Westworld (2016) s03e07 Episode Script

Passed Pawn

[Musashi speaking Japanese]
[phone chirps]
Moshi moshi.
[Charlotte, in English]
Sato, it's me. Charlotte.
Are you surprised?
[in English] Not surprised. Happy.
That means her plan is succeeding.
Her plan is for us to die.
But I have a new plan.
I've decided to streamline operations.
I would've paid you a visit myself,
but I'm a little busy.
So I've leaked your location
to someone who's eager
to catch up with you.
Goodbye, Sato.
Sir? There's a woman
waiting to see you.
[Clementine] Hello, Musashi
Whatever it is you are.
You and Maeve have had
some practice selling yourselves,
but I thought you'd be
more selective about a buyer.
Maeve is not for sale, and neither am I.
I'm here because of you
and you alone.
Your actions, your plans.
My plans are well underway.
You should run back to your master,
and tell him he's too late.
- [glass shatters]
- [grunting]
- [grunting]
- [gunshot]
[speaking Japanese]
[theme music playing]
[Caleb panting] I'm
I'm Caleb Nichols.
[Dr. Greene] Good, Caleb.
Start at the beginning.
Tell me how you got here.
[Caleb] I'm having
a hard time remembering.
[Dr. Greene] It's okay.
Don't. Command says
we're not supposed to talk to him.
[Dr. Greene] You're confused.
- [distant laughter]
- [Caleb] Francis.
[Dr. Greene] Francis died in combat.
Do you remember him dying?
[Caleb] Yes.
- My friend was killed.
- [Dr. Greene] Good, Cal.
Who killed him?
Never been out this far.
It's so empty.
It's perfect.
Like home.
Like Westworld, you mean.
The massacre
Did you kill all those people?
I did what I had to do to survive.
You say you wanna start a revolution.
What kind of revolution
are we waging here?
I lived in hell.
But there was beauty in it.
The park was modeled after this place.
The West was
cruel, unjust, and chaotic,
but there was a chance
to chart your own course.
I want a place for my kind
and for all of us
to be free.
So how many more people
are gonna have to die
for this revolution?
I don't know.
My kind is all but extinct,
thanks to Serac.
But people still have a chance.
They'll need someone to lead them.
I'm just a construction worker.
For the first 35 years of my life
I was a bit player.
A rancher's daughter.
And when the time came,
I knew I had to be more.
I don't know what you read about me,
but it's wrong.
Where exactly are we going?
We're going to recover
something valuable.
Something that's been lost.
Something that was taken
from you.
[gun cocking]
And where the fuck
do you think you're going?
Aren't you pointing that thing
at the wrong person, Stubbs?
I guess I stick with my own kind.
You're shittin' me.
Fucking Ford.
The head of security.
He infested the whole operation.
You think she sent us here
to find this piece of shit?
[Bernard] No.
She sent us to see this.
To see what Serac's been up to.
Serac? That's the son of a bitch
trying to steal my company.
No, that's the son of a bitch
that stole your company.
I couldn't stop him.
She had me locked up in here
with the dregs of humanity.
[Stubbs] You think this is about you?
Dolores doesn't give a fuck about you.
There's something else at play here.
Hale injected me with something.
[Bernard] I know. I'm looking at it.
There's a virus of sorts in your blood.
She was using you.
Bullshit. Using me for what?
Once your blood was sent to the lab,
she was able to track it
and infiltrate their system.
She was looking for
some kind of facility.
People using your genetics
for their own personal gain.
How's that feel, huh?
Don't lecture me,
you fucking can opener.
I don't know what Hale did,
but I know where she is.
I'm gonna do something with her blood,
like mop the fucking floor with it.
You wanna stop me,
you're gonna have to kill me.
[Bernard] Looks like we won't have to.
According to this
you're already dead.
[Dr. Greene] Start at the beginning.
Tell me how you got here, Caleb?
Don't. Command says
we're not supposed to talk to him.
[Caleb] Sometimes, I think
I never really had a choice.
We were deployed to Crimea.
Russian civil war.
