Welcome to the Family (2018) s01e12 Episode Script

Episode 12

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES David! David! What are you doing? We are at a funeral! I know, but I feel happy.
- It's over! Can we - No, it's not over yet.
We've still got the ceremony, the reading of the will Seriously? You too? We are at a funeral.
Stop, put the picture in its place.
And you For once in your life, could you listen to me? Has anyone noticed that we're at a funeral? Àlex! Can you help me with this, please? Excuse me! Excuse me! Excuse me! - Is this the funeral of Eduardo Navarro? - Yes, it is.
I came to show you the caskets.
Oh, the caskets, of course.
WELCOME TO THE FAMILY As you can see, we have a wide variety of caskets, for the remains of your dear departed.
- Good.
- Different materials, colors and designs.
We have every casket that's on the market.
- My condolences to you.
- Thanks, dear.
- Want to have a look? - Yes.
Let's see: the Meseta model, the Cana, the Gaudí.
Don't much like the Samsara.
Here, this one.
This one? A great choice.
- Is it? - Yes.
Ten thousand euros for a casket? It's one of the bests we have, it's gold-plated.
- It is very classy.
- Thanks.
Yes Victòria, we cannot afford this.
Really? And what can we afford? A crap casket? Don't you have a cheaper one? Yes, well, we also have caskets for 100 euros, - but - I'm embarrassed, come on! We also have biodegradable ones, where our late beloved can be turned into a plant: a thyme, a rosemary - Yes, a Pothos.
Come on, man, please.
- No, we don't work with Pothos.
Wait a minute, let me tell you one thing: Eduardo, my husband, was a Catholic, and, how shall I put it Well, Catholics like gold, not plants.
- A decent and God-fearing man.
- We cannot afford the one you want.
We don't have the money.
But we will.
I told you that we cannot do it.
And I tell you that you cannot go dressed like a man.
End of story! What does that have to do with anything? Nothing, I know, but I've been thinking and perhaps now is the moment to tell you.
No! - Could you give us a minute, please? - Yes.
- Yes, please.
- Thanks.
We are not arguing, it's just that sometimes these - Of course - It's a figure of speech.
- Victòria, please.
- Yes.
- Guests will arrive soon.
- Yes.
We have to hold the funeral and read the will.
Then, we can finally go back to our lives, and this'll all be over.
Can we make it easy? Easy, yes, but not cheap, Àngela.
Let's see, it is also true the real Eduardo is buried in the garden.
Yes, that's true.
Well, since we've been so generous by burying Eduardo in the garden Alright, I give in! We'll buy him a poor man's casket.
Well, Victòria, it's true that we must make it look like my father's ashes are in there.
And it's true that to make it convincing we must buy a casket that is - beautiful.
- Worthy of him.
- Yes, but not for ten thousand euros! - No.
- A nice one, but not very expensive.
- Alright, but neither are we buying him a, well a shoe box, a sunflower-seed carton - No.
- You see? - Come, let's choose one together.
- Come on.
This one.
The Fenice.
I don't like it.
I don't like it at all.
- Why? - Well, no! - "Verneda" sounds like a TV presenter.
- I want it in silver.
One of the oval ones, with my father's name and the dates on it.
- I'll make sure it's okay when it arrives.
- Alright, you'll have it soon.
Have you already chosen it? We haven't seen one yet.
But we're picking one out between us.
The deal is, I'm paying so I'm choosing.
- When will the notary read the will? - Now.
- He's coming to the funeral.
- Good.
After reading the will you're all to get going.
Enjoy the last hours in the house.
Jeez, he's even nastier than your father! He's an asshole.
You aren't doing it right, you have to do it from the outside.
- Do you want to do it yourself, smartass? - No.
Stop it.
Hello! - Hey.
- My love! - What's up? - I'm good, - and you? - Good.
Yes? - You look very handsome.
- Oh, thanks.
It's too early for the guests to arrive.
But I'm already part of the family, right? You already know, Àlex.
The this is my I'm Nando, his uncle.
Yes, this is my brother.
- Yes, David.
- Yes.
We've already met, he's very nice.
Yeah? He looks like you.
