Welcome to the N.H.K. (2006) s01e21 Episode Script

Welcome to the Reset!

I lift my eyes a little and look into the sky
All I do is mutter every time
I turn my back on this perfect everyday life
Where am I supposed to go
With you who are giving me a look like that?
Shadows on back streets
Hands of a clock
Repaint the time that has been stopped
Extended hands, puzzle pieces that don't fit
Until the abandoned two reunite
Something that has been lost
Recover the last piece
Let's start walking
That's right, she promised me
that she'd absolutely come back.
Back to this world we live in.
Producer\h\h\h\hKaoru Yamazaki
Director\h\h\h\hKaoru Yamazaki
Script\h\h\h\hTatsuhiro Sato
Game Design\h\h\h\hKaoru Yamazaki
Programmer\h\h\h\hKaoru Yamazaki
Animator\h\h\h\hKaoru Yamazaki
Effects\h\h\h\hKaoru Yamazaki
Sound Director\h\h\h\hKaoru Yamazaki
Sound Effects\h\h\h\hKaoru Yamazaki
Game Tester\h\h\h\hTatsuhiro Sato
Debugging\h\h\h\hKaoru Yamazaki
Manual\h\h\h\hKaoru Yamazaki
Publisher\h\h\h\hKaoru Yamazaki
Look, Yamazaki
Our names are on here!
Of course they are, since it's a game
the two of us created.
We finished in time for the winter Comic Stall.
Our last chance!
What are you talking about, Sato?
This is just the beginning.
It's the beginning of our legend,
which will soar across the world!
Complete Version!
Super Beautiful Graphics and Full Video Recording
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Her 45-Seconds of Silence
The winter Stall is cold, huh?
The summer Stall was hot.
Thank you so very much for coming today.
The convention will be closing shortly.
We kindly ask that all vendors gather up
their materials and prepare to exit.
So, in the end we only sold five games, huh?
It's not over yet.
Of those five users,
if somebody, just one person, writes something
on the Net about how wonderful this game is,
beyond a doubt that will trigger our big break.
What I mean is, I don't really care if it didn't sell,
as long as I can leave behind some proof
that I lived in Tokyo.
What do we do with these?
Do you want to take them home with you?
Leave them at your place, Sato.
I don't think it's likely, but somebody
might come to buy one.
What about selling them to people in
your class or something?
I don't give a damn about that bunch.
All our busyness up till yesterday seems
just like it never happened.
Uh, yes?
Who could that be?
Wh What's going on?!
No reason to be so shocked, right, Sato?
You'll make sweet Pururin sad!
Wh What the hell is this?
It's Pururin, the magical girl.
You don't know that by now?
No, that's not what I meant.
I'm giving her to you, Sato.
Use her as you will.
What the"As I will"?
I have a bunch of other things to give you too.
Come on over for a minute, please.
It's snowing. I wonder if it will stick?
Not a chance.
They say in Tokyo the snow only sticks
maybe in February.
I've got food left that I bought and didn't eat,
so I'll give you all that.
Thank you.
Beside that, this laptop
It's old, so I don't think you can sell it,
but you may be able to use it as a space heater.
Thank you.
Umm, beside that
What is it?
Can I help with something?
I feel bad taking all this stuff for free.
Please do.
Oh, this!
The pictures from that one time.
When you'd gone to photograph little girls,
and you suddenly said, "Take my picture."
You idiot! Delete all that stuff!
What are you saying? These are keepers!
As souvenirs of life in Tokyo.
I'm telling you, don't!
Come to think of it, Sato,
somehow my food supplies were shrinking
little by little without my knowledge.
Considering your miserable condition,
I presumed I should avoid investigating the matter.
Was that
Er The books on these shelves?
I can box them all up, right?
I win.
I didn't even live here for a year,
but I've got quite a lot of memories.
We're pretty much finished, huh?
I guess I can take down the curtains
tomorrow morning, huh?
The snow's sticking, Sato!
Let's have a snowball fight!
To commemorate my last night in Tokyo!
Here it comes!
All right!
You don't understand what true love is!
What's that all about?
At times like this, normally you
yell something out, right?
You know, in TV dramas and stuff.
I see your point. Then, I'll do it too!
I love that girl, from the bottom of my heart!
Whoa! Heh-heh
Sato, your love is a fa├žade!
No, it's the real thing!
What's the matter, Yamazaki?
Sato, you don't get it at all!
No, the one who doesn't get it is you!
What about me
makes you say
that I don't get it?!
That you went to a vocational school and stuff?
Don't you make fun of my school!
For me, that was the decision of a lifetime!
What can a hikikomori like you
possibly understand, Sato?
C Cut it out, Yamazaki! Cut it out!
Both of you, what are you doing?
Sorry, Sato.
I ended up getting all worked up.
It's all right. Don't worry about it.
This snow will blanket over all our sorrows.
Or something
Sounds like a TV drama or something, doesn't it?
A drama has a logical progression,
outburts of emotion and a resolution.
Our everyday lives are just filled with nebulous
and vague anxieties forever and ever.
So, your apartment was this big.
What are you talking about?
It's the same size as your apartment.
Uh, umm
Take care of yourself.
Take good care of Sato please, Misaki.
