Wentworth (2013) s04e09 Episode Script


1 [Sinister music plays] Bea Smith'll be dead by 3pm.
Sonia's not saying much.
Just stay close to her and listen.
The way to get people talking is to let them fill in the silence.
I think you must be pretty messed up to get involved with Kaz and Ferguson.
I've decided to have the operation.
Let's go Conway.
[Pots clatter] [Grating flourish] This group, the Red Right Hand.
I'm calling to report the identity of their leader.
It's a woman called Karen Proctor.
Would you like to hear the call that put you away? You fucking traitor, liar! Liar! Bea! Push the panic button! - [Siren wails] - Argh! - [Screams] - Go, go, go, go, go, go.
- Just help her! She's not breathing! - Bea, can you hear me? [Siren continues to wail] [Footsteps echoing] [Theme music] You don't know me, when I don't know you You don't know me, when I don't know you You're calling me in.
You're catching me out You're calling me in.
You're catching me out You're calling me in.
You're catching me out You don't know me, when I don't know you by PetaG & Rivergirl [Ethereal music with water sounds] [Child's voice muffled] Mum! [Muffled giggles] Mum.
[Giggles] Mum, Mum? Mummy! [Giggles] Mum.
Mum? [Muffled and echoing] Mum, Mum, Mum, Mum [Eerie music] [Pulsating and distorted music] [Muffled siren wails] [Siren wails] [Gasps] Help! [Bea coughing and gagging] - [Whooshing flourish] - [Echoed coughing] [Siren continues wailing] [Siren continues wailing] I was just following Kaz.
And what did she tell you when she started towards the kitchen? Nothing she just "Come with me".
She didn't tell you what she'd heard? No.
Didn't say anything about Bea Smith? No.
I I don't think that she knew that Bea was there.
I had no idea about Bea, Ferguson was supposed to be on kitchen duty.
That's why I went there.
And there was no other member of the kitchen team there? So, what did you see when you first stepped into the kitchen? Um, Bea was unconscious.
It looked like there'd been a fight.
Had Ferguson's arm been burned? Can't remember.
I was too worried about Bea.
They were both on the floor.
Bea was unconscious and Ferguson was screaming in pain.
Already? So Mr.
Jackson played you a recording that incriminated Joan Ferguson.
You raced to the kitchen where, in an incredible coincidence, Ferguson had already been injured but not by you.
Is that your story? I think Joan Ferguson was trying to kill Bea Smith, and I think you knew.
- [Kaz scoffs] - [Middle Eastern music begins] [Gate opens] [Drums beating] - [Middle Eastern music continues] - [Door beeps open] Hi.
How're you feeling? Oh, I'm okay.
We've all been very concerned about you, Bea.
What have you been told about what happened last week? Just that I nearly drowned.
What we know was that you were found unconscious in the kitchen.
Now Kaz Proctor, Allie Novak and Joan Ferguson were there.
Where's Ferguson now? She's in the hospital.
She sustained serious burns, we don't know how.
When the officers arrived, you'd taken a lot of water.
Jackson had to perform CPR.
[Bea sighs] Also, your blood tests revealed a huge dose of Rohypnol.
How do you know how - that got into your system? - No.
So you have no memory of what brought you to the kitchen? [Echoed bell dinging and whooshing flourish] No.
Bea, the hospital reported some scarring.
Not from the attack, but from well before.
Scarring that suggests that you have been struggling for some time.
I can't remember anything, sorry.
Be really good if you could talk about it.
- Any of the prisoners - No.
- Anyone on the outside you can call? - There's no one.
Memory loss is consistent with the amount of sedative found in her system, but, her demeanour is extremely shut down, almost to the point of being clinically depressed.
And there is evidence of self-harming.
- Self-harming? - Cutting, of the inner thigh.
From before this attack? (Bridget) Clearly there were some severe underlying problems prior to that.
Right, so we have one prisoner who is clinically depressed, another in hospital, and Proctor knows why.
She knows exactly what happened in that kitchen.
If you give me five minutes with Proctor - Absolutely not! - Look, I would have some credit with her now that I have played her that recording.
Which is what triggered this all in the first place.
- And saved Bea's life.
