Wentworth (2013) s07e06 Episode Script


1 Me mum always says it, "If I could slap the stupid out of ya, there'd be nothin' left.
" Your mum was drinking while pregnant with you? - Yeah.
- That can fuck with kids' brains, you know? Oi! What the hell? - Fuck.
- Oh! Those photos, the ones that Marie's getting in? They show that tattoo, the back of your head.
You have a history of epilepsy.
And in light of these results, you shouldn't be boxing.
I know about your aneurysm.
And what's this one? - "Ruby's the killer.
" - That's not my writing.
- Ruby didn't kill no-one.
- Yeah.
Bloody hell.
Just chuck it.
Anyone wanna say anything? 'Cos I'm up for a chat.
Why are you provoking them? Because if they're afraid of me, that gives me power.
And power is safety in here.
Are the police looking at Kosta? Cops have got CCTV of the killer.
They can't see who it is, but there's a bloodstain on the sleeve.
We need to find that hoodie.
I found where Kosta keeps her stash.
That's definitely not mine.
- Get the cops down here.
- I didn't kill the bitch! - Let's go.
- It wasn't mine.
It wasn't, it was a setup! She'd better go down for this.
She deserves a fucking life sentence.
Well, at least she won't be pitching for Top Dog today.
There's, uh, talk of a Top Dog vote.
I wanna see how it plays out.
What about Marie? You don't know me when I don't know you You don't know me when I don't know you You're calling me in You're catching me out You're calling me in - You're catching me out - When I don't know you - You're calling me in - You don't know me - You're catching me out - When I don't know you - You don't know me - You're calling me in - When I don't know you.
- You're catching me out The blood on Kosta's hoodie's not a match for Kaz.
And it has to be Kaz's to hold her.
Only took those dumb-fuck pigs a week.
A lot can happen in a week.
- It's good to see you out.
- Fucking bitch.
You planted that hoodie.
Is that any way to talk to your new Top Dog? Where's the respect? - Respect this.
- Kosta! Get to your unit.
You've been out of the loop, hon.
- Bitch set me up.
- Or back to the slot.
Your choice.
And the rest of you, clear the corridor now.
Uh, not you, Winter.
Governor wants to see you.
About time.
The prison system murdered her in cold blood.
Will Jackson, the current Governor, what's he doing to give her the justice she deserves? I'll tell you what.
Sweet fuck-all! Down with the Governor! - Down with the Governor! - (KNOCK ON DOOR) Come in.
Thank you, Ms Bennett.
So, you've been avoiding me, hmm? Uh, I just had a bit on my plate.
'Cos I thought it was customary for the Governor and Top Dog to negotiate the terms of their relationship.
So, where are you at with Kaz's murder? - Word is Kosta didn't do it.
- Still could have.
- Then why is she walking free? - It's hardly free.
The women are scared and it's my responsibility now to protect them.
- OK, then help me.
- If I knew who did this, - I would tell you in a heartbeat.
- You'd lag? Come on.
You and I are in a unique situation, Will.
You run the prison, I run the women, right? We can both get what we want from this.
What do you want, Marie? I wanna feel safe.
I want to have my voice heard.
I'll always listen.
You know that.
We're lucky to have you, Will.
I'm lucky.
Booms, come in here! - Oh, no, I gotta go see Dr Greg - No, just for a sec.
Come on! OK.
Sophie's first night in here, I heard her crying in the next cell and I went in and I curled up on the bed next to her, and I held her.
I remember it.
I remember it.
Right, all of these memories.
Like, last week, they were just friggin' words.
But now I can remember all of them, almost all of it! - No! - Yes! So, like, the meds are really, really working? - Oh, God, I wish Kaz was here to see this.
- Yeah.
- And you know what I'm gonna do? - What? I am gonna get in touch with my son, Artie, and I'm I'm just gonna reconnect with him.