Y Yes, I will!
This far is good enough, Sato.
You can't afford to waste money, right?
If you visit home, be absolutely
sure you get in touch.
See you around.
Don't let the world beat you, Sato.
Don't let the world beat you, Sato.
You're not going home defeated, right?!
You're not going home defeated, right?!
Kaosu ga chirabaru doa o shimetara
Nanimo nakatta you ni kudari no kisha ni norou
Te ni ireta mono wa fushigi na memory
Wasuremono wa aru kedo ushinau mono wa nai
Ano ko ni yoku niteru kanban ga sugiru yo
oes by
Naze ka sukoshi waratteru ki ga shiteru
a little
Kagerou no mukou e to
at haze
Rail wa tsuzuku yo
Maboroshi no yukue ni
n visions
Route wa hiraku yo
Her 45-Second Silence
When we were in the middle of making it,
I thought it was the best game ever.
But it's actually the worst piece of crap game.
I'm positive even the people who
did buy it are regretting it.
We did get beaten after all.
It's quiet.
I can't believe it got this quiet
just because Yamazaki left.
It's too quiet.
Is it really only Yamazaki who's gone?
There's nobody.
No human being but me.
On the Earth, there's only me.
No, in this universe, there's only me.
This is bad.
I've awakened to the truth.
Awakened to what truth, Sato?
That I myself was, in fact, the absolute god
who imagined this universe!
That's amazing.
Wow, amazing.
Wow, amazing-purin!
That's not all.
I am a super-powered warrior who
has come to this world,
reincarnated across time and space since
ancient times, thousands of years past!
That's amazing too.
To me, a god, nothing is impossible!
So, call Yamazaki back-purin!
Right! Gotcha!
Yamazaki, come to Mita House!
He's not coming, is he?
Wait, that wasn't it.
Maybe it was more like this
Yamazaki, come. Come!
Yamazaki, what are you doing?!
Come back right now!
Mita House
Thank you very much.
Here are some rice cakes and oranges.
Set the rice cakes up as a New Year's offering.
Praying that next year will be a
good year for you, Tatsuhiro.
Tatsuhiro Sato
What will I be doing next year?
I've become all too aware that
I don't have talent as a creator.
And what's more, Yamazaki
isn't here anymore either.
Is there no other way but to return
to being hikikomori?
Well, there are only a few hours left in this year.
Shrines in every region have begun preparations to
receive the crowds who will visit during New Year's.
Misaki, umm
Do you think there's a God?
Oh, that's right, you go out with your aunt
to invite people to services and stuff.
That's not even worth asking, huh?
That's something I just don't know.
I sometimes think it would be nice
if there were a God,
but if God does exist
Hello, everyone.
There's now only a short time left in 2006.
I'm Hiroshi Houri, the MC bringing you
today's "Kakushaku Club."
Now, as today's special guest,
Heroko Kyomoto of the
"Diamond Sisters" is with us!
Thank you! I'm Heroko Kyomoto!
Well, see you at the park tonight.
If you skip it, the penalty's a million yen!
It's true. I'm the only one Sato has left now.
There's now only one day left in this year.
For that reason, as a conclusion to this year,
I'd like to hold a test tomorrow, on New Year's Eve.
A test? Why?
Well, students have final exams too, right?
It's necessary for this course too, absolutely.
See, look.
Lecture: "Schroedinger's Cat"
Question: "Whether the cat in the box is alive or dead?"
Dec 14 \h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hThe 47 Ronin; The Story of Mr. Oishi Kuranosuke
Dec 15\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hLecture: The Words of Descartes
"Cogito Ergo Sum (I think, therefore I am.)"
Dec 31\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h(New Year's Eve) Final Exam in Shibuya
Jan 1 \h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hAnnouncement of Exam Results
It's all according to the syllabus.
Is she for real?
And what do I do, for the test?
A New Year's shrine visit.
To see how much your hikikomori state has been
cured, we'll try going into a crowd of people.
It's been how many years since I've
visited a shrine at New Year's?
Did you know that on New Year's Eve
the trains run all night?
It's an awful crowd of people, huh?
Are you okay?
Of Of course I'm okay!
There were even more people
at the winter Comic Stall!
Oh, that's true, huh?
But that time,
from start to finish I was in our own booth,
and Yamazaki was with me.
With Yamazaki near me,
it was like an extension of my high school days,
and I could forget that I was hikikomori.
So, what's to become of me now?
Back to being hikikomori after all?
Oh! Sa Sato!
What do I do?
Do I go home by myself?
Can I make it home alone?
This is absolutely no good.
There's nobody for Sato but me now!
Episode 21
Welcome to Reset!
Even if this world were going to end tomorrow
Since it's you
Would you take the curt attitude of
"If so, that's okay with me"?
There's no need to strain yourself
Just sometimes would be fine
So lift up your face and look this way
Look at me
Though it's a tiny world
For some reason it's too big for these two hands
Though it's an endless world
For some reason it's too small for these two hands
Hey, I want to laugh with you
In the irritating morning light
Do you want to have, like, an affair?
All he would have to do is cause
a really flashy miracle.
This year of all years
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Welcome to God!
Next episode,
"Welcome to God!"
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