Well Intended Love (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 I still like you so much.
Just like how flowers wait to bloom everywhere in Spring.
I still like you so much.
Just like how clouds everywhere don't know where to go.
I still like you so much.
Just like how rain drops on my heart, softly fades away.
I still like you so much.
Just like fire in the winter, warm and pleasing.
Your eyes has stars inside, And the entire galaxy.
Shining in the deep of my heart, And my entire life.
Guarding you, is a secret.
It's the only thing I won't give up on.
Time will prove for me, The reason why I love you.
I still like you so much.
Just like how flowers wait to bloom everywhere in spring.
I still like you so much.
Just like how clouds everywhere don't know where to go.
I still like you so much.
Just like how rain drops on my heart, softly fades away.
I still like you so much.
Just like fire in the winter, warm and pleasing.
I, Xialin, future's acting star.
Haven't been a main lead yet.
Even my followers haven't reached 10,000.
My life has just started.
There's no way it will skip all the way to the ending.
There's no way.
I'm only 21 years old.
I don't smoke and drink.
Balanced diet and exercise regularly.
Plus there's nothing wrong with my family.
How would I get leukemia? Calm down first.
We still have to do your bone marrow check in order to confirm.
No way.
I won't be sick.
No way, there's no way.
Why would I be sick? Seven hours earlier.
Hello? Yes, in front of Tian Yi Media.
Black and double flash right? Alright, I see it.
Miss? Why did you take someone else? I didn't choose to carpool.
Whatever, it's fine.
But you have to take me first, I'm rushing.
Can you sit over there? Handsome? Are you sure you want to get in? Lin Yun Hotel, thank you.
Don't worry, if you take me there on time, I will not give you a bad review.
I know everyone is not easy.
Right handsome? Chu Yan Ling, didn't you say you're gonna pick me up? Where are you? I suddenly have something to do, can't come.
I'm the one who have to be the judge for your commercial audition.
I even pushed away the fancy special car just for you.
Now I'm all alone on the road.
By myself, you letting this? You can get a taxi.
Have you ever seen a super idol like me, finding a taxi on the road? Hello? Hello? Hurry hurry.
Um, have we ever met at somewhere before? I think you look kind of familiar.
Miss, the way the try to start a conversation is really old-fashioned.
But sometimes, human does feel familiar to some types of images.
This is called the Hippocampal effect.
I think you also look a bit familiar.
Have you watched Comedy Office? Or Ru Yue Chuan.
I act in episode 36, 24 minutes, and 16 seconds.
That servant who just made a appearance but got poisoned by the second lead.
This drama was so popular.
I'm sorry.
Normally I don't watch that much TV.
Hello? Miss, are you here yet? I already waited for ten minutes.
You called the wrong number right? Aren't you the one who wants to go to Lin Yun Hotel.
But I'm already in the car.
But I'm still in front of Tian Yi.
Hello? Hello? Miss.
Hello? You're not a Taxi driver.
So You're not carpooling? In this car, Has anyone said this is carpooling? I'm sorry I'm sorry.
I got in the wrong car.
You can just drop me off by the crossing.
No need.
We are also going Lin Yun Hotel, same destination.
What a coincidence.
Then sorry, thank you guys.
Thank you guys so much this time.
If not you guys, I would've been late to my audition.
What audition? The commercial audition for Ling Shi.
(Company) Let's go.
Hold on.
My stuff.
I think my contact lenses fell on you.
Where is it? Nevermind.
I'm gonna be late.
Thanks, bye bye.
You over there! Who is that woman?! I don't know.
You don't know.
You don't know, you let her come out of your car.
You don't know, you let her lay on your chest like this.
Is it because of her, That's why you didn't pick me up!!! Fine, I get it.
Now is someone new over someone old isn't it? Those woman who tries to get close to you, Really tried their very best! But don't you worry, I'm beside you.
I'll definitely watch you tightly.
Let go.
Let go.
No! Cut.
So who is she? She really just got in the wrong car.
Acting king, you're so good.
Hello teachers, my name is Xia Lin.
I graduated in a film academy, I'm from Tian Yi Media.
Tian Yi? Mr.
Chu She's the same company as you.
Oh really? Then you better watch carefully.
The people from our company are really excellent.
Okay, have you ever acted in anything? I've acted in some dramas.
But not a lot.
Because I want to build my basics.
So I'm always studying at school.
But I always act in plays.
That's good.
Then let's test on your basics.
Have you watched Flirting Scholar? Yes, I did Mr.
Do you want me to act as Chow Heung? Is The one and only Shek Lau.
Now everyone knows you have a crush on me.
How am I going to live like this? I'd rather just die.
