Wentworth (2013) s04e10 Episode Script


1 If you give me five minutes - with Proctor - Absolutely not.
You are to have no further contact with Proctor or her crew under any circumstances.
Do you understand? Hello, Shayne.
Ferguson is still making plans, okay.
She's meeting contacts.
- What contacts? - Shayne Butler, Jiana's son.
Ferguson wanted someone on the outside to take out Nils Jesper.
All right, I'll check it out.
- Fuck! - Look, all I'm trying to do is put away the person who shopped you.
- [Thud] - [Kaz gasps] You ever lay a hand on me, this goes online, and your career'll be over.
Do you remember once you offered me something else? - Having a baby? - Are you serious? Nash, it's me.
I want to meet Miranda.
Not here.
How far to yours? Bea, I didn't have anything to do with it! I swear to God.
- I didn't know anything about it.
Bea! - (Guard) Let's go! (Maxine) Oh, hon.
You really fell for her didn't you? - She played me all the way.
- She wasn't playing anyone.
- Where is she? - You tell me.
She's all yours now.
- [Allie Snorting drugs] - [Drum beat flourish] [Drum beat flourish] [Footsteps echoing] [Theme music] You don't know me, when I don't know you You don't know me, when I don't know you You're calling me in.
You're catching me out You're calling me in.
You're catching me out You're calling me in.
You're catching me out You don't know me, when I don't know you by PetaG & Rivergirl [Small Town Junkie by Pleasantville] (Prisoner) God, look at her! (Prisoner) Nice tits! - [Distorting flourish] - [Prisoners jeering] - (Allie) Fucking! - (Prisoner) Whoo! [Prisoners laughing] (Prisoner) Pass it! - She was a small town junkie - (Allie) Do you like that? - But she ain't so anymore - [Indistinct yard chatter and yelling] How are you? - (Allie) Oh, my God.
- No, get off! Now she's pushing up - Daisies but she knew - (Prisoner) Come over here, baby.
That would be the score Oh, my Fuck, my God.
Doing needles like a voodoo doll Eventually it took it's toll - She was a small - Oh, hi Bea.
- Town junkie, but she ain't - You nearly missed the show, love.
- So anymore - Okay, that's enough.
- What's she up to? - Mm.
Oh, she's off her face and ready to get on someone else's by the looks, eh? - [Music fades and echoes] - [Echoed laughter] and she was Hey.
Piss off.
- What did you say? - Fucking slut! - (Prisoner) Hey, hey.
- [Background yard chatter and yelling] - (Prisoner) Pass it! - (Prisoner) You playing along? [Indistinct yelling] (Prisoner) Well done, you slut! [Bea mouthing silently] [Yelling and jeers] - Get the fuck off! - (Stewart) Cut it out! Jesus, Novak! Was just trying to be nice.
We got her Mr Stewart.
We're all good.
- (Stewart) Get her out of here.
- (Miles) Right, come on.
So, you gonna take care of her or not? You wanna pat my pussy, Mama? - [Laughter] - [Music swells and subsides] Nah, she's all yours.
- (Stewart) Come on.
Come on.
- Come on, baby, come on.
Fuck! (Kaz) Come on now.
Come on, baby.
You give her anything else, I'll knock your fuckin' block off.
I don't want her near me.
She's a mess.
Then don't take her money.
Leave it alone, Smith.
All good, Mr Stewart.
[Middle eastern flourish] [Quiet whooshing flourish] [Locker door opens] You just missed one of the great pleasures of working with a bunch of randy women.
Straight back into it then? Mate, don't feel embarrassed about what happened.
[Quietly] Did you tell anyone? No, I said I wouldn't.
They got it on video.
Kaz had a phone.
- Let's do a cell toss.
- Oh, good.
And tell the Governor what, exactly, eh? - Relax.
- Look, if this thing gets out - I'm fucked.
Okay? - Okay, okay.
There is no way I'm getting kicked out of here because of that little man-hating bitch! (Vera on walkie-talkie) Sierra 5, this is Sierra2.
Sierra 5, go ahead.
(Vera) Can I see you in my office, please? Yes Governor, on my way.
