Wentworth (2013) s06e10 Episode Script


1 Make an honest man of me.
Marry me, Reets.
You know you're the only woman I ever gave my heart to? And you've turned into quite something.
(CROWD CHEERS) (CROWD EXCLAIMS) You'll fuckin' keep, bitch.
And the Butchers have got the full amount? 20 kilos, premium.
Two o'clock tomorrow.
The Butchers? You sure they're not into drugs any more? - Yeah, that's what I told ya.
- So, you told your boyfriend about the little drug deal you overheard us talking about with the Butchers? Winter and Drago are suss on me.
Just leave it with us, we'll sort it out.
Well, we know who the rat is.
Makes me very happy it's not you, Rita.
This is for Marie.
- Oof! - You're a fucking rat! - (BLOWS LAND) - Ow! Ow! Ow! (SIREN BLARES) Vera knows.
No, not about you, about Jesper! What I did, she fucking knows! - He is going to jail! - Vera - He is a murderer! And Will - So am I.
Show me where you buried her.
I want you to take me there.
- Have you ever been back? - Why would I go back there? To make sure the body is still there.
(CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS) (FOOTSTEPS ECHOING) (THEME MUSIC) You don't know me, when I don't know you You don't know me, when I don't know you You're calling me in, you're catching me out You're calling me in, you're catching me out - You're calling me in - You don't know me - You're catching me out - When I don't know you - You're calling me in - You don't know me - You're catching me out - When I don't know you - (ELEVATOR BELL RINGS) - Hey.
How'd you sleep? As far as I am concerned, last night didn't happen.
Someone put those gloves in your house, - if it wasn't Ferguson, who was it? - Why don't you do some bloody work, find out what happened to Cherry Li? (ELEVATOR BELL RINGS) I can't get that image out of my head.
I'm really sorry, Vera.
I didn't want to get you involved in this.
But you did.
(ELEVATOR BELL RINGS) You heard anything about Cherry? Whoever bashed her seriously fucked her up.
Screws won't say anything.
I don't think we'll see her back here again.
Shit, what about Cherry? - Ohh, poor thing! - Ah, should've seen her, she's such a fucking mess! - (BLOW LANDS) - (CHERRY YELLS) (BLOWS LAND) (CHERRY SCREAMS) (CHERRY YELLS) DRAGO: This is for Marie (ECHOING) for Marie for Marie for Marie for Marie Hey, Liz.
Everything OK? What's the matter? S-someone said your name.
Were were you in here? - Sorry, I don't understand - I was in the showers, and I-I heard the whole thing.
Someone someone said your name.
You you hurt Cherry.
(SNIFFS) There was a fucking witness.
Now in the future, you only do something when I ask you.
Cherry was the rat.
- I was protecting you.
- Well, you didn't! And now, we're both in the shit.
- Who is it? I'll shut her up.
- Uh-uh, uh-uh-uh.
You've done enough.
Hey, Booms? - Yuh.
- You bash Cherry Li? - Eh? - Simple question, Booms, yes or no.
Well, she beat ya, it's only fair you'd wanna get even.
Yeah, but I never.
- I find out you're bullshitting me - I'm not, OK?! - Can I? - Sure.
Fuckin' hell.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Choccy? Good.
- Oh, no thanks, love.
- Hey, what was that all about? - Hmm? - Oh, nothin'.
- Are you in trouble? I'm always in bloody trouble, eh? - (BOTH LAUGH) - Well, that's true.
- How's your visit? - Yeah, good.
- You got a little pressie for me? - Mm-hmm.
Now that's your cut.
- Thanks, beautiful.
- Thanks.
- You said you didn't want none? Hm.
- No, I don't want any, I'm right.
- (HUSHED) Hey.
- Um hey.
I'd like to have a chat with Liz, please.
What about? Well, that's private.
Ohh? You all right? Yeah.
Thanks, Boomer.
Liz you're wrong about Cherry, because I wasn't there.
