Wentworth (2013) s06e03 Episode Script

Bleed Out

1 Gonna be remanded to Wentworth.
Don, that is simply not an option.
Unless I can find a way to subvert the trial.
- (Liz gasps) Argh! - Chicken! That bitch set me up and she tried to kill me.
You and I are going to out Don Kaplan.
- (thud) - ALL: Oh! ALL CHANT: Ruby! There's your cut and there's plenty more where that came from.
All I have is boxing and it's the most important thing in the world to me.
- I'm pregnant.
- To Jake? Police are on their way.
- Shit! - (police sirens wailing) - Franky Doyle, stop and give yourself up! - (gun shot) (footsteps echoing) (theme music) You don't know me, when I don't know you You don't know me, when I don't know you You're calling me in.
You're catching me out You're calling me in.
You're catching me out You're calling me in.
You're catching me out You don't know me, when I don't know you - (dripping) - (electrical flickering) - (sighs) - (jaunty music) - (groaning softly) - (electrical flickering continues) (groans, sniffles and sighs) (groans) (sighs) (laboured breathing and groaning) (exhales slowly) (water running) (retching) (thudding) (sighs) (phone beeps) (moans weakly) (music slowing down gradually) (quiet warping flourish) (inhales) (truck slowly decelerating in background) - (exhales and grimaces) - (phone beeps) - (dark undertone) - (sighs) - (knocking) - (blows exasperatedly) - MAN: Are you all right? - Hey, I'm in here, argh! - (door clicks shut) - (pants) (dark atmospheric music) (whispered) Gidge I need help.
- Servo in Altona - (hushed) What the fuck! - - near Cross Street.
You've been shot.
How's you leg? - Gotta get to the hospital, babe.
- They'll be checkin' hospitals.
- (emotionally) You need medical help.
Then - No, Gidge, please.
then where?! I've got a place.
(forlorn music) Should you be drivin'? Nuh.
(exhales) (police siren approaching) (sighs weakly) Stay with me, baby.
NEWS REPORT: not known whether Doyle was actually harmed at the time.
- Holy fuck! Hey! - Police say blood found here at the scene - it is the case that Wentworth escapee, - Hey, get out here, quick! - Francesca Doyle, was shot during the - What? - manic altercation with police.
- It's Franky, look.
- Oh, shit! - What, have they caught her? - Now, reports suggest police arrived here at the scene - Nah, but they fuckin' shot her but, 'ey?! - after receiving a tip off - Ya fuckin' pigs! - from a member of the public that Doyle was - Birdsworth! - Yeah.
- Visitors Centre.
seen in the area.
When they arrived - they confronted her - Oh - here by the train tracks - won't be long 'til she's back.
- (sighs) - (locker door creaks) (rhythmic drum beats) JAKE: Morning.
- TANOY: Attention, compound.
Attention, compound.
- (drum beats intensify) All women report to assigned work duties.
- (inmate laughing) - TANOY: Attention, compound.
Attention, compound.
(speech slowing down) All women report to assigned work duties.
(warping and crashing affects) (laughter) (metallic crashing) - (raucous laughter) - INMATE: This is shit, Kim! (metallic crashing) INMATE: Give it here! - (loud crashing) - INMATE: What am I? - (loud crashing) - (laughter) Hey, Rita - do you wanna come and sit with us? - Sure.
(laboured breathing) Boomer.
Looks like Kaz is recruiting a small army.
Hey, Susan not tempted are you? What to - a what? - Join Kaz's Band of Merry Men.
"Punch some tits", as you like to call it.
Ah I'm gonna go and make a cuppa tea.
- Hey, Liz - Hmm? - You haven't offered.
- Oh oh, does anyone want one? (hushed) For fuck's sake.
Rita? Uh, I'll give you a hand.
No, no, no, that's all right, Liz can do it.
She's very adept at making tea, aren't you Liz? Yeah.
That's okay.
Coffee, um, black with three.
- Liz - Yeah? Um I'll pass.
Why are you so chummy with her again? I don't understand.
It's good for ya.
