Wentworth (2013) s06e05 Episode Script

Bitter Pill

1 - Morning, Vera.
- Fuck you.
- I'm pregnant.
- To Jake.
You need to get your shit together, or you're gonna blow it.
You didn't have to bury someone fucking alive, OK? You buried her alive? OK, full name, please? - Marie Louise Winter.
- Next of kin? There's no-one, it's just me.
You're never gonna to fucking believe who's here.
Allie! - God, you look so grown-up! - Well, it's been a long time.
- Everything OK? - Hello, Karen.
God, long time.
I find you recruiting girls in here and I will come down on you.
I'm sure that's true.
You can handle yourself, you got a cool head.
You wanna be my guardian angel? Well, so, where are the police on the Gilmour murder? No weapon, no motive, no suspect.
Basically no idea.
Just imagine I were to discover who killed Gilmour, that would that would be useful, wouldn't it? I'll make you a deal, the killer for the workshop.
- What's this? - I don't fucking know, it's not mine! - Slot her.
- I've been fucking set up! You will reopen my workshop And every woman in that workshop - has to have a TAFE certificate.
- Done.
Everything will be fine.
Just as soon as you pass the test.
When was your last period? I think it was eight weeks ago.
Are your cycles regular? Usually, um I've just been under a bit of stress lately.
And your last Pap smear? Six, seven months ago.
You're eight weeks along.
So um - the mif m-mif - Mifepristone? I can take that to terminate.
That's right, up to nine weeks.
The procedure requires two tablets, the first blocks the progesterone needed to maintain the pregnancy, - and the second pill expels it.
- - Now, it's incumbent on me to inform you - - that fertility declines - - fairly rapidly from your mid-30s.
- After 40, your chances really fall away.
Something to bear in mind, perhaps, when you make your decision.
We also have counselling available if you wanna talk to someone.
I don't think I'd make a good mother.
I'm sure that's not true.
But you don't need to decide today, you have a week to think about it.
Have you discussed it with the baby's father? - Morning.
- What is it? Have you seen this? - Didn't take them long to sink the boots in.
- Y you don't have to tell me.
The media office have been haranging me already.
Pisses me off, questioning your judgment.
You're the most level-headed person I know.
Ah, Susan! It is good to be up and running again, isn't it? - Yeah, good for some.
- Oh, come on! You'll have your welding ticket soon! How long, till your exam, hm? - Oh, well, actually, it's not 'til - Governor! Yeah, glad you're interested! Thanks for the chat! To what do I owe the pleasure? So much for your positive PR.
Yes, well that that was, um - unfortunate.
- Was it? How did you sell this workshop to me? As a shining beacon of prison re-education, a good news story.
What, so this is my fault?! - Are all these women certified? - Yes! Only women with tickets are allowed to use the machinery.
- Everybody else is on the simple tasks.
- I've spent all morning on the phone to the Corrections Media Office deciding how to respond.
If I close the workshop down now - You would be kowtowing to the press.
- Exactly! So I am not shutting it down.
I am inviting them in.
What do they say? Create the news, control the narrative.
We are gonna show the press first-hand how exceptional this workshop really is.
Well, I think that's an excellent strategy.
Soon as I get out of here, we're gonna go on a trip, you and me.
- Anywhere you wanna go.
- Yeah.
I'm really proud of you at school.
You're doing so well So, have you found the bastard who killed my boy? No, but we will.
So why are you here? How are you getting on? Zara, what's the problem? The merchandise is arriving at the port tomorrow, but our associate is very nervous.
- Why? - You need to reassure him.
That is your side of the business, Zara.
- You take care of it.
- Well, it's different now! He's scared.
He needs to be convinced that you're still in control, - or he won't go through with the deal.
- Should I just drop in on my way home? - By telephone? - Well, he'd have to get on my call list, which obviously can't happen.
- Can you get a phone in? - Not now! Security checks.
OK, leave that with me.
You just get me a clean SIM card.
Can you at least do that? Thanks.
Spike? - Love? - Not your love.
Well, I'm here as your peer worker, to see how you're holding up.
I didn't kill her.
I fuckin' loved her.
- I know.
- No no, you know jack shit, Liz.
Now piss off.
Piss off! I know you didn't kill her 'cause I know who did.
Who? Sonia.
Stevens? Yeah, right.
Why would that stuck-up bitch wanna kill my Shaz? 'Cause she's fucked in the head.
- Oh, shit.
- What? - I saw her.
- Saw her? Stevens.
