Wentworth (2013) s06e04 Episode Script

Winter is Here

1 What the fuck happened back there? It was an easy job, a smash and grab.
Jesus, Ri, why did you have to be so careless? You fucking killed Sharon! - I need the green wall up and running.
- Good luck with that.
No more bets! Stop this fight! What you going to do? Lecture me, huh? I'm going to teach you to protect yourself.
You killed Sharon, - thinking it was me, didn't you? - You lagged on me? You wanted me to make that fucking confession.
SCREAMING You don't know me when I don't know you You don't know me when I don't know you Calling me in Catching me out Calling me in Catching me out - Calling me in - You don't know me - Catching me out - When I don't know you You don't know me When I don't know you.
Hey, Mum, watch me do this! Hey, Danny, your mates at basketball said to stop slacking off.
They need you to line up for the finals.
So, this Marie Winter, does she have a history of violence? She's clean skin.
According to the department briefing files she owns half the brothels and strip clubs in Melbourne but she's never been convicted of anything.
Until now.
You know, they said with Danny in the engine room they reckon they've got it in the bag.
And I said to them, "Don't worry, Danny will be on his feet in no time.
" I said you'll be there.
I'm sorry to report there's no change.
The results of his latest MRI confirm there's no blood flow.
Unfortunately, he's brain-dead.
He's never going to regain consciousness.
Yes? Yes, Mr Jackson.
Yes, Mr Jackson.
- Date of birth? - 6th May 1972.
Now, I know it's not an easy decision - to have to make.
- What? I want a second opinion.
Next of kin.
- You need to consider the fact - No, no, I won't do that.
I will not kill my son.
Do you have any family contact? I'm sorry for your loss.
You know? There's just nothing more any of us can do for David.
Oh, God! We were briefed on why you were here.
His name is Danny! Fuck you! I'm not proud of what I did, Mr Jackson.
I deserve to be here.
I'm not killing my boy, you fucking arsehole! I will not kill my son! - Never been in prison before? - No.
Just keep your head down, it'll go quickly, and you can get back to your life.
I'm Governor Bennett.
I know, I've seen you on the news.
I'm assuming you're not familiar with the prison system? No, Governor, I'm not.
Well, most women go straight into the general population but with high-profile prisoners, such as yourself, I'd recommend the protection unit.
I'm not looking for any special treatment.
I'm more concerned about keeping you safe.
I don't have any enemies.
There may be working girls in here who know you.
I've always treated my girls well.
You're in here for a violent assault.
Yeah, but I'm not a violent person, Governor.
- What happened - Intentionally causing serious injury.
That is what happened, Ms Winter.
Are you a mother, Governor? No, and I fail to see - what that has to do with anything - Because the first moment that you hold your child, it's Well, it's overwhelming.
And you know from that second on you'll do anything to protect them.
All right, I've organised a peer worker to show you around.
Send Birdsworth in.
Liz, uh, this is Marie Winter.
- Hey.
- Uh, this is Liz.
She's your peer worker.
She'll help settle you in.
H3, Liz.
Yeah, no worries, Ms Bennett.
I trust there'll be no problems.
You don't have to worry.
Keep keep your defence up.
This way.
Keep walking.
I'll have a piece of that! TAUNTING AND WHOOPING Best of the bunch here.
- Come back! Come back! I'm going to show you - Shut up, you lot! Oi.
What's wrong with her? Shit! Who's on my team? I want to eat What? You I want to eat your cat? It must be difficult learning a new language at her age.
How old do you reckon she is? Oh, I'd say 350, 400 - in dog years.
- Oh, pussy.
Oh, fuck! In your dreams.
New spunks! - Nice spread here, girls! - I like your tats! Hey, is that Marie Winter? How you doing, Marie? Marie! Woo! Shit.
Best looking bunch yet.
You're never going to fucking believe who's here.
Oh, shit.
Thank you.
- So, are you famous, are you? - Hardly.
Well, what was all that then? Some of the women may have seen me around.