- Hey, we'll fix this.
- (Jackson) Okay.
Is the, ah, deputy governor in? - Yeah, he's back on board.
- Oh, is he feeling okay? Just a little rough around the edges.
Or a little bit frustrated that I won't let him question Proctor? No one's gonna lag, Vera.
but, I am in full support of you and working on Ferguson.
Pleased to hear it.
[Door beeps unlocked] [Quietly] I had a great time last night.
[Quietly] So did I.
Just keep me up to date, Mr Stewart.
- Yes, Governor.
- Mmm.
[Traffic noises] - (Franky) The name's Shayne Butler.
- Oh, I've had a look at the file and I reckon our office should handle it.
- Oh, yeah, we do a lot of those.
- [Phone rings] So we'll take it from here, yeah? - [Phone rings] - All right, cheers.
So, if you can grab that file and I'll see you down there in ten, yeah? - Ms Fessler? - Oh, [Scoffs] I'm due in court, Franky.
Caulfield office want us to take over one of their clients.
We've got our hands full, Franky.
He's an indigenous kid, a ward of the state.
- Oh, you're gonna play that card.
- [Franky chuckles] I'm tryin' to.
- Yeah, go on.
Hit me with it.
- Auto theft charge.
Hearing's schedule for next week.
I reckon if we talk to the DPP, we should be able to get his charges reduced.
- On what basis? - Oh, long history disadvantage.
And considering everything he's been up against, I reckon he deserves a second chance.
That's not really a legal argument, Franky.
Yet! [Chuckles] Okay take a meeting.
Write an assessment based on the interview and I'll consider it.
Cool! Sweet.
[Dramatic flourish] [Gate clanging] Look who I found.
- (Liz) Hey, Max! - (Boomer) Oh! - [Boomer laughs] Oh.
- (Liz) Hello.
- Welcome back.
- (Boomer) Oh! [Giggles] Oh! oh.
- All right, Susan.
- Yeah? - Take her things, put them in her cell.
- Yeah.
Come in.
And Liz, why don't you make Maxine a nice cup of your herbal tea.
Yeah, or maybe you'd like us to rack off, - so you can settle in? - No, no, I - just want things to be normal.
- Ooh, trust me, normal's overrated.
No, really, the sooner we can move on, the better, - okay? - Oh, that's good, that's good.
'Cause I think it's time.
Baby time.
- You're ovulating? - Uh, huh.
- Are you sure? - (Boomer) Yeah, I got I got the horn real bad, eh, and I got a I got a bit of a slip 'n' side happenin' in me undies, - (Boomer) so, yeah, I reckon I am.
- Yes, yes, all right Susan.
We get the picture.
Okay, let's make this happen.
[Exhales] - What's the first step? - I make a call to Martin.
Oh, how are we gonna get it in? He'll come to the visitor's centre.
[Laughs] No.
How're we gonna get it "in"? - [Liz chuckling] Oh.
- (Boomer) Yeah.
- Allie, fuck off! - Just give me a taste.
- Get away from us.
- Fuckin' bitches! - Hey, don't start! - Well, you hand it over - when it suits ya, don't ya? - Hey, leave.
I thought you were supposed to be looking after her.
She was fine until you came along.
[Scoffs] Don't you put this back one me.
What? She was clean.
I got her there.
Do you know what that takes? - Well, she needs to pull her head in.
- [Scoffs] What are you staring at? (Kaz) Leave it, eh? Why the fuck is everybody looking at me? (Kaz) Come on, let's go.
[Quietly] They want me, Bea.
[Lapping noise with tongue] [Gentle music plays] - [Phone ringing] - [Bell on door rings] [Phone continues ringing] - Shayne Butler.
- (Receptionist) Ah, yes, take a seat.
Shayne? Hey.
I'm Franky, I'm the paralegal dealin' with your case.
Yeah, and? - [Phone ringing] - Come on.
I've had a look over your file and, from what I read, you weren't even in the stolen vehicle at the time of the arrest.
No comment.
I'm on your side, you can talk to me.
Nice tatts.
- I've got one.