(rhythmic drum beats) (quietly hissing white noise) (background sounds and chatter distorting) - (whooshing flourish) - (distorted sounds of Ferguson calling out) FERGUSON (distorted memories): No! - (soil falling) - No! No! No! No! No! Get me out of here! - (soil falling and drum beats continue) - This just stops! - Shit! Argh! Fuck.
- (singeing) WILL: Baxter, clean that shit up! - Get a fucking mop! - You all right, Liz? - Nah, that old bitch ran into me! - Do it before I slot! (general hubbub) - You heard Mr Jackson, Baxter, move it.
- (dark undertone intensifies) - SPIKE: For fuck's sake! - RITA: You all right? - Yeah, I I just burnt my hand on the - SONIA: Oh, don't worry, I'll look after Liz.
Come on, come with me, Liz.
Be fine.
(sighs deeply) (dark undertone abates) SONIA: Well, that was clumsy.
I did like you asked.
I've got the detective coming in today.
I told her I wanted to make a new statement.
I still don't see how she'll buy it.
Then just stick to what we discussed.
Don Kaplan seduced you into making a false statement.
- It's the truth.
No buts, Liz! - Yeah, but I Ow! - Sonia?! - Sorry.
(water gurgling down drain) I've already perjured myself.
Why would they believe me now? Mea culpa.
An admission of wrongdoing.
You are confessing to your part in a crime.
- My part? - A conspiracy created by Don.
- We are both victims of a manipulator, Liz.
- (dreamy music) We are victims.
(sighs quietly) (engine stops, handbrake ratchets on) - (Bridget groans with effort) - (Franky moans in pain) BRIDGET: Okay, come on.
(Franky moans) - (both breathing heavily) - (trains clattering in background) (Franky groans loudly) Home, sweet home.
(moans and groans) Okay.
Hm, take a couple of I'm gonna have to have a look.
Okay? - (grimaces and shudders) - (hushed) Okay.
- Okay.
- (shivering) Um I think it's still in there.
Oh, baby.
- (train horn sounds in background) - (gentle music) - Mmm.
- (moans) We need sterile bandages, and this We need antibiotics, and stop infection (inhales deeply) - You've lost a lot of blood, honey.
- Mm-hmm.
- Probably need a blood transfusion.
- I'm fine.
You're not fine, Franky, I'm out of my depth.
I don't know what to do, honey.
- You need a hospital.
- Gidge, no fuckin' hospital! I'd rather die that go back inside.
- (whooshing flourish) - TANOY: Attention, compound.
- Prisoners can now make their way - - to the Visitors Centre.
- (whooshing flourish) (door clicks unlocked) Supposed to be my day off, Liz.
I hope this is worth it.
I just wanted to tell you you were right.
I did collude when I made that false statement If you think a confession now is going to mitigate your perjury - charge - but it wasn't with Sonia Stevens.
I colluded with Detective Kaplan.
He well he he seduced me.
He used me as part of his scheme to blackmail Sonia.
So now you know the truth.
Well, they offered us a bout in the Philippines.
The Philippines? Are you for real? - Well, set it up for when I get out.
- No, I already passed on that fight.
So, call them back! - Tell the promoter fellow we're good to go.
- Rubes, you're forgettin'.
Oi, Eddie This fight will give me a shot at going pro.
Trip to Manilla's gonna cost 20 large.
I'll get the money.
Oh, yeah.
How you gonna do that? Come here.
Let's just say I've got an opportunity in here to make some fast cash.
- Oh, shit! - No, it's not gear, Eddie.
I'll make the 20k.
You just do your bloody job and set up the fight.
(sighs) All right? (chuckles quietly) - Yeah! - (door beeps and clicks unlocked) How'd it go? Hopeless.
She said I had no credibility with the court.
(chuckles) Well, of course you don't.
Which is why I told you to emphasise your own culpability.
Mea culpa, Liz! - I tried to "mea bloody culpa"! - Obviously not hard enough.
- Look, I did my best! - Liz if you are of no use to me then what is the point of you? I think I've shown you, Sonia, I am not to be underestimated.
Well, that's just the thing, you see, you've shown me your hand.
- And you've shown me yours.
- (hushed) Mine's not trembling.