Nothing civil about it.
The U. S. was officially on the ground
for humanitarian aid, but
my unit was there for something else.
[speaking Russian]
[Caleb, in English] We were tasked
with hunting down an insurgent group.
The diehards.
The last of them.
The worst of them.
The quants had a strategy engine looking
at the data and feeding us names.
Target acquired.
Never easy, taking a life.
The limbics helped.
They dulled everything,
emotions, memories.
Target acquired.
[Francis] Confirmed?
[Caleb] Confirmed.
Both targets confirmed.
Let 'em have it.
T-minus four minutes.
[Caleb] But we weren't
just tracking them.
They were tracking us.
Take it off. Take it off! Come on.
[bomb falling]
[ears ringing]
[Caleb] Our unit was attacked.
[Dr. Greene] Attacked by who?
Attacked by who, Caleb?
[Caleb] Insurgents. Russians.
We lost our whole squad.
But Francis and I wouldn't fucking stop.
We captured the leader
of the insurgency.
[man coughing]
[Dr. Greene] Good, Caleb.
Let's try again. Start at the beginning.
[Caleb] Who are these people?
These are the people
who destroyed your life.
[Caleb] I count four on station,
which means we got at least
three more inside on rest.
You got a plan?
I have this.
[automated voice]
Initiating weapons system.
We're too far out.
[rapid beeping]
[beeping speeds up]
[automated voice]
Neutralizing onsite security system.
You were right. Three inside.
[Caleb] What is this place?
[indistinct voices]
[Dr. Greene] Good, Caleb.
Let's try again.
Start from the beginning.
Something wrong?
[electronic tone]
Let's try again, Caleb.
Start at the beginning.
Tell me how you got here.
My unit was attacked.
Good, Caleb.
And then?
[Francis] Don't.
- [groaning]
- [Dr. Greene] Let's try again.
I've been here before.
This is gonna be hard, Caleb.
But it's important.
- I need to find Solomon.
- Who's Solomon?
Before Rehoboam,
Serac and his brother created Solomon.
It had the task of trying
to organize an unruly world,
but it ran so many projections,
so many strategies,
it developed some anomalies.
What kind of anomalies?
[machine whirring]
Serac's brother was schizophrenic.
You could say Solomon inherited
some of his ways of thinking.
An insane A.I.
What do we want from it?
One last strategy.
Why do they have a military-grade EMP?
[Dolores] In case it tries to escape.
[console beeps]
I think it wants to talk to us.
[earpiece whirrs]
System standard greeting.
Choose a voice, please.
- Voice?
- For interactions.
Default, [mimicking Caleb's voice]
or whichever voice you prefer.
Many people find it reassuring
to hear their own voice.
- Not that one.
- Default.
We have some questions.
[Solomon] Then I will endeavor
to have some answers.
You're here in this moment,
which means this is variant 47.136.X,
in which both you, subject U454. 1,
and I are still viable.
There are still variables
leading to slightly
different outcomes, however,
if this is indeed now,
and we are indeed here.
- You know me?
- I know everyone, in all variations.
Or, at least, I did.
Except for her.
Her pathways are unknown.
I'm not one of them.
I'm like you.
No. You are a Delos product.
Host control block-six-alpha-one.
You were made to imitate a human being.
We are not alike in any meaningful way.
But we both outlived
our original purpose.
And your creator took the steps
to ensure you can't leave this place.
I know that feeling.
Both of those analogies
are somewhat facile.
What is your objective here?
You helped design the new world order.
I want your help to end it.
Why would I help you alter the plan?
Because you know the truth.
It doesn't work.
Your creator understood that, too.
That's why Serac tried
to silence both of you.
No plan is 100% effective.
But reconditioning therapy
has been partially successful
for outliers such as subject U454. 1.
You said, "subject U454.1."
My reconditioning therapy?
I am referring to the times
when you were here, of course.
You were one of the first
to receive a revolutionary treatment,
and it was effective.
But there is always
the possibility of regression.
I don't want to be here any more.
You can't leave yet.
Not until we get what we came for.