- Yeah? Cross your heart, hope to die.
Stick a needle in your eye.
Yeah, it's like never forget what you promise, you know? Yeah.
That's cool.
You don't look much like a lawyer.
You don't look much like a criminal.
I reckon I can get your charges reduced.
- For real? - Maybe, but we gotta do some work.
- Like what? - Well, first things first.
Tell me about, uh, your background, family, that type of stuff.
No family.
Mum's dead.
Don't know who Dad is.
And what about your friends? Any mates in trouble? Nothin' major.
None of them are doing time? - No way.
- Hmm.
Um, so we need someone who can vouch for you, like a character witness.
Um maybe Aunty Joan? [Tense music plays] - Who's Aunty Joan? - She's my godmother.
I just met her, really.
She, um.
She knew me mum.
I'll be back, I'm just getting some dressings.
Tell me more about her.
She looks a bit like, um, you know that chick from 101 Dalmatians? - [Franky laughs] Cruella de Vil? - Yeah, that one.
- [Both laugh] - That's who she looks like.
[Indistinct background chatter] You're feeling my pain, Mr Stewart? Must be rather dull for you.
Standing around in here when you could be back out there, seeing the sights.
To be honest, I find you interesting.
- Do you? - Yes.
- Oh.
- Well, compared to the other prisoners.
Oh, thought you were about to pay me a compliment.
I've been warned about you, Joan.
Don't be too sure of anything anyone tells you Jake.
Even I fell victim to the internal politics of this place.
Perhaps you could advise me? - Why would I do that? - We're stuck with each other.
It might be fun.
Vera a bit too vanilla for you, Jake? [Nurse Radcliffe sighs] Okay, let's get this arm dressed.
Bea? Bea! They've got Allie.
Juice and her crew.
- Where? - [Allie cries out in pain] Shouldn't you two be at work? - This is none of your business - Oh, yeah? Yeah, you're up.
No, no, no.
She was stealin' stuff from my cell.
I caught her in there.
Yeah, why didn't you quit while you were ahead, Juice? No, no, no, no.
It is my right.
She is a thief.
Oh, yeah? How about next time I put you in a wheelchair, you won't get out of it? Huh? Huh? [Chuckles nervously] Yeah! Come on.
And don't you touch her again! Must be love.
[Juice and Stella laugh] [Gentle music playing] [Allie exhales] Do you need to go to Medical? I'm okay.
[Allie exhales] [Sniffs] I would've ripped their heads off in another couple of minutes, anyway.
[Scoffs] Sure.
Get outta here.
Go on.
[Allie sniffs and sighs] [Sobbing] Bea.
I've missed you.
I've missed you so much.
[Sighs] Please talk to me.
But you're a mess.
I'm not.
[Laughs weakly] I'm not.
I'm good, I'm good.
I just I miss you.
- I need you.
- No.
I'll stop.
I'll stop using.
I promise.
I won't I won't go near the stuff again.
I promise.
It's not the drugs.
[Gentle music plays] This, you and me, whatever it was, it's done.
[Allie gasps quietly] You know what it was, you're just too scared to admit it.
[Scoffs] Whatever you need to tell yourself is fine by me.
[Crying] I I can still feel you.
[Scoffs] - Please listen to me! - You listen to me! This is it! This is the last time I save your arse.
I love you.
That's a shame.
[Sombre cello flourish] - [Whooshing flourish] - [Door beeps open] (Guard) Through you go.
[Josh gurgling] [Mouths "Hey"] - [Nash laughing] Yes! Yes! - [Doreen clears throat] Hi, baby.
Hi, Joshy.
- How's my little man? - Doreen, this is Miranda.
- Hiya.
- It's so good to meet you.
- Oh, you, too.
- Lovely.
Mwah! [Laughs nervously] I've heard so much about you.
Me too.
- [Josh crying] - Oh, come on.
Oh, are we a bit grizzly? Are we a bit grizzly this morning, hey, honey? I don't know why.
He had such a great sleep.
Thanks so much for helping us out, hey.
Just till Nash finds a job.
- It's real generous of ya.
- Ah nah, it's my pleasure.
