Wentworth (2013) s06e07 Episode Script

The Edge

1 - What are you doin' about Sonia? - I'm workin' on it.
What's there to work on? She killed Sharon.
I need a phone.
She's got a phone, she was usin' it for fight club.
- Right.
Can you source it? - Reckon I can source it.
I haven't slept.
I haven't slept since Ferguson.
- You know it was me.
- I know.
I buried her alive! (ON PHONE) Rumours about police corruption.
Well, Marshal, you should ask Liz about that.
She knows all about it.
You gave evidence at my trial.
Who put you up to that? - D-Don.
- Detective Don Kaplan.
- You were Witness X, weren't you, Liz? - (GASPS) I give you Witness X! - No, no, no, no, no, Sonia! - INMATES: Lagger, lagger, lagger, lagger Don Kaplan's been arrested.
His cases are now tainted.
I think I'll have you out of here in 48 hours.
You're fucked.
You're not going anywhere.
When Spike gets out of the slot tomorrow, I'm gonna put it to the women.
You could be out in two days or dead in one.
You don't know me, when I don't know you You don't know me, when I don't know you You're calling me in, you're catching me out You're calling me in, you're catching me out You don't know me, when I don't know you You don't know me When I don't know you.
You could be out in two days or dead in one.
I want protection.
I'd like to be moved to a secure unit.
- Have you been threatened? - My charges are about to be dropped.
In a few days, I will be a free woman.
I don't want anyone getting jealous, lashing out.
Spike Baxter is being released from isolation today.
- Does that have anything to do with this? - Why would she? I am aware of certain rumours concerning you and Sharon Gilmour.
Sadly, Liz Birdsworth is delusional.
Why would I do such a thing? Why would I butcher Gilmour? There's no motive, no evidence.
You won't find my prints on the murder weapon.
Ms Bennett I am not a killer.
Well, until I get official word from the DPP, you'll be staying where you are, unless you have a more compelling argument.
Right, we're done, then.
Mr Stewart would you take, ah, Stevens back to her unit? Uh, what is maintenance doing about this heating? Ah, it's still on the blink.
The contractor's on the roof now.
Can you tell him to get a move on? What happened to your pips? Um dry-cleaners must have forgotten them.
Just get Stevens downstairs.
(OVER INTERCOM) Yes, Governor? I need you to get one of the officers to pull more CCTV.
Any footage following Gilmour's murder, but prior to the cell toss when we found the weapon.
- So, what have you done? - Sorry? That's the look I usually get.
Birdsworth, your appointment, doctor's here.
Do you want me to come with you? Why? - You gonna hold her hand? - Shut up, Kosta.
Still haven't told us why you're protecting - a fuckin' lagger.
- Shut the fuck up, Kosta.
Sit down, Kosta.
Be with you in a second, Liz.
Are you serious? All right, everyone, here's the deal: from now on you leave Liz alone or you'll have me to answer to, right? Spread the word.
I'm fuckin' serious.
- OK, Kaz.
- Whatever you say.
One warning.
That's all you get.
(SONIA SIGHS DEEPLY) Can I help you? Actually, I think we can help each other.
There's a logical reason Kaz didn't punish Liz Birdsworth: she's a lagger herself.
Don't you remember when Will Jackson interrupted her fight with Kosta? She's his informant.
Haven't you noticed their private little chats? And if I'm not mistaken, Kaz is the only person standing between you and Allie.
Look, if we work together, we can expose Kaz for the hypocrite that she is.
How? By forcing her to punish someone she really cares about (HUSHED) Allie.
Well, she won't go through with it.
She'll tip off Mr Jackson, and when he intervenes, she'll be publicly exposed.
- I won't risk Allie being hurt.
- It'll never happen, that's my point.
And if I'm right, Kaz will lose all remaining respect from the women.
She will be deposed.
And if you're wrong? If I'm wrong, and that's a big if, then Kaz will have punished her best friend.
And poor Allie will need a warm shoulder to cry on.
Well, we've got your test results back, Liz.
You've developed a type of a younger-onset dementia.
I I have a disease.
Well, it explains all of your symptoms: the fatigue, the confusion, disorientation.
