Welcome to the N.H.K. (2006) s01e12 Episode Script

Welcome to the Offline Gathering!

Sukoshi miageta sora
Dekisugita nichijou
Se wo mukeru tabi ni tsubuyaku dake
Doko ni ikeba iino sonna kao shiteru kimi to
Doko ni ikeba iino sonna kao shiteru kimi to
Rojiura no kage
Tokei no hari ga tomatta jikan wo nurikaete
Tokei no hari ga tomatta jikan wo nurikaete
Sashinobeta ryoute kamiawanai pazuru
Okizari ni shiteta futari deau made
Nakushiteta nani ka
Saigo no kakera wo torimodoshite
Aruki dasou
This sun is awfully hot for 9:00 in the morning.
But even so, this is just the thing
to refresh my rotted brain.
I'm going to be reborn, starting today.
It's a revolution!
One to keep this girl smiling.
Shin Yoko Minato Station
It's beginning,
my journey with her.
It's a new departure for just the two of us.
What the What's up with that gloomy group?
That's ominous, for a new departure on a clear day.
Sorry to keep you waiting. Shall we go?
Uh, hold on, Senpai!
I'm Hana-Hana.
So, she knows these people?
Uh, this is a guy I knew from high school,
And what's this "Hana-Hana" stuff?
And she was meeting them here?
And we're not taking a vacation just the two of us?
And when I told him about today"s "Off" meeting,
He said he wanted to take part.
Right, Sato?
So, this is that guy, the one you
talked about on the forum.
Yes, it's him.
I guess it's all right. Well, shall we get going?
Huh? Right!
Akira Jogasaki
Akira Jogasaki
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Oh, wow!
This boat belongs to you, Mr. Minegishi?
It's the first time I've been on one of these, Senpai!
So, you really did own a cabin cruiser.
Would you rather I'd been lying?
If it were a lie, the off meeting
itself would be called off.
In that case
What are you talking about?
We've come all this way!
We can't call it off now!
You're absolutely right.
Let's hurry up and go to this island of yours.
Uh, Senpai
What is it?
There are parts of our talk last night
that I don't remember exactly.
Where was it we're going again?
An uninhabited island.
It's an island privately owned by "Mr. God",
I guess his real name is Mr. Minegishi.
He says it has a very lovely sandy beach
and it's just like Paradise.
An appropriate place for us now, isn't it?
I don't need it anymore.
Mr. Jogasaki, we're ready.
I see.
All right, hit it for me.
Yeah, bingo.
This means we should be able to
wrap this up today, huh?
It's a bit early, but let's all grab lunch together.
We'll take care of the rest ourselves.
What's left is all simple work,
so there's no need for you to use up your time
looking over it, Mr. Jogasaki.
You have plans with your girlfriend, right?
Ichikawa, Tetsuya
Ueda, Ryota
Uehara, Rika
Endo, Michiro
Kato, Shunya
Kawamura, Satoshi
Kiitamura, Naoki
Kusano, Hiroshi
Sasaki, Takeshi
Sagara, Minoru
Shiina, Shizuka
Suzuki, Takashi
Tanaka, Masayuki
Tashiro, Masanori
Totsuka, Shinya
Fukuchi, Misa
Hosono, Nariaki
Ah, Hitomi?!
The cellular phone you are calling is either in a
locale without cellular service or is turned off.
Uh, we placed a reservation recently.
No, if it's been cancelled, that's fine.
Sorry for the trouble.
An Introduction to
the Study of Poisons
There's a dock here and everything, huh?
Apparently, a wealthy capitalist once
had a summer home here.
I bought it from his relatives who put
it up for an internet auction.
It really is amazing!
I've never seen a real private beach before!
It's a revolution!
Ah, it feels good.
The only ones here are Senpai
and those other three.
I don't have to be afraid of strangers looking at me.
It truly is Paradise.
You mustn't! Absolutely not!
I, too, tentatively declare I'll participate.
I plan to drink at a high-school
friend's place tonight.
I decided a little while ago.
I haven't contacted him yet, but since he's
hikikomori, it's for certain he's home.
I've known him a long time, so I have to say
goodbye to him beforehand anyway.
Address: 202 Mita House,
Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture
I apologize if I drink too much and I'm late.
You can leave without me.
Oh! Hot-hot-hot-hot!
Huh? You're not going to swim?
Sorry, seems like last night's
alcohol is still with me.
What's the story with these guys?
Coming all this way to the beach
and not even swimming
Isn't an off meeting a place to be
more rowdy and have fun?
This is nothing but a group of hikikomori people.
Although, that includes me too.
No! This summer I'll be reborn.
Yes! It's a revolution!
First thing is to make friendly talk
with the people I just met today.
That's a high-level technique a hikikomori
couldn't possibly pull off.
Uh, hi!
He ignored me?!
No, no, New Sato isn't going to be discouraged
by something like being ignored once.
What game are you playing? I play a lot too.
I play gal-games though.
I have a younger friend who knows all about games;
he's a real game otaku Huh?