It's a joke, I see you're black.
At least she's in a good mood, because to be with Fran You need a sense of humor to wear such a dress to a funeral.
No, she's joking, you look great in this dress.
No Maybe she's right, I don't know, I don't like to wear black - I screwed up, didn't I? - You didn't, Paula.
Really, you're perfect.
Huh, Àlex? Àlex! Perfect for a children's party, not for a funeral, right? - Àlex, please.
- What? I'm just saying what we're all thinking, right? Jeez, man, the state of us! I'll go check on her.
Holy fuck! What's wrong with you? Why did you say that to Paula? She's devastated.
Oh, what a drama! It's not my fault your girlfriend is so sensitive, okay? Why are you so rude? With me, it's okay, but with her? Now I'm rude with you.
Yes, you are rude with everybody, Àlex.
I'm not saying that I'm special.
Because you are not! Get out of my room! - What's wrong with you? - Nothing, you're a pain! There's something wrong, look at you.
- Do you want to know what's wrong? - Yes.
Look, I don't want to see you or even think about you anymore, idiot! Think of me? What do you think of me I like you! Okay? What? That you like me? Yes, I like you! Are you deaf or what's wrong, man? But you always say that I'm a fucking weirdo.
Because you are, but they're not mutually exclusive, get it? And Since when do you like me? I don't know.
Because one just knows these things, right? - I don't know.
- Well, think, Àlex.
Well, what about you? - What? - When did you start liking me? Huh? Tell me.
Who told you that I like you? When you made me fucking dinner under the stars and it was beautiful.
No I don't know which dinner you're talking about.
Aw, fuck.
Fran? No Is everything alright? Yes, I'm coming down.
Are you leaving? I - Are you coming down or what? - I'm coming.
Really? My girlfriend is calling me.
What? And how is Fran's girlfriend? Well, like weird.
- Yes? - Yes, she's very expressive? Is that a good thing? If Fran likes it, sure.
I don't want him to suffer.
If it doesn't hurt, - it's not love.
- No Listen to this: Do you think Marcos knows that his father left everything to him? Definitely.
Surely they talked about it.
I I don't know I've got a bad feeling.
Why? What can go wrong? - It's us Everything can go wrong.
- Yeah? Yes.
- No.
- Yes.
Jeez! Could you stop a little bit? We're at a fucking funeral.
Yes, you're right, sweetheart.
No, man, it's a joke.
And the funeral is a real thing.
I mean, people are coming in.
And who's seeing them in? Raül Dorado, "the Best Lawyer".
Please, welcome, good morning.
Have a good day! Raül Dorado, "the Best Lawyer".
Make yourself comfortable.
Raül Dorado.
Do you want to take a card? Think of a number from one to ten.
- Thank you very much, welcome.
- Can we talk for a moment, please? Yes, of course.
What are you doing here? Helping you.
By the way, my mother has prepared you some canapés.
And her condolences.
And I really appreciate it.
Do you? But it's better the notary doesn't see you.
Let alone my brother.
Do you understand? Yes, perfect.
- You got it? - Perfectly.
- Do you? - Magic goes by only one name, and that's Victòria Argenter.
Raül, today I cannot.
Today I have to mourn my husband.
That's true.
But you and I have to talk about one little thing.
Can't it wait? I guess so, yeah.
Tomorrow will be a new day.
A day for the living.
Today's protagonists are the dead.
Victòria, you turn me on.
Sorry for your loss, Victòria.
I feel it as if my own husband had died.
Well Yes, but you know what? It was my husband, darling.
And I miss him so much.
Eduardo I loved you, I love you and I will love you.
Thank you, everyone, for coming.
This woman is such an actress.
Do you want us to go on with our investigation? Shall we go to the bedroom? Poor Eduardo.
Àlex has professed her love! To whom? There're only old men here.
To me! - No - Yes! How did it happen? What did she say? Well We kissed each other, but such a kiss! No.
David, stop it, jeez! You little fuck! What's your problem, man? Paula? Wh Paula I'm dating Paula, man.
And Paula is great, isn't she? - She's smart, pretty.
- Yes.
- A good person.
- A good person, yes.
