Welcome to the N.H.K. (2006) s01e20 Episode Script

Welcome to Winter Days!

Sukoshi miageta sora
Dekisugita nichijou
Se wo mukeru tabi ni tsubuyaku dake
Doko ni ikeba iino sonna kao shiteru kimi to
Doko ni ikeba iino sonna kao shiteru kimi to
Rojiura no kage
Tokei no hari ga tomatta jikan wo nurikaete
Tokei no hari ga tomatta jikan wo nurikaete
Sashinobeta ryoute kamiawanai pazuru
Okizari ni shiteta futari deau made
Nakushiteta nani ka
Saigo no kakera wo torimodoshite
Aruki dasou
C C Cold
This scene in your script.
I think you could have a little more shyness here.
What? You think so?
The way it is now,
I just get this feeling of a gung-ho jock type.
It doesn't relate well to the characters I created.
Hmm Shy, huh?
I get it. I'll give it some thought.
By hook or crook, we've gotten this far, haven't we?
I've got a clear view of how much
we have left to do too.
Looks like we'll manage to finish in time
for the winter Comic Stall.
Oh yeah? We'll finish in time?
Yeah, so long as nothing major comes up.
We We will, huh?
All right! I'll jump into my last spurt too!
A telephone?
I understand how you feel,
but that's why I want you to come home
to see your father for a short time.
I understand, I will.
What's the matter, Yamazaki?
Something major came up.
Yamazaki went home, huh?
The word is his father's in the hospital.
He said he's going to see how he's doing.
I wonder if he'll come back?
Huh? Of course he will!
The game's not finished yet
and he's got school too!
I guess so. You're right.
Mita House
Well, see you tonight at the park.
Shy, huh?
Shy shy
Shy shy
Shy, huh?
Shy shy
Ah, I've found a person in trouble-purin!
Super Suction 3000, we'll go save them
just as quickly as possible-purin!
Yikes, Pururin! Don't treat me so recklessly!
Puru puru pururin, Pururin
Puru puru pu
It's so quiet.
That's why. Normally, that music is coming
from Yamazaki's apartment.
In a shy way
Sato, lunch is here.
Well, see you tonight.
All right, I've got it set.
Do you want to look, Senpai?
What's the name of the star?
Umm, what was it
Its name doesn't really matter, does it?
It's the mystique of it, the mystique.
That star's light is light from
hundreds of thousands of years ago.
Our lives What meaning can they possibly have?
When a human life vanishes in one-ten-thousandth
of the time it takes for that light to get here?
That's definitely true.
By the time the light leaving
that star now gets to Earth,
nobody's gonna care about the script I wrote.
No, more likely, they probably
won't remember me at all.
A person's life is no more than trash, I guess.
Let's give some thought to the
meaning of being alive.
A mound?
Things with shapes will break down at some point.
It comes down to something like this.
During the time I spend doing this,
I'm lower than trash.
We're living within a span that's less than trash.
This is local stuff that my mother
made me bring as gifts.
Please use it to supplement your diet.
Oh, thanks, that helps me out.
In any case, it's good that your father's
sickness isn't anything serious.
It isn't good at all.
Sato, you're not much interested
in other people, are you?
No, that's not true.
Then have you ever considered the reason why
at this age I'm in my first year of a trade school?
I just thought I didn't want to be too nosy.
At first, since my family operates a ranch,
I entered the animal-husbandry program
of a college near home.
It was the natural course for a son
who'd take over the business.
That took precedence over whether I liked it or not.
I never gave any thought to having other options.
But at the end of my first year of college,
a bunch of my relatives were gathered
in my house and drinking.
Among them was my aunt who sells insurance
I'm home.
Insurance for Kaoru? Too soon for that, isn't it?
Sooner is better for this kind of thing.
You already know he's going to
take over the ranch,
and I came up with an estimate,
so have a look at it.
The plan for my life was written there.
Age 22, begin working on the family ranch
upon graduating college.
At age 25, marry.
At age 27, first child born.
Age 29, second child born.
At age 34, first child enters elementary school.
At age 43, first child's high school entrance exams.
At age 46, first child's college entrance exams.
At age 50, first child graduates.
Retire at age 65.
Die at age 80.
In that estimate, it even listed the amount of
insurance benefits my widow would receive.
A chill ran through me.
I hadn't even turned twenty yet!
But they had taken the liberty of deciding
someone's whole life!
Do you think you're God or something?!
Do you?! Give me a break!
I shouted something like that in defiance
and decided to come to Tokyo.
Of course, my parents were
vehemently opposed to it.
So, for the next year I worked like a dog and
saved money and then came here.
So, that's how it was.
So, do you get an allowance?
How could I possibly?
Didn't you know I was working?
But that life is finished now.
They said that even if my father is discharged,
there's no way he can keep doing the ranch work,
since he wasn't the robust type in the first place.
So, you're going to
I've ended up having to follow the track
that someone else laid for me.
They gave me until the winter Comic Stall.
If our game gets a good reputation there,
I might be able to keep doing game design.
It's the last chance.
From now until the winter Stall,
I'm putting you under my watch 24-7.
Taking your meals, taking your naps
I'm going to have you do everything
in my apartment!
