Wentworth (2013) s07e05 Episode Script


1 You know Kosta's getting dead birds dropped in the yard from a drone, - packed with drugs.
- I'm moving to the laundry.
Jackson's transferring me.
Got my eye on that steam press.
Over my dead body.
- Might have to take you up on that.
- I want you to kill Kaz Proctor.
You gotta go into protection.
- Today.
- Nah.
Then they'll come after you.
It was either you or her.
Why? What's she got on you? I can't talk about it.
What do I have to do to keep my sister safe? Proctor knows about us.
I don't know how, but if she tells anyone, - I'm fucked and so are you.
- Do you think I'm crazy? - Fuck! - Ahh! - Stop! Ahh! - Fuck you! - What the hell's going on? - Get Dr Miller, quick.
I love you.
You don't know me when I don't know you You don't know me when I don't know you You're calling me in You're catching me out You're calling me in - You're catching me out - When I don't know you - You're calling me in - You don't know me - You're catching me out - When I don't know you - You don't know me - You're calling me in - When I don't know you.
- You're catching me out (DRAMATIC MUSIC) - (SIREN WAILS) - ANNOUNCEMENT: Attention, Compound.
This is a code black.
Code black.
All prisoners return to their units immediately.
- The fuck's going on? - Let's go.
- All prisoners return to their units immediately.
- Can you tell us who's been hurt, Mr Brody? No idea.
- Who is it? - Are they gonna tell us who it is? - Shit! Come on, who is it, mate? - That was a code black.
Wonder who it is.
Why aren't you working on her? - It's no good.
- Well, have you tried? Will, it's too late.
Oh, fuck.
Ms Bennett, where's Kaz? Limit every second left Till I'm off-balance Oh, love I'm there - I'm sorry.
- In spirit, oh Kaz? - Each and every breath - I wanted you to hear it from me.
- I spend you are collecting - I'm sorry, Allie.
(SIGHS DEEPLY) See it through I would die for you Each and every breath I spend You are collecting, mmm Each and every breath I spend Oh, my love How I love Take your time Oh, my love Take your time Oh, my love Oh, my love You should go home, get some rest.
No, I'm OK.
- Anything? - Well, five cameras were moved, but this was captured in one of the H Block corridors.
This was less than a minute before Ms Bennett found the body.
- Blood? - It's impossible to tell who it is.
Do the inmates know about the writing on the floor? - No.
- Well, let's keep it under wraps.
We need that hoodie, along with the murder weapon.
I've called the dog squad, so while the women are in lockdown, we'll raid the entire prison.
We'll also need some rooms - set aside for interviews.
- I can arrange that.
You should start with Marie Winter.
Hang on.
Why are we jumping to conclusions? You know their history.
Why else would she scrawl 'M' on the floor? Sorry.
- Long night.
- We'll interview all the women in H Block.
This place.
The last thing that she said to me was that she loved me.
And I I didn't They're keeping us locked up all day? I want some breakfast.
Well, make it yourself.
Oh, don't pretend like you give a shit.
- You hated Proctor as much as I did.
- Shut the fuck up, Kosta.
- Another one bites the dust.
- Hey, she's not worth it.
Come on.
All right, stay in the lounge, ladies.
- What's this? - Do as you're told.
Sit, Kosta! Hutchins, move it! You boys want some toast? Are they gonna arrest me? Why would they? 'Cause I attacked her.
Liz, you weren't thinking straight.
You flipped out.
It wasn't your fault.
- She protected me and I attacked her.
- Hey.
She really loved you, right? She knew you didn't mean it.
And I'm gonna look after you now, OK? - All right? - Yeah.
It's gonna be all right.
Mr Stewart? Uh, we were talking last night and and, - we wanna do something for Kaz.
- Yeah.
Like a memorial or something.
Do you reckon we could? Well, I can't make any promises, but I'll put it to the Governor, eh? - Thanks.