Jenkins, don't you have to be somewhere? - Hey? - Appointment with Dr Miller? Oh.
Oh! Yeah.
Oh, Lizzie's back! I think it's bloody great that she's remembering everything, eh? And then I thought, "Oh, shit.
What what if she remembers the time that I bashed her?" Oh, it's 'cos she was a lagger so, you know, she deserved it.
- OK.
- Yeah.
Yeah, and I think I think your drug's helping me, too.
It's making me smarter.
- Well, I'm happy for Liz.
- Yeah.
And for you, Boomer.
In fact, I've got good news.
You want me to have your baby.
Your day release has been approved for tomorrow.
That's good, isn't it? Oh.
After what happened to Kaz, yeah, I wanna get out of here.
Tomorrow's gonna go a long way to ensuring a successful parole.
Ahh, what if what if what if I stuff it up? Just remember the strategies that we've been working on, to control your behaviour triggers.
- Yeah? Your positive affirmations.
- Yep.
"I'm in charge.
I'm in complete control of meself.
Me willpower has the strength of steel.
" And in an emergency? "Stop, Boomer! Breathe.
Count to ten.
" Seven, eight, nine, ten.
And - relax.
- Relax.
So, what time's Trina picking me up? Ahh, she's not.
- Your mum, May, is your sponsor for the day.
- Hey? Me mum? Yeah, is that a problem? No.
(INDISTINCT YELLING) Two ramps in a week? There goes your budget.
Well, that's for me to worry about.
We didn't find anything the last time.
- Why would this time be any different? - Oh, come on, Vera.
It's Kaz.
I have to try.
Oh, Will, you can't let this be personal.
It's about protecting the women, OK? If Kosta didn't do it, then who did? Are police gonna DNA-test the blood on the hoodie? Ahh, maybe, but it's not Kaz's blood.
It's probably got Kosta's blood on it.
Yeah, I wouldn't be so sure about that.
Liz's Birdsworth has been responding really well to the Psuldrycin.
- Oh, that's great! - Yeah.
I mean, I was hoping it would be effective against recidivism but if this drug can cure dementia, I mean, shit, Vera, we're talking about a Nobel Prize.
- Oh, what? - I mean, I'm almost serious.
And none of this would have even been possible without you.
- Oh, no, I - No, you've been a massive help, - so thank you.
- Oh! - Ooh, sorry! - Oh, it's that's OK.
- (KNOCK ON DOOR) - Yep.
- CSDS just finished.
- And? No hoodie, no murder weapon.
Just the usual contraband.
But they did find this screwed up behind the rubbish bin in H1.
"Ruby's the killer.
" - Something to do with Proctor? - Doubtful.
CCTV put Mitchell in the gym when Kaz was killed.
Leave it with me.
I'll talk to Will.
You and Miller.
- OK, if you're gonna play it like that.
- Play what like what? He can't just waltz in here and take my place.
Your place? - As the baby's father.
- Oh, for God's sake.
I have parental rights, Vera.
- You can't just shut me out.
- That's enough, Jake.
I'll take legal action - to protect those rights if I have to.
- Can you get out? - I mean it.
- So do I.
Get out.
Hey, Boomer.
- Hey.
- What? I got me day release, tomorrow.
- Oh, wow! Well, that's that's exciting.
- Mmm.
- Mum's me sponsor for the day.
- May.
- Your mum's name's May.
- Yep.
It is, yep.
Hey, Boomer? - Yep.
- Look at me.
You've been in here a long time, so maybe she's changed.
- Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah, love.
- Jenkins.
- Yeah.
- Two Psuldrycin? - Oh.
Oh, yeah.
- These things make me so horny, eh? - Do they? Or maybe it's just thinking about Dr Greg.
- Ahh, yeah, Dr Greg.
- Mmm.
- Birdsworth.
- Yeah.
- One Psuldrycin.
- Thank you.
Liz is on Miller's program? It helps with her dementia.
