Wentworth (2013) s05e11 Episode Script

Coup de Grâce

1 How can you be sure that that cop won't turn up? Because (hushed) I killed him.
Don't bullshit me.
You and Allie are up to sumpin'.
You tell him Turk said, "Pay up or he's a fucking dead man!" (Vera gasps) I will sort this out.
I really care about you, Vera.
Take ya fuckin' money.
I'm out.
You will be out when I say you're out.
I'm gonna make you an offer.
You can continue with your business.
Stewart as Deputy Governor and Ferguson as top dog? The women need you now more than ever! - She could tell them it wasn't you.
- (Iman whimpering) No.
But she won't be telling them anything.
(whooshing flourish with drum beats) ANSARI: I'm here to formally charge you with the murder of Iman Farah.
CHANNING: I'm gonna have to sideline you and I'm gonna assume the role of Acting Governor.
Everything is moving - according to plan.
- (whooshing flourish) (echoing rumble flourish) (footsteps echoing) (theme music) You don't know me, when I don't know you You don't know me, when I don't know you You're calling me in.
You're catching me out You're calling me in.
You're catching me out You're calling me in.
You're catching me out You don't know me, when I don't know you (slowly whooshing flourish) (throbbing music) (cocks gun) (gun shot) - (exhales) - (gun shot) (exhales) (music intensifies then ends) Ugh! (pants) - (panting slowing) - (bird twittering outside) Vera?! Vera? Vera! (sighs) Vera?! What?! Ho! - (Vera chuckles) - You weren't in bed.
(chuckles) No, I've been up since four.
Work's rattling around in my brain.
Do you want some coffee? (sighs) Yeah.
Hey, um I was thinking we should go in together today.
In the same car.
(tense music with an ominous undertone) (whooshing flourish) (water gurgling) (tense undertone ends) (footfalls and keys jangling) - (locks clicking) - (music ends) - It's about bloody time! - I've been trying to see you all week.
- Channing kept refusing, the arsehole.
- Well, how long have I fuckin' - been in here? - Six days.
And what about the delivery? The workshop? God, don't worry about that.
- When is it? - It's the day after tomorrow, but that's the last thing you need to worry about.
No, I didn't kill Iman.
It was Ferguson.
(hushed) Fuck! That's what Allie said.
- Can you get me out of here? - Why did Ferguson do it? To screw me over, but that's not the point.
Of course it's the point! We need to stop this violence and we need to stop her.
- Kaz, you just need to get me - (tense undertone) the fuck out of here.
Now! KAZ: I've sat idle for too long doing sweet fuck all, while she's terrorised the joint.
And now she's committed murder.
Another murder.
Yes, Bubba.
I haven't forgotten about Bea.
And we can't let that stand.
We have a responsibility - to take that bitch down.
- (drum beats added to music) How? I got a plan.
She's got Tina's crew, the Boys, Kooris, smackheads and everyone else is shit-scared of her.
- What if we weren't afraid? - (ominous undertone) I'm out.
There is no out, Jake.
There is only in, as in up to your neck.
Forget it.
I'm cooked.
Come on, that's impossible.
We're simpatico.
I don't give a fuck what we are.
- I can't y I just I (sighs) - What? Oh, God, don't tell me you've fallen for her.
- No, of course not.
- Oh, Jake.
But no one deserves the shit we're putting her through.
How would you know what Vera deserves? I lost everything when she betrayed me.
Everyone betrayed you.
But not you.
Because you know you would be dead without me.
Death would be better than this.
You know if you're going to kill yourself, make it count.
Do it in Vera's bedroom, nice and messy.
No, you lack the courage, don't you? Fuck you.
You've won, Joan.
Vera's no longer Governor.
What more do you fuckin' want? - Huh eh eh! - Just after Channing has finished his little charade of an audit, you will be Governor, hmm? Let's just finish what we started, huh? Break up with her.
(hushed) Be cruel.
(hushed) Make her suffer.
(ominous music intensifies) - (drum beats flourish) - (music ends) (indistinct yard chatter) VERA: No, I've got this.
Just make sure the dining room's clear.
- (gate unlocking) - Yes, Governor.
- Why are you on patrol? - Oh Just trying to keep busy.
What is it? (sighing) Vera.
You and I, are just What? Jake, what? Let's get the fuck out of here.
We could travel.
