Welcome to the N.H.K. (2006) s01e08 Episode Script

Welcome to Chinatown!

Sukoshi miageta sora
Dekisugita nichijou
Se wo mukeru tabi ni tsubuyaku dake
Doko ni ikeba iino sonna kao shiteru kimi to
Rojiura no kage
Tokei no hari ga tomatta jikan wo nurikaete
Sashinobeta ryoute kamiawanai pazuru
Okizari ni shiteta futari deau made
Nakushiteta nani ka
Saigo no kakera wo torimodoshite
Aruki dasou
Yup, perfect!
We have arriving flight information.
Flight 1912 from Memanbetsu has now arrived.
I gave him my flight info.
I can't believe that boy!
I guess I have no choice but to
get there on my own!
Arrive at Haneda Airport 12:35 PM
Arrival gate 2
Pick me up at the airport.
What the hell is going on?
I've been doing this for the last two hours,
but it's not getting clean at all!
This isn't good
I can't let my mom see my apartment like this!
She might even figure out that I'm hikikomori!
What can I do? What can I do?
Oh, yeah! I can borrow Yamazaki's room, and
Mom, this is my room!
Do you read stuff like this?
That's not gonna work!
That would just result in a different kind
of misunderstanding!
Don't tell me it's Mom.
She's here already?!
Wh Who is it?
It's me!
Mi Misaki!
Good morning, Sato!
Have you memorized my family tree?
Sorry, but I don't have time to
talk about that right now.
Huh?! Is that
What's wrong?
It wasn't her.
What a mess!
Are you going to let your mom
see your apartment like this?
That's why I was cleaning!
You're in my way, so you need to go!
Do you want me to help you?
I might as well, since I'm supposed to
be your girlfriend today anyway.
Okay, just put the trash in this bag.
What the hell is she thinking?
If this is just an act, why would she come into some
guys room and start helping him clean up?!
Beautiful Girls Land
So, you read stuff like this, huh, Sato?
That's my research material, for making a game!
It's not that I want to read it, I'm obligated to!
You're obligated, huh?
Hey, around what time is your
mother going to arrive?
Now that you mention it
When is she arriving anyway?
Oh, damn, is that Mom?!
What do we do? It's not clean at all!
Now that it's come to this,
we have to play our last chip!
We have to initiate
Mission: Toss Everything Up On My Bed!
Anyway, just throw everything on my bed!
Wait a second! I'm busy right now!
I'm sorry! Wait just a little longer!
Good, I guess it looks all right now.
I just have to camouflage that with this blanket,
and it's good to go!
me up at the airport.
Hey, wait a minute!
What happened, Sato?!
M My bad!
I had no idea I'm mean, yeah,
you're busy all right.
Ya Yamazaki!
I redid your business cards.
I'll put them right here, okay?
Okay, enjoy!
H Hey, Yamazaki! Wait!
It's a misunderstanding!
You're misunderstanding this!
Then again, maybe it isn't a
misunderstanding after all.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to
We have to do it all over again!
More importantly, Sato, did you see this?
It's a fax from your mother.
"Pick me up"?!
Don't tell me that now!
But you received this fax yesterday.
You just didn't realize it.
Anyway, I'm going to take everything that
I don't want my mother to see
and leave it there for the time being!
And I want to you to somehow clear a space big
enough for three people to sit down, Misaki!
Oh, Tatsuhiro!
M Mom!
What are you doing?
Oh, I was just
They're research materials.
So, you read stuff like this, huh?
Just wait right here for a sec.
Hey, Sato, can I throw this doll away?
My mother is here.
She's outside the door.
I'm gonna try to buy some time,
so while I'm doing that, I want you to clean up
as big of an area as possible!
I'm just gonna say hi to her real quick. It'll be fine.
Actually, last night I kind of started rearranging
my apartment so it's kinda messy, you know.
I wasn't really planning on seeing
your apartment anyway.
It's a single guy's apartment,
so I expect there's no place
to even step anyway.
Besides, if I see it, I'm gonna want
to start cleaning it up.
So, you don't have to show it to me.
So, I did all that for nothing?!
More importantly, I'm starving!
Let's go have lunch!
Hurry up and go change.
Hey, Tatsuhiro.
She's in there, right?
The girlfriend you were talking about!
No need to clean anymore.
She said we're going to go have lunch together.
Does that mean I'm included too?!
Of course!
Supposedly we're a couple, remember?
Thanks for waiting.
Um, she's, you know
my girlfriend.
It's very nice to meet you!
I'm Misaki Nakahara!
I'm very pleased to meet you.
You're so cute!
I'm so happy for you, Tatsuhiro!
She's almost too good for you!
I'm Tatsuhiro's mother, Shizue.
It's wonderful to meet you, Misaki!
Nice to meet you too!
What do you think about this place?
I think the price is reasonable too.
Wow, it looks like a nice restaurant.
I see that they let you pick three
things for your lunch combo.
I brought the business cards that
Yamazaki made for me.
The company's phone number is actually
Yamazaki's home number.
So, even if Mom calls the number,
I'm sure Yamazaki will lie for me.
Hello, this is Y.S. Company,
soon to make its mark in the business world!
I'm counting on you, Yamazaki.
I should be able to take care of the rest
as long as she doesn't mess anything up.
This is delicious!
I was right to let Misaki pick the restaurant!
It's not like that at all.
I just looked it up in the guidebook.