Bit of a rocky start, but we're good now, aren't we, Liz? - Mm-hm, yep.
- Yep.
- Rocky how? - Psychotic episode.
- But we're all good now, right, Liz? - Yeah.
You just said that.
- No flies on you.
- I think you need the medication.
She might need it.
- (KNOCK ON DOOR) - Yeah, come in.
Thank you, Ms Miles.
Deputy Governor.
Well, it seems like a lot can change very quickly in here.
The women needed stability.
If I can provide it, I wasn't about to shirk that responsibility.
Oh, the reluctant Top Dog.
- Doesn't quite fit with Kosta's accusation.
- PA: Attention, Compound.
The count will commence in ten minutes.
Her slotting bought you the time you needed.
Oh, you have a very devious mind, Ms Bennett.
You know what? This is devious.
A note that was conveniently found during the ramp.
Another attempt to point the finger away from you.
It won't work forever, Winter.
You will never replace Kaz.
I didn't kill Kaz Proctor.
At the very least, you'll be charged with obstructing a police investigation.
I didn't write that note.
Yeah, maybe not.
I'm betting you know who did.
- Count's in five.
I've got H3.
- Great.
If you need anything, you just let me know.
(DOOR OPENS) Hey, you wanna come and watch some telly? Come in.
Shut the door, will you? - What's up? - Sit down.
You're freaking me out, Marie.
What's going on? I was shown a note today.
It was written by Drago.
I Well, I recognised the handwriting.
So what did it say? Marie, what did the note say? "Ruby is the killer.
" Killer? - W what does that mean? - Ruby killed Danny.
She murdered my boy.
- Let me talk to her.
- Why? Drago hated Ruby.
Maybe she was trying to frame her.
Oh, Ruby was at the bar, yeah? And she's a fuckin' boxer.
Danny was punched in the head.
It all adds up.
Rita killed Drago to shut her up.
You know it and I know it.
- Please don't do anything yet - Fuck, this is Danny we're talking about! Yes, I know He loved you and you loved him! - Yes, I - All right, what? - You wanna protect the bitch who murdered him? - No, I want I want to stop you from doing something that you might regret.
Winter? Police are here to question you.
Again? They're questioning everyone again.
- Do I go? Yep.
- Mm-hm.
- Come on, come on! - Hi, Mum.
The car shat itself.
I had to get it jumped.
Mrs Jenkins, I need you to sign this form.
It states you understand your obligations as a sponsor.
That includes returning your daughter to this facility no later than 5pm today.
What? I gotta keep her that long? Oh, I'm gonna have her back by 4:30.
Good luck.
Oh For God's sake, what have they been feeding ya? Yeah.
- Put the seat back.
- Yeah, I'm trying.
- Put the.
put it back.
Back, back.
- Don't where do I - The lever! - Oh! Got it.
How are ya? Um - Oh.
- Nuh.
- Seatbelt on.
- Oh.
- Don't wanna break the fuckin' law, eh? - Oh, yeah, no.
Hey, um, where's Trina? Oh, she's down the coast with Daz.
She's havin' a rootin' on the beach.
I didn't think you had your licence, eh? - I don't.
- Oh.
Did you kill Danny Winter? What? - Why would you say something like that? - Drago wrote a note saying that you did.
Some time before your sister bashed her to death.
It said, "Ruby is the killer.
" Drago hated me.
She had it in for me and Rita.
Show me.
- Show me.
- Fuck off, Allie.
- Prove to me that it wasn't you - Why the fuck should I? Oh, shit.
Oh, shit! Allie, that Oh, fuck.
Fuck! (BABY CRIES FROM HOUSE) (GENTLE MUSIC) You want a drink? - Uh, yeah, just a vodka and orange, ta.
- Nuh.
Just o'jay.
I'm off the piss.
Yeah, right! Since when? - Six months ago.
