Welcome to the N.H.K. (2006) s01e11 Episode Script

Welcome to the Conspiracy!

I lift my eyes a little and look into the sky
All I do is mutter every time
I turn my back on this perfect everyday life
Where am I supposed to go
With you who are giving me a look like that?
Shadows on back streets
Hands of a clock
Repaint the time that has been stopped
Extended hands, puzzle pieces that don't fit
Until the abandoned two reunite
Something that has been lost
Recover the last piece
Let's start walking
Secret Notes
by Dr. Freud
I thought my project was perfect.
Where did I make a mistake?
What did I do wrong?
Sato, I'm gonna look at your script.
Give me as much as you've got.
Ha! What, you're going on a date again
or something?
I'm going to toss it into the game program
and put it into a game format!
But the script's not finished at all.
Either way, you can't finish it before
the Comic Stall anyway, right?!
So, for this time, I'll just make it a sample and
code in only the best parts of the script.
A sample?
I didn't necessarily promise that
I'd put out a finished product.
If the people in my class say anything,
I'll tell them the truth:
"The reason is that Sato fell behind on his script."
It's pretty much because you're all gaga over a girl
that things turn out like this.
If you'd been seriously working, by now we'd have
Hey, sounds sort of like someone else I know.
Did you say something?
Nothing at all!
A girl
Forget her!
For now, we've reached a stopping point.
Let's at least have a toast.
Right, sure.
You're busy at work, aren't you?
Things will settle down by the weekend.
I won't have to cancel our
long-awaited trip or anything.
It's a promise I made to you, Hitomi,
and that's important.
Is it me that's important? Or is it the promise?
Both are.
I'd really like to walk you up to your place.
You're going back to the office
to keep working, right?
Don't worry about me.
Good night, Hitomi.
This is the site manager, Cerberus. It's been raining for days, which is depressing.
On to the news; as per Mr. God's proposal,
the 13th off meeting will finally take
place. We look forward to your taking part.
For Your Soul's Freedom, Free Your Ailing Soul!!!
There is still one means left to us.
This is the site manager, Cerberus. It's been raining for days, which is depressing.
On to the news; as per Mr. God's proposal,
the 13th off meeting will finally take
place. We look forward to your taking part.
For Your Soul's Freedom, Free Your Ailing Soul!!!
There is still one means left to us.
Coming soon, the Off Meeting! Now accepting applications!
You are visitor 596,578
Terms of Use
Always use respect. Furthermore, treat others' opinions with manners
Statements and activities that violate the law are forbidden.
Giving personal information is forbidden. When giving e-mail addresses, please use freemail. In rare instances where personal information is leaked, the site manager cannot be held responsible.
This is Hana-hana.
I fought with my boyfriend again today,
at the grungy yakitori place we always go to.
When I said, "What if I got a real job?"
He flipped out and got violent.
He hit me all over; I'm still sore.
I'm sick of this kind of life.
I'm thinking of taking part in the off meeting.
I can't decide.
I wonder why, when I think of a troubled person,
Sato comes to mind?
Did you read it, Yamazaki?
No, I haven't.
Damn it!
I'm doing delicate work here, so don't
bother me with pointless stuff.
He made so many.
Are these really gonna sell?
Ms. Kashiwa!
What on earth is this all about?
At our recent meeting,
you said if we have any proposals for how to
serve citizens, you would actively accept them,
so I organized my ideas into a plan.
Proposal for lmplementing Connectedness Welfare Plan
There's no need to take things this far.
If we actually started these sorts of services,
think what it would cost in time and personnel.
You don't think it would put a strain on other duties
that need to be done in the office?
I accounted for that in the proposal too.
It's just armchair theory!
You don't understand the first thing
about being a public servant.
Shred this immediately, before any
department heads get a look at it!
If you have the time to write this stuff,
why not double-check the electoral register?
I double-checked it last week.
Then triple-check it!
That was refreshing.
She's so uppity just 'cause she's a little pretty.
The world's not that forgiving a place.
Ms. Kashiwa, don't let this kind of
thing break your spirit.
I'm always on your side.
You're on vacation starting tomorrow, right?
If so, I'll check the register for you!
I found a good organ-stew restaurant in Kouenji.
If you like, I could buy you dinner sometime.
Won't you tell me when would be good for you?
Akira Jogasaki
Subject: "Sorry"
How are you? About our trip,
due to some unexpected trouble
it looks like I'm not going to be
able to go. Sorry I promise I'll
make it up to you
unexpected trouble.
Until we resolve this, there's no way
I can get away from Tokyo.
So, it wasn't an important promise?
I'm really sorry.
Summer vacation is precious,
so why don't you go, at least?
There's no point going by myself.
I'll cancel the hotel reservation.
I swear I'll make up for this.
You're still working, right? Do your best, Jogasaki.
Yume to Inbou no
Dreams and Conspiracies
Yume to Inbou
Dreams and Conspiracies
So, a conspiracy did exist after all.
Sato, why are you so slow?
You're working at less than half my pace!
Your machine's write speed is
more than double mine!
Off meeting notice
"The Island Nearest to Paradise" Tour
August 11, 2006, 11:00 am
Mita House
We're finished!
Don't you dare oversleep tomorrow, okay?
I know it's only a club thing,
but I want to get in by 8:00.
Also, I'll give you this now.
This is your copy.
She'll always come back
She'll always come back
So, this is the game I made.
It's not like it's finished;
I've got this halfway kind of feeling.
Can I really become a game creator
by making something like this?
Congratulations, Sato.
You've finally escaped from being hikikomori.
I owe it all to your advice.
By the way, Senpai, aren't you hot in that outfit?
You can't relax your guard, Sato.
This is a huge conspiracy on a worldwide scale.