Don't misunderstand.
Actually, I respect you the same way to my mother.
You fell in love with your mother? Oh my god.
These type of devastating and rebellion things, Is so exciting.
I've never tried.
Kinda nervous, come on, hurry.
Come on.
Cut! You did a really great job.
It also suits the image of the main role we need.
I hope to see you more in the future.
Thank you, Mr.
Then that's it for today.
My friend really likes you.
Can you help me sign? Okay, no problem.
My friend is called Jia Fei When did I ever made him mad? It's literally the first time we met.
Hello, what are you getting? Two Americanos.
Hello? The main lead for Ling Shi is set.
This fast? Am I chosen? Lisa jie, (to older lady) I will try harder next time.
I think I did pretty good.
Why wasn't I chosen? Linlin, why, why are you here? So glad you're at home.
I was worried you didn't eat so I bought food.
I actually have to go company right now.
Let's go together.
Let me take a rest.
You don't even know how unlucky I was in the audition today.
Who are you?! Qing Jing? Linlin.
Get away! Let me explain.
Explain? How are you going to explain? Xia Lin, Jia Yan always wanted to break up with you.
If you knew how to behave, We all wouldn't be so awkward.
Stop talking so much.
My college classmate stole my boyfriend, Turns out it's my fault? Then what do you want? What do I want? It must be hard for both of you to do this behind my back.
If you like it, You can have it.
I was over playing with him anyways.
Don't go! Linlin! I hope you two last long, and stay as jerks forever! I'll go pick you up later.
Excuse me girl.
I have to go pick up my girlfriend.
I'm not taking orders.
Girlfriend? Is it that cool to be in a relationship? You're not gonna work, not gonna earn money? Can you promise that she will not cheat on you? If you can't promise anything, Then why can't you take me back home first?! Are you crazy? I'm actor.
I'm tomorrow's star.
Be careful of your image.
Be careful of your image.
(I'm the only one left in this entire world) (It should be a sunny day but it's raining and thundering) (To suit with who's mood) (The clouds are all gathered together) Ms.
Xia Leukemia can be cured these days.
If you treat it early, And find the right bone marrow matching.
There's a big chance of being cured.
We suggest you to inform your family, Recheck as soon as possible.
(I'm not going to take my smile and compare with anyone) (Just give me some more courage) (I can handle anything) (Saying this) (Is already not smart) (Take a deep breath) (Take a look at yourself) (Is there really no problem) (Take a deep breath) (I don't need you to remind me) (I don't believe, can't hear, can't see) (Fell into a game) Just for you, I'll close my heart) (Not indulging myself) (Said it too sincere) (I can't unveil you) (That's how people think I'm not careful enough) (Just for you, I became nonsense) (Not believing in love) (Endure until it hurts to the bottom of my heart) (Even if I take a deep breath) (Still won't calm me) (I still care) Xiao Zhou.
Yesterday your mom called to greet me.
After all these years, You still haven't forgive her.
Does it matter to her, If I forgive her or not? Since that moment she left me, Me and her have no relations anymore.
Okay okay.
Let's not talk about her.
I heard from Xiao Chu that An Ran is coming back.
Really? You're not being serious again.
The reason why you didn't get a girlfriend, Isn't it just because you're waiting for her? Grandma, don't think too much.
I always think An Ran as my sister.
You think her as your sister? Don't tell me that the one you like is Xiao Chu.
I know because of what happened with your mom, It's hard for you to trust others.
But grandma is old, I can't be with you for the rest of your life.
Grandma hope you can find someone, Who loves you, and will take care of you.
Then grandma won't have to worry.
If you like that person, Grandma will also like.
But if you marry Xiao Chu, Do I call him daughter in law or grandson? Grandma, stop thinking too much.
I will think about my marriage.
You have a girlfriend? I guess it is.
What do you mean you guess? If you have then you have, if you don't then you don't.
Is it those old dudes in the company, Made you too busy to date.
Tell grandma, grandma will stand up for you.
Grandma, I get it.
You better.
Xia, I'm sorry.
It's already confirmed There's only one way to completely cure leukemia.
That is stem cell transplantation.
But bone marrow storage We haven't found one that matches with you.
So right now, we can only try control it with medicines.
Are you talking about chemotheraphy? Yes.
Then does that mean my hair is gonna fall off.
I'll be vomiting and having diarrhea.
I'll turn really really ugly.
I can't act anymore, right? When you feel better, You can still continue the job you like.
You're like that American celebrity called Salina.
After she changed her kidney, she's still working happily.
Don't lose your hope.
Maybe we will find a matching soon.
Doctor, don't lie to me.
I've did research.
The chance of finding a matching bone marrow is super low.