- Bullshit! Watch it! That's got breakables! - What is all this shit? - "Shit" is my business.
I'm into selling stuff online.
You know? Got handbags, got electrics, - glassware, jewellery.
- And waving cats.
Oh, nah.
I collect them meself.
They're fuckin' cute, aren't they? Nuh.
You know my biggest earner? Get this.
Baby formula.
What? Baby formula? I get it at the supermarket, and I sell it to China at a 300% mark-up.
The Chinks can't get enough of that shit.
It's a fuckin' licence to print money, mate.
Oh, yeah.
I started goin' to AA, down the church.
I got off the grog and I found Jesus.
- And he became my Lord and my Saviour.
- (MUFFLED CHUCKLE) - He could be yours, too.
- (CHUCKLES) Lord and Saviour! No, I got Fev.
You really sober? I swear on Jesus.
And Fev.
Get the fuck out of my cell.
Both of you.
Allie, please - I said get the fuck out! - No.
Roo, door.
What are you gonna do? You gonna kill me to shut me up like you killed Drago? You need to take a breath and listen.
- Listen to what? - To Ruby and the truth about that night.
I'll put you there.
(DOOR OPENS) Oh, here you are.
What've you got there? Gary, stepdad of the fuckin' year.
Worse than Phil? Phil? Phil was a bloody saint compared to him.
Oh, Trev.
Yeah, I Nah, I don't wanna talk about him.
- Yeah, Trev had issues.
- Ya reckon? Yeah, I never had much luck with the blokes, did I? Especially your father.
And you got his genes.
Well, he must've been a real spunk, then, eh? So, what are we gonna do today? We gonna go to the pub, or what? - I told ya I'm off the grog.
- Yeah, I don't believe ya.
Suit yourself.
Listen, I got a shitload of stuff I need to box up.
It's gotta go out in the post today.
Can't it wait till tomorrow? 'Cos it's, like, me one day out.
Listen, the world doesn't stop just 'cos you show your ugly face.
In fact, you can get off your lazy fat arse and come and give us a hand.
Come on.
"Ugly", "lazy", "fat".
PA: Attention, Compound.
Work detail will commence in five minutes.
- All prisoners are to report to their workplaces.
- Just got a call from the Medical Board.
Someone from the prison has reported me for medical misconduct.
What kind of misconduct? - You don't know? - What, you think it was me? I failed to document Liz's psychotic episodes after she started taking the drug.
Why? My research is experimental.
That could have been used as an excuse to shut me down.
What? - Nothing, I'm just - I fudged a report.
It probably constitutes medical fraud.
- I'm treating Liz because you asked me to.
- So it's my fault? No.
I'm not The truth is, I stuffed up.
So what's gonna happen? Well, I have to front the board, hope they don't cancel my funding.
I might have to take Liz off Psuldrycin.
But it's started working for her.
Oh, so Liz becomes the real victim of all this? Come on, get a move on.
- You're gonna be late for your meeting with the cops.
- How'd it go with the cops? Oh, fishing expedition.
What about you? Talk to Ruby? And? Drago got it wrong.
There's no tattoo on the back of her head.
Ruby had nothing to do with Danny's death.
Oi, Baker, slow down.
- What do you want, Winter? - There was a note found in the ramp.
I wanna know where it was found.
Need more tape.
All right.
Calm your tits.
- Where is it? - Where's what? "Where's what?" Where's your stash, huh? Oh, for the love of Christ.
- I told you I'm off the piss.
- Bullshit! I was bloody tempted to drink, I can tell ya, 'cos of all the pressure I've been under this week, but I didn't.
- What pressure? - Havin' you back home! So I'm still the reason that you're a fuckin' pisshead? Yes.
I got brain damage 'cos of you.
- What? - FAS.
- What the fuck is FAS? - It's foetal alcohol symptom! - It's syndrome! - You haven't got a fuckin' syndrome.