(quietly but vehemently) Fuck you! (hushed) Fuck! (sighs) - Police have cordoned off a scene - at an Altona Service Station this morning where we understand that Doyle was believed to have received some help from an unidentified female accomplice.
- Police haven't - (slams control off) - (exhales slowly) - (knocking) - (sighs) - Got Stevens here to see you.
Any developments on Gilmore? Police are waiting on the autopsy.
None of the prisoners are talking.
I heard the news on Doyle.
Just cut the television feed to all units.
I don't want the women distracted by it.
- (sniffs) - (door creaks open) (phone ringing in reception) What is it Stevens? Are you all right, Governor? - You're looking a little ragged.
- (brusquely) What do you want.
I want you to reopen the workshop and resume my Green Wall project.
I am dealing with two escapees still at large and a murder investigation.
Which is why you need a good news story.
Let my Green Wall project be the shining beacon of prison re-eduction it was always intended to be.
As opposed to a handy escape route.
Do you think you're really up to the task? - Given your recent suicide attempt.
- (quietly scoffs) It's just the medicine I need.
Mr Stewart! Get Stevens out of here.
- Well, you're not even prepared to canvas the idea? - I will canvas it when pigs fly.
This isn't over.
(hushed) It is.
NEWS REPORT: The net is tightening on Wentworth's two notorious escapees, Francesca Doyle and Joan Ferguson.
- Police are confi - (static crackle) - INMATE 1: Oi! Oi, what happened?! - INMATE 2: Oh, ah.
- INMATE 3: What the fuck! - INMATE 2: What the hell happened? - RUBY: Kosta in? - INMATE: What did you do, Juice? - INMATE 2: Can't tell, there's no tongue left.
- INMATE: Oh, come on with the telly! (hushed) Shit! Told you to tell me when someone comes into the unit! I dunno, bang a fuckin' pot or something.
Tongueless sack of crap.
- - INMATE 1: What'd you do that for?! (both chuckle) What d'ya want, golly? - (chuckles) - INMATE 1: Come on with the telly! I want in.
In to what, my hot little pants? You wish.
Fight Club.
- I wanna fight.
- Okay.
- So, you're in.
- I come with conditions though.
No kicking, no hair pulling.
If you want me to fight we do with with gloves and proper rules.
And if you call me "golly" again I'll rip your fuckin' head off! Sure.
- Whatever.
- I want an extra cut what you make off my fights.
25 percent.
(laughs) Screw you.
See ya later then.
15 percent.
You fight who I say when I say.
- (low rumbling descending flourish) - (Aboriginal clap stick accents) Get Spike.
We're gonna make a fuckin' killing.
(Aboriginal clap sticks continue) (echoing drum beats) (punching and puffing) (sharp breathing and punching) (gate buzzes unlocked and creaks open) Okay, I accept.
What? Ah, that you're sorry for what you did.
(chuckles) That wasn't an apology.
(hushed) What? I'm gonna fight in Kosta's Fight Club.
You serious?! You can't trust Kosta, she used you.
Now I'm gonna use her.
(punches) Should you even be fighting with your condition? Oh, Allie (chuckling) I've been doin' this for years.
(sighs exasperatedly) What? Are you gonna hold the bag or what? Come on, you skinny little bitch.
(chuckling) Oh! (silently mouths) (chuckles) (chuckles) (sighs) Baby, this is crazy.
You gotta give yourself up.
- It's not happenin'.
- (sighs) (scoffs) Aiding a fugitive, at least we'll be inside together.
(chuckles incredulously) - They'd eat you alive in there.
- (chuckles) Please.
I'd use my psychological insight to - exploit their weaknesses and become Top Dog.
- (chuckles) (quietly gentle music) (hushed) I've had the best time with you, Gidge.
(sighing) Don't you dare.
Don't you dare give up on me.
(exhales weakly in pain) - I'm calling an ambulance, baby.
- No fuck! Well, at least let me go.
I've got some heavier meds at home and some antibiotics I'll be I'll be straight back.
I promise.
Don't go.
Just stay with me.
