Welcome to the N.H.K. (2006) s01e19 Episode Script

Welcome to the Blue Bird!

I lift my eyes a little and look into the sky
All I do is mutter every time
I turn my back on this perfect everyday life
Where am I supposed to go
With you who are giving me a look like that?
Shadows on back streets
Hands of a clock
Repaint the time that has been stopped
Extended hands, puzzle pieces that don't fit
Until the abandoned two reunite
Something that has been lost
Recover the last piece
Let's start walking
Big Brother?!
Those jerks wouldn't have
Toro Toro?
You're Toro Toro, aren't you? I'm Mia!
Toro Toro
That's the character who helped
when we slayed that dragon.
So, it was this guy, huh?
Huh? What?
What are you doing, you people?!
Megumi! I've told you not to bring
anyone to the house, right?!
I'm sorry, Big Brother.
Get out of this room! Immediately!
O Okay
Megumi! Don't bring shame upon
your big brother like this!
I'm sorry!
Stop it! I'll make your meal and
bring it right away, okay?!
You guys haven't gone home yet?
That's good, Sato.
This means you'll avoid falling into debt.
My repayment of my debts just
got further away though.
What about that stuff that cures the
hikikomori state by eating it?
If hikikomori could be cured by something like that,
I wouldn't be suffering.
You saw the state my big brother's in, right?
So, he's hikikomori, I guess.
"If you join Mouseroad,
you can get supplements that will
cure your brother's reclusion,
and you can also attain a large income."
I was drawn in with words like that too,
in the beginning.
But the reality is just as you see.
No matter how many supplements I fed him,
my brother's hikikomori condition didn't improve.
I wasn't able to meet my quotas,
and my debt load kept increasing!
I realize I'm stuck in a hole, but
"Maybe everything will start to spin into
some kind of a good rhythm!"
With thinking like that, you can't grab
any opportunity to quit.
I truly wonder how long I'm supposed
to keep up this kind of life?
Big Brother, your lunch is ready.
My brother came to Tokyo two years before me.
I got accepted to a university in Tokyo too,
and we ended up living together,
but even by that time he had already been
hikikomori for more than a year.
Not going to college,
and not working either,
he was just entirely absorbed
in his online games.
I heard that impatience was a no-no
in dealing with a hikikomori,
so my intention was to treat him with patience.
I even tried online games, to try to understand
a little better how he felt,
but very soon I had no free time
to be playing games.
I told you before, right?
My father keeled over.
Our living allowance got cut off,
and the only way to get money for school and
living expenses was to earn it ourselves.
There was no way my brother could work,
There was no way my brother could work,
so all I could do was strive on my own.
I didn't have the leisure of thinking
about respectability or anything.
I chose the jobs where I could earn
the maximum possible income.
But when it rains, it pours, right?
Every place I worked went out of business,
and I had never once gotten
paid properly for my work.
It was at that time that someone from
Mouseroad approached me.
After that, it went just as you see.
That's the end of my story.
Are you satisfied, Sato,
as to why the deadly-earnest egomaniac
Class Rep ended up like this?
If you understand, then go home,
because I need to go look for
a sucker to take your place.
Are you going to keep at this?
I told you already, I can't turn back anymore.
Big Brother
Let's go home, Sato. Our business is finished now.
I guess you're right.
Easy to Understand JUNG
What the Family
Can Do
Sato, wait a minute.
My brother says he wants to talk to you.
To me?
All right
Not directly
Are you sure you want to login
with the above settings?
I've been waiting for you, Sa-To.
Toro Toro
Is that my brother?
You didn't know that?
I knew he was playing this game,
but I didn't know what kind of
character he was using.
I wonder what in the world he wants to talk about?
How's the R.M.T.? Is it going well?
I gave up games already.
I'm not going to do R.M.T. either.
You've got surprisingly little guts.
You had just started, right?
I'll bet you never even succeeded
in making one trade.
The entire world of games is
a big pack of lies, right?
The stories of people making a lot of money at
R.M.T. are just like urban legends, right?
It's absolutely impossible for beginners!
You realize that too, right?
But maybe someday, somebody
will make a success of it.
That might be you.
It might be me.
A wonderful future of vast wealth
might be right in front of you.
Let it go already! What vast wealth?
What wonderful future?
Look at the reality! Are you an idiot?
Class Rep
Your little sister
She's even turned to some shady pyramid scheme
to earn money for both of your living expenses!
Her future is a black hole!
Isn't what you're doing simple escapism?
You're spending all your time
dreaming comfortable dreams,
and not facing up to reality, right?!
I didn't think you'd say such harsh things to me.
I mean, I was thinking we're both
alike in not facing reality.
The truth is, I already understand what I should do
now, and what it would take to make my life go well.
I've read 200 self-help books.
I've even thought of writing one myself.
I understand it all, you see.
So why
I'm afraid.
Of changing the routine of my life.
If I change it, something unforeseen could happen.
Even when my father keeled over,
nobody told me to change my lifestyle.
I realize it's no good to keep living as I am,
but I still want to.
I don't want to log out.
Even though I know it can't happen,
I'm still thinking that one day, suddenly,
an amazing surprise will occur and
everything will start going smoothly.
That feeling Even I
Don't you dare understand it!
You can still turn back. Don't end up like me.
Before you drag the people around you
into your misfortune,
you have to log out.
Logged Out.
I'm going home.
Sorry for the intrusion.
He's crying.
Sa Sato
Rei: Thanks for coming shopping
with me today.
Rei: I still don't understand things
in this world very well.
Rei: So, I want you to choose
which clothes look good on me.
Rei: Huh? This one?
Wait a minute. I'll try it on, okay?
Rei: Well? Does it look good?
Rei: Really? Great! Okay, starting next
time, I'll appear in this outfit.