- Narelle Stang wasn't here for the lockdown.
- Where is she? - Protection Unit.
She won't be back.
Did she kill Kaz? You know I can't tell you that.
- Fuck.
- What? Stang and Kaz had history.
She wanted Kaz dead.
I don't give a shit.
If they want a statement, they can call Corrections but right now, I want them cleared away from the main gate.
- Fuckin' vultures.
- The police have started interviewing.
- I've given them two rooms.
- Fine.
- Mr Jackson? - Yes? There's protestors at the gate.
It's that Red Right Hand group.
- What, with the media? - Yeah.
- Oh, shit.
- You wanna handball the Press Office to me? Ahh, yeah, do it.
Thank you.
Any sign of the hoodie or the murder weapon? - No, not yet.
- Well, what is the weapon, a shiv? The police think it's a boxcutter so keep an eye out for that, please.
Have you thought about counselling for the women? - Because Dr Miller said - I've already spoken to him.
What time are we letting the women out of lockdown? Look, I'm lifting it tonight.
Proctor's unit requested a memorial in the yard.
What about dinner? Ahh, we'll give them a late dinner and shift the final count back to 10:00.
I'm not sure a memorial's a good idea.
Not tonight.
Putting a large group of prisoners together in a heightened emotional state is never a good idea.
Well, keeping them cooped up will just make things worse.
- Yeah, well, just wait - Vera, stop.
OK, can everyone just get on with their fucking jobs? For what it's worth, I think you're right.
The memorial.
It's too soon.
I mean, the women want paper lanterns.
Linda's making me go buy them.
She's so fucking lazy.
Jake, I'm really tired.
Is there something you wanted? I I guess I just wanted to say thanks.
For the ultrasound photo.
I can't stop looking at it.
Nice flowers.
I really do have a lot to do.
Mr Jackson wanted Proctor's notes but I can't get hold of him.
Well, he's inundated right now.
I can pass them on.
You were one of the last people to see Proctor alive.
Did she mention any problems with other inmates? I asked about Marie Winter.
- Yeah, how did she react? - Pretty casual.
She didn't seem too worried at all.
- The police will want to interview you.
- Yeah, of course, yeah.
Whatever they need.
Um I never thanked you for the flowers.
You don't owe me anything.
Just days like this put things in perspective.
So let's start over.
This is a nice idea, Liz.
Yeah, yeah, well, Kaz and I saw lanterns like these on TV once and she thought they were beautiful.
She's been so good to me.
Least we can do is give her a good send-off, eh? I can't fuckin' do it properly.
No, you just put it through this way, look.
Do you still think it was Stang? Dunno.
But it makes sense.
Well, it could have been Marie, or Kosta, or any of those junkie bitches.
Whoever did it should pay.
Kaz deserves justice.
Yeah, well, that's a problem 'cause there is no fuckin' justice.
I still can't do it.
Oh, it's a big one.
TV: Well, these charges sure have thrown him into another emotional tailspin Hey.
You OK? I couldn't help them.
I don't know anything.
No, me neither.
They're wasting their time questioning us.
Who the fuck could've done this? Lockdown's been lifted.
H1 are holding a memorial in the yard if you're interested.
Fuck that.
I'd rather watch telly.
Suit yourself.
Standing on the platform Watching you go It's like no other pain - I've ever known - Is that absolutely necessary? This place isn't burning down on my watch.
To love someone so much To have no control I'm so sorry, love.
- Aw, sorry, darling.
- You said, "I wanna see the world.
" - And I said, "Go.
" - Someone gonna say something? Yeah, that'd be nice.
What about Allie? - You feeling up to it? - (SIGHS) I guess so.
OK, come on.
Righto, uh, listen up.
Allie's gonna talk.
Kaz saved my life.
She saved a lot of us.
We counted on her.
Not just as a Top Dog.
She was our friend.
Being in here is really hard.
It's scary.
