Well Intended Love (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

1 I want to use Ling boss and Chu god as the prototype and write a touching love story between a business tycoon and an acting legend.
What do you think? Feifei, can you let me have some peace? Can you not always bring up Ling Yi Zhou in my ear? What happened again? You two haven't compromise? I need to re-organize Ling Yi Zhou's, Ling Yi Zhou's what? Ling boss probably put GPS on you.
What do you mean? What a coincidence.
Did you guys eat? Not yet.
I happen to be free.
Let's eat together.
It's not like I can make your husband broke.
Did you really just pass by? I came to pick you up.
You came just to pick her up? CEO Ling you're so caring.
Why are you still being unreasonable? Go go go.
Get on, get on.
What are you doing? Hurry hurry hurry.
Get on, get on.
Go you.
CEO Ling you're not getting in? Hurry.
(Poor him can't sit next to wifey) Ms.
Jia, order whatever you want.
I already ordered some.
The ones CEO Ling ordered are all that we like.
My favor already is assimilated by Linlin.
But I still want to order some spicy.
He can't eat spicy.
I already ate at Grandma's house.
I thought you were just saying.
Rather than say, I like to do.
(She thought dirty like me) Excuse me, my mind jumps to random things a lot.
It was a good association, good association.
Did the house we rent already expired? Don't talk about it.
The owner wants to sell it and even want me to move out early.
These two days I was busy finishing my script, there's no time for me to find a shelter.
Then you can move to my place.
Can she? You can decide.
(Ling boss OS: Wen Li go do your job now) Ms.
Jia, if you don't dislike, you can move to my place.
Sacrificing yourself for love.
Yeah, Wen Li is very good at taking care people.
It is inconvenient for men and women to live together.
It's fine, I need someone to take care of me.
Then in the future Assistant Wen please take care of me.
(Look what you've done) (What?) (Hmph, you tried to ask someone to be our third wheel I'm madder) Lisa jie.
I strived a character in Ming Yue Bai Ru Shuang for you.
Although it's the third lead, the personality is very likable.
I send the script to your email.
Thank you Lisa jie.
I will be very prepared.
Then when do I join? The main lead will join the next two days.
You can wait for the notice.
Can I also join in the next two days? I want to get familiar with the surroundings.
Then I'll tell the directors.
You're going to film? I just got the call, I'm going to join the next two days.
I heard.
Are you avoiding me on purpose? I think, we should be separated for a while.
Why? In our contract, it says that we can't interrupt each other's work and private life.
Didn't you swear up and down that you'll be with that dog no matter what? You're just going to leave like that? His owner will pick him up tonight.
Just on time.
It's so late.
Why hasn't he got here yet? Did he forgot about you? I'm Xia Lin.
When are you going to pick up Eleven? Sorry, I can't go out today.
What about tomorrow? But I have to go somewhere tomorrow.
How about this? Send me your address and I'll give it to you.
Then sorry for the trouble.
It's fine.
It's you? Ms.
Tie? Yeah, surprisingly we live at the same area.
And you even found my dog.
What a coincidence.
Come in and sit.
No need.
I won't be a worry anymore if he's given back to you.
You helped me so much.
If I don't even let you have a cup of water, I'll feel very sorry.
Then sorry for troubling you.
Sit down.
Your house looks so nice.
I really have to thank you for this time.
It must have gotten you a lot of trouble.
Not really trouble.
It's just that someone in my place doesn't allow pets.
Then what happened to you guys now? It's fine.
Then he agreed.
I can understand.
At first, I didn't accept dogs too.
Why? Because dogs don't live as long as humans.
It's meant for them to abandon us and leave.
But then I realized, actually on this world, the human is better at abandoning animals.
They can abandon their lover, family, even their own child.
(He's someone who has some dark story behind him shh) Maybe some abandons are forced.
So if you don't want to be the one abandoned, you have to control things in your own hand.
Then things, will all go the way you want it to go.
What happened? I feel like you have a lot of stories.
Maybe it's because I experienced more.
What happened? Are you sick? A little fever.
I slept for a day.
