Welcome to the N.H.K. (2006) s01e07 Episode Script

Welcome to the Moratorium!

I lift my eyes a little and look into the sky
All I do is mutter every time
I turn my back on this perfect everyday life
Where am I supposed to go
With you who are giving me a look like that?
Shadows on back streets
Hands of a clock
Repaint the time that has been stopped
Extended hands, puzzle pieces that don't fit
Until the abandoned two reunite
Something that has been lost
Recover the last piece
Let's start walking
I see, you went to a school in the
middle of the city, huh?
You, a hikikomori, actually went to
a place with lots of people.
That's big progress, Sato!
I know, I'm impressed myself.
I might as well say that my hikikomori
condition has been cured.
Now you should be fine going
outside by yourself, huh?
Of course.
Well then!
See ya!
Wh What is this?
Oh yeah, I'm not hikikomori anymore!
All right!
Kokogi Designer Institute
All right!
I'm going to school!
Good morning!
Turn in
Good morning!
Good morning, Sato!
Good morning, Sato!
Good morning, Sato!
You know the project is due today, right?
Yup! I got it right here!
Tatsuhiro Sato
That's my Sato!
It looks like your work is pretty
amateurish actually.
Damn it! Is it a trap?!
So, it was them behind this all along.
I'm the victim of a conspiracy plotted by the NHK!
St Stay away from me!
Stay away from me!
Sato, I'm coming in!
Huh? Yeah
Sorry to have you do this every day.
Don't worry about it.
After all, you've been paying for my services.
People always say that summer colds
take a long time to get over,
but you really have been sick for a long time.
How are you feeling?
It's like, my body still feels sluggish.
At first, I thought your hikikomori
condition got worse.
That can't be.
Remember, I went to your school
the other day by myself.
I know.
Well, take care now.
I'm a big liar.
This is a conspiracy plotted by the NHK!
Ever since I visited Yamazaki's school,
my hikikomiri condition has gotten much worse.
I don't want to see anyone.
I don't even want to answer my cell phone.
I don't want to do anything.
I don't want to even live.
But dying is a pain in the ass too.
I wish I could just disappear.
I wonder what would have happened to me
if Yamazaki had never come to check on me?
I just lied to Yamazaki saying
I had a summer cold.
But I'm sure he's going to find out
that's a lie sooner or later.
What the hell am I supposed to do now?
Fight, Sato! Fight against the
enemy's conspiracy!
That's right! Our common enemy!
You must fight against the conspiracy plotted
by the Nihon Hikikomori Kyokai!
Fight against them?
But I don't have any weapons.
You do have weapons!
That's right!
Love and courage!
But I don't have love or courage.
A phone call! A phone call!
Huh? This is certainly unusual.
Telephone's calling you!
Huh? This is certainly unusual.
Telephone's calling you!
A phone call! A phone call!
I wonder if there's been some kind of
accident or something?
A phone call! A phone call!
A phone call! A phone call!
A phone call! A phone call!
A phone call! A phone call!
Sorry, I'm not available to take your call.
Please leave a message after the beep.
If you wish to send me a fax,
please press your send button now.
Hello? It's Mom.
Tatsuhiro, are you there?
I have some business in Tokyo,
so I'm coming up there.
I was thinking I should drop by
and see you while I'm there.
And we could discuss your future plans
and stuff then too.
And we could discuss your future plans
and stuff then too.
I'll talk to you later!
Mom's coming here?!
Discuss my future plans?!
Is she planning to make me move back home?!
Give me a freakin' break!
After everything I've done to move to Tokyo?!
I'd just be a loser if I move back home!
What should I do?
What should I do?
Yes, hello?
Tatsuhiro? Oh, you're home!
Damn! I answered it!
If you're home, answer the phone, all right?
Oh, I just came back in.
Really? Then I guess you still haven't
checked your message,
but my class reunion is coming up on Saturday.
Three days from today?!
And it looks like I'll have some free time
the day before the reunion,
so I want to see you and discuss some things!
Two days from today?!
You can't just keep on wasting your time doing
nothing in Tokyo forever, you know.
Isn't it time for you to come back home
and get a job down here?
Here it comes!
Besides you'll never be able to
get married at this rate.
But I'm fine, you know!
Actually, I've already found a job.
It's a small software company, but I've been
writing scripts and stuff for them.
And I haven't told you this,
but there's someone I'm considering
getting married to as well.
So, I've pretty much decided on
settling down here in Tokyo.
Well, good for you, Tatsuhiro!
I've been so worried about you.
But good, you've got a job now
and you're getting married.
Well, the marriage part isn't gonna
happen anytime soon.
You see, they don't pay you a whole lot
when you start a new job.