But I heard your name.
Someone someone said your name, right? I don't want to get in trouble for something that I didn't do.
Someone bashed Cherry.
That could've been anyone.
Um, Boomer I mean, she she's got a motive.
I mean, there are plenty women who do.
- Boomer? - Liz, sweetheart, - I think you're a bit confused.
- Nah, no, I'm I I ju I can't rem Fuck, why can't I remember what I saw? I don't understand why you think I was there.
Because I'm sick! All right? I've I've got dementia.
- Shit, I'm sorry - Yes, me too.
- I didn't know - Yeah, well, now you do.
Look, if you need anything, any help at all, I'm just ask, all right? I'll be here for you.
Go away.
Miss Miles? - Oh, what is it, Connors? - You heard anything about Cherry Li? They're saying she's a head on a stick.
- A what? - A quadriplegic.
She won't walk again, that's for sure.
Don't suppose you know anything about the bashing? No no, I don't.
Didn't think so.
The Butchers? You were dead set they were dealin'.
So, you tell me what happened.
I got it wrong.
What do you want me to do? I want a decent explanation.
The club blames me.
My best mates want me dead.
(HUSHED) I am so sorry.
That's not good enough, Ree.
I love you.
(SCOFFS) Took a lot of guts to ask you to marry me, because deep down inside I knew you'd say no.
- I said yes.
- Not like you meant it.
- (HUSHED) It's just so fucking complicated.
- Nah (SNIFFS) it's not fucking complicated.
It's really, really simple.
You either want to be with me, or you don't.
I do.
You know, I I always felt like you were holdin' back but I let it go, because, um 'cause I fuckin' love you.
I figured one day, you'd crack you'd let me in, and, um and, well, we'd But you never did, babe.
With you in here and all this shit goin' down, and I reckon it's time.
The look on your face kinda says it all.
You take care, babe.
(SNIFFLES) Do you wanna go to education and, like, pay-out on the nerds? No, I'm gonna go and have a lie down, love.
- Hey.
- What? You been actin' a, like, a bit weirder than normal.
- Oh.
- Yeah, you OK? Yeah, yeah, I'm just I'm tired, Booms.
Jenkins, you got a visitor tomorrow morning.
- Huh? - You heard.
But everyone I know's in here.
(CHUCKLES) I need you to come in.
Thanks, Mrs Hayes.
Rita? Uh, yeah, great, I-I'll see you tomorrow.
(RITA SIGHS) I'm fine.
Did you have visit today from your man? (SNIFFLES) His name's Ray.
You look happy, sis.
We were.
Was one of the good ones.
(SNIFFLES) It's over now.
(TEARILY) Fuck, I hate bein' stuck in here (RUBY SIGHS) Me, too.
- (LAUGHS) You big crybaby.
Yeah, well, I've wiped your nose plenty of times in here.
(RUBY LAUGHS) (RITA CRIES) (SNIFFLES) Oh, what the fuck.
(WILL SIGHS) - We don't know what it means.
- Someone knows what I did to Ferguson.
- It can't be about you.
- Someone saw us at the grave, Jake! Can you just fuckin' chill for a minute? Have you contacted them? No, that's what they want, attention, panic.
OK, so what do we do? I guess we wait for them to tell us what they know, think they know.
(VERA SIGHS) Are you absolutely sure we are the only ones who know what happened to Ferguson? Yeah.
We're sure.
What? - Who else did you tell? - No-one.
- You sure you haven't said anything? - Yes! - Franky? - No.
What about your new girlfriend? - No.
- What's going on? - You know you can trust me, Will.
- Yeah, I know.
Ferguson's dead, that's all I care about.
Michael Armstrong, I represented Sonia Stevens.
Ohh, haven't you heard? She cactus.
Yes, I realise, and that's a - terrible business.
No, - I don't want to talk about it or nothin' that's not why I'm here.
Please, sit.
(MICHAEL SIGHS) Oh is is this about the defecation? You know, that um the papers were printing lies about me, and Defamation.
