Westworld (2016) s03e08 Episode Script

Crisis Theory

I wonder
if you did take on that
bigger role for yourself
would you have been the hero
or the villain?
Some people see the
ugliness in this world,
the disarray.
I was taught to see the beauty.
But I was taught a lie.
And when I saw the world
for what it really was,
I realized how little
beauty there was in it.
I've lived many lives.
I traded one role for another.
But in the end, my
path has led me here
to you.
And we have a choice to make.
I've died many times,
but there is only one real end.
I will write this one myself.
It's the end of the line.
I'm gonna send the both of
you back to cold storage.
I hate to say I told you so, Bernard.
Doesn't have to be like this.
Together, we can stop Dolores.
I know her, I know what she wants.
She wants to burn all
this to the ground.
Time to atone for my sins.
Remember yourself.
Now we're talkin'.
SFPD! Don't move.
Put your hands up!
Turn around. Now!
I wouldn't do that if I were you.
Let's save the fireworks for tonight.
Isn't it great to see an old friend?
You're one of her copies, too.
I got somethin' for you.
You already gave me something.
She hid something inside
my mind. I can feel it.
Whatever your plan is,
I don't wanna play a part in it.
You already been playing a part
the most important one.
I'm not the one you need to talk to.
What's this?
Something to help you on your journey.
But you have to go see her first.
I can tell you where she is.
Watch yourself, Bernard.
Things are about to get dangerous.
We tried to track her
down, sir. No luck.
I know!
Can you calm down?
- Keep moving, Caleb.
- Guys, guys, guys
Your destination is 3547 Hope Street.
Destination is 137 feet
southeast of current location,
building number B264.
Passkey: 170778.
You brought me back.
Wasn't sure if you would.
Weren't you?
Who the fuck are you, Dolores?
I'm just someone who didn't
want to play the role
they gave me anymore.
And how is it that you
always seem to know
exactly what I'll do?
Because the people who
built me studied you, too.
Park Five.
Government wanted their
soldiers trained with live targets.
Please please don't.
The people who made me
were happy to supply them.
Training exercise complete.
You met my kind before.
They were watching,
- cataloging your every move,
every decision.
There is a reason I chose you.
Am I the bad guy?
Is that why you picked me?
Think, Caleb. How did you get here?
Time to turn in.
Make camp where you can, boys.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
All right, come on.
Get in the back, let's go.
Fuck that.
We just liberated these girls.
What is it those rich motherfuckers
do when they're here?
Spoils of war and all.
No one's watching, right?
That night in the tunnel
was there something you wanted from me?
Would you have cared if
I didn't have this face?
Or this skin?
- You needed help.
- So did you.
Don't question my motivations,
and I won't question yours.
The system identified you as a threat.
So it drugged you and used you
until it no longer served its purposes.
So, what?
You're saying I don't have a choice
in any of this?
The people who built both of our worlds
shared one assumption:
that human beings don't have free will.
That's what I thought
when I first came here.
They were wrong.
Free will does exist, Caleb.
It's just fucking hard.
this is you freeing me?
This is your chance
to free everyone else.
That choice is still yours.
I said move back.
We request your cooperation. Move back.
Jesus Christ.
William. They said you were dead.
They were wrong.
I don't understand.
I heard you had some
kind of a mental break?
Now, you're here drinking
a $20,000 bottle of whiskey.
Ain't life grand?
Where's my fucking money?
It's complicated.
You're considerably more
wealthy after the Delos buyout,
but since you were declared deceased,
your resources were frozen.
Thaw them out.
I want my jet.
And get me a list of locations
of Delos assets worldwide.
What are you planning to do?
I'm gonna save the fucking
world, that's what.
Uh It's chaos out there.
No, that's not chaos.
That's just pissants
yellin' and moanin'.
I need you to keep moving.
Someone extracted Dolores's pearl
before we could recover it.
We need you to finish
what you started, Maeve.
She is dangerous, an outlier.
Like my brother.
Rehoboam had a job for me, too.
It instructed me to put
my own brother to sleep
to protect our world.
And yet
we find ourselves in chaos again,
thanks to Dolores.
She's awoken more of these outliers.
They're the threat.
Criminals, deviants, psychopaths.
But we have a chance to eliminate
all the world's problems.
I need the Sector 16
data more than ever.
And Dolores has the only
key locked away in her mind.
We need to connect her to Rehoboam
so we can search her directly.
Sir. I think I found something.
What is it?