That's all right! Just knowing that you've
got a girlfriend is such a relief!
You have to let me meet her when
I come to Tokyo, all right?
Yeah, sure.
Okay, then I'll call you again with the
flight information and stuff!
Don't buy into it so easily.
Can't you tell it's a lie?
Software company script writing
Come on, be more suspicious!
Stop being so happy!
M Mom?
Huh? Oh, wait
Err, it's not Mom?
Is this Mr. Tatsuhiro Sato's residence?
So, this is the right number then.
Hey, I've been worried about you.
You haven't shown up for counseling
or answered your cell phone.
Is this Misaki?!
One million yen penalty!
Wait, I have a really good reason
for this whole thing!
First of all, I have a more important
thing to worry about right now!
What kind of thing?
Well, I just found out that my mother
is coming to Tokyo.
Your mother?
So, you told her you've got a job
at a promising company
and a girlfriend who's going to marry you.
There are limits to how much
you should make up.
What was I supposed to do?!
She was planning to drag me back home
unless I told her stuff like that!
I have two more days before she comes.
I have to come up with a way to
fool her before that!
A company and a girlfriend
A girlfriend
I guess I have no choice, do I, Sato?
I don't mind pretending to be your girlfriend
for a day if you want me to.
Oh, yeah, there's Yamazaki!
I don't mind pretending to be your girlfriend
for a day if you want me to.
Oh, yeah, there's Yamazaki!
I just have to ask Yamazaki!
Ya Yamazaki is going to be your girlfriend?!
You can't do that! No way!
I have no time to waste!
I'm gonna ask Yamazaki right now!
W Wait!
Yamazaki! Yamazaki!
A company! We're gonna make
a company, Yamazaki!
Wh What are you doing?
If I remember correctly,
you can establish a company with as
little as one yen capital these days!
If we establish a company, I can fool my mother!
Wait, we were gonna make the world's preeminent
game company to begin with anyway!
It's just that our plan has been
accelerated a little!
We're are going to proudly bring our own
brand to the game industry, Yamazaki!
Our brand
That sounds great! Let's do it!
Let's pick a company name!
First, let's pick a company name!
Why don't we take "Sa" from Sato
and '"Yama" from Yamazaki
and call it "Sayama Company"!
How's that?
But then it sounds like a person named
Sayama founded the company.
You're right.
Then what about something non-Japanese
How's that?!
I can't memorize all that!
Let's make a company logo!
Okay, for now let's say that our
company name is '"Y.S. Company."
I'm not happy with the name either,
so let's change it once we become big!
Next up is the company logo!
Since it's '"Y.S.", how about something like this?
Hey, it looks like a logo on the baseball cap
for some baseball team.
I mean, for now, just for now.
Let's make a company song!
Company song! Company song!
Company song for Y. S!
Let's make business cards!
Y.S. Company Limited
President, eh?
I'm jealous
I'd love to call myself "co-president,"
but I've already told my mother
that I found a job, so
Don't worry!
I've got a job title that's perfect for you!
Y.S. Company Limited
That explains your current status
in on simple word, doesn't it?
I'm working hard so that she doesn't find out
that's what I am, you jerk!
First of all, NEET isn't a business title!
Let's make a reception desk!
The reception desk is the face of the company!
Therefore, we're going to ask her to be
the receptionist for our company!
Now our company is perfect!
Bring it on, Mother!
Are you really going to show
this to your mother?
Basically, at the very least,
what we need is for it to appear as though
our company is legit, right?
Because you don't really want to
bring her to this room.
That's for sure
Tatsuhiro Sato
Y.S. Company Limited
Tatsuhiro Sato
Y.s. CompanyLimited
I think she'll be convinced
if I show this business card to her.
Excuse me
How are you going to fool her about the
girlfriend who's going to marry you?
Oh, damn!
I forgot about that problem!
If you want me to, I can pretend to be
your girlfriend for a day.
Kashiwa Hitomi
I'm sure Senpai will help me out on
this one if I explain the situation!
Besides, it's possible that something intended
as a lie could come true too!
Hello? Senpai? It's Sato.
The day after tomorrow?
I'm sorry, but I already have plans.
Yeah, I have an appointment with my friend.
Oh, I see.
No, that's fine.
Talk to you later.
My only hope
Now that it's come to this,
I guess I'll have Yamazaki dress in drag.
Nice to meet you, Mother! I'm Kaoru Yamazaki!
Hell no
I won't be able to take it.
I can do it for you, you know,
play your girlfriend.
Why did this happen?
Hey, you're late!
Say, do we really have to do this?
Look, when you lie, it's written
all over your face.
If we don't have at least one real date beforehand,
she'll be able to tell you're lying right away.
