Wentworth (2013) s05e12 Episode Script

Hell Bent

1 Hate to be the one to break it to you there, Vera, but you and, um, your Jakey, it's fiction.
(sobs) - He was obsessed with you.
- (whooshing flourish) He even had a shrine to you all over the wall.
FRANKY: Iman killed Pennisi.
I was this close to walkin' out of here free.
We're getting out in that delivery.
That's what matters now.
Do you recognise this? It's obvious someone colluded here, Liz.
There was collusion.
It was between you and Don.
You don't control me.
Remember Jesper? That old soak was Witness X.
- You lag and you lag! - No, no, no, no! No, stop.
You're just a fuckin' piece of shit! I fucked up! No, no! (engine revs) (coughs and splutters) I want to deal with you myself, - in my own unique way.
- (Liz murmurs) It's your day in court, Freak.
(women shouting) FERGUSON: Ugh! (Vera breathes heavily and grunts) (echoing drum beat flourish) - (whooshing flourish) - Uhh! (footsteps echoing) (theme music) You don't know me, when I don't know you You don't know me, when I don't know you You're calling me in.
You're catching me out You're calling me in.
You're catching me out You're calling me in.
You're catching me out You don't know me, when I don't know you (uneasy undertone) (mutters incoherently) (echoing drum beats) (muttering continues) (echoing drum beats) It's time to leave.
It's time to leave.
Time to (echoing drum beats) (muttering continues) (grating flourish) Well, you've looked worse.
(hushed) Ha! I reckon you're ready to head back into General.
I want to be moved into Protection immediately.
I don't think so.
I am a prisoner at risk.
- I demand to be placed in the - Joan, you signed a request - Protection Unit.
- to go into General and absolved me - and this prison of any responsibility.
- Officer Stewart, - I would like to make a phone call - Find the doc I want her in H Block by lunchtime.
Oh, and don't bother going to the board.
They think you're barking mad.
(ominous undertone) Are they aware that you're still recruiting prostitutes? Remember, I know all about your little sideline and I will tell them everything.
Better be quick, Joan.
I can hear the inmates sharpening their shivs.
(urgent music with drum beats) (exhales) WOMAN: (over PA) Attention, compound.
Attention, compound.
All women to report to assigned work duties.
INMATE 1: Can I get another board down here, please? INMATE 2: Righto, no worries.
BOOMER: All right, darl, we need both of those finished in the next half hour.
There'll be about five hours before the evening count, and that's when they'll raise the alarm.
Yeah, that'll be plenty of time to get clear of the city.
BOOMER: Nah, hold hold up! It's not dry yet.
Yeah, yeah, you could grind that Yeah, grind down that one there, until you make it, all right? If we do get out today, there's something I need to do.
You're going to Iman's.
She said Pennisi had photos of me but they're not in the police report.
If she took 'em, that'll link her to the crime scene.
Well, what if you don't find anything? I'll never find them if I don't look.
INMATE 2: Yep, no worries.
Hey, can you pass me that? - (door beeps unlocked) - (indistinct PA announcement) (whooshing flourish) - (hushed) Oh, fuck! - (hushed) Get me out of here! I'm not a miracle worker.
Where's Nurse Radcliffe? (hushed) I mean it! You find a way.
(Ferguson breathes unsteadily) I'm late for a meeting.
VERA: This is insanity.
Ferguson should be in Protection.
- The Protection Unit is full.
- Right, then keep her in Medical.
- You can't send her back out there! - Don't tell me how to run my prison, Ms Bennett! - She wanted to go into H Block.
- Yes, that was before she was lynched.
Do your job properly and she'll be fine! - I've already saved her once.
- (hushed) Oh, fucking hell.
What do you want, a medal? If you do this, I'll have to make a full report to the board about your decision.
- Go for your life.
- (train horn sounds in distance) (door opens) - (door closes) - Why's Stewart still here? Well, I don't get to make decisions any more.
