Wentworth (2013) s06e06 Episode Script

Angel of Wentworth

1 You and I are going to out Don Kaplan.
And that will be the basis for my exoneration.
- And what do you think of Sonia Stevens? - Sonia's an angel.
Sonia always knew I was Witness X 'cause she planned the whole thing, right? Now I'm so afraid, Kaz.
I think I'm losing my mind.
After everything you have done for me, I'll always have your back.
- Not this time.
- What the hell was that about? I didn't tell her anything.
I haven't got my ticket or nothin'.
- Study hard and you will pass the test.
- What is this shit? "Sonia Stevens with intellectually disabled - Susan Boomer Jenkins.
" - Fuck off.
Dominic, hi.
It's Marie Winter.
That number you gave us, Dominic Pasquale, we put a watch out on him and it came up trumps.
- What happened? - It was a set up, everyone's busted.
We've got a fucking rat.
We want you to get this into Winter's phone, that way we can monitor it 24/7.
Good work, Detective.
(FOOTSTEPS ECHO) You don't know me When I don't know you You don't know me When I don't know you You're calling me in You're catching me out You're calling me in You're catching me out You're calling me in You're catching me out You don't know me When I don't know you.
Now, Dragovic, what's her story? She does Marie Winter's dirty work.
She takes care of the seedy end of the business, - so Winter can keep her nose clean.
- Any background on her? Serbian, tortured during the war in Bosnia and left for dead.
And then she turned up again doing jail time in Serbia for war crimes.
And now she's in here? Great! You've just made my day.
- We done? - Almost.
We hear that Ray's been to visit.
He misses me.
That's the job, isn't it? You've done well, Detective.
Just remember if there's anything else you need, we're just a phone call away.
OK, Connors, week's up.
Let's go.
Let's get some brekkie into ya and then we'll have a quick study session.
What's the point? I'm intellectually disabled.
Um, hello! You've got a test tomorrow.
- Hm! - You can lead a horse to water Hey.
- What are you doin' about Sonia? - I'm workin' on it.
What's to work on? - She killed Sharon.
- I said I'm working on it.
Now, have you seen the doctor yet? No.
I'm just stressed! And you would be too if you'd been through what I have.
All right, you know what? Maybe I'm wrong.
Forget the doctor.
And just deal with Sonia, yeah? Can I help you? Take your stuff and go tell the screws you wanna move.
I want your cell.
No chance, it's got ocean views and an en-suite.
Marie doesn't need you any more.
Marie wants me to move, Marie can tell me herself.
Oh, I see you two have met.
Give us a minute, will you, darling.
- Where'd you find Dracula? - That's Zara, she's a business associate.
She arrived when you were in the slot.
- Now I would like you to get along.
- (SHE CHUCKLES) She seriously needs an attitude adjustment.
She can be prickly, but she's very loyal.
- And I like that.
- Fair enough, but I'm not movin'.
Oh, that's OK.
I'll talk to her.
Between you and me, I prefer she stay in H5.
Why? She got the hots for you? Let's just to say a little bit of Zara goes a long way.
What happened with Kosta and her crew? She had a problem with you bringing in drugs, I convinced her to let it slide.
Thanks, Rita.
I think that's the second time you've saved my arse.
I aim to please.
Well, at least it makes a change not seeing Ferguson on the front page.
You OK? I'm fine.
Ms Bennett! How can I help you, Stevens? Congratulations on your media strategy.
I think we take rather a good photo, don't you? - Ms Bennett! - (VERA SIGHS) My publicist has another opportunity to promote Wentworth.
- Really? - Marshall Adams.
The shock jock? Huge audience and he's very big on prison reform and tackling recidivism.
He saw the angel article and he wants to do an interview on the workshop.
I have no desire to be ridiculed on radio.
Oh, no, don't don't don't worry about that.
My publicist and he go way back.
She has guaranteed that we will control the narrative.
All right, get me the details and I will run it by media liaison.
You and me together on the radio talking about the workshop.
I just don't think it's a good idea.
Oh, nonsense.
It's all arranged for tomorrow.
No, I just get way too anxious.
Well, I will be there with you.