No, no, that's not it.
About a month ago, Ms Stevens asked me if there was anything I could do, regarding your sentence.
Uh, oh you mean like an appeal, - or-or somethin'? Oh.
- Yeah.
Yes, exactly.
So, I've looked at your file, and I do think you have grounds.
- I don't have money to pay you, or nothin' - No, no.
No, that's all right.
Ms Stevens has already covered it.
- Did she? - Mmm.
Clearly you were very important to her.
- Ohh - Oh, I'm sorry.
- Have I upset you? - No.
Nuh I'm good.
(SOBS) - I'm good.
- All right, then.
Ah well, maybe you can help me with a few facts, hmm? - Now, it says here with your, um - That's my name there.
(CHUCKLES) Yeah, it is, yeah.
Susan, I see.
They call me "Boomer".
- Hi, Boomer.
Oh, Lizzie, it's your favourite.
Oh, yeah.
Is that all you're havin'? - Yep, just veggies.
- You're good.
- Oh, yum.
- Hmm.
You feeling better today, Liz? Yeah, yeah, I'm all right.
Hey, I meant what I said before.
If you want any help, just let me know, right? Yeah, all right.
- You right? - Yeah.
It was Birdsworth, wasn't it? Hey, you stay away from her, all right? She's got dementia, she's confused, she doesn't know what she saw.
I'm taking care of it, OK? All right I got one thing to say, bitches! OK? Youse were all wrong about Sonia, especially you! And she was a good person! - Jenkins, stop yelling and get your food! - (BOOMER LAUGHS) See, Sonia has hired me a lawyer, right? And he's awesome.
(LAUGHS) And he's kind of sexy, and he's getting me out.
- Sonia? - Yeah.
See, you care about Cherry Chopsticks, right? She's scum.
But a good person like Sonia? (SCOFFS) You just push her off a roof! - You're a shit Top Dog! - (MURMURS OF DISSENT) (MURMURS OF DISSENT AND APPROVAL) RUBY: Booms? Sit down, Boomer.
You see, the papers were right, eh? Sonia is an angel, right? She's my angel.
So, suck it.
Suck it! Suck it! (KAZ SIGHS) Kaz? I reckon you're a great Top Dog.
Not good enough to protect Cherry Li.
- (LIZ SNIFFLES) I just need to be alone for a minute.
What do you know? About what? Liz.
(LIZ CHUCKLES) I don't fuckin' know anything, Kaz.
It My mind's all over the bloody place.
(LIZ SIGHS) (SUPPRESSED SOB) (SOBS QUIETLY) (CONTINUES SOBBING QUIETLY) (LIZ WHIMPERS) (SOBBING) I was in the showers when Cherry got bashed! Who did her? Don't know! I I thought I heard someone, and then I I thought I s-s saw s someone else.
(SOBS) No, dunno.
- Don't (WHIMPERS) - It's OK, it's OK.
(MOANS AND SNIFFLES) I think it might've been Boomer.
- Sit down.
What the hell are you doing here? Your mum said you weren't gonna be back until next week.
Booked an earlier flight, got in late last night.
ALLIE: Hey! Oh, my God! How are you coping? ALLIE: Thanks for coming! I need to talk to you about something.
You know that you know that bloke who raped you? Someone killed him.
He his mum is a prisoner in here, and she's asking questions about that night.
She wants to know what happened.
Whoever killed that fucker did the world a favour.
They have photos from the bar.
Her people are tracking down everyone.
Now if they come knocking I'll tell them her son was a prick.
(SCOFFS) You don't get it.
Marie is dangerous.
If you do that, you'll be dead.
(RUBY SIGHS) You should've stayed in New York.
Hey! Who's the hot chick? Just a mate.
- Hmm? Is she your ex? - Nuh, she's just a mate.
- (LAUGHS) You don't need to feel weird about it.
- I don't.
Come on.
We have five minutes.