(sighs) (hushed) Fuck! - (warping whooshing flourish) - (gasps) (exhales sharply) (dark undertone) Gidge? Bridget?! (panting) (undertone warping) (hushed) Gidge? (police siren intensifying) (gasps) (whispered) Oh, shit! (breathing unsteadily and whimpering) (police siren continues wailing) (hushed) Oh, fuck! - (an additional police siren begins wailing) - (whispered) Fuck! BRIDGET (hushed): Get away from the window! (hushed) Gidge! - We'd you go? - Home.
(sirens continue wailing) Did they follow you? (whispered) Fuck! (sirens abating) (hushed) Oh, he's gone! (hushed and wavering) Oh! Oh, fuck! (exhales deeply) (whispered) It's okay.
Good girl.
(groans) (train horn sounds) You're beautiful.
You wanna know something, Gidge? Mmm.
Hated your guts the first time we met.
- (chuckles) - I thought you were such a nosey cow.
And you were pushy.
Mm, you needed to be pushed and prodded.
But by our second session Mmm.
(quietly gentle music) I just wanted to get into your pants.
(both chuckle quietly) You know the very first time I fell in love with you? "Paint me a picture.
" Hot girl BOTH: in a hot car.
(Franky chuckles) No matter what we're in this together.
Okay? Mm.
- (whooshing flourish) - (music ends) TANOY: Attention, compound.
Attention compound.
H Block are now called to breakfast.
Saw you and Ruby in the gym yesterday.
Good to see ya connecting.
(laughing) Yeah, well, I held the bag and she punched the living shit out of it.
Good connection all right.
Yeah, she's got pretty good form but her combinations could use some work.
I used to box.
It helped to keep me on the straight and narrow.
(chuckles) That worked out well for ya.
Ah, it's good to see Ru training, you know keeps the mind sharp and soothes the soul.
What, getting punched in the face? No I'm talking about the art, the mentality of the sport.
You know, the discipline of training.
Combine that with heart and there's this I dunno this, um, spiritual purity.
Hey, um there's nothing pure about the kind of fighting she's training for.
- KAZ'S CREW 1: Yeah, what d'you want? - KAZ'S CREW 2: Whoa, hello.
Take a seat, why don't ya.
I need to talk to you.
- Eat it.
Eat it.
Eat it.
- Lick it.
Hey! Hey! What the fuck?! Get the fuck off! You're gonna stop this Fight Club right now, aren't you Kosta?! (chuckles) Don't think so.
You know what happened to the last person who crossed me? (chuckles) You stitched the wrong golly's hand.
Yeah, Spike told me you really fucked her up.
Wasn't that Connors bitch.
It was Ruby.
Your punishment thing's a wank.
You don't have the nuts for it.
- (dark undertone) - (fence jangling) Try and stop Fight Club, I shoot my mouth off.
(echoing drum beats) Did you lie to me? Was it you who bashed Spike? Or was that Ruby? Why did you cover for her? Kid on a short sentence, figured she deserved a break.
- (calmly turning over cards) - (scoffs) (blows through lips in frustration) (quietly) That is just fucking great! (places a card) (faint clattering of trains in background) - (grimaces) - (train horn sounds in background) (whispered) Ah! How you feeling? (chuckles weakly) Like I've been shot.
Got this out of your backpack.
It's from Iman's flat.
It's just all her mail, I grabbed it.
You gone through it? - Yeah, it's mostly junk.
- You seen this? It's her credit card? LUG here and here.
Monthly debit.
So? LUG.
- Lock-up garage.
- Iman had a lock-up garage? She has a lock-up garage.
Stand there, Gidge.
(metallic scraping) Ooh, fuck! (exhales through lips in frustration) I can't do it.
Only way we're gettin' in here's with a key.
Where's the key? It has to be in the flat.
Nah, pulled the place apart.
I searched every bloody inch.
It'd be with her stuff.
When she arrived at prison, to be returned on release.
It'd be in the box.
What, so everything's still at Wentworth? So I just need to break back in there.
(sighs) So, what are ya gonna do? Well, if I shut down Kosta's Fight Club, she'll gonna blab.
And then I'm gonna have to fuckin' stitch Ruby's hand.
Oh, so what.
If you don't do it you'll look piss-weak.