- (scoffs) - Go to Europe, the States, wherever you want to go.
What, you mean take some leave? I mean resign.
- Huh - Ah See, all the shit that's happened in the last few weeks has made me realise we'd be better off gone.
Both of us.
I'm talking about walking away forever.
- I love you, Vera.
- (magpie cawing) (both chuckle quietly) I j I can't just up and leave when things get tough, Jake.
It's just I don't I just don't work like that.
(hushed) Yeah, okay.
(hushed) Right.
(phone ringing in background) (knocking) Come in.
No, not any more, thanks to you.
(sighs quietly) - Ah, Franky Doyle.
- What about her? Well, she's been in the slot for a week.
Maybe it's time to let her out.
Well, I no longer have the authority to release Doyle, even if I was inclined to, which I am not.
So what, you don't believe her story? Well, what I think is irrelevant.
It's a matter for the police.
- So, what, you gonna let her out? - I've already told you, Will.
It's not my decision.
It's up to Channing! Did I just hear my name taken in vain? (Vera sighs) Ah, Mr Jackson and I were just discussing Doyle's length of stay in isolation.
And I was explaining it is your decision, not mine.
Excuse me.
And what's your opinion on Doyle? Well, given her accusations against Ferguson, it's probably best to keep them apart.
Who knows what Doyle will do if she's released.
Well, it's a shame that such astute judgements have been lacking in many of your other decisions.
- I'm just finalising my report now.
- Good.
Sooner things get back to normal, the better.
Unfortunately, I'll be recommending your permanent removal - from the governorship.
- (sombre music) I just thought I'd let you know, as a professional courtesy.
- You requested to see Ferguson? - (music ends) Thank you, Ms Miles.
Take a seat, Joan.
Now I know it's custom for the staff to call prisoners by their surname, but to me, you'll always be Joan.
And you'll always be a brothel-owning pimp masquerading as a regional manager Derek.
(laughs) You must be a real hoot in the yard.
I bet you're first picked at basketball, too.
Ha! Ah, enough of the small talk.
Franky Doyle's lawyer wants her out of isolation.
Now, you know how insistent these lawyers are when, uh, bangin' on about their clients' human rights, so I've got no option but to, ah, release Doyle back into General.
I'm certain she'll be gunnin' for you, given her accusation, so it's probably in your best interests to go into Protection.
Is that right? I'd hate to see anything bad happen to you.
(ominous music) You'd like to put me into a box, wouldn't you, so things can run smoothly and you'll come off as the prison saviour? I take it that's a no? You remember this, Joanie? This is your statement, absolving the prison of responsibility if anything happens to you.
Well, if it does, Joan, it's not my fuckin' funeral.
(music ends) (guards chatting indistinctly) Mr Stewart, can I have a word?! (door beeps unlocked) Let's do it.
You're right.
Stuff this place.
Stuff Channing.
A permanent holiday is just what I need.
(laughs) - Are you serious? - Absolutely.
(Stewart laughs) I love you, too.
- (chuckles quietly) - (gentle music) So when are we gonna do this? Today? - (laughing) Now.
- (Stewart laughs) I am I am gonna walk out of here, go straight to Channing, tell him where to stick his job.
(laughs) That's - (music becomes ominous) - (slowly whooshing flourish) Hello, Vera.
I was gonna call you Governor, but you're not Governor any more, are you? Oh, Joan.
Don't you get tired of it all? Just the pointless baiting? Get a life.
Still checking under the bed at night? (whooshing flourish) What did you say? Goodness me, there is such a glow about you.
What is that? Don't tell me, you're in love.
Oh, that is so sweet.
At least it would be, if it weren't all based on a lie.
Hate to be the one to break it to you though, Vera, but you and, um, - your Jakey? - (drum beats added to music) Nothing about it is real.
It's fiction.
Everything Jake has said, everything he's done, it was all at my instruction.
I don't believe you.
Yes, you do.
(hushed) Because deep down you know a man like Jake could never love you.
(hushed) He tells me everything.
We laugh at how pathetic you are, especially in the bedroom.
(hushed) And that little, um that little peculiarity of yours, checking under the bed every night.
Who would have thought all that time, the real monster was in bed beside you.
(lift bell dings) - (button beeps) - (warping and fluttering flourish) (sobs) (music ends) I'm not saying it's going to be easy.
Of course there are risks involved, - but it's time to shut this shit down.