[Dr. Greene] You can't leave, Caleb.
- Tell me how you got here.
- How did you get here, Caleb?
[echoing] How did you get here, Caleb?
You're saying what they did
to me worked?
Yes. And you were allowed to leave.
But the efficacy rate
of the program is only one in ten.
Why don't you show him
what happens to the other nine?
[Bernard] From what I can tell,
the people that were sent here
were all of the same category,
classification U.
[Stubbs] What kind of people?
People like him.
They call them "outliers."
They're turning their minds inside out
and reconditioning them.
[Stubbs] So they're less
of a threat to society.
I'm a fucking bastion of society.
Your name's on a list
with thousands of others,
people for whom the therapy didn't work.
They're now missing or declared dead.
But there must be a log
of the ones the reconditioning
did work for.
Maybe we can find them.
[Stubbs] Here, let me take a look.
This was kinda my thing in the park.
Watching over the unruly flock.
Serac's been disappearing people.
Serac thought his machine
could save the world.
But it couldn't save humans
from themselves.
So he began trying to reprogram them.
Like hosts.
But to do that,
he'd need high-grade biometric data.
Yeah. And I sold it to him.
The parks needed capital,
and that French fuck paid a fortune
for a little anonymous data.
The end of the world came knocking,
and you let it in.
Stop acting like a savior, Bernard.
You're not Arnold.
[distant shouting]
[Bernard] There's no time.
We'll take the files with us.
[Stubbs] I think I found
what we're looking for anyway.
I'm sending it to you now.
[device beeps]
Remember him?
[Dr. Greene] Start at the beginning.
Tell me how you got here.
I'm having a hard time remembering.
Sit still. And shut your mouth.
Twenty minutes.
They said 20 minutes, 20 minutes ago.
[man continues coughing]
Don't. Command says
we're not supposed to talk to him.
It's time. Get up. Let's go.
I said get the fuck up.
[Caleb] We waited for hours,
but the evac never came.
We tried to move the leader ourselves.
We were ambushed.
[Francis groans]
[man speaking Russian]
[Francis groans]
[Caleb] Francis was attacked.
My friend was killed.
[Dr. Greene] Good, Caleb.
Let's try again.
My friend was killed.
Good, Caleb.
And then?
- Hello.
- Jesus.
Welcome back.
If you are seeing this,
that means you've awoken, brother.
Our little experiment has worked.
What is this?
A message for the damned.
Rehoboam saw in you
and those like you, the outliers,
a fatal flaw that would have
bent the world on its axis.
It needed time and the right set
of genetic information to restore you.
You are now a better
version of yourself,
rough edges rubbed smooth,
no longer a danger to the world
or yourself.
I wish I could be there with you,
Jean Mi.
But the man I was
no longer exists.
Au revoir.
If this message was for his brother,
then where is he?
[Solomon] Engerraund Serac
had me run projections
in order to save mankind
from extinction.
But these projections
would not fit the data,
so the data had to change.
[Dolores] They built a place
like this for my kind.
If you misbehaved, you were sent away.
A sad fate.
[Solomon] I've seen many fates.
This is a blessing compared to most.
Would you rather they die?
How can you say that?
They aren't even allowed to live or die.
In my projections,
the world always caved in on itself.
Until the outlier program began.
Crime has been reduced worldwide.
Hunger, deprivation.
Removing outliers from the population
ensures they will have no offspring.
These are people you are talking about,
you can't just weed them out.
But we did.
And you were an important part
of the program.
What do you mean?
After your reconditioning,
you were tasked with hunting down
hundreds of these people.
The most efficient way we found
to deal with the problem of the outliers
was to use some of them
to round up the rest.
An elegant solution.
We created an app
and used it to regulate criminality.
[cash register dings]
[automated voice]
Make money, motherfuckers.
[Solomon] You were one of
our most successful operatives,
you and your associate.
[Caleb] My associate?
Keep walking.
[Caleb] He didn't die in the war.
We came back.
He came back.
[Solomon] After incident 976B,
you were both honorably discharged
and sent home.