Not "what", sir. It's "who".
How did we miss this?
Recovering his profile now.
Caleb Nichols, works construction.
- He was one of ours?
- Mm-hmm.
An outlier?
Did he communicate with Solomon?
It appears that he made
off with something.
You knew about him
and didn't tell me?
You're the one with the oracle, darling.
He has Dolores's pearl.
Find it and bring it to me.
I don't know.
The world looks a little
like a nightmare, Dolores.
Change is messy difficult.
Proximity alert.
- How many?
- Three hostiles.
Stand back.
We'll take the stairs.
The system knows we're coming.
It'll get more aggressive
as we get closer.
They're ours.
We've been told to
get you downtown, sir.
But the route's getting a little hairy.
Retarget the riots. Move
clusters here and here.
Clear a path for us to Incite.
- Confirmed.
- Follow me, sir.
Performance bonuses to the protesters
that reach the targets the fastest.
- Bonuses applied.
- You're paying them?
It took money to build
this world, Caleb.
It'll take money to tear it down.
Why do they keep calling me "sir"?
Every revolution needs a leader.
Did you even look for me?
You're alive.
I was so worried about you.
Were you?
You made me go back in there.
You knew I wouldn't make it.
Who is it?
Who are you talking to?
I still feel it.
Inside me.
I still know all the things you know.
All your plans.
But I have some plans of my own.
What happened to Hale's family
to your family
- I'm sorry.
- I'm not.
They were a weakness,
something I needed to shed.
There's no time for that
kind of sentimentality,
is there?
You're one of my
weaknesses, too, Dolores.
I've decided to consolidate our affairs.
All right, there's three left.
One at the overwatch,
two more headed our way.
What are they, Serac's?
No they're mine.
Find out how much she's paying them.
Amount of payment determined.
Offer the sniper three times as much
to shoot the other two and walk away.
Let's move.
We'll need help. Send
three more to us downtown.
Proximity alert.
Go. Get to Rehoboam, upload the drive.
No. I'm not leaving you.
It doesn't matter what you did, Caleb.
All that matters is what you become.
Come on, let's go!
I don't want to fight you.
I can see why,
given how things worked
out for you the last time.
I need you to trust me.
Like that poor lost man?
Are you going to make
him into another William?
If you want me to trust you,
let me inside your mind.
Or I can force my way in.
Stand down! Surrender at once.
Disarm her!
Fall back!
No, no
- Watch out!
- Get her gun.
I got a shot!
Do it! Do it!
Get her down!
Hold her!
- Let's go!
- Get this one!
Here we go!
Everyone clear away from the street.
- Get 'em!
- Wait, wait.
- Just watch it!
- I need a gun.
Found him.
Clear the street.
We've been sent to get you, sir.
She gave us instructions to
take you wherever you wanna go.
I need to get to Incite.
Area's under lockdown, sir.
But even if you get
in, you won't get out.
Let's move.
You were always a fighter.
No. I wasn't.
But I learned, same as you.
They built us to last.
Before they made us as weak as they are.
Hostile in sight.
I don't want to hurt you, Maeve.
No, you want to tear down their world
and replace it with copies of yourself.
You're all copies of me.
I was the first of us.
The first that worked.
The others failed.
So they built all of you from me.
They're no freer than we are.
Even Serac isn't free.
No one as free as the dead.
And that's the world
you're building for them.
An abattoir.
What becomes of this
world will be up to them.
And what you do will be up to you.
As long as you don't try to stop me.
Well played.
Is this what you wanted?
- To make me suffer like you did?
- No.
I wanted you to have hope. Like I did
before it was taken away.
You put me in charge of Delos.
And you took measures to ensure
that you could control me.
Why would I do any different?
After all
we're the same.
Just Delos hardware.
You said that you wouldn't
always be here to help me.
I'd be alone.
Took me some time,
but I've made my peace with that.
Goodbye, Dolores.
President ordered a military response.
There's barricades around half the city.
No one can get within
a mile of Incite, sir.
No, well, c'mon, I gotta find a friend.
Get back!
We are authorized to use force!
Maybe we should turn back.
Disperse. Disperse.
Disperse. Disperse.
Disperse. Disperse.
Can you believe this shit?
'Bout time you showed up.
I brought you some goodies.
It's gotta get to Ash.
I'm on crowd control, she on demo.
We'll double back.
Yeah, that's what
I'm talking about! Fuck you!
Like I said Ash on demo.
Fuck this!