She was hanging around my unit like a bad fuckin' smell.
Just before I got tossed.
That must've been when she planted the knife.
Fuck! When I get out of this box then I'll fuckin' kill the bitch! Yes, thank you.
Liz! - Want to hear my good news? - Yeah.
The court has just allowed me to change my plea to not guilty.
Not only that, the governor is inviting the press into the workshop.
- Oh! - Our plan is coming to fruition.
Well, a little more enthusiasm would be appreciated.
- Oh.
- Remember what's at stake here, Liz.
Hope you showered this morning, Ronaldo.
The doctor's expecting you.
Look at it all! It's just too much to think about.
Eh, just think big picture, Booms.
What's unsafe? Can you fall into any part of the machine without hurting yourself? Reckon I would fuck that machine up more.
- Yeah, but you wouldn't get hurt because - What would you be ? What would you be wearing in the workshop, Booms? Hey, what are you smiling at? What, can't I be happy? - What, in here? Yeah, right.
- Mm-hmm.
Are you gettin' ready for your test? She's gonna blitz it too, aren't you? - Yeah.
- No! I'm not.
I'm gonna spend the next five years bangin' nails into boxes.
You might end up with more responsibility than you think.
Well, Sonia's not gonna be around forever, is she? Eh? No, not today.
- What do you mean, you ? - Well, sometimes the OK.
OK, off you go, hon.
We'll talk some later on.
Good girl.
- You wanted to see me? - Yeah, I need a phone.
- Got a business call to make.
- When do you need it? Today if possible, but within the next 24 hours.
She's got a phone.
She was using it for fight club.
Can you source it? Yeah, I can reckon I can source it.
Winter, you put in a request for some of your son's belongings? - That's right.
- Request's been denied.
- Where are my girls? - Mm Jesus, Juice! Am I supposed to know what that mime shit means? Go get my girls.
Because I need to talk to them, you tongueless twat! - Hey.
- Oh, hey.
How's your mouth? - I feel really bad about what happened.
- Oh Oh, it's all right.
Well, Monte Carlos will still be hard but, you know Hey, er, gummy bears.
- You got nothing in your account, Boomer.
- What? Oh, that's OK.
Put it on mine.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- Aw! Thanks, Marie! - It's all right.
Salt and vinegar? I need to replace the salt.
Sweated it all out like a pig.
Yeah, I can see that.
Not that! Get off! Gross! - Help yourself.
- I will.
What's the story there? Looks like Marie's bought herself a new bestie.
I meant with you and her.
Ooh, don't give me that sexy shrug! There's obviously a story there.
Yeah, this'll last me probably like a week or something, eh? - Thank you! - I don't wanna bore you.
Yeah, right.
'Cause you've been boring me since day one, with your ugly mug and your squeakin' little voice.
- We had a thing.
- A thing? - Yeah, like a million years ago.
- Was it a little thaaang? Did you, like, enjoy it or ? It was a big thang.
At least, at the time it was.
She break your heart, girl? She ruined my fucking life.
She got me hooked on gear.
I ended up turning tricks.
I was a fucking basket case - because of her.
- What? - She did all of that? - Yeah, she did.
It's like she can instantly read you, and tap into your head.
It's like she knows exactly where you're vulnerable.
She uses that to get what she wants from you.
Man! She's got a voodoo vajayjay.
Oh, I lost count.
Seven - Oh, Governor? - What is it, Winter? I made a request for some personal belongings to have in my cell.
Well, it was knocked back.
Well, since the escape, we've been clamping down on privileges.
Well, it's just a few things that belonged to my son, things that are personal to me.
I'm afraid I can't make arbitrary exceptions.
But there's no-one else to maintain his memory.
What about his father? It's just me.
It's just a few possessions to maintain a connection.
I'm sorry.
Come on! Bloody thing! - Ah, come on! - Birdsworth, what are you doing? Liz! - Birdsworth, you all right? - Yeah.
- OK, take her.
Stewart? Mr Stewart! - Just take it easy.
Jake! Jakey the hero! Has a ring to it.
Does Mr Stewart need to go to the hospital? - Doctor checked him out.
He's got a sprained wrist - And Birdsworth? Fine.
Mild electrical burn.
- Thanks.
- For what? Mr Stewart uh, I just wanted to say thank you.
Thank you so much.
- It was nothing, Liz.
- Bullshit it was nothin'! You saved my life without thinkin' about your own.
You are a good man.
Isn't he, Miss Bennett? We're probably gonna need to do that test again, but, I mean, I'm gonna look into it.
