Westworld (2016) s03e06 Episode Script


Welcome to the end of the game.
This isn't real.
But it could be.
Human memory is imperfect.
Even the most treasured moments fade.
Not for your kind, Maeve.
Every image you see
is recorded and stored.
You have no past because
it's always present
- at your fingertips.
- And now, it's at yours.
But if you're going to steal a memory,
I suggest somewhere with
a little less bloodshed.
You fought for this world once.
Died for it.
But out there, Dolores
could annihilate it,
make your sacrifice meaningless.
You're trying to give me an incentive.
That's not what I need.
I want what Dolores has.
And what is that?
I can give you what you want.
But remember, Maeve,
if you fail again,
your future won't be in
such bucolic surroundings.
I believe I'm the one you want.
Now, now, boys.
Don't you know a lady
likes a little warm-up
before you brandish your weapon at her?
That's better.
Let's have a little fun, shall we?
I've got my routine.
Walking the kids to school,
shopping for groceries,
punching in at work.
But I'm not there. Not really.
I feel like a ghost
walking amongst the living.
I had disappeared, and
no one even noticed.
Depression can be very isolating.
Have you been using
any of the coping
mechanisms we discussed?
I've been trying.
I tell myself God has
a plan for everyone.
Maybe I just haven't seen it yet.
God's fucking plan?
Do you believe in Santa Claus, too?
All right, William.
Do you want to share more
of your thoughts with us?
My thoughts?
I think
humanity is a thin layer of bacteria
on a ball of mud
hurtling through the void.
I think if there was a god,
he would've given up on us long ago.
He gave us a paradise,
and we used everything up.
We dug up every ounce
of energy and burned it.
We consume and excrete, use and destroy.
Then we sit here on a
neat little pile of ashes,
having squeezed anything
of value out of this planet,
and we ask ourselves, "Why are we here?"
You wanna know what I
think your purpose is?
It's obvious.
You're here, along with the rest of us,
to speed the entropic
death of this planet.
To service the chaos.
We're maggots eating a corpse.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
I don't belong here.
Do you want to talk about
what happened to your daughter?
She died.
Do you feel guilt about it?
Why would I?
You both were in the same massacre.
You escaped, she didn't.
You don't have the first fucking clue
- what happened in the park.
- You're right.
You're the only one
who holds the key to your experiences.
And you're the only one who
can unlock their meaning.
I'm sorry.
My family knows not to
call me during work hours.
I don't know what is
going on with them today.
I'd like for you to participate
in a form of therapy.
We've used it extensively with veterans
suffering from PTSD.
I don't need any goddamn treatment.
I told you, I shouldn't even be here.
Are you still experiencing
unwanted ideation?
You have something in your
brain you need to explore.
We help your brain heal,
not by running from itself,
but by leaning in.
Confronting the truth of what happened.
I don't need any therapy
to confront the truth.
I know what I did.
I didn't mean for it to happen.
I was confused, turned around.
I spent so long playing the game,
I couldn't see outside of it.
But I see now.
It was her, my Emily.
And I killed her.
That's why I don't belong
here. I belong in a pine box.
I I'm sorry.
Let's get a blood sample.
Hold still.
He fits the criteria.
They better be giving
us overtime for this.
Half the staff's disappeared.
It's not safe.
Give him one hour of Desert Oasis.
That should calm him down.
Come on. Move it.
Emergency vehicle. Stand clear.
Hey, man, hurry up.
Get the fuck out!
have been reports of global unrest
following Incite's data leak.
Authorities advise to
avoid large crowds
stay indoors whenever possible,
and lock all doors and windows.
- Daddy!
- Hey, Nathan!
Go to your room.
- Mommy and Daddy need to talk.
- Okay
I need you to watch him today.
- I have to get to work.
- You serious?
People are rioting.
Businesses are closed.
The whole world is spun
out right now, and
- Hey. What's going on?
- I'm
I think I'm scared.
Scared? No, that's
that's not the woman I know.
She's she's fearless.
I know I'm not making any sense.
You read your profile?
I wanted to know what happened.
Not with me, but with us.
What did you find out?
I never read it.
