Well Intended Love (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 I still like you so much.
Just like how flowers wait to bloom everywhere in spring.
I still like you so much.
Just like clouds everywhere don't know where to go.
I still like you so much.
Just like how rain drops on my heart, softly fades away.
I still like you so much.
Just like fire in the winter, warm and pleasing.
Your eyes has stars inside.
And the entire galaxy.
Shining in the deep of my heart.
And my entire life.
Guarding you is a secret.
It's the only thing I won't give up on.
Time will prove for me, The reason why I love you.
I still like you so much.
Just like how flowers wait to bloom everywhere in spring.
I still like you so much.
Just like how clouds everywhere don't know where to go.
I still like you so much.
Just like how rain drops on my heart, softly fades away.
I still like you so much.
Just like fire in the winter, warm and pleasing.
What did you just say? Let's get married.
Ling, I really didn't know, There's a unique way like this nowadays to reject someone.
You're not joking? Is it funny? No.
Based on your condition, you probably have many other choices.
Why me? Because you need me to help.
Ling, marriage is not a game.
Please don't joke around with my health.
Xia, our marriage, Is just both of getting benefits from each other.
I'm really busy.
I don't have time nor do I want to start a relationship.
If I found a perfectly matched wife but troublesome, I believe you will meet my requirements more.
So you mean, fake marriage? But I, Think about it then contact me.
I'll give you a week.
He wants marriage of convenience.
Convenience? You read too much fanfictions.
Based on my many years of experience, Ling Yi Zhou and his childhood friend, Chu Yan and assistant Wen Li.
Definitely has a relationship.
Didn't you guys just made up all of these? What do you mean made up? These are what we concluded based on the evidence.
Last year, Armani gave Ling Yi Zhou a custom made cooperation fund suit.
Turn out, The next day, Chu God wore that at the red carpet.
What does it mean? It means the brothers are really close that they wear a pants together.
Then from what you said, Based on Chu yan and Lin Yi Zhou's relationship, He's probably also close with Wen Li.
But they're almost never in the same frame together Even if they did, they'll have a annoyed face.
This is obviously a love triangle.
That means, the reason why he wants to marry me, Is to provide a shield for him.
Think about it, If he does find a rich lady, What if his plan is revealed? There's a big chance it will cause business drama.
So it's good to find someone like you, Someone who's poor and also need his help.
Isn't that the best choice? What do I do if it's not for convenience? There's no way.
If his sexuality is normal, How would it be you? Gosh.
Hello? (I'm watching a shoe dancing) Thanks to all of the shooting teachers.
Wrap up.
Everyone worked hard.
Here, wipe your sweat.
Thank you.
Drink some water.
Thank you.
Your dad called you a lot of times.
Go answer it.
Old man.
I heard at night, you're going to attend the jewelry show Ling Shi held.
Why did you ask about my schedule? Uncle Wang's daughter is also attending.
Go meet her.
Tai He Medicine's Uncle Wang.
When did you got interested in medicines again? Ms.
Wang is a great lady.
When you go, you better not play around.
Don't get in trouble.
I'm not really satisfied with the last shot, let's do it again.
Is it really here? Why is there not even a entrance? Huohuo! Huohuo! (When you break his name apart) Everyone be safe, be safe.
You guys are so awesome.
You guys even know my personal schedule.
Because we love you.
This is for you.
Thank you.
All right, I'll buy coffee for you guys.
Are you for real? You're so nice! Then we will meet next time! Then everyone come this way with me.
Bye bye.
This way.
Why do I see you everywhere.
Hello, Mr.
Don't tell me you're also here to wait for me.
No no.
I have to meet up with someone here to talk.
But the door is locked, I can't go in.
Of course.
The jewelry show is not a place anyone could go.
Jewelry show? Why are you so shocked? Didn't you wait here just to be mixed to go inside with people? Mr.
Chu, aren't you going inside too, Can you, I can't.
Even if you act sad or beg me, I can't.
Do you know why? Why? Because you're not the type I like.
Chu, you're also not the type I like.
You didn't zip.
How's that possible, you tricked me! Something is wrong with your taste! Do you know how much fans I have? I don't know, but I know I'm not one of them.
You! I'm gonna go, Mr.
Wen Li? Pretty interesting.
Are you with that Xia something girl? What? I saw Wen Li taking her inside.