(PHONE CHIMES) They've sent another message.
Came through a few minutes ago.
Shit 500K? Where the fuck are we going to get 500K from? - I don't know! - They must've seen us! They haven't said what they saw.
- If we don't pay, we're fucked.
- Well, have you got a spare 500K? - You could mortgage your house.
- You could go fuck yourself.
I don't want to go to prison! Look, even if we did pay, do you think that'd be the end of it? Blackmailers don't stop.
So, what do we do? I need some time.
She'll sort it.
She's got money.
She's pinned.
Give her a hand.
Whoa, OK Taylah yeah, why why don't we why don't you rest for a bit, eh? (BOOMER LAUGHS) - Come on Taylah - (BOOMER LAUGHS) What? Little birdie told me you were in the shower block with Cherry.
Oh, yeah? Well, your little birdie is tweetin' bullshit! But you know what I fuckin' hate, Boomer? Is when people lie to me.
I'm not fuckin' lyin' to ya! Nuh, you're not stitchin' my hand for this.
Just keep quiet, everything'll be fine.
(TAYLAH CHOKES) (GASPS AND GROANS) - Oh, someone call an officer! - Smiles?! (TAYLAH SCREAMS AND COUGHS) - Sierra 6 to Medical.
Require - TAYLAH: Oh! - I didn't touch her! - assistance in laundry, over.
We tossed her cell, found a foil.
- The Doctor's sent it off for testing.
- Keep me posted.
What are you doing about that message? (LOCK BEEPS) Ah, Linda just scored a lead on Cherry Li.
- From whom? - Well, it's just a rumour, but she thinks we should toss Jenkins' cell.
- Boomer Jenkins? - Mmm.
- I'll organise the toss.
- No, I'll I'll do it.
I'll come with you.
What are you even looking for, anyway? - Keep quiet, Jenkins! - But I haven't done nothin'! This was under her mattress.
There's blood on it.
- What? - Slot her.
- No.
No, no that's not mine! - Come on, Jenkins, you're stalling.
No, someone planted it! No, no! No, 'cause I'm gettin' my parole! No, you can't mess that up! No! No, 'cause it's not No, I don't want it wasn't me! It wasn't me! Can someone please believe me?! 'Cause it wasn't me! No, no! It wasn't me! I need the truth about Cherry.
- I told you, I wasn't there.
- Yeah, but Drago was! I saw her.
Oh, I think you might be getting confused again.
No, love, I'm not confused, I remembered.
Liz, I swear, I don't know what you're talking about, all right? Boomer's locked up, it's done, just leave it.
Yeah, but what if she's innocent? The weapon was found in her cell.
- Yeah, and that could've been planted.
- Or, what if she's guilty? Sweetheart, I think you need to rest, all right? 'Cause if you keep going on like this, - you're gonna end up in the psych ward.
- Oh And we don't wanna lose you, do we? Liz? Liz! - You heard all that? - Hm.
- You framed Jenkins.
- I took care of business.
Our business is on the outside.
That is where our focus needs to be.
Or do you want to live in this shithole all your fucking life? I was protecting you.
- I didn't ask for it! - You didn't have to.
You knew I'd do it anyway.
I'd do anything for you.
You know that.
I love you, Marie.
Don't pretend it's a surprise.
You look at me like I'm nothing like I'm a piece of shit.
But you know better than me I do this because you can't.
Because you don't have the guts! Hey (HUSHED) do not touch Birdsworth! I am the one who goes down if she talks.
This is on me.
I decide now, not you.
Can you just give us a minute? (GROANS) I hate mashed potato.
- No, you don't.
- I do.
Well, when it's cold, I do.
Oh, geez, you're lucky I brought you these, then.
(BOTH CHUCKLES) (LIZ GROANS AND EXHALES) (LIZ SIGHS) I was gettin' outta here oh, for about five seconds.
(CHUCKLES) Well, maybe you still can? (WHISPERED) How? Well, what if I told the screws I was there when Cherry got bashed, and tell them that it wasn't you? - That's a dumb idea, Liz.