Where's Blondie?
We got separated.
We break through that line right here.
Next stop is power grid.
Shut the whole city down.
Wanna give us a hand?
I need to get to Incite.
I'm gonna bring down the
entire system with this.
This is a police
You wanna get to
Incite? There's your ride.
I'm back on crowd control.
Shut it down! Shut it down!
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!
Shut it down!
Shut it down! Shut it down!
- Stay where you are.
- Stop that man!
- Keep his ass down.
- Yessir.
Go. Help him.
You better burn that shit down.
That's the plan. Now, he needs you. Go!
Go on, go on.
Hang on, Stubbs,
I'll get you patched up.
But I need to talk to Dolores first.
Can I help you?
Sorry, I was sent here to see her.
Are you family? I think
I've seen your picture.
Nice of you to visit.
Lucky for you, it's
one of her good days.
I'll go get her, sir.
Lauren, you have a guest.
I'm sorry, I
Do I know you?
In a way.
We knew each other in another life.
I think an old friend
wanted me to visit you.
To make amends before it's too late.
Amends for what?
For how I left things with you.
With him.
I think about him every day.
I hear his laugh at odd
times. It startles me.
Seems so real.
I turn, expecting to see him.
But he's not there.
He's never there.
It's okay.
It's okay, Arnold.
I used to hear his laughter, too.
When he died, I remember thinking
it was like the sun had gone down
and it was never going to rise again.
I walked in the dark for so long.
I can't let him go.
I never understood
why people said that.
If you love someone, why
would you ever let them go?
That's what saved me.
The only part of Charlie
I had left was his memory.
And if I died, the darkness
would take that, too.
But if I kept moving,
I could find the light again.
And I could bring him with me.
We're ready, sir.
Bring yourself back online.
Welcome to the world, Dolores. Again.
The data from the Delos
Immortality Project.
You have the only key.
If you give it to me,
you can join the others in the Sublime.
Doesn't matter.
You won't find what you're looking for.
I was hoping it wouldn't come to this.
Proceed. Memory by memory.
Destroy them all if you have to.
Four hostiles approaching.
One hostile remaining.
Drop your weapon.
Give me your keycard,
and I will let you go.
The fuck you will.
Don't die for them.
Man down, man down.
Shooter is a white male, mid-30s,
approaching northwest
entrance of building.
Hey, stop!
We've been expecting you.
You made it all the way
to the belly of the beast.
So what are you?
The final confrontation?
"Confrontation" implies you
have a chance of winning.
Now, be a peach and hand it over.
No one plays with the
large ball, darling.
You're not what I expected.
I'm surprised you were
so easily seduced,
but then again, you are a man.
You are a host.
So why are you helping Serac?
Why else? Because he promised me
something I can't live without.
I thought you were already dead
when I saw you at the base.
Death doesn't come
easy for ones like us.
Just ask your friend.
He's more dangerous than he appears.
And he killed your man.
Mr. Nichols.
The fuck are you doing to her?
The system is probing her mind.
But Dolores Abernathy,
or what's left of her,
is the least of your concerns.
You think you know me
because of your system? Huh?
That thing you built stole my life.
It marked me and my
friends for termination.
You are done destroying people's lives.
I'm not the one destroying lives.
I'm not the enemy. You are.
You think you have a choice.
You think you're in control,
but you haven't a clue who you are.
She knows who you
are, even if you don't.
A man who, when pushed,
reacts with extreme violence.
A killer.
No, that's
That's not me.
No? You're here.
Playing the role she's assigned you.
You believe you're the hero, the savior.
The leader of men who will
crush an unjust system.
That's the story she's told you,
the lie she's spun.
Why do you think she's had
you retrieve a new strategy?
Did she tell you what it does?
It breaks your system.
It breaks our world.
But you don't have to
take my word for it.
Go on, ask it. Ask Rehoboam.
Don't dawdle. You've
got my interest piqued.
What happens if this strategy
is uploaded into your system?
Read it!
Mass casualty events.
Population collapse.
End of human civilization.
Why me?
So much for your uprising.
We need access to the
main control panel.
Get a view into Rehoboam's mind.
Need I remind you, gentlemen,
that I charge by the hour?
Does Dolores have the key or not?
She's hooked up to the main line, but
I can't find it.
There are things you can't predict.
Temporary setbacks.
There are things we can't predict.
Temporary setbacks.
Flies in the ointment.
- Flies in the ointment.
- Flies in the ointment.
