Welcome to the N.H.K. (2006) s01e06 Episode Script

Welcome to the Classroom!

Sukoshi miageta sora
Dekisugita nichijou
Se wo mukeru tabi ni tsubuyaku dake
Doko ni ikeba iino sonna kao shiteru kimi to
Doko ni ikeba iino sonna kao shiteru kimi to
Rojiura no kage
Tokei no hari ga tomatta jikan wo nurikaete
Tokei no hari ga tomatta jikan wo nurikaete
Sashinobeta ryoute kamiawanai pazuru
Okizari ni shiteta futari deau made
Nakushiteta nani ka
Saigo no kakera wo torimodoshite
Aruki dasou
Big Brother
Don't stare me like that.
You're making me blush, Big Brother.
I already know
I know, we're step-brother and sister, aren't we?
But I Big Brother
Big Brother
Big Brother
I can't write lines like that!
I |
I had no idea writing a game script could involve
this much psychological pressure!
Is she a rival?!
Or a partner?!
I thought I could write it,
if I used some examples, but
I thought I could write it,
if I used some examples, but
What should I do?
My thing right here is already like this.
What is "like this" anyway?!
"My thing right here is already |
Damn it!
"My thing right here is alre
Damn it!
"My thing right here is |
Damn it!
"My thing right her |
Damn it!
"My thing righ |
Damn it!
"My thing |
Damn it!
"My t |
Damn it!
Damn it!
No! You have to stop! Otherwise, I will
Otherwise what?!
"No! You have to stop! |
"No! You have to st |
"No! You have t |
"No! You ha |
"No! Yo |
"No! |
That's not even Japanese!
I can't do it! I can't write this!
It's men who write these things, right?
I can't believe they can write
such embarrassing lines!
You're late!
The contract said to be here right after you
finish eating dinner, remember?
I just ate dinner!
At my house, dinner is at 7 PM!
Then you should've specified the exact time!
Starting tomorrow, be here on time, okay?
Otherwise, you'll have to pay
that million yen penalty!
How to Get Out of the Hikikomori State
Seminar 2nd Session:
"Conversation Techniques"
Generally, hikikomori people
In today's seminar, we'll talk about
conversation techniques!
Generally, hikikomori people are
not good at conversation.
They're not skilled when it comes to having
conversations with others,
therefore they tend to choose to
seclude themselves even more.
So today, I will teach you brilliant
conversation techniques!
Please pay close attention!
You get nervous when you talk to other people.
That's why you stutter or flip out.
That's why you stutter or flip out.
And that makes you even more uneasy
and you get worse in conversation.
It's a vicious cycle.
So, why do people get nervous?
It is because people don't have
confidence in themselves.
They think that other people think
they're stupid or look down on them.
They just can't help thinking that way.
So, the fundamental problem is how to
have confidence in yourself.
Being confident about yourself
Frankly, that's not something that can be
achieved by through typical measures.
However, I've discovered a revolutionary way
to accomplish what was once impossible!
Do you want to know how?
You wanna know, don't you?
Ready for this? It's almost like a
Copernican revolution!
In other words, if you can't be
confident in yourself,
you just have to regard those around you
as being worse than you are!
That's the whole idea.
Basically, you look at the person you're conversing
with as someone even more pathetic than you.
You just look down on them.
If you do so, you'll be able to smoothly carry
on a conversation without getting nervous.
It's quite calming.
You see?
The reason I'm talking with such ease right now
is because of this technique!
But you can never let the other
person know about it,
because they'll get angry with you.
Even you'd be upset if I called you garbage,
or told you that you suck,
or that you're a failure as a human
to your face, wouldn't you?
So, I don't tell you.
So basically, deep down you look down on me
as garbage, you think that I suck
and I'm a failure as a human, is that it?
That's not true.
Enough about conversation techniques.
Why don't you answer my question
from yesterday?
You know, the results of that dream analysis.
Rough-Iooking snake, apple and gun
What do they all symbolize?
Sato, you're a virgin, aren't you?
You don't even have a girlfriend.
I guess you can't help it, huh?
Give me a break!
When I was in high school,
my senpai and I were
Well, she wasn't my girlfriend, but
The guy who lives next to you, Yamazaki, was it?
Even he has a girlfriend.
What? Yamazaki
You mean that Yamazaki?!
Yeah, your junior, Yamazaki.
The other day, when Auntie Kazuko and I dropped
by his place on our recruiting rounds,
he kept going on and on about this girlfriend of his,
even though we didn't ask anything about her.
He looked like he was on Cloud Nine.
No way Him of all guys?!
There's no way he'd be interested in real girls!
Her name is Nanako.
She's a voice-acting student at the same
vocational school he goes to.
She has short hair and a slim physique.
She's a little shorter than Yamazaki.
Just as you'd expect from someone who's studying
voice-acting, she has a very cute voice, he said.
That's a lie!
