Wentworth (2013) s06e09 Episode Script

Shallow Grave

1 What happened to your pips? Dry-cleaners must have forgotten them.
You tell him Turk said, "Pay up or he's a fucking dead man!" Take your fuckin' money.
Our little arrangement is over.
If you girls wanna take your aggro out on each other, as long as it's mutual and of your own free will, - knock yourselves out.
- You wanna fight? Yeah.
Nuh, I'm fuckin' great at punchin' tits, all right, so, yeah, I wanna fight.
- You can't fight.
- It's my choice.
So choose me.
Information's power.
You got, like, dirt files or somethin'? Yeah, that's exactly what I've got.
She was at the same bar with my boy the night he was attacked, she might know something.
- Unh! - She doesn't remember! How can you be so sure? She's my sister.
I went to that bar with Shelley.
He raped her.
I just belted him and I ran.
I didn't know he was Danny Winter.
- (GLASS SMASHES) - (VERA GASPS) Will, Jake is the prowler! Vera, I'm standing right next to him.
We're at work.
(FOOTSTEPS ECHOING) (THEME MUSIC) You don't know me, when I don't know you You don't know me, when I don't know you You're calling me in, you're catching me out You're calling me in, you're catching me out You're calling me in, you're catching me out You don't know me, when I don't know you (ENGINE REVS, BRAKES SQUEAL) (DOG BARKING) Vera?! Where's Vera? - What's happened? Where's Vera? - No, I'm OK! I'm OK.
You should find somewhere else to stay, at least for the short term.
I am not moving out of my house.
I view this as a warning, Ms Bennett.
If she wanted to hurt me, why didn't she? This is typical Ferguson playing her fucking mind games.
We'll get all this tested and leave a car stationed outside.
You shouldn't stay here.
(SIGHING) Uh, where should I stay, Jake? I am not about to be scared out of my home by her.
- Why don't we stay around for a bit? - No, no, go.
Obviously I'll be well protected, I'll see you tomorrow.
- Mate, are you sure that - Yes, I'm sure, OK, I fuckin' buried her.
(PHONE BEEPS) Did you bury me deep enough? How deep did you dig? Two feet, three? But then you couldn't dig any more, could you? Couldn't see it through.
You've always lacked courage.
No moral fortitude.
Your wife was murdered, you forgave her murderer.
Best friend betrays you, you forgive him too.
Now this place has squeezed you like a lemon.
- And yet, here you still are.
- I'm not gonna let you fucking get inside my head again.
Too late Mr Jackson.
Don't tell me, milk's off? Uh, yeah, yeah.
Bread isn't fresh either.
Toaster's on the blink.
I'll just have to steal one of Jake's apples.
RADIO: Sierra 1 calling Sierra 6.
- This is Sierra 6, go ahead.
- Police are at the gatehouse.
OK, send them through, I'm on my way.
Is that about Ferguson? Why would it be about Ferguson? Cops wanna charge Connors over Kosta's assault.
Rita Connors, we are here to formally charge you with the assault of Vicky Kosta.
I must inform you that you do not have to say anything Haven't heard from you in a while.
- She's got a dirt file.
- A what? A file.
Nasty shit on a lot of people, that's how Marie controls them.
Including whoever is Winter's protector.
I'd bet on it.
We find that file, we ID the bastard.
So, where is it? In here? Fuck knows.
- I need more time.
- How long? - I don't know.
- So, bottom line is, you're no closer.
No, I am close, Jonesie.
- I can feel it, I just need a little - We only agreed to this because you convinced us that you could pull it off.
- Yeah, I can! I dunno.
- So, who's protecting Winter? Oh, don't give me that fuckin' look, Mick.
I'm on top of this.
- You can't pull the pin.
- That's not your call, Detective.
We need a name.
- That's it, twist.
- Ugh! - Twist more.
Yep, that's it.
- Hey, hot stuff?! You wimped out on me but, I'm willin' to give ya another go.
- Argh! - I'm retired.