Did I say something inappropriate?
No, no, New Sato doesn't get discouraged
by this kind of stuff.
I've had a revolution after all.
Here goes, I'll get it this time.
Hey there.
No, no, I assumed I'd get that sort of reaction.
Relax, New Sato.
Senpai told me before that you're
a medical student.
I'm a former medical student.
I don't attend school anymore.
Oops, that may have been a touchy subject.
Since I said that, I'll expose
something shameful about myself.
Yeah, the fact is, I'm hikikomori.
Yeah, the fact is, I'm hikikomori.
I don't suppose there's some medicine
that could make me feel super-energetic?
I don't suppose there's some medicine
that could make me feel super-energetic?
If you have some, I'd love for
you to share it with me.
Are you stupid or what?
If I gave you that potent a medicine
without a prescription,
it'd be a violation of the pharmaceutical laws.
Either way, there's no medicine
to cure a hikikomori.
He really doesn't have to talk as bluntly as that
when somebody's just trying to be friendly.
Is there still something you want to say?
Well, I don't necessarily have to talk to him.
I have other people to talk to.
Yeah! That older guy will talk.
Relax, Sato, it's a revolution.
Will you drink one?
You're amazing, Mr. Minegishi,
with that boat and this island.
Am I?
How can a person acquire stuff like this?
As someone with life experience, please tell me!
What's the point of asking that?
The The point
It's true I've acquired things ordinary
people couldn't acquire.
But in exchange, I lost so much.
Like an ordinary person's happiness.
Do you still want to ask?
Uh, no.
It's not that I wanted that desperately to ask.
Ex Excuse me!
With this many human beings around
why am I so Ionely?
Even though I came all the way out
to this island paradise
even though it's our last Culture Festival!
Wait, I wonder if that's also how the
Class Rep felt back then?
Please be quiet! Homeroom isn't finished yet!
This is our last Culture Festival, you know!
I remember that was the time we were deciding
what to put out for the Culture Festival.
So, let's all make it an amazing one that"ll be a great memory!
My noisy classmates were ignoring the Class Rep,
who was struggling all by herself,
and I was among them.
What are you so worked up about all alone?
Is that the assertiveness of youth?
You're a joke.
At the time, I thought it was cooler to be detached.
I was detached toward studying,
toward romance, toward friendship
And the conclusion of all that was
life as a hikikomori, huh?
Mita House
Sato! Get up, please!
It's already past noon!
Sato, hurry up!
The first day of the Comic Stall is gonna be over!
Damn it! I can't believe
I overslept on this crucial day!
You You're that girl Sato knows.
Uh, well
What is it?
Did Sato come back?
What? Did Sato go out?
Stop joking around, please. He's a hikikomori.
There's no way he could go all alone to a place with
so many people like the Comic Stall, right?
He wasn't alone.
He went with a woman in a car.
That was somebody else you saw.
There's no way he has anyone like that.
No, hold on.
There is one person.
If it were Hitomi Kashiwa who used
to be in the Literature Club,
he might go off somewhere with her.
Is what you just said true?
Would you be willing to tell me
a few more specifics?
What are you doing?!
I thought I'd collect some driftwood
and have a campfire.
What?! Are you an idiot?
There's no point!
Nobody's interested in that kind of thing!
Oh, thanks.
Give me a break Well, what can you do?
Thanks to you, I remembered the original
purpose of this off meeting.
The purpose?
The reason we all gathered together
in a place like this
was that we thought we'd spend at least
the last day of our lives pleasantly.
Ah, I see.
"The last day of our lives"?!
This This is
Hitomi may be taking part in this
off meeting with Sato!
Off meeting?
The Island Nearest to Paradise?
Let's terminate our lives,
They intend to end their lives today!
Se Senpai
Episode 12
Welcome to the Off Meeting!
Nobody told me about this!
Ababa, ababa, ababa, odoru akachan ningen
Hito wa hadaka de
Umareta toki wa
Dare mo aisare
Onaji hazu ga
Doushite nanoda
Ikite iku uchi
Sadame wa wakare
Mugoi kurai da
Hito no me mitari
Koi wo shittari
Sorenara boku wa
Isso naritai
Shinu made baby akachan ningen
"Aa, nante kawaii baby!"
"Aishitaku naru wa!"
Omou tsubo daze!
Umaku itta ze!
Kanojo daita akago jitsu wa akachan ningen
Adokenasa no ura de ababa hokusoemu nosa
Adokenasa no ura de ababa hokusoemu nosa
Kimi mo nareyo raku de iize baby human
Kimi mo nareyo raku de iize baby human
Ababa ababa odore fuyase soshite uchu e
Ababa ababa odore fuyase soshite uchu e
Kasei e
Dosei e
Ginga e!
Odoru yo
Akachan ningen
Odoru yo
Akachan ningen
You're a hikikomori, more pathetic than a stray dog!
It's already too late to turn back.
This is a conspiracy.
Next episode,
"Welcome to Paradise!"
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Welcome to Paradise!
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