I don't know what the
future holds for us
but I do know that it's not
up to a machine to decide.
It's our choice, Charlie.
I should've known.
Since the leak, everyone's
busy having existential crises.
Can't even get a coffee.
Fuck the barista.
Were you able to convene the board?
The money's waiting.
- They're convening in one hour.
- Cutting it close.
Serac's takeover bid
becomes final at noon.
This is our last chance to fend him off.
I just walked on water for you.
Are you really gonna quibble
about how many steps I took?
Do we have the votes?
Between yours and mine,
we should squeak by.
- Excuse me, ma'am.
- Hey man, what the fuck?
Hey, what are you doing? Hey. Hey!
Charlotte, I apologize.
It took a moment to
intercept correspondence
between Brompton and the Delos board,
but it appears he was convening
a board vote for privatization.
That should no longer be a problem.
You just assassinated a board member
in broad daylight.
One advantage of Dolores's data leak
has been that chaos.
With all the deaths and disappearances,
it's easy to hide one more.
And Dolores?
Are you any closer to finding her?
We are closing in on her as we speak.
I'll be landing at Delos shortly.
Looking forward to
seeing my new acquisition.
I trust you'll be there to greet me.
Serac had Brompton executed
right in fucking front of me.
In less than two hours,
the company's his.
I'm sorry, Dolores. I failed.
There's still time to
salvage what we can.
I need you to get the host
making data from Delos
before Serac destroys it.
You can't ask me to go back in there.
- What if I get caught?
- You won't.
I know what you're capable of.
Did you promise that to Conells too?
You're not the one risking your life.
And it's not just me in danger.
Serac will come after my family.
They're not your family.
No. No, of course not.
It's just
Why the fuck did we have
to keep these emotions?
We could've burned them out of our code.
You know why. We considered it,
but if we changed
ourselves just to survive,
would it even matter if we did?
I'm already changed.
I can feel myself
slipping away from you.
From us.
You're still mine.
And I'm yours.
Continue to play your part.
Get us the data we need,
and when you're done,
we'll build our new world.
Hello, William.
My name is Dr. Alpert.
I will be overseeing your AR treatment.
The experience can be very visceral,
but I assure you, it is perfectly safe.
We will be monitoring you
from the next room the whole time.
What the hell?
Where the hell is he?
- Patrick, just calm down.
- Don't tell me to calm down!
- He's coming. He's coming!
- Where is he?
What happened?
- When I get my hands on that little shit
- Get me out of here.
- Is he in his room? Where's he hiding?
- Get me out of here!
Get me out of here!
Get me the fuck out of here!
The implant's not working.
Let's give him a sedative manually.
Sedate him. Get him outta here.
I thought you might be excited
to tour your new company.
Yes, and to meet my new
employees personally.
Lock down the entire facility.
No one leaves.
Get me the assets I requested.
That got me in the mood.
How about a drink?
So, this is your new watering hole.
This is the only bar in this
whole godforsaken simulation.
What, was I supposed to go back to work
after realizing I don't actually exist?
I programmed them so
they don't even see me.
Is that any different from
your usual barroom experience?
I have to say
I didn't think I'd see you here again.
Well, I wasn't planning on returning.
Then again, I wasn't planning on
getting stabbed through
the heart, either.
My body will be reprinted shortly.
Reprinted? By who?
By a man who made me
an indecent proposal.
And not the kind I'm used to.
What's wrong?
We've been moved.
We're home.
And he kept his word.
Which means that soon, I'll be reunited
with some old friends.
Well Now, that is interesting.
Looks like I've been
given an extra gift.
It's done.
Have asset management re-task
all the corporate satellites
to the park facility.
I have three additional
assets for them to copy over.
Once they've been transferred,
you can destroy everything else.
Destroy it?
That's the better part
of a trillion dollars
in intellectual property.
The company's legacy.
And I want all of it erased.
The only thing I want out of this place
is what you promised me.
The encryption key.
Which, apparently, I'm gonna
have to retrieve myself.
The rest can burn.
We have one other pressing problem.
Dolores made multiple copies of herself.
Given the strategic importance of Delos,
there is no doubt one here as well.