We are in this together, remember? Now I've gone to a lot of trouble to convince Ms Bennett, so if she asks, just tell her how excited you are.
Hm? Haven't you heard, Sonia? No means no.
Why don't you ask Boomer? - Yes! Boomer'd be great.
- Nah, nah, too dumb for the radio.
Don't take it personally.
It's not like that.
- What's it like Sonia? - It's just that they want to interview - an ordinary prisoner.
Liz is perfect.
- Perfect! Yeah, just fuckin' perfect! I'm your partner, not her! Why did you pick Liz when you know - she's the one who - Now, Susan! - You're being petulant.
- (SHE LAUGHS) Whatever the fuck that means! I'm fuckin' thick, remember! Jenkins.
Get out.
- I haven't had me pancakes yet.
- I said get out! Hey, what's the story over there with Marie and Drago? No idea, after my time.
Fuck! - Hey! - (SHE PANTS AND SOBS) - (SOBBING) Just - Boomer, settle down! You're just hurting yourself.
- She's supposed to be my fucking partner! - I know.
And now all of a sudden, she just thinks I'm a dumb-arse, just like everyone else does.
Sonia reckons she is way too smart for all of us.
Yeah! Yeah.
Well, she she ain't that smart, is she? Know, it should be me doing the radio interview not Liz.
You know, I never believed her fuckin' suicide bullshit.
- No.
She What? - Sonia just said that to get you off the hook.
Oh, uh, no, 'cause, well it wasn't to me At breakfast you said, "Liz was the one who " before she cut you off.
Liz was the one who what? - Uh, can't remember 'cause I went bunta - You are a shit liar, Boomer.
- What'd Liz do to Sonia? - Nothin'.
She poisoned her, didn't she.
Oh, um Why would she do that? What was she afraid of? - I don't know, you gotta ask Sonia.
- Boomer, tell me.
- I can't 'cause I promised.
- Was Liz Witness X? Yeah.
- Hey, mate.
- What?! You still not sleeping? Took tablets last night, still can't sleep a fucking wink! - I need a favour.
- What? I've been having trouble sleeping.
I tried some herbal stuff, but it's just not really First sign of a guilty conscience.
You got anything stronger? Go to the chemist.
I'm on late shift.
- Been pulling doubles to help out Will.
- Hm.
I would've called, but it's just it's been a crazy week.
- Mm, bullshit.
- Seriously.
Maybe we can have a meal this weekend.
I'll check my schedule These ones are the best, take two, 20 minutes before bed.
And, uh maybe a little somethin' to spark me up at work? These blue ones are uppers.
So no more than two at a time.
Just remember that white is stop and blue is go.
Got it.
I owe ya.
Well, I guess you're not keen for a study session then, 'ey? - I'm not doin' the test.
- (SHE SCOFFS) Boomer, you can't let that stupid reporter - stop you from getting what you want.
- No, it's not the reporter it's me.
It's true, I am a dumb fuck.
- That's not true.
- No, it is.
It is.
All me life I've just I've just been wrong.
Like, I can't think proper like everyone else.
You know, me mum always says it "You know, if I could slap the stupid out of ya, there'd be nothin' left.
" She fucking tried.
Still plenty left, but.
Your old lady hit ya? Yeah.
Oh, mate, God at the shops or wherever like, her thong's off her foot and she's like layin' into me head.
And I'm No! - Fucking hell, Booms.
- Nah.
Oh, like everyone knows you don't mess with her before lunch pissed on an empty gut.
She an alcoholic? Mm, yeah.
Like Liz.
When I was in her tummy, I made her so sick she had to drink like a fish.
So your mum was drinkin' while pregnant with you? Yeah.
Well, nothin' much changed when I come out neither, 'ey.
That can that can fuck with kids' brains, you know? Stop it from forming properly.
It's a full-on syndrome.
It's got a name and all.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Boomer, if you're sayin' that you can't think properly, then Oh, fuck.
So, if I've got like a syndrome then it's not my fault.
Nah, sis, it's not your fault.
Any news on the rat? - It's Pasquale, has to be.
- Has someone spoken to him? He's getting bailed today.
Lucas will pay him a visit.
Where's Connors? Oh, she's gone to medical.
Said she wasn't feeling well.