Oh, yeah? So, this is home, huh? Yeah, welcome to H1.
Didn't the Governor say H3? Did she? Oh, shit, yeah, she did.
I'm sorry, love.
It's back this way.
- You all right carrying that? - Yeah, fine.
- How did you go with Winter? - I've put her in general.
Will, I've decided to dismantle the workshop.
I want it pulled apart immediately.
Knock any notion of reopening it on the head.
After all the shit it's caused, I mean, no-one's going to approve that, surely.
Stevens has friends in very high places.
OK, I'll get Jake onto it.
No, I want you to handle it personally.
It's just this week's a bit of a shocker for me.
- I mean, Jake'll be in soon.
- I'm sorry, Will, I really need someone I can trust on this.
- Pushing in.
- There you go.
Hey, what do you reckon Franky's doing right now? I would be sleeping in.
Not eating this shit, that's for sure.
I bet I know what she's eating.
- Hey.
- Hey, y you feeling better? - Yeah, fighting fit.
- Oh, yeah, good, because you're really good, eh? Like freaking - Like, awesome.
- No, no, I'm deadly, sis.
Yeah, yeah, deadly.
OK, ladies, I need three volunteers.
Hutch, Radic, Benson, you'll volunteer, we're going to the workshop now.
- I haven't finished my - Move! - What's happening with my workshop? - Come on.
What's up his arse today? It took balls, Mr J.
- What did you say? - Balls.
Ferguson and Franky getting in there, not knowing where they'd end up.
What do you think you're doing?! This workshop is an extremely important part of the prisoner training programme! Not any more.
We're dismantling it for good.
May I ask why? Two escapes and Gilmour's murder might have something to do with it.
- Can you take her back please? - Stevens.
KNOCK ON DOOR I'm sorry, Governor.
Stevens insisted on seeing you.
Don't leave, Miss Miles.
This won't take long.
What is Mr Jackson doing in my workshop? I told you I decided to shut it down.
Now I'm acting on it.
But he's dismantling it completely! Because it represents an unacceptably high security risk.
- So if there's nothing else, I've got work to do.
- No, wait, wait! What if I were able to help you with your PR problem? - I don't have a PR problem.
- Sharon Gilmour.
PHONE RINGS Could you give us a minute, Miss Miles? Go on.
I may be nothing more than a prisoner, but I do understand publicity.
Women like you and me, we need to be very aware Get to the point! Another unsolved murder on your record can't be very useful.
There's only one.
Just imagine I were to discover who killed Gilmour.
That would That would be useful, wouldn't it? - If you know anything about that - No, of course I don't.
But you know how the prison grapevine works.
- Just say I did hear something.
- Then I would expect you to tell me.
Well, if I were to tell you, that would be a very big risk for me, so I would need something in return.
Not a chance.
I'll make you a deal.
The killer for the workshop.
I don't do deals with prisoners, Stevens.
Miss Miles! Let's go, Stevens.
I hope you like it! - Alcohol free! - Alcohol free, of course! - Here you go.
- Who does she think she is? Just let us know if you need anything.
Lovely chocolates.
That's kind! You hungry? You take that.
Thank you.
I love these.
- How's your cell? - It's really good.
It's comfortable Oh, rose and almond syrup cake! Oh, that looks lovely! Orange blossom and raspberry angel food cake! That looks amazing! - Liz.
- Hey! Look, I just want to say thanks for showing me around today.
Oh, geez! But that's not necessary.
- Oh, that's OK.
- Look, they were a gift but I don't need chocolates, so Oh, well, shame to waste it.
- Erm, they're for Liz.
- Oh, it's OK.
It's fine.
She owes me.
Hey, erm, how come everyone knows you? Well, I mean, hardly everyone.
Well, a few women may know me through my businesses.
- Oh, yeah? What do you sell? - Sex.
LAUGHTER I wasn't expecting that! Ah! Oh, fuck! - SHE SCREAMS - Oh, shit! - What's the matter? - Oh, shit! It hurts, it hurts! It hurts! It's hurting in the mouth! It's OK.