I-I have a disease.
I'm not crazy.
Uh, what's the treatment? Well, we can help Liz live with the condition, but at the moment I'm afraid we can't cure it.
Liz, this condition is irreversible and ultimately it will be fatal.
(SOBS) How long have I got? Uh, it's impossible to say.
Over time, the severity of your symptoms will increase, but you'll also have periods of lucidity, at least for a few months I will talk to the Governor about how to make you more comfortable here, but eventually you have to move - to a psychiatric facility.
- Oh, no, no, I'm not goin' to some loony bin.
- She's not leaving us.
We're her family.
- Yeah.
I've prepared some more information, if you'd like to read it.
Thank you, Doctor.
I really am sorry.
Thank you.
Wasn't expecting you out so soon.
You wanna have another go, plenty of officers around to - drag you back to the slot.
- Now, let's not cause a scene, ladies.
Well, now I'm back, you can piss off.
- And why would I do that? - Hey, you look at me.
Now, you get back on the phones, 'cause someone out there has tipped off the cops.
I want you to find out who it is, I want them shut down.
What if there is no rat? What if the cops tapped our phone? It's Kosta's, how would they know you were using it? - KOSTA: Do ya reckon she'll fight? - Nah.
- They could be tapping that skank.
- Yeah, and she's some prized target.
And the Russians are probably tapping her, too.
- Who the fuck asked you? - Either way, we can't have the cops listening in.
- We could, um, bring in another phone.
- Nah, we can't risk that.
We just need to lay low, let the dust settle.
I'll get rid of it.
- KOSTA: She doesn't have it in her.
- No, that's OK.
I think I might have one last use for that.
Let's test your theory.
Uh Allie better not get hurt.
Er, and there is one other thing, I have tried to broach it with the prisoner concerned, but she won't discuss it with me.
Liz Birdsworth.
You want me to talk her into going - to psych unit? - The doctor thinks it's best.
That doctor doesn't know her, he's covering his arse.
I mean, it's still so early.
If She needs familiar surroundings and faces or she's gonna get worse a lot quicker.
She could become a danger to herself or to the other women.
Not with me looking out for her.
Please, do not send her there until you have to.
She will be safe with me.
I swear.
I'll need to think about it.
(SIGHS) It's warmer out here than it is in there! Yeah.
Oh, I guess he's fixing it.
What have they been sayin' about me? This lot? I just told them you'd been stressed.
I don't want 'em knowin' the truth.
Not till I get my head around it.
I have to tell my kids.
Do you want me to speak to the Governor? She can organise a visit.
No, I need some time.
But I'm gonna beat this fuckin' thing, Kaz, I don't care what that doctor says.
I am not going anywhere.
Right? Yeah.
- Fuck that doctor.
- Fuck that doctor.
I hope they've fixed the heating in there, hey? What are you talkin' about? You hot already.
- Oh, get a room, dykes.
- Jealous much? Fuck, that's my phone.
- Don't look at me! I didn't put it in there.
- It was in your hoodie.
- Hey, back off.
- She's a thief.
- What the fuck?! I didn't take it.
- Hey.
Cut it out.
- What's happened? - This bitch had my phone - all along.
She's lyin'.
- Hey, she said she didn't take it.
All right, stop.
What are you gonna do about it, top dog? Gonna protect her like you protect your lagger over there? - Did you have her phone? - No! Bullshit, it was in your hoodie.
Yeah, well, someone planted it then.
I didn't take it.
- Isn't that Kaz's call? - Who asked you? Nobody asked me, I'm just saying Kaz shouldn't be expected to - play favourites, that's all.
- It's none of your fucking business! Posh bitch is right.
I want justice.
What are you gonna do about it, Proctor? ANNOUNCER: Attention, compound.
Attention, compound.
Work unit will commence in ten minutes - We'll sort this in the laundry - Work unit will commence in ten minutes.
- after work unit.
- Good.
Kaz? - I'll see you after work unit.
- Yeah.
No toast or knives.
- This is bullshit.
- Hurry up! I didn't take that phone.
I believe you.
So what's happening after work unit? You just told everybody that you were going to sort it.
You're gonna have to trust me.