- That is not a justification.
Will, this is the last time I will say this.
You are to have no further contact with Proctor, or her crew under any circumstances.
Do you understand? [Jackson sighs] Do you understand? - Yes, Governor.
- [Door beeps unlocked] Bea, I'm here as your peer worker.
[Scoffs] Are you okay? Is there anything you need? We heard what Ferguson tried to do to ya.
What? What did you hear? That the two of you fought and she tried to drown ya.
Fight? [Scoffs] It wasn't a fight.
I was fucking unconscious.
And it wasn't just Ferguson.
It was all your new mates, too.
- Ferguson, Kaz - [Ominous tone plays] Allie.
Yeah, they set me up.
They trapped me, they drugged me and they tried to kill me.
Yeah, all the scum that you choose to be friends with.
[Sighing] Oh, fuck! Get the fuck out of my sight! Argh! Boomer! So you think you can kill one of us, do ya? - What? - Do ya, hey? - Hey! - No! I wasn't trying to kill her.
That's bullshit! That's fuckin' bullshit! Bea said it herself.
I just saw her.
She said you were working with Kaz and Ferguson to trap her and kill her.
Are you fucking kidding me? I would never hurt her.
I was just trying to save her.
- What a fuckin' load of bullshit! - No, no.
Boomer! Let's leave it, leave it.
Let's wait till Bea gets out.
Cause you've seen what happens when other people make decisions for her, yeah? Yeah.
Well, when Bea does get out, you're going down, blondie.
You and your whole crew.
All right? Yeah? [Exhales] Is she all right? She's alive.
But, no, she's not all right.
[Drumming music] [Indistinct announcement] [Door closing] [Beep] [Gate opening and closing] [Drum music intensifies] [Gate opening and closing] Hey, Novak? Where's Chambers? - Um, she was feeling sick and she - Out! - Bea! Bea, - Let's go! - I didn't have anything to do with it! - Come on.
Move it! I swear to God.
I didn't know - anything about it.
Bea! - Move out.
Let's go! (Allie) You have to believe me! (Allie) I didn't know anything about it, I swear.
[Music intensifies] [Door unlocking] Your week's up, Proctor.
You know Ferguson put you in here for 12 years.
Don't know why you'd been protecting her.
I can only assume that you're implicated in some way in the attack on Bea Smith.
If you come forward, if you help us, we'll help you.
[Door closing] Kaz.
Did they question you? - What'd you say? - Where's Ferguson? Oh fuck, who cares? She's still in the hospital.
And the other girls? How are they? They're confused Kaz.
There's a bullshit rumour going around that we were trying to murder Bea.
You and me? Bea thinks that.
She told Doreen and I almost got bashed up because of it.
You didn't know anything about it, did you? [Whispered] Oh, fuck? [Whispered] Oh, fuck! I didn't know it was gonna go that far.
Everything that bitch told us was a fucking lie.
You have to tell her I had nothing to do with it.
Why? [Scoffs] She's not our enemy Kaz! She didn't shop us! - Doesn't make her our friend either.
- She thinks I was setting her up! She thinks I was luring her so she could be murdered! Why the fuck do you care so much? [Sighs] [Scoffs] You're kidding me.
You're on with her, aren't you? Since when? [Crying] Not long.
- So you in her crew now? - No.
She thinks I'm with you.
[Sighs] She thinks I was with you trying to murder her.
[Allie crying] I can't Kaz, I can't I can't have her thinking that.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't.
[Sighs] Allie.
I need you to go.
[Both sobbing & sniffling] I need you to get the fuck out.
- [Allie sobs] - [Kaz crying] Go! [Melancholy music plays] [Music begins pulsating] [Door lock bleeps] [Eerie music] Wait.
- Just want to explain.
- Oh yeah, what do you need to explain? I just want to say you were right.
I know it was Ferguson who shopped us, not you.
I nearly fucking died.
I know.
- I feel terrible about that.
- [Chuckles] Oh, she feels terrible.
If there is anything I can do to make it up to you [Scoffs] You've been on your soapbox for months hanging shit on me, you hypocrite.
Yapping on about helping the women and all this time you were protecting the very woman that put you in here.