- It's the first thing that came to mind.
- But, Àlex she's the one.
- She's the one, yes.
- No, I mean Do you get my point? Àlex is the one.
Well, if she's not fooling us, she's the one, right? She's the one.
Thanks, David, that's a great help.
A lot.
- But, but I didn't do anything.
- Yes, you did.
You little fuck! The notary.
- Well, here I go.
- Come on.
Good morning, I'm the notary.
What's going on? What are you laughing at? What? Do you think it's funny? That our Dad is dead? What? - No, of course not.
- No? Well, after this little contretemps, look, here is the notary.
We will read the will after the ceremony.
Her dad already told me about her.
When was that? Two days ago.
No, wait a moment You saw my dad two days ago? It's a shame what happened to him.
He looked full of life.
Really full of life, in fact.
What did my father talk about? Of the inheritance, of course.
He came with his lawyer.
That's impossible.
His lawyer is a friend of mine, and he's abroad right now.
Did you know anything about it? Me? Do you think he told me all about his affairs? But surely Since you were in Boston, he got a different lawyer.
Lately, he did some strange things.
And you talked about the inheritance? Yes, but we can talk about it later.
The canapés look delicious.
- Fran - Yes.
Would it turn you on to do it at your grandfather's funeral? No.
It's just that You miss him.
That's normal, it's your grandfather.
I understand completely.
- Yes - It's a pity that he met such an end.
I would have liked to do his makeup, he had good skin.
- Of course, I would not have charged you.
- Paula Are you ok? No.
You look so beautiful, E.
T! You are nervous! It's alright, Fran.
I'm here with you.
- I want to be with you to the end! - Yes? - Forever? - Forever, love.
Not forever.
It's normal that at a burial you think of life and death, - and that time is ephemeral, but - Yes We can be together for as long as we want.
Live every day as if it was the last.
- Live every moment, carpe diem.
- Yes.
- That's my motto! - Good motto.
Another motto of mine is, "Don't count your chickens until" Paula, jeez! Please Sorry, Paula, please.
May I speak please? Yes.
Of course.
My love.
It's just that I don't know how to say it.
We haven't known each other long.
Are you leaving me? - What? - You're leaving me at your grandfather's funeral? - Well it's mine, not yours, right? - Yes.
But why? Is it because of the dress? No.
The dress is fine.
So? - I'm so sorry.
- Yes Let it out.
- Who's that? - No idea.
- Guys, we're in trouble.
- What's the matter? - Leo is there.
- I'm sorry? What is he doing here? He's talking to everyone as if he was part of the family.
If he does Eduardo again, I'll kill him.
Why is he talking to the notary? I'll kill him.
Hello, my lovelies! Careful! Want to tell me what you're doing here? What am I doing? The man I played has died, my inspiration, my light, my guide.
I had to say goodbye to him.
Don't you understand that the notary cannot see you? Because of you, all we've done and achieved, is going down the drain! Are you kidding? He didn't recognize me.
How didn't he recognize you? Is he daft? - Hey.
- I said no, silly! - And I'm a professional.
- Come on.
- Leo, calm down.
- No! I'm sick of you questioning me.
You know, I haven't been able to sleep, because I don't know if I should say it, but Since Miquel didn't see me as Eduardo, I have this anguish within me for having failed to portray the character well, and I needed to get over it to be myself again.
I can't believe it.
Why do we get all the nutcases? - What did you call me? - She didn't say anything.
Say it to my face, trickster! What did he call me? Trickster? Look! I'll tell you one thing: I'm seeing red here.
- I warned you, Leo! - Well, welcome to my world.
Could you both calm down a bit, please? He may be right, he didn't recognize him.
Of course.
The guy is talking on the phone, he seems nervous.
With whom? He didn't recognize me I cannot talk, I'm at a funeral Look, Leo, it's very important, do you understand? What did you both talk about? Of course, as if I had something to say to you.
We know it, Leo.
We know it, we agree and it's true.
You are the best actor in the world.
Isn't he? Yes.
The best actor in the fucking world.
So, tell me.
Oh, you see, I will say it to you because you are the coolest, because there's someone here who will not be on the guest-list for my birthday.