You owe me a fuckin' fight.
You and Boomer.
I'm not gonna punch Boomer, she's my mate.
Hell, you wish.
Oh, n-not the mate bit, like, 'cause we are, but like the the punchin', beatin' stuff, hey, you wish! Got a better option for you anyway.
- Oh, yeah? - Cherry.
That rice cracker? Are you serious? Tomorrow, be ready.
Oh, I'll be ready.
Scars of us! Argh! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Yup, yup, all right.
We obviously have a lot of work to do.
OK, it's all in the feet.
Right? - Right.
- Watch me.
Watch, watch, watch.
- PRISONER: Oh, nice work, Booms.
- PRISONER: Are you learnin' to dance? - BOOMER: Oh, shut up! - PRISONER: Hey, it's easy.
- Hey, Ru.
I need to tell you something.
- Relax.
- Yeah.
What's up? I'm really horny.
Oh Lucas is coming in today.
Hey! Lucas he's coming in.
- He's got news.
- What, about Danny? Maybe.
He said it's important.
How'd you go with the cops? Formally charged me.
I never forget a favour.
- RUBY: Come here.
Come here! - BOOMER: Ah, ah, no, no, don't mess up me hair! BOOMER: I'm gonna Get off Oh, are you serious?! Your sister's certainly falling on her feet.
- BOOMER: Don't! Then - RUBY: Oh What?! BOOMER: Like take a time out! - BOOMER: Get a room! - RUBY: Oh, well, come on then.
Ooh, OK.
One, two, three, four.
- What? Uh mm.
- Community Chest.
Oh, bank error in your favour, collect 200 bucks.
- What? - Oh, yeah, like that'd ever happen.
Thank you.
- All right, my turn.
- (ROLLS DICE) (MOVES PIECE) I'm gonna tell the kids.
I'm gonna ring Sophie and Artie and let them know.
- I think that's great.
- Mmm Right Hey I know I'm the one with dementia, love, but you've landed on mine, and there's a hotel.
(MOANING) (LAUGHING) (BOTH LAUGH) (ALLIE SIGHS) You still horny? Ah, no, no, no, no, d - Piss off! - Shit! You deaf? Sorry.
I need to speak to you.
Told ya.
- (LIZ CHUCKLING) - KAZ: Go directly to Jail.
- LIZ: Yes! - KAZ: Do not pass Go.
Do not collection $200.
What the fuck are you doin'? What does it look like? You're takin' a big bloody risk.
- What, screwing in the middle of the day? - No, Allie! - What about her? - She and Marie were lovers, eh? - Yeah, so? - So, Marie's still keen on her.
You bein' with Allie keeps Marie's eye on you.
You don't need that, Ru.
Can you get out so I can get dressed? Forensic report on the gloves came back negative for DNA.
So she never wore them.
Or she's being careful.
But the boot tread on the carpet looks like a match for Ferguson's shoe size.
- So, it could be Ferguson.
- I'm banking on it being her.
- I'm hoping you're her Achilles' heel.
- Terrific.
We'll keep watching your house.
- Who is he? - Name's Gregory Turkle.
We believe he's an associate of Ferguson's - who aided with her escape.
- Why do you think that? We traced a $90,000 payment from Ferguson to Turkle the day before Nils Jesper was killed.
Mr Stewart? Can I have a word? (JAKE CLEARS HIS THROAT) Gregory Turkle.
What what about him? The day before Nils Jesper was murdered, Ferguson paid him $90,000.
- How do you know - I just know.
Uh - OK.
- OK.
You were in debt to Turk over drugs, and the day before Jesper is shot, Ferguson wipes your debt.
What's your point? What'd you do for that money, Jake? Did you kill Jesper? - Vera, come on - Did you murder Nils Jesper?! No.
I don't believe you.
It's not true.
Vera, it's not I already made copies.
By trying to wipe it, you've told me everything I need to know.
I'm giving these to the police, Jake.
You taught me one thing and this is my insurance.