Is she looking for you? You still have time to care about me? If you have time why don't you think about, How you going to face your blind date.
You! I can't believe just because of this woman, You do this to your brother's pain! Mr.
I want to talk with you.
About the advice you made last time.
So you already have the answer.
Actually, I, I, Okay.
I'm missing a partner for tonight's jewelry show, We will discuss about this after.
Partner? Next.
Ling, which one are you going to choose? Any one is fine.
Any one is fine? Then why didn't you say that earlier? And made me went to change so much.
Don't girls all like to try on new clothes.
That's true, But I didn't even have time to selfie.
I did.
Let me see.
This is so ugly.
Don't move (voice crack?? hdjsahjds) Turn your head.
Is this real? Yes, it's very expensive.
It's so expensive, What if I broke it, I can't afford it.
Then pay with yourself.
Why, are you nervous? No, no.
Then why, can I hear your heartbeat? I, I have irregular pulse.
I'm going to get earrings for you.
No need, I can do it myself.
Chu likes to do blind date in these sorts of places.
At least the process won't be too boring.
I forgot my tie.
Chu, what do you think about this necklace? I have no knowledge on these type of things.
But diamonds, of course, the bigger the better.
This necklace is too small.
It doesn't suit Ms.
Sorry, I have to go restroom.
Is that, Xia Lin? This necklace is worth $5 Million.
I think it's pretty good.
Right now, we can see this diamond, has heart and arrow.
It contains huge collective value.
So it will show a really graceful design.
You guys can check it out first.
So pretty.
How many years of money do I have to save to buy this? Rumor said, under Queen Ekaterina's rules, The workers invented Brilliant-Cut to allow the diamonds to shine in a even brighter way.
I believe if it's not because of her, The attraction of diamonds to woman will decrease drastically.
Chu, you know so much.
Today you suddenly dressed up, You look more dislikable.
Did I somehow made you mad before? No, you didn't.
But I think you have some really big opinions about me.
How do you know Ling Yi Zhou? We just, know coincidentally.
That day when we did audition, you went on her car right? It's just a free ride.
So you just want to get with Ling.
And get the main role for Ling Shi's commercial.
Or did you want even even more resources? I advise you to stop dreaming.
Ling doesn't need you.
He thought I was his love rival.
No wonder he's showing so much hostility to me.
No dare, no dare.
Chu, you've misunderstood.
I'm not close with Mr.
I'm gonna go.
There's a lot of woman who has ambition.
If you're more honest, Maybe I can help you.
Let go of me.
I will not.
Another one is solved.
Xia Lin! I almost didn't recognize you.
You don't have to.
Because both of us don't need to say hi anymore.
Where's that man that was next to you? Don't tell me it's a sugar daddy you found, to squish into the upper class.
This is my business.
You guys don't need to care.
Isn't this the finale for today's show? Where did you got that? What happened? Darling, Didn't you said you're gonna give me a gift? I like this necklace.
Then we will buy.
We can use it to celebrate our one month anniversary.
Hello, Mr.
I want this necklace.
This necklace is today's special finale.
If you purchase, you have to pay in three days, can't return.
In two days, I will have people to pay with cash.
The man that I used, you like.
The necklace I wore, you also like.
To be honest, the one you like is me right? You! Fine, I'll let you to use it just to think about me.
Are you sure you can afford this necklace? What do you mean? Mr.
Zhao, Ms.
The cost of this necklace is $50 Million.
Are you joking? You think I don't know anything? These carat type of necklace is worth $50 Million.
This is labeled personally by Ling Shi's high level managements.
Please pay on time.
You're from Ling Shi? No way.
I know everybody in Ling Shi's high managements.
There's no someone like this.
If you don't receive the full cash in three days, Report to the legal affair department.
Yes, CEO Ling.
CEO Ling? Go work.
He's Ling Yi Zhou.
How does she know Ling Yi Zhou? Wait.
Zhao Jia Yan.
Xu Hui Real Estates, Mr.
Zhao right? I happen to know your father.
I believe he would be really willing to pay for your stupidity.
Or do you want to, Go to the police department more? Ling, CEO Ling.
How will you let me go? Apologize.
What? Apologize to Xia Lin.
I can think about it if I should buy this necklace for you.
Xia Lin, it's my fault for cheating on you.
But think about the happy times we had, Forgive me, okay? Talk.
I'm sorry.