If you think it's a lie, why don't you
find out for yourself?
Sure, I'll find out!
And I'll expose your lie!
Mita House
It's pretty simple.
I just have to go straight to his room
and ask him for the truth.
Yamazaki! Is that true you have
a human girlfriend now?
What are you talking about, Sato?
You know damn well I'd never
waste my time on real girls!
My girlfriend is Pururin, and Pururin only!
But it is actually possible that
he really does have
Oops, so you found out, huh?
I'm telling you, there's nothing like a
flesh-and-blood girl compared to girls in 2D!
Calm down! I know Yamazaki is the last
person who'd do such a thing!
And even if it turns out that he does
have one, he'd be like
None of your business, Sato.
And being told that would piss me off
more than anything!
But the real problem here
is that the human is a creature that lies.
Will Yamazaki tell me the truth?
And will I be able to believe the answer?
Sato? What are you doing here?
Oh, I was just passing by.
Where are you going?
I'm going to the convenience store real quick.
Wanna come along, Sato?
But I have to, you know,
write the script for the game, so
Okay. Good luck!
I should've just asked!
Big Brother, its morning!
Big Brother, it's morning! You're gonna be late!
In the end, I didn't get a wink of sleep that night.
I guess I just have to see it with my own eyes,
whether he has a girlfriend or not.
If he doesn't have one, then that's okay.
But if she happens to be one of those
cute girls found in Shimokitazawa,
I will kill him!
So, this is the school he goes to, huh?
Now that I think about it,
I don't know anything about
what he's like at school, do I?
Kokogi Designer Institute
I don't know anything about
what he's like at school, do I?
I think he's in the game creation department.
Shops & Vending Machines
Building Directory
Lobby & Faculty Office
His classroom is
I don't know!
Good morning! Good morning!
I have to wait an hour till the audition!
I have to wait an hour till the audition!
Can you believe it?
That sound director looked totally perverted!
They bumped up the levels then,
Mr. Matsuoka manuscripts just keep getting worse!
They bumped up the levels then,
Mr. Matsuoka manuscripts just keep getting worse!
After two hours, put it on freeze!
Mr. Matsuoka manuscripts just keep getting worse!
Adjusting the levels? Isn't that odd?
I bet they didn't have to do the retake.
Studio directing was totally lame!
I bet they didn't have to do the retake.
Studio directing was totally lame!
That is absolutely hopeless!
The development is the worst.
Then the message for that didn't make it any better!
It was straight-up insulting!
It was obvious that the person
didn't read the thread at all!
Good morning.
Last night's Pururin was something else, wasn't it?
Oh yeah! I wonder if that's going
to be fixed on the DVDs?
It didn't look like her! It was like,
the character was melting!
I bet you there's no executive director of animation
working on that thing!
It needs some shading!
Is that too much to ask?!
Are you here for the facility tour?
It's supposed be only on Saturdays though.
Which courses are you interested in?
Huh? Well, scriptwriting for games.
Really? Then it's perfect!
You should check out my class
since you're already here.
I'm about to teach my game-writing class.
Today I'd like to review how to draw the human body,
using the handouts that I just distributed.
Well, the big difference between female bodies and
male bodies is that female bodies are more
A! E! I! U! E! O! A! O!
A! E! I!
Today I want you to create a project proposal based
on what you've learned in yesterday's class.
Listen, I want to see project agendas,
who your intended audiences are,
and the genre you're going with.
In game making, the system one uses is also key,
so don't forget to cover that area as well.
Surprisingly, the class is a lot more
normal than I expected.
It's been three years since
I had to do anything like this.
Due to such change in the environment,
Back then I thought I was supposed to keep on going
to college for four years until I graduated.
Business economics in the 20th century changed;
Its primary mission being the contribution
To the effective operation of large-scale firms.
In other words
Student's Name: Tatsuhiro Sato
This is to certify the student indicated above
has been removed from the school register
under the statutes of Chapter 4, Article 51, Section 2.
I want you to write it as if you were going to
present it to an actual production company!
The important thing is to be certain to let
them know how enthusiastic you are!
All right, let's start!
Project Proposal
Game Genre
Target Audience
Project Agenda
Story Synopsis
Name: Tatsuhiro Sato
Game Genre
Ambient-type Gal Game
Target Audience
Young people who are sick of interpersonal relationships
This is an ambient-type gal game,
which brings peace into people's heart.
The main character is a charcoal burner,
who lives deep in the mountains.
The heroine is the spirit of the mountain.
There are no words spoken between them.
They understand each other
without exchanging words.
He burns charcoal in silence for another day
while the spirit watches over him.
The spirit is entirely gentle.
She never makes fun of him by
calling him hikikomori.
He has no financial worries or
concerns for his future.
Another day, filled with peace and love passes.
Game System
Totally HANDS-FREE system!!
The very first in the industry! (Possibly)
In addition, this game does not require
any complicated gaming techniques.