It's over.
Vera knows.
- What? - No, not about you, about Jesper.
What I did, she fucking knows.
She's gonna go to the cops, she's gonna tell them everything.
Well, maybe it's what you deserve.
Yeah? Well, if I go down, Will, fucked if I'm goin' alone.
Yes, Vera Bennett.
Governor of Wentworth.
Can you tell Detective Collins I need to speak to him? - (KNOCK ON DOOR) - That's right, soon as he can.
Will (SIGHS) What is it? You can't dob him in.
He told you? (PHONE RINGING) Did he send you up here? Do you know what he did? - Then why the hell are you protecting that criminal? - I don't I don't want to protect him.
I need to protect him.
No! After everything he has done, - he is going to jail! - Vera - He's a murderer! - So am I.
So am I.
(WHISPERED) What are you talking about? Jake helped Ferguson escape then I killed her.
I found out about the escape first, told Will came up with a plan.
We had no idea Doyle was involved.
We didn't know whose plan it was.
We thought we'd stopped it.
And we just arranged for Ferguson to go instead.
How'd you kill her? I buried her.
You what? He buried her alive.
How do you know she didn't Didn't what? - Dig her way out.
- She's dead.
Then who is stalking me? Who is leaving black gloves on my fucking pillow, Will? ASSISTANT OVER INTERCOM: Governor, Detective Collins is on line one.
Tell the detective I'll call him back.
- Are you gonna - Get out.
Both of you.
- Vera - I said get out.
ZARA: How hot is it, Tim? Sure.
Tell me the words exactly.
- Boo.
- G'day, gorgeous.
- Mmm.
- Mwah! Ha! Yeah, well, I've, uh been living on beer and bloody doner kebabs.
- I miss your cookin'.
- That shit will clog your arteries, Ray.
Hey, listen, Reets, um you bein' in here well, it's made me think of some pretty big stuff.
I'm bloody useless without you.
Oh, I don't don't just mean your cookin', I'm I mean it, I - Mean what? - I mean, you and me, us.
- Sticking together.
- Yeah, I know.
- We will.
- You promise? - You'll stand by me? - (CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY) Well Make a honest man of me.
Marry me, Reets.
Ah, what do you want me to say? Well, yes or no.
It's usually one of those two answers.
I need to think about it? Oh.
- And then there's that one.
Fuck! - (BOTH CHUCKLE NERVOUSLY) I'll give you an answer.
I'm gonna I'm gonna book the bloody visit on the way out.
I'm a patient bastard.
(RITA CHUCKLES) Someone's got a sense of humour, they put me in Proctor's old cell.
- So, how'd you go with Lucas? - It's not about Danny.
It's about the rat.
The tip-off came from someone in here.
Someone who got their hands on that phone after you called Pasquale.
There's only one person it could've been.
- Why can't you see what she is? - Because I need more - than your jealousy to bury Rita.
- OK.
We'll flush her out.
- Then I'll take care of it.
- ANNOUNCER: Attention, compound.
Attention, compound.
H Block are now called for lunch.
Lizzie, I'm really hungry, can you, like, get a wriggle on? Well, there's just so much choice.
Yeah, hot dogs, hot dogs, or hot dogs.
Go the hot dogs, Liz, they're not bad.
- Can't bugger up a hot dog.
- (LIZ LAUGHS) - Oh, thank you, love.
- All right.
And the Butchers have got the full amount? - 20 kilos, premium.
Meeting in Footscray.
- Dutchie's pub? Yeah, 2 o'clock tomorrow.
Hey check her out.
Tomorrow she's toast, I'll snap her in half, eh? Well, if you eat all that, you can just fart on her.
Hey, Cherry, I'm gonna turn you into a sushi roll.
Ho-ho, I'm Chinese, you dumb elephant.
Oh, good comeback.