Come on Well look, I got in and went to the table - Yes.
- where the canapés were.
I start eating some canapés - Good.
Go on! - And we looked at each other.
And I asked him: "Does this have gluten?" Because, my character is a celiac.
I cannot believe this, just kill me right now! Wait a sec.
And what did he say? "I don't know what's up with gluten.
" Hold it.
"I don't know what's up with gluten.
" Nice, that's good.
I mean, by: "I don't know what's up with gluten.
" I mean, "I don't know this man.
" And what did you say? "Well, I can see that, look at yourself", because, of course, he didn't stop eating canapés, my character is direct and plain of speech regardless of whom it hurts We better leave before the notary calls the police.
- Seriously, do you still doubt me? - Of course! One moment, Àngela.
We still don't know anything.
We don't know for sure whether he recognized him or not.
Seriously? - Yes.
- Just stay calm, we've got a visitor.
Jeez! What now? Well, just a moment.
Let's see what he wants, okay? Come on.
Leo, stay here and don't move.
Not for anything in the world, - okay? - Don't worry.
Thanks, dude.
Sara, who was that man? From the funeral home.
He brought our grandfather's remains.
This is my dad.
His ring.
It didn't burn.
Victòria cannot see this.
No, she can't see that.
She'll know this is Eduardo, got it? - Shall we hide it in the kitchen? - Yes, good idea.
And put the ashes in the new casket we bought, okay? - Okay.
Cool, let's go.
- Come on.
Nando - Don't worry, okay? - Yes.
Make Leo go and don't let anyone see him.
I'll talk to the notary.
Hope everything is alright.
May I know where has the priest gone? - Calm down.
- Yes.
Calm down.
What's this? Nothing.
Personal effects of the guy we threw over the cliff.
- Right, little Sara? - Yes.
It seems that he had an ugly watch that didn't burn.
- Very ugly.
- Alright.
Did they believe it was Eduardo's? That's what it looks like.
Alright, how do we put it on without giving the game away? With a spoon, maybe? Yes, as if it was sugar.
- Come one, let me do it.
- Yes? Come on.
How sad to end up like this, in a cheap pot.
You know what? It will not happen to me, because I'm immortal.
Well, you never know.
One day you're a famous writer and the next day you no longer exist.
That's correct.
You no longer exist.
Like Mom and Nando, one day they're in-laws, the next, a couple.
I mean It's really crazy - No - Yes I knew it, they are together! Yes! How could you not tell me anything? Do you know how much I wanted that? I see.
They told me not to say it, and I cannot, I promised them.
You cannot say anything, you know how Fran is.
He cannot know.
- Okay, I won't say a word.
- Okay? Lucky I'm black, because Hey, have you seen Àlex? I have no fucking idea.
- What's that? - Nothing.
Nothing? What Is that Eduardo? Do you want a canapé? David, that's not funny, we have to throw this away It's amazing how these people eat They even went without breakfast so as to stuff themselves here.
- No, at - No No, these aren't great.
Easy, you brats! My mother is a canapé artist.
Have you tried smoked salmon? No! I was saying it had a burnt smell.
Caprice des Dieux.
Look, nothing to see here.
Most of our grandfather is on David.
Sara, don't say that, jeez! I have no time for this.
I need to talk to Àlex.
- Yes, thanks for coming.
- Thank you.
CAN I SEE YOU? IN EDUARDO'S OFFICE? What's up? Are you having fun? Well, it's a funeral.
Yes, well, of course, it's just that he doesn't know anyone.
- No, I don't know anyone.
- No.
But I've seen someone who looks familiar.
Have you? To me, people always look familiar and I know nothing about them! Isn't that No, it isn't.
You see? It also happens to me, it's just that Excuse me.
Can you tell me where the priest is? No idea.
I'd like to know, he should be here by now.
Jeez, I want all this to be over.
Yes, me too.
You have no idea.
- Want some? - No, I don't smoke.
Don't you? You don't smoke? No, I stopped when I left.
- Oh, how curious.
- Yeah.
I started when you left.
Yes? Well, I I quit when I got pregnant and Wait.