I stole your boyfriend.
But if it's not because of us, How will you be able to find someone else, right? Yeah right.
We're tied.
Let's now flip the page.
Let's go.
I don't need their apologies.
CEO Ling, I did everything you said.
You see, In the future, I don't want you guys near her again.
What are you all looking at?! Thanks for helping me out today.
I found out that you kind of like to help others.
Do you have some misunderstandings towards me? Even if you don't want to donate me bone marrows, You don't have to shade on yourself like this.
Ling, I forgot to return the necklace.
No need, I bought it.
What? You didn't have to buy it for me.
What are you doing? Go go go.
We have to return it, it's so expensive.
I bought this necklace for my grandma.
It doesn't have to do with you.
You scared me.
Here, take it.
Hurry and put it away.
Oh right, I want to talk about the thing before.
I've been thinking about it for a long time.
I also ran to many hospitals.
But there's no results.
So? Mr.
Probably doesn't believe in marriage? I do.
That's why I'm not married.
Seems like marriage to Mr.
Ling, Is also a really sacred thing.
I always thought two people needs to be in love enough, To be able to walk into the marriage hall together.
So I don't know if taking it as a deal, is right or wrong.
Love is not everything in marriage.
Even if they're in love, Marriage won't be definitely wonderful.
My concept of marriage, is more like a responsibility.
Don' worry, I can promise.
Even if our marriage is a deal, I will do my best as a husband.
It's not that I don't believe you.
It's that, I don't believe myself.
After all, Mr.
Ling is this outstanding.
I'm worried I'll fall in love with you.
I'm just kidding.
Don't worry.
I will not interrupt you to go after your true love.
I believe you are a really responsible person.
I also believe, Our deal will be very fun.
(Grandma) Help me answer the call.
I'm driving, I can't answer it.
Hello? Hello! I'm Xiao Zhou's grandma.
I want to ask what your name is.
I'm, I'm called Xia Lin.
He's driving, he can't answer the call.
Xiao Xia right? Xiao Xia hello, hello.
Can grandma ask, Which seat are you sitting on in Xiao Zhou's car right now? Seat? Yes! Are you sitting in the front or his back? Passenger seat.
Okay! Okay! That's good! Are you okay? Grandma is just old, I'm just too happy! Grandma is just too happy! I want to ask if you guys can come and see grandma right now.
Right now? Grandma will be waiting for you two in the hospital! What did she say? Go hospital.
You're here.
Come here.
Grandma Ling hello.
I'm Xia Lin.
You're Xia Lin.
Linlin come, Come to grandma.
Let grandma tell you, Our Xiao Zhou has never let any girls to sit on his passenger seat.
You're the first one.
So grandma really want to meet you.
Grandma, don't scare her.
She's so nervous.
She wanted to change just to see you.
You learned how to feel heartache for girls didn't you? Linlin, don't mind.
Grandma is just too happy.
I always wished our Xiao Zhou will hurry find a wife and have babies.
Now, I'm not worried.
Grandma Ling, you've misun- You will definitely be healthy, and live to hundred years old.
Good child.
Grandma will listen to you.
I will definitely live to hundred.
Xia, can you come this way with me? Then Grandma Ling, go rest nicely.
I'm gonna go over there.
Alright, go.
Is she the girl you chose to be married with? Seems good.
Grandma likes her, good luck! 37 degrees five, a little low fever.
Nurse, Is there something wrong with my body again? Are did it got worse? It's fine.
Just tell me the truth.
I can handle it.
Don't worry, Ms.
Is just that Ms.
Ling said you might caught a cold.
And told us to check for you.
Ling Yi Zhou? Yes, let's check your blood pressure.
Hurry, get away! Get out of the way! Get away! If you can't take it then stop running around.
Thank you.
How are you going to thank me? You're because of Grandma Ling.
That's why you want a marriage right? The reason is not important.
What's important is that, Do you accept my advice.
Fine, pretend I didn't ask.
Before, I hesitated a lot.
Because I can't imagine, What it would be like having a marriage with a stranger.
But through today's contact, I think we can try it out.
What did you say? I said, we can help each other out.
Are you sure? Let's get married.
At 10, is to meet with Ms.
10:30 is to attend branch office's Real Estate's video meeting.
The afternoon is to eat with the Directing department's Director Tang.
These are your schedules left for today's noon.