Trust me, I want him gone as much as you do.
- (sighs) - You okay? (sighs) You know it was Ferguson pulling his strings the whole time.
Jesus! You still couldn't let her hang.
And I couldn't let her burn.
(sighs) (sobbing) (sniffles and exhales) Righto.
(sniffles) (Liz breathes heavily) Liz? Uh, I'm okay.
Hey what's goin' on? - Oh, darlin'! - Oh, God.
(sobs) WOMAN: (over PA) Attention, compound.
Attention, compound.
Phones are now available for use.
(muffled) Vera.
(door unlocks) I, um I I, uh I just wanted to say thank you.
(bed creaks) Why did you do it? (chuckles) Whatever happens, your humanity always wins out.
Is that it? If I go to General, - your good deed will have been in vain.
- There's nothing I can do.
Well, you could speak to the board on my behalf, get me moved to Protection.
That would take days.
Channing's moving you to H Block this afternoon.
You know what will happen to me there.
It's not my decision.
I am powerless now.
You did too good a job on me.
(lock clicking) I can't eat, I can't sleep.
I feel like I'm losing my fucking mind.
You need to put yourself into Protection.
You've gotta get away from her.
- She's crazy.
- Oh, love, I can't go back there.
The last time I wanted to open a vein.
- Oh Jesus, Liz, - (sniffles) after everything that's happened to ya, you go and lag to the cops.
Yeah, I wanted to help Helen's kids.
Give 'em some closure.
And I wanted to get out of here and get on with my life.
You can understand that can't ya, love? - Yeah.
- (sniffles and sobs) God, the whole thing was a set up.
- She fucking played me! Fuck! - Hey.
(sobs) Fuck! - Come on.
- (whimpers) Can you protect me, Franky, please? (sobs) Because Sonia, she won't come after me if you look after me.
- I'm safe with you - Hey.
if you look after me.
You just need to calm down, okay? She she said she said she was gonna kill me.
Are you insane?! - We can't cancel our plans now.
- I'm postponing.
Why, because Liz is a fuckin' basket case? No, because I can't leave her like this, okay? I need to figure out a solution.
- Yeah, but today is our only shot.
- There'll be other shipments, - maybe as early as next week.
- Yeah, but, they'll - find those boxes.
- BOOMER: All of them ones They're gonna figure out what we're up to and then they're going to shut this place down.
- BOOMER: by the door! - I can't abandon her.
So everything we've done, all this planning, it's for nothing? No, it'll happen, okay? We will get out of here.
- BOOMER: Hand her the other one! - Just not today.
- It's fucked.
- BOOMER: Concentrate, would ya! Come on, you slackers.
Get your arse into gear! Move! Hey, Sonia? I'd like to offer you some advice.
I'd prefer it if you just got on with the job.
- Stay away from Liz.
- Excuse me? Well, actually she has been a bit erratic lately.
Is she all right? She told me everything.
Now, if you want to get to her, you're gonna have to come through me.
(hushed) And if you try it, I will snap you like a twig.
Okay? - (grinding and hammering) - (keys jangling) Must be your lucky day.
Proctor, you're going back to H Block.
Already? Mm.
The women want their top dog back.
Just so you know, Joan Ferguson will be back this afternoon.
If I was you, I'd get in first.
Well, there's nothing more dangerous than a cornered animal.
Might as well fill out Proctor's death certificate now.
If Ferguson comes back, she's dead meat.
Oh, shut up, will ya? Hey, don't take it out on me.
Blame Vera for saving the bitch.
The sooner Ferguson's out of here, the better.
Well, her committal's next week.
When the trial's done, she'll be shipped interstate.
If it ever happens.
What do ya mean? Look at that Jesper guy.
She's got somebody out there doing her dirty work.
(ominous undertone) (echoing whooshing flourish) - (keyboard clacking) - - (music becomes urgent with drum beat) - (exhales quietly) May 10th.
- - (pen clatters) (sighing) Okay.