You think we're sharing an intimate moment between siblings, do you? Because we're not.
That's not true.
I don't care about your six pregnancies It was only two Or how screwed up your life is, got it? I don't want to know anything.
No, wait, I do.
Where is the priest? Why don't you do something useful and call him? - Àngela.
- I can't I can't stand him, just can't deal.
Well, then get ready.
We have a problem.
- What's the matter? - Leo - What? - He's not at the gym.
- How come? - No, I don't know.
Maybe he left.
Oh, I can't believe it, no.
What if we go inside? Good.
Okay, then let's go.
Look, that's the man I know.
Who? Hello, motherfucker.
Excuse me? Yes, before, when we were talking, I thought: "Is it him or not?" Yes, it's you, couldn't be any other.
Champion, you're a champion.
But, do we know each other? "Do we know each other?" Well, of course, you know me, champ! Come on, don't make me say where we met, you already know.
- Soccer? - Soccer! Soccer, yes! We met at soccer.
Believe it or not, he's a wizard with the ball.
Wizard I do my thing, but You call it your thing, but I call it pure virtuosity.
Oh, thank God, the priest.
Good, great, then let's start.
Come, let's go, Ivan.
Ivan? I'm not Ivan.
Ivan, no.
Who said Ivan? No, I said Soliman, Soliman, "The Magnificent".
As we all call you at soccer.
- The Magnificent? - The Magnificent.
- Really? - Yes Holy shit, The Magnificent.
Come on.
I could kill him.
What are you doing here? Get out, David.
What are you saying? I have to change, clean this up.
Àlex is about to arrive.
Àlex? So, you left Paula.
Well done! Hey, but don't forget the master, who helped you conquer Àlex! In the end, it was pretty much her doing.
Really? All hers? I gave you good advice about the ladies, didn't I? Well, no not that good.
If Àlex is free, it's because I convinced you to send her the photos of asshole Dídac with his lover.
Didn't I? And that's why she's free and you can fuck her.
You're welcome.
What? Did you do that? I'm late.
Bye, all.
Yes, get out of here, David! Yes, absolutely.
Did you send me the photo of Dídac? But how could you do something like that? You know? I thought you were different! I'm so stupid, and this is what I get! Wait, I didn't want to.
I thought about it and then I did it, yes, but I seriously regret it.
In fact, I felt so bad that I helped Dídac to win you back.
You helped him to do what? I mean I can't believe it.
Àlex, I'm sorry.
Look, I made a mistake, understand? I fucked up, you're right, but But now I've gone and left Paula.
And what do you want me to do? Thank you for it? No, I just want you to to give me the chance to show you that I'm not like this.
Right now, I don't know who you are.
The person I thought you were, now I know you're not.
- Àlex - Don't touch me.
Àlex, I don't think it's fair.
I mean I did all this because I care about you.
Yeah, surely, Fran.
You did it for me and not for yourself.
Well, yes.
I felt bad because you were with someone who cheated you, because I think you deserve much more.
- Yes.
- Yes.
I deserve much more.
And for that reason, you and I cannot be together.
You are the first to cheat.
"In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.
The Lord is my shepherd.
I shall not want.
He maketh me to lie in green pastures, he leadeth me to still waters, and" What's that word? My glasses.
Not those ones! Forget it.
We gather here today to bid farewell to Eduardo Giménez Gil - Eduardo Navarro Gil.
- Yes.
Eduardo was a good person.
A good person, a good one.
He was a noble and humble person who did well by his friends He always wanted to help others.
Who is he talking about? I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say that we will miss him.
If anyone wants to say something Maybe his wife? No.
I am too distressed, I can't.
I can't, son.
- I do.
- Adela Adela! Excuse me.
Hello everybody.
Thanks for coming.
I'm Adela, his neighbor, or, as I like to think, his soulmate, yes.
Well, I wanted to say a little something about Eduardo.
What we have lived can never be lost, and everything we love deeply becomes a part of us.
Good bye, Eduardo.
Look, I was feeling a bit shook, but I'm better now.
As you all know, Eduardo was my husband.
Many people wondered why he was with me.
