Welcome to the N.H.K. (2006) s01e02 Episode Script

Welcome to the Creator!

Sukoshi miageta sora
Dekisugita nichijou
Se wo mukeru tabi ni tsubuyaku dake
Doko ni ikeba iino sonna kao shiteru kimi to
Doko ni ikeba iino sonna kao shiteru kimi to
Rojiura no kage
Tokei no hari ga tomatta jikan wo nurikaete
Tokei no hari ga tomatta jikan wo nurikaete
Sashinobeta ryoute kamiawanai pazuru
Okizari ni shiteta futari deau made
Nakushiteta nani ka
Saigo no kakera wo torimodoshite
Aruki dasou
But I'm sure you'll be fine.
Because I know how to get out of it.
Besides I've known about you for a long time.
I have come to rescue you.
Welcome to the project!
To Sato Tatsuhiro-dono,
You have been chosen for my project.
Therefore please come to Mita Park
non 4th Street at 9:00 tonight.
Nakahara Misaki
To Sato Tatsuhiro-dono,
You have been chosen for my project,
Therefore, please come to Mita Park
on 4th Street at 9:00 tonight,
Nakahara Misaki
This is the contract.
A contract regarding how to escape the
hikikomori state and recovery support
But it's handwritten.
the penalty charge
is 100,000 yen
But it's handwritten.
And on top of that, the penalty charge
is one hundred thousand yen?!
I want to help you, Sato-kun.
A Are you really okay with hanging out with
a weirdo like me this late at night?
Call 119 if you spot
suspicious activities.
A Are you really okay with hanging out with
a weirdo like me this late at night?
It's dangerous.
So Sato-kun, were you the guilty party?
Hell no!
Then it's okay, right?
Besides my house is right around the corner.
Is this a part of soliciting too?
You know, about yesterday
Oh, not at all.
I was just tagging along with my Aunt Kazuko.
I've caused all kinds of problems
for my aunt for a long time,
so that was the least I could do for her.
More importantly, go ahead and sign the contract.
You wanna know how to get out
of hikikomori, don't you?
I'll tell you how, once you sign the contract, Sato-kun!
Don't talk to me like I'm your friend!
You're younger than me! Show some respect!
Do you know how old I am?
I I I'd guess around 17 or 18.
Yup, you're correct.
I'm not hikikomori!
Wait up, Sato-kun!
I'm telling you, you're going to regret this!
This could be your last chance, you know?
I'll be waiting for you at the same
time tomorrow, okay?
Sign this and bring it back. All right, Sato-kun?
Purupuru pururin pururin
I don't get this
Contract Re: How to Escape the
Hjkjkomorj State and Recovery Support
Hjkjkomorj Subject: Tatsuhjro Sato
Recovery Supporter: Mjsakj Nakahara
Purupuru pururin purupururin
Nakahara Misaki
For some reason
The cell phone isn't
Hello, everyone!
We'll bring you today's show with our lovely guests!
Afternoon Time! I'm your host Sewashi Sekiya.
And today's guests are
Mita House
Another day is coming to an end,
a day void of any significant events.
How long am I going to repeat days like this?
A long time ago, I read a sci-fi novel like this
The story takes place in the near future, after the
human race is annihilated in the final war.
The main character is the only survivor.
Certain life forms from outer space,
to put it simply, aliens,
decide to keep this main character
alive as a test sample.
So they create a simulation of
Earth as it had been,
and try to hide the truth that mankind
had been wiped out from him.
However, if he were to spend too much
time outside of his house,
he would figure out that the world he lives in is a fake.
So they decide to make the main character
a NEET so they can isolate him.
The main character, me, Sato Tatsuhiro,
Its soft like a marshmallow
Beautiful Girls' Land
kept alive as part of a horrifying alien conspiracy
My eyes get teary
Dreams and hopes
Dreams and hopes
Dreams and hopes
Magical girl, that's
Magical girl, thats me!
This contract is made by and between the person
who suffers from hikikomori, hereinafter "SUBJECT"
and the person who helps him/her recover
from the condition, hereinafter "SUPPORTER".
Both parties agree to the terms as follows:
1) The Subject must disclose all feelings,
including but not limited to;
distress, conflict, complaints,
negative thoughts, etc.
Regarding hikikomori recovery
procedures to the Supporter.
Signing this damned paper would fix my
hikikomori condition? Yeah, right.
I'll be waiting for you at the same
time tomorrow, okay?
That chick is totally clueless!
What kind of hikikomori would go outside
two days in a row anyway?
We're called "hikikomori"
because we don't go outside!
I'm not hikikomori!
I'm a
This could be your last chance, you know?
Maybe it really was my last chance.
But now the chance is gone.
Could she be still waiting for me out there?