Can you tell me something I don't know, Einstein.
(chuckling) Oh, mate.
(lift bell dings) - Oh, hey! - Mr J, is there any news on Franky? Yeah, thanks for shutting the TVs off.
Um, that was, uh, the Governor's decision.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, but w-what about Franky? - There's no news, Jenkins.
- Oh, well, s-so they haven't found her yet? - Isn't that what I just said?! Yeah, okay, keep your skirt on.
Fuck! BOOMER: Well, at least we know she's still going, right? Mr Jackson, quick word, please.
Okay, if this is about Doyle, there, um, - well, Th-there's, we've got nothing.
- What's going on with you? - Are you okay? - What do you want, Kaz? Listen Whatever you did, you did to protect the women.
You did (hushed) what had to be done.
You are a good man and I need for you to remember that.
TANOY: Attention, compound.
Attention, compound.
Phones are not available for use.
Your Fight Club finished.
Ignore that, I guarantee, you will be fucked! She'll be right.
She'll be fine.
Uh, Susan, er, just, uh, find yourself something nice to do here for a second.
I need to talk to Liz.
- Why? - You trust me don't you? Yeah.
Well, Liz is instrumental in reopening our workshop.
How? I thought you just said you trusted me? - Yeah.
- Well then why aren't I feeling it? - Uh, oh, whatever.
- Mm-hm, whatever, mmm.
Morning, Lucy.
How's mute working for you today? Ah! I just had an excellent meeting with Anna.
- Who's Anna? - My PR woman, keep up, Liz.
- Oh, God, right.
- So the campaign is proceeding beautifully.
With your help we are exposing Don Kaplan as corrupt.
- Yeah, but cops don't believe me, Sonia.
- And that's just part one.
Simultaneously we are launching a PR blitz.
Portraying me as a powerful force for good, striving to create positive change in the lives of women with whom I don't belong, etc, etc, etc But to do that, I need the Green Wall up and running.
(chuckling) Oh, well, good luck with that.
Never underestimate my reach, Liz.
You can not be seriously considering that?! Two prisoners just escaped from it, for God's sake.
I'm I have to go.
We can talk about this tomorrow.
Okay, bye.
- I can come back if - No, no, no.
No, it is the (scoffing) usual bureaucracy.
Come in.
How are you? Well, pretty crap, actually.
(chuckles ruefully) Tea? You read my mind.
- Pot of tea in here, please.
- ASSISTANT: Yes, Governor.
(inhales) Come in, take a seat.
In the news this morning there was mention of a female accomplice.
The suggestion was it was Joan Ferguson helping Franky, but we both know how unlikely that is.
(tea pot clatters) Yeah, I haven't heard from Franky.
I mean, I'm (clears throat) obviously very worried about her, but no.
- Oh, shit! - Oh! - No, it's okay! No worries.
It's okay.
It's okay - Oh, God, I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry.
Your carpet.
- Hey, can we, ah, have a tea towel in here.
- (Bridget sighs) - I'm such a klutz! - It's an accident.
Just, don't worry I'll I can just pour you another cup of tea.
Oh, damn, Vera, I can't believe this, - I have completely forgotten, - ASSISTANT: Here you go.
- I've got a 2 o'clock.
I've gotta go.
I'm so sorry.
- Oh.
- Yeah, no, of course.
- Look, I'll call you tomorrow - and we'll have a chat then, all right? - Okay, - Sure.
- (hushed) Sorry.
(door beeps unlocked) (atmospheric music) (music gradually hastening) - Iman Farah.
- Oh, shit! - (hushed) Oh, Vera.
- You lied to me.
- Just listen to me, please.
- You have been helping Franky.
Yes, because she's innocent.
I know she's innocent.
- You will go to prison.
- (hushed) I don't care! (hushed) I care! She needs my help, Vera, please, just - Oh, Bridget! You can not cross this line! - I'm not gonna turn my back on her.
I (emotionally) I've fucking crossed it! (crying) I've crossed it! (crying quietly) You expect me to cross it with you? (crying) Vera please.
Give me that.
- (sobbing) Vera Vera, please! - Bridget, for you sake, that is not leaving this prison.