- Hey, Franky! KAZ: Here she is.
Whoo! BOOMER: Eh, what happened? Kaz said Freaky Tits snapped Iman's neck like a fuckin' chicken bone.
- Yeah, that's right, Booms.
- BOOMER: Shit! What'd she do that for? Well, why does she do anything? She's a psycho.
Which is exactly why we have to take her down once and for all.
I asked Jackson to get you out of the slot so you could be a part of this.
- Part of what? - KAZ: Kangaroo court.
We're finally gonna hold Ferguson - to account for all the shit she's done - (Franky scoffs) and give the women a chance to speak without being afraid.
Oh, right.
All those women who haven't had their tongue cut out? - We get enough women - (Boomer laughing) standing by us, Franky, we can beat her.
Why don't you kill her? - Do you have the guts to do that? - BOOMER: Yeah.
That'd make us no different to her.
(scoffs quietly) So what, a public pow-wow's your big idea? Shit, you do that, I guarantee one thing, you're gonna be standing there holding your dick.
Franky, the women still look up to you, love.
You guys don't get it.
You take her down and she will rise up again.
And you know why? 'Cause she's willing to do the things that you can't.
This won't work without you.
(sighs) Did you get pliers? (scoffs) "Hey, Allie, how you been? You will never believe what happened to me.
" - Did you get pliers? - Where from? What have you been doing all week? I got some clothes from Iman's cell before they cleared it.
Uh Good, but we still need to get our way - out of the boxes.
- Hang on! (hushed) Hang on, Franky.
What the fuck happened with Iman?! - I told you, Ferguson killed her.
- Yeah, but why? And don't give me that "because she's a psycho" bullshit.
(sighs quietly) Iman killed Pennisi.
(hushed) Oh! What? She was his lover.
She admitted everything, right before Ferguson necked her.
Fuck off! Well, that's what I intend to do, with you, day after tomorrow! (sighs) I was this close to walking out of here, free.
But that is why we should help Kaz put Ferguson on trial.
Bring her down.
And what do you think, Ferguson's just going to stand there and admit she killed Iman? Come on.
We're getting out in that delivery.
That's what matters now.
(knocking on door) You wanted to see me, Governor? Come in and shut the door.
How'd it go? What'd Channing say? I bet he choked on his own spit, begging you to stay.
I know, Jake.
Ferguson told me everything.
She's a liar.
No, she knows things only ever told you.
- Vera, I can explain.
- Don't say another word.
You have been getting close to me and reporting back to her.
You have been her pawn.
Everything between us has been a lie.
Not everything.
Have you been dealing drugs in this prison, Mr Stewart? - Vera, please listen to me.
- Are you going to deny any of it? Are you?! Please, Vera, what I did, it w w it was messed up.
I know that.
But but I fell in love with you.
I swear to you, that's the truth.
Please, just give me another chance.
If you don't resign, I'll have you sacked.
Vera I love you.
Get the fuck out.
(inhales emotionally) - - (door beeps unlocked) Have you found Don D Detective Kaplan? - He's still out of contact.
- Oh.
I'm here to talk to you about Sonia Stevens.
Well, that's good, 'cause I got a few things to tell ya.
- I reckon she killed Detective - Liz! I've got some questions that need answering.
Do you recognise this? Yeah, that's Sonia and her friend, Helen Not who.
I mean what it is.
It's a photo.
It's "the" photo that was presented by Stevens' defence for the first time - during your testimony.
- Yeah, that's right.
And they said they got it off Helen's phone.
Which was found on the same morning you took the stand.
- Yeah.
- Very conveniently, as it happened.
- Well, not for me.
- No.
- It trapped you in a lie.
- Yeah.
And it's because of your perjury that the entire case against Stevens - was tainted and thrown out.
- Yeah.
That's a pretty big coincidence, don't you think? I've been going back over the case, trying to make sense of it all.
I put it to you that there was collusion to deliberately subvert the trial.
- Collusion? - What did she promise in exchange for your perjury? Money, for when you were eventually released? - Money now for your children? - No, I'm I'm sorry, - I don't understand.
What, you? - You befriended Sonia.
- You shared a cell block together, - Yeah.
- became friends.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
That's because D-Don asked me to.
You gotta talk to the Governor, - 'cause she knows.
All this t - You cooked up this plan together to undermine the Prosecution's case.