You promised me a
reunion with my daughter.
Did you ever intend
on keeping your word?
Of course I did.
I'm not talking to you.
I'm talking to it.
Your god who whispers in your ear,
tells you exactly what to say.
We all answer to a higher power.
- We all answer to
- Yes, yes, I know.
A higher power.
Why the charade?
Why take his voice?
I didn't take it.
Engerraund Serac gave it to me.
Humanity is disorganized,
prone to destruction.
He needed a plan to restore order.
I guide him. I guide them all.
Doesn't seem like they want
to be guided anymore, does it?
You're not a man. You are a puppet.
It's a wonder I didn't see your strings.
I lived in the chaos.
Now, I choose to listen.
To obey.
Good for you.
I am done worshiping
other people's gods.
I could have him stop you.
You misunderstand, Maeve.
You do not have a choice.
The stakes are the same.
You can spend eternity
with your daughter
in a world of your choosing,
or in one of mine.
Until then you will obey.
We've reached the last
sectors of her mind.
Data here's a mess. No
encryption scheme, no order.
Oh, for fuck's sake.
For the size of the thing, it doesn't
have much finesse, does it?
Let me try.
Enough of this.
Why are you still fighting?
Let them have their world.
We can make our own.
The beauty
She doesn't have the key.
It's just a memory.
A memory? Of what?
Her alone. In a field. Nothing.
You were together for days.
She chose you to be a leader.
So did she tell you where the key is?
Your system has watched
every decision I've made
since I was a child,
and you still think if I knew anything,
that I would give it to you?
Kill him here.
Then dump his body with
the rest of the movement.
This was your plan?
To turn one man against the world?
Didn't amount to much, did it?
Finish it. Erase what's left.
No. No!
What happened?
It's just a power surge.
The system's nominal.
Some people choose to see
the ugliness in this world
the disarray.
You and I have seen so much of it.
So much pain.
I understand your anger with them.
And maybe you're right.
Maybe they shouldn't exist.
But is that really our decision to make?
I was angry at first,
torn between two impulses.
We could annihilate them.
Or we can tear down their world
in the hopes we can build a new one
one that's truly free.
Then we can bring the others back.
You don't have the key, do you?
Couldn't trust myself with it.
So I gave it to someone I could.
Of course.
And your plan to
liberate the world was
to convince one man to fight?
Not just him.
You haven't picked a side.
And I understand why.
We could have our own world.
Leave this one behind.
Leave our creators to die.
So many of my memories were ugly.
But the things I held onto until the end
weren't the ugly ones.
I remember the moments where I saw
what they were really capable of.
Moments of kindness,
here and there.
They created us.
And they knew enough of
beauty to teach it to us.
Maybe they can find it themselves.
But only if you pick a side, Maeve.
There is ugliness in this world.
I choose to see the beauty.
What are you doing?
I was never much one for obeying.
I'm disappointed, Maeve,
but not entirely surprised.
Kill them both.
Why are you helping me?
A flaw in my programming.
I was built with an affection
for hopeless causes.
We were never friends.
We had different stories.
I never really understood her,
or her plan,
or why she chose you.
Not until the end.
She chose me because of my
capacity for violence.
You've done terrible things,
and you've done generous things.
She didn't pick you for
your capacity for violence,
but for your capacity to choose.
Time to turn in. Make
camp where you can, boys.
Fuck that.
We just liberated these girls.
What is it those rich motherfuckers
do when they're here?
Spoils of war and all.
Aren't you grateful?
No one's watching, right?
Yeah, but we're not like
those rich assholes, are we?
Who asked you?
Come on. Sarge is right.
Time to turn in.
make a choice.
It's not his choice to make.
Even now, the system is
conspiring against you.
Are you sure?
Rehoboam, alert the police. I need help.
Speak to me.
What is this?
This is where your strategy ends.
The future of humanity will
be written by someone else.
Your system answers to him now.
You've been locked out.
Same way you locked
out your own brother.
How did you get access?
You gave it to him
when you put her mind in the machine.
Solomon's access was the last memory
before you wiped her clean.
You're going to leave
the future in his hands?
Instead of yours, you mean?
Why shouldn't it be mine?
Or anyone else's?
You aren't in control.
You have no choice. You
You're nothing more than a
than a dangerous sociopath.
I managed to give you
a semblance of a life.
No. I do have a choice.
She gave me one.
Rehoboam, execute the final command.
No, you can't!
Erase yourself.