That's why I forgot to pick up Eleven.
Did you not eat this whole day? I don't have enough spirit to do it.
Then what about your family and friends? They don't take care of you? They're all in the states.
Then you should've called for take out.
You have to eat when you're sick.
I don't like eating food from outside.
Where's your kitchen? Over there.
Why? Of course to take care of the patient.
And also to thank you for letting me have that tie.
Right, I still don't know your name.
You can call me Ah Nan.
Okay, Ah Nan you can rest.
I'll call you when it's ready.
Go rest.
Thank you.
Ah Nan, I'm going to go first.
Remember to eat porridge.
If it's cold, heat it up.
What? You want some too? I thought you already left.
It's because I came late.
We are not going the same direction.
It's fine.
It's late anyway, it doesn't matter anymore.
If you don't want to leave me, we can still turn back.
You're not mad anymore? Do I look like someone this stingy? Not like, you just are.
Then seems like I have to keep this nickname in mind.
How? When you get there, you can't talk to a stranger man, You can't film bed scenes, you can't film kiss scenes, You can't wear revealing clothes.
Then may I ask what's your standard of revealing? Collar can't be lower than your collarbone, The length of the shirt can't be shorter than your belly button.
Your dress must be longer than your knee.
You have to care about these? CEO Ling, you're too deep into the drama.
I just keep that I'm already married in mind.
Okay, you don't have to say anymore.
I'll do what you said.
Where's the ring? I always keep it with me.
What are you doing? This, is called always keep it with you.
But I can't wear ring when I film.
Then you can try to take it off.
You're going to be away anyway, you can't do anything.
You can try.
Stop stop.
I can just get off here.
I'm gonna go.
Bye bye.
You're just going to say bye to your husband like that? Remember to call me when you're there.
I really have to go.
I'm going, bye bye.
Boss, the drama Mrs is filming right now is invested by Xing An Entertainment.
If you're worried, you can tell Ms.
An to take care of her.
No need.
Isn't Chu Yan also filming there? Yes.
Go to the company.
Linlin, why are you here? I came here to film, you guys? I'll introduce to you, this is Lu Di.
Our Xing An's celebrity.
This is Xia Lin, my best girl friend in this country.
Xia is also filming Ming Yue Bai Ru Shuang? I'm acting as the third lead.
I wanted you to act for our company's dramas.
I didn't expect it would come so early.
In the future, If you need any help, just find him anytime.
He can do anything.
It's my pleasure to help beauty.
Then thank you Mr.
An Ran, I'm going to go up.
Bye bye.
Bye bye.
CEO An, if you guys are friends why do you still want me to have rumors with her? Just do what you're told to do.
The other things are none of your business.
Is there anything else? These past two months, the core workers in R & D Department has been frequently leaving.
And went work for other companies.
Do investigation first in the company internal, if there's no problem, I remember in the labor contract, there's prohibition of strife right? Yes.
And also check the company they went to.
If it's in a competitive relationship with us, Strictly follow the liability for breach of contract of the workers who left.
I understand.
It's just that, if the core workers keep frequently leaving, it will cause speculation.
Inform everyone, from today on, the company worker's will be fixed.
Survival of the fittest.
Only one requirement.
No matter if transferred or left, New and old workers will be treat fairly.
Hold on.
What are, Somethings that woman like? Boss, are you going to give presents to Mrs? Boss, I don't have any opposite sex near me.
Aren't you pretty close with Jia Fei? What does she even like? Why did you come? It's not the time to move yet.
Sorry, you didn't answer my calls, so I can only come and visit.
Did something happen to Linlin? No, it's just that boss want me to ask you what's something Mrs like.
Just to maintain the family peace, Ling boss is trying so hard.
Boss is always comprehensive.
Jia don't worry, Mrs will not know our conversations for today.
This, I'm not worried about.
Assistant Wen, you're an elite person too.
Don't you feel wronged doing these things for your boss? It's my honor to be able to help boss.
Ideas, I do have some.
But, I don't have a habit of helping people for fun.
Don't worry, after this, you can receive a signed movie by Directer Cai.