It's true, Eduardo was an upright man, an intelligent man, and look, I did what I could, okay? But Eduardo wasn't perfect, because look at him now, he's dead, as we'll all be one day.
Today, Eduardo has taught us that we are all imperfect.
That is, we're all equals.
I know that the emptiness in my heart can never be filled by anyone else.
But I would also like to thank Eduardo because he has left me with a wonderful family.
Eduardo goodbye, my love, and thanks.
Thanks forever and ever.
Thank you very much.
Before, I forgot something, a small gesture for Eduardo.
I wanted to sing a song.
A farewell song.
You can sing along if you like, or not.
Do as you please.
If you don't feel like it, don't.
Come on.
One, two, three It's time for farewells And we have to say goodbye Come on, you know this one.
And take each other by the hand, even if you don't like each other.
Brothers, give me your hands As a token of love, as a token of peace It is not the last goodbye It's just for now We will form a circle again And may it be wider then.
- Thank you.
You're very cute.
- I'm sorry.
- Well.
Oh, yes, the reminder.
Come on.
- Thanks.
It looks like dry sausage from Vic.
That's a reminder, but now that I think about it, you don't need it, since you have Eduardo in your heart Go, get a move on, now! Go.
We can't leave it like this, can't you see? It was this woman.
You know it, I know it.
Pere, please.
Could you stop thinking about yourself and comfort me a bit? Adela.
Come on, leave it, I'll do it.
You must go to the notary, Àngela.
Oh, yes, the notary.
Oh, I cannot believe this is over.
We actually did it.
The children will need therapy forever, but yes.
We did it.
Now we'll get the apartment back.
Oh, yes, the apartment.
Right? And what else? The bed Everything that belongs to us.
Fran! - Fran! - Hey! We're waiting for you, Àngela.
You always have to make a fuss, don't you? Calm down.
You go with him, okay? I'll take care of Fran.
- I'll talk to him.
Okay? - Alright.
- Go now.
- Good.
Fran, can we talk? What do you want to talk about? My uncle and my mother being together? Is that what you want to talk about? Can we go somewhere else? My uncle and my mother are it's like And what am I supposed to call you? - Come on, please.
- "Uncle"? "Dad"? Or a mix, "Duncle", doesn't sound good.
See? That's why we didn't want you to know.
I'd make you a scene, right? - Because I'm crazy.
- Can we calm down? No, because I'm crazy, Nando.
Well, do you know what I'm not? A fucking liar, like you! You're a fucking liar! You told me that my father would return.
You told me, you promised me.
Because I thought he would.
I just couldn't believe he wouldn't want to come back.
I couldn't live without you all.
I see, that's why you stayed to fuck my mom.
And you, what are you looking at? You're eating Eduardo! In that canapé.
- Don't shout.
- Don't touch me! Sorry, he's a bit nervous.
I'm not nervous, I know a lot All of you have eaten Eduardo.
I know very well what I'm saying.
Well, then let's begin.
"With the agreement of the notary, Mr.
Joan Torras" Oh, look, his name is Joan.
Go on, it's "With office in Barcelona, license number 7834, we hereby proceed to read the will and last testament of Mr.
Eduardo Navarro.
I, Eduardo Navarro Gil, in full possession of my mental faculties, and sufficient legal capacity, I hereby state my will to leave all my property and belongings, including the family house to my dear wife, Victòria Argenter.
" - What? - But what is all this? - What? - I'm sorry, but that's what it says.
But what did you do, Victòria? You manipulated my father, for sure! Listen, what's happening? Come on, don't scare me! What's up? You're getting everything! That's what's up! Did he leave everything to me? Don't play the fool, Victòria! Listen, I swear on my mother's life that I cannot do it any other way.
- That's incredible.
But this isn't over.
- Of course not! You knew that he wanted to leave it all to me.
- Yes.
- I see you.
Did you manipulate him? You made him change the will.
Didn't you? This isn't over.
Christ, I'll find out Victòria Listen, Marcos.
What does this mean? Please, I didn't know anything! Àngela! Àngela, come on.
Man, there's been some kind of a mix-up here.
Àngela, let's talk! Listen, are you sure you read it right, Mr.