Call 110 if you spot
suspicious activities,
Damn! That park is
Call 110 if you spot
suspicious activities,
Hello, little girl!
Oh, no, no way!
Misaki Nakahara Emergency Press Conference
I was supposed to meet my friend there,
but he didn't show up.
I kept on waiting and waiting, and then
What's your friend's name?
What kind of relationship do you have with him?
Sato-san, can we talk to you for a minute?
We know you're in there! Please come out!
Because of your hikikomori condition,
an innocent young girl has been deeply scarred!
Aren't you going to apologize to her?
Is it my fault?
Call 110 if you spot
suspicious activities.
There she is
Jeez, you're an hour late!
You What the hell are you?!
I'm a sweet little girl,
who's willing to rescue a hikikomori loser!
But I'm not hikikomori!
It was quite obvious when my aunt and I met you.
But I told you guys that I'm not!
But normally people wouldn't get flustered
like that unless they are hikikomori.
Did you bring the contract?
I am not hikikomori!
I know.
You come to this park every Sunday night and
do nothing but gaze into space, right?
But other than that, you don't go outside at all.
No matter how you look at it,
that's a hikikomori condition.
Well, it's it's true that I'm always in my apartment,
but I can't help it because of my work!
What is your work?
That's so
It means "small office home office"!
In other words, I'm working from home,
so it's not like I'm unemployed!
But you came to the coffee shop for a job interview.
Oh, I just did that on a whim! That was an impulse!
Then let me ask you this.
What kind of job do you have?
Don't be surprised.
I said, don't be surprised!
I'm a creator!
Since my job requires me to be creative,
I may come off sort of weird,
but that's just an aspect of my brilliant talent!
So, what do you create?
Well, it's
the most advanced, revolutionary IT
Oh yeah! It's computer-related!
Software development, that is!
Right now, I'm in the middle of making software!
It's so awesome it'd put even Bill or Linus to shame!
Be sure to bring the contract tomorrow, okay?
What was that reaction?
For some reason
The cell phone isnt enough for girls to go on with their lives
The cell phone isnt enough for girls to go on with their lives
"Bring it tomorrow,' my ass!
It's important that her heart swells with love and courage
How dare she look at me like she's
some kind of know-it-all?!
I've got a computer!
I could easily write a program or two
Oh, who am I kidding?
I am pururin purupururin
Pururin purupururin
Rinrin purupuru pururin pururu
Today is the day!
I'm not going to put up with this anymore!
Its soft like a marshmallow
My eyes get teary
A magical girl of dreams and hopes, dreams and hopes
A magical girl of dreams and hopes, dreams and hopes
A magical girl of dreams and hopes, dreams and hopes
Son of a bitch!
That's me!
Turn that shit down
Turn off that goddamn anime song!
You're Sato-san, right?
Is this for real? Are you real?
So you're the anime otaku
who moved in next door,
Hey, you.
Tea Ceremony Club
Join the Literature Club.
Those few words made me decide to spend my
three high school years in the Literature Club.
Of course, I had no interest in novels whatsoever.
So, my daily club activities were playing cards
and hanging out with her,
listening to her bizarre conspiracy theories.
Jeez, what the hell was I doing back then?
I'm sure there were lots of other things
I could have been doing.
Two years rolled by very fast.
And one day, shortly before her graduation
Yeah, that's bullying, right?
That's terrible.
Should I go help the guy?
Could you?
Come on, they're just middle school kids.
Bullying is not cool!
Quickly the hunter became the hunted.
She was amazed how pathetic I was,
but supposedly the guy being bullied
was deeply moved by my actions.
Tea Ceremony Club
I'd like to join the club!
That was Yamazaki.
Four years after my graduation,
this is an unexpected reunion indeed.
Sorry, it's messy. Please have a seat.
Who would've thought the anime song
freak next door was Yamazaki?
Sorry about the noise.
I guess the walls of this apartment
are pretty thin, huh?
Usually, people would realize stuff like that
a few days after they moved in.
Besides, I've been listening to it every single day,
I guess I've become numb to the sound.
At any rate, I'm surprised.
I didn't realize you live right next door to me,
but I always knew that you'd go
to college in Tokyo though.
This is your fourth year, right?
Y Yeah
I've been going to a vocational school
in Tokyo since this spring.
I was looking for an apartment that's
easy to commute from and cheap.
Then I found this place and I liked it.
School Rules
Potato Digging Club
Actually, I was already predicting that he'd probably
end up like this four years ago.
So, have you been bullied at the
school you go to now?
You were crying earlier, weren't you?
People in my class are nothing but morons!
They don't know a thing about video games!
But they all act like they know
what they're talking about!
Girls are the worst!
I just wanna ask them why they even
bother coming to the school at all.
At this rate, there's no hope for the future
of Japan's video game industry!
