Well Intended Love (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

1 What about him I haven't known it yet Linlin, please calm down I'm sure that Brother Yizhou will be fine what happened? the trouble-causing driver hit Boss' car and ran away very soon The driver has been arrested by the police It is sure that he was drunk when he was driving thanks to Miss.
An to help boss Coincidentally, I drove to Gangdong Building On the road to Gangdong Building, I saw that Brother Yizhou was injured.
Thank you very much.
An Ran That's what I should do What is going on? Doctor Boss Ling has a mild concussion and multiple soft tissue bruise Except for a broken right foot luckily, there's nothing wrong with him Take a break for a while to recover Can I go in and see him? Yes, you can.
but Boss Ling has been sent to the ward Miss.
Request from the police station, they need you to provide a detailed record of the accident.
Oops Linlin, please take good care of Brother Yizhou As soon as he wakes up, please notify me immediately Do you know that when I got the call about you, I was so scared Luckily, you are fine What did you want to me in the previous phone call? The crew was disbanded.
Is it bcasue of you??? You have such a cute face How can you bossily do things hey!!! The doctor told me that you should not move a lot your soft tissue is injured.
You need a good rest.
Who are you? Oldie Ling.
Oldie Ling!!! Oldie Ling.
are you ok??? Does your head hurt? how about your feet I'm fine Can you be gentle he's the patient.
Even if he is healthy, he would be injured because of your rude behaviors Get out of here Olide Ling.
I won't touch you anymore I mean YOU! Go out What did you say Don't let me say the third time.
Otherwise you will lose the job job?? Are you okay? What's your name? Xia Lin Xia Lin, right? You help me to fire her right now this is typically caused by a violent collision of the brain A blood clot that blocks part of the memory nerve But strangely There is no blood clot in Boss Ling's brain so why does he lose his recent two-year memory The structure of the brain is very complex We need to do more inspection to figure out the reason Are you ok I'm fine There's nothing wrong with the rest of Boss Ling's body.
This is the most luckiest thing among those unlucky accidents probably, memory loss is just the body's stress response Maybe tomorrow he will be back to normal.
I've known it.
doctor What I want to ask is that whether memory loss will cause a big change in temperament He suddenly becomes very fierce.
Right now Ling Yizhou is normal.
The Ling Yizhou, who was nice to you previously, is abnormal.
You can just take this opportunity to get to know him again.
What the hell!!! He is flirting with other girl in front of me!!! Linlin, Brother Chuyan.
What did the doctor say Well, doctor said there's nothing wrong with the brain For the loss of memory, it is just the body's stress response That's good I don't mean that, Lin Lin It doesn't matter As long as the body is fine, it is good for him As for memory, maybe tomorrow he will be fine What kind of fruit do you want to eat? I can prepare it for you I am sorry for telling the truth In the past two years, although you did not remember anything, unfortunately, you have made a great achievement in your life This one.
I want to introduce to you.
She is your.
I've known it She is Xia Lin, right? I am sorry.
right now for me, you are just a stranger What are you going to say I hope before my memory is restored We can maintain a separate state of life Don't interfere with each other But I believe it You will do this very well otherwise I couldn't marry you.
any problem? I've never interfered with your life.
It is YOU that have been interfering my life I see.
I won't anymore You can leave now Oldie Lin, you're changing too fast for me to get used to Brother Yizhou has still be a patient We have to be considerate of him Well, you care about him very much.
okay? Brother Yizhou, please Madam Assistant Wen Is Yang Tong well settled? Yes.
For the grandma of Boss, I have asked MRs.
Huang to accompany with her.
That's good So grandmother should not be too worried.
btw, why are you here? Isn't it the day for Feifei to move apartment? Did you forget it? There are so many accidents today and the boss is .
He is very good.
you don't worry about him.
please go to help Feifei Madam.
don't you accompany with the boss Miss An is there.
He does not need me Boss.
I can't save you this time.
[it is a music app] I want to listen 'Loving you" of the singer "Chu Yan" I am sorry I'm late You'd better come here more late.
I am so sorry I've known that you don't want me to live with you.
right? So intentionally come here late You misunderstand.
Boss Ling had a car accident.
You misunderstood what???!!! Yesterday, you called me a little sweet heart.
After we slept toghter, you didn't know me at all You call me a stranger!!! you are aggressive to me!!! Linlin Feifei you are truly my soul mate It seems that your thought is same as mine What's the similarity Divorce I heard everything from Wen Li Boss Ling lost his memory.
isn't it? Just take advantage of this opportunity to terminate the marriage contract.
Divorce??? Even though you will be tagged as a divorcee But that's ok you are beautiful and young it is not difficult for you to find your Mr.
Please think it careful.