[Bea scoffs] You're nothing but a fucked up little girl who's trying to save the world.
And all you're doing is dragging down the women you say you protect.
You're useless! You're right.
I am.
And all I can do is say I'm sorry.
For believing her, for working against you, and for and for making Allie to prostitute herself to get to you.
[Tense drum music] I'll never forgive myself for that.
[Thrumming flourish] Smith, how are you? Oh, I'm a bit sick of answering that question.
Can you remember anything more - since you spoke with Ms Westfall? - [Scoffs] And that one too.
(Bea) No.
When can I go back to my unit? (Vera) Soon, but first I'd like you to come with me.
We don't have any witnesses to your attack.
We don't have any surveillance, so anything that jogs your memory No, I told you, I-I-I don't remember anything.
No, take your time, just be certain.
You were found here.
On the floor.
[Echoed memory] (Allie) Somebody help! [Quiet thrumming starts] That sink was full of water.
The equipment room was open.
There were some pots and pans on the floor.
[Whooshing flourish] - [Thrumming gets louder] - [Knife slashing flourish] - (Vera) What is it? - Can I go outside now? All I'm trying to do is make sure that Ferguson gets put away, that is all.
She was clearly trying to kill you.
She wants to take you out as a witness in her case.
So, if you can remember something, anything, that's it - she's gone permanently.
- Can I go now? Ah, Governor, I think we might have had enough.
Well, you really fucked up, didn't ya? Fuckin' Freak lover! (Boomer) Nah, I reckon she'd want us to bash 'em as soon as we saw 'em.
No, Bea wouldn't want anyone makin' decisions for her, Booms.
No, well she let's Maxie make decisions for her.
Well, Max is a bit more you know More what? There are thinkers and there are doers, Susan.
- (Liz) Mmm.
- You are classified as a doer.
Are you sayin' that I don't think? On the contrary, if I was to choose, I would always pick a doer.
My husband was a thinker.
He would sit around all day making grand plans.
I was the one that got things done.
- Oi, oi! There she is.
- [Gentle music playing] (Bridget) You're to check in with me daily but if you find it more of a struggle to be with the women, I want you to come and find me.
Right away, hmm? (Liz) Hey.
You all right, lovey? - (Boomer) Bea.
- [Liz laughing nervously] Come on, darl.
Let's get you in, eh? [Whooshing flourish] (Boomer) I would've done it, like, yesterday.
Like, bashed Allie, right there in the shower.
Right, and then and then bashed Kaz right there in the yard.
You know, but Liz said "No".
Yeah, because I wanted to wait to see what the plan was.
Oh, yeah, yeah, I thought that too.
Like, wait and see what the plan was but while we're waitin' just, like, bash 'em.
Yeah? (Boomer) Um, can you can you, like, at least say who was right? (Liz) Can you just give her some space, Booms.
(Sonia) More than likely, it's depression.
(Boomer) Oh, my God.
This has got nothin' to do with you, princess.
(Sonia) I'm very familiar with depression, that's all.
(Sonia) I mean, I dealt with my doses of Zoloft the second I came in here.
(Boomer) Good for you, - lady fuckin' up your own arse! - (Liz) Boomer! No, she's a fuckin' know-it-all.
Now it's depression.
My friend, Helen, - suffered from it.
- The missing body? (Liz) Oh, for fuck's sake, Boomer?! It used to get her so down, there was absolutely nothing I could do to pick her up.
My greatest fear was that she finally just - gave in to the darkness.
- [Tense thrumming] [Vehicle approaching] [Urgent drumming music starts] Because of the severity of her burns, we'll be able to hold her in medical, and I am planning on keeping her there right up until - her court dates.
- [Drum beat flourish] So, we need a team to manage her protection - and I want a volunteer to lead it.
- [Miles scoffs] - [Drum beat flourish] - I'll do it.
[Drum beat flourish] Ferguson's defence is that there is a conspiracy against her.
So, no missteps, no threats.
Everything 100 percent - by the book.
Is that clear? - (Miles) Yes, Governor.
- (Stewart) Yep.
- Okay, thank you.
[Drum beat flourish] Don't let her get in your head.
- Copy that.
- [Drum beat flourish] [Drum beat flourish] Governor.