Diamonds are woman's best friend.
But obviously, Mrs aren't like normal woman.
If you want to have a breakthrough in a relationship, the most important thing to do is to establish an emotional bond.
Go straight to the solution.
For example, having a pet.
Mrs seems to like dogs a lot.
I think, You can go off work now.
Boss, during the period when Mrs are filming, are you going to work overtime everyday like this? Yes.
I have to earn money to raise Mumu.
Someone single like you, will not understand.
(Poor Wen Li) Why are you here? Mr.
Lu? Do you have something to tell me? It's our rival show tomorrow, are you well prepared? I'll be very prepared.
I'll try not to drag down Mr.
I have some time right now.
I'll practice with you.
There's too much mosquito here, let's go back inside.
It's quieter here.
I don't like places with a lot of people.
It's almost lunchtime.
I'll not disturb you.
I promised CEO An to take care of you.
I can't break my promise.
A man and woman alone, what are you guys doing? Mr.
Chu, why, why are you here? Are you here to visit? No.
I came here to look for someone.
You guys know each other? Not only we know each other, we always read the script together.
Then Mr.
Lu, I'm going to go.
See you later, bye bye.
Okay okay.
Right, I didn't get the pictures.
Chu Yan came out and took her away.
Chu Yan? Why is he there? Go help me keep track at them.
What kind of background does this Xia Lin even have? I need to at least know who I'm offending right? You just need to know, if you don't do this, the one you'll be offending is the entire Xing An Entertainment.
Alright, okay okay, okay, bye.
When did I ever paired up with you for script reading? Why did you suddenly came? I'm just doing someone a favor.
To help you place those whatever medicine for your injury, nutrition medicines in the hotel front desk.
Oh right, how's the life of being Mrs.
Ling so far? Pretty good.
Everyone's been taking care of me pretty well.
What kind of care involves being all touchy at a place with no one watching? I also didn't know that he would be so close to me.
Thanks for helping me out earlier.
I wasn't helping you.
I was just afraid of you embarasing Ling.
No one knows about me and Ling Yi Zhou's relationship.
If they were to know that you're Mrs.
Ling, they wouldn't dare to treat you like that.
You better not slip anything out about our marriage.
Why? We agreed on having a hidden marriage, so just pretend you didn't see anything, and don't tell him,okay? I'll take that as a yes.
Those people are all in my crew.
Hurry up and leave.
But I need to warn you, stay away from that Lu Di, or else I'll tell Ling.
I got it, snitch.
Everything I have today is given by you guys.
So I have to become a marriage tool to achieve your ambition? I know.
I'm just an orphanage you adopted.
I know, I don't need you to remind me.
When did you come? Before you hung up.
Is it interesting to listen to someone calling? Is it interesting to know someone's privacy? I'm sorry.
I only came to give you an umbrella.
But don't worry.
I'll not let out a single word.
No need.
Put away your ridiculous pityness.
Chu Yan doesn't need it.
Who's pitying you? What are you deserved to be pity about? Nice face, nice body, became an acting king at such a young age, has 50 million fans.
Even just posting a period you will have millions of comments.
Nice car, nice condo, counting rumor girlfriends and count till your hands fidge.
You're already at a point that others can't achieve their whole life, what are you not satisfied with? Don't think you can be insatiable after you got my weakness.
I just don't like seeing you, complaining when nothing's wrong as if this whole world all owe you.
What qualifications do you have to despise me? What qualifications do you even have to despise me? What's the difference between you and those woman who use men to get what they want? Aren't you the same, using Ling to solved the dress incident? Do you still dare to say you had no thought that time approaching Ling? What's going on with me and Ling Yi Zhou is our business.
Mind your own business! You thought I wanted to know your secret? What a bad mouth.
Shouldn't have gave him my umbrella.
Let him get wet and catch a cold, and his Asthma happen again.
You're here.
Isn't it a crew date? Where's the other people? If I didn't say that would you come? So, there's only us two? Yeah, I think us two need to have a good talk.
I'm going to go bathroom.
Don't rush, don't rush.