(hushed) Oh, shit.
You y y you think I c I colluded with Sonia Stevens?! I'm afraid it's the only - reasonable explanation.
- No, no, no, no! - No, I didn't! - Oh, you'll be facing worse charges than perjury.
- Perverting the course of justice.
- I didn't collude with Sonia Stevens! It's obvious someone colluded here, Liz.
If it wasn't you and Sonia, who was it? (water running) (gate beeps unlocked) BOOMER: Hey? Hey, how'd you go at your committal? Are we still on schedule? Yeah.
Yeah, soon as you're out I'm ready to take over, eh.
- Well, that won't be happening.
- What? Why? Because my brilliant lawyers made me cop a plea, that's why.
Liz! Are you watering those seedlings or torturing them? Right.
Holy shit, eh? - Yes, indeed.
- Yeah.
It was made very clear to me that my only option was to plead guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter.
Oh, right.
So you might be here for a while then, hey? Thanks to the cop who set me up, it would seem so.
How? Did you say something, Liz? How did the cop set you up? (tense undertone) (folder clatters) (music becomes intriguing) IMAN: He was obsessed with you! - (whooshing flourish) - He even had a shrine - to you all over the wall! (echoing) - (music ends) - I can't see anything.
- Exactly.
All the other walls, look, check it out.
Look at it.
- Mm.
- They've all got shit on them, except this one.
It's empty.
Too empty, like something's been removed from it.
Pennisi's shrine.
An absence of something isn't proof.
Iman topped Pennisi because he was obsessed with me, so it makes sense that she'd want to remove - any trace of that obsession.
- Well, this is all hypothetical.
Not if she kept the photos.
That's concrete evidence - that she was there.
- Franky, we've been through this the police do not want to investigate anyone else over Pennisi's murder.
Look, if they just searched her place - Franky! - She fuckin' took that shrine, Imogen, - and then she came in here to kill me.
- Franky.
Franky, stop for a moment! If I tell the police your theory, without any proof - in their eyes, that gives you motive.
- Get the proof! There is no proof.
Just an empty wall.
So I'm fucked? - (whooshing flourish) - (grunts) - (echoing punches) - (grunts and screams with effort) (breathes heavily and grunts) Kaz is convinced that she can take down Ferguson with your help.
(grunts and breathes heavily) (scoffs) I can't believe you'd just do nothing.
(hushed) I'm not doin' nothin'.
I'm getting out of here.
But you're letting her get away with what she's done to you.
Fuck the Freak! I'm not that person any more.
Why do you wanna help so bad anyway, huh? Shit, Allie, I told ya.
The best revenge for Red is to get the fuck out of here - and leave Ferguson to rot.
- Yeah, only she won't rot, will she? She'll still be here.
She'll still be Top Dog, torturing the women.
Killing them.
Well, fuckin' don't come with me, then.
- No, Franky! - No, fuck you.
It's okay, I'll go alone.
- I don't need ya.
I don't need ya! - Franky! Fuck off.
(hushed) Fuck! (indistinct inmate chatter in distance) (door opens) That photo that came from Helen's phone was the one thing that trapped me in a lie.
And the police are right.
There was collusion.
It was between you and Don.
He sucked me in to giving evidence, then he made sure Helen's phone was found that morning, to make me look like a liar.
Are you telling me - that you were Witness X? - (slowly intensifying ominous music) (breathing unsteadily) (music ends) (indistinct radio chatter) Will? Will, I'm sorry.
(Vera sighs) You were right.
About Jake.
He, um, (chuckles emotionally) he was deceiving all of us, except for you.
You were the only one who did see through his lies.
- I'm sorry.
(sighs deeply) - (dramatic music intensifying) - I'm demanding his resignation.
- WOMAN: (over PA) Attention, compound.
All women to report to assigned work duties.
(music darkens) - All right, everyone out now.
- (Classical aria playing on radio) Work unit's ending early.
Go on, get out, now! (all music ends) Not you.
(door closes) I swear to you, I will do whatever it takes - to fucking destroy you.
- Now, now, Jake.
Just stop deluding yourself that you have any kind of free will.
You don't control me.
Remember Jesper? That's your word against mine.
I'll take that fuckin' risk.
- What about the drug money? - (tense undertone) The payments you made through my lawyer? Do you really think that I wouldn't have made absolutely certain that the money trail leads directly to you? Hard to charm your way out of that one.
