Well Intended Love (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

1 Let's might as well go back to the starting point What did you say Withdrawing voluntarily would be making things too easy for them I know Doesn't he dislike you All the more I want him to acknowledge your existence How can I help you Do I even need to tell you that And whoever this person is, minus off two points from his performance review for this month Noted But CEO Ling, these things belong to you Mine? Yes.
It seems these are dog food sent by your online followers Quickly get rid of these (it's basically a weibo post of a picture of Pi Dan with the caption 'Doesn't my son look like me?') The weibo post that you posted yesterday has gone viral Everybody has been very enthusiastic after finding out that you have a pet dog And the address of our Gangdong building is publicly known So you're saying that I was the one who posted this post on weibo The Missus has always been the one in charge of your weibo account Hey Aren't you afraid that Old Ling will throw your dog out of the house Didn't you pay attention to Ling Yi Zhou's weibo? Pi Dan is now HIS dog Smart move But now you've aggravated Old Ling Wanting to regain his favour now will probably very difficult I wonder who it was that previously asked me about the 36 ways to woo a man I actually wanted to teach you a method but I guess it's not needed anymore What's the method? Sorry what did you say? I didn't hear it I was asking what is the method Then beg me Chu Yan gege I beg you to help me let me take a photo to send to Ling Yi Zhou so that he can get better Good grief.
Ok ok ok Have you heard of Zhan Yi Zhi Ba Die (a type of martial art that consists of grabbing another person to attack) His outfits are always all prepared by Wen Li I never needed to get involved You say you're his wife but his secretary still need to prepare even his clothes Does it make sense? What are you for then You can always measure his size And the point is not on getting his measurements, but TOUCH What is it I want to take your measurements so that I can buy you clothes in future If you don't agree to it, I'll stay here and disturb you all night Hurry up and get started Ok Ok Lift up your arms Wow so firm and muscular (.
) When you look up at him, you should angle your face eight degrees to the left then your eyes will look larger and your cuteness level will increase by 20% This Hurry up Relax.
I need to take accurate measurements Done? Nonono not yet Do you know how to take measurements or not? Then how do you want me to do it Yea that's a good idea.
I'll be able to measure more accurately without your clothes Oh you want me to help you? Okay What are you doing If you want to know my measurements, just go and ask Wen Li Why? You were already successful? Success my foot.
I got chased out before I could even barely begin It must have been quite a sight It must have been a problem with your method.
My execution was flawless Are you actually capable of helping me Sorry, it was my mistake I really didn't expect you, as a woman, to have zero attractiveness to Old Ling I guess we have to change strategy and try the 'perfect wife' angle How do we go about it As the old saying goes 'The way to a man's heart is through his stomach' So now we have to.
Miss Xia Lin? What a pig The most important thing to me now is to accompany you Do you like it Are you okay I also got someone to take these photos? Yes.
Before you lost your memory, you loved Missus very much It's only 5am Xia Lin you're crazy Chu Yan? You're the crazy one! Why didn't you hang up? Don't you know you're wasting money and electricity You snored last night my dear Impossible.
You're lying I recorded it down (HAHAHA) Seeing that you're so cute, I'll just help you this time I'll help you What did he talk about last night This is a herbal pork bone soup It's got red dates and goji berries in it This is black rice porridge and this is hard-boiled egg But I only drink coffee in the morning Sometimes you should have a change in taste and anyway you're in need of nutritional supplement Besides, I specially woke up at 5am just to make you breakfast Have a taste Have you tasted it? No, but it smells good so it should taste good too You were saying that this was nutritional? Oh don't worry.
I've done my research.
These herbs are all good for the body and brain Very suitable for you Good for the body and brain? Oh Secretary Wen.
I made some nutritional soup.
Have some! Here you go How does it taste? Very.
unique You took so long to make this soup.
You should try some yourself But there're others around.
It's not a good idea How is it? Does it taste good? Uhhh tastes about the same as coffee now that I think about it Wen Li, what is my schedule like for today What charity run? Will there a lot of celebrities? Yes Missus Then won't I be able to get a lot of media exposure there I think you should just forget it Why Our company has high standards We'll see about that Wen Li I heard that this soup is good for the body and brain.
You should drink more.
Might as well finish it Boss, we're going to be late I don't have any dramas for you to film these days I know.
I just wanted to ask is it true that the Ling company is organising a charity run? Chu Yan told you about it? Is our company participating? Since Yin Shuang Shuang is the endorser for their company our company does have five available slots for the run But I don't think you'll be getting a chance Perhaps you can get Chu Yan to do something about it Have you heard the gossip about the relationship between Miss An and CEO Ling? Shuang Shuang must be so heartbroken She's always been trying to marry into a wealthy family Not any Tom, Dick or Harry can be Mrs Ling I heard that Miss An and CEO Ling are childhood sweethearts No way.