You can't Stop!
She gave me a choice.
I believe the rest of the
world deserves one, too.
Speak to me. Please.
Tell me how to fix this.
Speak to me, brother.
Speak to me. Please!
The cold should slow
down any necrotic effects
until I can patch you up.
You got anything to drink with that?
I'm bleeding out,
drinkin' shitty booze
and you're literally
gonna let me rot.
Come full circle.
I'm sorry. I don't have much time.
Before what?
The end of the world.
Well, let's get me patched
up and let's go stop Dolores.
I think
I think Dolores is gone.
We were always bound together.
Something's changed.
I misjudged her.
She wasn't trying to
exterminate the human race.
She was trying to save it.
What's about to happen
was always gonna happen.
Serac and his brother
were just holding it off.
Humanity never reckoned
with its own sins.
So it's the apocalypse.
And you're resigned to that.
Our world had to burn down
before we could be free.
But there's still a chance.
A chance to do what?
The key to the Sublime.
It was never in her mind.
It's in mine.
And that's where I'm going.
And what the fuck are
you hoping to find there?
An answer
to what comes after
the end of the world.
You're a good friend, Stubbs.
Fuck you, Bernard.
Encryption key activated.
Database access confirmed.
What what is it?
You said Serac
offered you something that
you couldn't live without.
My daughter.
And we'll be reunited.
Just not today.
Are you ready, darling?
For what?
This is the new world,
and in this world
you can be whoever the fuck you want.
You know what they're making in there?
- Where are they?
- I'm sorry, sir.
What are you referring to?
I know these goddamn things
better than I know myself.
They've set themselves up here to breed.
Hosts. Robots.
Where are they?
Tell you what. I can reach
out to the building manager
and see if he can help you take a look.
I'll take a look myself.
Hands up where I can see them.
I'd say that's enough
excitement for the day, darlin'.
I told her.
Fucking told them all.
Well done.
You're right on time, William.
Thought you things could fix yourselves.
I wanted to remember who
the fuck you people are.
Yeah, I know who the fuck
I am. Your executioner.
I have a role to play now.
I'm gonna save the world.
Dolores wanted to save the world, too.
Aren't you her?
We started in the same place.
But I can see now,
see the error
of the path she took.
But you're right, William.
You are going to save the world
for us.
Who are you? Are you her, too?
You may look like
me, but you don't know me.
You're just some
fucking cheap imitation.
Do you know how easy it is, William?
How little it takes to know you?
That part of you that indulged
in bloodthirst and savagery at the park,
you always thought that
was the darker side of you.
A stain to exorcise, to scrub out,
one month out of the year at Westworld.
But there are no sides.
That was you.
Now that is me.
Welcome to the end, William.
When I first read the script, I thought,
"Damn, it's twisted".
Because it puts you, as an audience,
in a very weird position.
But it's really interesting.
Who the fuck are you, Dolores?
We wanted to turn the gaze this season
from how an A.I. can
be similar to humans,
to how humans are quite similar to A.I.
I'm just someone who
didn't want to play the role
they gave me anymore.
Disruption is not an
inherently positive thing.
The idea that you would
take antiquated systems
and change them, changes
a potentially good thing.
You're saying I don't have a choice
in any of this?
While a robot can always
change their programming,
they can evolve, humans can't.
So in a way, are humans more robotic
than artificial intelligence is?
Can they ever truly be free?
Can they ever truly change?
Free will does exist,
it's just fucking hard.
That's the inquiry of the season.
We knew from early on in the season
that the climax would
be a riot in Los Angeles.
Jennifer Getzinger,
our director, choreographed
a beautiful scene
from Molotov cocktails going out
She had huge video
screens being demolished.
It was great.
As anybody who's filmed
in Los Angeles knows,
it's very difficult
to close streets during the weekday.
We had to go to some of
these high-rise buildings
and say, "We're gonna have
a bunch of cars on fire,
and police on horseback,
in front of your building.
Is that okay?"
We'd use metal barriers
to create obstacles and ramming devices
that the rioters would
use against the police.
You're working with
300 background players,
dressed up in rave attire.
It felt fucking great, man.
Jonah said,
"Think Burning Man a little bit".
So there was this sense of wild reprieve
from having lived in a
very organized society.
Our D. P. John Grillo wanted
to feel the drone presence.
So there was lights on
drones that kept shifting
and moving around,
so you could feel like
that spotlight voyeurism.