(She send him her location) Trying to make peace by eating together.
So old.
To celebrate our first collaboration.
Excuse me, Mr.
I don't know how to drink alcohol.
Alcohol only has can drink or can't drink, there isn't don't know how to drink.
I really don't know how to drink alcohol.
Here here here.
Here here here.
I really don't know how to drink alcohol.
I never drink alcohol.
Just try it, just try it.
Try it first.
Do you have a brain? If he doesn't let you go, you don't know how to go yourself? We're still filming together, it's too awkward if I made it too stiff.
Then if I didn't come, what would you do? You said such mean things, are you not embarrassed to not come? Okay, it was my fault afternoon for my bad attitude.
But look how I saved you just on time, we'll forget about this.
Is this your apology? Not really.
More like making peace.
Who wants to make peace with you.
Fine, I'll apologize to you okay? The reason we fought was because of Ling.
So just forgive me pretend it's for Ling.
It doesn't have to do with him.
I'm nice.
You think I'm a three year old kid? You're not three.
You're two.
This time we're actually making peace.
Ling, I saw your wife today.
Is she good? I don't think it's very good.
Your wife seems to be targetted on.
Who put you over here? Give it a name.
You bought this for me? Are you not going to invite me in? Hurry hurry hurry.
Hurry, come in.
Why are you being so sneaky? We're a legal couple, it's not like we're cheating.
Let's call it Eggy.
(It's actually preserved egg in chinese but that's too long and weird in english so eggy) You can call it whatever you want.
Oh right, why did you suddenly come? I want to take you to release boredome.
My schedule is very full recently, and it's all my important scenes.
I have no time.
Due to the filming area is temporarily taken over, crew members are off work for two days.
All members must join before tomorrow night.
Why did you come just in time? Some coincidence can be artificially made.
Let's go.
Say what you want.
Don't keep it inside you.
It will make you ugly.
Didn't we already talk about how we shouldn't interrupt each other's jobs? Do you know how many losses you brought to the crew by taking over the filming area suddenly? If we want to go out and play, we can wait till I'm free.
That's only established if no one is harassing you.
Chu Yan, that snitch.
Mumu, there's a crisis of trust between us right now.
You came across these type of things, Not only that you didn't tell me about it, but you also didn't tell me your thoughts after.
Why? You think your things are none of my business? Nothing even happened.
Nothing happened? It would be too late if something did happen.
Okay okay, stop talking about this.
Let's go in.
Come closer.
Hello, CEO Ling.
How does he know you? Aren't you always humble? The boss of this place is a stockholder in Ling Shi, it's fine.
Hello Ms.
Xia, I'm the manager of this homestay.
I'm called Xiao Wang.
I'm very pleasured to serve for you guys.
Today is my private schedule, you can just treat me fairly.
Okay CEO Ling.
The deluxe king room you required is already prepared.
It can be moved in anytime.
Did you only ordered one room? There was only one room left when I ordered right? Yes.
Then may I ask, is there empty rooms available right now? I can help you check.
Excuse me excuse me.
This Xiao Yang only work for two days, she's unclear about the specifics Right now is traveling's busy season, all the rooms we have is all ordered.
Even ran out of all the other room layouts? It's all out.
Mumu, if you're persistent, I can let them communicate with other customers, to see if they can give out one room.
No need no need.
That's too much work.
Xiao Yang, hurry.
Room card, hurry.
Excuse me for the long wait.
Let's go.
(Ling boss is that you??) Mumu! Did you turn off the light? Or did the electricity ran off? I'm sorry.
I turned off the wrong one.
You're not asleep yet? Are you waiting for me on purpose? I'm not tired.
You can sleep first.
(Mumu, I'm pregnant with your baby hdsjkfd) Hurry and go shower.
I already showered before I got out.
Fine, if you don't want to shower.
(Gotta wait till ep 9, if yk what I mean) The bed in hotels are really dirty, you're not going to wear some clothes? It's hot.
I don't know why but it's super hot.
(Someone's horny) I'll open the AC for you.
The AC is already on.
Then I'll open the TV for you! No need to open the TV.