- Oh! - (SHE GASPS) (BOOMER LAUGHS) Sorry (LAUGHTER CONTINUES) BOOMER: Ha, sushi! You're dead! Will they never be clean? You are dead! You are dead! You're fucking dead! You are fucking dead! - (WILL GROANS) - Hey Mr Jackson? Hey, it's OK.
Li? Clean that shit up.
Uncle Frank? It's your favourite niece.
Rita? Good to hear from ya.
How's Auntie Pat? Auntie Pat's hungry for news.
She still seein' that, um, Dutchman fella, the one in Footscray? Tell Auntie Pat when I get out of here, we're gonna have the biggest, deadliest barbecue.
Go to the butcher's and get us, ah, 20 kilos of the prime beef sausages.
Auntie Pat loves a barbecue.
Even in the middle of winter, they go hand-in-hand.
Tell Aunt I'll, uh, call tomorrow, 2pm.
- Tomorrow, 2pm, righto.
- See ya.
LIZ: Yeah, salt and vinegar.
BOOMER: Crap! - Hey.
- Hey.
You got kids, Liz? Yeah! Yeah, I do, I've got two.
A boy, Artie, and a girl, Sophie.
Oh, nice.
What about you? Yeah, I got a boy.
Miss 'em in here, don't ya? Oh, yeah.
I mean, Artie and I don't have a lot to do with each other, but Soph and me, we're we're pretty close.
Well, you cherish that, Liz? Yeah, all right I do.
So, you and Ruby? Oh, she's a sweet kid, I'm really happy for you.
Do you know Ruby was at the same bar Danny was at the night it happened? What? She didn't tell you that? No, I I tried to talk to Ruby, you know just ask her who was there.
I mean I admit Zara may have been a bit heavy-handed Why are you tellin' me this? Well, maybe Ruby might know something that can help? You know, we need to find out who killed our Danny.
I've got some pictures I'd like you to show her.
Your behaviour recently all makes horrible sense to me now.
Help me understand, I need to understand.
Why did you do it? I saved her from that fire.
She was dead, but I pulled her out.
So, everything that happened after that, to to Bea, you, the women - even Jake - Will, don't.
She was toxic, Vera.
She's fucking cancer.
After the women decided to lynch her that was it for her.
If I didn't kill her Kaz would've had to.
And I can't live with that.
Why didn't I just let her hang? Why didn't I just let her hang? Even dead she is controlling us.
If I go to the police, she wins.
She wins.
And she can't, Will.
She can't.
Soph? Sophie? Oh, Sophie? Sophie? Hey - Ooh-ooh? Ooh-ooh.
- Mmm? It's time to get up, love.
- You're gonna be late for school, come on.
- Hey? - What? It's night-time.
- Hmm? It's night-time.
Hmm, I'm gonna get you a MILO, hon.
- Liz? - Look at you Boomer? Yeah.
Come back to bed, Liz.
I must've been having a what's What's that thing called when ya - you know, when you wake? - Sleepwalking? - Yes! Yeah, that's - Sleepwalking.
I must've been sleepwalking.
I'm sorry, love.
- Oh, it's all right.
- I'm sorry.
- Come on, honey.
- Oh - Everything OK? - Yeah.
- Liz, are you right? - Yeah yeah, I'm right.
We're just havin' a little sleepwalk.
- This is me.
Talk about freakin' me out, eh? She thought I was Sophie.
- Oh, man - It's a grog.
You know it's like my syndrome, eh? It's just just fucks with your brain cells.
It's Hey, I'm gonna make a cuppa, you want one? No, I'm all right.
I'll I'll see you back in bed, eh? (GASPS) What the fuck is this? Are you spying for her? What? (SHE LAUGHS) Who, Marie? No She just she She just asked if I would show you these.
I guess she was hoping that you could identify Who's fucking girlfriend are ya?! Mine, or Marie's? - (SHE LAUGHS) Ruby, come on - Fuck you.
- Ruby, come on! I don't - No! Hey? Ruby? Hey?! - Ruby, can you at least let me explain? - Allie! (HUSHED) Keep it down.