Take it from one who knows.
Life on your side of the bars, (hushed) preferable.
Especially for someone so mentally ill-equipped to handle life's hardships.
(music intensifies with dramatic drums) (music ends) I know what you've done, Joan.
Justice is coming.
I'll put the kettle on.
(Liz sobs) Liz? - Liz, what's wrong? - It's I'm all right.
- (sniffles) - No, don't.
Oh, s What what what are you blubbin' for? - Oh, fuck! - Hey? (sighing) I don't know, Booms.
(sobs) (breathing quivering) I feel a anxious all the time.
I feel (sighs) like I'm not safe.
- No, you're safe.
- Am I? Yeah, you're safe! - I'm here.
- Oh.
Oh, lovey.
I'm always gonna look after ya.
- (sobbing quietly) Yeah? - Okay? Always.
(chuckles nervously) Oh.
- Mmm, looks like it's healing well.
- Must be your magic touch.
Bet you say that to all the girls.
FRANKY: Only the cute ones.
- Or those in uniform.
- (quietly, incredulously) Oh, my God.
(Radcliffe chuckles quietly) Am I making you nervous? (Radcliffe chuckles quietly) Oh, well, now you're just teasin' me.
Oh, I like men.
I like a challenge.
Wouldn't be the first time I turned a straight chick.
Anything else? (chuckles) Headaches and blurry vision.
- How long have you had that? - All week.
And you didn't think to tell anyone? - I was in the slot, babes.
Kinda hard.
- Nah, it could be concussion related.
I'll get the doctor.
Sit tight.
Not going anywhere.
(urgent percussive music intensifying) (music quells) (sighs) (music intensifies) She's complaining of a headache and blurred vision.
(music ends) - Hey-ya.
- This is Francesca.
Not pliers, but it'll get staples out.
(sighs quietly) - (exhales sharply) - (gentle music intensifying) For you.
(chuckles) But let's do something good for the women before we go.
Liz, Booms.
They're your family.
You and Kaz.
I really think you can do it.
- (sighs) - (music ends) - You're not helping, Susan.
- Oh - Susan, are you all right? - Hey? Oh, yeah, yeah.
I'm I'm just I'm worried about Liz.
Well, why? Oh, I don't know.
She's like anxious as shit, eh? Well, that will be guilt.
Huh? She didn't tell you? That old soak was Witness X.
(ominous undertone intensifying) What? (music ends with an echoing drum beat) (hair flicking violently) You haven't learnt your lesson, have ya? What? Booms, what? Are you Witness X? (breathes shakily) Are ya? (emotionally) Fuck! - (hushed) Fuck! - (sniffles) So you lagged on Sonia?! How could you do that?! - Boomer, I need to explain to you - No, don't, don't even, don't! - Please, let me! - Don't! You are a, like, a serial lagger! - No, no, no - You can't fuckin' help yourself, - can ya? No, Sonia - No, don't say that.
Sonia's done great stuff for us, right? - And you, you just lag on her! - (gentle music) - No! No, no, no, no! I just - Ya lag! And ya lag! And ya lag! And ya lag! - You're just a fuckin' piece of shit! - (Liz sobbing) - Shit! - No, I know! I fucked up! I fuckin' know! I fucked it up.
(sobs) I fucked it fucked I know! I'm a fuck up! Okay? I fucked up! (sobs) I fucked it all.
(sobs) I fuck everything up! I'm a fuck-up! I fucked it up! I'm a fuck-up! I'm a fuck-up! - (sobs and mumbles incoherently) - (sniffs) FEMALE NURSE: I've just given you a sedative.
You'll sleep well now.
(trolley wheels creaking) (tray and cutlery clatter) - (wheels creaking) - (music becoming darker) - Oh, hey, Donna, - Yeah? I just need you for a tick.
It doesn't matter what I do, I'm still getting a hard time from the women in the midline.
- Yeah? Which prisoners? - Radic (Staff continue talking indistinctly) (door creaks closed) (clicks mouth) Oh, Liz.
You were right.
About everything, really.
(voice distorting and echoing) You were the perfect patsy.
So sad and needy.
- Such a - (Liz moans) desperado.
Don't you worry about this Witness X nonsense.
I've told Susan, mum's the word, hmm? I don't want anyone exacting retribution on you for your betrayal.