How's the pain? Manageable.
You'll be held in here, under the supervision of Mr.
Stewart, for the foreseeable future.
Seems a little unnecessary.
Well, for your category of injury the infection guidelines recommend total exclusion from communal areas.
Those guidelines were devised by you.
Petty victories are important to you, aren't they, Vera.
It's all over.
Your alliance with Proctor is dead, she despises you.
And your court case is next week.
[Whispered] You've failed.
How's Bea Smith? Oh, she made a complete recovery.
[Shoes drop to floor] Down there, and then you go whee - up like that.
This is purl, - Oh.
- (Liz) so, you come in under, for purl.
- (Sonia) Oh, I see.
Oh, no, no, no.
No, what the fuck are you doin' here?! - I just wanna have a word.
- No, get the fuck out, now! - Can you just give me a minute, please? - You know, piss off, - Bea! Bea! - out of here, right now! - Bea, can you please? - Or I will punch your tits in, - all right?! - Boomer.
Can I have a word with you in private, please? [Bea scoffs] Nah.
Just say what you've gotta say here.
And I know what you think but I swear to you, I had nothing to do with any of it.
I had no idea.
Oh really, that's not what Kaz said.
So [Laughs] you guys better get your stories straight.
[Chuckles] Yeah.
Wait, what? Yeah, she said you were the bait.
- No.
I had nothing to do with it.
- Was that always the plan? - Huh? To get rid of me? - No! Bea, I had no idea about it.
I was trying to save you.
- No, no, no, no.
Jackson saved me.
- No, before that.
I was the one that - pulled you out of the fucking water.
- You know what, shut your fucking face! You're all the same! You're nothing but a lying, - junkie, street whore.
- [Quiet moody music starts] You set me up for those fuckers and I was stupid enough to fall for it.
Bea Nah, just get the fuck out of my unit, while you can still walk.
Bea? [Punctuated flourish] (Boomer) Hey.
You heard her, get out! - What did you say to her? - What? - [Slap] - (Kaz) Argh! What did you fucking say?! - Whatever she said! - You told her I was a part of it! You told her I got close to her just to set her up! - [Slap] - (Kaz) Argh! You're supposed to be my friend! I am! I am the only one that gives a shit about you! (Allie) Fuck off! [Allie screams] You did it deliberately just to fuck me up! [Gasping] [Gasping and breathing heavily] [Whispered] Bea! [Gasping] [Sighs exasperatedly] [Breathing heavily] [Sighs] [Quiet moody music continues] [Sobbing] [Sniffles] [Crying] [Music gradually ends] [Footsteps approach] - (Liz) Hey.
- (Bridget) Hey.
- How's she going? - Uh she won't talk to us.
She had a screaming match with Allie and then she shut herself in there.
You ever seen her like this before? Only when her daughter died.
[Whooshing flourish] That must have hurt like hell.
The memories are are fractured.
All done.
Thank you.
I s'pose it's hard to understand how Smith managed that.
If she was unconscious.
[Door beeps] I do hope the governor didn't select you for your interrogation skills.
I volunteered for this.
You may be many things, but one of them was an extremely effective governor.
[Ferguson chuckles] You're expecting some sort of tutorial.
[Stewart chuckles] (Ferguson) What's your opinion of Governor Bennett? I think she's a very clear and intuitive leader.
How diplomatic.
I trained Vera [Sighs] so I have to confess that I'd hoped for a stronger, bolder leadership.
But I suppose I have to make allowances given [Sighs] the circumstances of her promotion.
Nobody told you? Oh.
[Inhales] Well the board was forced to promote her, when Vera threatened to sue over her hepatitis C status.
It was all very messy.
[Inhales] Would you be able to supply me with a visitor application form? - Shayne Butler? - What, you know him? He is the son of a former Blackmore inmate, that Joan Ferguson was extremely attached to.
Is there anything else I should know? [Stewart tsks] What? Tell me.
She was - she was just stirring.
- Oh, about what? Look, it's obviously ridiculous, but, she implied that [Sighs] you became Governor when you contracted hepatitis C and threatened to sue the board.
[Ominous thrumming] Anything else she says about staff members, or prisoners, or the case, anything - I wanna know.