Whatever happens in there, you play along, OK? - Play along with what? - Allie, everything is going to be OK.
I am not gonna hurt you.
I promise.
Did you have anything to do with that? What? You wanted that phone.
- So, what, did you set Allie up? - No! Oh, so it's a big fuckin' coincidence, then, huh? - Yeah, pretty much.
- Who'd ya get it for? Your boss? Right, I'll go talk to her.
You don't talk to Marie about this, OK? You don't talk to Marie about anything.
I mean it! Stay away from her.
Oh, er, er, Mr Jackson Is that Don, uh, Detective Don Kaplan? No, he's the workman fixing the heating on the roof.
Warm sheets, anyone? They're toasty.
All mine, then.
This is fucked.
Kaz is supposed to be your friend.
I guess she has to be seen to do something.
You were set up.
Why the hell aren't you freaking out about this? Oi! Pick up the pace.
Don't you roll your eyes! That's very rude.
In a few days' time, she will be running this place, so I want you to listen to every single word she says.
Bit of respect, bitches! (BOTH CHUCKLE) - Finally, she cracked a smile.
- Oh Ooh no, I'm going to miss ya, 'ey? I've grown very fond of you too, Susan.
- You know that? - Yeah.
- You're gonna come visit, but, 'ey? Mmm.
- All the time.
But while I'm still here, I need you to stay close.
- Why? - Well someone might get jealous about my release.
- Try and hurt me.
- Nah! - Nah, no-one's gonna touch ya.
- No, I think they might.
I'd just really appreciate it if you could keep me company, yes? - All all right.
All right.
- Yes.
Hey! Hey - What's Don doin' here? - What? - He's workin' on the roof.
- BOOMER: Hey! What are you doin' in here? Get back to your seedlings! I'm I saw him.
I'm sure it's him.
- Liz - What? your boyfriend has been arrested, which is why, in a few days' time, I will be a free woman and you will be stuck in here, brain dissolving like an aspirin.
Hey, I'm kind of busy.
I need you to interrupt something in the laundry after work unit.
What's happened? Someone's framed Allie and it needs to look like I'll punish her.
You have to stop it.
ANNOUNCER: Attention, H Block.
Work unit is now complete.
Work unit is now complete.
You OK? Uh, yeah.
Could uh, could you check on that workman? It's bloody freezing.
All right, let's do this.
- I want that bitch punished.
- This is crazy.
She didn't do - Why aren't you fighting this?! - (WHISPERED) Kaz can't do anything.
INMATE: Oh, yeah she's gonna be punished - INMATE 1: Shit.
- INMATE 2: What the fuck is that? - ANNOUNCER: Attention, compound.
Attention, compound.
- INMATE: this is shit! Remain where you are until power is - restored.
Remain where you are - Just a power cut.
Get on with it! until power is restored.
Uh, Maintenance, this is Sierra 3, come in.
Come in, over.
Hello? Maintenance, this is Sierra 3.
I'm stuck in the lift in H Block.
What's the power situation? You cut the power to reset the heating.
A couple of minutes, Sierra 3.
Can you get a move on? I can't breathe in here.
Oh, don't look so worried, Allie nothing's gonna happen.
Our top dog has a very cosy little arrangement with Will Jackson.
She's a lagger! (SONIA CHUCKLES) - The fuck are you talking about? - What, it's all arranged, isn't it? Any second, Mr Jackson will walk through that door, - just as he did when you fought Kosta.
- Are you serious? She's trying to discredit me because I know she killed Sharon Gilmour.
Oh, come on! I know you can do better than that.
and we will find out who's lying, won't we? When your co-conspirator walks through that door to save the day.
Come on before that thing cools down.
I want it hot! - Shut the fuck up! - No more finger banging for you, bitch.
I'll bang your fuckin' head.
(PANTING) She's delaying.
FERGUSON: Officer needs assistance.
Officer needs assistance.
Officer needs assistance.
No! Don't d-d This isn't this isn't happening.
FERGUSON: Officer needs assistance.
OK! (HUSHED) Do it.
FERGUSON: Officer needs assistance.
This isn't happening.