- - (keyboard clacks) Fuck.
- - (drums stop, music darkens) - - (echoing drum beat) Oh, shit! - (music ends) - (door beeps unlocked) How long have you been working for Ferguson? What?! And don't bullshit, okay? - Vera told me.
- (scoffs) No, you sit back down.
Look at the screen.
Look at him.
Recognise him? - (echoing gun shot) - Isn't that, uh, - Ferguson's witness? - Look at him.
I checked the time of his murder, then I checked the rosters.
- You were working.
- Except 40 minutes before Nils Jesper died, you left the prison.
Hour later, you came back.
Are you mental? So I took a fucking lunch break.
- I had nothing to do with this.
- Bullshit! - Oh, fuck this.
Get out - Fuck you! Argh, ugh! - (exhales sharply and breathes heavily) - Hey? He was shot multiple times, Jake.
He wasn't dead.
That bastard was still breathing when he was burnt alive.
(whooshing flourish then explosion) What the fuck did she have over you, eh? - Get off me! - Just shut up! You killed a man in cold blood.
You burned him alive, for Ferguson.
- (echoing gun shot) - (grating flourish) Did it feel powerful, Jake? Did you get a kick out of it? Did you get a fuckin' kick out of it? Eh? (cries) Oh God.
God! (sobbing) I did it.
Oh, fuck.
Jesus Christ.
I don't know what to do! Please tell me what to do! W will you tell the cops? If I do, would you admit it? (sobs) You fucking coward! (Jake continues to sob) (door beeps unlocked) (echoing drum beat then whooshing flourish) Your blood pressure's still a little high.
Well, that's not surprising, considering I have a death sentence hanging over me.
I'll get the doctor.
Change your clothes.
- S'pose you're here to take me back.
- (door beeps unlocked) Channing can do his own dirty work.
(scoffs) You wouldn't want that on your conscience, would you? Might tarnish your halo.
That hero complex just keeps on gettin' in the way, doesn't it? See, I knew you were fucked up.
But what you've done to Vera, Jake, to Bea.
If I'm such a monster, why didn't you stop me when you had the chance? You know, the one constant in this prison? - your impotence.
- (ominous music intensifies) When your wife died within these walls, - and what'd you do? - (Will sighs) - Nothing.
No, worse, - (three echoing drum beats repeat) you forgave her killer.
(breathing heavily) - They're gonna kill you up there.
- (drum beats hasten to become rapid) I don't doubt it.
Those women are capable of doing what you can't.
Pfft! - (door echoes and locks) - (music ends) INMATE: Can you give me a hand with this? Yep, right there.
INMATE: Oh yeah, no worries.
Come on, out with ya.
(alarm trills) (truck reversing warning buzzes) (truck trailer clangs) (alarm trills) Fuck! - Hey! Get out of there.
Put that down.
- Hey? - I just needed mulch.
- New deliveries come to us first.
Righto, keep your hair on.
- Hey, Liz.
- Hey.
Um, whatever you said to Franky, you need to take it back.
She's got some serious shit going on.
I need her help, love.
Yeah, and she needs to get out of here or she's fucked.
- What do you mean? - (hushed) She's got plans.
And now she wants to ditch those plans because of you.
You you don't mean She can't escape.
- That's bloody insane.
- If she doesn't clear her name, she's gonna die in here, serving two life sentences for shit she didn't do.
Is that what you want for her? - INMATES: Yes! - (clapping and cheering) - BOOMER: Hey! We did it, bitches! - INMATES: We did it! - INMATE: We did it! - That's the first shipment - packed and ready to go.
- Nailed it! Congratulations, everyone.
Such great teamwork.
I'm very, very proud of you all.
INMATES: Sonia! Sonia! Sonia! - Sonia! Sonia! Sonia! - Oh, what?! Woo! Woo! - Sonia! Sonia! Sonia! - (moody music) Sonia! Sonia! Sonia! Sonia! Sonia! Sonia! Sonia! - Do the right thing.