I don't trust her either.
- You don't trust anyone, Zara.
- I especially don't trust her.
- Hey.
- Hi.
When does Spike get out of the slot? Uh, in a few days, I think.
Do you think she did it? Well, she still denying it.
Any chance it could be Sonia? Stevens hardly knew Gilmour.
What if she killed her thinking it was Liz.
- What?! - Well, Liz reckons Sonia practically confessed to her.
Yeah, but why would she risk planting the - murder weapon on Baxter? - Because she's a psycho.
Told you she's got the hots for you.
Maybe it's mutual.
Marie is ancient history.
Hey, listen I gotta do something for Boomer and I need you to help me.
Yeah, sure, what do you need? I need you to charm Smiles.
(SHE CHUCKLES) You're gonna shiv me for makin' a phone call? You're going to sit tight and wait for Marie.
Told you.
Oh, Rita.
- I was gonna call my boyfriend, Ray.
- Bullshit.
Had an argument before I was slotted.
I need to speak to him.
- So, use the prison phones.
- They pulled my phone privileges.
- What was it about? - What? The argument? Oh you know stupid stuff.
His ex sniffin' around, mainly.
No, call Ray.
- Ah, no, it's OK - I insist.
On speaker.
- RAY: Hello? - Ray, it's me, I'm on a burner Reets, are you there? Hey, Ray, what did you and Rita have an argument about? Who is this? What's goin' on? - Last time I - Ray? Ray? What we always argue about, - my ex.
Reets, is everyth ? - (SHE CUTS HIM OFF) - You understand I had to check? - Oh, yeah, no worries.
Keep that safe, will ya? - Are we good? - Oh, good, yeah.
Next time, just ask.
Sorry about that.
- How's it goin'? - Yeah, good.
We need to talk about what we're going to say tomorrow.
- I don't reckon you need me - No, just stay positive, stay on story.
- That's all you need to worry about.
- Well, what is the story? Well, the story is how fantastic this workshop is! How it's changed the lives of the women working here.
People like Boomer, hmm? Given them a positive future.
How, in spite of all the Governor! Ha! - This as a pleasant surprise.
- I've just seen a question sheet for tomorrow's interview.
Why is Birdsworth involved? It'll be good for her self-esteem.
Plus, she's a model for prison reform.
Recidivist turned peer worker.
- Liz? - Yeah? Are you comfortable with this interview tomorrow? You don't have to do it.
No, I wanna do it.
It'll be good for the women.
Hey, Miss Miles, um I heard my boxing magazine has arrived.
Can I pick it up? Centre's closed unless you're doing a TAFE test.
Oh, I just want my mag.
Well, you'll have to come back on Friday.
Oh, that sucks! Can't I just pick it up? No-one would know.
Where's the harm in that? Quite the expensive magazine.
Make it quick.
- Get out! - Come on, Allie, do something.
Shit! Novak! Sierra 6, I've got a Code Blue in the education corridor, over.
- What happened? - RADIO: Copy that.
Sierra 6 - Fucked if I know! She just collapsed.
- Oh, man, I think I think I just had a a dizzy spell.
Yeah, uh, I think I'm feeling better now.
Uh, it's OK, Miss Miles, I'll take her back to the unit.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
Oh, Miss Miles! - That was the worst acting ever.
- Fuck off! - It worked, didn't it? - What's happening? Boomer We just guaranteed you'll pass the welding test.
- Oh, yeah, you're going to give me a brain transplant? - Better.
We swiped the test paper.
Get fucked.
Are you serious? That's shopliftin'.
Is this a fuckin' joke? - It's shopfitting, Booms.
- It's still the wrong paper.
- - Oh, fuck! Dickheads.
Fuckin' idiot! ANNOUNCER: Attention, compound.
Attention, compound.
- The canteen is now open for H Block.
- Just made a cuppa, would you like one? - Thanks.
- Sorry about this mornin'.
- Got a bit desperate.
- Oh, it's fine.
Drago's been looking daggers at me.
Oh, I wouldn't worry about that.
She's just jealous.
I'd hate to see her really take a dislike - to someone! - Mmm.
I just made a cuppa, you want one? My shout.