You know you could've killed yourself, not to mention Mr Stewart.
Come on, Liz! The doctor hasn't finished with you yet.
Would you have cared - Just gonna run a few more tests, OK? - if I was dead? - Just have to see how - Hey I, uh, just heard.
You OK? Where have you been? Weren't you rostered onto H Block? - Uh, yeah - I swapped with him.
Are you feeling anywhere else? - Will was in J Block.
- Well well, I don't OK, we'll finalise the incident report later.
Thanks, mate.
Way braver! Allie, Allie, Allie, Allie! - I'm ready this time, I'm ready! - Go on, Booms! We win, bitches! You wanna go again? Huh? You want more pain? Shouldn't you be studying, Booms? Nuh.
Anyone? Anyone? Oh What do you want? You know where Kosta stashes her phone? Why would I know that? You were in with her over that fight club.
Ew! I wasn't in with Kosta's mob.
I haven't got a bloody clue.
And even if I did, I wouldn't tell you.
What's the go there? No idea.
Danny loved his basketball.
Remember how you used to call him Danny Jordan? What's the go with Taylor? - Sweet kid.
- Yeah.
Young, pretty, impressionable.
- Just your type.
- Hey, I'm just trying to make friends.
I would prefer that friend to be you, but something tells me that other parties are determined for that not to happen.
- Don't make this about Kaz.
- This? What is this? You know, apart from Danny, you're the only person I let in.
You know what really confuses me is that you said I was too controlling, but then you went and left me for a woman who ran a vigilante cult.
I didn't leave you for Kaz, she rescued me from you! I rescued you from the streets.
But Kaz has made you think that I was exploiting you.
But she's the one who did the brainwashing, she is the one who put you in prison.
She didn't brainwash me.
Yes, she did.
God, everything that we had, Kaz had made you see it through her eyes.
And she's still deciding who you can and can't associate with.
I decide who my friends are, Marie.
Fuck! Oi! Help! Shit! Hey, let me out! Get me out of here! Fuck off! Ah, fu ! Why don't you think you'll be a good mum? I didn't have much of a role model.
And, um And that the idea of being responsible for something so fragile Scares you? - - Raising a child on my own with zero support that that scares me.
You wanted to see me, Governor? Ah, Marie Winter put in a request for some of her son's belongings.
We knocked her back, as per the new protocol.
- I'm making an exception in this case.
- You really wanna do that? Just authorise it, Miss Miles.
Attention, compound.
Attention, compound.
H Block are now called for breakfast.
The reporters will be here at 2pm today, so I need you to have things running like clockwork so I can deal with the press.
You sure I can handle it? 'Cause, like, I haven't got my ticket or nothin'.
Don't be silly.
Just study hard and you will pass the test.
2pm today, Ms Bennett's given permission for you - to be in the workshop.
- Hm.
There's $50 in it for you.
Oi! Why do you want that lardass anywhere near our workshop? Trust me, Susan, hm? There is method in my madness.
Hey, Rita! Come sit with us.
Much more fun.
I bet you are.
Boring! You can't let her worm her way back in, Bubba.
We both know why she's here.
Actually, she's in here because her son died, Danny.
She lost it when she had to turn off his life support, and she bashed the doctor.
Whatever the reason, it doesn't change what the fuck she is, a corrupter of vulnerable young women.
Marie Winter fucks up lives.
Liz! Come sit down.
When can you get it in? How much? I'll bring it in the usual way.
I'll worry about that, OK? You just call me back when you get sorted.
Bank this.
Tell me when he calls back.
She wants to know if it's on vibrate.
Oi, you better have reception up there! You wanna know where Kosta's phone is? Up Lucy's fork.
Good luck trying to get that.
- Here you go, Governor.
- They all been checked? - Checked and cleared.
- Thank you.
You can wait outside, Mr Jackson.
Thank you.
I really appreciate this.
You kept all those things.
I suppose that's what a mother does.
Well, I was actually never very maternal.
But I'll always be grateful that I had Danny.
He made me a better person.
God, he had this since he was a baby.
Roger the Dodger! His dad gave him this.
I was under the impression that Oh, well, he wasn't really part of our lives, eh? He just wasn't the sort of man that I wanted Danny to look up to, really.
So you decided to raise him on your own.
Although that may have been a mistake.
- Why? - Well, I shut him out.
He could've been a great dad.
I guess I'll never know.
You probably think I'm silly, wanting all this stuff.
No, whatever helps to ease the pain.