Calm down.
Good, good, good, good! That's it.
Spit it out.
It's in my lip! - Oh, shit! It's razor blades! - It's what? Oh, Booms! - Here, put this on your mouth.
- What? Get away from me! You can't think I had anything to do with that! Well, where'd the chocolates come from? - Welcoming committee.
- Oh, God.
Some welcome! - MUFFLED TALKING - Hey! Sh, sh! Try not to talk.
The mouth heals quickly, you just got to give it a chance.
- Bit of a nurse as well, are you? - Well, patched up a few.
I just can't believe this happened.
I mean, clearly this was meant for me.
Well, have you got any idea - who'd want to do that to you? - No.
Well, you might want to be a bit careful around here.
Oh, Booms.
Look at you, your poor old fiend.
Just keep that ice there, lovely - I'll be back in a sec.
- All right.
Allie? Allie.
My God! It is you! I can't believe it.
How are you? I'm good.
I'm really good.
God, you look so grown up.
It's been a long time.
I really missed you, Allie.
I know it was messy in the end but - I never meant to - Everything OK? What do you want? Hello, Karen! God, long time! We're just catching up.
Yeah? Well, maybe she doesn't want to catch up.
- I'm fine! - See? She's fine.
Like she always was.
Cops finally caught up with you! What was it? Trafficking? - Underage workers? - Wow! I really moved on, Karen.
I find your recruiting girls in here, and I will come down on you like a tonne of shit.
I'm sure that's true.
Good to see you, Allie.
You all right? I will not let her get her hooks into you again, OK? POUNDING ON BOX POUNDING CONTINUES POUNDING INTENSIFIES - Bah! - HE SCREAMS LAUGHTER Oh, you saved me, Mr J! I farted! I thought I was going to choke to death! Get out, Radic.
Now! - I can't! I'm stuck! - Now! OK, keep your shirt on! LAUGHTER That's fuckin' funny! Get back to work! Hey, how you doing? Hey.
I'm Marie.
Good for you.
I saw you training before.
Look like you can handle yourself in a fight.
Take a swing and you'll find out.
WHISPERS: I need someone to watch my back.
Get a mirror.
Hey, hey.
Pay is good.
There'll be cash.
It'll be waiting for you when you're released.
You don't look like someone who needs a bodyguard.
Be easy cash then.
Hey, Ruby.
What's going on with you and Marie? - Ooh, you jealous! - No, I'm serious.
Nothing, I'm just her bodyguard.
You should stay away from her.
Allie, I need the cash.
Yeah, except all of her money comes from fucking over other women.
- She's poison.
- Chill! I'm just pretty muscles for hire.
- Mr Jackson.
- Hey.
- Sup? - How long's Marie Winter in for? 12 months, eight for good behaviour.
Why? She's going to be trouble.
- Why is that? - Trust me, I know.
Well, when I inducted her, she was sorry for what she'd done.
- So she sucked you in? - No! Of course not! - She seemed genuine.
- Don't believe a single word she says.
You don't know her like I do.
What are you doing here? We're in the same unit! You better get used to that.
Yeah, well, my luck holds.
You going to shiv me in the night? What did I tell you about grooming girls in here? - Well, you heard about the razor blades.
- What about it? - I mean, I need Ruby for protection in here.
- That had better be all.
Or you will need protection, from me.
If you're top dog, you can find out who spiked my chocolates.
KAZ LAUGHS - They'd be queuing up.
- Hey, maybe it was you.
Maybe it was.
- You've always harboured a grudge.
- I wonder why.
But just so you know, I don't bear you any ill will at all about what happened.
Just so you know, I do.
- Everything all right? - Fuckin' peachy! - Yes! - Yeah! Oh, she scores! Woohoo! Yeah! Hey, Mum, did you just see that? Allie couldn't get the ball off me.
OK, let's try that again.