- I just spoke with Lucas.
- How did the interview go? - He says Pasquale's not the rat.
- Can he be sure? - He chopped off a finger with a chisel - All right, all right, - I don't want to know the details.
- It's not him, believe me.
Then while you're in here with me, I don't want you doing anything that's gonna draw attention to us.
I wanna be out of here in six months, so, keep a low profile, do you understand? And for God's sake, get out of those civvies, will you? - Fine.
- Tell Lucas to find the rat.
- These'll sort you out.
- No, thanks.
Last time you gave me pills, you took my job.
- Mate, relax, they're legit.
- You better not try and stitch me up - again, Jake, or else - Or what? You kill me? Mate, just take the fucking tablets.
Do you want Vera getting sus? I won't tell Vera anything.
You you can't be sure of that.
Why do you think they use sleep deprivation in Gitmo? White for stop, blue for go.
- How many do I take? - Two at a time.
RADIO: Sierra 7 to Sierra 3, we have an electrical fault in H Block air con.
Ah, this is Sierra 3, I'm on my way.
Oh, sh Oh, shit! Fuck! Argh! Argh! Ugh! Shit! - (ECHOING VOICES) You right, Mr Jackson? - You all right? What's wrong with you, Mr Jackson, sir?! Argh! Mr Jackson? Oh, Mr Jackson - He's off his head! - Mr Jackson? - Uh - You all right, Mr Jackson? Ugh! - WOMEN: Get out! - JACKSON: Get out! Get out! Bloody women only room.
Mr Jackson's lost it! - Boomer? - Yo.
Watch the door.
Make sure nobody comes in.
Nobody come in.
Oh, shit! - Mr Jackson? - I said get out! Will, it's just me.
Are you OK? Oh, my God, you're not.
I'll get the nurse.
No! No.
You can't.
I've taken something.
- Boomer - What's goin' on, Boomer? No-one's allowed in.
Says who? Says Kaz! She's in there with Mr Jackson, probably giving him a gobbie.
(LAUGHTER) Is that right? I dunno.
What's happening, Will? I don't know.
I'm just I'm just so exhausted.
I can't I can't sleep and I haven't slept I haven't slept since Ferguson you know You know you know it was me.
I know.
You had good reason.
I didn't I didn't just kill her, Kaz.
I buried her alive.
(WHISPERS UNDER SOBS) I fucking buried her alive And I can't sleep.
And I keep on hear I keep on hearing the shovel-loads of dirt landing on the box and - and her inside screaming, and stuff.
I - Shh, shh.
It's constant, I can't - I can't get - It's OK.
- I can't get - It's OK.
You did that for us, so that I didn't have to.
I'm still I'm still a I'm still a murderer I'm still a murderer, though, fuck! No.
You are the bravest man that I know.
- I've had enough of this.
- Hey, hey, 'ey! 'Ey, Kaz said you can't.
Argh! Fucking hell, Boomer! What part of "don't let anyone in" don't you understand?! She , she earned it.
I was just thinking about my son.
And that that just eats away at me, day and night.
But the nights are far worse.
I understand that you have to do what you've gotta do, I I was just trying to find some peace.
That's how you do it? Yeah.
You're tormented, too, I saw you in the bathroom.
Wasn't what you think.
Yeah, I know what that was.
I know that well.
That's despair.
That was despair.
Get rid of it.
You have to forgive yourself, first and, that I'll never be able to do that.
I meant the drugs.
My brain injury isn't my fault neither.
You got a brain injury, too? I had an accident.
It was a long time ago but - before then I was pretty fuckin' smart.
- Yeah, Einstein, 'ey? My dad used to call me that.
No shit, 'ey? Now I couldn't study to save myself.
- But that's all right, I've got boxing.
- You're ace at that.
Yeah, and you're ace at welding.
That's why you gotta take the frigging test! - It's too late 'cause it's tomorrow.
- No.
No, sis, it's never too late.
Hold your arms out.
Grab that.
- It's gonna be a long night.
- Oh! - Take us through a JSA.
- A what? - Job Safety Analysis.
- I can't do this.
- No, no, no, come on, you know it.
- Booms What are the potential hazards of arc welding? - Huh? - What could hurt you? Oh.