Is there anything you're hiding from me? We actually did find someone Who matches you.
But so far, the other person is not willing to donate.
Then give me his contact information I'll talk to him myself.
I can go beg him.
Xia I'm so sorry.
There's a rule in the hospital, We are not allowed to give out the donator's contact information.
But Come in.
The family members of Bed 9's patient arrived.
Xia, sit here and wait for a while.
I'm gonna go out and check.
Ling Yi Zhou.
Famous business man in the Gangdong city.
Ceo of Ling Shi Financial company concurrently the chief executive.
Had received the Gangdong outstanding talent award.
Feifei, weren't you with the film crews? Why are you back? Are you a big idiot? Why didn't you tell me anything? You already found out.
That bitch, She already posted a picture of her with him on Wechat.
What? Qing Jing that bitch.
You better not feel sad for that douchebag.
Three leg toads are hard to find.
Men with two legs are everywhere.
This is what you're talking about.
Ling Yi Zhou? I'm worried for nothing.
Seems like you're already moving on to someone else.
Wait no, why would you suddenly be interested in him.
You read fanfics about him and Chu Yan everyday, Do you know about him a lot? Of course.
Say it, what do you wanna ask? I want his contact information.
Or his address is also fine.
Do you have to be so wild? You're in love with him? Feifei.
How can you do this? You're only telling me now.
Although I can't do anything, But I could've went to the hospital with you.
Didn't I told you to calm down.
Didn't you said Ling Yi Zhou matches with you? Let's go find him right now.
I just went to do research, Ling Shi Company is in Gangdong building.
But there's no way we can get in without a appointment.
I know.
Hey cuties, I need to know few places that Ling Yi Zhou goes to the most.
Emergency! Who knows where King Ling usually like to go? Urgent! Reward: Places Monsignor Ling like to go.
I heard he likes to swim.
Someone said every week Wednesday afternoon, He will go Leisure pool's VIP room to swim.
Wednesday, isn't that tomorrow? Tomorrow we will go Leisure pool.
And give him a catch a turtle in a jar.
(Go after a easy prey) Ling Yi Zhou, 29 years old.
Gangdong's elite.
Leader in the business circle, full of wealthyness.
His company also goes for real estate, film, Electronics and so on.
He is not a publicizing person and he is mysterious.
He never showed his face to the public.
The only thing the media knows, He is Chu Yan's friend.
And their relationships are ambiguous.
This place is kind of nice.
Come come come, hurry.
Let's take a selfie.
Why do I think he looks a bit familiar? Of course he's the third wheel.
What third wheel? Ling Yi Zhou and Chu Yan.
He's called Wen Li.
He's Ling Yi Zhou's special assistant.
A left-right hand that he cannot lose.
His shadow won't be leaving him even an inch.
I heard, that he can understand every expression in Ling Yi Zhou's eyes.
We gotta get him out of the way to be able to get in.
What should we do? I have an idea.
What idea? Oh my god.
My leg hurts so bad.
My leg hurt.
Help help! My leg hurt.
My friend is dying! She can't move her leg! Someone help! My leg hurt! Help help help.
My friend is dying.
She's hurt.
Can you please save her, please! She really can't! Look she's almost dying.
Die! Sir sir, please.
Can you please help? My friend really can't anymore! Please! Help us! Please sir! Sir! Thank you sir! Please save her.
She really can't anymore.
Please! You can ask other staff to help.
I yelled for so long but no one answered.
Can you please save her, please save her.
Save her.
Miss, is your leg alright? I can't do this anymore.
I can't move a bit.
Handsome, can you pull me up? What are you doing? I'm pulling you up.
Am I dirty? I'm sorry, I don't like touching strangers.
Miss what are you doing! Miss what are you doing? My leg hurt! If I'm disabled, Are you responsible for the rest of my life? What are you doing? I- Help! Help! He's trying to violate me! Help me! Assistant Wen.
When did I ever violate you? Yes you did.
You guys have to be handling for this If you guys don't, I'll find the media and expose you all.
Just handle the way she wants to.
Ling, Mr.
Ling Yi Zhou.
Where's he? Mr.
Ling! I have something to tell you.
Look at me please Mr.
Ling! It's me! It's me! I have something to tell you! I want to tell you something.
Can you come out? Mr.
Do you have a bad habit of coming in without asking? Last time you came in my car without permission.
What do you want this time? Thanks to you last time.
So I came here to thank you.
Do you think I'll believe you? What do you want to say.
Ling, how do you think about me? Sorry, I'm not into this type.
No! You misunderstood.
I'm saying.
How do you think my mental state is? What do you want? This happened.
A few days ago, I went to the hospital.