That's all right, isn't it?
Y Yes
No, that's wrong! Not like this!
This kind of thing isn't shy at all!
Saying that doesn't get me anywhere!
Try imagining what you'd say if you were
actually asking a girl out!
It'd be more shy!
I don't know!
Nothing better than this is coming to me,
so what am I supposed to do?!
Let's do a little moodchanger.
Thank you for you patronage!
Wow! A grand feast, huh?
It's good food and good saké for
the sake of a good creation.
Here! Drink it down!
All right! Down the hatch!
I'm tellin' ya, the mos' important thing is the shy!
The shyness!
I get it, I get it!
I get it, so I'm gonn' take a leak.
Naw, you donn' get nothin', Sato!
The proof of that is
Sato, thass the front door!
Yamazaki! It's snow! It's snowing!
Ooh, it's true!
We can't stay in here, Sato!
Snow means
Drinking while snow-watching!
Oh, I get it!
This is elegant, isn't it?
It is elegant.
I'm getting a little cold though.
Maybe my buzz is wearing off.
You say you're cold?
I've got it! Just wait a sec please!
See, that's warm, huh?
Yamazaki, are these
Yup, they're my school textbooks.
I don't need them anymore, you know.
So, textbooks do burn well after all. Just like trash!
Oh, yeah! Sato, I'll show you something
even more interesting.
Something interesting?
I'm going to invite Nanako to my room
full of gal-game stuff!
You're a brave man, Yamazaki!
I'm positive that when she sees the
sickening state of that room,
her reaction will be entertaining!
Hey, it's me
I have something important to talk about.
Could you come over right away?
Yeah, to my place, the address is
Oh, you know it?
That's right, Mita House.
Well, I'll be waiting for you.
I called her out.
But just now, you weren't the least bit shy.
Well then, that means that script is okay!
All right!
Mita House
Mita House
Are you all set, Sato?
Be sure you get her reaction on film.
We may be able to use it for the game.
She's here. Hide!
I've been waiting for you, Nanako.
Well, come on in.
Right, come on over here.
Uh, Kaoru, is your father's illness okay?
How did you know about that?
I didn't see you at school for two or three days
and I was worried,
so I asked people who knew you and teachers.
You did that?
No, my father is fine. No need to worry.
Really! That's good, huh?
On the phone, you said you had something
important to talk about,
so I figured that
Putting that aside, I have something even
more important to talk about.
More important?
That's right.
Nanako, you've probably at least
heard rumors about this.
The truth is, I
Gal games! Figures! Doujinshi!
Gal games! Figures! Doujinshi!
I can't live without getting every
hot-girl related thing!
The guy they call Yamazaki is a "super otaku"!
Oh! He really said it, that dog!
That's not all, Nanako.
I'm currently in the middle of making
this kind of obscene game
with a character modeled after you!
You're gonna give that much away, Yamazaki?!
So, how on Earth is she going to react?
Well you know, I honestly do think those
sex games and stuff are icky.
But the fact that you're going after it
so seriously is, how to put it
I think it's manly, or somehow
In the end, that's the kind of thing
I like about you, Yamazaki.
The way this is going, I wonder if
Yamazaki, do what you want.
it'll turn into adult entertainment?!
Is your head okay?
Or are you actually secretly obsessed
with gal games or something?
No, I know!
You desire to have your entire body felt up by a
monster's tentacles like this picture or something?
I hope you die, you icky otaku jerk!
You guys just disappear from the face of the Earth!
Hey! Are you okay, Yamazaki?
I'm okay.
More importantly, did you get good footage of that?
It was amazing entertainment, huh?
It's not often you get to see a scene where a
young girl sends a guy flying with a fist.
Are you all right with that? That girl seriously
And what if she does?
A month from now, I'll be working
on the family ranch.
At this late date, what can I do?
If I'm gonna split with her anyway,
then sooner is better, isn't it?
But even so, the way you broke up with her was
It was the best way ever to break up
with someone, wasn't it?
It was an incomparably dramatic way
to break something off, huh?
I forgot one thing though.
When you get hit in the wintertime,
the wound sure does sting.
I'll get you some medicine for that.
I was wondering what we're going to
do about tonight's counseling?
I forgot to ask during the daytime.
Why not go ahead and get your counseling?
If I don't straighten up this room a bit,
we can't work anyway.
Don't have any reservations about going.
I understand.
Our game Let's absolutely finish it, okay?
Of course.
Episode 20
Welcome to Winter Days!
Goodbye, Nanako.
Moshimo ashita kono sekai ga owaru to shite mo
Kimi no koto dakara
"Sore nara sore de mo ii ka"
Sokkenai taido toru no kana?
Muri suru koto wa nai kedo
Tama ni de mo ii kara
Kao wo agete kocchi wo mite yo
Watashi wo mite
Chippoke na sekai na no ni
Naze darou kono ryoute ni wa ookisugiru
Hateshinai sekai na no ni
Naze darou kono ryoute ni wa chiisasugiru
Nee modokashii asa no hikari no naka de
Kimi to waraitai
What are you saying? This one's a keeper!
A New Year's shrine visit
Do you think there's a God?
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