make you an offer, will you accept? - Yes, of course.
- No.
Over my dead body! And if he comes back, I swear, I'll call the police.
What? Marcos came home? What did he want? Nothing, to give us a pittance for the house, a million.
Let's go! A pittance? Christ! Mom! Fuck, I'll kill you.
Why didn't you tell me this? Look, I didn't tell you because I knew you'd want to sell it and leave me forever.
Mom also has her fears.
Of course I want to sell it, I don't want to end up in prison.
Victòria Accept it, or Marcos will destroy us.
I won't move from the house.
It's the only thing that I have left of Eduardo.
And, besides, his ashes, or what was left, with the canapés thing, you know what? I scattered them in the garden, and I don't want to be away from him.
I'm not going to allow you to endanger my family, for some ashes and a few memories.
Do you know what's wrong with you? You're very jealous of me.
And angry, because your father left me the house.
But what's wrong with you? Are you nuts? Don't you remember anything? It was Raül who conned us, you and Raül.
And what about you? You threw your father into the ravine, and then you put his ashes in salmon canapés.
Perhaps I'm a psychopath, but you are a fucking moron, thinking that angel Gabriel will come for his ashes.
That's what you are! Whether you like it or not the angel "Grabriel" will come.
Come on, let's go.
Come on.
Call your brother, Àngela.
We accept the offer.
Listen to me, I won't let this rabble We have a dead man tying us to this rabble, understand? Whether you like it or not, we in this are together, we came for help and they're helping us without asking anything of us.
I know they are a bit weird.
Okay? And they deceived us with that business with the corpse.
Among other things.
But I think deep down, they aren't bad people.
What happens is that we don't fit in.
If they convince Marcos, it would be fair to give them a share of the money.
No need Yes, we have to, Àngela.
We'll sell the house and move on from all this, please.
I will stay with you, okay? We will look for a new house, together.
It's Look, we'll meet at the notary.
And about the money, don't even think about it.
That would be the last straw.
Of course man, some little presents.
The last straw! You feel like a worm too, don't you? Fran! Fran! Leave him, he'll get over it.
My brother says it won't take long.
When the sale is confirmed that's the end of it.
What will you do with so much money? Well, Raül and I wanted to have a fancy wedding.
Very stylish, a medieval one.
With suits of armor, horses, 500 guests - Are you getting married? - Yes, we're getting married, darling.
You thought it was just a fling, like you and Nando.
No, sweetheart.
Nando and I are still together.
Although it is not easy.
Have you tried those blue pills? Your father and I No.
That's not the problem.
I'll shut up, then.
What is it? The children? Àlex is also She never accepted Eduardo, never.
We drifted apart.
A lot.
And now, she tells me she wants to come with me.
Well, it's out of pity.
- I think so.
- It's normal that Àlex wants to leave.
It's a natural process.
I don't know how you do it with three, I swear.
Mother of God, I have one, and I'm already flat out All moms are flat out, Victòria.
Well, that goes double for you with your weirdo kid.
Whether you like it or not, he needs special care, he'll always depend on you.
Fran is perfectly normal, maybe too much so.
One day he'll find a girl who sees his virtues, and will also start his own family.
Are you sure, Àngela? Look, maybe that blonde girl.
Yes, it's true, because that one was weird too.
They are no longer together.
Jeez, then, it looks grim.
Maybe with Àlex.
The girl with Àlex, the blonde? No.
With Fran.
Àlex with Fran, mother of God.
Can you imagine? Whose bright idea was that? I just Are you serious? - Yes.
- Oh, no, darling, that cannot be.
Oh, Àlex! She has very good taste, she's a sybarite, like me.
Of course, because I'm thinking Let's say if my daughter and son, were partners, you and me Well, we would all be family, right? Yes.
Look, it's not that I want it that way, I was asking out of curiosity.
I see.
- Did you come from the campsite by bike? - Yes.
May I come in? I have to talk to you.
Fran, I'd rather not, okay? - Àlex, I - What's that? Okay, no Don't sell the house to Marcos.
Why not? You said we should do it so he would stop investigating, right? No, Marcos is not investigating.
And what about Miquel? We sent him.
What? It was so you'd sell up and Marcos'd get the flat back for us.
I know it's shit, but think positive, that's why I'm telling you, - as you're still on time - Wait Did you just cheat us again? Again! I can't believe it.
Again? What about you? What the hell are you doing, man? Playing the good Samaritan, asshole! That's why I'm telling you, because because I want to do things right.
Ah, okay.
What do you think? That by saying this to me, it's all solved? Àlex, I know I screwed up, okay? It's just that, I don't know, I want to be fair with you this time.
Jeez, my star projector.
I was looking for that.
- Get the fuck out! - No, Àlex Get lost, Fran! - Please - Go back to the campsite! Jeez.
And take a taxi, you're not fit to go by bike.
I haven't got money for a taxi.
And no I don't want to go back.
- Got it? 20 euros.
- I don't want to go back there.
Scram! Here, here and here.
Good, not here on the side, okay? - No.