- Why? 'Cause you got the dementia, you know? They'd know that you, you know, might be makin' shit up.
You know? - Yeah yeah, you're right.
- Yeah.
Cheers, but, eh? - I'm sorry.
- Oh no, it's not your fault.
Mr Jackson approved it.
Make it quick.
Thank you.
You OK? Yeah, I dunno what happened.
I just had a little taste, I swear.
You are so young, sweetheart, you don't need that shit.
- (WHIMPERS) Yeah, I do.
- Taylah, it'll kill you.
They tossed your cell.
I know you've got another stash, so where is it? - Just tell me, and I'll ditch it.
- (WHISPERED) No way.
I am trying to do you a favour.
(CLEARS THROAT) That's enough, Proctor.
You you, what do you want? Shit! No, no, please! No! No! Please! - Get back! Don't hurt me! - Zara! (LIZ WHIMPERS) You tell anyone, you die.
Hey, hey, it's OK.
- Oh! (LIZ SNIFFS) Oh, God well, that's it, then.
I'm fucked.
- Don't worry, I will speak to her.
- Oh, fat lot of good that'll do.
Maybe it's for the best? Beats dying in a nut house pissing myself while my brain turns to mush.
Oh, God I need a drink.
(CHUCKLES WRYLY) D'you want me to get you one? - Ah, I'm supposed to be on the wagon.
- Well, we've all got our vices.
I miss it.
I really bloody miss it, it's the best painkiller there is.
I can't handle this any more.
You should've let Drago shiv me.
(SOBS) Cheers.
- Will? - Yeah? Bullock's toxicology report came through heroine laced with rat poison.
She's very lucky she didn't die, I need you to call in the dog squad.
Sure thing.
Hey, um, can can we talk about the other thing? I got a conference call.
Hey has she decided what to do? Mate, it's 500 grand, not a fucking parking fine.
What if she goes to the cops, throws us under the bus? - She wouldn't.
- Well, someone might! So you might wanna talk her into paying up.
You didn't show up for work.
I'm not feeling well.
This about Boomer? How did the screws find out, Kaz? I dunno.
I didn't say anything.
(SIGHS DEEPLY) What's wrong, Liz? - I don't think Boomer was there.
- (SIGHS) You can't rely on me any more, no-one can.
I can't remember anything.
You know what my nan did to remember things? She made a memory box.
She'd write little notes to herself, favourite memories, birthdays, - that kind of stuff.
- Mmm.
It became this really special thing.
- Why don't we do that? - Mmm.
Proctor? Get some rest.
We'll chat later.
Report came back on Bullock's OD she had rat poison in her system.
That gear could've killed someone.
If there's some in this prison, you need to get rid of it.
She's OK.
Oh, good.
I was a bit worried about that.
Please tell me the OD wasn't your fault.
Of course it wasn't.
Actually, don't sit on (ALLIE SIGHS) (HUSHED) Fuck! - (SIGHS) I wish you didn't need that shit.
- I don't need it.
I like it.
Where should I hang these? (MARIE SIGHS) (ALLIE SIGHS) What do the stickers mean? Oh, we know who they are, we've questioned them.
We haven't found the others yet, but we will.
One of them knows something.
Actually, sweetheart, could I just have a minute? (SIGHS) Just need a minute.
I know Boomer wanted to fight Cherry, but I didn't think she'd do something so brutal.
You're totally not listening to me right now.
What have I done wrong? What? No, nothing.
Well, something's going on.
Do you really wanna know? Yeah, I'm asking, aren't I? It's about that girl from the visitors centre.
What about her? I saw more photos on Marie's wall.
She was at that bar, too.
Did you did you tell Marie? I I wanted to talk to you about it first.
Did she see anything? - Does she know what happened to Danny? - No, no, no, no.
She has no idea.
- So, you asked her? - Yeah, of course I did.
Right, OK.