What's this about?
This is an event scene that appears
after you've cleared the game.
You can choose the heroine's default
outfit for the next game here.
It's a little gimmick to keep people from
getting bored after the first time.
Wow A lot of thinking goes into this, huh?
But when the main narrative still isn't finished,
there isn't any point creating stuff like this, is there?
Whose fault do you think it is that it's not finished?
My work is at a halt because your scenario
isn't progressing at all!
I can't do anything else but make this kind of stuff!
I want to get started on the work
for the main narrative too!
I get it! I'm telling you, I get it!
No, you don't get it!
So, today's the day I'll speak my mind!
Sato, after that hubbub with the pyramid scam,
what did you say?
I've had a change of heart.
I vow to seriously devote myself to game creation!
How many weeks do you think
have passed since then?
It's been four weeks! Four weeks!
But still the script hasn't progressed
by more than a few kilobytes!
Mita House
We've passed the two-months-left point
for the winter Comic Stall!
And this time we can't get away with
faking it with some sample!
This is the moment of truth for you too, Sato,
to show whether you can carve out a life
as a game creator or not!
Oh, is it this late already?
It It's open
Um, if I'm intruding, it can wait till later.
It's fine. Please feed Sato.
Tuna again?
It's because the compound DHA found
in tuna stimulates brain activity.
I believe that eating tuna will unquestionably have a
positive effect on your creative activities.
If eating tuna made me able to write the script,
I wouldn't be having so much trouble.
No complaining.
Who do you have to thank, Sato, for the fact that
even though your allowance has been cut in half,
you're not starving to death?
Well, it's not really like I begged you to
So, you'd be okay with starving?
Or do you want to get swamped by debt, like
that committee-girl from your high school?
Thank you for this meal.
At Yuuhiyama Zoo, which has been a major topic of late,
a new animal exhibit has opened starting today
Hey, what was it called?
The "multilevel marketing" company
that you "cooled off" from?
Huh? Oh
This just in.
The headquarters of a company previously suspected
of being a disreputable "multilevel marketing" scheme
What was it
Mouseroad, has been raided by the
Tokyo prosecutor's office,
Uh, I'm here at the Tokyo headquarters of Mouseroad,
That's it.
The Tokyo prosecutor's office has raided Mouseroad,
That's hot!
Previously suspected of
I I'm sorry!
Something to wipe with quick!
It's hot
It's hot!
Sato, are you watching the news?!
Sorry to intrude!
Wait, Yamazaki!
Furthermore, reports say that the total number of
Mouseroad members in Tokyo is over 15,000,
You've got it all wrong!
Furthermore, reports say that the total number of
Mouseroad members in Tokyo is over 15,000,
Furthermore, reports say that the total number of
Mouseroad members in Tokyo is over 15,000,
Now, on to Mouseroad, where a raid
has been ongoing for some days.
Today investigators also entered the
home of executive Sukekiyo Sagawa,
Where a foreign-made luxury car
and other items were seized.
I'm hungry! I'm hungry!
I'm hungry! I'm hungry!
I'm hungry! I'm hungry!
I'm hungry! I'm hungry!
I'm hungry! I'm hungry!
I'm hungry! I'm hungry!
I'm hungry! I'm hungry!
I'm hungry! I'm hungry!
I'm hungry! I'm hungry!
I'm hungry! I'm hungry!
I'm hungry! I'm hungry!
I'm hungry! I'm hungry!
I'm hungry! I'm hungry!
I'm hungry! I'm hungry!
I'm hntgp
What are you doing, Megumi?
What's happening with my food?
I haven't eaten for three days.
Am I just going to die like this?
Big Brother, I'm sorry I've been away for days.
There's been a bit of trouble.
Are you hungry? I'll make something right now.
Big Brother?
Big Brother? Big Brother!
Mita House
I'm telling you!
The heroine's emotional line here is weird!
It is? I don't really think it's weird.
It's no good!
Players won't find this kind of thing satisfying!
Players won't find this kind of thing satisfying!
You can say that, but we only have
one month until the winter Stall!
You can say that, but we only have
one month until the winter Stall!
There's no time to be fixing it now!
What is it?
It's from Class Rep.
Mouseroad should be history by now, right?
I wonder if she's going to ask you
to join a different pyramid scam?
Hello? Yeah, it's me.
What? Are you serious?
She said Toro Toro's gone missing!
I already tried everywhere I could think of!
You were the only one left, Sato.
I see, so he hasn't contacted you either then.
Yeah, I'll inform the police too,
but if you get an e-mail or anything,
please let me know!
I look horrible
What will I do now?
Shall I go back to school?
Right, the pork-rice meal and
tempura-rice meal are up.
Right, the pork-rice meal and
tempura-rice meal are up.
I'm going out on delivery.
Be careful while you're out.
That boy's gotten a lot more energetic, huh?
What do you mean "boy"?
He's a man of plenty of years.
But when he first came to this shop,
he looked just like a ghost.
Saying stuff like, "I'll do anything
if you'll give me food to eat."
What's more, he said he was a hikikomori, right?
He said he'd never actually worked in his life,
which worried me.
You know what they say:
"A person does what he's got to do."
If they get hungry, human beings will work.
Episode 19
Welcome to the Blue Bird!
Thank you!
Even if this world were going to end tomorrow
Since it's you
Would you take the curt attitude of
"If so, that's okay with me"?
There's no need to strain yourself
Just sometimes would be fine
So lift up your face and look this way
Look at me
Though it's a tiny world
For some reason it's too big for these two hands
Though it's an endless world
For some reason it's too small for these two hands
Hey, I want to laugh with you
In the irritating morning light
What's the name of the star?
A person's life is no more than trash, I guess.
Do you think you're God or something?!
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"Welcome to Winter Days!"
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