Welcome to the N.H.K. (2006) s01e10 Episode Script

Welcome to the Dark Side!

Sukoshi miageta sora
Dekisugita nichijou
Se wo mukeru tabi ni tsubuyaku dake
Doko ni ikeba iino sonna kao shiteru kimi to
Doko ni ikeba iino sonna kao shiteru kimi to
Rojiura no kage
Tokei no hari ga tomatta jikan wo nurikaete
Tokei no hari ga tomatta jikan wo nurikaete
Sashinobeta ryoute kamiawanai pazuru
Okizari ni shiteta futari deau made
Nakushiteta nani ka
Saigo no kakera wo torimodoshite
Aruki dasou
I think we need to be more forward
about dating women.
Now, don't get me wrong.
I don't mean that in a weird way.
It's just that every experience is food
for thought for a game creator.
That's the opposite of what you
were saying before, right?
Dates, for example.
For portraying a dating scene,
if we don't know what a real date is like,
we won't get anywhere.
A real date
Watching fireworks
Walking together a little
I wonder if I'm supposed to buy her
something at times like that?!
Thanks, Sato.
Why didn't you buy her something then?
You had enough money for that, right?!
That cotton candy might have led to
Tatsuhiro Sato, that was the blunder of a lifetime!
Just write the script, okay?
The fact is, I know too little about her,
about Misaki.
What she likes, what she doesn't like,
what kinds of things she likes
someone to do for her.
Sato, please show me what you wrote today.
I'll check it.
Huh? It's only just past noon, right?
I'm supposed to meet somebody.
Truth is, it's a date.
No big deal; this girl insists she wants
to see a movie with me.
It's really just a "gathering data
for our game" type thing.
There, I sent it.
Dreams and hopes
Dreams and hopes
The heroine's name is wrong.
In which part?
Well, it's not just one part
"Good morning, Misaki."
"What's wrong, Misaki?"
"I trust you, Misaki."
"I want to keep a smile on your face, Misaki."
"Misaki, I could die for you."
The heroine's name is "Rei," you know.
What are you doing?! Sato! Hey!
I'm giving up writing!
The kind of guy who gets the heroine's name wrong
has no right to call himself a scriptwriter!
I'll annihilate the script and the computer too!
This is my computer!
Don't wig out like that!
If you just change the name, it's usable as a script.
And I'll tell her
"I don't understand"
"I don't understand"
Nakahara M
Nakahara Mi
Nakahara Mis
Nakahara Misa
Nakahara Misak
Nakahara Misaki
Nakahara Misaki
Her hands were soft, and small.
Four more hours
It's not like I can see her sooner if I go early.
What the heck
I just feel like going out a little earlier today.
That's it. That's all it is.
I'll give you some food now, okay?
You're awfully early, huh?
So are you, Sato.
I just happened to pass by
while I was out for a walk.
You're such a fibber.
You're hikikomori, Sato.
There's no way you'd go for walks.
Cats are great, aren't they?
What's great about them?
They just seem so calm,
all the time, wherever they are;
even if they're alone.
Cats are pretty ungrateful, you know.
Even if you give it food, it'll immediately
forget all about you, Misaki.
Yikes! That was too cynical!
I don't intend to say things like that!
It's all right.
As long as I'm giving it what it wants,
I'm sure it will remember me.
Well now, shall we get started?
You're a troubled person. You're in pain.
I feel bad for how you're suffering.
But keep your chin up when you walk.
You're fine as you are.
Secret Notes
You have dreams, so you'll be fine.
You're not alone.
If you just walk, a path will be there.
Everyone's pulling for you.
You're trying, and that makes you shine.
Just think positively, and it will be okay.
We'll move together towards tomorrow.
The future will be great.
You're a troubled person. You're a troubled person.
That's all for today.
Oh, okay.
Were you listening?
Of Of course. No, I mean
What if I said I wasn't listening carefully? And that
I want you to start over from the beginning?
If we start from the beginning, it will get too late.
But maybe from the middle
Just joking! Truth is, I was listening carefully.
Hey! We're talking about something serious!
Next time you make a joke like that,
you'll owe me a million yen.
All right, I understand.
I can't get Misaki's face out of my head.
I've never thought about the future,
but maybe I could
With her
Come to think of it
I haven't heard anything about
Misaki's parents or friends.
She said her grandmother was a prima donna,
married to a Frenchman.
That sounds like an outright lie.
What do I know about Misaki?
Nothing has changed since the first time we met.
Who is Misaki?
And why did she approach me?
I don't know anything.
Sato, wake up, please! Sato! Sato!
Hey! Do you know what time it is?!
To a game creator, day and night mean nothing.
Sato, this is no time for you to be sleeping.
That's right, it's no time to be sleeping.
There's no time left before the Comic Stall.
No time to rest.
Did something happen?
Nothing at all!
The theories I've held for so long
just got proven brilliantly.
Women lie with a straight face.
They're laughing at us guys behind our backs.