- Of course.
(Vera) Thank you.
[Twanging intriguing music] [Whooshing discordant flourish] - (Liz) Oh, there she is.
- [Maxine grimaces] (Liz) Ooh, oh, hello.
[Maxine exhales deeply] (Liz) Ha-ha-ha.
Ooh! Hi! Oh.
Just I'm not quite ready for hugs yet, Booms.
Oh, wow, love.
[Laughing] Hi Sonia.
- Good to see you looking so well.
- (Maxine) Thank you.
- Dors, how are you? - Better now you're back! - Oh, sweetie.
- Yeah, you still look like you even without the um, the - The breasts? - No, I just, um, meant meant Oh.
[Inhales] Where's Bea? [Exhales] Oh Well, she's coming in to see you later.
She's a bit tied up at the moment.
- Is she okay? - Of course.
- Liz? - Yeah, yeah, she sends her love.
- Ah, I brought you some magazines.
- Oh, thank you.
- I got you some licorice.
- [Maxine gasps] - I brought you biscuits.
- [Maxine laughing] Wow.
[Chuckles] I don't have a gift.
Oh Sonia, you don't have to bring me anything.
But I'd be very happy to cover the cost of your reconstruction when the time comes.
My what? Please, Maxine, it's nothing, honestly.
I would love to.
I know the best man in town, Dr.
He's done half the breasts in Chapel Street and he is an artist, honestly.
- And I can get you in without a wait.
- (Booms) You got to be fuckin' kidding.
- Boomer.
- No, she can't just come in here and chuck around cash - and make us her friends.
- No that's not - No, stop sticking up for her - what she's doing Why the fuck are you always sticking - up for her? Yeah you are.
- I'm not.
- You go all suck face around her.
- Okay, let's - just come out.
Come out.
No, no.
- I don't understand.
I don't fuckin' understand.
(Boomer) What? Tell me! Just tell me.
- I'm so sorry.
- (Liz) Now, what Sonia did was a really kind gesture and you had [Knock at door] [Door opens] Hey, Bea? I'm good.
I'm not here for a session.
You got a visitor.
(Bea) What? And, it's not optional.
[Gentle music plays] [Bea laughing] [Franky laughs] Hey, Red.
[Bea laughs emotionally] (Bea) Oh! How are ya? [Bea cries joyfully] You're right.
So, what did Bridget say to you? Nothing.
You're a shit liar.
Nah, I'm an awesome liar, Red.
Just thought you'd been stuck without me for so long you might be really feeling it now.
I thought I'd died, Franky.
For a sec.
You might have.
It felt good.
- [Door lock beeps] - Peaceful.
Yeah, well I heard you were pretty dosed up on roofies so not surprising.
Nah, it was more than that.
[Sighs] I thought I could see Debbie.
I heard her calling to me.
[Bea sighs] [Sighs] I'm tired.
[Sighs] Fuck, I'm so tired, Franky.
[Exasperated chuckle] [Inhales deeply] [Exhales] [Sighs and whispers] I I've got no reason to be here.
That's bullshit, Red.
You gotta be here.
And you've got the girls.
[Sighs] I trusted someone.
I let my guard down.
- Who? - Ah, you don't know her, she's new.
Ah, it doesn't matter now anyway.
Hang on you let someone get under your skin.
Oh! Did you let someone get in your pants? No! Holy fuck! - No, Franky, it wasn't like that.
- Yeah, it was.
- I knew it.
I knew you had it in ya.
- No! Franky.
Who is she? Is she like me? - [Scoffs] - I bet she was.
She's a bit of a Franky replacement, wasn't she? - [Bea laughing] - She's good looking obviously.
Tatts? [Chuckles] No, she's nothing like you.
- Well, she's blonde.
- Eugh! Borin'.
Nah, she wasn't boring.
[Sighs] But but, it wasn't real.
Yeah, she was playing me.
Do the other girls know? - Not really.
- [Gentle guitar music starts] And don't you say a fucking thing.
Who am I going to say anything to? Do you want my diagnosis, Red? Yeah.
You had your heart broken.
You got your heart broken real good for the first time.
And it fuckin' sucks, right? Yeah.