Officer needs assistance! You're not FERGUSON: Officer needs assistance.
Get out of here! - (WHISPERED) Do it.
Let's go.
ALLIE: Ah! Who's a fuckin' liar? INMATE: Nice battle, Ruby.
- INMATE: Stuck up bitch! - I hear Spike gets out this arvo.
Be seeing you then.
- What the hell's goin' on? - No, nothing.
- She said that you killed Sharon.
- You don't believe her? No.
It's, Ra Then you need to protect me.
Falling on the steam press.
That's imaginative.
- Can you just do your job, please? - Ow! Oh can I have some painkillers, please?! Ah! Sh, sh, sh, sh, sh, sh, sh God, you're shaking.
No, I'm OK.
Course you're not.
What she did to you was vicious.
Well, that's how things work in here.
(HUSHED) So - What the fuck happened?! - OK, Kaz, look, I've I've Th-there was a power cut.
- I got stuck in the lift, all right? - Allie's in medical.
That's not my fault, all right? You are a fucking mess.
Get your shit together! Fuck! You know, Susan, I I don't know what I'd do without you.
- Oh.
- Ah, Stevens, Governor wants to see you.
I expect she's heard from the DPP.
- DPP.
- It's been a real pleasure, Susan.
Ah S I I assume the DPP have called.
I'd like to be moved into protection immediately until my release.
Nah, they haven't called.
Explain this.
Now, I believe that is the weapon used to kill Sharon Gilmour, which you've retrieved from the garden two hours before the cell toss which resulted in Spike Baxter being charged.
You planted that weapon in her cell and you tipped us off so we would find it because you killed Sharon Gilmour.
I want my lawyer now.
Oh, there'll be plenty of time for lawyers once the police arrive.
When they have charged you with murder, then you can go into protection.
- Sierra 6, this is Sierra 2.
- Go ahead, Governor.
Spike Baxter is due out of the slot.
I want her transferred to J Block immediately.
Confirm, Sierra 6? Sorry, Governor, Baxter was released ten minutes ago.
INMATE: Get her! Show her who's boss, Jen! Look what I found in your cell.
Ugh! Stevens! What happened? You're in the medical unit.
You were attacked and hit your head.
Who did it? Sonia Stevens I'm Detective Sutton.
I'm here to speak with you about the murder of Sharon Gilmour.
Ms Stevens? Did you hear what I said? Who is Sharon Gilmour? This is ridiculous! She is clearly faking it.
Oh, you're a doctor now, are you, Ms Bennett? - You've seen the CCTV.
- Which proves nothing.
- That alone doesn't warrant a charge.
- He's right.
- We need to interview her.
- Which is impossible right now.
Well, my client can't possibly defend herself when she can't recall the events relating to the charge, - can she? - All right.
When the concussion wears off, we'll order a neuropsych assessment.
Stevens is lying.
She is buying time until the DPP overturn her sentence.
I suggest we leave my client in peace and monitor her recovery.
You really should get this heating fixed.
Hey, hey.
When's the heating going back on? Ah hopefully, uh, an hour or two.
- We'll have to start handing out blankets soon.
- Yeah.
I never got to say thank you for understanding my situation.
I - You could've slotted me there and then.
- No, forget about it.
It's I think we understand each other.
Hey what have you taken? Nothing.
You are pinned.
What is it, speed? I'm not sleeping.
Yeah, it's OK.
Whatever it takes, huh? You know when my Danny died, I couldn't sleep.
I felt like I was living outside my body.
- How how'd you fix it? - Uppers, downers Even if I did get to sleep, I'd have these really bad nightmares.
I was delusional during the day, you know.
I would have done anything to feel normal.
- You got the shakes? - No, no, it's just cold.
Anyway - take care of yourself, will you? - Yeah.
ANNOUNCER: Attention, compound.
Attention, compound.
The canteen is now open for D Block.
Hey, did you hear about Sonia? Looks like the stuck up bitch did kill Gilmour.
It's crazy, 'ey? She was right next to us when we were playing basketball.
You reckon she planted the phone on you? She was trying to get to Kaz through me.
Oh I could've flogged Kaz for what she did to you.
I'll be all right.