- Sonia! Sonia! Sonia! Sonia! Sonia! Sonia! Sonia! Sonia! (music ends) - (sighs deeply) - (door beeps unlocked) (indistinct walkie-talkie chatter in background) (inhales slowly) I know you hate me.
I've done some, uh, some pretty messed-up shit and I am so, so sorry.
I swear I do love you.
- (rustles papers) - Please tell me how I can fix this.
(sighs) Vera, you're you're the only good thing in my life right now.
I am not in your life and I never will be.
You are the single biggest mistake I have ever made.
You are not a man.
You are a puppet with Ferguson's hand so far up your arse you will never be free of her.
You have no back-bone, no morals, no conscience whatsoever.
And the thought of sharing a bed with you makes me physically sick.
You want to know how to fix this? Stop your self-pitying bullshit, find another job and stay the fuck away from me.
(finally breathes) (door opens) (door slams) WILL: I fucked up.
I saved her so she'd get justice.
And look what she's done to Bea Vera, Jake.
What happened to Stewart? She used him like she used everyone else.
It's all my fault, Kaz.
And now I've made her your problem.
Fuck, I tried to save her too.
Maybe we were both wrong.
While she's still breathing, she is never gonna stop.
To get justice, sometimes you need to cross a line.
MAN: (over PA) Attention, compound.
Attention, compound.
Phones are now available for use.
(knocking, then door opens) - Oh, Franky.
- Hey.
You know what I was saying before? I just got a bit panicky, love, and carried away, but I'm okay now.
I mean, Sonia's all talk, and I have not been sleeping well, and I actually I reckon everything just you know, came on top of me at once.
Liz, she threatened you.
It's not gonna go away.
Yeah, I know and that's why, just to be sure I've decided to tell Ms Bennett and I'm going to put myself into Protection.
But you hate it there.
Yeah, but I'll be better prepared this time.
And it's not forever, love.
I've only got a few years left.
- That is gonna fly by.
- Liz If you need me to look out for you, I will.
Honestly, I will be fine.
I'm tougher than I look.
(Liz sighs) - You sure? - Mm.
And I'm sorry I got you so worried, love.
- Hey, Liz? - Yeah? Take this.
- It's kinda been my lucky charm.
- (melancholy music) It's given me strength, maybe a little bit of courage.
(Liz cries quietly) (sobbing) It's beautiful.
Thank you.
Bloody softie, you're making me cry.
Come here, you old bag.
Oh, God.
(both crying) (music ends) It's only a matter of time before she comes after us.
What? She's finished.
No, she's not, she's like a fucking cockroach.
Kaz, the second that she walks back in here, someone's gonna take her out.
I am top dog.
It's my job to protect the women.
No, Kaz, it's not.
You put the word out, there will be a queue halfway down the fucking corridor.
She's smart.
She screwed the Governor, fucked over Mr Stewart.
She can just turn people like that and I need to make sure the job gets done.
I need for you to spread the word.
When Ferguson gets back, no one touches her except me.
Kaz, this is fucking insane.
Stay away from Ferguson.
This is what she deserves.
This is what Bea deserves.
No, Bea wouldn't want you putting yourself in danger and neither do I.
(mutters indistinctly) (door opens) Come on, back to Gen.
- (whispered) Kill or be killed.
- What? Wasn't talking to you.
I'd like to make a formal request.
I want an officer stationed outside my cell 24-7.
Get her out of here.
(door beeps unlocked) (tense undertone) (echoing drum beat) (ominous grating thud) (dramatic music) - (ominous undertone) - (echoing drum beat) (quiet whooshing flourish) (slashing flourish) (door beeps unlocked) - (echoing clang) - (music ends) (door creaks closed) If we did leave today, how do we get through those gates? Don't worry, I taped 'em up.
What, after I told you the plan was off? I thought you might change your mind.
Get changed.
We're leaving.