(LOCK BEEPS) No, they never told me, so I said, nuh, I wasn't in.
(RITA SIGHS) Well, after that useless bloody kiss, I'm not gonna push things.
You don't have to make a decision, we can we can just have a chat.
I know you, Ray, get somethin' into that thick skull of yours, and you won't be satisfied till it's all sorted one way or another.
Yeah, fuck it, you're right.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) So, let's sort it one way, or the other.
The thing is You think I'm gonna get killed, don't ya? Well yeah.
I still have nightmares about that bloody drive-by, wakin' up to bullets flyin' through the bedroom window.
Well, that's all sorted.
It is.
We sorted it out with the Butchers weeks ago.
- How? - We had a sit down, agreed to divvy up the pud.
We get drugs and gambling, and, um, they get prozzies and protection.
Everyone's happy.
Why? The Butchers? You're sure they're not into drugs any more? Yeah, that's what I told ya.
How sure, Ray? It was their idea.
After all the shit we went through to make the truce, there's no way they'd break it.
- What the fu? - Can I get out, please? Hey? (PHONE RINGS) - This is Frank, leave a message.
(BEEP) - (GROANS) It's Rita.
Tell Auntie Pat the Dutchman's no good, he's no fuckin' good! - Move! - Oi! You wanna start somethin'? (PHONE RINGS) - Yeah? - Ray, listen to me.
For fuck's sake, Reets, if you don't wanna marry me, - just say so.
- Shut up and listen! I do wanna marry you, Ray, and I love ya, but there's somethin' you need to know.
Huh? No more bets?! That's it, that's it.
Get her, Booms! - Come on.
- Ding ding! (CHEERING) Come on, Boomer, that's it! - That's it, weave! - Come on, Boomer! (CHEERING CONTINUES) That's it! Wipe that smile off of her face! (THEY EXCLAIM) (KOSTA LAUGHING) She's out! (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) - CROWD: Cherry! Cherry! - (CHERRY CACKLES) - CROWD: Cherry! Cherry! - (BOOMER GROANS) - You OK, Booms? - What? Did I win? (RUBY LAUGHS) Show me where you buried her.
I want you to take me there.
Why? To prove you went through with it.
I fuckin' buried her, OK? Maybe you didn't, I dunno then maybe you had second thoughts and dug her up.
Maybe you were too chickenshit to go through with it, and you made a fucking deal with her.
Are you are you serious right now?! - Someone's stalking Vera - Maybe it was you.
How could it be me? I was with you when it was happening.
- Take me there.
- Mr Jackson! (HUSHED) What is going on?! - Will, take the day off.
- I'm OK.
That wasn't a request.
Don't trust Jake.
You know what he wants, don't you? He's playing you.
He knows you're falling apart, and he's tryin' to pin it all on you, so he gets away scot-free.
- I think it's Jake who is stalking you.
- Well, Will, I thought so too, but - No, no, he wants No, listen he wants me to think that she's still alive, so I'll be forced to take him to where I buried her.
- Why? - If he knows where Ferguson's body is he can set me up to take the fall.
H-how can Jake have put the gloves on my pillow? He was with you when it happened.
He could've done if he had a partner.
I checked his phone.
He's been getting urgent messages from someone who wants to meet him.
- Who? - Ah, someone called Turk.
What the fuck? Fuckin' hell! Let her go, Zara.
Fuck! (MARIE SIGHS) So, you told your boyfriend, hmm? About the little drug deal you overheard us talking about with the Butchers? Didn't you? I dunno what you're talkin' about.
She's lying.
Your gang, they showed up demanding the drugs Only there weren't any drugs, because we set you up.
And why would you set me up? You're the fucking rat.
I told Ray, sure.
But only because I thought the Butchers - were double-crossing 'em.
- Bullshit.
My loyalty's to the Conquerors, and that's just the way it is.
And I'm sorry if you're pissed off, Marie, but my club means more to me than anything including you.
She's the snitch.
She told the cops.