Oh I got you something.
I didn't know which one was your favourite.
The only thing as good as sex is chocolate.
- And that's a fact.
- Amen! Think I might need help unwrapping it.
- Hmm, Coconut Slab, hey? That's what you like? - Oh, yeah.
If it isn't the steam cooker.
Come back for the other hand, have ya? Wasn't talkin' to you.
It's OK.
Can you give us a second? Sure.
- I'm so sorry, bubba.
- Don't apologise.
- It had to happen.
- Can you look at me, then? - We were played.
- Well, what are you gonna do about it? Fuckin' know what I wanna do, but the bitch is in medical.
So when she gets out, you need to shut her down.
She will backstab you.
It'll be Ferguson all over again.
She's not Ferguson.
Kaz, no-one is gonna respect you if you just let her off.
I wanna put her in front of a kangaroo court, but I can't get to her.
So after everything she's done, Sonia just walks free? Where's the justice in that? I gotta see Sonia and and, like, I-I-I I promised her that I'd look after her, but I didn't, and, uh - Anyway, she's gonna think it's my fault.
So - Look she's in medical and you can't see her.
End of story.
Now piss off! You're fucked.
Five minutes.
Well, at least you didn't bring tea.
I'm here as your peer worker to make sure you're OK.
- Do I look OK? - Nuh.
This is your fault.
All of it.
I didn't start this.
You targeted me.
- You and Don.
You're right, I did.
- And you jumped at the offer.
You'd murdered people.
I thought I was doin' the right thing.
Oh, please, you just wanted a cheap ticket - out of this place.
- Well, you can't blame me for that.
Anyway, the police can't do anything until my memory returns.
Oh, that withering brain of yours.
Thank you for the inspiration.
You had everything.
Money, power, respect and you risked it all to kill people.
Innocent people, and not just once, but over and over again.
You know your trouble, Liz? You settled.
A second-rate life, second-rate marriage, second-rate children.
The only purpose women like you serve is to elevate others.
You're like human stepladders.
We scale your backs on our way to the top.
I don't think it's much fun up there.
You know the greatest power of all? Controlling someone's life.
Deciding when it ends.
Uh, it's like an urge in the pit of the stomach has to be met.
Nothing comes close.
I really should have killed you instead of Gilmour and if I wasn't getting out of here, I would be coming for you.
Sharon Gilmour deserves justice.
(SONIA LAUGHS) Well, good luck with that! What were we talking about? Uh.
Suddenly I can't remember.
- Did you get all that? - We did.
Oh, yes! I told ya.
I knew she couldn't resist braggin'.
- Well done, Birdsworth.
- Oh, God Told ya.
Sonia Stevens your conversation with Liz Birdsworth was recorded.
I am now charging you with the murder of Sharon Gilmour.
You do not need to say anything, but anything you do say may be written down and used in evidence against you.
Do you understand? - Ms Stevens, do you understand? - Yes! I understand.
KAZ: There's no way she'll be back now.
As soon as she's out of medical, they'll move her straight to protection.
She's gone.
You did great.
But Don's in prison.
This prison.
That's strange, isn't it? Don's not here, Liz.
You get some rest.
I'll make you a cuppa tea.
ANNOUNCER: Attention, compound.
Attention, compound.
Phones are now available for use.
- Hey, Booms? - What? - Have you seen Don? - Who? Don.
He-he was up on the roof.
- Oh, D Don! - Yes.
- Right.
He's on the roof, is he? - Yeah.
Well, yeah, he was.
- Is he? Oh, oh, OK.
- Yeah.
Well, you know, the way I see it, you've got, like, right, - three ways of of gettin' up there.
- Yeah? Yeah, yeah.
Your fire escape, you know, your giant ladder.
- Yeah? - Or you could just flap your fuckin' bingo wings, couldn't you, and fly? Hey! I'm not the fuckin' weirdo.
- Whatcha get? - No news on the rat.
Lucas will visit as soon as he hears anything.
What about Danny? Anything else? - I can only make so many calls! - (HUSHED) Fuck it, Zara! Zara, I need more leads on Danny, all right? I'm relying on you.
I know.
I won't let you down.