It's lonely.
And sometimes, you just need someone in your corner.
- And Kaz was always in my corner.
- Oh, sweetheart.
It's all right, love.
It's all right, love.
And Allie's right, 'cause Kaz was always in her corner.
- What's she doin' here? - That fuckin' bitch.
Hey, Winter.
What the fuck do you think you're doing? - I've come to pay my respects.
- Bullshit.
Oi! Any aggro and we're shutting this thing down.
Are we clear? How can you even go near her? She murdered Kaz! - I did not! - Last chance, Alston.
Just stop it.
You're fuckin' spoiling it, OK? Just Marie, come and get a lantern.
It's OK.
Thanks, Liz.
Thank you for your beautiful words, Allie.
We know how much it hurts, and we want you to know that we're all here for you, aren't we? Does anybody else wanna speak? Fucking bitch! You're dead! - Get the lights on! - Don't! - Just stop! - Why are you protecting her? She murdered Kaz! - Let me see.
- She was with me! Bullshit.
- Half an hour before lockdown - Let me through! she was in my cell, OK? - So point that fucking shiv somewhere else! - Drop the shiv, Alston! - Drop it! - Get off me! - Fuck.
- Get off! - That's it, we're shutting this down.
- You're fucking dead, Winter! Yeah, well, fuck you! I don't need to go into Protection.
All right? They trust Allie.
Now they know it wasn't me, I'm fine.
You're taking a bloody big risk.
I don't know why you want to stay in General.
Because if I hide myself away, they'll think I'm guilty.
- At least you'd be safe.
- I'm not going, Will, all right? Hey, you look tired, hmm? Why don't you go home and get some sleep? How'd they do it? They cut her throat.
I wasn't involved.
- You do believe me, don't you? - Course I do.
- Doesn't mean you're safe out there.
- Hey.
Let me worry about that.
Do you think Marie could have done it? She's got an alibi.
Well, if Allie says she was with her, then I believe her.
Maybe you're right about Stang, then, hey? What'd you say? Um, it's not lagging if she's already locked up, is it? - Is it? - No, no.
We know why Narelle Stang is in Protection.
She killed Kaz.
Stang was already locked up when Proctor died.
Any other theories you'd like to share? So the cops don't have a lead? If she was your friend, you owe it to her to tell us what happened.
- We don't know.
- Yeah, we don't know.
So, if it wasn't Marie or Stang, - who the fuck was it? - Mmm.
Kosta? - Yeah, probably.
- ANNOUNCEMENT: Attention, Compound.
Attention, Compound.
H Block are now called for dinner.
Kosta's working the room.
Must be angling for Kaz's job.
Yeah, she wants to call a bloody vote tomorrow.
It's bloody disgusting.
Kaz's only been gone ten minutes.
So who are they gonna put up against her? 'Cause I'm not bloody doing it.
- Hey, what about you, Rita? - Not my scene.
If we have to have someone, - you'd be bloody awesome, hey? - If you put your hand up, we'll be voting for ya.
Well, my hand's not up.
Ooh! If there's any trouble, you'll be joining Alston in the slot.
- I told you this was a bad idea.
- It's OK, just get your food.
I'm not hungry.
You're dead! (LAUGHTER) Anyone wanna say anything? - 'Cause I'm up for a chat.
- Sit down, Winter.
I'll sit down when I've got my food and not before.
- Nice try.
- Why are you provoking them? Because if they're afraid of me, that gives me power.
And power is safety in here, right? Vera, you need to go home.
No, no, look.
I've found something.
This was recorded a few minutes before the cameras were moved.
Winter is wearing a hoodie.
And then, a few moments later, just before the lockdown was called, no hoodie.
And didn't Novak say that she and Winter were in her cell when the attack happened? Why would she lie? I'm showing this to Detective Minton.
Why are you protecting Marie Winter? Did she force you to cover for her? Then why are you lying? I'm not lying.