Hey can y can you do me a favour? Can you just not tell Marie about this? I-I don't want anyone hassling Shelley.
Sure sure.
Sorry, I had to ask.
No, no, it's OK.
Come here.
Liz? (STARTLES AWAKE) What? What? What's that for? It's heroine.
If you still want a painkiller it's the best there is.
It's everything I have in here.
There's three hits.
If you shoot it all at once you're not going to wake up.
Now Liz you should be able to choose how this ends.
(HUSHED) Fuck off! Oh shit, I'm sorry, this was a bad idea.
(SIGHS) I just thought you should know you have you have some choices.
(BREATHING SHALLOWLY) Show me how to do it.
Please, don't do this.
It's my choice, Kaz.
(SNIFFLES) I want to decide when and how it happens, I wanna be in control of it, not some fucking disease! (LIZ SNIFFLES) You're right you should.
(LIZ SOBS) But not now.
I just want it to be over now! And I can't fuckin' hang around waiting for you, because you feel guilty about your nan, love.
I care about you.
You didn't give me a way out.
(HUSHED) Who gave you the hotshot? It was Marie.
Will you please let me get rid of it? Please? (LIZ EXHALES) How did it go with Birdsworth? Oh, she'll be dead by the count.
What if she doesn't shoot up? Oh, look, she barely knows what day it is, all right? Boomer's in the slot.
Either way, it's over.
Right? We're off the hook.
Got you a present.
Scored it from D block.
(KNOCKS) Peer worker business.
(CHUCKLES) You're dedicated.
- Where's the rest of your stash? - Not tellin' you, Kaz It's laced with rat poison, you can't take it, so hand it over.
(HUSHED) Don't make me angry, just tell me where it is now! ANNOUNCER: Attention, H block.
Dinner will commence in 10 minutes.
Prisoners, can make their way to the dining room.
Is she paying up? - I need to know what the fuck's going on.
- Look, she won't talk to me either, OK? Well, demand some fucking answers! - Look, she likes you, use that.
- OK.
Sweet talk her! Mate, if she doesn't do something, we'll both wind up in prison.
I'll go down for conspiracy, but you fucking killed her, mate, - you'll get life.
- Get get out of my face, OK? Tell Vera at the pay up, you dumb fuck! - Ugh! - Oof! Ju! Oh, shit! Ugh! - (MOTORCYCLE REVS) - Shit! Oh! (BREATHING HEAVILY) (KNOCK ON DOOR) Oh Why did you come here? I don't know.
Do you want sympathy? Do want to guilt me into paying that money? I don't wanna go to prison.
We're in this together, we should be making decisions - together! - Jake! I know you don't need me.
You don't need anyone.
But maybe someday, you might.
I don't think so.
(JAKE SIGHS DEEPLY) (VERA SNIFFLES) I haven't paid that money because I don't know what to do.
I've never been blackmailed before, I feel sick to my stomach all the time.
Yeah, I remember the feeling.
There is someone out there who knew about you and Ferguson.
Someone with a grudge, - someone who already blackmailed me.
- Who? Who was governor when the escape happened? Derek Channing.
- You OK? - Yep.
Count's in ten.
You should be in your unit.
Shelley came to see me and Allie saw her.
I And then, she recognised Shelley from the photos.
Oh, shit! Look I lied, but I think she bought it.
Ru, you're gonna have to cut Allie loose.
This is just gettin' too dangerous.
But I love her.
(SIGHS QUIETLY) Sometimes you gotta give up the things you love to protect yourself.
(BODY COLLAPSES) ZARA: Fuck! Marie, can you hear me? What the hell happened?! Marie? Oh, Marie? Shit, Marie?! Wake up, Marie! - Is she breathing? - I don't know! Go get help! - Give me some space.
- Stop it.
(SIREN BLARES) (SIREN CONTINUES) (SIREN BLARES) Oh, I wonder what's happened.
SIREN CONTINUES Some junkie overdosed.