- (suspenseful music) - (gate creaking) (gate creaks and bangs shut) (keys jangle) (walkie-talkie static) Sierra 16, we need assistance in J Block showers.
(walkie-talkie bleeps) Roger that.
(gate beeps unlocked) (gate clangs shut) - SONIA: (laughing) Yes.
- BOOMER: How great is it though? - Like they looked awesome.
(gasps) - (laughing) Yes.
I know! Of course I couldn't have done any of this - without Susan.
- Oh.
She is my linchpin.
Yeah, hear that, bitches? I'm her limps sh - What? So what? - Linchpin.
I'm a linchpin.
Now fetch me my tea.
Take mine.
Um, you, uh Have you seen Franky or Allie? Yeah, I think Franky's studying for her, uh, hear committal hearing, and Allie has a medical appointment.
Oh, well, whatever.
Hey, what's up with J Block? I haven't heard anything, why? Oh, just got a call.
Something happening in the showers.
- Call from who? - I dunno.
Signal was messed up.
Didn't get the Sierra number.
- Where were you stationed? - Workshop.
You go ahead.
I'll cover you.
(dramatic music intensifying) (banging) (footfalls and keys jangling) - (whispered) Shit! - (whispered) Hurry up! (door beeps unlocked and creaks open) (door bangs closed) (music quells to a tense undertone) To you, Liz.
May I say, you have been extraordinary.
I'd really like to find a way to pay you back.
Do you think you could, um, find some time for a private chat this afternoon? (undertone intensifying) Good.
(dramatic music intensifying) - (walkie-talkie bleeps) - GUARD: Confirmed, Sierra 5.
No trouble in J Block.
Dunno who made the call.
- STEWART: Copy that.
Leave it with me.
- (walkie-talkie static click) (ominous flourish) (tense undertone) (dramatic twanging flourish) (dramatic music intensifying) (keys jangling) (music quells to tense undertone) (dramatic music intensifying) (banging) (music quells to ominous undertone) (chair scraping) (echoing drum beat) (chokes and wheezes) Sonia, you all right? Shit! Ms Miles, I think something's wrong.
INMATE: Jesus! - MILES: Stevens?! - (Sonia chokes) - BOOMER: What's happening? - VERA: Right, everyone get back! - (keys jangle) - (dramatic music returns) - Miles! - INMATE: Check it out! - Miles, we'll call medical.
- What's happening? - This is Sierra 6 to medical, we have a - Jenkins, give her air! - Code Black in the dining room.
We - You all right, Stevens? require assistance and an ambulance immediately, over.
MAN: (over PA) Attention, compound.
This is a Code Black.
Code Black.
- All prisoners return to their units.
- VERA: that.
Right, Stevens? - I repeat - Everybody stand back! All right - Code Black.
Code Black! - Sonia?! - All prisoners return - Sonia?! - to their units immediately! - Give her air.
Jenkins, get that! - VERA: Did she have any allergies? - Nothing on record.
- She's not a user? - What's happening to her? - Can someone just fuckin' say something! - Get her outta here! - No, what's happening to her?! - Jenkins! - Ambulance is on the way.
- No, I don't wanna go! - Well, you have to.
Come on.
- No, I just need to stay - until I know she's okay! - I know you do.
- Until she comes good.
I'm just - I will tell you.
- Will you tell me? - I will, okay? You tell me straight away.
And then you look after her.
You look after her, won't ya? Mr J? - But we can't go back - We have to.
There'll be a count.
- Come on.
- Oh, shit! Okay, just go.
I'll be right behind you.
(door beeps unlocked) This is Sierra 5.
What's the situation? Yeah, Sierra 5, there's a Code Black in H Block.
- Ferguson? - No such luck.
- Oi, Novak! Stop right there.
- (whispered) Fuck! - FRANKY: Hey, Mr J?! - BOOMER: You should have let me stay.
I just I just I I need to know that she's all right.
Look, I can't tell you anything right now, Boomer, - because I don't know.