(Liz moans) I want to deal with you myself.
In my own unique way.
(Liz moans) - (Liz moans) - (music ends) (door beeps unlocked) (dramatic music intensifying) (voices distorting and echoing) - FERGUSON: Make her suffer.
- (whooshing flourish) FERGUSON: There is no out, Jake.
VERA: I know, Jake.
Ferguson told me everything.
FERGUSON: We're simpatico.
What about the drug money? There is no out, Jake.
The payments you made through my lawyer.
There is no out.
There is no out.
Stop deluding yourself that you have any kind of freedom.
- VERA: I love you too.
- STEWART: Death'd be better than this.
- (engine shuts off) - - (whooshing flourish) - (cocks gun) (gun shot) STEWART: I love you, Vera.
(gun shot) (flames roaring) (explosion) (glass shattering) - (sigh deeply) - (music quells somewhat) (clattering) (door closes) (sighs) - (music intensifies) - (engine revs) (engine revs) - (music quells) - (engine running) (coughs and splutters) (coughs) (crying quietly) (dog barking) (buzzing) (sighs) (knocking) It's better if you don't go back at all.
I'll tell Channing you've had a death in the family.
You had to go interstate.
Made you reprioritise.
You won't be returning.
I'm not resigning, Vera.
Then I'll go to the board, and then I'll involve the police.
(sighs) I know you scapegoated Murphy.
I know you were responsible for letting Bea Smith out to try and murder Ferguson.
If you try and make a move on me, I'll be forced to move on you.
I'm sorry, Vera.
(footfall receding) - (whooshing flourish) - (echoing banging and clanging) (birds twittering) - (zinging flourish) - (echoing drum beat) (pulsating music) - (sniffs deeply) - (warping flourish) (music ends) (hums to herself) (inmate makes bird call in background) - (gasps) - (clattering) Oh.
What do you want? It's your day in court, Freak.
- - (tense music intensifying) - Oh, what the fuck?! - Don't fuckin' - All you officers, out of the yard! - Oi, Latham - Now! Do it! - Let her go, now! - Out of the yard or we shiv Miles.
- Yeah, back up.
Now! All right, let's go.
- Boyd! - Piss off.
- Fuck off! - Yeah, fuck off! This is Sierra 5.
We've got a Code Brown in the exercise yard.
This is Sierra 2.
What's going on? Proctor's taken control of H Block yard.
Yeah, prisoners have got a shiv on Linda Miles.
Attention, all staff.
We have a hostage situation in the H Block yard.
Order a lockdown.
I repeat, order a lockdown.
- (siren wails) - MAN: (over PA) Attention, compound.
Attention, compound.
This is a Code Brown.
All prisoners return to their units immediately.
I repeat, this is a code Brown.
All prisoners return to their units immediately.
- (siren wails) - (doors slamming and locking) (door clanging shut) - - (door beeps unlocked) (drum beats punctuate the music) What the fuck is going on, huh? Calm the fuck down.
(women shout and argue) Listen! - (siren continues to wail) - (music quells) This is about giving all of us the right - to be heard.
- (women shout and question) The opportunity to speak without fear, without being afraid of a top dog who seeks to control us - by terrorising us into submission.
- INMATE: Oh, Jesus! Fuck you! Fuck! Fuck! No! No! - We need to clear that yard.
- Well, that's easier said than done.
They've got Linda and they're threatening Ferguson.
It's time to decide whether we want a woman like this having control over us.
- She is Top Dog.
- She is, yeah! The only way to take her down is to challenge her, one on one.
Are you gonna do that, Kaz? KAZ: That is not the only way.
She declared herself Top Dog in a coup.
We can all vote.
- They're having an election? - Call in the CSDS.
No, they're just talking.
They have an officer hostage.
- We don't have to take this shit - We have to disperse them.
Let's just see how it plays out.
It is not going to play out well for Ferguson! KAZ: Pathetic! (women protesting) Vera! Don't you interfere! Right! Before we get to decide that, we need to know exactly who this woman is and what she's done.
Franky, tell 'em.
- Tell 'em everything.
- Good on ya, Frank! Go on! She killed Iman Farah! MERCADO: Bullshit! Iman's beef was with me, not her.
You murdered Iman for no other reason than to get to me.
And you murdered Bea Smith.