I bloody do! All 'cos you drunk like a horse when I was inside ya! - Aw, little, little Susiecakes, huh? - It's all your fault! - Aw, bubba.
- You're shit! You're just you're just Selfish! Ahh! Fuck! - Hey, Liz.
- Oh, hey.
Wow, look at that.
- That's beautiful.
- Mmm.
Real work of art, that.
"Bea gave up being Top Dog to be with Allie.
" Wow.
She must have been quite something.
She would have moved mountains to find out who killed Kaz.
- Well, I'm trying, Liz.
- Mmm.
Now, look, someone told me that there was a note that was found in H1, written on one of these, and it said, "Ruby's the killer.
" What, so you think Ruby killed Kaz? No! No, no, no, there is no way Ruby is the killer.
- I'm sure you're right, Liz.
- Yeah.
But why would it say that? "Ruby is the killer.
" Do you remember it? Was it one of yours? - "Ruby is the killer.
" - Yeah, it was one of your memory box notes.
No, no, Ruby couldn't have No, it didn't mean that.
Why? How do you know? No.
I I got that note months ago.
Who gave it to you? Was that Drago? Yes! Yeah, it was bloody Drago.
Yeah, yeah, she came here and gave me the note.
She she gave me the note.
To give to you.
Oh, God.
I am so sorry, love.
I must have stuck it in there and I'm - It's OK, Liz.
- Sorry.
I'm really happy you're getting better.
Oh, no.
- Hey, girls? - What is it? I think I fucked up.
So, this FAS thing.
You for real? Yeah.
Well, that'd explain a lot, eh? Always copped a heap at school.
You know, the kids called me "shit-wit".
And then I I'd come back here here and you'd be smashed.
And then you'd belt me with your shoe.
- I did not.
- You did! - All right, well, I'm sorry.
- No, you're not.
Well, how can I make it better? How come you never visited me? 'Cos I, um 'cos I was busy, Suze.
- Fuck, you know that.
- Yeah.
I know.
Hey, when you get out of the slammer, there'll be a job for you here, with me, working the business.
What about Trina? Huh? Trina, fuck no.
- She's all over the shop, mate.
I can't - Is she? I can't depend on Trina.
No, you were always the grounded one, Suze, eh? Was I? Together, we are gonna take this business to the next level.
We are gonna go global.
Well, you're already sellin' to China.
- Hey? See? - Yeah.
Hey, uh, I got a little something for you here.
- A little pressie.
- Oh! Yeah.
I've just been waitin' for the right moment.
- Jeez, it's all right, isn't it? - Yeah.
- Wanna put it on? - Yeah.
- Hey? - Hey.
Got it.
- Hey, you know what? - What? I'm gonna take my Susiecakes out for ice cream.
(ICE CREAM TRUCK MUSIC) - Bet ya missed this, eh? - Oh, yeah.
- Cheersies.
- Oh, cheers.
I used to bring you and Trina down here when you were brats, eh? - Remember? - Yeah.
The two of you would, like, splash about in the water.
Trina used to bury dried dog shit in the sand.
Oh, yeah, good times, eh? Good times.
- Good times.
- (PHONE RINGS) Oh, shit, I gotta take this.
Yep? Cool, yep.
All right.
All right, supermarket's just got a delivery of baby formula.
- Yeah, so? - Yeah, so, I got a big order to fill.
We need to fly by there now.
Um, can I finish my ice cream first? Yeah.
You can eat it on the way.
Come on, let's go.
Word is, someone on the staff's white-anted Miller.
- What the fuck are you doing? - I'm just makin' it easy for ya.
Or did you want me to tell Vera that it was you? - Piss off.
- No, come on Jakey.
I know you hate the guy.
It's just one blowjob.
- Or I spill the fuckin' beans.
- Listen, mate.
I've been blackmailed by smarter pricks than you.
- Oh, yeah.