(quietly echoing drum beat) (sobs quietly) What are you gonna do? (sniffles) Just go.
(gentle music) (door closes) (door creaks closed) - (train brakes squealing in background) - (handbrake ratchets on) (police sirens wailing) - COLLINS: Hands where we can see them! - That's her.
Wilson, Characters, Anderson, check the fence.
- OFFICER 1: Nothing under here! - (hushed) Fuck! - OFFICER 2: All clear! - OFFICER 3: No one here! - OFFICER 4: Fence is clear! - (exhales sharply) - - We found this in the rail car.
(phone ringing in background) Antibiotics.
Your name on 'em.
We also found bloodied clothes and bandages, a mobile phone, and a whole collection of mail from Iman Farah's address.
Why'd she go there? What was she looking for? Where is she now, Ms Westfall? Come on.
Franky needs a doctor.
If you really wanna help her, and it's obvious you do tell us where she is.
Aid and abet.
That could get you ten years.
But you cooperate now and I can make that charge go away.
It's your choice.
(phone ringing in background) It's no choice.
You'll have to charge me.
(sighs quietly) INMATE: What's goin' on with the telly?! - Governor.
- INMATE: Oi, you can't take it away! Oh, Stevens I don't know what strings you managed to pull so quickly but I've just had the Chairman of the Prison Board on the phone, demanding that I reinstate your Green Wall project.
I told him, given everything, I thought it was a disastrous move.
That's why we have boards.
You know, they're able to take a more balanced view when they're not overwhelmed by day-to-day management.
Well, the board was split evenly.
- Which means? - That I had the deciding vote.
Don't ever think you can go over my head.
Remember what you are, Stevens.
A prisoner.
Nothing more.
TANOY: Attention, compound.
Attention, compound.
The canteen is now open for H Block.
What are you doing? Well, ah, what does it look like? (chuckles) - Uh, I thought that Kosta got warned off Fight Club.
- Yeah someone dogged to Kaz but (scoffs) Kosta doesn't give a shit about that, 'ey.
Ruby, I Allie - I need this fight.
(scoffs) - Why? I have an opportunity to go overseas and become a professional fighter, - and I need money to make that happen.
- (sighs) Allie I've wanted this my whole life.
(inhales) Anyway, um are you gonna help me wrap my hands or not? Come on.
(sighs quietly) - (whispered) Fine.
Oh, my God.
(chuckles) - (laughing) Come here.
- (gentle music) - (chuckles) That's it.
- It's just round the thumb.
- Mm-hmm.
(music abates) (chair clatters) You're free to go.
- What that's it? - For now.
One of my officers drove your car here.
Uh, thank you very much.
Two cars on her.
Iman Farah's mail.
Do you want us to go through it? Doyle took it for a reason.
(tense music) (keys jangle) (keys jangle again) (music abates) (pulsating flourish intensifies) - Oh, Susan! - Hello.
What are you doing? Um lookin' for me cash, 'ey.
uck it! What do you need money for? To bet.
To, um can I bum a 20 off ya? Oh, no, fuck it, no, Kosta knows I'm good for it.
What are you talking about?! Actually, where is everybody? Everyone's at the Fight Club.
Come, we gotta get to to the workshop.
My workshop? Mm.
They're fighting in my workshop?! - (cheering) - All right.
INMATE: 15?! Jesus.
- I'm gonna put 200 on Bluey.
- 500 on Mitchell, three to one.
200 on Baxter.
INMATE: We agreed on Ruby.
You're fighting Spike?! - (Velcro ripping) - Piece of piss.
(excited cheering and yelling) HUTCH: No more bets! - No more bets! - BOOMER: No, no, no, no, no.
- No, no, no, one more.
One more, come on.
- Well, where's your money? Oh, you know I'm good for it.
Come on.
- 20 bucks on Ruby.
Yeah? - All right.
Put her down.
- BOOMER: Fight this fight! Come on, fight! - Be careful.