Joan? No It was you! Love of my life, what are you doing? I want to hit you but I don't want to hurt myself.
It was you.
- Yes.
- And you say it all so calmly, don't you? The nerve of you! This wasn't the plan! We had to split everything between us, for God's sake.
Àngela will think that I deceived her or something, please.
Now, why do I say "something", if I've never said that before in my life? See what you're doing to me? Victòria It's my wedding gift.
But, my little springtime flower, the gift is not money, but power.
Power? Listen to me: a good magician always has to be one step ahead.
Look, I'll tell you something, Raül.
No magic now.
- I'm sick of magic.
- Listen to me.
It's a figure of speech, I just mean now you have the power.
You can do whatever you want.
You want to share the money, do it.
You want everything, keep it.
You're the best of them all, you'll do what is right.
- You're a goddamn moron.
- Victòria Well, listen, we have to do it this way and no more about it.
We have to give her share to Àngela.
- Good.
- That girl has treated me very well.
- She did what I wanted.
All right.
- Momma, wait.
What? Where's Fran? No? Have you seen Àlex? - Where's Fran? Is he okay? - No.
- We must find Àlex before - Good Lord.
Okay, too late.
How could you? How could I what? Àlex told me that Fran told her that you cremated Eduardo? You idiot, are you crazy or what? But why did you tell her, are you nuts? And why didn't you tell me about these two? That's a different story, idiot.
- Don't insult him! - Will you both stop? - You shut up, Nando.
- Don't talk to him like that.
- Alright, stop! - You promised me! - You all promised me.
- Victòria, we had no choice! There's always a choice, Àngela.
My only choice has always been to protect my family.
Really? And mine isn't, right? Your family? So your father wasn't either? Very well, it's clear to me.
How awful! Sweetheart, now what will the angels do? What will they find when they come to pick up his soul? Are you serious, Victòria? That's what worries you most? The angels? - Hey! - Well, yes.
Quiet! I didn't want to have him cremated! You knew it, and I trusted you! - You want to talk about trust, you and I? - Yes.
You and your boyfriend, you played it perfectly.
You got everything.
They got everything.
- What? - What are you thinking? That I knew about it? No, darling, I'm not like you.
- I didn't know anything, okay? - It's true.
She didn't know anything.
But why did you do it? I told you the first day that I was "the Best Lawyer".
What a champ! - No, sweetheart, no flowers now.
- Good.
I didn't know anything about it.
I wanted to share everything, with you.
Here Now I don't know what to say.
It's clear that you're a much better person than I am.
- Thanks.
- No, but you didn't understand me.
I wanted to share everything, with you.
As you said, we're not family, are we? You take care of your family, and I will mine.
You're not leaving us anything? No! You did it to yourself.
And now, leave this house.
I want you out! - But Victòria, where do you want us to go? - I don't know, woman, that's your affair.
Come on, now! - Good.
- Very good.
Well, wait a moment.
Did you see what she did to me? Just like that.
That's it.
It's alright.
Let them paddle their own canoe.
That's it, it's over.
I was looking forward to going, so I was.
Raül! - Good morning, kids.
- Good morning, Mom.
Think of it as a school camp.
Can we be positive and have breakfast as if we were a normal family? This family has nothing normal about it.
This wasn't written by my father.
Are you asking me to betray my? - Victòria? - What do you want? - Your brother is investigating us.
- Victòria! Marcos is very dangerous.
He is capable of anything.
I already know that you and Àlex have No.
Which Àlex? I want this house, Victòria.
This house, sweetheart, is not for sale.
Don't play with me! I will not leave! You and Raül were the ones who cheated us! Psychopath! If I make her sell the house, will you help me get back my old apartment? 200000 euros.
We will convince her to accept.
It'll just take a little push.
Are you saying we should kill her? Àlex, I know I screwed up.
Get lost, Fran! Get lost! And take a taxi, you're not fit to go back by bike.
Pow, pow.
Fran, It's Mom again.
Please, call me.
- Did you find him? - Don't worry, we'll find him.
Fucking bitch! She's biting me! But what did you do to him? Get away, for fuck sake! I always win.