Doctor said I got leukemia.
But I'm really lucky! Because the doctor said there's someone who matches with me in the bone marrow storage.
And that person is in Gangdong! Are you gonna tell me that person is me? Yes yes yes! It's you! No wonder why I thought you look super familiar.
Us meeting is not a coincidence.
It's meant to be.
I'm sorry, I don't know you.
If we see each other more we will! Mr.
Ling! If we see each other more we will know! Mr.
Ling! What do you even want? Nothing.
I just need you to stay with me here for a while.
You do know there's cameras here right? If we look at the cameras, We will know who's the one that's violating.
I'm gonna go to the bathroom.
Don't try to escape, I will be back.
Wait for me~ Mr.
Ling, Mr.
That time when you volunteered to donate, You probably wished to be able to help someone.
That's only my thought at that time.
No it's not.
Through what happened last time, I think you're a very kind person.
If you're worried about your body, Then don't worry.
I already asked the doctors.
It won't bring any harm to your body.
You're wrong.
I'm a business man.
I don't do deals that don't brings me benefits.
But helping you, Seems to bring me no advantage.
So you should just go.
Hold on Mr.
I know I shouldn't be coming like this to you.
Just a few days before, I also don't know I'll do things like this.
But I really have no other choices.
All I want is to survive.
Sorry, I really can't help you.
You should go.
Fine, I'm going to die anyways.
I'll just die pretty right now.
Using your life to threaten a stranger, I don't think that's a good idea.
There's no use of jumping in the pool.
Hurry and come up, then get out.
Act, keep acting.
Hurry and get up.
Wake up, wake up.
Are you okay? If you don't wake up, I'm going to do artificial respiration.
No wonder you're an actor.
Faking dead award.
Ling Yi Zhou, you bastard! You're not from Ling Shi right? I'm new here.
Which department? Where's your work ID? You have such sharp eyes.
You're right, I don't work here, I have something emergency to tell Mr.
You're a girl, don't always dream to fly to the branch to become Phoenix.
(Finding a rich person to be rich) Go go! I really do have something emergency to tell him! Does Boss Ling know you? We've met twice, I think so.
Then please go make an appointment.
You must joking! If I can make an appointment why would I come here? Can you please just let me go in? This is something emergency involving my life.
All of you girls, Always know how to make up stories.
Go go.
Can you please just let me in? Please.
I really do have emergency.
Demotion to the planning department manager.
Boss, do you need me to Give it another chance.
Are you talking about Xia I'm talking about the manager.
I want to find Ling Yi Zhou, I am pregnant with his baby.
What's your last name? My last name is Xia.
Okay, Ms.
This is your number.
Number? What do you mean? You have those people in front of you.
They're all pregnant.
Then when will I be able to see him? Boss is not going to see you guys himself.
The person who will come down in a moment is in charge of legal affairs for our company.
I'm sorry, I'm at the wrong place.
I think the person I'm looking for is in the other building.
Okay, have a great day.
Fei jie Fei jie, plan failed.
Now onto plan B.
Ling! Mr.
Ling! What happened to your leg? I squat for too long, and it numbed.
I'm okay.
Get in.
Me? I can help you.
Ling, You're such a good person! But I have a requirement.
I can say yes to anything! Don't say that so early.
Yes yes yes, anything you say is right.
But, if it's something illegal then I can't.
Let's get married.
(Colorful candies) (Surrounded by sunlight) (Your sweet and pretty smile) (Right in front of me) (Right beside me) (It reflects into my heart) (We ran together shoulder to shoulder) (We open our arm to hug together) (Give me a hug and the sweetness is just right) Please go, please go.
Can you please just let me go in? I do have an emergency.
Please go.
Boss, what should we do with Ms.
Xia? Let the security department to not be so strict to her.
I'm really not a spy.
I just have something to tell Mr.
Then we still have to investigate to confirm.
I hope you can cooperate.
I will I will.
But can you not call the police? Please.
(Let the time go slowly) (Collect every second) (We will report to the future heart to heart) (Rely on me) Is she the happiest in this entire world? I'm not going to take my smile and compare with anyone.
Just give me some more courage.
I can handle anything.
Saying this, Is already not smart.
Take a deep breath.
Take a look at yourself.
Is there really no problem? Take a deep breath.
I don't need you to remind me.
I don't believe, can't hear, can't see, Fell into a game.
Just for you, I'll close my heart.
Not indulging myself.
You said it too sincere.
I can't unveil you.
That's how people think I'm not careful enough.
Just for you, I became nonsense.
Not believing in love.
Endure until it hurts to the bottom of my heart.
Even if I take a deep breath.
Still can't calm me.
I still care.