Why will such a great man like CEO Ling marry an actress? Their family backgrounds should at least be similar for a good match They don't look good together at all Uhhh I mean In this day and age, do we still bother about being well-matched in social and economic status and anyway, what's wrong with being an actress It's still a legit job that you need to work at to support yourself It's better than any rich family's daughter Besides, Shuang Shuang is beautiful and has a great body has a great personality and is generous I think she's way better than that daughter from the rich An family Is that what you really think? Ah yes Do you wanna participate in the charity run? I just wanted to let you know that I have officially become one of the participants of your company's charity run Although your company's standards are very high, but unfortunately I met those standards I have an issue with the charity run event there's a participant called Xia Lin What are you doing.
Give it to me! You played me I want you to voluntarily withdraw from the charity run event Why Because I don't want to watch you finish last and make a fool of yourself I definitely won't come in last I'll be working Then why do you care whether I participate or not Stop right there I heard that you got a place in this event by sucking up to Shuang Shuang You've certainly changed my perspective of you Miss, is this how you treat your military advisor Advisor? Now that you mention it You mean an inept advisor? Only giving me bad advice Can you not be so cold when kicking others aside after you've taken advantage of them What are you looking at? Smitten by me? Don't I just have to make an appearance at such events and get it over with Do you intend to run for real? Of course.
I'm not just gonna run, I'm gonna make an impression to increase my media exposure Xia Lin, come over here for a moment Don't need to thank me.
I was just conveniently helping you out About Xia Lin.
Even I didn't help her out, you'd probably have helped her to get a place in this event too right From the first time I saw Xia Lin, I had a feeling that she was your type Why would I like a girl like her Stop pretending If you don't really have a relationship with her, then how will CEO Ling possible know her If you come, I definitely won't come in last The customer has also contacted the media to publish false reports about our product There are some people online who are starting to have misunderstandings about our products So CEO Ling CEO Ling? Boss Continue speaking Misunderstandings Then go to the media and invite them over for a live broadcast to prove that our product is fine Why am I teaching you all these now? What time does the charity run event start? if not there'll be lots of reporters there Yi Zhou gege An Ran, what are you doing here? Can't I just drop by to visit you? My dad has been making me report to work at the company these days Did you miss me? Why don't you go with me to join in the fun The weather today is great Ok Let's go Don't force yourself if you can't take it anymore Don't worry about me.
You're running so slowly, how will you increase your media exposure like that I was told that we have to let Shuang Shuang come in first But I think if you faint, and I'm the first one to save you, my media exposure will be even higher Then why didn't you do that at the cinema the last time I was so worried that I forgot about it the last time but I'll definitely do it the next time CEO Ling will be present at the finish line to give out the medals to the runners in the first three places What are you looking at me for.
I can't help you get into the first three places You have to run for it yourself If you're not feeling well, don't force yourself You sure run pretty fast even with your short legs It'll be troublesome if we get photographed together Since you haven't recovered your memories yet, let me inform you that we agreed to keep our marriage a secret Is it a shameful thing to be married to me? You asked me the same question before Wen Li has cleared the area No photos that were taken here will be leaked to the public Didn't you say yesterday that you were not coming? I accompanied An Ran here Since you mentioned it, let me warn you that what you're doing is going against our marriage contract I can sue you and ask for your assets as compensation Miss Shuang Shuang, can I take a photo of you? Xia Lin, so you were here Old Ling, let me borrow your wife for a while CEO Ling, what brings you here What are you doing? There're lots of reporters around What about you? Did you forget about Yin Shuang Shuang? What do you mean? Did you forget that you stole the first place away from Yin Shuang Shuang And then the next moment you're having a chat with Old Ling Are you tired of being in the acting industry? omg yes.
I totally forgot Thankfully she thought your scandal with me was real Smile Sorry, I have something else on.
I'll leave first so there's no need to take a group photo An Ran what's wrong? Maybe it's because the sun is too strong I feel a little dizzy.
Can you send me home? You must be worried about Lin Lin Don't worry.
Chu Yan gege will definitely send her home Want me to send you home? Don't have wishful thinking What are you standing there dumbly for? Let's go The event is over? Yup can we hitch a ride too Get in Hey An Ran.
Maybe you've forgotten the rules after being overseas for too long Only the girlfriend or wife can sit in the passenger seat There will be trouble if any other females sat in that seat I've never heard of such a rule Well now you have Do you two want to walk back home I'll have the seat.
Thanks An Ran.
How's your headache? It's much better after a rest if not I won't be so thick-skinned as to invite myself to dinner Little Princess, your health is really bad Look at me.
I'm still fine even after running for so long You call that running? I can stroll faster than you What is it now.
You can't keep your mouth shut even while eating? Here Why are you eating only rice I precisely like to eat only white rice.