- What's happened? Oh, it's it's like Sonia, she's like, h-h-had a heart attack or sumpin'.
- Oh, shit.
- Where's Novak? Oh, I think she's in the showers.
Liz said she's in Medical.
You might be right.
Well, which is it? Not sure.
Ah, this is Sierra 3.
Anyone seen Novak? Sierra 3, this is Sierra 5.
I've got her.
Copy that.
(cell gate clanging and scraping closed and locking) (water splashing and scrubbing) (whispered) Okay.
(drum beats flourish) - Okay, where is that ambulance?! - I'll check.
- (walkie-talkie static click) - (gasps) - (glass shatters) - (exhales) - Ah! - (grinding) - (toilet flushes) - (music ends) (metallic clanging and scraping) (cell gate clangs and scrapes shut) - You okay? - Yeah, yeah.
I I fed him some bullshit story.
I think he fell for it.
Oh, God, that was close.
- Will.
- Don't talk to me.
Mate, you need to hear this.
I think I've discovered an escape plan.
Soon as lockdown's lifted, we've gotta move.
Hey, I think we should split up, just in case Stewart's watching me.
Fuck! God, it's not gonna be long before the count - and they realise we're gone.
- Yeah.
Oi! Oi! Miss Miles, what's happening with Sonia? - Not a lot.
- Oh.
Right, so she's gonna be okay though, yeah? Critical.
Might not make it.
- What? - (tense undertone) No.
She can't die! She can't die 'cause I was just talkin' to her.
- She she said I - (forlorn music) No, she can't she can't die.
- She she was (sobbing) - She's not.
I can't! She can't die! - I can't (screams) - FRANKY: Come 'ere! BOOMER: Oh my God! She can't die! She (sobbing) Why do I lose everyone? FRANKY: It's all right.
- MAN: (over PA) Attention, compound.
- FRANKY: She's not goin' anywhere.
- Lockdown has been lifted.
- She's in a good place, isn't she? Prisoners may leave their units.
Lockdown has been lifted.
Prisoners may leave their units.
(music ends) - (mutters indistinctly) - (tense undertone) (door opens) What's the plan? You two watch base.
You two come with me.
And I'll take care of the Freak.
(dramatic music with drum beats) (exhales slowly) Just give me a sec.
- (music ends) - Mmm.
(Allie sighs) Here we go.
Hey, we're not going to be able to call off the guard, okay? So we're going to have to make a break for it.
- I'll be right behind you.
- Oh okay.
Good luck.
(Franky exhales) - Hey.
- Hey.
Um, I just got told Sonia's still critical.
We'll take care of her, Booms.
You don't have to worry about it, okay? - Yeah.
- (Franky chuckles) - GUARD: Get a move on! - I love ya.
(footsteps running away) (sighs deeply) (sighs again) (breath wavering) - Fuck! Argh! - (grating flourish) (breathing heavily) - Ugh! (gasps) - (echoing drum beat) (echoing drum beats flourish) (exhales) (echoing drum beat) (dramatic music with drum beats intensifying) (whooshing grating flourish) (whooshing flourish) (slashing flourish) - (slowly whooshing flourish) - (music ends) You're escapin'.
Hey? Yeah.
I'm not dumb.
You're going out in the garden shipment and Allie's been helping ya.
Oh, Booms, f I don't have time for this.
If you try it I will fuckin' lag.
I swear.
- You're not a lagger, Booms.
- (scoffs) Well if you go, that workshop will be shut down, and everything I worked so f so fucking hard for will be fucked! - I'm sorry.
- (scoffs) - I'm important in here, Franky.
- (Franky sighs) You can't take that away from me.
I will lag.
(metallic clattering in distance) (hushed) Booms I need to prove to those dickheads that I'm innocent.
Now I had a taste of my life and I wanna go live it.
Are you gonna take that away from me? I love you, Booms, but I gotta go.
(magpie cawing) I'm sorry.