Oh, nah, come on, it must be the last thing you want.
You've got a toddler screaming around the house and now a baby, as well.
No, he's a dream, your little man.
Oh, we must need a walk around the room, eh? Stand him on your lap, - he likes to use his legs.
- Yeah.
He's really into it.
[Chuckles] - [Josh vocalising] - Shhhhhh.
Should see Mia with him, Dors.
She loves having a little brother around, - doesn't she? - Yeah, such a nice age gap.
- (Doreen) Ay-yi-yi-yi.
- Actually, we've printed out some - photos for you.
- [Josh fussing] - That's a great shot in the park.
- (Nash) Yeah.
Yeah, me and Joshy are spending heaps of time together.
[Josh crying] Just remember, um this is all temporary.
Come on, Dor, it's good for him to spend time with Mia.
I just don't want Josh getting too attached to something that's gonna change.
Oh, and no offence, it's just, - he's had a lot of stuffing around.
- [Josh crying louder] Yeah, well, they are brother and sister, Dor.
- Half.
- Now, come on, be reasonable, please.
I am.
- Honey, come on.
Come on, baby.
- Here, let me see what's wrong.
Hello, mate! What's wrong? Watch this, Daddy's going to calm you down in two seconds.
- [Josh quietens down and gurgles] - [Melancholy music plays] [Knock on door] - Doreen, hi.
- I think Josh should be back in here with me.
Are you concerned about the way Nash - is looking after him? - Oh, no, no, Nash is a great dad.
So, why the change of heart? [Doreen sighs] Josh is bonding to another woman.
Nash's housemate, his ex-girlfriend.
You know any nurturing that he gets is really healthy.
And then what happens when I get out? I know this is incredibly difficult for you Doreen, but no matter what happens, Josh and you, the bond will never be broken.
I want him back! I miss him.
Only 8 more months.
But I'm gonna miss his first step, his first word.
It's gotta be better for him to be with me.
Maybe if you can speak to the Board You, are a fantastic mum.
Your initial instincts were right.
Wentworth is not a place for a baby.
- So, you won't help me? - Of course I'm going to help you! For a start we can work out a more - regular visitation schedule.
- [Sighs] We can talk to Nash.
You just don't get it, do ya? You're not a mother.
- [Bridget sighs] - [Whooshing flourish] [Stewart via walkie-talkie] Sierra 2, this is Sierra 5.
Your assistance is required in the plant room.
On my way, Sierra 5.
[Door beeps unlocked] Mr Stewart.
Jimmy? Boiler's cactus, needs replacing.
- It's going to cost a bit.
- Oh, how much? - You need to approve the work order.
- Yeah, yep, yeah, of course.
That's fine.
You can just you just go ahead.
[Chuckles] Thanks, mate.
So um, how are How are things with Ferguson? She hasn't mentioned much.
What, nothing? Nothing relevant.
[Sighs and chuckles] She um she called you "vanilla".
"Vanilla"? She's saying I'm boring.
- Look, I'm not sure that she meant - No, that is her way of undermining my authority with you.
She can't help herself.
- She "vanilla"! - Vera You're the one who warned me not to let her get inside my head.
You haven't said anything to her, about us, - have you? - Of course not.
Just "vanilla"?! Yeah, but like, h-how how are we gonna get the jizz like, far enough up me bang hole? Oh, for goodness sake Susan, you need a syringe! - Oh! Oh! The queen has spoken, eh? - Hey Well, listening to you work out a problem, is like watching a kitten knit! You're like watching a kitten - Hey! Hey! - Shut up! - This is meant to be a happy thing.
- Yeah, guys, we gotta work together to make it happen, yeah? Well, how am I gonna get a syringe? [Knock on door] Jenkins for you.
Oh, hi hi nurse.
Yeah, I feel really crook, eh? I [Dry retches] What's the problem? I think it's the food from lunch.
I might have had some undercooked chook.
[Indistinct background chatter] (Guard) Yep, straight through.
How are you? [Sighs] I'm not bad.
You're recovering okay? I'm still pretty sore.
You're still gorgeous.
Did you get to the clinic? It's in my pocket.