But you're strong and you'll get through it.
'Cause the girls need you more than ever.
They need their queen.
And that's you.
- [Exhales] - [Guitar music intensifies] So what base did you get to? - Oh, God! I don't know what - Come on! - the bases are.
- Just tell me.
Of course you do.
I'll just break it down for ya.
You've got fingers and you've got tongue.
Shut up! [Gentle guitar music continues] [Passing vehicle flourish] [Door lock beeps] Your visitor's here! Ah, yes.
You must be proud of yourself, engineering this.
Outsmarting you would be a rather insignificant achievement don't you think? It's just interesting that you've listed him as a friend, given that you have so much difficulty making those, and you haven't seen this one since he was an infant.
What a limited imagination you have.
Make sure she's thoroughly searched, before and after.
[Door unlocks] You've been talking to her, haven't you? Of course.
Repeating our little conversation.
- It's obvious.
- [Door beeps unlocked] When Vera experiences a humiliation, she develops a certain militant edge.
Look for the tightness in her jaw.
You'd do well to be aware of it.
If you can loosen it, she'll be pathetically grateful.
[Whispering] And pliable.
[Intriguing music plays] [Rhythmic music plays] [Indistinct background visitor chatter] [Tentatively] Hello, Shayne.
- Shayne Butler, Jianna's son.
- Will, yeah You approve this? We can't block her from visitors.
Okay, well say she's an infection risk, or she's under investigation.
Anything, just find a loophole.
If we obstruct her rights, her legal team will be all over us, you know that.
And right now, you are in no position to tell me how to do my job.
[Sighs] They just said that she was a druggie.
That's all? Yeah.
She had me got on it pretty hard and OD'd.
- [Quietly scoffs] That is just - And they took me away from her.
[Tsks] Not true.
Your mother was under my watch for her whole pregnancy, and she was not a druggie.
She Jianna was so excited about you.
She did everything that she could t to to get her life in order.
She improved her health, studied.
She wanted to give you both the best possible chance.
- But then they snatched you away.
- Why? You know, in those days, a woman in prison giving birth is - [Tense music starts quietly] - But it wasn't like that at all.
[Whispered] Your mother adored you.
[Tsks] It was only when you were taken that she started to fall apart.
Why didn't you stop 'em? - You worked for 'em.
- Believe me, I tried.
If you cared for her so much, why didn't you - find me? - Yes, I failed.
I failed.
I failed Jianna.
I failed you.
- [Drum beats intensifying] - In the worst possible way.
I promised your mother that I would find you.
And that I would protect you.
[Whispered] And all I want now is to [Whispered] Is to keep that promise.
[Drums beating rapidly] [Electronic whooshing flourish] Christ! - Let me try Proctor just once.
- No.
She was tight with Ferguson, - she's got to know what was going on.
- No.
- I can get through to her.
- Will! Enough.
And consider this an official warning.
(Jackson) Smith! Great to see you back on your feet.
- Thanks - Look, I need - a statement to nail Ferguson.
- No, no, I already gave you guys a statement and look what happened.
- She tried to kill me.
- Okay, would you put that in a statement? What's the point? Huh? She'll deny it.
A-and she's smart enough to prove th-that I can't remember.
Okay, look Ferguson is still making plans, okay.
She's meeting contacts.
- What contacts? - A kid.
Shayne Butler, she's in with him now.
- Who the fuck's Shayne Butler? - Jianna's son.
[Eerie wailing flourish] [Tense music starts] Oh yes! Hey, come on.
Let's take a walk.
- (Bea) Mm-hm.
- It's fine.
You wanna make it up to me, now's your chance.
Shayne Butler.
- What do ya know about him? - Nothing, who is he? Well, your new mate Ferguson's - latest hench.
- She's not my fuckin' mate! Okay, just tell me, did she say anything about a kid called Shayne Butler? No, never.
She's never said anything to you about any of her other plans? [Scoffs] You say you wanna protect the women, well put you money where your mouth is.
Go on.
There's something she wanted us to do for her on the outside.
- Yeah? - Before her court case.
What? (Bea on phone) He's 17 and he's been in juvie, so he should be in the system.