I took off my hoodie 'cause I was hot.
I put it in the laundry trolley.
- And where is it now? - In the laundry, probably.
Why? Did you kill Kaz Proctor? - I would never hurt Kaz.
- So why did you lie to us? I was trying to protect Marie.
I knew that if Kaz's crew thought she did it, they'd kill her.
And I didn't want to lose her, too.
That's the truth.
I swear.
ANNOUNCEMENT: Attention, Compound.
Count will commence in five minutes.
Well, they didn't believe a word I said.
They're charging me with obstructing justice or something.
Oh, I'm sorry, sweetheart.
I wish you hadn't tried to cover for me.
Where were you when it happened? Well, I was heading back to the laundry.
- What, you think I - No.
Heard the cops dragged you in again.
- Fuck off, Kosta! - Hey, you better watch yourself.
Unless you want that pretty face steam-pressed.
We're voting tomorrow.
Only a matter of time before I take that top job.
Hey, Kosta's all talk.
She wants free rein to bring in her gear.
Come on.
Getting that job's about smarts and timing, not just bribery.
At your doors, thanks, ladies.
All right, let's make this fast.
Winter, Novak, Kosta, Hutchins.
All right, done.
Off to bed.
- Wanna join me? - Not in a million years, Kosta.
Mr Stewart, are the police looking at Kosta? She wants to bring in her drugs without any aggro and now she can.
But we need evidence, not just theories.
Right, you really wanna help? Cops have got CCTV of the killer.
They can't see who it is but there's a bloodstain on the sleeve, there.
We need to find that hoodie.
But haven't the cells already been searched? Yeah.
It's gotta be somewhere.
Marie hasn't got it in her.
She's a piece of work, all right, but she never gets her hands dirty.
I reckon Stang went into Protection to give herself an alibi and got someone else to kill Kaz.
She was blackmailing me, so she must have had someone else on the side.
A backup.
Can you stop being a cop for, like, five minutes? Sorry.
You OK? You've been pretty quiet today.
I'm just tired.
I'm gonna go to bed.
ANNOUNCEMENT: Attention, Compound.
Attention, Compound.
- H Block are now called to breakfast.
- We just have to keep it, - get her to do it, you know? - Yeah, yeah, just get her to say it.
What? This must be where it happened, eh? Yeah.
Oh, boy.
Yeah, it's it's not right, is it? Just dying here, on your own like that.
She must have been real scared.
You know, um, if I gotta go, I wanna be in a big, comfy bed with all me mates around me, OK? - Yeah, yeah, fair enough.
- Yeah.
Anyway, come on.
We're gonna be late for brekkie.
We'd better go.
Lizzie, come on.
Come on.
Oi, you gonna eat? I already had some toast.
Wanna come with me anyway? - I can't.
- Mitchell.
Police are here.
You already had your interview.
- Um, I have another one.
- Why? I don't know, same old questions, over and over again.
They haven't re-interviewed me or Boomer or Liz.
Why you? - Mitchell.
- I gotta go, sis.
I'll see ya later, eh? They wouldn't be laughing if they knew she'd killed Kaz.
Any more thoughts about throwing your hat in the ring? Yeah, we don't want Kosta in charge.
- Please.
- You gotta do it.
Come on.
I've got enough on my plate.
- Like what? - Yeah? You got a problem? Why don't you come join us? No, thanks.
Better start showing some respect.
Lunchtime, I'll be calling the vote.
Then I'll be running this place.
- Oh! - Get your hands off her, bitch.
- Fuck off.
- Winter.
Sit down.
There's room for two under that steam press.
You heard him.
Let everyone know I've got a new shipment.
Make sure they're all sweet for the vote.
I've found where Kosta keeps her stash.
There's a ceiling vent above the bookshelves in Education.
- So? - So I'm gonna tell the screws.
I'll get her slotted and stop her from becoming Top Dog.