HUTCH: No, it was self-defence, Franky! Self-defence! Eight stab wounds? That's not fuckin' self-defence.
You also killed Simone Slater.
- Oh, fuck off! - She was an inmate here.
Some of you remember her, right? You gave her a hotshot, didn't you? - (gasps and murmurs) - Oh, fuck off! And you hotshotted Allie, too.
Allie? What? You tortured Jodie Spiteri.
- Remember Jodie? - (drum beats flourish) Why don't you tell them how you made her shove a fucking pencil in her eye? - (gasps and murmurs) - She's gotta be crazy! And you cut Lucy Gambaro's - tongue out.
- Get out of the way.
- Get out of the way! - And I reckon that you killed Jess Warner right before you started that fire in H Block that nearly killed all of us! (women shout and argue) You don't have to be afraid anymore.
She's just one woman! Look at her! The bitch bleeds just like the rest of us.
Oooh! If we stand together, we can beat her.
No! No! Mr Channing, you need to order the officers into the yard now! No officer is to enter the yard.
That is an order.
We each take a vote.
We each get a say.
That's how this works.
This this is about justice.
(women shout and jeer) FERGUSON: Hey.
Hey! What about me? Do I get a say in this little kangaroo court of yours? Absolutely, Joan.
You're point of view is just as valid and we would love to hear your defence.
- She's right.
She's right.
- Fuckin' kill that bitch! - (magpie caws) - (music ends) I am not going to dignify that farrago of allegations with a denial.
- She's fucking mental! - Get rid of her! Believe 'em if you want.
But know this.
Everything I do, any measures I have taken, I've done for the benefit of you women.
Society has turned its back on you.
It's deemed your behaviour, your actions, unacceptable, so you've been herded into cages, - locked up.
- Yeah.
- Alone, - (magpie caws) outcast, unloved, unforgiven.
- She's right! - Right.
Simply because you lack the basic discipline and intelligence - to conduct your lives responsibly.
- (ominous undertone) - What?! Fuckin' bitch! - What'd she say? Fuck off! You have the self-control of children.
(grumbling) You are emotional.
I - I give you order! - Bullshit! She's insane! I give you structure.
I give you strength! You're fucking full of shit! I'm the only person who does what needs to be done! Because I'm the only one who can! You lack the mental capacity! You're incapable of thinking for yourselves! - You need me! - INMATE: Vote! Without me you're nothing more than - pigs! Filthy, filthy - Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! - Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! - pigs, - Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! - with your snouts in the trough! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! - Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! - FERGUSON: You need me! - Vote! Vote! Vote! - All right! Let's vote.
Who wants Ferguson for Top Dog? (booing and jeering) ALL: Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! - Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! - Guilty! Guilty! - BOOMER: Guilty! - (hushed) Anyone who betrays me will pay.
Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! - I'd say that's - Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! - unanimous, Joanie.
- (whooshing flourish) Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! All right, ladies, meeting's over! Well done! Back to your units! (cheering) (whooshing flourish) (echoing thud) (dark pulsating music) - Yeah! - No! - Get out! - String her up! (shouting and jeering) KAZ: No! Argh! Argh! Ah, no! Mr Channing, are you seeing this? Send the officers in now! Negative.
Officer Miles' safety is paramount.
Hold your positions.
No, don't leave me! Listen to me! - Franky, we have to stop them.
- They've made their decision, Kaz.
- FERGUSON: Stop! - (Kaz gasps) INMATE: String her up! Yep, pull on the rope.
Pull on it! (Ferguson grunts and gasps) No! No! KAZ: Stop it! Get her down! (gate beeps unlocked) - Vera, what about Linda? - They're bluffing.
Don't fucking touch me! Latham, drop the shiv! What the hell is she doing? - Back off or I'll cut her throat! - VERA: Get! You've got two months or you want 20 years?! Drop the shiv.
- (shouting and jeering) - (Ferguson gagging) - (gags) - (rope creaking) (keys jangle) Drop it! - (shiv clatters) - Oh! MALE GUARD: All right, that's it! (Vera grunting) MALE GUARD: Get back! (Vera breaking heavily) (music quells) (gentle music) (Vera grunting) (Vera breathing heavily) (exhales deeply) (Vera breathing heavily) (echoing drum beat flourish) (echoing drum beat flourish) (echoing drum beat flourish) (music ends) - (whooshing flourish) - Uh! (credit music)