- ALL (chanting): Fight! Fight! Fight! - (chuckles) - Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! - (dramatic drum beats) Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! - Fight! Fight! Fight! - (Boomer laughing) - Fight! (cheers subsiding) - Quiet! Fight! - (upbeat music) - (cheers and clapping) C'arn, Ruby! (loud cheers and jeers) (Boomer laughing and clapping) BOOMER: C'arn, Ruby! Flash me! - Argh! - Again! HUTCH: Oh, come on! - (Boomer laughing) - (Ruby cackles) HUTCH: Get in there! Get her! Come on, Tweety-pie, you need a hand there? Argh! (loud cheers and jeers) Ugh! Ugh! (loud thud) Fight! Come on, get up! - (gasping) - Get up! - Stop this fight! - (Spike sighs) (high-pitched ringing intensifies) - I said stop it! - Ruby! - (loud thud) - Argh! - (dark undertone) - (muffled) Oh, fuck! - (muffled) Fuck! - (muffled) Yeah! - (muffled) Oh, f! - (muffled) Objection! (muffled, exhales painfully) - (muffled thuds) - (muffled groans) (muffled) Stop! (muffled) Ugh! (muffled exhale) (muffled) Stop the fight! - BOOMER (muffled): Get up! - (muffled) You gotta stop this fight! - (muffled) I can't now.
- (muffled, Ruby grimacing) (muffled) Fuck, yeah! (muffled, laboured exhale) - (pulsating music intensifying slowly) - (muffled, breathing heavily) (muffled cheers and jeers) (muffled, breathes heavily) - (cheers becoming clearer) - (exhales deeply) - Argh! - (laboured panting) - CROWD: Fight! - SPIKE: Argh! - (thud) - (slowly warping flourish) Sucked in, yeah! - (cheers and clapping) - (Ruby grimaces) ALLIE: Ruby?! Ruby, are you okay?! ALLIE: Okay, let's get out of here.
I warned you, Kosta.
What are you gonna do, fight me here? KAZ: No, you wanna challenge me in the laundry, after work unit you bring a shiv.
(music quells) (rhythmic music) (sighs) (sighs) (groans) (exhales) (laboured breathing) (groans and exhales) (exhales deeply) (sniffling and exhales sharply) - (thud) - Argh-ah! (grimaces and exhales) (police sirens wailing) (brakes squeal) (sirens quell) (sighs) - (car doors opening and closing) - (breathing heavily) - (exhales sharply) - COLLINS: Doyle?! I need you to come out of the garage! - (clattering, torch click on) - (exhales) COLLINS: It's over, Doyle! Don't make this harder than it has to be! (sniffs deeply and exhales) COLLINS: This is your last chance to come out! - (sighs) - (indistinct radio chatter) Doyle?! COLLINS: Time's up! Don't come in 'ere! I've got a gun! Yeah, she's bluffing.
- (indistinct radio chatter) - (gasping) I say we go in, Wade.
(hushed) Come on, give it to me.
Give it to me.
Ready to move.
(groans and breaths heavily) (exhales) (intriguing music plays over rhythmic music) (pitch gradually increasing on intriguing music) COLLINS: Doyle?! Hands where we can see them! (music becoming ethereal) COLLINS: Don't move! Don't move! - COLLINS: Hands where we can see them! - (exhales) HYDARI: Right-o, hands, hands! Show me your hands! (weak, laboured breathing) COLLINS: Doyle?! (weak, laboured breathing and whimpers) - (music abates) - (birds twittering) - TANOY: Attention, compound.
Attention, compound.
- (echoing drum beat) - All women to report to assigned work duties.
- - Now, this will be interesting.
- If we're lucky.
(tense undertone with drum beat accents) Here we go.
Hey hey, Kosta! If you die I still want that money you owe me.
RITA: What's gonna happen here? They'll go each other with shivs, the last one standing's Top Dog.
Ugh! - (Juice vocalising desperately) - (Kaz and Kosta struggling) - Break it up! - JAKE: Everyone - everyone back to your units, now! - Stop the rough! KAZ: Not doin' anything! - WILL: Drop it, Kosta! Drop it! - KOSTA: Far out! Argh! INMATE: Not doin' anything.
Go or I'll throw you in the slot with these two! KOSTA: Argh, you're fucking hurting me! (keys jangling) (Ruby sighs) I'm okay, I'm okay.