You know, I can't believe a cute girl like her
will be my daughter-in-law!
I'm just really happy!
What do you mean '"your daughter-in-law"?!
But I thought you two were dating with the intention
of getting married in the future.
Isn't that right, Misaki?
Y Yes.
Th That's true, but
You two aren't lying about this
by any chance, are you?
N Not at all!
It's not a lie!
We wouldn't mind getting married
tomorrow if we had to!
Y Yes!
So, Misaki,
this means that you've seen the birth mark on
Tatsuhiro's back and everything then?
Tell me what you like about Tatsuhiro!
What made you decide that
you want to marry him?
Well, what made me decide?
Sato is cool and handsome.
He's got a good job, and
He knows a lot about computers and stuff, and
Also there are other things.
Let's see
Where are you going, Tatsuhiro?
To the bathroom.
This is not good.
At this rate, it's just the matter of time
until she finds out.
I'd better shift the conversation to
something more work-related.
Mita House
Hello, this is Y.S. Company,
soon to make its mark in the business world!
Dumbass! It's me!
Oh, it's you, Sato.
I think my mother will call over there soon.
I'm sorry, but please continue to stand by.
I know.
Try to hurry it up, okay?
Tatsuhiro Sato
Y.S. Company Limited
What the hell am I doing?
Oh yeah, I've noticed that you don't call
Tatsuhiro by his first name, huh?
You've been calling him "Sato,"
but I wonder if that's just how it is
with young people these days?
Or are you holding back because I'm here?
That's because
This whole thing is a lie, isn't it?
About you being his girlfriend and his company?
That's not true at all!
I am his girlfriend, and
Oh, about his company, actually he's
writing scripts for them, and
I know these things,
because I lived with him for eighteen years.
You've been going along with this little play
because he asked you to, right, Misaki?
But look at how he's acting after all you've done.
I can tell he's been frustrated the whole time.
I bet he can't stand the fact that he's been lying.
Though one might not expect it of him, he's had
a strong sense of justice since he was little.
I'm envious of Sato for having
such a nice mother like you.
On the other hand, I
I'm a piece of shit!
Tat-chan! Tell me, was it really
you who broke it?
When I was in elementary school, I'd often make
mischief and get yelled at by Mom.
So, even back then I'd blame things on others
and make all kinds of excuses.
My son didn't do it!
That moment, my entire body froze up from guilt.
I didn't tell her the truth until
after that guy left my house.
But even so, she was like
Do you want to go apologize to him together?
At that moment, I promised myself that
I'd never lie to my mom again.
My, I'm so stuffed!
I got to talk to Misaki today too,
so I'm pretty content!
Um, Mom? I, err, to tell you the truth
All right, I guess a mean ol' mother-in-law
should leave you two alone, huh?
I'm supposed to meet my friends after this.
He's the biggest knucklehead,
but please take care of him for me!
Since you guys came all the way out here,
why don't you have a date?
Tatsuhiro, hang in there, all right?
See you later, Misaki!
Hey! Wait!
Jeez, "hang in there" my ass
This is pathetic! The play is over!
I'm going home.
Don't you wanna do as your mother told us?
Let's go talk a walk around here together.
If we do that, I think positive things
will come out of it.
Your mother is great, Sato.
Think so?
I think she's just normal.
Normal, huh?
Then I'm a failure.
I can't even reach the normal level.
She's actually, surprisingly
Don't hang all over me.
People might be watching, you know.
Is this a place where people on dates hang out?
When did we get here?!
In this place, we look more normal if we do this.
R Really?
Hey, hey.
Don't you think we're heading
in the wrong direction?!
Look at what they're doing in public!
Sa Sato
Did she do that for me?!
They look so soft
I can't!
I can't stop!
He Hello?
How much longer are you gonna
make me wait, Sato?!
It's been two hours since then!
What happened to the phone call
from your mother?!
I've been standing by without even going to the
convenience store! Do you understand?!
Sorry! Things happened and
the plan got canceled.
No, but I'll explain the details
when I get back.
Mita House
Good grief!
You're not gonna fool me with these
sweet buns, you know that, right?
My whole day was shot because of you, Sato!
But it's pretty good.
Oh man, what a day
Episode 08
Welcome to Chinatown!
Ababa, ababa, ababa, odoru akachan ningen
Hito wa hadaka de
Umareta toki wa
Dare mo aisare
Onaji hazu ga
Doushite nanoda
Ikite iku uchi
Sadame wa wakare
Mugoi kurai da
Hito no me mitari
Koi wo shittari
Sorenara boku wa
Isso naritai
Shinu made baby akachan ningen
"Aa, nante kawaii baby!"
"Aishitaku naru wa!"
Omou tsubo daze!
Umaku itta ze!
Kanojo daita akago jitsu wa akachan ningen
Adokenasa no ura de ababa hokusoemu nosa
Adokenasa no ura de ababa hokusoemu nosa
Kimi mo nareyo raku de iize baby human
Kimi mo nareyo raku de iize baby human
Ababa ababa odore fuyase soshite uchu e
Ababa ababa odore fuyase soshite uchu e
Kasei e
Dosei e
Ginga e!
Odoru yo
Akachan ningen
Odoru yo
Akachan ningen
There's no summer without
summer Comic Market!
Do you want to go watch the fireworks?
I might not mind a trap like this.
Next episode,
"Welcome to the Summer Day!"
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