Welcome to the N.H.K. (2006) s01e01 Episode Script

Welcome to the Project!

I lift my eyes a little and look into the sky
All I do is mutter every time
I turn my back on this perfect everyday life
Where am I supposed to go
With you who are giving me a look like that?
Shadows on back streets
Hands of a clock
Repaint the time that has been stopped
Extended hands, puzzle pieces that don't fit
Until the abandoned two reunite
Something that has been lost
Recover the last piece
Let's start walking
There's no mistake about it.
This is
This is
a conspiracy!
That's right, I
I've gotten involved in a big
a big
A dream and a conspiracy
an incredibly big
magical girl, that is me!
My brain's been out of whack lately
Purupuru pururin pururin
Is that because I sleep sixteen hours a day?
Purupuru pururin purupururin
Purupuru pururin purupururin
Purupuru pururin pururin
Purupuru pururin pururin
I can hear the theme song of a girlie anime
blasting through from next door again.
For some reason
This has been going on every single
day since last month.
Sending emails isnt good enough for girls
Yeah, I already know
I've heard that phrase hundreds of times.
But at any rate, I don't know
about this "pururin" thing.
Fill my voice mail with your voice
Is she a bouncy-Iooking girl or something?
Puru puru puru puru puru pururin!
That's not a human!
I need excitement
Or does it mean a girl that looks like a pudding?
I'm pururin! Purupururin!
I am pururin purupururin
Pururin purupururin
Pururin purupururin
Rinrin purupurupururin pururu
Rinrin purupurupururin pururu
Magical power is right here
Pururin purupururin
I can't help feeling happy
Pururin purupururin
Pururin purupururin
A dream is a hope and a hope is a dream
A dream is a hope and a hope is a dream
A dream is a hope and a hope is a dream
Today's the day! I'm not going to take this anymore!
I hate this song! If I have to keep listening
to it, I'm going to go crazy!
Magical girl
I'm going to go complain!
Who knows, it might be you!
This is no big deal.
In fact, it's pretty simple.
I just have to open the door
and walk a few steps towards the next door.
And then I'd knock, open the door and
You frickin' anime otaku! Turn that shit down!
Just like that, I'd yell at him.
That's all there is to it.
That's all I have to do!
There must be something wrong with that person.
I heard voices
Doesn't he have any sense of shame?
It's just creepy!
So stupid.
I just want him to stop walking
around the neighborhood.
Eeeew! What a freak!
So irritating!
Give me a break!
That was my first summer in college.
I was on my way to school
and it was scorching hot outside.
I ran back to my apartment
as if I were running away from it all.
And from that day forward, I stopped going outside.
Mita House
Welcome to Garden Mania.
Episode 14:
Today we're going to talk about goldenrod.
Puru puru pururin pururin
Conspiracy Conspiracy Conspiracy
Puru puru pururin purupururin
There are conspiracies in this world.
The Columbia disaster was a Venusian conspiracy.
That's right, she was saying the same thing.
Brown-dyed hair is the beauty industry's conspiracy.
That's right, the existence of conspiracy
is talked about in the society as if it were true.
Cedar pollen is the facial tissue industry's conspiracy
But you know what, Senpai? That's not true.
Ninety-nine percent of all so-called "conspiracies"
are simply imagination.
Or they're just big intentional lies.
Basically, they're a bunch of baloney.
So one percent of it is the truth?
I saw a junior student being bullied.
Kick his ass!
He was a student from the middle school division.
I wanted to show off in front of her.
Conspiracy Conspiracy
Tell me something, Senpai.
Is this some kind of conspiracy too?
I am pururin purupururin pururin purupururin
Stop talking!
Homeroom isn't over yet!
Quiet please!
You're the noisiest one!
If you have something to say, raise your hand!
Was that a conspiracy too?
Savings Account
ATM Service Charge
ATM Service Charge
ATM Service Charge
This is a conspiracy too
This is too
This is too
This is too
This is too
This is too
This is too!
Are they all conspiracies?
A dream and a conspiracy
Magical girl
I get it!
I must've gotten myself involved in a real,
less than one percent probable, conspiracy!
Congratulations, Sato!
So you finally realized, huh?
Things continuously going wrong for you
was in fact a conspiracy to make you
withdraw from society!
But who would plot a conspiracy like that?
Conspiracy radio waves!
What's the matter, TV?
It's the N.H.K.!
That evil secret organization
N.H.K. is attacking us!
I see!
Why didn't I realize such a simple thing until now?
You can't talk about anime
without mentioning otaku.
And otaku tend to be anti-social.
I'm Pururin, a magical alien,
who came from a magic planet!
People like that eventually become reclusive.
In other words,
they have been mass-producing anime otaku
by showing them interesting anime,
helping to create a massive emergence of NEETs!
Basically, N.H.K. is
Nihon Hikikomori
Nihon Hikikomori Kyokai!
I am the man who became aware of
the N.H.K.'s conspiracy:
Sato Tatsuhiro, 22 years old!
I've shut myself away from society for three years
Almost four years now!
Some karate masters would seclude
themselves in the mountains
in order to master the secret technique
that could break rock.
If I can obtain strength by secluding myself,
I should have cultivated enough strength
to crush this beer bottle by now.
Who broke the beer bottle?
It was me!
It hurts! It hurts! It hurts!
Where's the first aid kit?
Oh, before that, I'd better do something
about these shards!
Come on, calm down!
First I have to clean up the shards,
then treat this wound and
Get lost! I'm too busy right now!
First of all, I'm a NEET!
Why would a NEET randomly make
an appearance anyway?
Wait, is it a light bill collector?