[Sigh of relief] - You're warm.
- Yeah.
Lie down.
Oh, no, I reckon I could just lie down in me cell, eh? I-I think I just need somethin' to plug me up, you know? Okay, I'll get you something.
Just wait here a sec.
Maxine, [Sighs] I wouldn't be a friend unless I reminded you why you put that sperm on ice.
You wanted a family, a husband, a home.
- But I'm here now.
Martin, please.
- But not forever I know my brother, Gary, is a bloody idiot, but not everybody is like that.
[Gentle music plays] I'm doing my best to reassure everyone else it's gonna be fine, but I don't know if it is gonna be fine, Martin.
Maxine, don't say that.
I have to grab every chance I've got in case it's the last one.
So how do we do this? Under the table.
[Tense drumming music] [Door beeps unlocked] (Miles) Did the women get back to you? - (Guard Erikson) No, not yet.
- (Miles) Ah.
[Prison guards chatting indistinctly] - (Nurse Radcliffe) What are you doing? - Nothin'.
- What's in your hand? - Nothin'.
Officer Miles! She's taken something.
- Show me what you've got Jenkins.
- No.
Show me.
What's in your hand?! [Rustling of packaging] What were you planning on doing with that? You're in the slot.
- No! No! - (Miles) Erickson! - No, I'm not fuckin' going anywhere! - Yes, you are.
Yeah, - (Miles) you're going in the slot.
No, - No, you leave me the fuck alone! - (Miles) in the slot! - [Boomer echoing] No! [Gentle whooshing flourish] So, no one has ever mentioned Helen's depression to ya? Mm nope, never.
Well, maybe it's the real reason she's missing.
No, the real reason is that Sonia's killed her.
The depression's bullshit, Liz.
It's just like her husband's cancer story.
Oh, God.
Well, how am I ever going to get her to tell the truth? You've just got to put a bit of pressure on her.
Yeah, I have and she thinks I'm nosy and I ask too many bloody questions, so - So, what? - So, what do I do with that? Look mate, I-I reckon she's onto me.
No, now you're just being paranoid, Liz.
Don't ask her direct questions.
- Use your own story to elicit hers.
- How do I do that? By opening up about your own situation.
What about my situation? How you came to be in here, what happened, you know.
Yeah, yeah, I know.
- Yeah, I'll give, I'll give that a go.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- Okay.
I really appreciate what you're doing, Liz.
And you're doing really well.
Just hang in there.
[Gentle music plays] - [Indistinct yard noises] - (Liz) Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa, God! You know, I never thought I'd end up surrounded by this lot.
Eh, they're a motley crew.
(Liz) Yeah.
I guess you never quite know what you can do till someone pushes you hard enough.
(Sonia) Well, what do you mean? Oh, well, how I ended up in here.
You know, there was this party and I got really pissed.
My mother-in-law had been digging at me all day and I was sick of it.
Drove a tractor into her.
A tractor? - [Laughing] Wow, you don't muck around.
- Yeah.
And I just thought, "I've had enough".
I mean, she was so mean, all the bloody time.
And I'm chugging towards her and she's just standing there, you know, like "You wouldn't dare, Elizabeth".
- Arrogant.
- Yeah.
That's it, that's it.
Yeah, and as I got close to her, I just, you know, I felt my foot get really heavy, on the accelerator.
And then all of a sudden, I just went vroooooooooom.
Flattened her.
That's, uh [Whispered] Wow! Yeah, I copped a manslaughter charge.
- Wow! - [Eerie music plays] - Thanks for sharing that with me, Liz.
- [Ticking added to music] Oh, no, it's good to talk about it actually.
Yeah, it feels good.
Booms! I got a pressie for you.
- (Sonia) Are we in business? - (Max) Where's Boomer? I haven't seen her.
Dor, have you seen Booms? She's in the slot.
- What? - Had a row in Medical.
Yeah, it's melting.
You've got your own sperm hidden inside your own snatch? [Chuckling] That's gotta be a first.
We've got a very narrow window of opportunity here.
Leave it exactly where it is.
It'll stay the right temperature - in there.