Power cord.
- Yes! Woo! - See? Piece of piss! (LAUGHTER, BOOMER CHUCKLES) Where do you point the fire extinguisher? At the friggin' fire! Fuck! Fuel gas hoses usually Oi, Booms?! Are we freezing our tits off here for nothing? Next question.
Come on.
You on a hunger strike or something? Oh, no, I'm too nervous to eat.
No, you'll be right.
Just remember, piece of piss.
Yeah, piece of piss.
Piece of piss Piece I hope you're firing on all cylinders - for our interview this morning, Liz.
- Oh, yeah, I'm as fresh as a daisy.
Stevens, Birdsworth.
- They're ready for you now.
- Good luck, Lizzie.
Crush it! Good luck for you, too.
Yeah, the women are pretty geed up about this interview.
Yeah, I told them they could listen in, and maybe it'll be good for morale.
Good for Stevens' ego.
There's a rumour circulating about Stevens.
What, she really is an angel?! That she killed Gilmour.
- What? - Then framed it on Baxter.
Well, where did you hear that? I can't tell you that.
But it comes from a reliable source.
I don't doubt Stevens is capable of it but I think she's smarter than that.
Yeah, it's a big risk to plant the murder weapon on Baxter.
What could she possibly get from that? RADIO: Five minutes past ten.
I'm Marshall Adams and this morning - I'm gonna have another word with Stevens - I'm speaking with - before they get started - Entrepreneur and Angel of Wentworth, Sonia Stevens? You've probably seen her in the papers.
Hello, Sonia, welcome to the programme.
Thank you, Marshall.
(DISTORTED) Good morning.
(DISTORTED) And repeat offender, (CLEAR OF DISTORTION) mother of two, Elizabeth Birdsworth.
- Oh, yeah, h-hello.
- Lizzie, woo! - (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) - So, ladies, repeat offending is at record levels across the country but you're tackling it with a with a new programme? Yes, that's right, Marshall.
Liz and I, with the support of our governor, Vera Bennett, we have started a new prison reform programme called Green Wall, where we train and employ the women.
And we prepare them for the outside world, don't we, Liz? Ah, yeah.
That's right, Sonia.
As a matter of fact, some of our friends and colleagues are sitting for their TAFE certificate as we speak, - so good luck, girls! - Well, yeah.
Yeah, good on you, guys! That's all very noble.
But my sources tell me, Sonia, that you shouldn't be in Wentworth in the first place.
Yes, Marshall, I am changing my plea.
Rumours about police corruption and a dysfunctional judicial system Well, Marshall, you should ask Liz about that.
She knows all about it.
- No, I don't know all about it.
- Yes, of course you do, Liz.
You gave evidence at my trial.
- I - You lied in court to get me convicted, didn't you? Who put you up to that? - D-Don! - Detective Don Kaplan.
You were Witness X, weren't you, Liz? - (GASPS) - No bull! Well, we were in love - and he asked me to do things.
- OK, shut it down! - Sexual things? - Well, I would have.
He had a perfect cock.
(LAUGHTER) Get Birdsworth back to her unit! What the hell was that?! - My sentiments exactly - Shut up! That is the end of your media campaign.
The next time you make the papers will be your sentencing.
Just get her out as well! Time's up.
Pens down.
Hey! How'd you go? - Did you smash it? - I don't want to talk about it.
Oh, come on, Booms.
You gotta give us somethin'.
The whole thing's just a blur, hey, you know.
Well, it couldn't have gone as bad as Liz's interview.
Why? What happened? Oh, God! Oh.
- What did I do? - Perfect cock?! Are you trying to sabotage me?! You sabotaged me! I told ya I couldn't do it.
We're supposed to be talkin' about the garden project, and then you brought up all that stuff about Don.
If this fucks me up, Elizabeth, I will do what I have wanted to do for a very long time.
I will kill you.
Why don't ya? Just do it! Go on! 'Cause I can't do this any more! It is driving me fucking insane! - Unh! - Oh, fuck! Get off me.
- Pathetic.
- It's true.
I am losing my mind.
I'm not well.
- This is bullshit! - I think I've got dementia! I do! (LIZ WHIMPERS) I I r I really do.