You all right? Oh, fuck (WHISPERED) Hey, I need some gear.
Thought you had your own supply.
- Why, did Kaz shut you down? - Have you fuckin' got any or not?! - Take a fucking chill pill! - Don't - tell me to fuckin'! - Hey, hey! Is everything OK? Yep.
- She hassling you? - No.
What's she done? Well, something's the matter.
- Just get me out of here, now.
- Come, come, come.
Just tell me what it is.
I might be able to help, OK? Oh, God, you can't bring him back! - Hey - I just keep thinking that I could've done something different.
I could've got him an overseas specialist.
I could've sent him to a different hospital, something.
OK, I'm sure the doctors did what they could.
Yeah, I know, but I've always looked after him, you see? And in the end, I just fucked it up! - I fucked it up! - Look, listen to me.
Look, you didn't, OK? You didn't.
I just want my boy.
I just wanna hold my boy one more time.
I'm sorry.
It it's just every time that I see I see him, he's just in that fuckin' bed.
He's surrounded by machines, and it's that image, and I feel I'll never get that out of my head, you see, because it's always gonna be in there.
I can't stop it.
I can't I can't shut it out, - I can't talk to anybody.
- OK, OK, OK.
I know, OK? I know.
(THUMP) - Hey! - Oh, help me up.
- Did you hit your head? - Yeah, I think so.
- OK.
I'll get the doctor.
Just - Yeah, thank you.
I'll The room - thank you stop spinning, so - Oh.
- OK, just sit down.
- Mm-hm - Just sit down and breathe.
- Thank you.
- OK, I'll be back in a minute.
- All right, thank you.
- Mon? - Yeah? You seen Liz? Nuh.
Don! Sorry? You're not Don.
Do do you do you know where he is? Don?! Susan.
Oh, shit.
Hey, I heard what happened.
- I should have been there.
- Where's Liz? - What? Why? - Have you seen her? Yeah, yeah.
She That way.
You know she was tryin' to psyche out with this, like, "Don's on the roof" bullshit? I'm like, "Whatever!" It's - Hey, you want me to come with ya? - No.
Stay there.
JAKE: Governor, Stevens is at large and she's got a swipe card.
- How the hell did that happen? - She stole it.
No, never mind, order a lockdown and find Birdsworth.
ANNOUNCER: Attention, compound.
Attention, compound.
This is a Code Aqua.
All prisoners return to your units.
I repeat, this is a Code Aqua.
Sierra 3, Stevens has escaped from Medical.
Keep your eyes peeled.
Yeah, roger that, Sierra 2.
I'll, um, keep you posted.
- ANNOUNCER: Attention, compound.
- Seen Liz? Lockdown is now in progress.
- All prisoners return to your units immediately.
- No, I'm lookin' for her.
- All prisoners return to your units immediately.
- Stevens got out of medical.
- Shit.
- Yeah.
Uh, you go back to your unit.
I'll find them.
(SIREN WAILS) Oh! - Have you seen Don? - Oh, yeah.
- He's got a nice big surprise for you.
- Has he? - Ugh! - Ooh, shit! (BOTH GRUNTING) (SONIA LAUGHING) - Ha! Argh! - Oh! - Uh, argh! - Argh! - Yeow! - (LIZ PANTING) - Ugh! - Argh! Argh! - Ugh! Ugh! - Argh! (LIZ WHIMPERING) KAZ: Argh! Ugh! Drop the wrench.
OK? Drop the fucking wrench! (SONIA HUMMING) Drop the wrench! This has nothing to do with you.
You are invisible.
Leave her alone.
- You can't protect her forever.
- Oh! No-one can take care of Liz like I can.
You - You're mi! - Mine! (BOTH SCREAM) (THUD) (LIZ SOBBING) - Get away from the edge! - Oh! - Where's Stevens? - Uh (LIZ SOBS) Oh, shit! - RADIO: Sierra 7, what's the situation? - Sierra 8, there's been an accident - in commissary.
- OK.
- We need an ambulance immediately.
- What the fuck happened? It it-it was me.
I I pushed her! Liz - Oh, Kaz - Don't.
I did it.
I killed Sonia Stevens.