If she finds out you lagged, she's gonna kill you.
- Yeah, I'll do it anonymously.
- Allie, it's too dangerous, all right? And the women know she's a dealer.
That won't change their opinion of her.
So she kills Kaz and now she's gonna be fucking rewarded? (SOBS QUIETLY) (IMAGINES VOICE) Fuck! Ahh! Lizzie.
Why are you wandering off for, eh? I, uh I I wanted to see Yeah, no, I I I, um, don't think it's very good for you to be here 'cause you're getting upset.
Come on.
No, no, no OK, come on.
- Get get get - No, we're just gonna - Get out! - Liz! Fuck! Lizzie! (SNIFFS) - Liz! - Oh.
Yeah, um, you want me to make you a cup of tea? Yeah? Maybe we can sort out - some of your bucket list stuff.
- I'm I'm starting to remember.
Yeah? That's good, isn't it? It's like, they changed your medicine - and so it must be helping your dementias, eh? - I don't I don't know what to do.
Nah, it's good.
You just gotta go with it.
But you gotta stay calm.
Kaz'd tell ya to - She's dead! - try to stay calm, wouldn't she? Yeah, I know that, Lizzie.
But, she'd tell you to stay calm, so can you do that for me? Yeah, she's dead because of me.
- Oh, no, see, you're getting confused.
- No, no, no, I remember.
I attacked her.
Yeah, and you went to Medical and Kaz was there - and she was fine - No! No.
It happened again, after they released me.
What do you mean? I remember.
I remember.
ECHO SCREAM: Fuck! Just let me know if you need another appointment.
Dr Greg! - Hi, Boomer.
Thanks, Shaz.
- Hi.
- How are you doing? - Um, yeah, OK, yeah.
- Good.
Um, no, no, no, - I'm not OK, actually, everything's really fuckin' weird.
Well, look, I'm seeing you this afternoon, so - Yeah.
- can we talk then? Ahh, no.
No! I need to talk to you now.
OK, um, I can't name names, right? But, um, - I need advice.
- OK.
What if someone thought they'd done something really bad, but they can't remember the whole thing, just bits of the thing.
So they don't know that it's bad, but it looks bad.
Boomer, what have you done? No, not me.
I haven't got the dementia.
Oh, shit.
Shouldn't you call the cops? No, not until I know all the facts.
What do you remember about that day? - Do you remember leaving Medical? - Yes.
I took your pills and then an officer walked me back to my unit.
I remember standing in the unit.
Yep, then what? I left.
And where did you go? Liz, try to remember.
I went to find Kaz.
And what were you thinking? Why did you want to find her? - I don't know.
- But you did find her? Yes.
Could you tell me what happened? Did you talk to her? I don't know.
I remember the s The smell of her blood.
And I can see her lying there.
And I'm sh shaking.
There's there's something on the floor.
Like, um oh, it's like writing or a letter.
- Overslept? - No.
I was searching every bin in the prison for that hoodie until 5:00 in the morning.
Oh, yeah.
I heard that came up a dead end.
- Vera? - Mmm? - Can I have a word? - Yep.
Uh, in private.
Hey, do you reckon something's going on there? What? No.
I don't know, he sent her those flowers.
He did what? I had a peep at the card.
Apparently when you're pregnant, you're horny, like, all the time.
Must be a real drag.
It could be one of her delusions.
She knew about the writing on the floor.
She was there.
(SIGHS) Liz is not a murderer.
What if it's the medication? But you lowered the dose.
I should have left her in Medical.
I should have monitored her for a few more days.
- Did you lower the dose? - Yes, yes.
The drug company's counting on this trial.
- All that work could be for nothing.
- We still have to go to the police.
Liz can't stand up to police interrogation at the moment.
She'll just respond with confirmation bias - and then we'll never know the truth - OK, if we withhold this, and she was involved, the outcome will be far worse for all of us.
Dr Miller has explained to us that sometimes your memory can play tricks.