But if I go to some place with a bunch of people,
the same thing might happen to me again.
If we're together, I'm sure you'll be fine.
Ki no sei kana to omowaseta hohoemi ga
The smile which makes you think, "Did I imagine it?"
Honto ni tsutaetai daiji na sain de
Is actually the real sign that I want you to know
Nanigeni kimi ni shigusa wo misete iru
I send you signals through casual gestures
Cheese cheese)
Mont Blanc
Atarashii betsu no sekai no tobira no arika e
They invite you to the place
Atarashii betsu no sekai no tobira no arika e
Where there's a door to a different new world
Tabuu wo yabutta toki no shougeki wa
The shock you get from breaking a taboo
Kitto sore de sunao ni narerudeshou
Will surely make you honest
Daaku saido ni tsuitekite
Come with me to the dark side
Omoi no naka ni hoshizora wo egakitai kara
Because I want to draw a starry sky inside your heart
Kagami no naka ni haitte kite
Come inside the mirror
Futari dake de
Just the two of us
ltsumademo itsumademo itsumademo itsumademo
Forever, forever, forever, forever
Hibikitai heya
Inside the room where we resonate together
I guess this is what a so-called
"normal relationship" is.
We should've made it more official and
dated each other back then, huh?
Hey, Sato.
Wanna try walking arm in arm?
We look more like a real couple that way.
I'm sure we'll look normal.
What is that I'm feeling?!
Could this be the sign?!
Is she coming on to me?!
Is this all right?
Is this lie turning into a truth!
Is this lie turning into a truth!
A Are you okay?
Next time will be the real deal, huh?
You'd better clean up your apartment,
or your mother will be shocked.
Well, I'll see you tomorrow!
Hey, wait!
If we're going to pretend to be a couple,
won't it be a problem if we don't
know more about each other?
Your name is about the only thing
I know about you, you know.
Oh, really?
Actually, I know you very well, Sato.
Name, Tatsuhiro Sato.
Date of birth, January 28th, Aquarius.
Blood type A.
You were born in Hokkaido.
Your hobby is watching videos.
Oh yeah, and recently you've gotten into gal games
and collecting pictures of a "graphic" nature.
The last place you attended school was at
Heisei Bunka University, a private school,
but you dropped out.
Your father's name is Tatsuo.
Mother's name is Shizue.
Why do you know so much about me?
You told me before.
You forgot?
Did I?
Yeah, I have a good memory.
Is this Mr. Tatsuhiro Sato's residence?
Now that I think about it
Why does she knows the
phone number to my apartment?
The only people I've given that number to
are my parents back home.
See ya!
You haven't told me anything
about yourself yet.
It'll be a problem if I don't know anything about you
when my mother asks me, won't it?
Do you really wanna know?
Okay, I'll tell you, but you have to memorize it.
First, I'll tell you about my family tree.
My grandfather is French
and his name is Goerges Brufelles.
My grandmother is a Japanese prima donna!
They met at Port Moresby and fell in love.
They came back to Japan and got married.
Then my mother was born and she got married
to my father, an elite businessman.
Then I was born, but now I live with my relatives
due to unavoidable familial circumstances.
How's that? You got it?
S Sort of
Then what is my grandfather's name?
John Brook Brooklyn?
Wrong! It's Georges Brufelles!
Jeez, you have to remember it by tomorrow.
That's your homework!
It's Georges Brufelles, okay?
George BI No, Bly
Hey, it's obviously a lie!
What does she mean, he's French?!
Just who is she?
Mita House
Arrive at Haneda Airport 12:35 PM
Arrival gate 2
Pick me up at the airport.
Pick me up at the airport. Mom.
Episode 07
Welcome to the Moratorium!
Ababa, ababa, ababa, dancing baby human!
When we were born naked
When we were born naked
We were all loved equally
Just as it's supposed to be
But why, as life goes on
But why, as life goes on
Each destiny takes a different path
It's almost cruel
Some can look at other's eyes
While others can't
Some get to learn love
While others don't
If that's how it is
I'd rather be
A baby, a baby human till I die
"Oh, what an adorable baby!"
"I just want to love you!"
Just like I planned!
It worked perfectly!
The baby she is holding is really a baby human
"Ababa!" I snicker to myself
Hiding in my pretended innocence
It's so easy to be a baby human
So you should be one too!
Ababa, ababa! Dance, multiply
And take it to space!
To Mars
To Saturn
To the galaxy!
Baby human!
Baby human!
I'm Misaki Nakahara!
Hello, Y.S. Company!
I can't believe a cute girl like her
will be my daughter-in-law!
Next episode,
"Welcome to Chinatown!"
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Welcome to Chinatown!
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