- Sometimes they're asking for it.
My pen got you.
Oh, now the phone Oh, look, it's your girl calling.
- I'll tell her the joke you told me.
- Yes, I already got it.
I cannot now, little girl.
Oh, she's so pushy sometimes! Sorry.
Àlex Dear Listen, let me tell you one thing let me talk first, come on, I'll tell you something that will make you happy.
Mom is letting you leave.
Fly bird, fly the nest! It's perfectly normal that you do.
Are you happy? Girl, you're never happy.
What? Are you sure? What's the matter, Victòria? - What? - Oh, mother of God.
- Are you okay? - Oh! Oh, dear Fucking bitch! Thief! You wanted to rob me again! Fucking whore! You wanted to cheat me again! You deserve it! You got rich at my expense! Rich! Oh, it hurts! She's biting me! You drunken pig! - It hurts! - What's going on here? Hey! What's the hell? - What a rabble! - You took my eye out, fucking bitch! The deal is off! Stick the money up your ass! What? No, wait.
Àngela! I've tried everything with this woman! What more can I do? - Yes, but no! - It's beyond me You cannot leave, we have a deal.
- You have to do something! - Yes.
Get my children out of that crap camping-site, that's what I'm going to do.
I've never seen a family like this one, really.
I'm sorry about the house.
Well, here, you have a copy of your father's documentation.
The farewell letter, the will and I will send you the bill.
Bill? What? Nobody pays the bills here? Fran, It's Mom again.
I know what happened, and I promise that I'm not angry, but, please call me.
I'm very worried, I love you.
What? Have you found him? He's not in the campsite, he took the bike.
The bike, Fran? Yes, but don't worry.
We've called the hospitals, no news of him.
And are you sure he was the one who snitched on us? Yes, he told Àlex everything, but it's my fault, I ignored him, I didn't listen and I screwed up again! Don't worry.
- We'll find him, it's okay.
- We'll find him, come, let's go.
Nando, go to Victòria's and talk to Àlex, maybe she knows something.
- Perfect.
- If I were you, I'd avoid Victòria.
I see.
And you two come with me to the planetarium.
- Well, I'm going to the restroom.
- Okay.
- I'll go with her, okay? - Perfect.
Listen, Àngela.
It's just I've been thinking and I believe I think Fran is this way because of us, right? Maybe we should go back to normal until we get all this done.
We have been in-laws for a long time, and it worked for us, right? Thanks, Nando.
Hello, I'm home.
I spent the night in court, I'm exhausted.
But you still haven't made my lunch, Mom? Please, it's 2.
00 pm.
Don't give me an hour if you cannot make it.
My God, how can one just not keep simple time! Did you buy the cream for the rash? Where were you? Bring the skin-cream over.
- My foot is itching, you have to put it - Baby! - What? - You have a client.
- Oh, good.
- He must be someone very important.
- A client? - Yes.
- Go, get out of here! - Do you know each other? - Yes, leave.
- Alright.
Àngela's brother.
And Eduardo's son.
There is a spelling mistake.
Of course, typewriters don't have spellcheckers.
When I was eight years old, I wrote a poem to my father.
And had the bad luck to make a punctuation error.
He hit me so hard on the head with a ruler that it broke.
It was one of the old wooden ones.
I know it isn't evidence before a jury, but this wasn't written by my father.
And it is evidence in my eyes.
And I won't stop until I get to the bottom of the matter.
I have power, I have money and I always win.
I see.
What are you insinuating? My father didn't sign this will.
You killed him to take his money.
You couldn't be further from the truth! Look, you have two ways to face this: as an accomplice or as a victim of deception.
It's up to you.
Are you asking me to betray my Victòria? Bring me evidence incriminating her, and I will make you look like the hero who uncovered the plot.
Everything all right? The poor lady, don't you think? It would break her heart to have her only son in prison, and that's if the judge doesn't convict her as well.
Get in.
I have a video of a hidden camera on my computer.
No, don't make any noise, please.
It's better that you stay here.
Please don't.
It's just that They'll catch us, please.
Do you take me for an idiot? No.
If they see you, they'll ask questions.
- Really? - Yes.
So be it.
They have no escape, do they? No.
I think my computer is I left it here.
Fran, I told you I don't want What? Did Fran come here? Yes, he did.
Did he tell you everything? He told me that you guys are bastards.
Bye! Bye! Do you know where he's gone? He may have run away from home, Àlex.
Run away from home? He is 24 years old.
I don't know, I gave him money to take a taxi.
He didn't want to go back to that shitty campsite.
How much did you give him? I don't know, 20 euros.
He wouldn't go too far with that.
Sure he's okay, right? He must be hiding somewhere, to wait until it all blows over.
As usual.
- Àlex.
- Fuck! Àlex Àlex, listen, Fran is no longer a wimp who avoids problems.
Fran has proved himself these days.
It's true.
Now he is a manipulator and a liar.
Just like you all.
Like us, no.
- Oh, really? - No, he told you.