It is much better that you waste your time on the GAY I fully support you.
What else do you want to pack? I help you I don't want to divorce Why Because he isn't a gay what???!!! You asked me to test him last time It turns out that he is a straight man Wait! please give me some time to accept it so Why do you pack your belongs?? because you don't run away from home.
The reason why I pack is that I want to accompany with him in the hospital tomorrow what???!!! You didn't know that he told me that we should keep independent life.
Noninterference In fact, he just wanted to ask me to leave And he was flirting with An Ran.
I just don't want to let him be himself I see.
you do not want to move out of this home Moreover, you want to go to the hospital to accompany with him His memory is lost right now.
If I choose to divorce right now, it seems that I am not a nice person What if his memory is restored.
then he sue me that I break the contract then ask me to pay for the penalty.
I cannot afford it at all I have to pack now It's a terrible thing to be a self-deceiving woman And then I'll help you with that.
Ling Ling Yizhou.
You are such a big asshole I think I really fall in love with you You wake up Since you like him, I support you to be more initiative to catch him How? He doesn't remember me anymore.
So Your first task now is to remind him of you.
I hope I can do it But I really don't know what I should do because you are stupid Let me, a great writer, teach you how to chase Boss Ling First of all We must adhere to the following three principles First, insist on Second, be shameless Third, insist on being shameless What we should do is that being nice when you are shameless being passionate when you are nice The most important thing is to believe that you can make it Xia Lin, you can do it.
FIGHTING (ง •̀•́)งfight! Who is the one just went out? None of your business I've cook chicken soup It is so tasty.
I am taking out for you Nope.
I've eaten this is super delicious It take me three hours to cook it No need to Are you okay? I am not ok.
It is super hot But as long as you eat it it's all worth it Isn't there anything else you can do? The most important thing for me right now is to be with you.
Can you leave? I just came here you interrupt me to work.
But I didn't say anything.
When I am working, I don't like people to be with me bullshit.
Previously, you were willing to Xia Lin right now, I don't have any special feelings for you.
I know.
That's why I'm trying to An Ran told me that we knew each other for a very short time and our marriage was hurried thus, I bet I didn't deeply love you Even if you don't come to the hospital.
I won't care about it how is it possible? who's going to take care of you? I've packed my everything I have a lot of nurses here Those nurses are not your close friends Some things must be not convenient What if you want to go to the bathroom? I don't need your help What are you doing I'll help you The nurses are not going to be that fast In case you're a such successful boss, and you.
Who told you that I want.
shut up help me to go there quickly come come Slow down that's enough.
that's enough change your shoes I'm sorry I'm sorry I'll show you around.
This is the kitchen This is the bathroom This is your room The sheets were just changed.
so you like pink? There's meat and fruit in the fridge You can use the kitchen This is the key thanks please do your own things for the remaining, I can handle it by myself Thank you see you tonight bye bye bunny wow.
that's too pink Oh My God.
such a little girl Slow down are you okay Brother Yizhou I did not stand well Let me help you.
I can do it that's fine.
Since you have something in your hand, let her do it Brother Yizhou This is the soup I prepared for you This is the first time for me to cook it.
Probably, it is not tasty please don't mind.
He has already eaten my soup but it took a lot time for me to cook it please give to me.
I will try it Be careful It's really yummy If you like, I can cook it every day let me cook it for him You must be very busy on your business I'll take good care of Ling Yizhou I am afraid that you don't have much time for these days, Linlin.
What does that mean Now there's a lot of love rumors about you and Brother Chuyan in the internet You don't know it??? love rumors??? How could it be possible [Exclusive News: ChuYan met a beauty at a hotel.
They looks like a couple] Chu Yan met a beauty at hotel at midnight They act like that they are a couple Are they mad?? How can they write this fake news Xia Lin.
Come to the company right now Okay, I get it Is that a picture of you and Chu Yan? Yeah When did you guys start? It is a misunderstanding We have no relation at all I don't know which media just wrote the fake news based on a photo No relation?? why did he look at you with full of love His eyes are charming.
Even he look at a dog, he also uses his eyes with love Xia Lin.
I know that you are truly worried about your few fame in the media But choosing to have an affair with someone like Chu Yan is really not an good idea Everyone in the entertainment industry has known his background The Chu's family absolutely doesn't allow him to have any relation with any actress This is really a misunderstanding How can I tell you The new movie of Chu Yan plan to come out next month right now there is love affairs about Chu Yan It doesn't do any good for the box office The company decided not to respond Let time slowly bury this rumor Do you understand? Got it What are you doing free me What if we are seen by others If they see it, then let them see.
because we're not cheating The first news about me is having a love affairs with you.
I'm so unlucky.