Damn, I haven't sent them money for a while.
If they turn off my electricity,
I won't be able to live my NEET life
comfortably anymore!
That's a big problem!
Jeez, I know they heard me!
Oh! I didn't know you were in there!
We're sorry to bother you, but
AAre you all right?
Your face is bleeding!
III'm fine.
Oh, we've been distributing this pamphlet for free.
The Time is Already Here!
"Hikikomori" Special Report!
NEET Population on the Rise
Are You Okay?
It's this month's special article.
Have you ever heard of NEETs before?
It's about the people who shut themselves away
from society, refusing to go to school or work.
It's become a serious social issue these days
Does this lady know that I've been shutting
myself away from society?
Is it possible that I'm a well-known NEET in this town?
Is that it?!
Would you be interested in this?
If so, please take a look at it and
Me? A NEET?! Give me a break!
All right, supposedly I haven't talked
to anyone for almost a year.
Yeah, I dropped out of the college because
of my social withdrawal trait!
And of course I'm unemployed!
To make matters worse,
I have no hope for the future!
"Are you okay?"
Hell yeah, I'm okay, thank you very much!
No one would go through this pain
if a little prayer could fix hikikomori!
What can you possibly understand about it,
when I can't understand
a damn thing about it myself!
You would never understand it!
Misaki-chan! Come on, let's go.
What are you doing?
As a matter of fact, I do know what
I should be doing about it.
I should get out there right now
and find a part-time job or anything.
And if I did that, that rumor about a NEE
living in this room would be just a lie.
Then, I'm sure that girl would think I just happened
to be home because I was off today too.
The Time is Already Here!
Manga Cafe
Starting at 800 Yen Hourly
I've got a handkerchief, pocket tissues,
my wallet and my resume.
I've heard that you guys are hiring
I've heard that you guys are hiring
I've heard that you guys are hiring
I've heard that you guys are hiring
I've heard that you guys are hiring
I've heard that you guys are hiring
I've heard that you guys are hiring
I've heard that you guys are hiring
I've heard that you guys are hiring
I've heard that you guys are hiring
Manga Cafe
Manga Cafe
Starting at 800 Yen Hourly
I've heard that you guys are hiring
All right!
Excuse me, um
I've heard that you
Manga Cafe
"I've heard that you" What?
You like motorcycles? I do!
You can become the wind, you know.
There's nothing like the sound of that engine!
Wanna go for a ride together?
What do you think?
But to tell you the truth, I've never even
ridden a bike before! Yup!
Okay, bye.
I'm gonna kill myself!
But I already know that I can't kill myself like this.
Because I'll just pass out
and my grip will weaken before I die.
Why was she, of all girls, there?
Should a servant of God be working a part-time job?
No, I guess even a servant of God needs money.
After all, she's just flesh and blood.
That's right, she's flesh and blood.
That's right, she's flesh and blood.
That's right, she's flesh and blood.
I shouldn't! I shouldn't be doing this!
I shouldn't!
God is watching me!
Now that I think about it,
there's no way the light company would
actually send someone to my house
to collect outstanding bills from me nowadays.
So, ignoring this won't affect my life in any way.
In fact, I should ignore it.
Because I carelessly opened the door yesterday,
I wasI was
That girl
Did she come all the way to drop this off for me?
Did she come all the way to drop this off for me?
To Sato Tatsuhiro-dono,
You have been chosen for my project,
Therefore, please come to Mita Park
on 4th Street at 9:00 tonight,
Nakahara Misaki
If this is about soliciting me for her religion,
she's not doing a good job at all.
It's hard to believe anyone would fall for this.
But at the same time, this is how they get you.
Using young girls to lure young men
It's an old trick.
She must be a promiscuous girl.
Why would I fall for a girl like that?
Come to me, Sato-kun.
This is ridiculous!
Please come to Mita Park on 4th Street at 9:00 tonight,
Actually, that park is the only place
I can relax outside of this room.
And I was thinking about going
to the park to relax tonight.
Live coverage of this game extended beyond the scheduled time.
at 9 tonight
I shouldn't let some bizarre letter like
that interfere with my schedule.
That's right.
I was already planning to go to the park!
I realized that I overlooked one
big possibility in all this.
It's possible that the letter was just a joke.
If that's the case, I'm the biggest clown
for being here right now.
What am I saying?!
I was already planning to come here anyway!
Why did you run away this afternoon?
I was going to hire you right then and there
because we've been short-staffed.
Did you get scared of going outside and working?
Since you're hikikomori?
But I'm sure you'll be fine.
Because I know how to get you out of it.
Besides, I've known about you for a long time.
I've come to rescue you.
Episode 01
Welcome to the Project!
Welcome to the Project!
Ababa, ababa, ababa, dancing baby human!
When we were born naked
When we were born naked
We were all loved equally
Just as it's supposed to be
But why, as life goes on
But why, as life goes on
Each destiny takes a different path
It's almost cruel
Some can look at other's eyes
While others can't
Some get to learn love
While others don't
If that's how it is
I'd rather be
A baby, a baby human till I die
"Oh, what an adorable baby!"
"I just want to love you!"
Just like I planned!
It worked perfectly!
The baby she is holding is really a baby human
"Ababa!" I snicker to myself
Hiding in my pretended innocence
It's so easy to be a baby human
So you should be one too!
Ababa, ababa! Dance, multiply
And take it to space!
To Mars
To Saturn
To the galaxy!
Baby human!
Baby human!
I mustn't run away!
This is Hitomi's request.
You can write the script, can't you?!
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Welcome to the Creator!
Next episode, "Welcome to the Creator!"
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