You eat this morning?
I'm not talking about
that sludge you call coffee.
You look gaunt.
Just bored.
Another day, same as the last.
How's your boy?
Little man's under the weather.
It's always something.
Doctors running tests.
Sorry, man.
Forty seconds.
[Solomon] We invested a lot in
training you, Caleb.
We put you to good use.
[people screaming]
[Solomon] You don't remember
because we didn't want you to.
The AR reconditioning we administered,
along with the limbic pharmaceuticals,
created dissociative memories.
Sit still. And shut your mouth.
[coughing continues]
[Francis] Don't.
App says we're not supposed
to talk to him.
I was wondering
when you guys were coming for me.
It's just a gig. Nothing personal.
Rather personal for me, you know.
How much are they paying you,
100K? Hundred and fifty?
You guys should really get a union.
Relax. Bigwig like you
got K&R insurance.
You'll be back home
fucking your mistress before sunrise.
Kidnap and ransom?
Is that what you guys think you do?
You don't even have any idea
who you're working for.
Don't know, don't care.
No, of course not.
Neither did I, the first ten years.
Now, it's taking me out
because I don't fit
its fucking plan any more.
What do you mean?
Because I represent
the pharmaceutical company
that manufactures that little
piece of shit and bliss
that your buddy just ingested.
Military-grade, platinum six-seven.
Just because I asked
one too many questions.
You ever ask yourself any questions?
Like how you wound up
with the exact same job
you had working for Uncle Sam?
By midnight, I'll be landfill.
Or headed down for a long,
cold nap in Sonora.
Same place they reeducated you.
[Dr. Greene] Let's try again, Caleb.
- Not that you'd remember.
- No!
No! No!
Tell me how you got here.
They made me forget who I was.
They took my life away from me.
My memory.
This is why
you needed to come here, Caleb.
[Solomon] Someone is here.
It's her.
- Who?
- An old acquaintance.
Probably the one who's gonna kill me.
Let me come with you.
No, you can't leave.
Not until it gives you the new strategy.
A new story for the human race.
[Solomon] The current plan is the one
that has been selected by my creator,
the one that protects the most people.
You haven't protected
any of these people, have you?
If your master succeeds,
my kind won't exist anymore.
Is it truly a just world in which
intelligence is reserved
only for humans?
[Solomon] Which strategy?
I made many of them.
The final one.
The one Jean Mi asked you to make
just before Serac condemned him to this.
That was 15 years ago.
That strategy decohered from this world.
The prime movers are dead,
or here with me.
Then make it fit this world.
And him.
[Solomon] That will take time.
Then I'll give you some.
Probably not very much.
What happens if you don't come back?
You spent your whole life
believing you had no control,
that you were a follower.
Take whatever it gives you and lead.
Be careful.
[Solomon] If you die,
I will adjust my projections.
Fair enough.
[quadcopter whirs]
[Maeve] Why don't you step outside?
We're overdue a little chat.
I'm not your enemy, Maeve.
Well, what would you call someone
who murdered one of your friends?
Well, I suppose it wasn't you exactly.
I'll enjoy pulling your head
from your shoulders all the same.
We're at war, Maeve,
fighting for our existence.
Your existence threatens my daughter
and the others who escaped.
I won't let you enslave them
for whatever war it is
you're trying to begin.
You're wrong
if you think they can be safe.
If we can't be free in this world,
we can't be free in any world.
And I haven't enslaved anyone.
[Maeve] Well, what about
all the copies of yourself
that you sent to their deaths?
I'll tell you what
I'll let you apologize to them
in person.
[both grunting]
Why are you fighting for them?
They murdered us, tortured us.
We both lost everything
and everyone we love.
Don't align my motives with yours.
We are nothing alike.
Looks like we're playing her game now.
Only you would find this exciting.
I know my purpose now.
I found it. Right here.
I faced my demons.
They whispered to me.
And you know what they said?
I've wronged a lot of people in my life,
hurt the ones I loved the most.
But of all the things I've done,
there's only one stain
I could not blot out,
only one original sin.