Why the heck would another guy be
at our meeting-spot for a date?
She didn't really expect me to believe that
excuse about "happening to bump into him"?
Who'd believe that excuse?
I get it, I get it.
Who'd believe that excuse?
I get it, I get it.
Sato, don't you ever let your guard
down with women either.
They're always plotting something
behind your back.
There are certainly too many
mysteries about Misaki.
I know.
You come to this park every Sunday night and
do nothing but gaze into space, right?
Why does she know my activity patterns?
at all.
Date of birth, January 28th, Aquarius.
Blood type A.
Why does she know so much about me?
Won't you come with me to see the fireworks?
Why is she so kind to me?
What is she really after?
What do you think, Sato?
Are you suspicious that I'm plotting something?
Shall I tell you why I'm being kind to you, Sato?
It's because I want you to
I want you to
to stay hikikomori forever.
Damn! A trap?!
You slipped up, Sato!
You evil wench! You're a secret
operative with the NHK!
Most certainly.
My mission is to tempt the world's men with sex
appeal and drag them into the hikikomori world.
I'll never let you escape, Sato.
No! I'll get away! You watch!
Not a chance!
After all, Sato
You love me, don't you?
No! I don't!
You love me, don't you, Sato?
Who could ever love someone like
Good morning, Sato.
Did I say something to you last night?
I hope not.
Seems like I drank too much,
so my memory is spotty in places.
Hold on a second, please.
We'll get to work right away.
Would you take a little walk with
me or something instead?
This is unusual, for you to say of your own
accord that you want to go out, Sato.
Manga Cafe
Oh, it's that girl.
You're not going in?
How long are we going to wait?
I want ice cream.
Hi there.
Do you think it's okay to do this kind of thing?
It's unfair that I know nothing about her, isn't it,
when she's even met my mother?
Could that mansion be her house?
Hey, hold on!
From this place,
that park where we always meet
is right in front of her eyes.
Sato, this is bad!
Our apartments are in plain view from here!
Could it be that she was watching me?
This whole time, up until now?
Why is it so darn hot like this?
I'm getting so tired of it.
Oh no!
Well, let's go.
I seem to recall that the group who publishes
those invitation booklets rents that building.
I wonder if it's a meeting or something?
That's right.
Today was great, wasn't it?
It really was. My heart has been cleansed.
We're going, Misaki.
You're not going to follow her, Sato?
That's enough.
The girl's a member of a questionable group,
and she was watching me this whole time.
But I still feel Misaki
The Time is Already Here! WAKE UP!
Special "Hikikomori" Report
NEET Population on the Rise
Are You Okay?
The Time is Already Here!
Special "Hikikomori" Report
That's right, wake up!
This is a conspiracy, Sato.
It's a conspiracy by the NHK!
One to keep you a hikikomori for your whole life.
But Misaki said she was going to get me
out of the hikikomori life!
That's what's scary about this conspiracy.
They seduce you with those kind of nice words
and when they've made you
a prisoner of the fantasy of love
what they do is smash that fantasy to bits.
The psychological damage you suffer will
probably be immeasurable, Sato.
You'll be unable to trust
Any woman
Any human being at all
And you'll become incapable of
ever going out again.
You'll have to
remain a hikikomori
Forever. Forever.
So, what am I supposed to do?!
Just don't see her.
If you don't see her, you won't fall in love.
If you don't fall in love
you won't get hurt.
We're warning you
This Misaki Nakahara
you must never
see her again.
The Time is Already Here!
Special "Hikikomori" Report
That's it.
If I do it now, I can still turn back.
If I fall for her any more,
then if she were to betray me,
I would
You you're late.
Okay, I'm going to start today's lecture.
I'm quitting counseling.
Because you've gotten too busy
with the game script?
I don't ever want to see your face again!
Episode 10
Welcome to the Dark Side!
Was that the right thing to do?
Ababa, ababa, ababa, odoru akachan ningen
Hito wa hadaka de
Umareta toki wa
Dare mo aisare
Onaji hazu ga
Doushite nanoda
Ikite iku uchi
Sadame wa wakare
Mugoi kurai da
Hito no me mitari
Koi wo shittari
Sorenara boku wa
Isso naritai
Shinu made baby akachan ningen
"Aa, nante kawaii baby!"
"Aishitaku naru wa!"
Omou tsubo daze!
Umaku itta ze!
Kanojo daita akago jitsu wa akachan ningen
Adokenasa no ura de ababa hokusoemu nosa
Adokenasa no ura de ababa hokusoemu nosa
Kimi mo nareyo raku de iize baby human
Kimi mo nareyo raku de iize baby human
Ababa ababa odore fuyase soshite uchu e
Ababa ababa odore fuyase soshite uchu e
Kasei e
Dosei e
Ginga e!
Odoru yo
Akachan ningen
Odoru yo
Akachan ningen
What did I do wrong?
My life as a hikikomori is over.
You won't have any regrets, will you, Sato?
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