He told us everything, Àlex, and there're very few who would do that.
You've seen where we live, right? Now imagine Fran there for two months.
I know Fran doesn't like me, I know.
But, look, he's is the kindest of all of us.
He did what he thought was right, he always does.
- Did you buy an Audi? - What? What is Àngela's brother doing here? - Where is the video? - I don't know, it must be Look, in one of these hard drives.
That's a joke, isn't it? No.
My mother took care of it, but you know those retirees, they don't have time for anything.
Dorado If all this is a trap, I swear to you No.
What is he doing here? Listen, I told you I didn't want to do business with you, dear, the numbers don't add up.
What is he doing here, man? Darling, he came because I have to show him some tricks on my computer.
Yes, videos of magic tricks.
This man wants the house and I'm not selling it.
You're not selling it? Of course, and you know why? Because you're giving it to me.
You can go get dressed.
Listen, Raül, say something, please.
Should I say it to him in Chinese? In Chinese, you pain in the ass? My darling.
My mother cannot go to prison.
Now, what does your mother have to do with this? Why should she go to prison? - Why, tell me? - It's a bit complicated.
Why, Victòria? But what did you do to him? Darling, I'm doing it for my mother.
You too! I'll protect you, Marcos! - Give me that! - Get away, for fuck sake! But what - What are you doing here? - Run! He has given him the evidence.
Nando, don't let him leave.
You're a traitor.
No, Marcos.
Marcos, stop, don't.
Get away, for fuck sake! - Nando, stop him! - Where do you think you're going? Goddammit Hey, Àngela! They No, they.
They killed our dad, and I have the evidence, look.
- We can't let him walk out of here.
- Do you hear what I'm saying? They killed No No You? Was it you? Did you kill our dad? No, he died of a heart attack.
I only came to ask for money, but, Marcos, things sometimes don't go as we expect.
Dammit All of it, isn't it? All this is your fault, all this is your doing.
- You are a fucking monster, Àngela.
- No.
I'm just a mother who wants the her best for her family, okay? Give me that.
Give me that, Victòria, don't touch me - Give me that.
- Take it.
Come on, boy, don't play with me, give me that.
Hey, beautiful girl, what's up? Aren't you - Sara.
- Sara.
You know, I'm your uncle.
- You don't want your uncle to - I just have one uncle.
Damn! Àngela, come on, Àngela, give me that.
Come on! No, wait! Just a second! Don't do anything rash.
- We can fix it.
Give it to me.
- Don't move an inch.
You are not a criminal, you know that? You are not a criminal.
You know what? You are a mother who is subject to the pressure of this rabble.
Look, listen, we will say that you were threatened, that's it.
Do you know what's on the recording? I've seen it, you're not on it.
You, hey! You're not either, you're not on it.
Do you know who is? Them.
They're on it.
Angie, it's their word against ours, that's it! There are more of us, okay? And we're more powerful.
Don't count on me.
I didn't count on you, idiot.
They fooled you, can't you see? You've been cheated.
And they made you live in a shitty campsite, Àngela.
They don't care about you at all, you see? Look, I I'm not like Father.
No Father I wouldn't leave you homeless.
Àngela, I promise.
Angie, we are family.
Now this is my family.
No, don't.
No! - Motherfucker! - Stop! - And you, clown, what's wrong with you? - What are you doing to him? Hey, you! Fish-breath.
This guy is my uncle.
Fran! Fran, are you okay? You don't know what you have done You didn't even hurt me, weirdo.
You screwed up.
You've really done it.
You screwed up.
I'll be after you like a hound from hell, and I won't give up until I see each one of you in prison, do you hear me? Watch out for me.
Watch what, Marcos? Watch what? Look at us.
We are stronger and more united, and we will protect ourselves just as we have always done, idiot! Àngela I always win.
Keep that in mind.
I always win.
- But you think that - Are you okay? One day you look around and realize that you've started your own family.
And no, it's not like the ones on the TV.
Would you like something to drink, love? Yes, bring me a little whiskey, please.
A whiskey Perhaps some of its members are not the kindest, but they have love to give.
Champion! Others may never be the life of the party, but you'll want to keep them close when the rest of the guests leave.
Hey, Nando! - How are you? - What's up? Do you need some help with anything? And others may be an unremitting disaster, but they're always there when you need them, and you can do nothing but fall spell to their charms.
But one thing is clear: nothing can prevent me from loving you like crazy, - even if you are very different.
- How are you? No matter how hard they make it for us.
Listen, I wanted to tell you that I feel sorry that in the end Yes.
Don't worry.
- Really? - Yes.
And I too I'm sorry for No.
- Yes - Not because, it's ok - I see.
- In the end Everything all right? Yes.
I'll go get a tray.
- But it's not necessary, mom.
- Yes, it is.
Because in the end, family is the most important thing.
Who is the whiskey for? Oh, thanks! And, as The Three Musketeers said, it's about being "all for one and one for all".
We must stand together for good times, but most of all, for the bad, when threats from the past are ready to destroy everything that has cost us so much to build.