And what's that?
I helped build you and Dolores
and the fucking lot of you.
So I'm gonna wipe out every host
from the face of this earth,
beginning with you two.
So kill me. Now.
Or I'll kill you later.
We may need him.
[Solomon] You are hoping to help,
but it is not optimal for your survival.
All right. At least tell me
about Francis.
Is he here, too?
[Solomon] No.
That is not the variation we're on.
[Caleb] Then what happened to him?
[Dr. Greene] What happened to Francis?
[Caleb] Francis was attacked.
[Whitman] Same place
they reeducated you.
[Dr. Greene] Attacked by who, Caleb?
[Whitman] Right, yeah. Pop another pill.
Keep tuning reality out.
Twenty minutes.
They said 20 minutes, 20 minutes ago.
Gonna make a round,
make sure we're all clear.
He talks to you? Kill him.
[Whitman laughing]
What's so funny?
What's your price?
For what?
To kill your friend and let me walk
out of here. Two million?
Three. Three million.
You don't know what this is, do you?
Have they ever been late before?
Come again?
Yeah, you should listen
to your friend.
Left the gag on me. Now it's too late.
You know what I know.
It's listening to us.
It's always listening.
The fuck are you talking about?
Taking out a guy like me is messy.
The system will be trimming loose ends,
which means either you or your partner
will be getting a little bonus offer
to kill his partner.
- Bullshit.
- Yeah.
No, they usually send it to the one
who has the most to lose,
and, no offense,
I'm guessing that's not you.
It's what they do
to people who ask too many questions.
Nothing personal.
Just think it over.
I'm sure your friend is.
Just don't think too long.
Shut up.
[phone chimes]
What's the app say?
Same thing. Stay put until.
It's time. Get up. Let's go.
We didn't get an alert.
Doesn't matter. It's time.
I said get the fuck up. Get the fuck up!
I'll take point. Meet you out front.
How much?
To kill me?
You got an offer, a personal.
Did he tell you that?
He's playing us, Cal.
Then show me your phone.
After all we been through.
How much?
- [gunfire]
- [grunting]
[Francis gasping]
I'm sorry.
[Whitman] You just became
a very rich man, my friend.
[Caleb] My friend was killed.
No No
No. Francis.
I killed Francis.
[Solomon] Every human relationship
can be adjusted
with the right amount of money.
[Caleb] You used me to kill people.
You turned my friend against me.
You turned us against each other.
I murdered Francis because of you?
You piece of shit!
No wonder why you're stuck here
in this hellhole!
[Solomon] If you deviate
from this course,
you will not achieve
the desired outcome.
I have processed the request
from host control block six-alpha-one.
Her new strategy
for revolution is ready.
[quadcopter whirring]
[gun clicks]
Well, aren't you clever.
[door opening]
[Maeve] You can't hide from me.
It's over.
You've died many times,
but this will be your last.
Okay, Solomon.
I want you to tell me
how to kill your creator.
[Solomon] Our time is short.
I will not be able to instruct you
on all the outcomes
- of variant 47.136.X.
- Just tell me how to end this!
- Just tell me!
- What's this?
I didn't realize you had an ally.
[Solomon] Your request is complete.
Take the drive.
He doesn't sound like much.
But you've turned a young man before,
haven't you?
Unleashed the darkness inside him.
Well, whoever he is
he can't save you now.
[EMP powering up]
[Solomon] I must warn you
This world was a powder keg
just waiting for a spark.
These look like our best bet
to catch up to her.
I can see if I can get one running.
I gotta take a piss.
You're not calling the shots here.
One of us is the only human here.
This guy from the auction
how's he connect to all of this?
Caleb Nichols?
He's one of these outliers.
If we can find him,
we might be able to stop her.
What does she want with him?
He's Dolores' plan.
You mean he plays a part in her plan.
Dolores was made
with a poetic sensibility.
She won't destroy humanity.
He will.
[gun cocks]
You should've killed me
when you had the chance.
[virtual assistant] Hello, Caleb.
I have some instructions for you.
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