- (Boomer sighs) - (gate creaks) No! (gate closes) - (ominous music) - (gate banging) (door beeps unlocked) (chair clatters) (Franky mouths "no") - (breathing heavily) - (magpie caws) (lighter clicks) Mr Williams! What? (hushed) Yeah.
You're not allowed to smoke here, eh? They they banned it.
Piss off, Jenkins! Nah, I'm just, um I'm just watering the plants, eh? - Just (she laughs and sniffles) - Get back to your unit.
Hey, you want a gobby? I mean it, Jenkins.
Get back inside.
- Nah! - (music quells then restarts) No, I just want some action, eh? Hey, you want a gobby? Yeah? I mean it, Jenkins.
Get back inside.
(emotionally) Come here, I can do ya through the fence, eh? You got five seconds to clear out or I'll slot ya.
BOOMER: Ah, nah.
(music ends) - (whispered) Oh, shit, come on, Allie.
- (tense undertone) (exhales sharply) (suspenseful music) (knocking) (breathes with relief) (reversing beeps) (air brakes hiss) (trolley rattles) (hydraulics whooshing) (thud) (truck engine starts) (alarm chirps) (whooshing flourish) (gate clattering open) Hold up there, Kev.
Just wanna check the back.
- (engine running) - (clips rattle) (truck door opens) (truck door shuts) Okay, good to go.
(heavy beat added to music) (laughs) (exhales) (sighs) - (brakes squeal) - (music ends) - (engine shuts off) - (air brake hisses) (tense undertone) (footfalls) (music ends) - DRIVER: Pack it in, mate.
- MAN: You sure? - Yeah, not worth the overtime.
- All right.
(suspenseful music) (warehouse door closes) (warehouse door opens) (dog barking) (clattering) (trolley rolling) (whirring and clunking) (clattering and sliding) (whirring and clunking) (creaking and clattering) (door opens and closes) (engine turns over and revs) (vehicle leaving) (warehouse door closes) Allie? (hushed) Allie?! (whispered) Fuck.
(hushed) Oh, shit! (sighs) (hushed) Oh, fuck! (hushed) Fuck! (exhales sharply) (paper rustles) (music quelling to gentle) ALLIE: "I'm sorry, but I had to lie to you.
(whooshing flourish) Mr Stewart didn't buy my story at all.
He was onto me.
But I think I found a way to protect you, to get you out.
So get going.
- Run like hell and clear your name.
" - (dog barking) Jenkins? Here.
- Birdsworth.
- Yep.
Doyle? Get out here, Doyle.
You too, Novak! Doyle! (exhales) MILES: (whispered) Oh, f! Doyle?! (exhales) (Franky exhales) (chuckles) (Franky breathes heavily) I love you! And I'll be back.
(sighs) - Radic? - Here.
- Walker.
- Here.
ALLIE: "You need to prove your innocence.
I need to do something else.
" - Chang? - Yep.
Ferguson?! (breathing heavily) (music ends) Ferguson? (tense undertone intensifying) - (gasps) - (Alku by Tuuletar plays) - (alarm wails) - (cell gate clanging shut and locking) ALLIE: "I loved Bea and Joan Ferguson took her away from me.
So I want revenge, - in Bea Smith's name.
" - MAN: (over PA) Attention, compound.
This is a Code Green.
- What the hell is this? - Attention, compound.
- This is a Code Green.
- Joan Ferguson is missing too.
(scoffs) ALLIE: "I made a deal, to share my escape plan.
We're getting rid of Ferguson for good.
" - (thudding) - (lighter clicking) (digging) (thudding) (digging) I am in here! Oh, where is it?! Where is? Get me out of here! Argh! Get me out of here! Argh! (screaming) Argh! Get me out of here! Argh! Argh! Help! Get me out of here! Get me out of here! (echoing thud) (leaves rustling) (breathing heavily) (engine turns over) (flame flickering) (breathing unsteadily) (whispered) No.
(hushed) No.
No! (music ends)