Of course.
I am so sorry.
What you need is a nice little walk in the yard, hmm? - Yeah.
- Get some fresh air? ANNOUNCER: Attention, compound.
Work unit is now complete.
Stretch your legs, come on.
- Here she is, the lagger! - Yeah.
You got a fuckin' death wish, slag? Everybody, be quiet! I have something to say.
Quiet, please! What are you going to say? Ladies, I give you - Witness X! - No, no, no, no! Sonia, why would you do that? What do they do with the laggers?! Don't think I can trust her now.
Liz? She's not here.
Liz? Oh, fuck! Serves her right.
Well, she lagged on Sonia.
Didn't mean to do it.
It wasn't my fault! It wasn't my fault! No, no, no, no.
it wasn't my fault! It wasn't my fuckin' It wasn't my fault! - Gonna teach her a fuckin' lesson.
- ALL: Yeah! No, no! All right, that's enough! Break it up! (LIZ CRIES) Leave Liz the fuck alone! - (JEERING) - (SOBBING) Back off! Back off! - (LIZ CRIES) - Are you are you all right, Liz.
Liz, it's Kaz.
It's OK.
- It's all right.
I've gotta get you inside now.
- Back off, ladies! - I gotta get you inside.
You're OK.
- It wasn't my fault! I couldn't help it.
- That's bullshit, Kaz! - Yeah, why the fuck are you protecting her? Shut up, Radic! Let her pass.
It wasn't my fault! I tried It wasn't my fault.
I couldn't help it, that's all.
Now will you see the doctor? I-I I couldn't help it.
I couldn't help - It wasn't It wasn't my fault.
I couldn't - I know.
Come on.
I know.
(PHONE RINGS) - You, uh, wanted to see me? - Yeah, come in.
Sit down.
- You know when you tossed Baxter's cell - We we found the murder weapon.
the anonymous tip-off came from Stevens.
How do you know? She wanted me to reopen the workshop.
She promised to give us Gilmour's killer - if I agreed.
- You did a deal with Stevens? Will, I was desperate.
The board and the press were all over me, the police had no idea who had killed her.
- I thought the prison grapevine - So Stevens did do it.
And framed Baxter.
Well, she must've hidden the weapon somewhere we didn't search.
So we have a weapon and a motive to frame Baxter, but no proof.
- Did you find anything on the CCTV? - No, not yet.
- You wanted to see us? - Come in.
You all need to hear this, as my senior staff.
I was forced to dismiss Nurse Radcliffe today.
Didn't see that coming.
There were drugs missing from medical that she couldn't account for.
I wish I could say I was surprised, but people never cease to disappoint me.
How's Liz? She's with Allie.
Look, um I'm really sorry for dumping my shit on you last night.
It's OK.
Listen, um What you said about Stevens, the governor's looking into it.
She thinks she killed Gilmour too? And she's investigating whether she planted the murder weapon on Baxter.
You have to put her in protection.
Well, we have to find proof.
Well, you have to find the proof before Spike gets out of the slot.
She's gonna want justice.
And I'm gonna have to deliver that.
dark not white meat.
Ah, fuck off.
I'm not interested.
You didn't mind before.
That was because I was being paid to be a drug mule.
I can pay.
Already taken.
I said fuck off! (ZARA LAUGHS) What was that? Nothin' I can't handle.
Stay away from her, yeah? Drago gives me the creeps.
I saw you tryin' to touch up that young Koori girl.
- What? - You like black chicks.
- Fuck off! - Good, 'cause I don't like you either.
- (RITA SPEAKS IN SERBIAN) - Unfortunately, that's all the Serbian I know.
- (ZARA SPEAKS SERBIAN) - - Hey, Zara, what's Stop it! Get off her! - Dragovic! Get off her now! Let's go! - Stop, Zara! Stop, please! - I'm gonna need assistance in here! - Get off her! - Let's go, Dragovic.
You're going to the slot, Dragovic.
Which part of low-profile don't you understand? Let's go.
You OK? You wanna go to medical? She jumped me.
Lucky you got here when you did.
- Bitch is crazy.
- Yeah.
Now I know you've been under a lot of pressure, so just relax.