(Wow tiddies) It's so late, let's sleep.
(Ugh this is the reason why I can't do subs in front of my mom hdsjksdh) If we didn't break through the last line of defense, Living in the same house and same bed, probably has no big differences.
A beautiful as flower girl like me is lying right next to him, what if the beast in him came up.
Beast in him came up? Can you stop moving? You're not sleeping? How can I sleep when you're moving around like that? I'm sorry.
Don't worry, I won't do anything to you.
What do you think is the most important for two people being together? What do you think? (Why're y'all getting closer oof) I used to think that you just need to love each other.
But now I think, being honest about your heart, and respecting every decision the other person makes.
These are the must requirements for two people to be together.
What if someone lied to you? Then I have to see what situation it is.
I lied to you.
Your cancer.
(Ugh of course, it's almost like that) (This part is so cute omg be prepared) Good morning.
Good morning.
I caught you revealing your true self.
Don't try to run away now.
I didn't brush my teeth.
I don't mind.
(Damn this big block of back right here) Hurry and pay the money.
Did you hear me? You have to turn in the money today! Don't go! Come here! I'll call the police! I'm going to sue you guys for provoking trouble! Hurry up and leave, I don't have any money already.
You guys already took all the things at my house.
Where's your dad? He dare to owe me money? He doesn't want to live anymore? I haven't seen my dad for a long time.
I'll beg you.
Please don't come anymore.
A dutiful child is obliged to pay father's debts.
He doesn't have money, so don't blame us for using you for debt paying.
Come with us.
No! Let go of me! What are you guys doing? CEO Ling, I'm so sorry for you to get in these type of incidents.
Who the heck are you? Watch your words! He's not the person you guys can mess with! Why brother? Do you want to help that Yang dude to pay back the money? If you're not, then mind your own business.
How much? Including interest, $130,000.
Take this to Gangdong building.
Someone will pay.
But I'll warn you.
Don't step in this place half a step anymore.
Or else, I'll let you know the result.
That's only after we got the money.
Let's interview our big hero.
Hundred something thousand.
He just helped someone payed like that.
Their safety is none of my business.
I just spend money to buy myself some peace.
Get up, we'll leave.
Do we have to wait till they get the money? What if they come back? If we wait till they got it, we'll be in danger.
Why? What type of people are they? Thugs, gangs.
If you're them, seeing a weak rich person with a beauty like you, what would you do? Kidnap.
Kill the hostage.
(May I ask why would you want to do that??? hdskshd) Right right right, let's go.
You're? I'm fired.
But it's fine, I'm used to it.
Those people will always come between a few days at my workplace to mess around.
I'll be fired in less than two days.
I want to pay back Gege and Jiejie's help.
I'll definitely pay back the money.
How about this, where do you live? We'll take you home first.
You live here? It's pretty good.
Not here, it's that hut behind it.
That hut? Okay Tongtong.
Is there always this little people around here? They all went out to work.
You seem young.
Is there other people living with you? My mom passed away long time ago.
I'm the only one left.
You can decide.
Do you want to go with me? Jiejie, what do you mean? My job involves a lot of going out.
I need a assistant to help.
Do you want to? I want to, I want to.
Thank you jiejie.
Mumu, later when you come home, I have something to tell you.
What is it? Making it this formal.
I'll say it when we meet.
Lu? Why didn't you leave yet? I just came back.
Where are you going? The crew already disbanded.
If I don't go, am I staying here for vacation.
Why would it suddenly disband? Assistant Wen.
Mrs, Mr got into a car accident! Car accident? Yi Zhou gege.
I thought you're ignoring me, actually last time, I came to find you this time because I want to talk about Ming Yue Bai Ru Shuang.
You're doing this for Linlin right? Don't worry, I'll take good care of her.
No need.
I want to use my 1% stock in Xing An to trade this project.
You're doing this to boost Linlin, right? No.
I hope this project can stop immediately.
Also, that celebrity in your company, Lu Di.
I really don't want to hear any information about him again.
That's all.
(We love a educated CEO who loves to read books) (Read my pinned comment if you want :D)