- And what's his last name? - (Bea) Butler.
Now, according to Kaz, (Bea) Ferguson wanted someone on the outside to take out Niles Jesper before he could testify against her in court.
(Franky) Yeah, but he's in Walford isn't he, - Jesper? - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
(Bea) But this kid might have some contacts at Walford from being in juvie.
So we need to stay on top of anything that connects him to Jesper.
All right, I'll check it out.
- And, Red - Yeah? (Franky) you've got a bit of bad-arse in your voice again.
It's hot, I like it.
[Call disconnects] - (Kaz) You're too fuckin' short! - (Mel) You're too busy talkin' (Kaz) Fuck! You go on.
Proctor, stop! I said "Stop"! I'm taking a lot of shit for what I did for you.
- You didn't do anything for me! - I played you that recording, okay? I put myself on the line, so you need to start talking.
You need to tell me exactly what happened in that kitchen.
- I have not idea.
- That's that's bullshit and we both not it.
- You owe me! - I don't owe you a fuckin' thing, you prick! (Kaz) [Whispered] Oh, fuck! - [Door beeps unlocked] - (Kaz) Fucking! (Kaz) Fuck! I'm this close to losing my job.
- Not my problem.
- I did that out of good faith, - so you'd know what Ferguson did.
- Bullshit! Look, all I'm trying to do is put away the person that shopped you! Why won't you let me do that? She put you and your girls away! - [Reverberating thud] - [Piercing whooshing flourish] [Kaz gasping] (Kaz) Wait! This is our chance! Come on, let's fuckin' finish it! - Make the bastard pay! - No! [Breathing heavily] [Quietly and menacingly] I got a better idea.
[Discordant flourish] [Whooshing flourish] (Kaz with sing-song voice) Wake up! (Kaz) Mr.
[Discordant flourish] Wake up.
(Male guard via walkie-talkie) This is Sierra 5 to Sierra 3.
Come in Sierra 3.
[Will grimacing] - [Quietly brooding music plays] - [Will breathing heavily] [Sounds of struggle and handcuffs clanging] [Muffled struggle sounds] Humiliated? I don't wanna be doing this, but you and I have 12 years together, Mr.
Assuming you keep your job that long.
So, here's the deal [Phone beeps] You ever lay a hand on me or any of the other girls ever again this goes online.
And your career will be over.
[Phone beeps] Do you understand me? [Breathing heavily] Sierra 3 to Sierra 5, do you copy? - Over.
- Kaz! Come on.
[Quietly brooding music restarts] Fuck! This is Sierra 5 to Sierra 3.
[Also echoed in background] Come in Sierra 3.
[Also echoed in background] Come in Sierra 3.
[Door beeps unlocked and opens] Will, you in here?! (Jackson muffled) Hey, come here mate! [Muffled] Oh, shit! Jesus! You okay? [Muffled] Get these off me, please! Argh! [Whispered] Oh, fuck! [Will exhales] (Vera via walkie-talkie) Sierra 2 to Sierra 5, any answer yet? Ah, come in Sierra 2.
I'm with Mr.
Jackson now.
Ah, he's actually a bit crook at the minute.
Looking like he might need to head home and be covered for the rest of his shift.
(Vera) Copy that Sierra 5.
[Will breathing rapidly] I made a bad call, okay.
I fucked up.
Vera can't know about this.
[Breathing heavily] Copy that.
Thanks, Jake.
(Announcement) Attention compound.
Attention compound.
- H Block are now called to dinner - [Boomer giggling uncontrollably] - Time to go, Jenkins.
- [Giggling] Oh, no.
[Giggling continues] Will I see you tomorrow? - Yeah, of course.
- Yeah.
- Of course.
- Attention compound.
Attention - compound.
C Block are now - Um, - called to dinner.
- about before - Mm.
- with Sonia and your tits.
- It's okay.
- No Attention compound.
Attention compound.
- D Block are now called to dinner.
- It's not that I don't want you to have your tits back, Maxie, 'cause I do.
Right, but If anyone's gonna make it happen, I wish it was me.
You know, but I can't.
But you promised me some of yours.
[Chuckling] Oh, yeah, that's right.
- (Boomer) Hmm.