Promoting rapid global warming,
they'll increase atmospheric CO2 levels
and bring on an ice age.
That's their plan.
Open your ears.
Listen! I'm sure you can hear the
footsteps of that winter too.
Who's calling me this late?
It couldn't be her, could it?
Hitomi Kashiwa
Hitomi Kashiwa
Hitomi Kashiwa
Hitomi Kashiwa
Hitomi Kashiwa
S Senpai
Senpai's calling me?
I wonder what's the matter?
Senpai! It's me, Sato!
Hello? Hello? Hello!
She went to the trouble of calling me and I
Idiot! I'm an idiot!
Hi there!
I finally got through.
Senpai, it's you, right?
Of course, did you forget my voice?
Have you been shut in so long you're losing it?
What are you calling about at this time of night?
Let's drink!
Let's drink!
Your apartment is near the Mita green belt, isn't it?
Could you give me your address?
Kanagawa Prefecture Kawasaki City Tama Ward
First Letter
Show Map
Kawasaki City Tama Ward lkuta
Okay, got it. I'll be there shortly.
Huh? What's "shortly" mean?
She can't be thinking of drinking at my place.
That girl is always sudden about things!
S Senpai!
She drove here?! How does she plan to get home?
That was quick, wasn't it?
I bought both drinks and snacks.
Summer vacation is fun-fun-fun!
Hey! You'll wake the neighbors!
Senpai, you haven't already been
drinking, have you?!
Heaven forbid!
Pure and proper public servants
never drive under the influence.
It's surprisingly clean,
considering you're a hikikomori.
Yes, thanks.
I figured you'd definitely spend some time with me.
Doing this takes me back to our high school days.
It does, doesn't it?
That's right! I also bought some cards!
It's been awhile. Wanna play?
Huh? No
Of course you won't play.
We're not in high school anymore.
Why is Senpai, who's always had conspiracy-mania,
in such a good mood?
I'm gonna have another one.
I've never seen her so cheerful.
Wait; I have, once.
It was when I was in my second year of high school,
at the close of the culture festival.
Hey, you!
I found you, Sato!
You can't be skipping out on things up here.
Same goes for you.
Let's drink. This is from what our class didn't sell.
Culture Festival
My last culture festival in high school
is over now, huh?
Starting tomorrow, I throw myself headlong
towards entrance exams.
Good luck to you.
No need for the long face.
I'll show my face in the club room.
I'd feel bad for you playing cards all by yourself.
That short-haired loser?
The former captain of the basketball team
We broke up.
Just a few minutes ago, we broke up.
Are you glad?
Not particularly.
I thought you'd say that.
I was careless too.
I was dating that guy for two years and didn't
see through to what he really was.
But now I'm cut off from that dirtbag,
and I can concentrate on my exam studies.
Now I can go to college in Tokyo
without anything holding me back.
It's a stroke of good luck.
I probably knew what I should
have done at that time,
but in the end I wasn't able to do anything.
Now I understand.
That night was a crossroads in my life.
If I had roused my courage and stepped forward,
she and I could have become
And maybe I wouldn't have shut myself off like this.
I could have led a respectable life.
This very moment may be another
chance to start over in life.
I've never drunk this much before.
You know, Sato.
Uh, yes?
You've seen a lot of my miserable side
from way back, haven't you?
I wonder why that is?
When I'm with you, I just want to show that.
I was right. This girl's probably going
to start crying pretty soon.
That's the time for me to gently comfort her
Then with our mutual love as a support,
I'll say goodbye to this cursed hikikomori life.
Senpai! Are you going to sleep there?
I came today to say goodbye.
I've decided to take part in this.
OFF Meeting notice
There's no other means of escaping from the evil
hands of the conspiracy that enfolds the world.
Senpai, what am I supposed to do?
Huh? Wait a second.
She was saying something about
"summer vacation."
First let me apologize, I'm sorry, Yamazaki
Summer Comic
I still have a chance.
She'll always come back
Gal game world that's become so stale,
I'll show you a thing or two.
Sorry, Yamazaki.
Good morning, Senpai.
That's right, I crashed his place last night,
and then I must have passed out right where I sat.
Here you go.
I'm sorry, Sato.
Don't worry about it.
More importantly, let's hurry up and get going.
Something painful happened,
and you want to escape, right?
I'll go with you, wherever you want to go,
even if it's to Paradise or the far reaches of Hell.
Oh, he saw this, huh? Now he wants to
You really will?
Yeah, absolutely.
I'm hikikomori anyway,
so it's a good opportunity to say goodbye
to the cursed life I've been leading.
What's more, if I'm with you,
I'm not afraid of anything.
Thank you.
Don't be like that, Senpai. What are you crying for?
S Sato!
Sato! Where are you going? Wait!
Wait, Sato!
My life as a hikikomori is over.
I'll start a new life with this girl.
Episode 11
Welcome to the Conspiracy!
You won't have any regrets, will you, Sato?
Ababa, ababa, ababa, dancing baby human!
When we were born naked
When we were born naked
We were all loved equally
Just as it's supposed to be
But why, as life goes on
But why, as life goes on
Each destiny takes a different path
It's almost cruel
Some can look at other's eyes
While others can't
Some get to learn love
While others don't
If that's how it is
I'd rather be
A baby, a baby human till I die
"Oh, what an adorable baby!"
"I just want to love you!"
Just like I planned!
It worked perfectly!
The baby she is holding is really a baby human
"Ababa!" I snicker to myself
Hiding in my pretended innocence
It's so easy to be a baby human
So you should be one too!
Ababa, ababa! Dance, multiply
And take it to space!
To Mars
To Saturn
To the galaxy!
Baby human!
Baby human!
What's up with that gloomy group?
I'm Hana-Hana.
They intend to end their lives today!
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