Yes! - Woohoo! - Woo! Yeah! Mighty Mouth for the win! Hey, erm If I was going to score, who should I speak to? Over there.
Not bad! Here you go: uncut white.
Cash up front.
If I'm paying top dollar, I want to know what I'm buying.
What's that muck on the top? Is that baby powder? Oh, fucking Greeks! I'm not buying that shit.
Where do you think you are, the fuckin' Golden Triangle? - - Yes, sir.
I've seen it.
I'll be doing that.
KNOCK ON DOOR - You wanted to see me, Governor? - Have a look at this.
- Oh, shit! - The coroner calls our security world's worst practice, the opposition wants an inquiry - into deaths in custody.
- So where are the police on the Gilmour murder? No weapon, no motive, no suspect.
Basically no idea.
Oh! Governor! This is a pleasant surprise.
What have you heard about Gilmour on your grapevine? Ah! So we have a deal.
- I told you I don't do deals with prisoners.
- No, no, no, of course.
But, you will reopen my workshop.
MY workshop.
With certain provisos.
Mm-hm! 24-hour surveillance, and every woman in that workshop has to have a TAFE certificate.
- You wanted me for something? - Shut the door, will you? Ooh! Big secret, eh? Now, Kosta's gear's shit.
I can't use it.
I wouldn't have taken you for a junkie.
I'm not.
It's OK, I was This joint will do your head in, that's for sure.
Will you help me bring in my own gear? Nah.
That's not my thing.
I'll pay you.
Marie, I wouldn't know where to start.
No, that's OK.
I'll organise everything.
Well, why don't you do it yourself then? They're bloody watching me like hawks.
But don't worry, I'll I'll find someone else.
Just thought you could really do with the money.
Oh, fuck it! I'll give it a crack.
All right, ladies, ! step out of your cells, please Everyone out in the lounge now.
This is a cell toss.
Mitchell, back to your unit.
The rest of you, assume your position outside your cell.
What? Again? - Welcome to the new world order, Proctor.
- What's that? Well, we're going to keep tossing the H Block until we shake out all your contra.
Right, listen, ladies.
This is a random cell toss.
- Out here now.
Let's go.
- For fuck's sake.
- I've just tidied me undies.
- Good for you.
For fuck's sake! Baxter! Out! Sorry, Mr Jackson.
I was on the loo.
- Are you going to pack it up? - Yeah, I thought I was going to be fucking sleeping tonight.
- Fucking cleaning up after - Jesus! Nothing fucking there.
- Do you mind? - For fuck's sake.
What's this? Fucked if I know.
I've never seen it before.
It just walked from the kitchen to your cell, did it? I don't fucking no.
It's not mine.
- Slot it! - Fuck off! Fuck! Fuck off! Fuck off! For fuck's sake.
Bullshit! Fuck you! Argh! You fucking cocksucker, mother fucker! It's not even fucking mine.
I've been fucking set up.
- Fuck! - Keep it down, Baxter.
I fucking loved Sharon.
Why would I kill her? You're early this morning, Stevens.
It is a matter of some urgency.
I'll be all right, Miss Miles.
Make it quick, I've got a full morning.
Now that I've upheld my end of our little bargain, I'm just making sure you intend to reciprocate.
What are you talking about? As agreed, I delivered Gilmour's murderer to you.
The weapon was discovered during a cell toss.
Who do you think tipped off your officers? You're going to have to prove it.
Ask Mr Jackson what he was looking for.
I left him a note telling him that Baxter had knuckle-dusters.
Of course, my information suggested, he would also find the murder weapon.
- I'll need to confirm that with Mr Jackson.
- Good.
And when you do, I'd like to resume in the workshop immediately, please.
I will decide if and when that happens.
The prison grapevine can be very informative.
You don't think we should make this an ongoing arrangement? Take Stevens back to her unit.
Morning, Will.
Hey, well done.
With Baxter last night.
Oh, thanks.
Hopefully, the women will feel a bit safer now.
Oh, we got lucky, really.