Up we go
Let's drink.
Oh yeah, I remember that.
Seriously, it was so much fun back then.
I wish those carefree days had never ended.
No kidding.
Game Creator Department
Kokogi Designer Institute
Designer Institute?
Yeah, haven't you seen the TV commercial before?
Actually, I've been going to the
Game Creator Department of the school.
Game Creator Department
Kokogi Designer Institute
Game Creator Department
Don't be surprised!
I'm a creator!
Yamazaki, can I borrow this?
Call 119 if you spot
suspicious activities.
Call 110 if you spot suspicious activities.
You're right on time today.
Did you bring the contract?
What I told you last night wasn't a lie.
I graduated from the Game Creator
Department of a design institute!
This book looks like it's brand new.
I only have to read things once
to get the general idea.
I've been that way all my life.
What does "object-oriented" mean?
Anyway, now you understand that
I'm a creator, right?
Then will you show it to me?
The game you've made.
Call 110 if you spot suspicious activities.
Well, it's not finished yet, and I'm not supposed
to show it to the general public.
Your graduation project would do too.
That's just junk that I made before I became a pro.
So anything but that
You are very gifted, right?
If If you insist, fine, I'll show it to you!
My masterpiece from the past!
But not right away though.
I don't even remember where I put it,
And besides, I'm busy with some of my
most important work right now.
It'd probably be sometime next month.
Okay, next month then.
I'll contact you again.
All right
Y Yamazaki?!
You're a college-dropout and have been
hikikomori for the last three years.
Who would've thought that you're a NEET?!
Not only that, you told such a huge
lie just to impress a girl!
It kinda slipped out on the spur of the moment
Oh, by the way, Yamazaki,
I have a little favor to ask of you
If you're thinking about asking me to lend you
a game I've made, forget about it!
I just started classes at that school myself!
I don't have anything that's decent
enough to let you borrow!
Wanna try to make one?
A game.
And not just to show off for some girl.
If you succeed, you might be able to
recover from being a NEET!
And gaining experience is beneficial for me.
Do you want to make a game together?
Let's do it, Yamazaki!
Sato, what kind of skills do you have?
For example, can you draw, or
make music or program?
Oh, I'm totally hopeless when it
comes to stuff like that.
So, that means scripting the scenario is
about the only think you could do.
It's the scriptwriting.
Oh, hell no, I haven't "composed" anything
since I was in middle school.
But you were in the Literature Club, weren't you?!
Think about this. Have you ever read
any novel written by me?
Now that I think about it, never.
First of all writing stuff is a pain in the ass.
Do you wanna do this or not?! Well?!
Oh, I remember
Even though he's a wuss, he can be
short-tempered and very argumentative.
That's why he was bullied to begin with.
I'll do it! I'll do it!
I should be able to come up with
something for the scenario!
Good, then
Now the problem is time, since you promised her
that you were going to show it to her next month.
Even if we had a little bit more time
Is making a game such a big deal?
Of course!
When it comes to a big project, it usually
takes a few of years to produce it,
a several hundred people to work on it
and hundreds of billion yen to fund it.
However, there are people out there
with no money or help.
They can't even program anything decent,
and all they have is some crappy music.
However, even if one's situation is that miserable,
there's a certain game genre that still
allows you to produce a game,
and if you're lucky, get rich quick!
That's awesome, Yamazaki! That is it then!
But this road will be difficult and
painted in our sweat and blood.
You can't tell me, '"You know what? I quit!"
In the middle of production!
I won't! I promise!
So, what is the game genre you're talking about?
Erotic game.
Episode 02
Somebody help me!
Welcome to the Creator!
Ababa, ababa, ababa, odoru akachan ningen
Hito wa hadaka de
Umareta toki wa
Dare mo aisare
Onaji hazu ga
Doushite nanoda
Ikite iku uchi
Sadame wa wakare
Mugoi kurai da
Hito no me mitari
Koi wo shittari
Sorenara boku wa
Isso naritai
Shinu made baby akachan ningen
"Aa, nante kawaii baby!"
"Aishitaku naru wa!"
Omou tsubo daze!
Umaku itta ze!
Kanojo daita akago jitsu wa akachan ningen
Adokenasa no ura de ababa hokusoemu nosa
Adokenasa no ura de ababa hokusoemu nosa
Kimi mo nareyo raku de iize baby human
Kimi mo nareyo raku de iize baby human
Ababa ababa odore fuyase soshite uchu e
Ababa ababa odore fuyase soshite uchu e
Kasei e
Dosei e
Ginga e!
Odoru yo
Akachan ningen
Odoru yo
Akachan ningen
The internet ocean is my ocean!
Quite honestly, I don't think it's normal!
So this is the world, eh?
Next episode, "Welcome to the Beautiful Girls!"
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