Do you think I want to have a rumor with a married woman? You're the one who is a married woman I am young and beautiful I don't want to have love rumors with you at all a bitch a playboy just say it.
What's the matter Clarify the scandal Clarify??? Doesn't the company decide not to response I don't care what the company does.
If you don't want to be hided by my dad You'd better follow my suggestions How to clarify post a message on Weibo (Weibo is the most popular chiense social media) that's it?????? Do you dare to ask me to have a official press conference for you to clarify it? Alright.
I will post it on Weibo Why don't you do it? I have already posted it.
you are really too slow Don't be naughty.
(Chu Yan post a "Don't be naughty" in his Weibo) there are only two Chinese characters.
What does he clarify??? What shall I post 【She post a picture with saying "You all are people knowing nothing truth"】 such a naive ghost hello That's all I bought.
feel free to eat them That's what you eat??? There are several flavors Wait a minute You music is too retro.
I'll show you our young people's music I didn't expect you can cook.
Assistant Wen is a fully functional person Is there anything that you cannot do? I cannot give a birth to baby This is really very difficult But in the future maybe you can since the technology develop so fast please don't be discouraged Why should I being discouraged please wait for me to get you something.
【She give him a Buddhist Texts】 This one It was given by my friend.
It will help you calm down Based on this Buddhist texts, there are seven types of suffering for humans One of the sufferings is suffering of not getting what is wanted For the love, you cannot force others to love you There are so many lovely people in the world Please don't stick to one person 【she think Wen Li has been loving Boss Ling.
She is persuading Wen Li to give up】 please don't thanks to me Let's eat What are you talking about? nothing please eat please eat it quickly Eat it eat Old Egg It is the first time for me to have more than 1000 response for my post in the Weibo Even though they were all scolding me It is better that you can speak thus there is a one that can listen to me Xia Lin A Nan I didn't thank you for what you did to me last time.
just cook porridge No trouble at all It is the first time that there is one that cook porridge for me how is it possible when you were sick, what did your parents do for you? They were busy at their work No time to take care of me anyway, do you have a problem lately? I think that you do not feel very well Is it so obvious? Well, here is the thing My friend's husband recently have had a car accident and have lost his memory Not only did he not remember my friend but also did he flirt with others girls Why did I tell you that It doesn't sound like the story is true It doesn't matter I am happy for your telling me this If I can help your friend solve the problem It's kind of a thank-you for cooking the porridge for me last time You thanks to me and I thanks to you There must be more and more thanks in future between us Does your friend's husband have trouble of recover his memory? The doctor said that everything is unknown Maybe the next secondmight be possible What does your friend think? My friend's husband even hates her very much right now.
She's lost in her own way She doesn't know what to do In fact Human's relation comes from memory If memory goes away The relation will disappear as well Although your friend cannot fully accept it But if she didn't want to be so miserable I suggest her to let it go early Are you okay? I just say it You're totally right All human's relations come from their memories Even if they lose their previous memories then they can creat new memories Thank you, A Nan.
You really help me a lot I'm going to leave I'll treat you to eat ice cream next time let's go 【the book name is '36 Stratagems to Chase Man‘】 Stratagem 1: Speak Sugared Words Do you know that when I first saw you, I had a fever.
Do you know why? You really want to know.
right? That's because the body temperature of one, who is falling in love at first sight, is 38.
6 degree Shut up Stratagem 2: Cater to His Likes Do you like? Those are beautifully prepared for you.
Got out take your everything and get out Stratagem 3: Ruse of Self-injury to Win His Love 【She wrote "A big Asshole"】 What the hell are these stratagems??!! unhelpful at all 36 Stratagems To Chase Man.
It is old-fashioned none of your business Keep away from me with purpose of preventing me from being photoed again Why are worried? Even if we are photoed, it is me that lose much more than you What's the matter? didn't Oldie Ling accept you? He is right.
First time, he was blind then he married you How could it be possible for him to be blind again YOU!!! What are you doing? If you dare to touch me my 50 million fans will fight with you Do you like cats or dogs? cat meow what the hell are you doing your ways are too old-fashioned No wonder that Lin doesn't like you none of your business If you're not going to keep up with newest stratagems Oldie Ling is going to be chased by others you did meow.
omg when did I meow I'm a meow, meow, meow.
learn from pig to grunt bark pig! grunt learn from crow to caw caw Brother Chu Yan really has a good relation with Linlin.
No wonder they were photoed by media yo! where is your An Ran Don't she stay with you Although you treat her as your sister you can't always get help from her If you need help, just tell me where is Chu Yan How do I know I'm not his manager I want to remind you that you are married and please don't to be photographed with others When didn't I pay attention Do you mean the rumors? Actually, I and Chu Yan I don't need your explanation I don't care at all Even if you overly do things I'm sure that Chu Yan knows the rules What do you mean? Don't you get what I mean? You're flirting with An Ran.
and I haven't said anything yet.