Thanks, Will.
Oh, sorry Mr Jackson.
- Oh, shit! Get out of my way! - I'll get it, I'll get it, I'll get it! - All right, here, here, here, go.
Oh! - Out, out! - You got it? - Oh, no! Any luck with the phone? I'm working on it.
It's - slightly tricky.
- I need it today.
Yeah, righto.
Fuck, yeah! You mind if I sit? No.
Are you OK? - Get it! - Ohh! I've just been going over all of the shit that went down between us, when we were together.
And did you figure anything out? You didn't hold a gun to my head.
Just a needle to your vein.
I did that to myself.
Can't blame you for that as much as I'd like to.
God, you're not still self-conscious? - No.
- The Johns went crazy for that.
Happy birthday Mr President.
Happy birthday to you - Oh, God, so gross.
- Sick gross.
You were pretty special.
You know you're the only one that I ever gave my heart to? Really? And you've turned into quite something.
I wish Danny was here to see you now.
What, in here? Doing 10 years for assault and kidnapping? Sweetheart this place doesn't define you.
I'll catch you later.
All right, all right.
Ready? And through the middle, through the middle! That's it, well done, darling.
Hey, thanks, hon, you go get yourself cleaned up, will you? You might wanna give this a wipe, too.
Well done.
Keep an eye out, would ya? Thanks.
Dominic? Hi.
It's Marie Winter.
We have around 30 women working in this part of the workshop.
Look past the labels that have been placed on them.
Bludgers, no-hopers, a drain on the public purse I won't be a minute.
- You're late.
- Mmm.
What are you wearing? Never mind, just start packing those boxes, will you? Money later.
Get to work! What do you think about working here? This is Lucy Gambaro, she's one of our disabled girls.
- What the fuck! - On the outside, she would simply be tossed onto the scrapheap, wouldn't you, Lucy? But here, she's a valued member of our team.
- Get fucked! - Much like Susan Jenkins over here.
Intellectually impaired, practically unemployable.
But you see, I choose to see what these unfortunate women can become if they're only given a chance to shine.
- What's her name, Jenkins? - Yeah, Susan Jenkins.
- She answers to, um "Boomer".
- Right.
- Birdsworth? - Here! You gonna fuck that kettle up, too? You're supposed to be at work unit.
But you might wanna get changed first.
Yeah, just over here, thanks, Sonia.
- Yeah, that's terrific.
- Give us a smile.
- Now one with Ms Bennett? - Yes.
Can we get a photo of the governor and Sonia? Oh, certainly.
Perfect, that's great.
Smiling this way.
- Looking good, ladies.
- Over here! Yes, let's go! - Oh, Liz, Liz? - And what do you do here, ma'am? Oh, Liz doesn't actually, uh, belong here, she works in the seedling area.
And what do you think of Sonia Stevens? Sonia? Sonia's an angel.
What the fuck are you wearing? Hey has he called back yet? What do you mean, stolen? How the fuck did they steal it from up your gash, huh? Hey, Vic! Saw this scrag in the visitors this mornin'.
Meeting some random, getting gear.
Who'd you score for, blondie? Watch for screws.
Who'd you bring in gear for, huh? Tell me, little Taylah or I'll cut your pretty face! Make you look like Cherry not so pretty.
Marie it was Marie.
- Winter? - Yeah.
- Fuck! - You wanna get to Winter? Just take out her bitch of a bodyguard first.
Hey hey.
Ah, Marie wants to see you, dining room.
Marie? Marie? What's happening? Girls? Multicultural convention, eh? Let me welcome you to country.
- That'll do, Connors! - You! That's enough! Sierra six to medical, we require assistance in the dining room.
Copy that, Sierra six, on our way.
You're gonna have a nice, long stay in the slot.
Four-to-one, and you're gonna slot me? Last man standing, Connors.
Pretty impressive, though.
Will? Will? Oi! Go home.
What? Go home.
I can't I'm still halfway through my shift at medical.
Look, I'm done.
I'll cover the rest of your shift.
Just go home and get some proper sleep, mate.
What are you doing here? Where's Will? Good morning.
Mr Stewart.
You swapped another shift with Will Jackson last night.
- Yeah, that's right.
- The second in two days.
On both occasions, you failed to amend the official roster.
Well, as deputy governor, - that's Will's - I'm under enough pressure as it is.
If anything happens and my staff aren't where they're meant to be, - that comes back on me.
- Right, it won't happen again.
You are symptomatic of all of the bad choices I have ever made.