Hm? Mm.
- Hey? Do you remember once you offered me something else? - Was it a food thing or somethin'? - No.
Having a baby? Oh, yeah.
[Gentle music begins quietly and builds] You you you you you mean, you'd - I've been thinking - Oh! - Nah, nah - but Booms, Booms, hey, - chances are slim but let's - Oh! just say we can get to my sperm - deposit, maybe it's worth a shot? - Maxie! No! - Are you serious? - Mm.
Yeah? Fuck, I love you! Oh, fuck I love you, I love - you so mwah! - All right.
Any time you're ready, Jenkins.
Yeah! I'm ready, I'm ready! Oh, I'm ready, I'm ready.
I'm ready, I'm ready.
[Whispered] Oh, fuck! Oh! [Sighs] [Kettle boiling] You know your mate, Helen, did the cops know that she suffered with depression? Why do you ask? Well, I just thought if they knew, they'd get off your back.
[Water pouring] Oh, it's all right, Sonia.
What's all right? Oh, I'm cool about Maxie's tits now, eh? Yeah, you can get Maxie the tits, 'cause I'm gonna give us a bub.
- What? - Yeah, I-I can have Maxie's sperms, - to make a baby.
- Oh, my God, [Chuckles] wow! - I know! [Giggling] - [Laughs] Boomer - I know, I know.
- I don't know what to say?! - Hey? Oh, wow.
- Wow, I didn't understand any of that.
Oh God, no.
It's bloody complicated.
[Laughs] Don't worry about it, she just got a little bit jealous 'cause she didn't want you, you know, gettin' too close to Maxine.
And to you.
Maybe, yeah.
[Chuckles] You do defend me a lot, Liz.
W-well, it's just 'cause I know how rough it is being a newbie in here.
- And you ask a lot of questions.
- [Menacing flourish] - Do I? - You know you do.
[Tense music starts] Well, you're just [Sighs] you are so different, you know, to everyone else in here, and well, I didn't think I'd ever be in prison with someone so, kind of, you know, fancy.
Er, [Chuckles] and and you you've been in the paper and stuff, so I don't know maybe I'm a little bit star-struck by ya? [Quietly] It's all right.
[Chuckles] [Whispered] I get that a lot.
[Chuckles] [Tense music fades out] [Flood lights flicking on] [Train crossing bells ringing in background] Ferguson made a follow-up call to him about 4:00 P.
- Mm-hm.
- I think she was arranging a second meeting.
I can't be sure.
Right, I'll check first thing in the morning.
[Car beeps unlocked] Um ah, Mr.
Stewart about some of her - other insinuations - Hey.
- I don't believe anything she says.
- For the record, it is true that I have hepatitis C.
And for the record, doesn't matter to me.
[Train horn sounds in the background] [Vera exhales] I I didn't think No.
Not here.
How far to yours? (Bea) Hey.
[Sighs] Oh, I'm so sorry, I I haven't I haven't been to see you.
You can come closer.
[Bea chuckles nervously] How are you? I'm still here.
I'm still me.
Still beautiful.
[Gasps] I brought you some flowers.
[Chuckles] Oh, Bea it's beautiful.
Sit down.
So, I heard a rumour that you're giving your sperm to Boomer? Yeah.
I always wanted to have a kid.
- Really? - Yeah.
And Boomer's got a great heart.
And if the treatment doesn't work out It's gonna work out, Maxine.
Anyway, I hear you haven't had an easy - time lately.
- [Scoffs] Oh! Ferguson?! (Bea) Yeah.
And the rest of Kaz's crew, too.
- But not Allie? - Mm.
[Quiet melancholy music starts] Oh, hon.
You really fell for her, didn't you? Yeah.
[Inhales] Do you know I really though that we Fuck, she played me all the way.
Bea come on.
I saw you both.
Trust me, honey, she wasn't playing anyone.
[Dark tone plays under gentle music] Relax, I just want a word with Allie.
Not here.
Where is she? Why don't you tell me? Well, she's all yours now.
- [Gentle music intensifies] - [Allie snorting drugs] [Exhales, coughs and gulps] [Coughs and cries] [Sobbing] [Sniffles] by PetaG & Rivergirl