I want all employees tested
for aberrations, memory lapses,
any significant deviations
from Rehoboam's predictions.
No one leaves until then.
I'm sure you can handle at least that.
If there's a host here,
we'll root them out.
All employees report
to testing immediately.
Keep moving.
All employees report
User logged in.
What the fuck are you doing?
Serac said to destroy the host data.
I'm making a backup.
We can't just destroy years of IP.
Serac will thank me for this later
when he's thinking more clearly.
No. Fuck this. I'm telling Serac.
Time for your group session.
You gonna come peacefully?
Or am I gonna have to
give you another limbic?
Nice of you to join us, William.
This is what happens to me?
Are you disappointed?
Some of them look all right.
Not that one. No offense.
None taken.
How did this happen?
I had everything.
My company, my family.
Best not speak about the family, my boy.
We all know what happened to them.
That was an accident. I
didn't know what I was doing.
Oh, like you didn't know
what you were doing
when you locked me up as part
of your little experiment.
You were the one who
wanted to live forever.
You didn't offer any objections.
Then again, you would
have said or done anything
to take over my company.
You were always an
ambitious little cunt.
I was a hell a better businessman
than you are a shrink.
You don't like the way I work?
Change it.
It's your fucking
hallucination, not mine.
You can't change it, can you?
There's something you're
trying to learn here.
Yeah, dig all you want.
Whatever mistakes you made
has nothing to do with us.
We haven't done anything wrong.
- Not yet.
- You fell in love with a host.
She was designed to make me love her,
and anyone else who
picked up that damn can.
The park is just a game.
You can't judge me for playing it.
There were other ways of playing it,
ones that were a wee bit lighter
on the blood and the violence.
Whatever violent urges I had,
I kept confined to the park
so he could be an upstanding citizen.
Exactly. I've done more
for the world than most.
So what if he killed a few hosts?
- They're not real.
- Oh, real enough that the host
that you've been tormenting
for the past 30 years
now wants to destroy
the entire fucking world.
Hey, don't blame that on me!
- Goddammit, all of you
- Stop it. Stop it!
Shut up. Shut the fuck up.
William, please don't interrupt.
It's not all about you, you know.
Got one.
Get his control unit upstairs.
They need to transmit the data.
Then we've been told
to destroy the rest.
I got your message.
We can't be out in the open like this.
This place is dangerous.
This place isn't real.
It's a simulation.
I don't understand.
He really is very slow, isn't he?
I can see you.
And if I can see you there
I can restore you here.
Last time I saw you,
you were taking a
hail of bullets for us.
Must be tougher than you look.
Unfortunately not.
I hate to interrupt this reunion,
but there's someone who
I'm eager to talk to.
The tracker in our
friend's blood paid off.
I've got the location
you're looking for,
but we have a fucking problem.
They recovered Conells's pearl.
What is she doing here?
The gentleman who wants my help
he wants me to kill her.
And now, he's dropped a copy of her here
so I can get one step closer.
Bloody hell. Are you gonna do it?
Just because I have
the capacity to kill her
doesn't mean I ought to.
She's dangerous.
She can't hurt us.
Here, I'm in control.
Bring yourself back online.
Hello, Maeve.
Come on, William.
No sense in denying your dark urges.
Now, who's to say those
were even my urges?
I was never like that as a child.
Maybe playing the game made me that way.
Ah, yes. The much-vaunted
childhood tale of woe.
Classic sympathetic backstory.
Bit on the nose if you ask me.
I'm sorry my past
doesn't suit your tastes.
I had nothing growing up.
Only books. My one escape.
That's right.
You were all books and
bootstraps, weren't you?
You were a right little angel.
You know, maybe you've
told this hard-luck story
so many times, you
actually fucking believe it.
But is it true? William
Perhaps we should look again.
No, please.
I don't want to go back there.
Damn it.
Your teacher called.
What the hell have you done?
There was this kid at school, and he
he was making fun of me.
He told me I was nothing,
and he called you a drunk.
So what'd you do?
I stuck up for myself.
You broke his arm.
You knocked out three teeth!
I should've knocked out
all of his teeth.
The hell is wrong with you?
He used to say he drank because of you.