The cops? What? Where they there? She's playing us, Marie.
Connors get your arse out here! Excuse me.
(MICK CLEARS HIS THROAT) - So, what the fuck was that about? - Had no choice.
So you send your bikie mates in there to fuck up the sting? It was a set up, Jonesie.
There were no drugs.
If you'd have gone in there, you'd have blown my cover.
If you haven't done it now by draggin' me in here - for this friggin' interview.
- So, why was it a set-up? Winter and Drago are suss on me.
Oh fuck.
So, is your cover still good? I dunno, but this is definitely a setback.
I just need more time to win Marie's trust back We don't have a lot of time, Rita.
Maybe we can do somethin' to speed things up.
Like what? Just leave it with us, we'll sort it out.
Turk?! Turk, it's me! - Hey.
- Oh, hey mate, listen (THEY GRUNT) - Why are the cops all over me, Jakey? - The cops? Why are they asking me questions about the 90 grand? - I don't know.
- Gah! This is the second time I've had a gun in your face.
If you wanna live, you better come up with a better answer than "I don't fucking know".
Now, what is goin' on? - I - Don't say it.
Come on, let's go.
- Morning.
Thank you.
- Morning, Governor.
You gonna tell her? I was wrong.
Jake wasn't working with Turk.
- Well, you could've just asked me that.
- Yeah, then I wouldn't have been there - to save your arse.
- OK, just stop.
Did Ferguson ever say anything to you about a "shiny, little crown"? My Governor epaulettes, did she ever mention anything - to you about them? - No.
OK, when Ferguson first arrived as a prisoner, she taunted me.
She said, "I am coming for that shiny, little crown".
It was a private conversation.
I have never told anyone about it.
A few weeks ago my epaulettes went missing.
I blamed the dry cleaner, but given recent events Well, maybe she told someone about it? Well maybe, but the most likely person was Jake, - and if it wasn't him - What are you trying to say? What?! What that-that that Ferguson's still? - Have you ever been back? - Why would I go back there? To make sure the body is still there? This is fucked! You can't trust Vera, either.
They both know you're the weak link.
They'll betray you.
No no, not Vera.
- You know it.
- Not Vera, never.
- You know it, they'll both betray you.
- No, no you're wrong.
- They'll both betray you.
- No, you're wrong.
They'll both betray you.
- They'll both betray you.
- You're dead.
(HUSHED) They'll both betray you.
- They'll both betray you.
- Fuck you! They'll both Ch You're gone.
(SIGHS) (LOCKS BEEPS) I'll do it.
I'll go back there tonight, make sure she's there.
- I'm coming, too.
- No.
I won't be satisfied until I see her with my own eyes.
I need to see her, too.
Are you all right, love? - Hmm? Oh, yeah.
- Here, we'll get you some toast, love.
- Hang on.
Here you go - Yeah.
- have that.
All right.
- Thanks.
Come on.
You'll fuckin' keep, bitch.
- You're always fuckin' boxin'! - Is that right? All right, I'll fuckin' fight you dirty next time! - Boomer fuckin' sit down! - No, no, no! - (CROWD JEERS) - Ooh! (CHUCKLES) You oughta be ashamed of yourself! - Come on, help me pick it up.
- Oh yeah.
What? I fucked up, OK? But I swear to God, I'm not Marie's spy.
I loved Danny.
He was like my little brother, I That's why I told Marie that I'd show you those photos, I just want to help her find out who killed him.
I freaked out.
I freaked out because I'm scared.
Well, scared of what? You and Marie, what you had.
Way in the past.
Still, I-I can't compete with that.
It's not a competition, I wanna be with you not her.
Oh, OK.
(RUBY GIGGLES) We got word from the outside.
We know who the rat is.
Makes me very happy it's not you, Rita.
However you did betray me to your boyfriend.
I understand how important loyalty is, so I respect that choice, but unfortunately, I can never trust you again.
So, you pick up that tray and move to another table.
- I never asked you to.