Watch your words You just said it that An Ran is my sister Your family name is Ling.
Her family name is An.
How can she be your sister? Based on your logic, that's fine that I treat Chu Yan as my brother.
isn't it Can you stop being unreasonably troublesome Am I unreasonably troublesome??? When was I unreasonably troublesome? Boss Ling Boss Ling please don't speak Can I come in, Boss Ling? I'm Shuangshuang Don't speak come in Boss Ling till today, I get the news that you are in hospital now Are you okay? It's okay I thought Wen Li has blocked the news about that I am in the hospital How do you know I have been in the entertainment industry for so many easy.
it is not difficult for me to get this news But you can rest assured I didn't tell anyone else by the way, do you know the girl, named Xia Lin? Xia Lin? yes, I do A few days ago, I brought her to your company Why did you suddenly mention her? I get it.
Is it because of Chu Yan? Her love affair with Chu Yan is real??????? I'm not really interested in your entertainment rumors I'm going to have a rest.
Then please have a good rest I'll visit you next time Wish you get well soon loose your hand you are such a mean woman.
You dare to hurt my finger because you frighten me again When do you mean of again oh, right.
You don't remember it Why did you hid from her? If you want to know it, please restore your memory as soon as possible I am tired.
I gonna leave Bye bye.
see you next time I think you misunderstood her No matter what she was like before but now she is mine You are the only one in this world, who can bother me anytime But I wanted to ask why did you suddenly say yes Because compared to others I care more about our relationship Watch your words You just said that An Ran is my sister Your family name is Ling, and her family name is An.
How could she be your sister Based on your logic, I can treat Chu Yan as my brother.
isn't it Can you stop being unreasonable troublesome forget it Since you were very nice to me I won't dispute Oldie Ling, are you sure that your feet is fully cured? It's okay now Assistant Wen Why do you look so weird today? What's the matter I'm looking for madam Linlin maybe get up late Although she is stupid she dares not forget the day of Oldie Ling's leaving hospital Let's wait for a while When did you get to know her well? Don't wait her.
Let's go Boss.
she is coming hello Are you turtle? you drove too slow I intendedly drive here to pick you up and drive you back home No need to.
Wen LiI will drive me back.
Boss I have to be back company for an important meeting You'd better get into my car.
let's go Linlin, I accompany with you guys wait.
Lin Lin is too dangerous to drive Assistant Wen, can you be a little bit late for your meeting? yes yes.
Please let's go please get into the car Please listen to my words.
be a good girl Please drive faster Slow down.
more slower more safer Do you see that how fast you drive? can you be more faster? 【I am sorry.
I was laughing when I was translating here】 Please look there.
They are saying hi to us and please also say hi to them They're running faster than you.
press the accelerator!!! and drive faster I did it.
Don't be in hurry Riding bicycle is also faster than us can you why does he press the horn? Does he feel pround when he is pressing the horn You block his way Can you be faster? Press the accelerator!!!.
just press!!!press!!! Just press it I am pressing When did you get your driver license half year ago Did you drive after you got your driver license Today is the first time look back don't look back and look forward please don't be worried.
believe me that I can do it Don't talk to me anymore.
shut up.
and pay attention on driving drive faster just press the accelerator and look at yourself how fast you are driving I am pressing When will we be home since you drive like this? Can you let me drive? no.
just press the accelerator I am pressing I am truly pressing the accelerator How could it be possible that drive so slow since you are pressing Brother Yizhou How did you spend two hours on the road? She is such a road killer It's good enough for them to safely arrive home You have asthma.
Don't you know that? You dare to touch Old Egg? If your asthma occurs, please don't blame me Old Egg.
this is really a nice name for this dog.
I feel like it is almost same as you Where does this dog come from? You gave Old Egg to me as a gift You mean I gave you a dog??? How could it be possible? Brother Yizhou always hates pets the most Do I need to lie this? If you don't believe me, please check it with Wen Li I will check After that, I hope you can take it away take it away??? You have promised me that I can keep a pet in our house I'm just correcting the mistakes I've made before.
Is it okay? It is just a dog!!! It's not a big deal.
isn't it You can take this dog to my home no need to Since it's mine, you don't have the right to do it.
This home is my home.
If you don't do it, you can't enforce it without your permission Well, you can also take me out of this house.
If you still have this attitude I don't mind it all You say it again You should have clearly heard it stop here you should clarify to me Boss, should we take those photos away from the internet this time? This time??? You mean it is not the first time Does she have a lot of rumors? Well, it's not all about rumors Are those pictures being photographed under my request? yes.
before you lost your memory, you did love her very much