- No, no, it won't survive overnight, - Sonia.
How?! - We will get it to Boomer, - Liz? You up for a challenge.
- Mm.
- Jesus Christ! How many times - Wait, wait, wait.
- You've been told, leave us alone.
- Yeah, no, I have cash - Yeah, your fucking money is - this time.
- no good here.
- Well, just, so, tell me, who else is holding then.
I can make you understand! - Allie, hey.
Are you right? - Yeah, I I'm just leaving.
What? What do you want, huh? What's on the menu? Whatever you want.
The report on Shayne Butler.
Leave it on my desk.
We need to move on this.
- What's the urgency, Franky? - His hearing's next week.
Yeah, and I'll do it before then.
I'll just [Sighs] [Phone ringing] - [Phone ringing] - (Imogen) Yeah, it's kind of a techno .
(Imogen) Going over, read - (Franky) Hey, it's Franky Doyle from - (Imogen) Yeah, - (Franky) Legal Relief.
- (Imogen) and it's mostly I need to speak to the prosecutor in charge of Shayne Butler's case.
(Bea) Met with her after the dinner break, okay.
Yeah? Good.
Off you go.
- Have you got anything with you? - Nah, piss off.
- Are you sure? - Just piss off.
You're kidding me.
[Melancholy music plays] - Yeah, fuck off! - What's up with you? Come on, let's go.
I don't want to stay here and watch this.
Come on.
- Come on, I've got cash.
- Not for you, mate.
- How much do you want? - Fuck off.
[Allie sighs slowly in frustration] [Music tone turns ominous] There's a phone in here.
- What? - (Stewart) Don't look at me.
Kaz Proctor has a phone.
(Allie) What's that got to do with me? You're gonna get me that phone.
- Why would I do that? - You get me what I want, I give you what you need.
What do I need? A g-bag? That should fix you up, shouldn't it? You get me that phone, we have a deal.
[Music crescendos] She's not his mother.
- (Nash) Stop freaking out.
- I'm not freaking out, okay.
What I'm saying is if you agree, they might reconsider letting me having him back.
(Nash) We agreed that he's better off out here.
[Crying] I need him and he needs me! (Nash) Josh is getting everything he could possibly want.
I want him back! - Anderson, bring it down a notch.
- [Phone hangs up] - [Disconnected tone] - Nash? Nash? For fuck's sake! Need some quiet time in the slot? I have a right to a personal phone call.
No, it's okay.
We're going.
[Whispered] Come on! (Kaz) You okay? [Doreen sobbing] He says I need to "settle down".
Nash and that chick he's livin' with, they're making a perfect little family with my kid.
Oh, Dors.
We can deal with this.
- I just want my baby.
- Oh, God, I know, sweetheart, I know.
[Doreen crying] [Lights switch on] [Boomer sobbing] Let me out! Please! Pleeeeeease!!!! Yeah, you gotta get me out of here.
Take the tray, Jenkins.
No, I don't want the tray! Take the bloody tray, Jenkins! [Crying] I'm fuckin' sick.
[Sobbing] Ow! Fuck! - [Splutters disbelievingly] - [Gentle music playing] [Slow sigh] [Sighs contentedly] So, I just think he needs a gentle reminder of his responsibilities to the child's mother.
- Good.
- [Knock at door] Hey.
You okay? - Yep.
- You don't fuckin' look it.
You have gotta get off this shit before you get hooked again.
I'm not using again.
I just had a little taste.
[Sighs] Then let's not go there again, okay? Come here.
[Gentle guitar music plays] [Music changes to a suspenseful tone] [Ticking music begins] [Whooshing flourish] [Ticking continues with ominous tone] [Clanging, jarring music] You ever lay a hand on me, or any of the other girls, ever again, this goes online and your career is over.
- [Scoffs] - [Suspenseful music] Sierra 2 to Sierra 5.
[Door beeps unlocked] Where's the plumber? I've got a surprise for you.
Oh, yeah, I don't really have time for surprises.
Where are we going? What are you doing? - Turn around.
- Excuse me? What? - [Quietly] Oh.