- What? - Because of you I question every decision.
I'm here as peer worker.
Your fight with Rita, what was that about? It was over drugs.
Drugs? I heard Marie Winter was bringing gear into the prison.
Knowing how you feel about drugs, I confronted her bodyguard about it.
She beat me up, - told me to keep my fucking trap shut.
- Don't give me that shit.
You don't believe me? Ask Taylah.
- You wanted to see me? - Shut the door.
Um, look before you say anything Now swapping shifts is one thing.
But not bothering to amend the roster? It contravenes work practice, not to mention leaving us open for potential scrutiny we don't need.
Why did you even let Jake swap shifts? Is there some reason you know he wanted to work in medical last night? I was the one who swapped shifts.
Why? I, um I just haven't been sleeping too well lately.
Jake was covering for me both times.
Will, what is going on? I mean, are there issues here at work we need to discuss? - I know it's not easy working with Jake - It's not Jake.
Well, what is it, then? Clearly something's bothering you.
Will? You know I'm here for you, after everything you have done for me? I'll always have your back.
Not this time.
You know anything you say in this room is strictly confidential? You know that? It can't be that bad but I'm also your friend.
Governor, have you seen the paper this morning? - Get out! Go! - Sorry, I just thought - Yeah, I need to get back to work.
- No, - Will, I - Look, I'm sorry, Vera.
I'm OK.
It's just insomnia, I've seen a doc, he's given me something to take.
- Will - I'm all right.
What the hell was that about? I didn't tell her anything.
You need to get a grip, if you can't sleep, go see a doctor, - get some pills or something.
- I've taken a shitload.
It's not fucking working.
OK "List all of the protective clothing that you must wear when using the machinery?" Uh, spats, gloves, boots Welders' beanie? A mask? Um, apron What's this shit? You forgot long-sleeved shirt.
What is this this shit?! "Champion of the oppressed, Sonia Stevens with intellectually disabled - "Susan "Boomer" Jenkins.
" - Fuck off! Oh, God Look, look, look! Look what they called me! Fuckin' intellectually disabled! Oh, Susan that is dreadful.
Why why why would they say that? That's just the press for you.
They're always looking for a cheap angle.
I could I could sue 'em for that, couldn't I? Yes.
Indeed you could.
I'll get my lawyers onto it.
Oh, fuck me! - Boomer, you need to concentrate.
- I can't! Boomer, you've got your bloody test tomorrow.
Intellectually disabled like, mongy! Oh, ladies.
You're just in time for morning tea.
How do you take it? I've just been speaking to Taylah.
- Doesn't say much, does she? - Oh, she said enough.
Is it true? I bet that fills you with joy? I won't be happy till you're gone.
Until then, if I catch you using girls - as drug mules again - "Using girls"? - Manipulating them - You call yourself a feminist, but then you assume that these women are dumb and can't make up their own minds.
It's not like I hypnotise them.
Do it again, and I'll fucking destroy you.
Understand? Hm.
That was a little frosty.
What happened? It was a set-up.
Everyone's busted.
- We've got a fucking rat.
- Shit ! OK.
List three methods of communication in the workshop.
I don't know.
Screaming, shouting Bit of this ? - Where's Allie? - Don't ask me.
I'm a fucking retard.
Liz? Hey? What is wrong? Liz Sonia killed Sharon Gilmour.
- What? - I think she thought Shaz was me.
- What are you talking about? - Sonia always knew I was Witness X 'cause she planned the whole thing, right? That's why I had to try to poison her, to kill her before she killed me.
But she didn't die! No, she came back from the fuckin' dead! Now I'm so afraid, Kaz.
I'm so bloody afraid.
- Sh it's OK.
It's OK.
- God Oh, God.
I don't know what's wrong with me.
I put my hair brush in the fridge.
I think I'm losing my mind.
Oh, Lizzie I think I'm losing my mind Up you get, Connors, let's go.
You're letting me out? Cops wanna question you over Kosta's assault.
Take a seat.
That number you gave us, Dominic Pasquale.
We put a watch out on him and it came up trumps.
Shipping container.
12 Asian girls.
Seven arrests, including Pasquale and Winter's associate, Zara Dragovic.
But we still haven't got a clue who Winter's protector is and that's who we want.
We reckon it's someone in government.
Maybe even the force.
Want you to get this into Winter's phone, that way we can monitor it 24/7.
Sooner or later she'll call the bastard.
Good work, Detective.
Dragovic? What's the story? As far as we can tell