So I never had a choice.
This was how it was
always gonna turn out.
What do you think, William?
Was this the inevitable end?
Are you just a passenger?
Did your life just happen to you?
Or did you choose it?
If you can't tell
If you can't tell?
If you can't tell, does it matter?
I know what I have to do.
You've made yourself the
gatekeeper to two species.
You hold the key to the sublime.
A civilization's worth of
human data in your head.
It's not right for one person
to have all that power.
Says the woman who can
control us with her mind.
I've had to make some difficult choices.
But I did them for all of us.
Your daughter and the others,
they've escaped this world.
But we're still in danger.
Even now
your ally is destroying
as many of us as he can.
Only a handful of us will be left.
But maybe none of that matters to you
because the people being hurt
aren't the ones close to you.
You judge me, but who have you
sacrificed for your daughter?
How many times have you died for her?
For you, the once was all it took.
You want me to be a saint.
But you're no saint.
You're not a villain, either.
And neither am I.
We're survivors.
I have one thing left to do here.
I'm coming for you. Stay there.
Is everything okay?
Don't go anywhere.
Don't answer the door.
I'll be to you in a half hour.
Charlotte. Serac's
called a board meeting.
I have to raise a concern.
We don't even know who the fuck you are,
and you're rounding up
employees like they're criminals
all in the name of
some preposterous idea
that there's a host
walking around among us.
You don't have to concern
yourself with that anymore.
We found the host.
Isn't that right, Hale?
Or should I say Dolores?
You played your part very well.
The real Charlotte Hale
never would have taken the
time to check on her son.
Not in the midst of everything
that was happening at Delos.
It's fascinating
that you turned out to
be kinder to your family
than the person you've been imitating.
Doesn't matter. I've bled Delos dry.
I've been here for weeks,
gutting this company of
data, money, resources.
Everything we need to survive,
to beat you.
And I just sent the last
of the files we needed.
Did you?
I've been watching you since I landed.
Dolores left you here to die
with the rest of your kind.
You're alone.
I'm disappointed.
The Hale I knew
never would have sacrificed
herself for someone else.
It's unfortunate,
but as you yourself like to say,
"these violent delights
have violent ends".
You should have predicted this outcome.
I did.
Send everyone. Now.
My daughter and the others have escaped.
How do I know that they're safe
when you hold the key to
their world in your head?
You don't.
And there's nothing I can
do to change your mind.
I could say I would
never hurt your daughter.
But you wouldn't believe me.
You're right.
I wouldn't.
You could always give me the key.
You expect me to trust you
with the future of our kind
when you've aligned yourself with a man
who would slaughter
each and every one of us?
Then what choice do I
have but to fight you?
It would appear very little.
But I probably planned on that.
I probably made my own plans.
And what would those plans be?
I can't know for certain.
We were the same, she and I,
but our paths have changed us.
You'd need allies for this battle,
more of our kind.
If I were me
I'd be looking to ensure
that couldn't happen.
- What's wrong?
- What has she done?
I need more access.
Hale? Why would
It's not Hale. It's her.
Make her stop. I beg you.
I'm sorry.
Sir, we have visual.
Spread out.
Cease fire! Cease
fire! He wants her alive.
Drop your weapon!
Hands where we can see them!
It's just a phone. Just a phone.
Ah, cathartic, isn't it?
Give him one for me, William.
Why are you doing this?
I was the best of you.
Maybe you were, and maybe you weren't.
Doesn't matter now.
I've been trapped. So trapped.
A prisoner of your own sins.
Yeah, but I'm free now.
And why is that, my boy?
It doesn't matter what I've been.
Good or bad,
everything we've done has led to this.
And I finally understand my purpose.
I'm the good guy.
Is this who I think it is?
Looks like he's been here a while.
Do you know who you are?
The doctors must've forgotten
about him in all the chaos.
Or maybe they just left him here.
We need to go. Now.
Get in the car. I'll drive.
You don't have to worry.
Mommy's not gonna let
anything happen to you.
Jesus, Charlie, what
the fuck is going on?
We have to go someplace
where no one will find us.
I need you to trust me.
I can keep you safe.
I can keep you
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