What time is it now? 9:59.
Maybe Ms.
Xia has traffic.
Maybe she wants to show me that she's tougher than I thought.
I'm sorry.
You're late by 3 minutes.
There's still 27 minutes left.
Let's get started.
Not much requirements.
Let's get this done fast.
I have a question for you.
Why did you agree to sign the marriage contract with me? Because promises aren't reliable.
I'm glad we both have the same opinion on this point.
Other than the company's contract I signed, this is the first personal contract I've signed.
It's also my first.
You haven't done it before? My first time signing a marriage contract.
And my first time being the second party.
Based on me towards my own benefits, and safety reasons, I made these few rules.
You are allowed to give questions.
But I am reserved the right of final explanation.
What are you doing? I'm a efficient person.
We don't have to seek far and neglect what lies close at hand.
After marriage, each one of us needs to have at least two houses.
It doesn't have this rule right? Typo, typo.
I meant two bed rooms.
Don't worry.
After marriage, my lawyer will inform you all of my moveable and unmoveable properties.
No need.
Look at rule 11.
Each spouse's property before marriage will not be continued after marriage to become shared properties of both spouses.
Contract marriage is one year.
After 1 year, the contract will be automatically cancelled so does the marriage.
Delete this one.
Did you not see the bullet next to it? This is the most important rule.
Even if I did surgery, It's not guaranteed that I will completely return healthy again.
So, extend the marriage year is the best way to ensure for you.
This is not what I mean.
What I mean is that, can't because of something unknown I have to trade it with my marriage for life.
3 years.
After 3 years, I'll give you chance to choose.
1 year.
I already decided it.
5 years.
You're even increasing it.
7 years.
2 years.
No more than that.
We don't need it this formal.
Then after marriage, you'll be moving in to my house.
I will tell Wen Li to deal with your moving concerns.
Can I ask you where you live? Ling Family house (idk) With my grandma.
Doesn't that mean we have to sleep in the same room.
What? Can I ask you something? Can we move out to live somewhere else? You think, I'll leave my grandma just for you? No.
But acting under elders eyes, I'll feel very guilty.
These are all of my house properties.
You can choose one to become our marriage house.
You agreed to move out? I'm just worried you're going to make a mistake.
We can always go back to visit grandma.
Living in this type of house, I definitely won't be able to sleep nicely.
Is there a humble one.
There is.
It's the Ling Family House.
Do you wanna go? This one then.
Looks more normal than others.
There's many more things you would have to adapt to.
And I won't be having so much patience like this everytime.
Do you understand? Ms.
Xia, your coffee.
Thank you.
These are medicines.
Please remind boss to take it after.
Ling has stomach troubles? No.
Boss have a alcohol party at noon.
I'm worried alcohol will harm his stomach so I'm preventing it right now.
That's why.
You're so caring.
Even more caring than usual girls.
We are probably going to see each other a lot in the future.
You don't have to mind me.
And don't feel awkward.
We can just get along peacefully.
Sorry, I have to answer the call.
Hello? Yes.
This one? How did you know which one I'm talking about? You have eyes on top of your head? I'm just looking randomly.
Did you bring your household register? Yes.
Let's go.
To where? Marriage registration.
Marriage is so important, we don't have to rush.
It's too late to regret now.
I'm not that dumb to give up money and my life.
Good realization.
Hold on lady, are you willing to be married? Yes yes, I am willing.
If you are in a tough situation, tell us.
Being willing to marriage is protected by law.
You're called Nihao? Today is the first day we got married.
Let's not kill any livings.
I don't believe in these superstition.
But it doesn't bother that you made me happy.
Excuse me, my husband has a bad attitude.
Don't mind.
I'm very mean.
I can tell from just now.
You two are pretty affectionate.
You guys can get closer, be more sweet.
People are marrying for love.
I'm marrying for my life.
Do you think love is more important or life? Based on the person.
That's true.
Well I don't have anyone I love right now anyways.
So it's more important to save my life.
If it's you, you'll probably choose the same right? I don't need to.
I have enough money to cure me.
Call the hospital to prepare the surgery.
You prepared all of these? And it's this Unique? Thanks.
How are you going to thank me? Mr.
Happy cooperation.
Happy cooperation.
Too showy.
Choose this one.
(I will not be doing subs for the songs anymore because it's too time consuming lol please understand :p See ya.