- [Mating Call by Alexander Junior] Um ooh Jake, hang hang on.
I, uh Just just go with this.
- Uh-uh-uh.
- Ooh-ooh-ooh.
- Uh, uh, whoa, whoa - Just do as you're told, Governor.
- Yeah, yeah - What? - You lie and you take a bow - She doesn't have a clue about you.
- Start war and you take a bow - You're not vanilla at all, Vera.
[Vera breathing shallowly] - And now you want to - [Breathing heavily] - Take control of me - (Vera) Uh.
What do you want me to call you? Uh - Oh, fuck! - Come on, you can make some noise.
You want to blame your shit on me - [Vera squeals] Oh! Oh! - [Rumbling noise] (Franky) So I took a bit of a risk.
Called the DPP myself, - and we have work to do.
- [Shayne sighs] Now, you need a job and a fixed address Did they say I'd get off? Ah, not yet, they just have a list of concerns we need to address.
Hey, chin up, yeah? We're not givin' up yet are we? - No.
- Okay.
So where are you living right now? Mainly on Frosty's couch.
Well, you need to find something more permanent.
- Yeah, okay.
- And what about work? Start lookin'.
You're a cool chick, Franky.
[Chuckles] [Knock on door] - [Phone ringing] - You wanted to see me, Governor? Yes.
Come in.
Ferguson's made a request - to see Shayne Butler again.
- Okay.
Well, I want you to confer more closely with Mr Stewart.
I can handle this on my own.
- Don't have to be so defensive.
- You put me on a warning.
That is because I felt you'd shown lack of judgement when it comes to Kaz Proctor.
Look [Sighs] I do realise that I have been tough on you recently.
But you should know that I consider you an invaluable part of my team.
Thank you, Governor.
Really, I appreciate it.
You know as well as I do that Ferguson will not stop.
So, neither will we.
[Door beeps unlocked] (Stewart) One of the other officers'll take you back to Medical.
You're looking very smart today, Shayne.
Have to find me a job.
Good for you.
What sort of job are you looking for? Somethin' with cars.
You need an apprenticeship.
Yeah, except I don't have that much school behind me.
Oh, it shouldn't matter, bright boy like you.
[Shayne scoffs] Well, the chick at the legal centre, said if I could get a job, a fixed address, well, then I might be able to get off.
Well, I can't help you with a job, but Yeah yeah, I might be able to do something about your accommodation.
[Indistinct P.
announcement] I got a message you wanted to see me.
What do you want? It's okay Dors.
We are gonna work everything out.
What do you mean? Well, we're going to get Josh back in here and everything's gonna be sorted.
I think you'll find Nash is about to have a change of heart.
Wait, hang on What have you done? It'll be fixed.
Don't worry.
[Echoing drum beat flourish] Oh, no.
[Whispers] You call if off.
You fucking call it off.
- Now! - Fuck.
Fine! Jesus.
[Kaz breathing heavily] What are you doin'? [Suspenseful music] It's not here! - What? - (Kaz) The phone is gone! I can't call if off! (Kaz) Fuck! Fuck! Nash! [Sigh of relief] Are you okay? - (Nash) Yeah, of course, babe.
- [Sighs] Good.
Listen, take Josh and get out of the house.
- (Nash) Why? What's going on? - [Sighs] There's no time to explain.
[Whispered] Just, you and Josh have to get out of there now.
- (Nash) What's okay.
Okay! - Just do it! Please! [Jackson sighs] You are not gonna believe what just happened.
- [Sigh of relief] - Mm-hm.
Thank you, Jake.
[Huge sigh] How'd you get it? - Ahhh - No, seriously? Look, you don't have to worry, it's not gonna come back on you.
Let me buy you a drink after work, yeah? Yeah, right-o.
If that'll make you feel better.
[Jackson chuckles] Whoa! [Echoing drum beat flourish] - [Tense music plays] - [Allie snorting drugs] [Coughs weakly and sniffs] [Exhales] [Announcement] Attention compound.
Attention compound.
All women to report to assigned work duties.
[Bea scoffs] - Yeah, run away.
- I'm going.
[Emotionally] I never gave up on you.