How do you mean? Er, we found the weapon by accident.
What was the toss for, then? Anonymous tip-off about knuckle-dusters.
We're back, bitches.
Green wall's back in business.
So, piss off! - What going on? - You heard her.
Workshop's back on.
- Seriously? - Yeah.
All right, lowlifes, finish what you're doing and let's get out of here.
- Yes, yes, off you go.
- What's going on? Ah! This is better.
Does feel good to be back, doesn't it, ladies? How the hell did you wangle this? It's not what you know, it's who you know.
- Yeah, well, your grand plan seems to be working.
- It is, indeed.
It's right on track.
Elizabeth, seedlings.
Susan, let's make up an inventory before we start, shall we? Now, I think we should count everything first, eh? - Same thing.
- Dumb fuck.
- Ueugh! - I was joking! - Yeah, sure.
- I was.
Don't forget the conditions, - no-one's to touch machines without a ticket.
- Of course.
I never renege on a deal.
Susan, Susan.
Remember what we said about everyone being certified.
I'm a supervisor.
Same rule.
Every person.
But I can weld better than any of the fucking teachers.
Yes, of course you can, and everything will be fine, as soon as you do the test.
- What's the test? - Well, there's a pract, of course.
Then just a short written test which covers occupational health - and safety and things like that.
- Nah, I don't need to do the test.
- It's mostly multiple-choice.
- Well, it's even worse then, isn't it? Because they've got the trick answers in there to like, - fuck you up.
- Nobody's trying to trick anyone.
I'm not fucking doing it.
You can't not give it a go.
- You can do it, love.
- I'm not doing a test.
Where are you going? What, do I need a ticket now to take a dump? - It's good to see you, Babe.
- Yeah, you too.
- How are you? - Yeah, all good.
Listen, um, I've been I've been having a bit of a think.
And I should never have let you go back in for that cash.
- It's fine, Ray, I did it to myself.
- I shouldn't have let you do it.
It wasn't your fault.
- I'm going to tell them that I did it.
- No, don't do that.
- There were witnesses, anyhow.
- Yeah, I'll take care of them.
I'll pay them off, or I'll fucking knock 'em off.
Don't even joke about it.
Reet, I'm going to tell them that I forced you to do it, so it's my arse and they'll let you off on good behaviour.
I don't want you to do that.
It is fucking killing me, you being in here.
It's only 12 months.
I'll be out in eight.
And, besides, the club needs you to sort the Butchers out.
You look after yourself.
And you keep your head down.
I got plans for you and me, babe.
Take a seat.
Next! Who was that visiting you? Who was it? - Who the fuck! - SHE COUGHS - I can't fucking swallow it.
- You idiot! If that bursts inside you Mitchell, you're up.
SHE COUGHS AND RETCHES They catch you, it's another six months.
Who is this for? Marie Winter.
Give it to her.
And tell her you're not doing it again.
I thought you weren't going to tell me what to do any more.
Well, then, you better learn how to swallow.
- I thought you were keeping an eye on Ruby.
- I am.
Then, how come she's Marie's drug mule? What the fuck are you doing making Ruby bring your shit in? I didn't make her.
She wanted to.
Yeah, of course she wanted to, she needs the money.
But I know you.
You find desperate young girls and you suck them in and you get them hooked on drugs and then you use them.
That's Kaz Proctor's version.
Kaz rescued me.
I don't know why you left me, but it wasn't because I mistreated you.
That was the opposite.
Now, what we had was very special.
You have to remember that.
Yeah, I remember you gave me smack - and you got me addicted to it.
- I never intended you to abuse it.
It was your responsibility to control that.
- How? - Like I do.
Like I've always done.
I was a baby.
Living on the street.
You were the adult.
Oh, come on! I was your lover, all right? Not your mother.
Who does that to someone they love? But I did love you.
I loved you very much.
- Let's go, ladies.
- Way-hey! Come on move along.
Move along.
Come on.
- I'll do a final sweep.
- Yep, righto.