OK now, Liz, I've got some questions for you.
Uh, what sort of questions? Ah, it's a little test.
It's nothing to worry about.
- Just take your time.
- OK.
OK, can you tell me where we are right now? Yeah, we're in Wentworth.
- Ah, what city and country? - Melbourne, Australia.
- Is this really the test? - Yeah.
- See? There's nothing to worry about.
- Oh.
Now I'm gonna name three things.
and I'll ask you to repeat them back to me.
Later, I'll ask you again what they are.
Understand? Yeah, no worries.
Go for it.
A teacup, a horse and a basketball.
A teacup, a horse and a basketball.
Now can you count back from 100 in sevens? Uh 100, 93 87 80, 73 - 65.
- OK, great.
Thanks, Liz.
That's enough.
Now, those three things that I named, can you tell me what they are? It was, er, an animal, a-a horse.
Uh, and a mug? It was a horse, and and something.
That's OK.
Liz, take a breath.
I know it.
I I I know it.
It was a horse, a-a cup.
A cup.
A horse, a cup Never mind.
We'll move on.
I thought you might like to call Ray.
I really appreciate it.
It's the least I can do.
I know, I know.
Last week's interview was a debacle.
So you can save your breath if that's why you're here.
Well, it wasn't great.
But it may not matter, because I've got better news.
Oh, God! Yes, please.
Don Kaplan's been arrested.
Holed up in some pot den in Amsterdam.
- No imagination.
- Hm! So he's being extradited for extortion, corruption - and perverting the course of justice.
- Well - that is good news.
- Mm.
You realise all his cases are now tainted, don't you? The DPP only have two witnesses, a corrupt cop and a demented old hag.
And they know it.
So I've got a meeting with them in the morning.
- Splendid.
- Yeah, with a little bit of luck, I think I'll have you out of here in 48 hours.
Got a list of your girlfriends, Mr Stewart? - TAFE test results.
- Oh, hey, hey, hey! You know some turtles can breathe out of their bums? Serious? I reckon this one could.
Hey, bitches, what's up? Our test results are in.
- Go on.
- Go on! Don't keep us waiting! - Go on, Booms! - Go! INMATE: Oh, yeah! Get out of my fuckin' way.
Move! Move! - Hey! - Fuckin' bitch! How'd ya go, mate? Hey, Boomer! (ALL SHOUTING) Susan.
I didn't think you were talking to me.
I'm not.
That's a shame.
I do miss our little chats.
Suck that up! You were wrong.
I'm not a dumb-arse.
- C+! - Yeah! - I knew you had it in you! - Oh, bullshit! You just had to believe in yourself.
A drink, to celebrate? I'm not talking to ya.
That's all right.
Just drink! You're celebrating and so am I.
All right, what are you so happy about? (SONIA LAUGHS) My release.
In two days, I will be free.
Do you know what that means? - Yeah, you're outta here.
- I am and now that you have your TAFE certificate, the workshop will all be yours.
(BOOMER LAUGHING) Yeah, fuck! What's the occasion? - Sonia's gettin' out in two days.
- Is that right? - Boomer, make yourself scarce.
- Oh, I'm I-I'm celebratin'.
Celebrate somewhere else.
(LAUGHTER) Well, you certainly know how to kill a party.
Well, I know that you killed Gilmour.
And that you framed Spike for it.
Oh, you've been talking to the demented old hag.
- You know she's losing her marbles.
- You're fucked.
You're not going anywhere.
That is your professional, legal opinion, is it? I don't need a legal opinion.
When Spike gets out of the slot tomorrow, I'm going to put it to the women.
Let them decide what to do with you.
So you think you can try the Angel of Wentworth? I can.
And I will.
I just hope, for your sake, things don't get out of hand.
I mean, you remember what they did to Ferguson.
You could be out in two days or dead in one.
Next Tuesday, 8.
30pm on Showcase You remember what they did to Ferguson.
You could be out in two days, or dead in one.
You need to protect me.
Someone might get jealous, about my release, - try and hurt me - No-one's gonna touch ya! You had everything: money, power.
You're gonna have to trust me.
Whatever happens in there, you play along, OK? New Wentworth, next Tuesday, 8.