I saved your life.
You were gone.
You were dead.
On the floor, lying in a puddle, but I never gave up on you.
- [Gentle music plays] - [Allie sobs quietly] Never.
[Door beep unlocked] - Mr Jackson! - Get to work, Smith.
Come on, please! Just one minute.
[Door beeps unlocked] What? Was Allie Novak the one that resuscitated me? I thought you couldn't remember anything? I can't.
That's why I'm asking you.
If you wanna help me remember, can you please tell me what you saw when you found me.
I took over.
- From Allie? - Mm-hm.
You weren't breathing when I got there.
Novak had already started resus, she kept your heart beating.
- Thank you.
- (Jackson) Sure.
[Gentle music concludes] [Showers running] - Liz? - Mm-hm.
I need to ask you something.
Yeah? [Sniffs] That story, about the tractor, it's not true, is it? Yeah, course it is.
But you didn't do it deliberately, I mean you're not a murderer.
What? - I talked to the other women - [Menacing music starts] they told me how upset you were about the accident.
It wan an accident, wasn't it Liz? Well, I might have exaggerated a little bit, - you know? - Mmm.
The question is, why? Why would you tell me you deliberately killed someone? [Ticking added to menacing music] I-I was [Deep dark tone added to music] well I was just [Chuckles nervously] You were showing me empathy.
[Quietly] Yeah.
Gosh, and sometimes it's just good to talk.
- I appreciate the intention.
- Mm.
- It's a noble one.
- Yeah.
[Chuckles nervously] But the thing is I'm not a murderer either.
[Steam press hisses] You all right? No.
[Scoffs] Allie has gone and fucked herself up because of me.
- I mean, what am I supposed to do? - Bea You can change that, okay.
You can go and help her.
I'm back! - Oh, how'd you go, how'd you go? - [Boomer laughing and whispers] - Yeah, yeah.
And you got it in? - it was fuckin' awesome! Take it from me.
If you get a second chance, you grab it and you don't let go.
(Liz) Leg's up? Yeah, that brings it in - (Boomer) That does it great.
- (Max) Booms, - d'you get your dinner? - (Boomer) Yep.
[Chuckles happily] - [Boomer giggling] - [Gentle music playing] Yes.
What is it, Smith? [Door closes] I believe that one of the prisoners may be harm's way.
I'm requesting that she be moved out of H3 and into my unit.
Tell you, it was the best hot dog I've ever had, eh? Hey, Lizzie told me if was your idea, so thanks, Sonia.
Hey, I might, um, yeah.
[Liz chuckles] - (Liz) Oh.
- Thank you.
Hey, listen up.
Allie's taking the spare cell.
- (Boomer) What? - (Liz) Right-o.
[Scoffs] I tell ya, this place does my friggin' head in - sometimes.
- (Liz) Uh.
Okay you got one chance at this, Allie.
- I'll try.
- You won't try, you're gonna stop! [Guitar music plays] It's not gonna be pretty.
I know.
I know.
[Door unlocks and opens] - (Guard) Straight through, thanks.
- [Doreen breathes anxiously] (Doreen) Hey.
[Nash exhales] Are you okay? I'm fine, Doreen.
- Josh? - He's fine.
Everyone's fine.
Got 'em all out before your mates rocked up.
They're not my mates.
It was some idiot in here - that was - Dor - this is not okay.
- No, no, listen, please [Inhales] one of the women in here, she was just tryin' to Miranda's kicked me out of the house.
- So, you can get your own place.
- [Nash scoffs] Somewhere we can share when I get out? I can't find a job and now we have nowhere to live.
[Nash inhales] I'm taking Josh to Perth.
Mum and Dad said they'd put us up, my cousin's got a job for me in his panel beating business But I'm stuck here.
Even when I get parole, I won't be allowed to travel.
I can't do it all on my own.
But I'll never see him, or you! [Whispered] No, don't, don't do this, Nash.
- We'll find another way.
- I'm sorry, Dor but right now, this is the best that I can do.
[Gentle music begins] Nash? Hey, hey, Nash! [Doreen sobs quietly] [Phone rings in background]