SCRABBLING AND SCRAPING Radick? SCRAPING GETS LOUDER Get me out of here! Get me out of here! Fire alarm! Help! Help! DISTORTED SCREAMING LOUD SCRABBLING Fire! Fire! - HE GASPS - Will! Will! What the fuck are you doing? Jesus, Will! Do you want to explain what this is about? I don't know, OK.
I was just I was just having trouble sleeping, OK? Just bad dreams.
So, get some sleeping tablets, or something.
- It's not as simple as that, Jake.
- Listen, you need to get your shit together.
Or you're going to blow it.
- That's easy for you to say, OK? - How is it easy for me? Vera hates my guts.
I'm in this shit with you and you're acting like a fucking lunatic.
You didn't have to bury someone fucking alive! OK? What? You buried her alive? What did you expect, Jake? Eh? I was just going to fucking shoot her? Mate, no wonder you can't sleep.
- Where did you bury her? - Just Just leave it.
TANNOY: Attention, compound, attention, compound.
All women are to report to Hey-ho, Booms.
Off to work we go, eh? Oh, I I'm I'm I'm chucking a sickie.
What? - You can't.
- I can.
Aren't you the boss, bitch? No.
Not any more.
Yeah, course you are.
You're the big bad-a-boom! I'm not the big bad anything.
Um, you're properly going to find out soon, anyway.
I'm a dumb ass.
Yeah, I'm too dense to pass that test, so I'm not doing it.
Can't do it.
What you mean, yeah? Yeah, yeah? - You think I'm dumb, too? - No, no, no.
I'm a fuck up when it comes to tests, too.
- You can still have a crack at it, though.
- No.
No fucking way.
So them bitches can just fucking laugh at me? No.
- Screw what they think.
- No.
Boomer, do it for yourself.
Come on.
I'll help you.
- Really? - Yeah.
Well, if you want me to.
You wouldn't know fuck all about welding, though, would you? So what? I can still drill you.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- Oh.
- Come on.
You go get the practice test and we'll start tomorrow.
Ah, um Yeah, yeah, yeah? We'll show these bitches.
- OK! - Yeah? - Yeah? Come on, Boomer! Get up, then! - Don't do that to me! - Catch you later.
- OK.
You didn't eat my chocolates.
Remember me? I used to work for you till a pissed client glassed me.
That was you? Hey, look, I'm really, really sorry but I told them to get you the very best doctors, - I paid for everything.
- And then you threw me out.
I wouldn't have done that, no.
"Who's going to pay to fuck a Scarface?" you said.
No, I would never have said that.
- All my workers get - Shut the fuck up.
I'm not your worker! - Drop it! Drop it! - You're going to break my arm! Come here again, and I fucking will.
- You OK? - Yeah, I'm just a bit shaken.
Get that a lot? I treat my girls better than any of the men in the business, - I can tell you that.
- What business is that? Gentlemen's entertainment.
Let me guess, you've got an opinion on that, too.
- Not especially, no.
- Hey.
You can handle yourself.
You've got a cool head.
You want to be my guardian angel? Hey.
What happened to your hands? - Jammed in a door.
- Really? That's some door.
Rita! Thanks for nothing.
Marie just sacked me and you're her new bodyguard.
- Yeah, sorry about that.
- I need that money.
- I'm doing you a favour.
- Well, do me another favour.
Stay the fuck out of my life.
Ruby told me that you cut her loose.
Thank you.
It's no problem.
See, I'm not the evil woman.
I never said that you were evil.
Just You're not good for me.
Well, I remember it differently.
You were living on the streets.
I brought you into my home.
I took care of you.
You were family.
You understand that? I'll let you into my life.
Yeah, and you ruined mine.
Well, if that's the case, I've been punished.
You're going to be out of here soon enough.
I lost Danny.
What? Some animal came and hit him.
- He ended up in a coma.
- Oh, my God.
I wasn't there to hold his hand.
He died alone.
But no-one deserves to die alone.