Not tricks.
I forget.
I've got dementia.
I'm not crazy.
But it's very important that we establish exactly what happened.
Try not to leave anything out, all right? As long as you don't talk to me like I'm an idiot.
Detective, maybe I can help here.
No, thanks.
I've got this.
Liz, I want you to tell me about that morning.
After you left the Medical Unit, you were taken back to your cell by an officer.
- Is that right? - Not my cell, my unit.
OK, then what happened? Liz? Liz, you said you remembered leaving your unit to find Kaz.
Yeah, that's right.
I needed to find her.
- I was upset.
- Do you remember why? I felt guilty, 'cause she'd been really good to me and I had tried to hurt her.
- What happened next? - Mate, I'm trying to remember, yeah? So it's in there, but I just can't get to it, OK? I can I can see her lying there.
And all the blood.
And I can feel myself shaking, like my legs are just gonna give out under me But what happened before that, Liz? - What happened before that? - I am trying to remember.
The cameras.
Do you remember moving the cameras? Liz, did you do anything to the cameras? - Try to remember.
- Fuck, I am trying to remember! Fuck me! The why that's I am.
We've been in there an hour.
Look, she definitely saw Kaz's body before I did.
But Liz just isn't capable of something like this.
Well, what about that psychotic episode? You know, she could have had another one.
Liz isn't responsible.
She might have been there, she might have found the body, but there's no way that she killed Proctor.
Well, how can you be sure? Moving the cameras demonstrates rational premeditation.
Liz could only ever attack Kaz in a psychotic state.
There's no way that she did this.
How was your interview? - Fine.
- No problems? - Why would there be a problem? - Oh, I don't know, maybe 'cause you're trying to hide something.
Why did they re-interview you? You know, just different cops.
It wasn't about Kaz.
So what was it about? You haven't been able to look me in the eye for the last two days.
Did you speak to Stang before she went into Protection? Fuck's sake, Ruby.
Did you do something stupid? Did you? You tried to protect me.
You made a fuckin' deal.
I made a deal.
Tell me you didn't hurt Kaz.
- Course I fuckin' didn't.
- So what did you do? I took Stang's charges.
She told me about the smash and grab, and where she stashed some money.
So I told the cops it was me.
- Oh, why the fuck would you do that? - For you.
Once they finish the paperwork, Stang will be released.
- She won't be a problem anymore.
- And you cop an extra year.
No, maybe an extra six months.
- You need to retract the statement.
- It's too late.
You were getting out.
You were being released.
- I can wait, sis.
- Oh, fuck's sake, Ruby.
I put myself in here to keep you safe.
I've been counting the fuckin' days until you walk out.
It was kill or be killed, that's what you said.
Now, you put your life on the line for me.
It's my turn to protect you.
- I didn't ask for protection - You don't fuckin' have to! I'm your sister.
It's done.
ANNOUNCEMENT: Attention, Compound.
Attention, Compound.
H Block are now called for dinner.
We gotta be quick.
Get down, Kosta! Hey! Gimme that.
Hey! - You got any more up there? - Nuh.
Yeah, right.
- They're not mine! - Yeah? You can tell that to the cops.
That's definitely not mine.
You're fucked, Kosta.
- It's nothing to do with me! - Slot 'em both, OK? - Get the cops down here.
- I didn't kill the bitch! - Let's go.
- It had nothing to do with me! - Hey! - It's not mine! - Let go of me, ya fuckin' bitch! - I've never seen it before! Listen to me! Shit.
(SIGHS) (SOBS AND SNIFFS) Fuck! Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Oh, my God.
You found it.
They're questioning Kosta.
It was found with her drug stash.
Shit! Well, how did you find her stash? It was an anonymous tip-off.
I couldn't let you lag.
She'd better go down for this.
She deserves a fucking life sentence.
Well, at least she won't be pitching for Top Dog today, hmm? - Hey.