Oh, shit! Ruby, you gotta go to medical.
- No, Allie, I'm fine.
- Come on, you're pissing blood! (Ruby grimaces quietly) (hushed) Fuck! What the fuck do you want?! Her piss is full of blood and she won't get help.
Let me look.
- Let me look.
- (sighs) Whoa! She had something in her gloves.
- (groans) - Can you get me some ice, please? (Ruby winces) (hushed) Oh, fuck! - Holy shit! - All right.
All right.
What ya gonna do, lecture me, huh? Keep tryin' to protect me? No.
I'm not going to protect you.
- I'm gonna teach you to protect yourself.
- (scoffs) You're bobbin' and weavin' and slippin' punches like Mayweather.
We gotta fix that lousy left jab of yours 'cause it sucks.
Could be your greatest weapon.
Lay down.
Need to get ice on that.
(indistinct radio chatter) - KOSTA (muffled): Get me the fuck out! - (door beeps unlocked) KOSTA (muffled): Hello?! KOSTA (muffled): Can anybody fucking hear me?! Hey! KOSTA (muffled): Fuckin' fixed! (door unlocking and creaking open) (bangs shut) (hushed) Jesus! KOSTA (muffled): Hello?! Lagging to a screw, Kaz? (sighs) What other choice do I have? Well, you know what will happen if the women find out.
(whispered) Shh.
It's the only way I can operate, Will.
I've tried.
Can't bash the women, I just can't.
If lagging to you helps us protect the women - (quietly gentle music) - (Kosta yelling indistinctly) (whispered) let's keep doing it.
(sighs deeply) All right.
(whispered) Thank you.
(sighs quietly) Hey.
I grassed.
- I found it, Gidge.
I found the shrine.
- I know.
- Shh.
- (Handcuffs rattle) (music abates) You did good, kid.
You did good.
Any idea as the the whereabouts of Joan Ferguson? - No.
- Well, you two escaped together didn't you? No, first I heard about it was in the papers.
But I found a photo there was a fingerprint on it, it was blood.
We've already established that the print belonged to Iman Farah.
The blood was a match for Mike Pennisi.
So it proves that she's the killer, right? No.
No, it's circumstantial.
But we did find something else.
(gentle music) We found a mobile phone.
On it were photos that Farah had taken.
All of Mike Pennisi dead.
- It's obvious she took them shortly after shooting him.
- (exhales sharply) Also I spoke to Tina Mercado she came clean.
Admitted giving Ferguson a false alibi over the death of Farah.
(quietly crying) Given all of that I'm recommending the dropping - of all charges.
- (Bridget chuckles) - (sobs) - (Bridget chuckles emotionally) - Let me hear them all - (quietly crying) - The stories of your life - (crying) (handcuffs rattling) - Right from the start - It's over, baby.
It's over! - (sighs) - Just give me your heart Because we made time stand still We had the chance to make it happen - Because we grow, and we hold - (Boomer laughs emotionally) And I'll be forever So don't you look back - Take my hand - BOOMER: Oh, my God! - We'll make it happen - FRANKY: Come on, give me a hug! - And we grow - Oh, God! - And we hold - (Allie squeals) - And I'll be forever - So good to see ya! - So don't you look back - ALLIE: I can't believe you did it! - Take my hand - Just, 'ey? - We'll make it happen - Hey! What are you doin'? Don't worry.
- You did it, lovely, hey? Good on you.
- Yeah.
- Now we're standing here - Yeah.
The story of our lives - Sit down, sit down, sit down.
- How are ya?! - We faced all our fears - FRANKY: Oh, thanks.
- Opened up the skies - (indistinct chatter) - I can't believe you're here.
- Well, you're not gettin' rid of me that easy.
Now we walk as one We stood the test of time - I love you guys.
- Same.
- Then you let me in - (slow whooshing flourish) - The story begins - Up, up, up.
Because we grow, and we hold And I'll be forever So don't you look back Take my hand We'll make it happen And we grow, and we hold And I'll be forever So don't you look back - Take my hand, we'll make it happen And we grow, and we hold And I'll be forever So don't you look back Take my hand We'll make it happen