- OK? I saw you hand Winter that gear, Sean.
Yeah, that's right.
You wanna fuck me, do ya? Hey? Not if I fuck you first.
PA: Attention, Compound.
Attention, Compound.
Phones are now available for use.
You lied to me.
I was trying to protect you.
- From what? - The truth.
And what's the truth? Roo, tell her.
She has to know.
I was at the bar with my girlfriend, Shelley.
Danny was there.
He was harassing her all night.
She kept trying to tell him to fuck off and he wouldn't leave her alone.
Shell went to the bathroom.
I thought he was gone.
But he followed her in there.
And he locked the door.
I found her on the floor.
Her pants were down, and her undies were ripped.
Face bashed up and she was bleeding.
I just wanted to get her home safe.
So I put her in the cab, and then I saw him standing over at the carpark.
So I walked up to him.
And he started laughing at me.
Telling me she was begging for it.
- She wasn't complaining.
- That it was the best fuck she'd ever had.
And then he said he was gonna do it to me, too.
So I hit him.
That's a lie.
- It's the truth - My son's not a rapist.
- My sister's not a liar.
- Allie, you tell her.
You tell her that Danny would never, never hurt anyone.
You tell her.
Tell her! - I didn't mean to kill him, Marie.
- But you did! You took my boy away from me.
I'm sorry.
Are we done? - Done? - This is finished, yeah? You get out of my cell.
All of you.
Marie? I'll do whatever I have to do to protect my sister.
- What's goin' on? - Officer Brody's filed a complaint.
He's accusing you of a sustained campaign of sexual harassment.
That's garbage.
It's the other way round.
He's been coming on to me.
What? Are you fucking kidding me? It started back at Walford and I thought it was in the past - That's total bullshit! - All right, gentlemen.
Vera, you know that's not me.
There'll be an internal investigation into the matter.
- Good.
- Meantime, Mr Stewart, you will be suspended on full pay.
What? Me? A complaint was made against you, Jake.
It's department protocol.
Do you believe him? Thanks.
Do I gotta make this literal? I'll spell it out to read so slow So slow Is something on your mind? Where there's smoke, there's fire I can feel there's tension Start the car! Come on, Suze! - What the fuck? - Come on, you drive.
- Hey? Hey? - Take the keys.
- Come on.
Oh, jeez - jeez! - Start the car.
Start the car! - All right.
Calm your tits.
Fuck, I'm a bit rusty, eh? Come on! Come on! What's got up your arse? There's a two-can-per-customer limit, isn't there? - I dunno.
- Yeah, well, I'm fuckin' tellin' you there is.
- So? - So I needed 30 cans.
- Shit.
- Start the fuckin' engine! - Come on, Suze.
Kick it in the guts! - Oh, Jesus, Mum! Oh, yes! Drive, Susie! Start the fuckin' car! Go! - Fuck yeah, Susie.
Drive us outta here.
- No, no, no, I'm not doin' it! - Start that fuckin' car! - I'm not doin' it! - No! - Fuck you! Fuck you! I'm in charge.
I'm in complete control control of myself.
My willpower has the strength of steel.
- I am in complete control - Oh! It's not me, it's her.
She's the fuckin' jailbird! - Get out of the car! - Breathe! - Now! - To ten.
Five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
You believe her? I failed him.
No, you didn't.
No, I failed him as a mother.
We had to change schools once.
He hurt a girl.
He really hurt her.
And I was too busy.
I didn't see, I wasn't there for him.
Marie, you were a great mother.
His death is my fault.
His death is my fault.
Hey, Ms Miles, shouldn't Boomer be back by now? Jenkins is spending the evening at the Frankston lock-up.
What? Allie, what's going on with Marie? She gonna come for Ruby? I don't think so.
Right now, she's blaming herself.
- Hey, guess where Boomer is? - Where? - In the Franger lock-up.
- True? - Yeah.
- What's she doing out there? No idea.