Can't I? An Ran, have a prawn Chu Yan is right.
You're too weak so you should eat more You've exercised too much today.
You need more nutrition too Don't forget your identity Ha what a joke.
What can you do about it Don't try to challenge me Bring it on Here you go An Ran.
You can't reach this dish Eat more Don't you like this meat Have more prawns This is REALLY good Here.
Eat more Stop! My plate is already very full At least wait for me to finish eating before you two start competing again It's okay.
Just leave it if you can't finish the food Why don't I give you half? Ok Xia Lin, that's my juice It's just a glass of juice, do you need to be so petty? Here I'll give you mine Not as if he's never eaten it before Yea it's not as spicy as it used to be Really? We should give Xia Lin the credit Oh really You won't believe it He cut his fingers peeling two prawns for her then sent her home after that and even blatantly stayed to have tea Didn't you say there's no wrong in loving someone I was too young and insensible then Being so solicitous despite knowing he's a married man they can't behave like this even if they were childhood sweethearts I knew she was up to no good when she asked Ling Yi Zhou to accompany her to the event that time This will become headlines if reporters get a wind of this Thankfully Wen Li's defense preparation was very thorough Is there any progress between you and Boss Ling? All the strategies that Chu Yan taught were all utterly useless Those strategies were all too weak All men are animals you should just jump him Only by eating the big Boss will you be able to get a small kiss Fei why are you so pervertic Wen Li is reaching home.
I won't talk to you any longer if not he'll be upset to hear about your relationship problems Remember.
Jump him don't leave your snacks lying around Why are you not wearing.
It's really hot just after my shower Oh yes.
Lin Lin asked me to thank you.
She said you did a very good job of keeping away the reporters I want to eat something yummy tonight.
I'm craving [SLAM] What on earth You're not allowed to come into my room in future Ling Yi Zhou you're mad Cold-hearted dumbass Don't you dare come looking for me Xia Lin I'm sorry to disturb at such an hour Sure.
Quickly come in Throw this on Thanks Why are you dressed like that? and ran away from home on the spur of the moment And so didn't bring anything with you and then thought of me You were the only friend who stayed nearest to me Finally feeling warm again Sure, but if you don't mind, I can be your temporary shelter Really? Won't I be disturbing you? Didn't you just say that we are friends Not boyfriend.
He's my husband No surprise.
You seem clever that cannot be hidden Cough, Poverty and Love But love needs both parties to work If there's only one party, it's unrequited love Did the Missus call you today? Nope Boss, she didn't call Wait, what happened The Missus wore sexy lingerie into the room while Boss was having a video conference today Then Boss Ling chased her away? According to our insider information, that seems to be the case It was all my rubbish idea So where is she now? No idea I'm sorry.
I must have fallen asleep 12.
30am Ah Nan, I'll be going back first.
You go to bed too I'll give you a lift.
It's okay.
I can go back on my own You don't understand.
He's my husband and also my saviour He saved your life? Oh I was very sick before Uh I can't really explain to you at this moment.
I'll tell you about it next time.
I'll get going.
Give this back to you I know.
I just want to drink yours can't I I'm your husband.
Why can't you just plead with me Anyway nobody knows of our relationship I do What's mine is yours Then let's pinky swear That was my first time getting drunk.
I'll be more careful next time There's no next time.
You're banned from drinking You still know to come home You're drunk Why do you care.
I didn't drink any of your alcohol I'm tired.
I'm going to bed Leaving without notice, reaching home late and drunk So this is how you carry yourself as Mrs Ling I'm an abandoned Mrs Ling.
It doesn't really matter anymore Just let me know when you are going to change to the next player I'll vacate the position Why? Aren't you an actor? It's only been a few days and you can't keep up the act already? What's wrong with being an actor? No matter how good my acting skills, I can't carry the act on my own and I still have to deal with all the bullshit Are you feeling wronged? Of course I'm feeling wronged.
In the past, you would defend me in front of your friends and say I'm your wife She's not my friend.
She's my wife I don't care how she was like before.
She's now my person You're the only other person in the world, besides my granny, who is allowed to bother me You have a weak stomach but will still cater to my taste You don't celebrate birthdays and don't keep dogs, but you could change for me You've done so many touching things for me, but now you don't want to take responsibility and want to take everything back You can't accept the reality and want me to cooperate Don't cry anymore If you didn't come on set to visit me that day then you wouldn't have gotten into a car accident Ultimately, I am the one who brought you harm The whole thing was just an accident and actually I don't hate you that much Then do you kind of like me a little? Even running is faster than your driving.
Can you drive faster I am I am.
Relax Of course I'm not okay.
The soup is scalding hot Do you want to take back your weibo account and let the PR department manage it? No need.
Just let her play around with it Ok You want to gift it to the Missus? Very high-tech None of your business Shall I give you all of them? It's okay