All a player is required to do
is to look at the CG
and the captions that are automatically
displayed on the screen.
I hereby would like to submit my proposal
for this revolutionary game style.
Hey, hey, you don't have to hide it!
You will never be a respectable creator if you're
afraid of having your work seen by others.
It's not like I'm
I'm sorry for laughing, but I just thought
it's a pretty innovative idea.
I was just impressed, that's all.
Don't lie.
I know you laughed at me!
Yeah, you look down on me
because I'm an amateur.
You think you're all that, huh?
I think I'm "all that" and look down on you, huh?
Listen, everyone's an amateur at the beginning.
But eventually they'll stand on their feet
while being made fun of by their teachers
and senpai along the way.
Or are you incapable of accepting others unless
they're either at or below the same level as you?
If that's the case, the one who's looking down
on others is actually you, isn't it?
Basically, you look at the person you're conversing
with as someone even more pathetic than you.
You just look down on them.
That's not true I'm not like that!
You're done already?
I changed it up a little today.
Really? How?
That's a secret!
What? Why do you say that?
What's the matter?
Are they making fun of me?
Is it possible that my reaction gave away
the fact that I'm hikikomori?!
More importantly, what the hell am I doing here?
I'm hikikomori for god's sake!
That's right, this is a conspiracy.
It's an evil secret organization
that's been following me!
This is a conspiracy plotted by the
Nihon Hikikomori Kyokai!
H Hey!
What am I doing?
Who gives a damn about
Yamazaki's girlfriend anyway!
I came all the way to a busy place
like this all by myself.
How am I gonna get home now?
What am I supposed to do?
Okay, I'll be waiting for you in the break room!
Hey, Nanako!
Seriously! This masterpiece will make history!
Really? Are you sure about that?
I'm telling you, it's the most
interesting game without a doubt!
You should definitely play it too, Nanako!
So, that's Yamazaki's girlfriend?
But rumor has it that it's an obvious knock-off.
I'm not sure about a game like that.
Damn, she's cute! You son of a bitch!
After he dragged me into the world of 2-D,
he himself gets a flesh-and-blood chick?!
The sentence now has been passed down!
Death penalty!
Mita House
Tonight, Mita House will be covered in blood!
Then I'll bring it tomorrow,
so you can check it out for yourself!
Nanako! Sorry to keep you waiting!
Let's go home, Nanako! Come on!
Well then, Yamazaki.
See you tomorrow.
O Okay
See you tomorrow!
You guys are so lovey-dovey as usual!
Like he's your boyfriend or something!
Hey, stop it!
There's no way I'd go out with Yamazaki!
He's just a friend.
You're right.
He doesn't look that bad, but he's a creepy otaku!
He's like half "hikky" anyway.
He looks like he's into little girls too!
First of all, right now,
I'm crazy about Kazuo anyway!
Yamazaki, I saw it!
Really? I can't believe you saw that!
Her name is Nanako Midorikawa.
She's a voice-acting student!
We started dating about two weeks ago.
Man, she's pretty hot.
Isn't she?! Supposedly some other
guys were also after her,
but in the end, she chose me
to be her botfriend!
You're a lucky bastard, you know that?
But she doesn't think of you as
I'm telling you! There's nothing
like a real girl!
They're the best!
I see. Just like I thought, she wasn't
his girlfriend after all, huh?
Yeah, he just thinks she is.
"Just like you thought"? So, you were
Yeah, I kinda suspected that.
You have no idea what I went through!
I followed Yamazaki and even managed
to get inside his school!
But you know what?
You, a hikikomori, actually went to
a place with lots of people.
That's progress, I'd say!
Hey, was this her goal all along?!
I landed on my butt
Episode 06
Welcome to the Classroom!
Ababa, ababa, ababa, odoru akachan ningen
Hito wa hadaka de
Umareta toki wa
Dare mo aisare
Onaji hazu ga
Doushite nanoda
Ikite iku uchi
Sadame wa wakare
Mugoi kurai da
Hito no me mitari
Koi wo shittari
Sorenara boku wa
Isso naritai
Shinu made baby akachan ningen
"Aa, nante kawaii baby!"
"Aishitaku naru wa!"
Omou tsubo daze!
Umaku itta ze!
Kanojo daita akago jitsu wa akachan ningen
Adokenasa no ura de ababa hokusoemu nosa
Adokenasa no ura de ababa hokusoemu nosa
Kimi mo nareyo raku de iize baby human
Kimi mo nareyo raku de iize baby human
Ababa ababa odore fuyase soshite uchu e
Ababa ababa odore fuyase soshite uchu e
Kasei e
Dosei e
Ginga e!
Odoru yo
Akachan ningen
Odoru yo
Akachan ningen
NEET isn't just my title!
Hello there, I'm Kaoru Yamazaki!
Do you want me to pretend
to be your girlfriend?
Next episode,
"Welcome to the Moratorium!"
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