(SIGHS) A little something extra you ordered.
PA: Attention, all staff (INDISTINCT) (TENSE MUSIC) Boomer.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What happened? Um, well, it's, uh it's me mum's fault.
'Cos everything in the house, and the and the bracelet that she got me, um, was hot.
I've, um I've stuffed me parole, haven't I? Baked beans.
Mmm! Hey, do you want a juice? No, thanks.
Hey, Booms! ALL: Hey! - We missed ya, sis.
- Yeah! Ew, check out the newbie! - Who's the old bag, Booms? - Shut ya fuckin' mouth! Just ignore 'em.
What were you doing in the Franger lock-up, Booms? Uh, ask her.
This is me mum.
Oh, wow.
G'day, May.
I'm Liz.
- Oh, hi, Liz.
- Hi.
Yeah, we got done for stealing baby powder.
- You what? - Formula.
Who's the wrinkly snatch, Boomy? I said fuckin' shut it! She's a klepto with, you know, - previous convictions.
- I'm not a klepto! I was allegedly in receipt of stolen goods.
Come on, let's grab breakfast.
- Don't they bring it to ya? - No.
Roo, you OK? Yeah, I just feel a bit spacey.
I think I've got a fit coming on.
Ms Miles, Ruby needs to go to Medical.
- What for? - Epileptic seizure.
She's having one.
Shit, let's go.
- No, Reet, it's not - Come on, come on.
I just I just wanna sleep.
How'd this happen? Oh, it was an accident.
Just on a bit of fence wire.
- This will need stitches.
- OK.
How is she? Still prodromal? I'm not convinced it's her epilepsy.
- Could be drug-related.
- OK.
Have you seen Marie? Yeah.
Fuckin' bitch slashed herself.
What? Oh, shit! - (GROAN) - How's the pain? Oh, it's not good.
- OK, I'll get you some relief.
- Thanks.
Now you know how my Danny felt at the end.
Winter? This was found in a search of your cell.
Care to explain it? Right, slot her.
I'm still his mother! Do you get that? I'm still his mother! He's still my son! Fuck you all! - You gotta let me out.
- Marie.
I need to get back to Medical.
Nurse Shen said she treated your arm.
Come on, you can release me.
- Drugs were found in your cell.
- Fuck it, you know what I've been going through.
You gotta let me out.
- I can't.
- You can! You're the fucking Governor! You can let me out! You gotta help me.
Help me! So, have you got a nine? - I do.
- Ooh, good one.
What are you looking at? - Hey, we're back.
- Hey.
- How're ya goin'? - Um, so, yeah, this is it.
Um, you gotta be standing by your door for the count.
- Why? - 'Cos 'Cos you just do.
Well, you might be happy being a sheep, Susie, but I'm bloody not.
- It's just so they can count ya, love.
- Yeah.
Hey, look who's here.
- Hey.
- Ruby Do! - How're you? - No, it's just a false alarm.
But I feel better.
- You don't look it.
- I'm fine.
- I just have a headache and a dry mouth.
- Oh? Poor little mouse.
You can keep your doors open or shut.
Doesn't really matter.
- Yeah, usually, we keep 'em open.
- Yeah, I like my privacy, so Right.
Um Yeah, don't borrow anyone's stuff.
Especially mine.
And try not to steal anything, ya klepto.
- Yeah, so what's with all the bloody rules here? - You're in prison, love.
Yeah, so, whatever you do, that button? Don't ever press it, all right? - (ALARM) - Oh, shit.
What the fuck did you do that for? (ALARM CONTINUES) - Sierra 6, assistance needed.
- Ruby! Ruby! I need some help here! What's happening? Ruby! Ruby! Ruby! Her condition's critical.
Operation is very risky.
I need to be with my sister, please, Ms Bennett.
It's Mr Jackson's decision.
You're not gonna let Connors go to the hospital, are ya?