- Hey.
Um Kosta's been charged.
She killed Kaz.
- I know.
Dr Miller told me.
- Oh.
- I knew you didn't do it.
- Oh, thank God.
- Hmm.
- God, I've got things in here that I cannot remember at all.
What the hell's this one? "Ruby's the killer.
" What? That's not my writing.
Hey? No.
- Oh, this is bloody Kosta.
- What? Yeah, trying to trick ya.
Stuck it in your memory box, expecting you to lag.
- You reckon? - Yeah.
It's bloody stupid.
- Oh! - Ruby didn't kill no-one.
- Yeah.
- Bloody hell.
Just chuck it.
Hey, you wanna come to lunch? I thought maybe you could go for Top Dog.
Can you just stay for a sec? 'Cause I wanna I gotta ask you something.
Yeah? Like, things aren't they're not great for me at the moment, and if the new medication I'm on doesn't work, - I, uh I'm gonna I'm gonna get worse.
- Why're you talking like this? Because, uh, one day, I - I might need your help.
- Yeah? To do what? I don't I don't wanna suffer, Booms.
I know how this thing ends, right? - Nah.
- And it's not pretty.
- See, you're not thinking straight.
- No, I am, love.
- Come on.
We're gonna be late for lunch.
- I am.
No, no, no.
No, love.
Booms, love.
Just just OK, listen.
I need you to tell me that you'll think about it, please.
I don't need to think about it.
You'll probably forget about it tomorrow anyway, - so it doesn't - Hey, hey, hey.
I won't, love.
I won't.
Look, um I might be getting me parole real soon, OK? So, um, I probably won't even be around anyway so, um no.
- Will? - Hey.
I heard about Kosta.
Yeah, well, she's denied everything, but, - the evidence speaks for itself.
- Hmm.
- So you were right about Winter.
- Yeah.
I'm going to the dining room.
You wanna join me? Yeah, sure.
There's, uh, talk of a Top Dog vote.
I wanna see how it plays out.
Jesus Christ.
Settle down.
Hey, you OK? Kaz deserves payback.
Kosta's gonna get the shit kicked out of her when she gets back.
Well, at this rate, she might be our next Top Dog.
I don't know, it feels weird if someone's gotta take Kaz's job.
If anyone's gotta do it, - Rita's the best we've got.
- Yes.
Please don't start this again.
Nah, the women are gonna need someone.
I mean, look at 'em! So why not you? They'll need someone who can make the tough decisions, who can stand up to women like Kosta and who aren't gonna run off from the screws.
- Come on, Rita.
- Come on, love.
Come on.
- It's not for me.
- Well, it can't be bloody Kosta! What about Marie? Oh, what? - Oh, no, that's ridiculous, Allie.
- Why? I can't think of anyone better.
OK, listen up! What? - Shut up.
- Everyone knew that Kaz and Marie - didn't see eye-to-eye.
- Yeah, too right! Yeah, there's a reason for that.
Kaz was a smart, tough - Oh, bullshit! - capable woman.
- Yeah.
- Hear, hear.
- No, she was.
- Cry me a river.
- Marie is exactly the same.
- Yeah, no, she is.
- Bullshit! - I agree.
- Oh, fuck off.
- Oh, yeah, this is gonna go well, for sure(!) She cares about people, just like Kaz did.
She is a leader, just like Kaz.
And she doesn't take any shit from anyone.
- Oh, you're fuckin' lying! - That's why I want Marie representing me.
No way! Well, what's your alternative? Kosta? A fucking murderer, sitting in the slot? She doesn't give a shit about anyone but herself.
(TENSE MUSIC) (MUSIC BUILDS) What do you say? You up for it? It's good to see you out.
- You planted that hoodie.
- Is that any way to talk to your new Top Dog? It seems that a lot can change very quickly in here.
Another attempt to point the finger away from you.
Marie, what did the note say? Ruby is the killer.