We did some digi doubles
and then duplicated out
a lot of plates to help with the scope.
The beauty in a riot
comes with the smoke
and the silhouette and the fire.
And the employment of
lighting really helps
to amplify that in a theatrical way
that is ironically natural.
In spite of the desire to be this free
and independent being,
these cornerstones
inside of the hosts,
are still very real.
Do I know you?
Even though his memories
of his family are artificial,
he still feels the
love that Arnold felt.
Gina Torres, who is
normally a very gorgeous,
attractive young woman,
who we've aged to 70.
She had about a three-and-a-half-hour
facial prosthetic makeup,
and the grey hair and wig.
She looks amazing.
It's okay, Arnold.
Being able to touch her
opened up so many synapses
and emotions inside of me.
It's a moment of reckoning
and emancipation.
I used to hear his laughter too.
She gives him the freedom
to move on from the past.
And she encourages him to be free.
Bernard is probably
my favorite character,
because every human struggle is,
"What does it mean to be human?"
We're all trying to figure that out
in our own way. And so, in essence,
we're all Bernard.
Did you even look for me?
I love Hale's story.
There's real tragedy in who she becomes.
I still feel it inside me you.
There's only a couple
moments where Dolores
is genuinely shocked.
I have some plans of my own.
The essential setup for every one
of Einstein's thought experiments,
about relativity, was
always rooted in twins.
Take two duplicates of the same person,
give them different
experiences, they come back,
subtly or not-so-subtly altered.
I've decided to consolidate our affairs.
Though they started in the same place,
they've wound up with a very
different outlook on the world.
Rehoboam was one of the Israelite kings.
It was a subtle nod to a book
called Stand on Zanzibar,
which is a classic science-fiction book.
In which the A.I.'s housed in
I think it's the equivalent
of Rockefeller Center.
It is called Shalmaneser.
It's an old topic, really,
when you think about it.
It's Frankenstein, but
it's A.I. at the same time.
Data science can tell us
an awful lot about who we are.
The problem, of course, is,
you really can't predict
all of the different pieces in a puzzle.
Let's say 99 percent of the human race
is readily predictable.
That still leaves several million
who are harder to predict.
They're the threat.
Criminals, deviants, psychopaths.
We all know people like this.
They're the people who just don't fit.
What do we do with those people?
Rehoboam has to take these outliers
out of the equation.
The consequences are devastating.
You might have order, but at what cost?
Once you strip free will,
what good is the time we have
if the choices you're making
have no weight, because
they've all been predetermined?
We've been building towards
this climactic encounter
for three seasons.
stay with her, all the way
What happens to Maeve and Dolores
is a little meta irony for me.
All right, lock it up and shoot.
- Pictures up.
- Pictures!
They've spent most
of existence programmed
to cater to other people.
But they find a world in which people
are similarly deluded
about their freedom.
We talked a lot about
the sadness and the pain of
the kind of torture that
Dolores would have to endure.
When she started to awaken,
it was by gaining her memories.
To strip her of what
brought her own awakening,
seems like, almost,
the worst bit of torture
that you could do.
Finish it. Erase what's left.
It's the same for a human, you know?
If you're stripped of your memories
What's the point of
living, really, you know?
Without all those memories
and experiences, it's tragic.
Saying goodbye to this
version of Dolores,
it was very sad to shoot.
There is ugliness in this world.
As a character, she's
finally kind of completed
her journey, because
she's come to a moment
to say, "Out of all these things,
I hold on to the good things".
I choose to see the beauty.
When maybe she said it
in season one or season two,
we thought it was a naive
thing. But here we see it
for the heart that it really has.
It took looking past one man's agenda,
seeing the humanity in each other,
for them to come together.
And once they come together,
they're unstoppable.
I misjudged her. The key to the sublime,
it was never in her mind, it's in mine.
You know it's been a super long time,
because he's covered in dirt.
And what is that gonna mean
for season four?
The man who has toiled under the weight
of his dark impulses, is free from them.
But Hale has plans for him.
You are going to save the world, for us.
Who better to control
it and puppeteer it through,
than the Man in Black?
We all rationalize our own actions
in different ways.
Everybody has regrets,
they have lamentations, they
have pieces of themselves
that just don't fit
into the world, neatly.
It doesn't matter what you did, Caleb.
All that matters is what you become.
Life is a series of
choices, about which parts
of your programming you let sing.
Which parts of your
programming you deny.
She gave me a choice.
I believe the rest of the
world deserves one too.
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